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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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sources say he appeared to have suffered stab wounds. within the past hour his car was toe a towed away from the scene. >> neighbors should not be fearful of additional crimes. soon into their probe, sources told nbc 10 the blaze may have been deliberately set. fire investigators have been at the scene for much of the day. >> the arson dog is looking to see if there's flammable liquids. we're considering this suspicious at this time. >> it's very bad and whoever did this, they need to pay for it. >> reporter: now the names of those involved have not yet been released. we don't yet know if that mother and son wereç killed by the fi or something else. police say the injured man who went to the hospital is in stable condition this afternoon. i'm staying in touch with investigators. as soon as i get more details, i will bring that to you. live in egg harbor city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, ted.
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skyforce 10 was over the barrack hebrew academy where a bag of ammunition was found. officials say there was no threat, no weapons were found here. students, though, were sent home while police searched the school. they do not expect to file any criminal charges. police are calling the drowning of a 15-month-old boy at a cumberland county day car a tragic accident this afternoon. the boy fell into a gold fish pond at the sunshine day care in millville yesterday. while police believe it was an accident, they're woshing with prosecutors and family services to make sure this does not happen again. police also told other parents not to bring their children to the day care until the investigation is finished. >> do you plan to hire a lawyer or would you like the court to appoint counsel for you. >> the court to appoint counsel. >> a quite response from a man
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accused in a high-profile kidnapping case. delvin barnes appeared before a judge just a short time ago. nbc 10 was there. this is the case that covers at least three states. today barnes appeared at the federal courthouse in center city. this is his first appearance in philadelphia since he was captured last week. the kidnapped woman was safely returned home. nbc 10's rosemary connors was in that courtroom today rosemary? >> reporter: renee, two things happened. as you heard, the judge appointed a public defender to represent delvin barnes and the judge scheduled the next hearing. it will be friday. it's a detention hearing. that's when they figure out the terms of his custody arrangement, if bail will be set, for example. after the hearing let out today, i spoke to his attorney just outside of the courthouse. >> we represent our clients all the way through, including appeals and beyond. >> reporter: the court-appointed defense attorney gave brief comment as she was just assigned to the case thisç afternoon.
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her client, delvin barnes, appeared before the judge in a green colored jump suit, initially with his hands cuffed behind his back. today was the first time he was in court on federal kidnapping charges in the abduction of 23-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither. she is seen in this surveillance video struggling with her attacker on the night of november 2nd when she was snatched in germantown. >> have you been aware of the charges against him in virginia? >> the only thing we got today was a complaint and warrant. i have no information about that. >> reporter: when will you talk to delvin barnes next? >> that i can't say. >> reporter: charges have also been filed in virginia in a separate abduction case in which barnes is accused of sexually assaulting and attempting to murder a 16-year-old girl. state prosecutors there have agreed to relinquish custody of barnes to the feds in order to allow the federal prosecution to go first. how confident are you about the prosecution's case against mr. barnes? >> i'm just not going to comment at this time. it's an ongoing investigation.
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>> reporter: we expect the prosecution will remain tight-lipped. it was one week ago today when carlesha freeland-gaither was rescued by authorities in maryland. we've been in touch with her family. they were not here today, however, they tell me that carlesha is getting better, slowly but surely. reporting live outside of the federal courthouse, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. now to skyforce 10 showing you a serious accident on the new jersey turnpike. this is in robinsville, mercer county. it's causing traffic delays this afternoon. you see here this tractor-trailer overturn. this is on the ramp to exit 7a which leads to i-195 westbound. that ramp still closed as crews work to move that truck. no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we started the day off in a thick fog this morning, as you can see, really cut down on visibility on route 202 here in north wilmington. >> time-lapsed video shows the
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fogs and clouds moving out of center city philadelphia, eventually giving way to sunny skies. >> record cold out in denver where the high temperature was expected to be just 8 degrees. this is the second consecutive day for single digit highs there. ì& mile high city as well, up to 3 inches of it expected. some of that cold weather is coming right here. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is watching the mercury drop? glenn. >> yes, jim, renee, the temperature is already falling. clear skies now. no repeat of the fog. clear skies will allow the temperature to drop pretty quickly. we hit 70 today. we're down to 63. it's 54 in lancaster, 57 in reading. still pretty warm to the south, near 70 degrees in georgetown, delaware. by 5:00. it's going to start feeling like 60 in philadelphia, 53 in reading, 50 in allentown. watch what happens, just over a few hours by 9:00, we're getting wind chill temperatures in the
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30s, north and west. 52 in philadelphia and then there's midnight, getting down near freezing. and by 7:00 a.m., we've got wind chills in the 30s across much of the area. and that's just the beginning. more on the long cold spell coming up, now that my colleague nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen with a look at the cold conditions gripping other parts of the country. >> we want to illustrate, showing you how this is taking hold in other parts of the country. this is from the denver international airport. you can see the snow drifts moving throughout the airport. some of the planes are trying to take off. the forecast high in denver, colorado, only 8 degrees. if we take a closer look at marquette, michigan, take a look at the snow that's been coming down in that area. it's hard for folks to commute and get to where they needed to go, where we saw over two feet of snow, over 24 inches of snow coming down in marquette.
