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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  November 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you can see it's nice and clear, and we will see sunshine at least to start with. as the day goes on, though, that sunshine is fading. we're seeing 30 at philadelphia international. it's below freezing at pottstown and allentown. 36 in trenton. it's a cold one, a little bit of a breeze blowing, makes it feel like the 20s right now in wilmington. so stand by for sunshine to start with. clear and 40 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00, 43 but clouds will be increasing at 9:00, and a mostly cloudy lunchtime, 44 degrees. with temperatures not warmer than that this afternoon. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes right now check in with "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. we're still looking to get details about the accident on northeast extension. it's between lansdale and midtown toll plaza. southbound side, according to the pennsylvania turnpike website all lanes are blocked in this area.
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now, we could see traffic getting by on the shoulder. those are the details we're trying to work out right now. in the meantime, as you're heading out the door, route 309 is your best bet. as you travel the northeast extension, if you have a big accident out there, that can really back things up for miles. this is 76 looking good. traffic moving in both directions. no delays or accidents to report on 76. we do have a problem on the new jersey transit river line that we've been following for much of the morning. a 30-minute delay on light rail between trenton and camden that's due to communication problems in that area. we continue to following the breaking news out of west philadelphia. a woman is beaten to death inside her home. another woman in the home was also attacked by men who forced their way in. nbc10's monique braxton is live on the scene. monique, bring us up to speed on that. >> reporter: just a short time ago, tracey, since we last spoke, relatives have come on the scene. they are distraught. they believe it's suspicious. they know their loved one has
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passed away. they know she has lived here a few years in this rooming house but they tell us they think it's suspicious. right now, you see the police are on guard over my shoulder. homicide detectives are inside now. they have a search warrant. they are carefully combing over the murder scene. a relative -- she's sitting down now outside on the steps being comforted by another relative. let me tell you what happened here. police are telling us that a 57-year-old woman who also lives in this house called before 3:00 this morning to say the three men had forced their way in and beat her up as well as her roommate in the first floor bedroom. police found that roommate naked and several bruises on her body. the cause of her death still has not been determined. now, the 57-year-old survivor was able to speak to police. he's been taken to a local hospital. she is now being heavily guarded, but police tell us she is in stable condition. officers say although the
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57-year-old who called in initially said that three men forced their way in, police found no sign of forced entry. they also found nothing out of place inside this home. so right now, police are interviewing family members. they're also interviewing neighbors. we have have spoken to the neighbors. and the neighbors tell us they did not hear anything this morning out of the ordinary. we're going to stay on the scene. continue to talk to relatives, as well as neighbors and have the latest for you in the next half hour. live for now in west philadelphia. monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> and we're following another breaking news story about a dozen in southwest philadelphia have been forced from their homes because of a fire. nbc10's jesse gary is live from the scene. jesse tleer jesse, three row homes have been damaged but you're hearing it could have been worse? >> reporter: that's right, the fire started on the end unit and they were spreading down
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florence towards 56th street. firefighters say they arrived to find fire shooting through the roof. and impeded efforts to bring the fire under control. >> there were fires out in the rear. that's one of the problems, the fire, and it came down. so we had to kind of avoid the electrical hazard there. >> firefighters were able to tamp out the blaze in about a half hour. fire marshal's office investigating the cause right now. jesse gary, "nbc10 news." we have new information about the man accused of dumping his wife's red corvette in the delaware river. john kramer was arraigned overnight. a judge set this bond at $5,000. police say he purgepushed the c into the water on monday. he talked about the charges
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against him. >> i didn't realize i did anything wrong. i didn't know anybody was going to delay trying to get the car. >> kramer's wife tells nbc10 he pushed the car into the driver moments after sending her text messages that he was about to do it. he faces charges of harassment. cabrera is about to go on trial for the beating of his 3-year-old son. cabrera and the mother told police conflicting stories after they took the child to the hospital. the same sources say cabrera later confessed to the murder. philadelphia police officers will be safer on the streets thanks to new bulletproof vests. blue cross will donate for the bulletproof vests. the force will get 120 statest art vests for the men and women of the department. this morning, we have video of a hold justify in kensington
