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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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doylestownp everyone else evacuated the regency apartments on old dublin pike minutes ago. they're just now getting back inside their homes. once again live pictures from skyforce 10 of a haz-mat situation in doylestown. and shots fired in a standoff at an apartment building in delaware county. skyforce 10 was in drexel hill as the police took a man into custody an hour ago. nefertiti jaquez joining us on the ground. >> we know a man by the name of joseph smith is now in custody after police say he fired off nine to ten shots at police while in his apartment. this unfolded at the lansdowne towers apartment complex, when police say the 80-year-old called 911 and told the operator that he had a ton of guns and he planned on using them. seconds later a massive response. we're talking 50 cops and the s.w.a.t. team. police evacuated the area and
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his building we're told with no regard for residents or cops he fired off about a dozen shots and at one point while skyforce 10 hovered over the scene police tell us that he told them he was going to blow our chopper out of the sky and that's when they moved in. >> so we lobbed three canisters of tear gas into the rear end of where he was firing shots from. and then the s.w.a.t. team forced entry inside the apartment itself. and he was in a second bedroom with the handgun. >> reporter: as you saw there smith was taken into custody. you saw them put him on a stretcher. we're told he was rushed to the hospital for evaluation. so far officers here on the scene tell us that when they moved into his apartment, they had found a .22 rifle, a handgun and rounds of ammunition. we can tell you that he's lived here at this apartment complex for ten years. we're told that he recently lost
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his wife. as for why he did this, that is still under investigation. we're live in upper darby tonight, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. this breaking story in north philadelphia now. police looking for a suspect who may have been shot by an officer. happened on 2 19s and oxford street just about an hour ago. no word on what led to the confrontation with police. in south philadelphia, 26 shots fired and one man is dead while an innocent bystander is critically wounded. skyforce 10 over the deadly shooting in philadelphia around 8:30 tonight. this is along wynton street. wayne jones was killed by two different guns. an off-duty septa bus driver was also hit. 56-year-old craig washington is in critical condition. he was visiting his mother's vacant property to check on it when he was hit. a friend says he was a pillar of the community. >> just loved children, loved his job, loved what he did. and he was an outstanding and he
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is an outstanding citizen in this community. >> no one was arrested. now to the kensington neighborhood of philadelphia where -- maybe you can see down there, that's a freight train that got stuck under a bridge. this is at fifth and allegheny in the last hour. we have calls out to septa to see if any lines are affected. we'll let you know. for the weather now, and a blast of frigid air. it's coming our way. it's already blanketing denver in snow and below zero temperatures out there for the second day in a row. the high temperature in denver was the lowest in close to 100 years. and our cold snap is just beginning. sheena parveen joins us now. hopefully no talk of snow or below freezing temps here. >> we don't really have that in the forecast. there may be a few areas that see a little rain/snow mix, nothing that could amount to anything. but the cold temperatures, that
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is moving in right now. as we look north and west, some of the coldest spots around 40 degrees. lancaster coming in at 39, 41 pottstown and reading, but we will be getting colder than that as we go into tomorrow morning. take a look at the temperatures just off to our west. not too far away we have mid to low 30s and we'll be seeing those numbers into tomorrow morning. from where we are now, we'll keep crdropping down into sunri. many of the suburbs tomorrow morning will be around 30 degrees. in the philadelphia area, we'll be in the upper 30s. colder temperatures ahead in the next seven days. i'll show you that seven day forecast coming up. robbed and threatened with a syringe filled with blood. tonight a philadelphia restaurant owner tell us what the robber said. denise nakano joining us live from juniata with that story. >> reporter: jim, that confrontation captured on video shows a man threatening the woman with a blood-filled
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syringe, as you mentioned. what you don't hear is that robber telling the victim, quote, i have aids, give me the money. this video taken from inside a kensington restaurant shows a robbery unfolding, not so unusual for a neighborhood used to its share of crime, but the weapon of choice, a blood-filled syringe is sparking a new level of concern. >> he's probably just sick or something. he needs help. >> usually they'll pick up a gun and say give me your money. but they don't pick up a syringe. >> reporter: the november 8 crime caught on camera shows a man with a blue hooded sweatshirt threatening a customer. he approaches her with the needle until she throws her money down and he grabs it off the floor. the co-owner of eddie's restaurant said her husband tried to stop the robbery while she called police. >> so i called police. >> reporter: the owner tells me she was robbed two months ago. a couple months ago you got robbed? but did not report it to police. she said she's had enough of the