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if we take a closer look now at what's been happening in minneapolis, minnesota, we want to direct your attention here to route 52 and this was the scene. you can see that truck there jackknifed because it's just really slippery out there, slick roads caused that accident. that was near the city of rochester. if we take a closer look at missou missoula, montana, temperatures feel like they're 10 degrees below zero. if we take a closer look at some of the temperatures throughout theest of the nation, you can see whereç are 45 degrees belo average in denver. 28 degrees in kansas city, 32 in oklahoma city, temperatures way down south, staying in the mid-40s today. all these locations anywhere between 20 and 30 degrees below zero. and also just a reminder that don't go anywhere, glenn will be back with his updated seven-day forecast in the first 20 minutes of nonstop news.
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nbc 10 is following a developing story from atlantic city. the richard stockton college of new jersey plans to buy the now-closed showboat casino and turn it into a college campus. still has to be approved. this all comes as governor chris christie returns to atlantic city, trying to work out a plan to help the struggling seaside town. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live this afternoon. >> the legislators who were here today, business owners or tourists, think about it, college students carrying backpacks and books here in atlantic city, this would add a layer of diversity that does not currently exist here. >> slot machines silenced inside the once thriving showboat casino. it could be the home to students quietly studying.
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this as they purchase the closed casino from caesar's entertainment and turns it into a branch campus, one with a spectacular view. it's one facet of a complex plan to reinvigorate atlantic city. >> the alternative of failure and fiscal collapse should not be an option we're willing to entertain. >> governor christie asked leaders to check their egos at the door. he later emerged from a closed behind doors summit making for recommendations to save atlantic city. they include the appointment of an emergency manager to stabilize all of the city's finance along with school, tax and possible pension reforms. >> some or all will be necessary if we're serious about fixing and bettering atlantic city. the current model is completely and utterly, remarkably unsustainable. >> we nqc" to bring an emergency manager into the city that's not going to pay attention to politics. that person, he or she, is just going it deal with the cold-hard
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facts that we can't afford what we have down here anymore. >> reporter: speaking of money, there's no word yet on what stockton may spend to buy the failed showboat casino property but it could also mark the beginning of another recommendation made here at the summit today. that of a public/private partnership plan. that is because any college campus would attract smaller businesses to surround it. the governor says we could see legislation in the coming weeks with regards to saving atlantic city but he will convene another meeting in mid-january. live in atlantic city, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a scare in the suburbs. >> people are getting hit by thieves right in their own homes. five homes were targeted overnight in delaware county. in each case, people were home at the time. one homeowner even came face to face with the robber. nbc 10's lu ann cahn live this afternoon in swarthmore. >> it's safe to say, neighbors
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must be on edge? >> reporter: in this case, the burglar actually told one of the home owners what he was doing. >> there are surprises, disappointing. we have a nice, safe neighborhood. >> reporter: the mayor of swarthmore calls his town bucolic, a place where apparently even a burglar can feel safe walking into five homes in the early morning hours to help himself. >> somebody called approximately at 4:18 a.m., said they saw noises in their house, looked out back, saw a male in the back. hollered down, what are you doing here? said i'm robbing you and ran away. >> reporter: he went in where he found unlocked windows and doors and picked up labtops, credit cards, gift cards, anything he could quickly stash in his
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backpack. there. >> reporter: people at home sleeping upstairs in all fiveç homes the bufrglrglar hit. >> that makes it pretty scary. >> reporter: i talked to a number of residents who says it is a shame, i'm now going to have to lock my doors. live in swarthmore, delaware county, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. take a look at new video of the estranged husband accused of dumping his wife's corvette in the delaware river. that's john kramer turning himself in to police in the 15th district today. he's facing several charges for monday's in monday's incident. kramer's wife told nbc 10 yesterday that he sent threatening texts to her and their daughter moments before he allegedly pushed the car right into the water. the wife claims she and kramer are in the middle of a messy divorce and he was disgruntled over a protection from abuse order she had against him.
