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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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this. cydney? >> reporter: well, jacqueline, the governor's summit we can tell you lasted about an hour and a half. we along with our cameras were allowed inside for about four minutes where the governor told all of the leaders to check their egos at the door, time is running out here at the atlantic city. from the summit table to the lunch table we've spoken to those who have lost their jobs or fear they are the next domino to fall. >> i'm afraid. i'm afraid and -- >> reporter: she's owned costantino's restaurant for 34 years. sitting in the shadow of the taj mahal which could be the next casino to close its doors. >> we're open 7:00 to 2:00. no business, no people coming in. >> reporter: as she solicited solutions for saving atlantic city from her regulars -- >> filter the money so it can help the community instead of the high rollers helping
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themselves. >> now you talk. >> reporter: governor christie did the same at a bigger table. >> there are opportunities here. >> reporter: steps away from the quiet breakfast spot surrounded by city and state leaders, he says they can't win without a state casino competition. >> with a tremendous loss in its tax base which declined in tandem with casino revenues. >> reporter: among the recommendings to fix the fiscal crisis, appointing an emergency manager. marvin williams lost two casino jobs after investing 30 years here. >> it opens up in other states. i never dreamed these casinos would shut down. >> reporter: still the time line to bring the jobs and the casino back is on the horizon. >> the fact is the first thing you need to do is stop the bleeding. >> reporter: now, governor christie did not comment on stockton's interest to buy the
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showboat casino. he said what will happen next will be careful review and consideration of both recommendations, possible school, tax and pension reforms that could happen by means of executive order or bipartisan support in the legislature. live in atlantic city, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> hate to break it to you, say good-bye to that warm weather. cold air is moving into the area tonight. >> i refuse to accept it but i don't have a choice. it's going to be here do$ip r(tc while, too. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist sheena parveen kicking off our weather coverage. >> the cold air is on our door step. temperatures go through most of the area, though we're still mild. you have a couple hours left to enjoy it. 61 in philadelphia right now, south jersey, delaware in the upper 50s. mt. pocono 48 degrees. take a look at what is right to our west. this will be moving in very
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soon. we have 30 degree temperatures just in parts of western pennsylvania. so in the half of pennsylvania we already have the cold air moving in. it will continue to come in as we go overnight and especially tomorrow morning. here's a look at future temperatures. notice the numbers dropping down as we go through this evening by 11:00. many of us already in the low 40s and waking up in the morning. temperatures will be in the 30s but this is not the end of it. it's going to last for several days and it's going to get even colder than that. i'll have the numbers coming up. brittney shipp is here with a look at how the cold blast is hitting other parts of the country. >> that's right, sheena. it's not just the cold but the snow. we've been getting great pictures on social media of how the cold blast that's coming our way is already affecting other parts of the country. the snow is not coming our way but the snow is. here's the university of minnesota, the leaves on the tree, we're also dealing with the snowfall here. here's another shot at the university of minnesota. joe rio says it's been snowing
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since monday. i'm so over the snow although it's not even winter yet. here's another look from denver, below zero, another look at some of the pets playing in the snowfall. we've seen 3 to 6 inches in the denver area the forecast high staying in the single digits. that's more than 45 degrees below the average. for other parts of our country, we're 20 to 30 degrees below average. take a closer look at some of the temperatures we'll see as we head into the rest of tonight, we stay at freezing for oklahoma city. single digits in denver, mid-20s in minneapolis, 32 in chicago. for other parts closer to nashville, 40 degrees. even as we head into tomorrow, we are still going it see those temperatures staying well below average. you can see that's just the beginning of the cold blast that's going to continue to spread throughout the rest of our çregion. keith? we are all too familiar with high wind and winter's worst, bringing trees and power lines down. ahead at 5:30, peco has invested
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$500 million to reduce power outages. do people in areas that have been hard hit by ice storms believe it will actually work? we'll try to answer that question. imagine becoming the victim of a crime in the privacy of your own home. >> it happened overnight five times to residents in swarthmore, wednesday. lu ann cahn is live with the details. this isn't an experience that experiences crime all that often. >> reporter: no. police say this is a brazen burglar but forthright. someone asked him what he was doing in the early morning hours and he said, robbing your home. i think it's fair to say swarthmore has never seen anything like it. five break-ins, one burglar. >> terribly unusual. >> reporter: no one can remember an overnight rash of burglaries in this small university town of 6,000 people. >> we're assuming it was through unlocked windows or doors. >> reporter: swarthmore is the kind of tree lined community where -- >> we all know one another. >> reporter: there's very little crime. >> i'm surprised.
