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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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it slide through parts of new jersey, mainly along the shore. as you can see, more clearing as we look farther off to the west. that's also where we see snow and that shows you where the colder air is. as we go through tonight, that cold air will set in and especially as we go through tomorrow night. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a look at why we have a first alert weather day set up for the area. glenn? >> it's not because we have rain today, a lot of rain today but because of pretty extreme weather for this time of the year. want to let you know about it. we issued the first alert last night. the arctic blast that is coming with near record cold and it's going to feel like it's below 10 degrees at the worst of this. the temperatures right now, still pretty chilly for this time of the year and most of the area, 48 in philadelphia, cooler to the north. it's 60 degrees in atlantic city. now we're going to see the
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temperatures drop pretty sharply during the night tonight. but then that happens a lot at this time of the year, down to 28 degrees by 7:00 a.m. in philadelphia. but the wind is still going to be up there. and so it's going to feel like it's 18 degrees, your exposed skin by then, then it gets even colder over the following 24 hours. sheena ill with be back to tell you just how cold it will get where you live. >> be sure to get the updated first alert forecast and realtime traffic conditions with nbc 10 news today starting tomorrow morning at 4:00. with freezing temperatures and strong biting winds out there come serious concern from local fire departments. >> people trying to keep warm this winter are at risk for accidents. doug shimell with that part of the story. >> reporter: fire marshalls tell us there's something about starting up fireplaces or using electric space heaters or kerosene heaters that creates a recipe for disaster.
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>> this is the one that caused the fire. >> reporter: it was not the way frank fenton wanted last winter to end in northampton township. >> an improperly fueled kerosene heater. it was a calamity of circumstances, no operating smoke detectors and everybody came out the windows. they were lucky to be alive. >> reporter: whether kerosene or electric fire marshalls like frank fenton, people find themselves to get themselves in trouble. >> plug these things directly into a wall and make sure they're a circuit that's properly sized to handle it. >> reporter: space heaters are exactly that and shouldn't be used in cluttered areas and if you must use a kerosene heater, use a carbon monoxide detector and open a window. and as fireplaces start up for the çseason, get them checked. >> if you're burning new wood it gums up the inside of the terra-cotta. you're more likely to have a
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chimney fire. >> reporter: during the holiday season, fireplace fires can happen when decorations are put too close to the hearth. frank fenton says people will not think any less of you if you move your holiday decorations just a little bit farther away from that fireplace, kerosene heater or electric space heater. live in bucks county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. the pope is coming. to philadelphia. >> excitement filled the city of philadelphia today. pope francis announced he will attend next year's world meeting of families. today's historic announcement means the eyes of the world will be on philadelphia. >> tens of thousands of visitors will travel here just to see the pope. for the city it already means a big boost in business. cydney long spent the day checking out local hotels. what did you find? >> reporter: i can tell you, hotels right here in center city, some 11,500 as well as well beyond the city will be
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swiped up in no time. those hotels are right now trying to figure out they're inventory. this as rooms are being blocked off by corporations, visitors as well as media outlets to start. hotels may not be your only option to see history in the making. >> we are such a beautiful city, historic city. we're a city of neighborhoods with diverse cultures but we're warm and friendly and welcoming. >> reporter: president of caldwell banker real estate in center city, julie welker anticipates people who own high-rise units or homes in the art museum area will welcome or open their doors to renters next fall for the pope's momentous visit. >> some who will sublet, some are actually going to leave because they figure they won't be able to get around too well anyway and rent out their places. >> reporter: ed rose with philadelphia's greater hotel association says with 11,500 center city hotel rooms but nearly 60,000 to complement that
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from the five-county region to wilmington, south jersey and the shore, the region's faithful will be within driving distance of the event. >> to answer your question they are receiving a lot of calls. the phones are ringing off the hook. probably more so after today's announcement. >> reporter: philadelphia's aging population may have extra bedrooms they don't use and advertisement organizations, coordinating the pope's visit with the world meeting of families to be a host family. >> don't forget the bed and breakfast establishments. there are many more bed and breakfast establishments in philadelphia than i think most of us realize. >> reporter: one of the most popular here in center city, we did find out that the four seasons had four times the call volume today than they normally would on a monday. but because of renovations there and an anticipated change in ownership, they are only taking res vagus on a wait list. of course we'll let you know if that changes. the greater hotel association of philadelphia, their best advice, be persistent, call the
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reservations desk and check those travel websites. live in center city, cydney long, nbc 10 news. ahead at 5:45, we'll talk live with father kevin gallagheç from the archdiocese of philadelphia about the pope's planned visit. we have a special section dedicated to the world meeting of families on our website, eagles head coach chip kelly reacts to a federal drug investigation involving nfl teams. yesterday dea agents checked at least three teams as part of the investigation into former players' claims that teams mishandled prescription drugs. >> no one was arrested. comcast sports net's john clark is live with reaction from the eagles head coach. john? >> this is really unprecedented. the dea visited some teams before their games yesterday with surprise inspections to see if the training and medical staffs were violating federal drug laws by possessing prescription pain killers. the eagles say they were not one of those teams.