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kramer told our cameras today why he ran away today after allegedly ditching the car. >> i didn't realize i did anything wrong. i didn't know anybody would try to get the car. i didn't want anybody to see me do it. >> the wife told nbc 10 she recently tried to work out a car exchange with her husband but that it, quote, didn't go well. a dramatic rescue on the side of one world trade center in new york. two window washers were trapped on a dangling scaffold 69 stories up. one of the cables supporting the scaffold had snapped. the fire department cut through a window and pulled those men to safety. let's take another angle here. this photo from ground level shows just how high the workers were up in the air stuck like that. we're seeing a photo from inside the building looking out at the trapped workers. the men were tethered to the scaffold the entire time and they were able to communicate during their hour and 15-minute long ordeal. happening now, a rally in
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response to school violence at philadelphia's bartrum high just concluded. >> leaders have added extra police and cameras after multiple assaults and attacks at the school. but the latest attack caught on camera has the nbc 10 investigators questioning if enough has been done. investigative reporter mitch blocker live for us at bartrum high school. >> tell us what's going on there. >> jim and çrenee, that rally u mentioned has just wrapped up. it was over the latest attack that left a sub ststut teacher john bartrum high school unconscious. it's the third attack in just a month. this attack from april was supposed to be the last one. but this video from thursday captured inside bartrum high school in southwest philly shows added security and cameras couldn't help this substitute teacher. >> i am feeling really bad when it comes to tilting my head to
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look on my right or left. >> reporter: the nbc 10 investigators learned three attacks in a month is nothing new at philly schools. according to the district's own data, last year students committed 166 aggravated assaults on staff and 99 on other students. >> what can the district do to keep students and staff safe right now? >> the best thing we can do, get students to respect each other, respect staff, to communicate, feel that they are part of the school. >> reporter: school officials say bartrum high will not see more security. the focus will instead be on behavioral training. >> these actions have taken us back a little. >> reporter: you have three assaults in just a month at this school. >> that's correct. >> reporter: that seems like a lot. >> that seems like a lot. and something we need to take a look at what we're doing and be able to move forward. >> reporter: now, the community has just simply had enough of the violence. teachers, parents and city councilmen, kenyatta johnson
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rallied outside bartrum high school today. there are a few folks rallying right now, talking to each other, trying to curb the violence in philly high schools. live in southwest philadelphia, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, mitch. today a delaware county woman became the first person sentenced under a law named in honor of a fallen police officer. d.a. jack whalen said 22-year-old stacey dawson was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison plus 7 years probation. she was convicted of a purchase of two guns for her boyfriend, a convicted felon. dawson's case is the first straw purchase sentence in pennsylvania under the brad fox law that warç passed last year. andrew charles thomas used a gun that was bought through a straw purchase to kill officer fox more than two years ago. thomas then killed himself. plymouth township officer was chasing after thomas.
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he ambushed fox and his canine, shooting them both. the brad fox law mandates a minimum sentence of five years in prison for people convicted a second time of straw purchasing guns. fox's parents were there for today's sentencing. >> what i want out of this law is for another family not to go through what we've gone through and we're continuing to go through. >> officer fox's widow took his case a step further, earlier this year, suing the montgomery county dealer who sold the gun that ended up in thomas's hands. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we're cooling down by the hour now, after hitting 70 degrees again. the cold is arriving tonight and is going to stay with us for a long time. a long cold spell. an unusually long cold spell for
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november. we're also tracking some rain believe it or not. not snow. just warm enough. now, this morning you could not see i-95 from this camera. the visibility is zero. now things have improved. the wind has certainly picked up and helped that. 14 miles an hour. 63 degrees we're now 5 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. we're gusting to 24 miles an hour. temperatures dropped into the 50s already north and west. and they're going to continue to drop pretty rapidly, of course, when the sun goes down, we have clear skies and the wind is going to be diminishing as well. the other current temperatures in the area, 51 degrees in mt. pocono, 66 in atlantic city. farther back to the west, it is really cold. temperatures in the 20s in areas that were in the 60s just a few days ago and all the way up into canada, a huge area of wayç bew average temperatures.