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where a suspect used a bloody syringe to threaten a woman from eddie's restaurant last saturday. the woman was placing an order, the man came up behind her, pointed a syringe at her and demanded money. you see the victim backing away. she threw the suspect $200, he grabbed the cash and took off. >> he needs help. >> he didn't just pick up a gun and say give me money. a man like, he picks up a sa range. >> officers are looking for a suspect, police are investigating another recent robbery involving a syringe in kensington. police are looking for a man who exposed himself to an 8-year-old girl. happened back on november 6th at the dollar tree store. police say the man was following the little girl down the aisles of the store. at one point, he got extremely close to the little girl to allegedly expose him and when
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the child's aunt caught the man, he took off. eye aman is wanted on burglary charges we have confirmed police issued an warrant for terrence ward. he was a firefighter laid off last year. now, he's wanted for a burglary investigation. the firefighter is son of councilwoman judy ward. she said he went to the police station early yesterday but was turned away. she added, quote, i have no comment at this time. i do want it known, we love our son. we support him. we don't believe the charges to be true because of his integrity. this morning, we have new information on a stuck train in north philadelphia. septa says it will not impact the morning commute. here's what we know. it's stuck under an amtrak bridge in fifth and allegheny. no injuries were reported and no word yet why it got stuck there. skyforce 10 was at the scene last night. normal service is expected on the trenton regional line.
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right now, crews are working to remove that train. >> announcer: now nor nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> get ready to bundle up. temperatures have been falling overnight. a colder start to the area. parts of the area more than 20 degrees compared to yesterday. clouds are moving in with sunshine to start things off. the clouds will eventually give us rain during the evening hours. north and west, we can see the rain showers develop this afternoon. pocono mountains might see snowflakes, too. there you go, colder air in the poconos. waiting for sunshine in trenton, you'll see a lot of it to start with, 36 degrees in trenton. dove is nice and cold at 37 degrees. here's the view from the nbc10 studios, you can see some scattered clouds overhead. not much wind right now. the wind is much lighter than yesterday. we will see plenty of sunshine to begin the warmup but then here come the colder temperatures for this afternoon. clouds in place. nowhere near the 70 we had yesterday.
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39 degrees right now. 18 degrees colder than yesterday. nice and clear, but you can see the clouds off to the north and west. those clouds will move in during the morning hours. but this afternoon, we'll see wet weather arrive. hour-by-hour forecast showing 40s by 10:00. 11:00 this morning, we'll still be on the 40s. clouds on the increase. this is just updated information. you see showers developing at 3:00 this afternoon. rain for reading, allentown. in the pocono mountains, a little bit of snow. not much, though. by 6:00 this evening, more likely to see snowflakes pass to the north at 10:00 this evening, while it's a chilly rain falling in philadelphia, 41 degrees at 1010:00 p.m. overnight, those showers disappear, and the clouds, they'll start moving out as well. you'll see a lot of sunshine tomorrow, but it will be turning colder as we head into the weekend. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. it's about 6:10, this thursday -- wednesday morning -- what is it, wednesday or thursday? >> it's thursday.
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>> i've lost track. jillian has lost track. she's checking the roads and mass transit for us. >> don't you care rewind. we fast forward to friday. good morning, guys. to you at home as well. we do have skyforce 10 on its way to check out an accident on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale and midtown toll plaza. if you want to avoid the northeast extension, 309 is your best bet. sky force is on its way and we'll bring that to you as soon as it gets there. ruby street and chestnut street, you can take 54th street, water line break. and heading out with a live look at the boulevard next fox street, the southbound side at the entrance of fox street. you can see traffic is moving alongle just fine. no delays on the boulevard. same situation with a lot of the majors at delaware, including route 1. pikeco is bumping up rebates
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for customers who recycle old appliances. starting today, peco will pay $50 for the old appliances and will offer a rebate for people who buy new appliances. with snow and ice, and the thought about how much it's going to cost you to heat your home this winter. nbc10's katy zachry is live in delaware county with how people are preparing. katy. >> reporter: hi, tracy, the price of home heating oil is lower this year. much lower than last year. coming up, i'll tell you how much you can save if you buy now. also, getting sexual assault criminals off the street faster. new technology that aims to do with the use of dna. and coming to town. getting a presidential visit. incoming.