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>> i'm unaware of -- i have no idea what you're talking about. we lost. let's not pile on. >> chip with a sense of humor. we'll have more on the eagles at 6:00 and why one eagle player doesn't think the packers are the better team. that's pretty interesting. i'm john clark. we'll see you then. the man charged in the murders of a mother and her young son in egg harbor city faced a judge today, joseph palmer iii made his first appearance in atlantic county superior court this afternoon. a judge kept his bail at $2 million at the hearing. police say palmer stabbed his girlfriend and her 7-year-old son before setting their washington avenue home on fire last wednesday. the victims are believed to be 38-year-old michelle pabst and her son gavin. eight people face charges after police say they took down a heroin ring in north jersey. authorities broke up two high-volume heroin mills and
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seized the equivalent of more than 4,300 bricks of heroin. the drugs have an estimated street value of more than $3 million. new information about sexual assault allegations surrounding bill cosby, yesterday the comedian's lawyer dismissed the claims as decades old and discredited. today the attorney and a lawyer representing one of his accusers said that the case was resolved to the neutral satisfaction of both parties. at least 14 women have said they were sexually assaulted by bill cosby years ago. but cosby was never charged with a crime. in 2005, nbc 10 first broke the story of a temple employee who claimed she was the target. she did file charges the year after her alleged assault. a long-time cosby friend who still meets with him regularly says he does not believe any of the accusations. >> but i can say honestly, he's been a giving person and i'm not seeing this -- i don't have to say anything that's not true.
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>> we do want to emphasize again bill cosby has never been charged with any crime. philadelphia international airport arrest. what they're accused of having in their legga aluggage and how allegedly slipped it through security at another airport. all board to king of prussia. how you could make your voice heard about rail travel to one of theç biggest shopping locations in our area. has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car, truck or suv, fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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word just in that mass murderer charles manson has received a license to marry a 26-year-old woman who visits him in prison. manson is 80 years old. the marriage license was actually issued ten days ago. it does not specify a wedding date. it indicates the couple has 90 days to get married or they'll have to re-apply. a woman is accused of trying to sneak a large amount of cocaine through philly international. >> wait until you found out how u.s. customs and border protection agents found those drugs. jim rosenfield is live in the digital operations center with more on this arrest. >> reporter: travelers may feel like it'sç one big hassle to g pulled aside and have your bags checked, this time it paid off for agents at philadelphia international. last monday a week ago today when police say 22-year-old jodi graham of brooklyn, new york, was arriving on a flight from
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montego bay, jamaica. she was chosen for random inspection. they found one package of cocaine during that inspection sewn inside the bottom of two bags that graham claimed were hers. the drugs weighed 2 pounds, 9 ounces. the estimated street value about $80,000. graham was turned over to homeland security agents from immigration and customs enforcement. a big find for those agents at philadelphia international. that's the latest from the digital operations center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. back to you. doctors in omaha say despite their best efforts, they weren't able to save the life of a surgeon from sierra leone who contracted ebola. nbc 10 national correspondent erica edwards with the story. >> reporter: dr. martin sallia knew and accepted the risks associated with working as a surgeon in his native sierra leone as he explained earlier this year.