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and as we go through the night tonight, we're fortunate, unless you really want it to be this cold, that we're not getting the core. see the pink colors? that's the core of the arctic air. this time it's staying to the west. the one next week that's coming in, we're going to get hit much harder with that one. here's friday. the arctic air stays back to the west. saturday is very cold. sunday we're just starting to warm up enough, as a storm comes up our way to make it rain and not snow. and then it gets cold after that. late next week. again, look at how much of the country is extremely cold. now we're going into saturday, the 22nd. and we're still in that. here's the futurecast. we go through tomorrow, start off with sunshine. no fog tomorrow. then clouds increase, a few sprinkles by late in the day. you saw a little snow there, up in the poconos, that's possible. there's some rain tomorrow night
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and by the time the cold air comes in, it clears out. and, yes, it's going to be cold over the weekend. for tonight, it's turning much colder and we're mostly clear, 38 degrees for the low in philadelphia. 30, some of the suburbs, the wind diminishes. clouding up tomorrow, high temperatures only near 50. and the showers coming in at night. perhaps some snow showers especially up in the poconos. seven-day forecast, breezy and even colder on friday. colder still on saturday. look at that, 20s for the lows. then sunday night we could see some rain and definitely seeing rain into monday. then it gets really cold tuesday and wednesday. so is that a sign? what kind of winter can we expect? i've been busy preparing my outlook for the months ahead, crunching the numbers, analyzing the data. see what i came up with in my 18th annual nbc 10 long-range
4:21 pm
winter forecast. get it right now only on this outlet center burned to the ground. and investigators say it was intentional. nbc 10 is asking what tips they'reç following to find out who did it. as temperatures get ready to plummet, more than 20 degrees. we're checking on how heating costs will impact your wallet. still ahead today at 4:00.
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a k0ecold blast coming toni. aaa says taking the important steps now can save you money in the long run. the drop in temperatures is a reminder of last winter's wrath. from december last year to march of this year, aa responded to nearly 200,000 in new jersey.
4:25 pm
some breakdowns are unavoidable but some could have been prevented with proper vehicle maintenance ahead of harsh winter weather. here's what you should do right now, test the battery, check the tires, pack an overnight ball that includes a charged cell phone and charger, an ice scraper, shovel, kitty litter or sand and a flashlight as well as a blanket, water and a snack. >> better get busy. >> i have a lot to do. >> we have work to do. the 76ers have big plans for their new practice facility in camden. according to the "courier post," the application includes a helipad and two large signs. the letters on that sign would be up to nine feet tall. the project wouldç also create 250 jobs. now in june, new jersey approved $82 million in tax breaks to move the 76ers headquarters to camden to the waterfront there
4:26 pm
but not to fear, the team will still play the game in philadelphia. a mother and her 7-year-old son are dead after a house fire in our area. >> that is our top story on nbc 10 news today at 4:00. and a third person taken from the house in egg harbor city was stabbed. that person is in the hospital. police say this fire is suspicious. new at 4:30, nbc 10 is tracking new information in the case of the local woman accused of poisoning her husband to death with antifreezantifreeze. glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a big change. >> yes, hope you enjoy this mild weather. the cold is sure coming. the mercury is dropping right now. let you know how long that's going to last and how low it's going to go in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. >> then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, bank sale. susquehanna with hundreds of branches in pennsylvania and new jersey may soon have a new owner. how the sale will impact local service.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now at 4:30, a mild day is about to turn into a cold night. get that winter gear ready. you'll beç happy to have it. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been warning us about this. >> glenn, just a few hours away from dropping off the clip, are we? >> the temperature is already starting to plunge and by tomorrow night, this area -- with or without the bug -- lake wallenpaupack, they'll be getting some snow. not a lot but some. it's certainly not cold enough to snow now but temperatures are fall ing in the 50s north and west in south delaware and
4:31 pm