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well, deep freeze is settling in across much the country. some spots out west are dealing with snow. others are feeling temperatures just above zero. in wyoming, windchills fell to a record. nbc10's kate? zachary is live in morton, delaware county, to tell us why things could be different this winter, katy. >> reporter: hi, vai. well, for starters, we're talking about the price. the price of home heating oil right now is about a dollar cheaper than it was this time last year. that means if you have an oil tank at home that can hold up to 200 gallons, you'll save about $200 if you fill to capacity now compared to filling it up last year. oil companies in our region say people who bought only the minimum last year can now afford to fill up their tanks. the owner of allstate fuel oil
6:16 am
in morton we talked to him, he tells us his customers are friendly when they find out the price. they have a number of elderly customers who struggle to heat their homes. some have to rely on outside organizations to pay the bill. >> see the price. we tell them the price, they go, wow, you know what, give me more. or the driver may show up and they'll say just fill me up. >> reporter: allstate drivers are telling me they're filling tanks to capacity a lot earlier this year because customers, quite frankly, can afford to have their tanks filled to capacity. happening today, a series of meetings start to begin addressing the problem of violence in the state of new jersey. leaders will be holding hearings throughout the fall to get the public's input on how to cut down on violence. today's meeting will be held at rutgers university campus in camden. there will also be meetings in trenton and atlantic city over
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the next few weeks. this morning, police are looking for at least one gunman who opened fire in a south philadelphia neighborhood leaving one man dead and an innocent victim injured. it happened and 8:30 last night on lincoln street. police say someone fired at least 26 shots. they don't know why. they don't know who the gunmen were but craig washington survived the shooting. a friend called him a pillar of the community. >> just loved children. loved his job. loved what he did. and he was an outstanding and he is an outstanding citizen in this community. >> now, the man who was killed who may have been the target was identified as 35-year-old wayne jones. police have not made any arrests. meantime in delaware county an 80-year-old man is in custody after police say he barricaded himself inside his delaware county apartment and fired shots at officers. skyforce 10 was over the screen in upper darby township last night. investigators say joseph smith fired nine or ten shots.
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the s.w.a.t. team took him into custody. no officers were hurt. new technology could help rapidly review old sexual assault charges and get alleged rapists off the street much faster. thousands of rape kits sit on shelves across the country waiting to be tested. the backlog could mean rapists are still at large. the technology called rapid dna can be run in less than two hours. in some cities, those rape kits go back decades. >> this technology that just a few years ago resided only in the laboratory. >> since the technology is so new, cost analysts -- analysis are just being done now. but dna tests that are run with three machines now can be done only with one using rapid dna. happening today, lawmakers in washington could vote on the controversial keystone xl pipeline. members of the house expected to vote today. the senate could vote on tuesday. that would get the proposal to the president's desk by the middle of next week. this is part of a six-year
6:19 am
battle over the pipeline. some have raised environmental concerns saying it will carry oil hundreds of miles to the middle of the country. former president carter will be in next month. a call to action, women, religion, violence and power. the book focuses on the discrimination women around the globe face. the event is free, but tickets are required. students get a first chance at those tickets on november 17th. 6:19 right now. let's get you updated on the ride to work getting you ready to head out. >> here's jillian mele manning the "first alert" traffic center. jill? >> skyforce 10 just got to the extent on the northeast extension. i'm actually seeing this for the first time. it looks like sky force may be frozen over the scene for a second. let's look and see what happens here. northeast extension southbound between lansdale and the to plaza. looks like they're still establishing the shot.