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>> there was something inside of me, people in this part of town needed help. i took this job not because i want to but i firmly believe it was a calling. >> reporter: salia, a legal u.s. resident somehow became infected with ebola while in africa. by the time he arrived at the nebraska medical center this past saturday, he was in extremely critical condition. his kidneys were not working when he arrived and his respiratory system quickly failed. >> he progressed to the point of cardiac arrest and we weren't able to get him through this. >> reporter: doctors gave salia two experimental therapies the evening he arrived in omaha, zmapp and a plasma transfusion from an unnamed ebola survivor. >> when you get beyond a certain point, the most egregious medical advances will not be helpful necessarily. perhaps one of the things we want to take away from this is we want to get people early. >> reporter: dr. salia is the
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tenth person to be treated in this country with ebola, the second to die from the disease on u.s. soil. today we're getting a look at the immediate aftermath of that deadly malaysia airlines mh-17 crash. it shows the plane's wreckage on fire in a field along with that huge plume of black smoke. a neighbor shot that video but he did not want to be identified. this comes of course as the first pieces of wreckage have been removed from the crash site. crews began removing debris yesterday. it will eventually be sent to investigators in the netherlands. flight mh-17 was flying from amsterdam to koala pluala lumpu it was shot down over rebel-held ukraine. most of the people on board were dutch citizens. they all were killed. people have until the end of
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january to file a claim. gm recently came under fire for not notifying a connecticut woman's familyç that her both 2003 was linked to the faulty ignition switch. so far it's been determined 32 families should be compensated. millions of chevy cobalts, saturn ians and other cars were recalled. he was lircynched in 1956 we visiting family. >> there was a tree planting event. it was an important event in the civil rights movement. he was killed at the age of 14 after he allegedly flirted with a white woman. two white men were acquitted of murder. >> his death spurred the civil rights movement that made -- possible. all that is directly tied to the death of emmett till. >> till was visiting mississippi
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from chicago. tens of thousands attended his funeral. we had a lot of rain today, yes, more than half of the country woke up to this, a lot of snow on the ground. kansas city is frozen solid. kids and a few grown-ups made their own tracks in louisville, kentucky today. hillsides can be fun, it's been tough sledding for drivers. the elements are being blamed for at least six deaths across four states. accidents littered the roads and highways in minnesota. similar conditions stretched from south texas through the east coast and forecasters warn more ice and snow are on the way. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yes, we certainly did see our fair share of rain today. poconos saw a wintry mix. as we go through tomorrow night and wednesday, that will be the time to watch for our first alert day. we have antarctic blast coming behind the rain, near record cold temperatures as we go late
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tuesday into early wednesday morning. and the feels like temperature, the wind chill, that will feel in some areas below 10 degrees. it is going to be very cold outside. here's a live look outside center city. light rain here and low clouds. you can't really see the tops of the buildings at the moment. right now in philadelphia, still light rain being reported. temperatures in the upper 40s. winds are right around 10 miles an hour. by tomorrow they will really be picking up, gusting near 30 to 40 miles an hour. it will be a windy day. most of the rain is moving out of the area. some of the heavier stuff is now moving offshore. delaware seeing a few more showers moving into parts of kent and sussex counties. galloway township along the garden state parkway, even moving into burlington county, seeing some heavier spots shown by the yellow coloring. the heaviest stuff is offshore. that's where you see the orange and red coloring. more moderate showers moving into parts of kent and sussex
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counties in delaware. light rain moving up to parts of philadelphia, trenton, the i-95 corridor. this is starting to move out. it will continue to clear as we go overnight tonight. cold air up to our north and west right where you see the snow. we are clearing, though, from west to east. as we go through tonight, the skies will start to clear up a bit more and that's when temperatures really drop off. here's future weather, the rain thatç we have around now over e next couple of hours continue to clear out by 9:00 p.m. we should be mostly dry at this point. that cold air will start to rush in. tomorrow morning colder and windy and because the cold air will move in so fast, some of the wet roadways may not have enough time to dry. we're looking at some areas potentially, seeing icing by tomorrow morning. be careful on the roadways. it's 43 in allentown, big difference where temperatures are still around 06 degrees. that's where you see the cold air starting to move in. 20s and 30s up to our west and northwest. so we are going to get this air as we go into tomorrow morning.