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it hasn't happened here before. >> reporter: police say the burglar walked into homes between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. when most of the residents were asleep. he grabbed whatever he could on the first floor. cash, credit cards, laptops. it all went into his backpack. one homeowner spotted the suspect in his backyard after he heard noise in the house. hollered down, what are you doing here? the person said, i'm robbing you and ran away. >> it's scary to think the people are home and could encounter this guy. >> i know some of my neighbors will lock their houses. still, you can say it all you want, sometimes it's things like this that brings about a change in behavior. >> reporter: police say there is going to have to be a change of behavior. swarthmore residents will have to start loblging their wind lo and doors. lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. a public defender was
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appointed to represent 37-year-old delvin barnes and also scheduled his detention hearing for friday. in the meantime, barnes will remain in custody in philadelphia. after court the prosecution remained tight lipped about their case. >> how confident are you about the prosecution's case against mr. barnes? >> i'm just not going to comment at this time. it's an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: authorities say barnes is the man seen in this surveillance video struggling with his victim, 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither. investigators tracked barnes down in maryland and rescued carlesha one week ago today. an atlantic county mother and her young son are dead after a suspicious fire and sources tell nbc 10 authorities are handling it as a homicide investigation. the fire started soon after 8:00 this morning at a house on washington avenue in egg harbor city. sources say the boy was just 7 years old. a third person, the woman's
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boyfriend, according to neighbors, was taken to the hospital. he appeared to be stabbed. >> he was telling investigators someone broke into the house, yes. >> should residents fear something else further could happen? >> no. we don't want to alarm anyone in the area. >> police say the man is in stable condition. soon into their investigation, sources told nbc 10 the fire may have been deliberately set. authorities have not yet released the names of anyone involved. tonight the case of the clumsy crook. philadelphia police are asking for your help identifying this man. he's wanted for robbing the omega pizza store in rittenhouse square back on october 16th. investigators say he pulled a gun on an employee behind the counter, demanded money and on his way out, this happened. he trips and drops the cash. he ended up coming back to pick up what he could. and this man is wanted for robbing the dream boutique adult store on october 28th.
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surveillance video shows the guy shopping to a few minutes, then aetch pros the counter and pulls out the gun. the employee handed over about $170. ready or not, the holidays are approaching and philadelphia nonprofits want to help sweeten your thanksgiving table. pie in the sky is an annual fund-raiser for the organization. pumpkin, sweet potato, apple and pecan pies as well as cheese cake. money raised from pie sales go to preparing and delivering nourishing meals to people suffering life-threatening illness such as cancer, kidney disease and hiv and aids. it is the tallest building in the western hemisphere, eye catching from every angle. all eyes were actually on new york's brand new world trade center for a very different reason. take a look. how these window washers got stuck hundreds of feet in the air. and how they got to safety.
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water visible for miles. what caused this wet mishap in a california neighborhood. and back in our area, beach business battle. a summer staple could soon be history in delaware. why a bethany beach official has their eyes on chairs and umbrellas.