6:20 am
you have a big backup on the northeast extension southbound. as you approach lansdale and make your way down to the midtown toll plaza. sky force is trying to determine where this accident is. you can see how many drivers are out here. how many drivers are crawling by the scene. i did see quickly that sky force was approaching that scene. as soon as we get that better shot and get it established we'll be able to bring it to you. in the meantime, you can take 309 as your alternate. that's going to be your best bet. we'll come back to that live picture in a few minutes. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> temperatures are still falling. the sun is not up until 6:44. we're seeing twilight right now, a few scattered clouds. beautiful crew from center city. 39 degrees in philadelphia. winds at 8 miles an hour. it feels like the middle 30s
6:21 am
thanks to the wind. clouds over the pocono mountains. these are the clouds going to be on the increase. and the pocono mountains could see snow late today and tonight. 31 in pottstown. wilmington is 34 degrees. 38 in northeast philadelphia. camden, now in the 30s. 35 degrees currently in vorhees. that's just into the 30s at blackwood and nice and clear to start with. no big organized storm system coming together for the area. you see showers well to the southwest. that's part of the system that's going to be coming together with rain in areas north and west during the afternoon hours. chilly day today. temperatures in the 40s to near 50s with the light breeze. late-day showers come through, tomorrow, we'll be dry. colder tomorrow morning, 33 degrees to start with. a cold start saturday morning at
6:22 am
citizens bank pack for the walk to defeat als. sunshine, 43 in the afternoon. we'll see sunshine to start with sunday. sunday evening and monday, a chilly rain will be falling in the area. it's done by tuesday. but the cold air returns for tuesday and wednesday afternoon, just 38 degrees. >> all right, bill, thanks. 6:22 right now. the new defunction showboat casino in atlantic city will be repurposed. it will go from a center of gaming to one of education. and on the move, philadelphia 76ers making a big change. one that will have them spending a lot of time in new jersey. steak & eggs. steak & eggs! steak & eggs. steak & eggs. boom. steak & eggs. steak & eggs? steak & eggs. ha ha! steak & eggs! steak & eggs! steak & eggs. when a day deserves steak & eggs, give it steak & eggs. dunkin's angus steak & egg sandwich is oven toasted and made with angus beef.
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good morning, i'm jillian mele. let's get you updated on the northeast extension. just in the last few minutes i watched an accident clear off the southbound side between lansdale and the mid-county toll plaza.
6:26 am
skyforce 10 is over the scene. unfortunately, we're left with miles of delays. whenever there's an accident on the northeast extension, volume builds. there's a lot of volume now. stick to 309. that's your best bet. in the meantime, let's talk about the weather, we're just at the beginning, bill, at the beginning of a cold phase, is that right? >> that's right. we're starting to see sunshine at least to start with. you ke mostly clear skies from this view of center city. and not as much wind as yesterday. and we have breaking news this morning in west philadelphia. a woman was killed in her home. nbc10's monique braxton is live at the home where police are gathering evidence. monique. >> reporter: and crime scene investigators are on their way. we're going to tell you what neighbors, as well as relatives have to say about the deceased after the break. and it's all about this man, former football coach jerry sandusky.
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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. and it is 6:30. breaking news this morning. this west philadelphia home turned into a murder scene. a 62-year-old woman was beaten to death in her home. we're also following breaking news out of southwest philadelphia where fire spreads quickly to three homes. and clear and cold. temperatures continue to drop this morning. find out how low they'll go in our "first alert" forecast. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. yeah, it's cold and going to get colder. let's get to the "first alert" forecast, bill? >> this morning, 20 degrees colder than yesterday in parts of the area. we do have clear skies and a few scattered clouds being picked up by skyforce 10 which is up and
6:31 am
flying this morning. they're feeling the chill. temperatures dropping into the 30s. 39 at philadelphia international. wildwood at 39 degrees. allentown, millville below freezing. and a cold start, we will see sunshine to start with, but as the day goes on, that fades, 43. by noon time, 45 degrees. and then 48 degrees and cloudy skies. and we'll be watching for showers later this amp. we'll go through it hour by hour with your neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes right now let's check in with "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning. >> good morning, bill. we have another problem. an accident involving an overturned vehicle at the base of the ben franklin bridge as drivers are making their way into philadelphia. check out the delay that we're seeing right now. it looks like drivers are trying to merge into two lanes. right now. it's unclear how many lanes are getting by that accident.