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it is going to be a cold start to your day tomorrow. for tonight, though, windy and colder, possible icy spots. we drop down to the upper 20s in philadelphia, mid-20s areas north and west. tomorrow we have a bitter cold blast moving in. temperatures feel more like the teens as we go into tomorrow morning with the wind chill or tomorrow night at least. temperatures around freezing for the high. that's tomorrow, high temperatures 32 degrees. then by wednesday morning our morning low, actual temperature 20 degrees but again those wind chills, wednesday morning will be below 10 degrees in some areas. but take a look at this. as we go into the weekend, we're near 60 on sunday and possibly 70 by monday. we continue to follow breaking news from northeast philadelphia. >> nbc 10's denise nakano is live with new information about a prison stabbing. what did you find out about this. >> reporter: two correctional officers and a sergeant here at the philadelphia industrial corrections center were stabbed
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about 2:30 this afternoon. it's currently in lockdown, this facility houses more violent offenders and juveniles in the prison system. the officers were attacked when a prison-made weapon was used on them at 2:30 this afternoon. they were responding to a fight between two inmates. a union rep says one of the officers was stabbed in the eye, another in the head and another in the hand. they were all taken to aria torresdale hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. this all follows a melee that was held at another facility. a panel appointed by the pennsylvania supreme court is recommending changes now to help senior citizens interact with the courts. the 38-member elder law task force unveiled recommendations today that include changing court rules to require mandatory training for perspective guardians. it also suggests changing the
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law to require banks to report suspected financial exploitation of elderly people. another proposal would change state law to prevent anyone convicted of abusing or neglecting an older person from benefitting from their estate. the pennsylvania courts capacity to provide services and remedies must be bolstered to meet the growing numbers and needs of older adults. >> based on that information that we saw, we concluded that it was necessary to change the way the court addresses the elder. we decided that the courts could not do it alone. >> the state's high court has already approved one of the panel's recommendations byç creating an office of elder justice in the courts. it will open in january. the pennsylvania judicial center in harrisburg. new jersey governor chris christie is headed north. he is planning a three-city tour of canada. it's no vacation and trade is on his schedule, but others say there's a different reason for
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the trip. and police layoff officials in franconia cut nearly half the force. now there's a new push to get the officers back on the job.
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happening right now, septa's holding the first of two meetings about its plan to bring trains to the king of prussia area.ç
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it would branch off into king of prussia and valley forge. septa wants to hear on residents on possible routes for the rail service. it would bring people to the hotels, the mall and other business districts. >> this is a very expensive undertaking. we're doing the feasibility study to see if the service would be needed. >> septa says it's early in the process. this rail service won't happen for at least ten years. tonight's meeting is going on right now at the radisson hotel valley forge in king of prussia until about 8:00 tonight. you may have suspected it all along, researchers confirm that those sunny vacations with the kids may put them at a higher risk for one of the dangerous forms of skin cancer. the study measured the number of waterside vacations, sunburns and genetic risk factors such as freckles or moles that develop during childhood. the number of moles and freckles
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increased among children each year were they in the siene. . police layoffs. >> one montgomery county township eliminated nearly half of its officers. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in franconia. >> reporter: keith and jacqueline, tonight township board supervisors are preparing for a very large turnout after residents launched an online movement to voice their concerns. we're live.latest. upset in ocean county. residents, real estate agents and others have a beef with the weather channel and it has nothing to do with the forecast. this just in, new information about the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. a local prosecutor tells us he thought the comedian was guilty but decided not to pursue the case. he explains why on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. right now at 5:30, dramatic weather changes are moving into the nbc 10 viewing area as today's heavy rain exits bitter arctic air isn't far behind. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here. how cold will it get tonight? >> tonight we'll be dropping down into the 20s. it's really tomorrow night that we'll be watching. we do have a first alert out for tomorrow into wednesday morning. this is mainly going to be the for the morning low temperatures
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wednesday. a big blast of arctic air moving in, giving us near record cold temperatures overnight tuesday into wednesday morning. now tomorrow will be cold but wednesday morning will be colder. our wind chill or feels-like temperature when you factor in the wind by wednesday morning in some areas will be feeling below 10 degrees. it is going to be cold. locally we're still dealing with some of the rainfall. it is on the lighter side now. it is starting to really exit the area and lighten up, even through parts of atlantic county, burlington counties that saw heavier rain earlier across the ac expressway, garden state parkway, ron galloway township. in parts delaware, a little more rain through kent and sussex county. a lot of the rain continues to clear out and we'll see drier conditions. colder air is up to our north and west. that will be here in the morning hours. for this evening, we'll be dropping down to the mid-40s. by tomorrow morning, waking up to temperatures in the upper 20s. the wind chill, the feels-like
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temperature will be in the upper teens tomorrow morning and we could be seeing slippery spots on the roadways, too. we'll talk more about that and a closer look at how long the cold will last, coming up. >> be sure to get the latest alerts and notices sent to your smartphone and tablet. go to the website, for the free weather app. it's the announcement philadelphia was waiting for. pope francis will attend next year's world meeting of families. it's official. mayor michael nutter and other officials made that announcement today at the philadelphia museum of art. thapç's where the pope is expected to preside over mass outside on the ben franklin parkway. the event could draw millions to the city. and hotels within a ten mile radius have already sold out. philadelphia will be ready. >> it's a moment we've all been waiting for, waiting for a long time. and now that the moment is upon us, it causes us to reflect on everything we have to do.