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two window washers in new york have quite the story after being rescued as they dangle from the side of of the nation's tallest building. the two were trapped 69 stories up on one world trade center after a cable on their scaffolding broke. that was around 1:00 this afternoon. pictures taken from inside the building show those trapped workers communicating with rescuers after firefighters cut the window. the entire ordeal played out on live tv. around 2:15 after the workers had been tethered to harnesses they were guided through the window. the two were okay and were taken to the hospital to be checked out. a hydrant mishap sent water shooting into the air and all over a california freeway early this morning. it took commuters in los angeles by surprise, actually. a construction crew working in the area sheered off a fire hydrant sending a giant stream of water 50 to 60 feet in the air. the road was closed as crews scrambled to shut offç the val
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and cut that flow of water. more than a dozen horses are dead after fire ripped through a barn in michigan overnight. this was that scene as the smithfield stables went up in flames in the town of edwardsburg. heavy smoke, flames, poured from the building as firefighters worked to bring the fire under control. at least 17 horses were killed. there was a family living in the apartment on the second floor. thankfully, two men went in and helped them get out safely. >> they came downstairs as fast as they could. they wanted to get the hers out, they were screaming and we couldn't get the horses out. there was just too much smoke. just barreling out. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. to this now, nine patients with ebola have been treated in this country, thomas eric duncan is the only one to have died. >> now duncan's family reached a settlement with the dallas hospital that admitted it made mistakes in his treatment. nbc's erica edwards has the
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latest. >> reporter: thomas eric duncan's four children will be provided for in a financial settlement between duncan's family and texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas where he died of ebola. >> texas health presbyterian took the initiative to go ahead and make this situation a better situation so we can all move forward. >> reporter: the details of the agreement are confidential but it will also create a charitable fund in duncan's memory. that money will go to victims of ebola in africa. a statement from the hospital reads in part, we have, again, extend our sincere apologies to the family. duncan arrived at texas health presbyterian in late september with a 103 degree temperature and told staff he'd recently come from liberia. he was sent home only to be rushed back to the hospital several days later. the hospital later apologized in a video conference during a congressional hearing. >> unfortunately, in our initial treatment of mr. duncan, despite our best intentions, and a highly skilled medical team, we
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made mistakes. >> reporter: meanwhile the government's response to the ebola outbreak was the subject of another hearing wednesday on capitol hill. president obama has asked congress for $6 billion to fight ebola both in west africa and here in the u.s. >> we have taken active stebs here and abroad to protect the public health and safety of the american people. and this emergency funding request is vital to continuing that work. >> reporter: the virus has infected more than 14,000 in africa. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. could the boston marathon bombing suspect have been coerced by his older brother? that's the question lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev pose in court. today they asked a judge to order federal prosecutors to turn over any information they have about his brother's participation in the 2011 bombing. until that happens, they want the trial postponed. three people were killed and more than 260 injured when the two bombs exploded.
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tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty. sun survivor had her left leg amputated monday. she underwent 17 surgeries trying to save her leg. the mother and newlywed got a pedicure and held a last supper party before that surgery. >> you were thrilled about having this amputation. >> yes, i am thrilled because i'm moving on with my life. i am taking away the old and bringing in the new. i just can't wait to see what it brings me. >> she has such a positive attitude from her hospital bed, de-martino took to social media to make several positive posts before the surgery. attorneys for a man convicted of killing chandra levy were back in court pitching to a judge that he deserves a new trial. lawyers argued there were problems with a key witness in the case. they say he was convicted on