6:32 am
we do have skyforce 10 headed to this accident scene. as soon as they get there, we'll bring you those live pictures. this is a live look at camden at the base of the ben franklin bridge on the jersey side. you see that delay extends the entire lent with traffic barely moving along. to avoid the ben franklin, you can take the walt, the betsy, all the of the bridges okay. but even the roads approaching the bridge, you can expect to see congestion there. for drivers in new jersey, for drivers on the philadelphia side, watch out for emergency activity on 5th street near race. and you can see they just got there and we'll bring you more details. we're following breaks news. a woman was beaten to death inside her home overnight in west philadelphia. nbc10's monique braxton has been on scene this morning. she has another update. >> reporter: tracy, just a short time ago, crime scene
6:33 am
investigators arrived on the scene. you see three of them speaking to homicide investigators. patrol officers have been guarding this house since 3:00 this morning when they arrived on the scene. you see them going in with homicide investigators. to the right, you can see several relatives have a arrived. it's been an emotional and tense situation. relatives tell us they're very suspicious of the story they're getting from the only witness of the crime. police tell us before 3:00 they were called to the scene by a 57-year-old woman who lived in the home saying three masked men forced their way inside. beat her up and beat up her 62-year-old roommate. they tell us she led them to her roommate. that female was found on the first floor apartment. she had several bruises on her body, she was dead. police tell us the exact cause of her death is not known at this time. it has not been ruled. of course, we're waiting for the medical examiner to arrive on
6:34 am
the scene. but the 57-year-old witness is now being heavily guarded by police at a local hospital. they tell us she is in stable condition. police say while they've been told there's been a forced entry at this home there are no signs of a forced entry. nothing inside is in disarray. homicide investigators remain on the scene. they're being joined by crime scene units. they're going to stay here and bring you the very latest on the investigation. monique braxton, "nbc10 news." about a dozen are out of their home because of a fire that started on florence avenue and spread to the next two homes. neighbors say someone just moved into the place a few weeks ago. investigators are trying to find out how it started. today, two people will be recognized for their roles in rescuing a philadelphia police officer from a burning cruiser. city leaders will honor 17-year-old joe chambers and dante johnson this morning. they're credited with pulling
6:35 am
out mark kincey from his burning police car. a man accused in the drunken driving death of a philadelphia grandmother is expected to go on trial. eric is charged with vehicular homicide. she was 68 years old. a man accused of kidnapping a woman and a philadelphia teen will be back in court. delvin barnes was given a public defender. authorities say barnes is the man seen struggling with 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither. there's new information on a mother and her 7-year-old son both found dead in the family's burned out home. sources tell nbc10 the case is being handled as a homicide
6:36 am
investigation. the autopsies will be conducted on thex-nf two victims later th morning. yesterday, a fire ripped through the home on washington avenue at egg harbor city. neighbors say the mother's boyfriend was rescued and rushed to the hospital with apparent stab wounds. >> it's very frustrating. i hope they get the man who did this. >> described an intruder coming into the home. no arrests have been made. >> happening today, thousands of teachers working without contracts in delaware and chester county will hold a series of rallies. teachers plan to walk a formal picket line late this afternoon in places like media and downingtown. the rallies are to draw attention to the stalled contract talks. more than 3200 union members are part of the negotiation process. richard stockton college in new jersey says it will buy the showboat casino which closed
6:37 am
back in august. the plan is to turn it into a college campus. the deal still has to be approved, however. we talked to the president of the college about what will happen with the old casino. >> the towers that are right on the boardwalk, they'll remain a hotel. the other two towers, but they're actually joined as one. will be mostly residence homes and classrooms. >> this comes as governor chris christie led a closed-door summit aimed at healing the ongoing crisis. if you have a lottery ticket, check it somebody has a cash 5 ticket. the ticket matched all five numbers in monday's drawing and so far, no one has claimed the prize. here are the winning numbers, 2, 8, 11, 18 and 42. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorology