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kro crime and gladly gave up surveillance video. that crook got away with $200 in cash. police responded to a similar type crime a month ago in the same area involving a syringe, but they don't think the two cases are related. reporting live outside east detectives, i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a south jersey firefighter who got laid off is now wanted on burglary charges. >> the firefighter is the son of a pleasantville councilwoman. >> keith jones is live at the police department where there's a warrant out for the firefighter's arrest. >> reporter: i talked to his mother councilwoman judy ward. she said she's upset she didn't know about the warrant until i told her about it two hours ago over the phone. her son is terence ward. he's a former pleasantville firefighter who was laid off last year. we've confirmed that here in winslow township police want him in connection with a burglary
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investigation. now his mom says terence came to this station earlier today but was sent away. she also added, quote, i have no comment at this time, but i do want it known -- we love our son. we support him. we don't believe the charges to be true because of his integrity. the councilwoman would not elaborate or comment when i asked her whether terence had planned to turn himself in here. the police department says it will have more information on this case tomorrow morning. keith jones, nbc 10 news. the man accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman and a virginia teen as well will be back in court friday for a bail hearing. delvin barnes appeared before a judge to face criminal kidnapping charges. he's the man seen in this surveillance video struggling with carlesha freeland gaither. they rescued carlesha a week ago today. tonight a mystery surrounds the death of a mother and her young son found in the family's
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burned-out home. the mother's boyfriend was rushed to the hospital with stab wounds, now the fire is being deemed suspicious. in egg harbor city, george. >> neighbors told me tonight that several families on this block were incredibly close and had been for years. the victims in this case were part of that tight-knit group, a group that has been shattered tonight by what sources say may be a homicide and a deliberately set fire. late this evening an egg harbor city police suv stood watch outside this home, a crime scene, we're told, even tonight after a suspicious fire here around 8:00 this morning and the death of the mother and son who lived in the house. >> she was one of my best friends. and her son was one of my daughter's best friends.
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very sad. >> reporter: sources tell nbc 10 the case is now being handled as a homicide investigation. soon into that investigation sources said the blaze may have been deliberately set. the young boy who died was just 7 years old, a child neighbors watched grow up. >> to have this happen, i'm devastated. and i just hope they catch the person that did this. >> reporter: in addition to the mother and son, a third person, the mother's boyfriend, neighbors say, was rescued from the home but rushed to the hospital apparently suffering from stab wounds. police say he described an intruder coming into the home. >> he was telling investigators that somebody broke into the house. >> reporter: but investigators say neighbors need not be afraid of additional crimes. late this afternoon, our cameras captured the boyfriend's car being towed away from the scene. we tried tonight to speak to family members of the deceased, to no avail. authorities have not formally released the victims'
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identities. at last check the injured man taken from this home was in stable condition at the hospital. we're live tonight in egg harbor city. i'm george expense spencer, nbc. a packed house in south philadelphia. this group gathered tonight to hear -- to voice their concerns about the possibility of a casino coming to the sports complex. the pennsylvania gaming board scheduled to vote for next tuesday to decide whether to grant another casino license to the city of philadelphia. they're considering four proposals. one calls for a casino to be built at the site of the holiday inn near the sports complex. we have a live picture from our camera atop the loews hotel. many who attended tonight's meeting are concerned about an increase in traffic and crime and how close the casino would be to schools. the holiday inn a few blocks from mastery charter school and the idea of a casino so close to
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classrooms isn't sitting so well with people. >> it will change our focus. people worry about our children because tomorrow is going to be their future. and if we don't protect them today, then you got to worry about what they're going to be in tomorrow. >> several students who attend school near the proposed site also attended tonight's meeting. sugarhouse casino opened along the delaware in fishtown in 2010. four years later it is still the city's only casino. a classroom on the boardwalk. a new plan to bring a closed atlantic city casino back to life. richard stockton college of new jersey plans to buy the show closed showboat casino and turn it into a college campus. the deal still has to be approved. what will happen with the old casino. >> the tower that's right on the boardwalk will remain a hotel.