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false or misleading testimony given by a former cell mate. it may be a while before the judge makes a decision. levy disappeared in 2001. her remains were found at rock creek park in washington, d.c. one year later. president obama continued his three-nation tour in the asia-pacific today. he wrapped up his visit to china and headed to myanmar for regional meetings with the association of southeast asian nations. after arriving, the president had dinner and watched the summit's opening ceremony which included a performance by hundreds of singers and dancers in traditional dress. a few weeks ago çpro-democracy and myanmar resident aung san suu kyi said her country was back sliding. we have new information on the last month, deadly crash involving an experimental space ship in the california desert. turns out the surviving pilot was thrown from the ship before
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it broke apart on october 31st. he told investigators that he unbuckled from his seat at some point during his fall and his parachute deployed automatically. he also says he wasn't aware his co-pilot had prematurely unlocked the craft's re-entry braking system. his co-pilot was killed in the accident. the virgin galactic spaceship is designed to fly tourists to the edge of space. speaking of the atmosphere, history was made in space today. >> for the first time ever a spacecraft has land on the surface of a comet. it was a journey ten years in the making. the rosetta space probe went into space in 2004 and traveled 4 billion miles. the probe will examine the comet's surface. they hope that will answer big questions about the origin of the universe. >> will it be that the origin of life has not evolved here on earth but was brought to earth via such comet. >> the probe is about the size of a washing machine and its
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batteries are expected to last just 64 hours. but scientists say that should be enough for scientists to gather a lot of data. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, another mild day today but this is the last of the warm days. today i hope you enjoyed it. because we cold air moving in. we're still in the low 60s in philadelphia. look at the cold air on our door step. we have 30s and 20s that are setting up to move in and they will be here as we go into tomorrow morning. so the cold starts as we go overnight tonight. tomorrow you'll definitely feel a big difference and it lasts for several days, not just a few days. we don't have the warm air coming back in the forecast. so the average high is 58 degrees. today we were around 70. tomorrow we'll be 20 degrees colder than today.ç so just keep that in mind, friday and saturday we'll be colder than tomorrow. so, yes, it is going to be cold,
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especially in the morning hours over the next several days. temperatures right now through the lehigh valley, we're still in the mid-50s for the most part. 55 in westchester, closer to the shore, temperatures still around 60 degrees. these numbers we will not see them again for a very long time. i hope you enjoy them today. we are dry in the area. snow up to our north and west. that will be staying there for the moment. we do have a few flakes in the forecast as we end out the week, though. until then we do stay dry going into tomorrow. here's future weather. now we're looking at overnight thursday into friday morning. notice some snow up to our north, rain down to our south. there's a possibility we could have a few passing maybe rain or snow showers. then we go into the weekend. we stay colder and we'll have rain moving through as we go into monday. monday, even though the snow mainly stays to our north we'll have the rain around so it will be a rainy, cold day as we start off next week. in behind that rain, colder temperatures move in. you see the cold into next week.
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the cold keeps on moving down. we don't break out of the pattern for quite a long time. yes, get out the winter jacket. for tonight, turning much colder. 38 for the low in philadelphia. 30 degrees in the suburbs. these will be temperatures that will be hitting around 6:30, 7:00 a.m. in the morning tomorrow then through the afternoon. more clouds but temperatures will only be topping out around 50 degrees. we'll see showers late at night tomorrow, maybe some rain/snow showers not accumulating to much. mid-40s saturday. we're starting off the weekend with highs in the low 40s. sunday locally we'll be in the mid-40s. but for the eagles and green bay on sunday, it is going to be a very cold game. temperatures by then in the 20s. the wind chill, those will be in the teens for the eagles. we, however, will be in the 30s later on sunday night. we'll be even colder next week, high temperatures tuesday and wednesday in the upper 30s. susquehanna bank and its 245 local branches in pennsylvania and new jersey are being sold. what the deal will mean for your
5:23 pm
neighborhood branch. and trouble behind the wheel. nearlyç 500,000 cars are being looked at for their steering. what you need to know.