6:38 am
bill henley. and it is a cold start this morning. but temperatures are still falling right now with mostly clear skies. we'll see sunshine to start with. but the not going to be here all day. a colder morning in some spots. more than 20 degrees in some spots than yesterday morning. clouds will alive with some sunshine later this afternoon. and this evening, we'll see chilly rain showers developing for most of the area, just rain. but a couple spots north and west can see snow. 33 degrees, mostly cloudy in reading. a few in philadelphia 39 and clear for cape may, 39 degrees. a colder morning. there you see some of the scattered clouds in the pocono mountains. this is a view from the french manor. it's this evening that we'll see wet weather into the pocono mountains with a chance of snow. clouds are north and west. with clear skies, temperatures at this hour are still falling. sun's not up until 6:44, still time for temperatures to come down then with clouds on the increase this morning, it's not
6:39 am
going to warm up all that much. upper 40s at 1:00 this afternoon. a few breaks of sunshine, might hit 50 degrees in millville. stays in the 40s. we look at the chilly rain developing at 1:00 this afternoon. 3:00, most of that to the west it will move in during the late afternoon and evening hours. that's 5:00 this evening, as it gets colder tonight, we might see some spot? snow showers in the pocono mountains, a possibility of a dusting late this evening. but that's a chilly rain falling in philadelphia. it drys out overnight. and we will see sunshine return tomorrow. but it's not going to warm up tomorrow. in fact, it will be colder than today. 44 degrees for allentown, reading and quakertown. late-day rain showers for lehigh valley, the pocono mountains, we'll see evening snow develop. in the trenton area, some evening showers a possibility. during the day, 47 degrees for mt. holly and trenton. norristown also up to 47 degrees. and look at the chill along the coast. upper 40s for cape may, atlantic
6:40 am
city and rehoboth. clouds move in during the day for philadelphia, chester and wilmington. it means nowhere near the 70s we had yesterday. upper 40s this afternoon. then it gets colder for the weekend. i've got the seven-day forecast when i am back in less than ten minutes. about 20 to 7:00. live skyforce 10. a serious accident at the base of the pennsylvania of the ben franklin bridge. >> jillian mele has been watching that. it looks like lumber on the road, 2x4s. >> yes, this is a messy accident. you can see we have the four left lanes blocked in this area. the two right lanes of traffic are getting by. police out there at the scene, they set up flares. unfortunately, though, this has created a huge mess for drivers into philadelphia. using the ben franklin bridge. sky force moved up up the bridge
6:41 am
and you can seat problem it the four lanes all the drivers are having to merge into the two far right lanes in that area. and this is creating a backup that goes all the way into new jersey. so we have a huge delay on the ben franklin bridge. in fact, this is one of our traffic cameras. you can see right in that area, that merge as everyone makes it to the two right lanes. this is the view from camden. it's just stacked up all the way into philadelphia. definitely avoid the ben franklin bridge. all other bridges are okay. no heavy delays to report on the walt whitman bridge. especially, that's your best route to get by it. vai. jillian, thank you. scare in the air. a daring rescue is made at one world trade center. and freedom to drive. a resemblance to a notorious figure scored this man a new car. we'll explain. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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we're following breaking news. skyforce 10 is over a major commuter headache. you can see that lumber truck overturn at the base of the ben franklin bridge on the pennsylvania side. because of that, only the right two lanes get by. the traffic is backed up into new jersey. we'll get an update from nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. we have a report about a dramatic rescue at one world trade center. two window washers who got trapped dangling 60 stories up are out of the hospital after being treated for hypothermia. here's another angle. one of the cables supporting the scaffold snapped. the fire department had to cut through a wind to pull the men to safety. there's a picture from inside the building looking out at the trapped workers. the fire department said the two
6:46 am