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the other two towers but they're actually joined as one will be mostly residence halls and classrooms and things of that nature. >> this all comes as gochbner chris christie led a closed-door summit to heal the casino crisis. ideas include the possible appointment of an emergency manager to sablize all city finances along with schools, and possible reforms. we learned that barrack hebrew academy will reopen tomorrow. skyforce 10 was over the campus today after someone found a bag of ammunition at the school. police say there was no threat but students were sent home early as a precaution. the school says no assignments will be due when the kids go back to school tomorrow. the beating death of a toddler in chester county. staffers made several trips to the home to check on his brother, ho was absent. but turns out they were using an old address. the boy had not shown up for
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kindergarten in two weeks. the files at coatesville elementary were never updated to show the family recently moved. the 3-year-old was found tortured and beaten to death. mcmillen's mother and her boyfriend now face murder charges. police say the drowning of a 15-month-old boy here at a south jersey home day care was an accident. the boy fell into a goldfish pond at the sunshine day care in millville, cumberland county. police are telling other parents not to bring their children to the day care until they finish their investigation. punched out, constant fights. they're the story from inside philadelphia schools. what officials plan to do in the classroom to stop the violence. >> i didn't know anybody was going to go in and try to get the car. >> a messy divorce battle. forced him to dump his estranged's wives a corvette in the river. dropping 20 degrees in some areas people tracking how cold
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your morning will be.
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an update on breaking news. septa just called us back after a freight train got stuck under a bridge in the kensington neighborhood. this happened near fifth and allegheny in the last hour. two trains on the trenton line will be affected and inspectors are on the way to see if the bridge is safe. the man accused of dumping his estranged wife's corvette into the delaware river is in custody tonight. john kramer turned himself in. police say he pushed the corvette into the water in northeast philadelphia monday in the mid of a messy divorce. kramer was not at a loss for words today. >> i didn't realize that i did anything wrong. i didn't know anybody was going to go in trying to get the car. i didn't want anybody to see me do it. >> kramer faces several charges
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including recklessly endangering another person. his wife tells nbc 10 he pushed the corvette into the river moments after sending her text messages that he was about to do it. tonight parents, teachers and students are calling for an end to the violence plaguing bartram high school in philadelphia. this after three assaults in just one month. the rally comes after a substitute teacher was knocked out in the hallway last week. it was all caught on video and posted online. the administration says the solution is not more security or cameras but instead better education and examples of how to behave in school. students and teachers at bartram high tell nbc 10 they've had enough. >> if that happens to a teacher, what make us think it won't happen to a student? >> it's heartbreaking, it really is. because schools are about education. when you're distracted by the negativity and the violence, they can't succeed. >> according to the district's
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own figures last year students committed 166 aggravated assaults on staff and 99 on other students. new at 11:00, donald norcross is sworn in as one of the newest members of congress. house speaker john boehner welcomed norcross to capitol hill tonight. he beat cobb. he'll fill what's left of anderson's seat. norcross begins his own two-year term in january. a sure sign that the holiday season is approaching. this is a live look at love park where you will notice the tree is already twinkling. the christmas village opens here on thanksgiving. a holiday market that runs until the last sunday in december. the weather will, unfortunately, soon feel like late december, sheena. >> yes, it will. we're talking about some very cold temperatures, as we go into the next several days starting with the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow morning. colder as you start off your morning tomorrow. so as you're getting the kids