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the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating steering issues now in nearly 400,0002013 honda accords. the second investigation involves steering problems and an estimated 17,000 infinity x-35 crossover vehicles from the 2008 model year. no recall yet but they say it is a possibility. one of new jersey's newest congressmen is getting a head start in washington. most of the newly elected
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members won't be sworn in for another two months. democrat donald norcross will be sworn in tonight because new jersey's first district seat has been empty since congressman rob andrews resigned in february. today, norcross talked about his number one priority as a number member of congress. >> new jersey has lagged behind the rest of the country in this recovery. certainly there are many men and women who are unemployed. we'll get to work on that right away. >> new jersey's third district also has a new congressman, republican tom macarthur was in washington for new member orientation but won't take office until january. he's replacing former philadelphia eagle john runyon. today's orientation included republican ryan costello. the former chester county commissioner was elected to represent pennsylvania's 6th district. costello is replacing jim gerlach who did not seek re-election. >> taking on his bosses. >> harry hairston joining us with new details about an
5:27 pm
investigation. >> a state police trooper won more than $2 million. i'll show you how, coming up at 5:30. >> all right, harry. widespread power outages. nbc 10 talks to peco about hundreds of thousands of upgrades to the system. plus all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a drier accused of hitting a man and then driving away with the victims hanging out of his windshield. the bizarre case police are investigating tonight. just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now at 5:30, cold changes on the horizon, even though that looks so pretty, a bitter blast of cold weather is moving into the area. today was the last day of temperatures anywhere close to the 60s. >> beautiful picture there, the cold's going to be with us for a while. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has details. sheena, when should we expect a drop in the temps? >> it will begin overnight tonight. it's almost like we're watching this happen in slow motion. we only have a few hours left of mild air before the cold takes over. so we are still sitting at 61 degrees in philadelphia. we got closer to 70 today. 61 northeast philly, 58 in millville, 57 dover, through the lehigh valley, mid-50s. take a good look at this. we will not be seeing these numbers for quite a long time. here's future temperatures, the cold air is just off to our
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west. basically it's moving in. as we go overnight tonight, look at how much of the country is seeing this very cold arctic air moving down, into early tomorrow morning. we will be in the 30s and much of the rest of the country at or below freezing. coming up, i'll show you how long the cold spell will last and how cold it will be as we get into the weekend. our live team weather coverage begins now. >> as we usher in colder weather we can't help but think of the snow and ice last winter and the power outages that come with it. we try to block it out but it won't go away. doug shimell live in goshentown. >> power outages, can you really prevent an out age? it's like around inkblot test. to some you see shoveling.
5:32 pm
to others -- >> you keep your fingers crossed. >> we were out for about four days. >> reporter: neighbors live it. >> we actually stuck it out four, five days and then the fifth day we kind of had enough and went down to my daughter's. >> i'm hoping it's not going to happen again. let's put itç that way. i know we're one of the last ones to get taken care of when there is an outage because we're a small cell. >> reporter: peco replaced a pole off a summer storm outage. the utility tells nbc 10 it has invested $500 million in tree trimming and outage-resistant power lines. >> the wire will hold up the tree or tree branch to minimize the impact of a potential outage on customers. >> reporter: on rose lane they want to believe. do you place a lot of faith in it? >> you take it all with a grain of salt. you hope they've gotten things
5:33 pm
taken care of. >> reporter: and just in case, no doubt some of the residents on rose lane and elsewhere that didn't have a generator last winter got one. live in west goshen township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. all new at 5:30, a pennsylvania state trooper wins nearly $2 million in the second of two racial discrimination lawsuits against his own department. >> harry hairston and the nbc 10 investigators first broke this about a year ago when the trooper won his first suit. what's the story with this one? >> the trooper says he was racially discriminated against by several superiors. the first trial dealt with claims against one superior, the second dealt with claims against a total of three superiors. the outcome of a second trial, a jury verdict of $1.9 million. >> among the jury's reasons for the verdict they say three state police supervisors failed to
5:34 pm
promote david holt to station commander. he won a $50,000 last last year against the state police in his first trial. >> racism is more cunning. you're not going to get the smoking gun where somebody will call you the "n" word. >> reporter: he says some of his co-workers spoke in character, suggesting he was another black sergeant accused of being lazy and incompetent. the police have not responded to our request for comment. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news.ç skyforce 10 over the barrack hebrew academy. there was no threat and no weapons were found. police searched the school.
5:35 pm
students were sent home. they do not expect to file any criminal charges. skyforce 10 was over a row home fire in hunting park that sent a man and woman to the hospital. we're still working out the details on how seriously they were injured. crews were called here to north franklin street around 2:30 this afternoon. it's not known yet how the fire started. >> police in ocean county are looking for a man who exposed himself to an 8-year-old girl. it happened at the dollar tree store on cooper avenue inple tos river. police say the man was following the girl down the aisles of the store. here's some surveillance video. at one point that suspect got extremely close to the little girl and allegedly had his genitals exposed. when the child's aunt confronted the man, he ran off. if you recognize him, call police. a scary scene for a cashier at the wood lawn deli on shoe avenue in east germantown. two men walked into the store on november 7th. philadelphia police say one pulled a gun, the second acted as a lookout.