men were tethered to the scaffold for the entire one hour and about 15 minutes of the ordeal. new this morning, a man from northeastern pennsylvania who was repeatedly mistaken for accused trooper killer eric frein now has his own car because of the ordeal. the community came together and raised about $24,000 for james kelly to buy a vehicle. he walked to work every day and was stopped by police more than a dozen times. used less than half the money to buy a subaru outback. >> i want to thank everyone for their support, because without everyone supporting me like this, today wouldn't happen. >> kelly's walk to work was about five miles in bear township in monroe county which was ground zero in the search for frein. the document stare on the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal at penn state is going to be shown very close to where those crimes happened. >> when you start trying to
6:47 am
cover up history, what does it say about all of justice. >> the movie call the "happy valley" will be shown for the first time in state college tomorrow night. the film following the case from the coach's arrest to his conviction of abusing ten boys to the firing of head coach joe paterno. it also has interviews with matt sandusky, he said sandusky abused him for several years. meantime sandusky's wife dottie released the same, the sandusky family is disappointed though not surprised that matt continues to fabricate a story this time for a nationally released documentary. a participate in a dogfighting range has learned his punishment. in alabama 50-year-old donnie anderson was sentenced to eight years in prison. he pleaded guilty to 60 counts of the dogfighting ring. more than 450 dogs were rescued from the ring which authorities
6:48 am
say covered the states of texas, georgia, florida, mississippi and tennessee in addition to alabama. >> happening today on capitol hill, the services committee will hold a hearing on the fight against isis. the handle will hear testimony on strategies and tactics being used against the group in syria and iraq. chuck hagel testified that the u.s. began launching air strikes back in august. the philadelphia 76ers have new plans for the new practice facility. it includes plans for a helipad and two large signs. one would be on the practice building. the other on a three-story office building. the letters on that stand would stand up to nine feet high and also 250 jobs. and in june, new jersey approved $86 million in tax breaks. in the camden water front, the team will continue to play its games in philadelphia. they're 0-7, they'll probably be
6:49 am
0-10 by the time they get back from texas. games aren't good. let's go to new york with what's ahead on "today" show. >> for that we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning. >> what a pessimist. >> okay. we're philadelphia. >> i don't think you're going to be getting any front row seats at the games based on that comment. good morning to you both. coming up developing overnight we're getting the first images from that spacecraft that landed on a speeding comet. we'll be live at the european space agency with more on that historic feat. also ahead, an investigative report on the hidden danger that is lurking on streets and sidewalks around the country. and they played some of the most memoir from hawkeye pierce to murphy brown now alan alda and candice bergen are teaming up. and it's roker thon.
6:50 am
it's history in the making as al tries to break the record for the longest continuous forecast. it's only going to take him 34 hours. let's check in and find out how he's doing as we get start on a thursday morning here on "today." tracy and vai, back to you. excellent, he's going to be in the 11:00 show, too. >> i hope he's doing well, he's available. >> hopefully, he's awake. we'll see you guys at 7:00. thanks. have a good one. al is going to have a lot to talk about. as you can see, we'll start off with sunshine. the temperatures that were nice and mild yesterday. forget about it. it's cold. we're in the 30s. clouds coming up a few scattered clouds. 39 degrees at philadelphia international. it feels like 33 when you factor in that 8-mile-per-hour wind. look at the clouds at the pocono
6:51 am
mountains. this is big bear. dry right now. tonight, we could see a dusting of snow in the pocono mountains while the rest of us are dealing with a chilly rain. satellite shows we are in the clear. look to the west, you can see the clouds moving into the area. lots of clouds. not a lot of moisture. you see just a thin line of showers moving into kentucky. that's part of a system that is going to take shame for our area and move in with the chilly rain at 5:00 this afternoon. for areas north and west, including into the pocono mountains. then as it gets colder tonight, we could see some snow, just a dusting possible, in the pocono mountains. that's at 10:00, while the rain moves through philadelphia. and by tomorrow morning. the rain is out of here. and tomorrow will be colder than it is today. so stand by for bundling up. 40s this afternoon to near 50. could see breaks of sunshine in south jersey. hit 50s this afternoon. clouds will be on the increase today. get showers late today and into tonight.