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ready to the bus stop, you'll need to bundle them up. this number is right around sunrise, so the kids at the bus stop. temperatures in the upper 30s come tomorrow morn. now, this will be lasting for several days. this won't be a short period of cold weather. it will be a long period of cold weather, but the good news or at least to make us feel better about our forecast, a lot better for eagles and grown bay on sunday. right now the average high is 70, but this is the last time we'll see 70 for a long time. 20 degrees colder as we go into tomorrow. that's a high temperature in the afternoon. and it will be even colder as we go into the end of the week for friday and also as we go into saturday. right now in the low 40s north and west. lancaster coming in at 39. upper 30s in philadelphia. 47 degrees for ben salem. so clearly it's getting colder
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outside but it's not going to be this mild when you wake up. it will be actually this cold when you wake up, what you see off to the west and northwest. 30s will move in for everybody especially the suburbs. so this cold air will keep moving in. it's still cold north and west, but the only thing they have is snow showers. however, we do have the chance of sewing rain and snow showers late thursday. shouldn't amount to anything. here is future weather. shows us staying dry, then into early friday there's a chance we could see a few rain/snow showers but not really amounting. dry but cold. the snow stays to our north. and we welcome become a little milder monday morning for just rain across most of the area. a rainy cold day as we go into monday. here's how long the cold will last. we're going into the weekend now. the cold air stays around and into next week. the cold air stays around.
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it's not really going to move away very quickly after it really locks in. and it will be over the next seven days certainly. much colder tonight. 30 degrees in the suburbs. then tomorrow more clouds around, highs only 50 degrees. we could see a few rain/snow showers mainly north and west tomorrow night. low 40s and come sunday high temperatures will be in the mid-40s, too, but for the eagles and green bay as we go into sunday, a lot colder. high temperatures in the 20s and by the end of the game we'll see wind chills in the single digits. much colder even as we go into next week. sheena, thanks. mark sanchez has something on his bucket list that he's now going to be able to do. we'll hear from mark. darren sproles with another award.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. i'm john clark. mark sanchez had a big first win as the eagles starting quarterback. only three other nfl players were mentioned more on social media this past weekend. looks like he's getting over the jet lag in new york. here's mark practicing today. now he has to go on the road to face one o the most dangerous
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teams in football, the packers. it will feel like it's in the teens at lambeau on sunday. mark can't wait. >> they're tough at home. and a lot of that is due to their fans, their system, their enthusiasm, their energy and that's going to be a good challenge for us, but then again, it's one of those bucket list things for sports fans and players to get an opportunity to play there. that's pretty cool. >> darren sproles is the nfc's special teams player of the week. he's only the second player to win that twice and the offensive player of the week in the same season. but darren has never made a pro bowl. he better this year. aaron rodgers is the nfc offensive player of the week. he knows his packers have to score points against the birds. >> these are important games, you know, when you start looking at the potential seeding for the playoffs. they're in a tight race in the east and we're in a tight race in the north. you got to win these kind of games at home if you want to have a postseason potential.
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>> baseball dodgers pitcher clayton kershaw wins another cy young award. how about the sixers? nerlens noel and michael carter, they're big building blocks. we'll finally see them play together. brett brown has already noticed a difference. >> there's been a spirit at practice that's been noticeable, and i think it's born out of just the excitement of having two friends back, two teammates back and two pretty good players. >> probably need to relax a little bit and, you know, just get my feel of the real live situation. our high school blitz game of the week, 67% of the vote. ♪ there's confidence...
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more breaking news now. skyforce 10 live over this house fire in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. we're now getting reports a woman in her 80s has been burned in this fire and has been taken to the hospital. tune in to nbc 10 in the morning for more on this fire and all your overnight news. a cold start tomorrow morning. 38 degrees for the morning low around philadelphia. 30 in the suburbs. high temperatures topping out at 50 degrees.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- channing tatum, eddie redmayne, musical guest logic,


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