jersey. watch how fast the temperature goes down as we go through the night tonight. just through 8:00 we're already feeling like it's close to 40 degrees. by 10:00, feeling like 30s north and west. so everybody is going to be much colder by tomorrow morning and that is just beginning of this long cold spell. more on that coming up with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> you may not be so nervous when you reach for the thermostat to crank up the heat during the approaching cold weather. >> doug shimell is live in west goshen township with that part of our weather story. >> reporter: a year ago we were cringing at the prospect of higher home heating costs. it's amazing the difference a year can make. in the company meeting, they joked about selling heating oil when it's 65 degrees outside at cardinal oil. >> we were slow yesterday due to the weather. i said you don't understand. it's going to turn into a two-minute chip kelly offense deal where everybody, the
4:32 pm
phone's ringing. >> reporter: the plunge in temperatures forecast this weekend and the onset of winter will make home heating oil customers thankful it's $2.89 a gallon now versus $3.49 a year ago. >> compared to last year, i would say if the price holds up this way, saving $500 to $700 over the course of the winter. >> but the surplus of cheaper crude oil apparently is only having a marginal affect on the cost of electric heat. >> we expect the typical customer to see about a $3.75 decrease per month over -- this continuer with over last winter's bills. on the natural gas side we expect the rates should remain relatively the same. >> reporter: atç j.b. adams ho, he has an automatic fill-up contract with cardinal oil. now that natural gas lines have been installed on his street, it has crossed his mind. >> i'm thinking very seriously about changing to gas but the prices have come down now and, therefore, i don't feel as
4:33 pm
urgent a need. >> reporter: he says he hopes he feels the same way when this tankful starts to run low by midwinter. of course the cost of heating your home in the winter is one aspect. what if you're a neighborhood that seems to be the first to lose power and the last to get it back. what's peco doing about that? that's coming up. live in goshen township, doug shimell le, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news. police arrested a suspect in the robbery and sexual assault of a man, this surveillance video from the case. early sunday morning a man followed the victim out of a restaurant on north 2nd street, followed him home where he allegedly robbed and assaulted him. investigators haven't said who was arrested but count on us for updated information just as soon as we learn more about this arrest. a young woman from philadelphia was killed in an
4:34 pm
early morning crash. this happened at cottman and algon avenue. the woman was thrown from her car and pinned underneath the wreckage. the man driving the other vehicle suffered a broken neck. this crash closed down a stretch of cottman during the morning rush hour. investigators still trying to determine what happened here. well, we now know the identity of a pedestrian struck and killed this morning along route 1 in bensalem, bucks county. it happened just after 5:00 in the morning after a spot south of old lincoln highway. police say 51-year-old maria fare died instantly. she was talking on a cell phone at the time. the person driving the pickup stopped and is cooperating with investigators. gas station worker assaulted during a robbery in the overbrook park section of our city. it happened at the freedom service station at haverford avenue in brookhaven. police said the suspect took the worker's wallet and cash from the çregister. the victim suffered cuts to his
4:35 pm
head. he was taken to the hospital. right now he's in stable condition. new information in the case of a kent county woman accused of lacing her husband's steroid injections with antifreeze. jamie baker was arraigned today on murder charges. she committed to killing her husband, james, who was a competitive weight lifter. the autopsy showed antifreeze in his system. investigators haven't said why baker would have killed her husband. sad news about a dog that had been found starving in a garbage bag along the side of a north jersey road. sammy, the cocker spaniel has died. the canine reportedly suffered a stroke at the home of its new owners. now, sammy's story made headlines last year after keith morgan claimed he found the dog. well, investigators discovered morgan and his wife actually own the animal and abused him. the pair pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. spca says sammy died being
4:36 pm
loved. it's been exactly two months since the ambush at a pennsylvania state police barracks killed one trooper, injured another. today the blooming grove station re-opened to the public. the barracks had been partially shut down since investigators say eric frein opened fire the night of september 12th. he led hundreds of officers on a manhunt for seven weeks in the poconos. he's facing charges of murder and attempted murder. the pike county district attorney says he will seek the death penalty. corpor corporal dickson was killed. douglass spent more than a month in the hospital before he was transferred to a rehab center in new york. today the five numbers that may have just changed someone's life right here in our area. >> but first here's what we're working on for nbc 10 news at 5:00. right at 5:00, a local college steps up to buy showboat
4:37 pm