6:52 am
clearing out, dry, breezy and cold tomorrow. 33 in center city tomorrow. the suburbs will drop into the 20s. then a cold start at citizens bank park for the walk for amount ls saturday morning. 43 degrees sunday afternoon. sunshine, but evening, chilly rain returns to the area. that continues through monday and ends early tuesday morning. a cold wind blowing tuesday. look at the temperature wednesday high of just 38 degrees. we have breaking news. if you're living in new jersey and you're coming over to philadelphia, and you use the ben franklin, you probably should not use the ben, you probably should take the betsy or the walt whitman. >> that's the cause at the base of the bridge and there's a huge backup. nbc10 traffic reporter jillian mele has been following it. >> i feel bad for the people stuck on the bridge because the delay is massive. this is sky force at the scene of this overturned truck at the base of the bridge in philadelphia. you see the two left lanes
6:53 am
blocked. the two right lanes getting by. as sky force moves and follow the bridge, you can see that curb traffic is moving a little bit but as it gets colorer to the midspan portion of the bridge, traffic is not going anywhere. it is at a crawl. the entire length of the ben franklin bridge from camden all the way into philadelphia. in fact, let's take you to one of the traffic cameras we have in camden. this is a crazy shot. this tells the story itself. this is the toll plaza in camden as drivers try to make their way on to the ben franklin bridge. you can see this is backed up. the roads lead to get toll plaza also backed up. so this is a mess for a lost drivers. this is the merge on the ben franklin bridge as driving make their way. drivers have other options, you can take the walt whitman or the betsy ross but if you're heading out do not take the ben franklin bridge this morning.
6:54 am
>> reporter: i'm nbc10's monique braxton live in west philadelphia where homicide detectives and family members are on the scene of a home invasion. details after the break. nance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires. and during the big tire event, get up to $140 in mail-in rebates on four select tires. ♪
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(vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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three minutes before 7:00 right now. skyforce 10 over breaking traffic news. that overturned truck at the base of the ben franklin side on the pennsylvania side backing up traffic in new jersey. jillian has the extended backup and alternate routes in minutes. >> reporter: i'm nbc10's monique braxton live in west philadelphia. right now outside this home. the scene of a deadly invasion. a forensic video member is videotaping a crime scene.
6:58 am
you can also see that a still photographer is taking pictures. homicide investigators have also been inside the house. police placed tape at the scene shortly after emotional relatives arrived. police have taken next of kin away for questioning. the deceased victim, a 62-year-old woman who lived here. the lone survivor, a 57-year-old says three masked men forced their way inside and attacked both of them. right now, police say the story is suspicious. the investigation continues. still a very fluid scene here in west philadelphia. we're going to stay on top of it. any developments you know about for us. and live in west philadelphia, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." good morning, 6:58, we still have this overturned truck at the base of the ben franklin bridge westbound into philadelphia as drivers make their way on to the vine. let's take you into the backup this is causing in camden right
6:59 am
now. this is the toll plaza in camden at the base of the bridge. the bridge itself is jammed entire length of the way. major delays. you can take the betsy or the walt. a quick note, cynwyd has suspended service but the rest of the rail lines are okay. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> a colder start this morning. it is 22 degrees colder right now in reading. pottstown is 24 degrees colder. and it's off by 19 in northeast philadelphia. cold but clear start at the bus stop. the suburbs just below freezing. 39 degrees in center city. 30 in pottstown. millville is 31 degrees. we will see temperatures climb during the day today. as they go up, clouds will be moving in. and late this afternoon, we'll be watching a chilly rain move in from the north and west. >> thank you, bill.
7:00 am
the "today" show is up next. local updates in about 25 minutes. >> you can get updates on the weather and the news on thank you for watching. . good morning him deep plunge. temperatures dropping by 40 degrees if some places as an arctic blast sweeps across the country now taking aim at the southeast and northeast and is this just a beginning for what's to come neighborhood, breaking overnight, u2 singer, bofo, a door on his jet flies off, what went wrong neighborhood, we have contact. first images from a spacecraft landing on a comet speeding at 85 miles per hour. more on how long the mission can last. and roker-a-thon, al's questions set a new record for weatca


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