5:36 pm
they got away from 500 bucks were were seen into a waiting black toyota suv. if you know anything about the crime, police want to hear from you. and this man, police say he hit two women waiting for a bus on the 3100 block of kensington avenue. he stole their purses. the women suffered minor injuries. today a massive reward was announced to get the public to come forward with any information they might have. the late october fire seen here caused $12 million in damage to a development that was under construction. the old reading outlet building was being renovated to bring new shops and modern apartments into the city. according to investigators, somebody set fire to the second and sixth floors in the middle of the night. a reward of $85,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the building was supposed to be the beginning of a big ç revitalization in downtown reading.
5:37 pm
>> i couldn't believe somebody would actually go out of their way to, you know, damage the communitu community like this. >> it was intentional, it was incendiary and it was set. it is an arson. >> they have gotten a few tips but they need people in the area who know anything to give them a call. the construction project is delayed another ten months. there could soon be a new option to get to king of prussia mall or other communities. how you can make your voice part of the discussion. and the sun could be setting on a decade's old tradition in delaware. why bethany beach leaders could put a family summer staple out of business. first, here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. happening now, a local college makes a deal to buy showboat casino but city leaders
5:38 pm
aren't happy about it. new at 6:00, why they say the purchase would do nothing to help save atlantic city. and a philadelphia teacher knocked out cold by a student. plus, what parents and students are doing to take a stand. >> what happened? >> that irnot telling us anything yet. >> two people killed in this egg harbor house fire. one victim's injuries might help police. why officials believe it was set on purpose. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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breaking news out of kansas
5:40 pm
and oklahoma. an earthquake has shaken parts of those states. the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 4.8 and struck about two hours ago. there aren't reports of damages or injuries. the epicenter was just outside wichita. it's not clear how much damage that quake may have caused. ebnt -- bb & t will acquire 245 of susquehanna locations in pennsylvania, maryland, new jersey and west virginia. to cut expenses bb & t may cut workers and lose some of their facilities. this also might mean a name change for the susquehanna bank center in camden. the deal still needs to be approved by shareholders. if you live in montgomery or delaware county and take the train, septa wants to hear from you. two public meetings are set to get feedback on a study of
5:41 pm
alternative rail connections from the norristown high speed line to defendant nations in king of prussia and montgomery county. the meetings are this monday at the radisson hotel at valley forge and wednesday at the norristown municipal building. both meetings run from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. it honors of memory of a fallen police officer. pennsylvania prosecutors take a legal look atç the first perso charged with violating the brad fox law. getting ready for a chill. sheena, you're tracking cold air. >> yes, that cold air sets in tonight. it will be with us tomorrow morning and it will last for a pretty long time. coming up, i'll show you how cold it will be if your neighborhood and how long we can expect it to stick around. a local man accused of terrorizing his wife and dumping their corvette into the delaware river. tonight, he's telling his side
5:42 pm
of the story. what he says about the charges against him.