casino. coming up were we're looking into the deal. >> it's very unusual, especially this many places at one time. then nearly a half dozen burglaries in a main line college town. what's being done to tighten security and make sure students stay safe. and aç delaware beachtown clo pushes to close down a man's business. that's on nbc 10 news, coming up at 5:00. ♪
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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in delaware today, a food drive for the less fortunate. the latest stop on d.a.r.t.s stuff the bus campaign. people are being encouraged to drop off nonperishable food items that can be loaded on to the bus on route 202. >> you never know. it could be your neighbor. it's not something you can see. it's a wonderful feeling to be able to help out people who are in need of food in the state of delaware. >> the bus will be there until 5:00 p.m. they will be accepting donations in rodney's square tomorrow and friday. the food bank of delaware will distribute the food through its more than 550 hunger relief partners in delaware. the salvation kicks off its annual red kettle campaign at the gallery in center city today. this fund-raising event aims to combat hunger and homelessness throughout the area. if you play the pennsylvania lottery, check those tickets. someone hit the jackpot in
4:41 pm
montgomery county. a winning cash five ticket worth $800,000 was sold at the quick stop on sanbridge street in norristown. so far that prize has not been claimed. the winning numbers are 2, 8, 11, 18 and 42. >> good luck. >> yes. they had high hopes. >> now they have their work cut out for them. >> one town's turnaround reduced to rubble. now the $58,000 effort to find out who did this. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we've enjoyed mild conditions for november. as i've been warning you for a long time, here comes the cold and you're really going to feel the difference. get the timing on that big temperature change in my nbc 10 first alert forecast. >.>ç then all new at 5:00.
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most of the newly elected members of congress won't be sworn in for another two months but for new jersey's donald norcross, there's no time to waste. the seat is empty after andrew resigned in february. norcross will be sworn in tonight at 6:45. his number one priority will be to create new jobs and extend unemployment benefits. for those not being sworn in tonight, new member orientation began in washington. that includes republican ryan costello. he was electioned to represent pennsylvania's 6th district. he'll take office in january. costello is replacing gerlach who did not seek re-election. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we started the day off with
4:46 pm
widespread dense fog. a whole lot of changes in one day. got warm this afternoon, going to get cold tonight. that cold weather once it gets in here will stay for quite a while. very unusual for november to have such a long cold spell. we're attracting some rain in between the cold weather. now, the flag not blowing as strong as it was a couple hours ago. but the colder air continues to feed in at the airport. it's 14 miles an hour,ç gustin to 24. and 63 degrees. we got up to 70 degrees, not only yesterday but today. we're going to drop about 20 degrees in one day, the average is 58. and then friday, a high of only 44. by the end of next week, 44 is going to seem mild, because we have even lower numbers there. 51 in mt. pocono, we have other 50s for the north and west. temperatures starting to drop with those northwest winds, you can see the arrows here, gusting
4:47 pm
20 to 25 miles an hour in much of the area. wind will be diminishing tonight. wind is bringing in that colder air. not the arctic air. we're not getting the worst of this one. not by any stretch. but the cold air that we have not seen much of is coming. now, by sunday and into monday, see the green starting to move up? it warms up just enough that that storm that's going to be coming in looks to be rain. and then the cold air returns. the pink there in pennsylvania, that's arctic air in pennsylvania. in the middle of november. and look at the extent of that cold across the country. sometimes it's cold in the east and warm in the west. this time it's cold everywhere. that's next friday. and next saturday. this is going to last for quite a while. here's the futurecast. we go through tomorrow, start off with sunshine. no fog. here comes some rain drops,
4:48 pm
snowflakes up by the poconos. as you can see, mainly rain, a little touch of a wintry mix possible tomorrow night. not going to amount to anything. and then the cold that is going to amount to something. speaking of cold, where the eagles are playing this weekend, green bay, where they continue to see freezing weather. temperatures dropping through the 20s. it looks dry. the wind chill 12 at the start of the game, down to 5 by the end of the game. wind a little bit of a factor. turning much colder with the wind diminishing here. 38 for the low in philadelphia, 30 in the suburbs. tomorrow up to 50 degrees. the clouds increase, the rain at night, possibly a little bit of mixture north and west, briefly, before it ends. then it's freezing cold on friday. it's very cold on saturday. that's a low of 29. that's in philadelphia. it will be closer to 20 in some of the colder suburbs.
4:49 pm
on sunday, the clouds increase. we could see rain by sunday night and certainly by monday. then it gets really cold. those are average december temperatures that we're talking about. christmastime temperatures for the end of next week. >> middle of november. this isn't good. >> and my long-range winter forecast shows more of that. >> you can find it online on our website. >> >> oh, boy. >> you'll be reading it and weeping. >> such glee in your eyes. >> thanks, glenn. what was supposed to signal hope and change for a local community. >> that's right, instead this sparked anger and also mystery. >> and it was set. it is an arson. >> i couldn't believe somebody would actually go out of their way to, you know, damage the community like this. >> flames tear through a multimillion dollar project. and community leaders turn up
4:50 pm
the heat trying to get some answers. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, peco says it's invested $500 million to cut down on power outages. but are the people left in the dark last winter convinced it will work?
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
an event in west philadelphia was aimed at helping to make sure young people reach their full potential. it was called the my brothers keeper challenge summit. it was held at the west philadelphia community center. the program encourages communities to implement a cradle to college to career strategy to improve opportunities for young people. u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox addressed the meeting. philadelphia mayor michael nutter also spoke. he co-chairs the my brother's
4:54 pm
keeper task force. it's the fire that lit up the night sky in the lehigh valley. >> now investigators want to know who's responsible for it and they're hoping reward money will get someone to speak up. last month's fire in reading caused millions in damage to a former outlet property that was being renovated. randy gyllenhall was there as investigators gave us a progress report on the case. >> reporter: the scorched remains of allen shuman's property could total $12 million in losses. >> this is after the fire went through. >> reporter: his company was renovating this old building in reading hoping to turn it into shops and modern apartments. >> carpet was going in, the appliances. >> reporter: it was set to be showcased for the first time this month. when a four-alarm fire gutted the sixth and second floors it was sparked just minutes after security had left the building. much of what's left here is burnt to a crisp. >> they always collapsed through
4:55 pm
and took out much of the roof on this side of the building. >> reporter: investigators firmly believe this fire was set on purpose by somebody or a group of people who remain at large. >> it was intentional. it was incendiary and it was said. it is an arson. >> reporter: federal agents from the atf say they don't believe this was childish mischief. instead they're looking for real criminals. today a new reward of $75,000 offered by a construction industry group, the atf is chipping in another 10,000. >> hopefully with the announcement of this reward we can generate good news. >> reporter: as for the project it's delayed by at le@ct another ten months. this development was supposed to be a spark to revitalize downtown reading until it went up in flames. >> i couldn't believe somebody would actually go out of their way to, you know, damage the community like this. >> reporter: so that total reward is $85,000. federal agents tell me they've already gotten a few tips and hope that substantial cash
4:56 pm
incentive will get some people talking. in reading, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. >> that's a lot of money. if you know something, say something. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> more change could be on the way along atlantic city's boardwalk. plans for a now closed casino include re-emerging as a place of higher learning. we look into the future of the former showboat. and meteorologist sheena parveen. >> this cold stretch will be lasting several days. so i hope you enjoyed today. i'll show you how cold it's going to get, coming up. and the sun be setting on a five decades old beach business. why bethany beach officials have their eyes on chairs and umbrellas. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 5:00, change is coming to the atlantic city boardwalk. the now closed showboat casino could soon be open but not as a gaming hall. plans are in the works for richard stockton college to buy the complex and turn it into an ocean front satellite campus. that news comes as governor christie held a second atlantic city summit today. >> several recommendations were announced today. cydney long was in that meeting and joins us now with more on
5:00 pm
this. cydney? >> reporter: well, jacqueline, the governor's summit we can tell you lasted about an hour and a half. we along with our cameras were allowed inside for about four minutes where the governor told all of the leaders to check their egos at the door, time is running out here at the atlantic city. from the summit table to the lunch table we've spoken to those who have lost their jobs or fear they are the next domino to fall. >> i'm afraid. i'm afraid and -- >> reporter: she's owned costantino's restaurant for 34 years. sitting in the shadow of the taj mahal which could be the next casino to close its doors. >> we're open 7:00 to 2:00. no business, no people coming in. >> reporter: as she solicited solutions for saving atlantic city from her regulars -- >> filter the money so it can


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