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5:44 pm
delaware county authorities are investigating a rash of burglaries in swarthmore. five homes were broken into overnight. in each case, people were home at the time. one homeowner came face-to-face with a burglar. taken in the burglaries were
5:45 pm
computers, cash and jewelry. a deadly fire is being called suspicious by investigators. police say a third person, the woman's boyfriend is in the hospital with stab wounds. police say he told them someone broke into the house. the man accused of snatching a woman off a philadelphia street made his first appearance in a local courtroom. delvin barnes was appointed a public defender. he's scheduled to report friday for a bail hearing. he remains in custody in philadelphia. the richard stockton college of new jersey plans to buy the now slowsed showboat casino and turn it into a college campus. governor chris christie led a closed-door summit to heal the crisis. it includes the possibility of an emergency manager. today a delaware county woman became the first person to be sentenced under a law named in honor of a fallen police officer. >> nbc 10's renee
5:46 pm
chenault-fattah has more on the ceremonial sentencing and why it's so huge for officer brad fox's family. >> that's right, keith and jacqueline. officer fox'sç family and pennsylvania lawmakers have been working for the past 2 1/2 years now to come up with legislation that would prevent the straw purchase of guns. today delaware county d.a. jack whalen said 22-year-old stacey dawson was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison plus 7 years probation. now, she was found guilty of the straw purchase of two guns for her boyfriend, a convicted felon. dawson's case is the first straw purchase sentenced in pennsylvania under the brad fox law which was passed just last year. police say andrew charles thomas used a gun that was bought by someone else to kill officer fox more than two years ago. thomas then killed himself. plymouth township police officer was chasing after thomas who ran from the scene of the crash near the schuylkill river trail. thomas ambushed fox and his
5:47 pm
canine, shooting them both. this was the scene of the deadly shooting in september 2012. the brad fox law mandates a minimum sentence of five years in prison for people convicted a second time of straw purchasing guns. fox's parents were there for today's ceremonial sentencing. >> i'm all for anybody who wants to purchase a weapon legally. but when it gets into the wrong hands, that's -- that's what the brad fox law is. i'm glad to see that brad is still working. >> officer fox's widow took his case even a step further. earlier this year, suing the montgomery county dealer who sold the gun that ended up in thomas's hands. the man who bought the gun that was kuzed to kill officer fox pled guilty last year. michael henry was sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, today, the last warm day we will see for quite a long
5:48 pm
time. the cold air does set in tonight. that starts with the overnight hours. it does last into the morning commute. as far as the bus stop forecast is concerned, getting the kids ready tomorrow morning, it will be a colder start to your day. bundle them up. 0 degrees north and west. 30 in the suburbs. in philadelphia, we'll be in the upper 30s. the cold air will be setting in and it will be lasting for several days. this is not a short period of cold. it's actually going to getç colder than what we'll see tomorrow and over the weekend as we go into next week. it will be even colder for the eagles come sunday in green bay. so maybe that forecast will make you feel better about our weather. i'll show you that in just a minute. through the lehigh valley, mid-50s, 54 pottstown and westchester. you can still get outside and enjoy it for a little while because it is going away. 58 degrees in millville, 57 in dover. so locally we're still mild but there's not much of the country seeing this mild air. it's just a little sliver of the
5:49 pm
eastern seaboard and also parts of the southeast. the cold air is just off to our west and northwest. and it will continue to move into most of the country and our area as we go overnight into tomorrow morning and, again, lasting for several days. where you see the cold you only see snow showers. it is too cold for rain north and west of us. we on the other hand are on the dry side. we'll stay dry until late thursday going into friday. we could have a couple showers, nothing that should amount to anything. here's future weather going overnight into friday. snow to our north, rain possibly down to our south. we could see a few showers out of this, maybe a couple rain snow showers. not really amounting. over the weekend, we do stay dry both saturday and sunday. any snow stays to our north. as we go into monday, we'll be warm enough for rain. you see that across the majority of the area. monday will be a rainy, cold day in behind this rain. it's actually going to get colder than what we'll see over the weekend believe it or not. tomorrow morning we'll be around the upper 30s.
5:50 pm
high temperatures tomorrow only topping out around 50 degrees. a few night showers i mentioned. not really amounting but we could see snow showers north and west. highs in the mid-40s, saturday, we'll be topping out only in the low 40s, sunday mid-40s. take a look at what the eagles have in store for sunday. it will be colder in green bay. a lot colder than it will be here. by the start of the game in green bay, temperatures in the mid-20s. the wind chills in the lower teens. the fourth quarter, they'll be dropping down to 21 degrees. we earn the will be in the 30s as we go into monday morning. monday, remember your umbrella. rainy and cold. it gets colder tuesday and wednesday. highs inç the upper 30s. philadelphia 76ers have big plans for their new practice facility in camden. the developers application includes plans for a helipad and two large signs. one would be on the practice building, the other on a three-story office building.
5:51 pm
the letters on that sign would be up to nine feet high. the project would create 250 jobs. in june, new jersey approved $82 million in tax breaks to move the 76ers headquarters to the camden water front. the team will still play its games in philadelphia. now have until 10:00 tonight to vote for friday's high school blitz game of the week. it's an all playoff edition. pottsgrove and springfield delaware couldn'tpy. west deptford/glassboro or undefeated henderson and coatesville. vote on our took page or call or text. the game with the most votes will be featured saturday night at 7:00 on nbc 10. we're already starting to talk about cold blasts and cold weather, it's nice to think about the summer, isn't it? thing s could look much differet
5:52 pm
in one delaware beachtown. >> i'm finding out why its own hometown would even consider getting rid of it. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, look closely at this video. police say this man is holding a syringe in his hand. what was inside it made it a weapon and a crime.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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the steam family has been renting chairs and umbrellas in bethany beach for decades. now the town could take over that service. tim furlong has more. >> this is the end of the season and everything is put away. >> reporhiitk started putting away the chairs and umbrellas they rent out all summer in bethany, they didn't think he'd be doing it forever. >> they've done studies and they think they can make more money than what i'm making. >> reporter: they pay the town about $67,000 a year for the right to rent out chars and umbrellas. town leaders are considering doing it themselves. >> literally by the town taking this over, they will be putting my family out of business. i think it's absolutely nuts that the town wants to take over a family business for profit. >> reporter: the idea is basically if the town invests a
5:56 pm
few hundred thousand dollars in initial startup money they could make about $200,000 each summer on chairs and umbrella rentals. they could use that money for an emergency fund if say a hurricane comes through and tars up the beach or boardwalk. the steams say the business is stickier than it looks. it's tough to find enough kids to work for you and there are liability issues. lots and lots of people have signed is an online save the steen's petition. they live and work here. they say they want to keep it that way. >> we are taxpayers. not only will they be putting my family out of business, they will be spending our tax money to buy new umbrellas and take it over. it's a real kick in the teeth. >> the government will take over me, small business guy. that's the crux of it. >> in bethany beach, delaware, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. the town council is expected to make a decision on friday. nbc 10 tried a few times to reach bethany's town manager but he did not return our calls.
5:57 pm
coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, breaking news. >> an infant body found in a new jersey recycling plant. the other clues police found as they try to figure out what happened. i'm looking ahead it a big arctic blast that begins tonight. i'll tell you how low the temperatures will go and how long this cold spell will last. i'll also reveal my next chance for rain in my nbc 10 first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. a baby thrown in the trash and tonight police are trying to figure out how the infant's body ended up in a new jersey recycling facility. >> the worker found the remains at the recommunity recycling facility in monmouth county. >> within the last hour, new jersey state police sent us these pictures of clothing found near the baby girl's body. they had blood stains on them. police are hoping someone will recognize these items of clothing and help identify the baby's mother. another big story, the cold blast headed our way. it's already creating record cold days in colorado. take a look at this time lapsed video of the conditions today at denver international airport. you can see the snow drifts on the runways already and they led to big delays for travelers. >> cold just watching those pictures. let's go to nbc 10 chiefç meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. what will be the impact on our
6:00 pm
area? >> colorado is getting the absolute brunt of this arctic air mass. we're kind of getting a piece of the edge of it. that's going to be cold enough an a big enough temperature drop that you're really going to notice it. we're already down into the 50s. we got up to 70 today. 58 in philadelphia, 47 in lancaster. at this time of night after getting to 70 degrees. georgetown, delaware, that's dropped about 10 degrees in the last couple of hours. and here is the drop that's going to be occurring over the next few hours, even by 9:00, 10:00, the wind chills will be in the 30s to the north and west. and by morning, it will be in the 30s across just about the entire area. and that's just the beginning. we'll see how low we're going to go and how long it's going to last with the seven-day in a few minutes. crews in reading are keeping a close eye on a brush fire burning atop mt. penn.


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