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we must, and we will, provide a flawless series of events during the week of september 22nd through 27th, 2015. >> the last time a pope visited philadelphia was john paul ii in 1979. this time around, security is expected to be a lot tighter and the budget much bigger. organizers have raised about half of their $45 million goal. we do have a special section dedicated to pope's visit and the world meeting of families on and in just minutes we'll be joined by father kevin gallagher to talk about the pope's planned visit. public safety versus the bottom line. >> a montgomery county town laid off nearly half of its police force, citing budget constraints. the story that nbc 10's deanna durante broke about a month ago. she's now live in franconia. what's planned there tonight, deanna? >> reporter: the layoffs were announced at last month's township board of supervisors
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meeting. tonight those supervisors are meeting inside the township building right now at a prework session before the regularly scheduled monthly meeting. after those layoffs were announce, residents were outrage. they called us, e-mailed us expressing their concern and set up facebook pages even on halloween, they were out handing out flyers as their kids trick or treated asking people to show up to tonight's meeting. apparently police and the supervisors have listened. when we arrived here at 4:30 tonight, there were barriers in the parking lot outside the franconia township building. we've been told that there will be traffic control. there will be crowd control and they are only going to let a number of people park in the parking lot, that there are legal spaces to are. we've also been trying for the last several weeks to track down township supervisors to get them to answer our questions about the layoff and the budget. as they went into that work session i was able to speak off camera with greg godshah, the chairman of the franconia board of supervisors. he says there's not a lot he can
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say about the layoffs. they're now involved in a lawsuit to get those officers back on the job. you can talk about the residents and their safety and how they feel they were treated. >> he says residents were outspoken at the last meeting. he tried to stay as calm as they could. tonight they are preparing for a large turnout of residents in franconia township. we'll bring you the latest tonight at 11:00, for now we're live in franconia, nbc 10 news. deanna durante. he's accused of plotting more crimes from jail. nicholas hellman was charged with attempted murder last march after he placed a scratch and sniff berth day card in the mailbox of a romantic rival.ç today, prosecutors revealed that hellman tried to get a fellow inmate to retaliate against investigators involved in the
5:36 pm
case. he's facing a new charge of solicitation to commit murder, arson, kidnapping and assault. within 100 pieces of stolen jewelry, that's what the new castle county police say a burglary suspect made away with. he's accused of committing six burglaries in new castle. police believe he may be responsible for even more. they say they arrested crean on friday after finding the stolen jewelry in his home. investigators claim crean would ride around neighborhoods on a bike or in his car looking for homes to break into. tomorrow the u.s. senate will vote yes or no on the controversial keystone xl pipeline project. today protesters braved the rain outside the wilmington office. tom carper decided to vote yes on the pipeline bill. he says the bipartisan bill bill create jobs and make the u.s. less reliant on foreign oil. it would take crude from alberta, canada, gown to the
5:37 pm
gulf of mexico. many environmentalists say the crude in alberta is tougher to extract and more harmful to the environment. they want senator carper to change his mind and vote no. >> he's a good man. he cares for delaware and he needs to safeguard the future of our state. we need to let go of all that, put all our resources behind completely renewable forms of energy. we can do it, we just need the will. >> the house passed the pipeline bill last week. if it's approved in the senate tomorrow it will go to the president's desk. president obama has hinted he would veto the bill. exciting college basketball news for philadelphia. the east regional rounds of the 2016 men's hoops tournament are coming to the wells fargo center. the ncaa made that announcement today. you're looking live at the center tonight. this marks the first time since 2001 that philly will host the east regionals. if you recall, the spectrum played host to the 1992 east regional featuring a
5:38 pm
duke/kentucky matchup. there's christian laettner's shot. it will go down as one of the greatest college basketball games of all time. new jersey governor chris christie will be headed north of the border. it's no holiday vacation. his office calls the trip to canada a trade mission but some say the governor has a much bigger reason to travel there. and people living and working in ocean county have a bone to pick with the weather channel but this isn't about their seven-day forecast. but first here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. new at 6:00, digging into sexual assault allegations against bill cosby. >> we just talked to the prosecutor about the case and tapes that might be evidence. the pope's visit to philadelphia is confirmed. what the city is doing to welcome millions of tourists. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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new jersey governor chris christie is planning a trip to canada next month. the official purpose is to promote trade but some view it as a way to expand christie's foreign policy credentials as he considers a run for president in 2016. he will travel to calgary, ottawa and toronto in december. he'll be joined with a delegation of business and energy leaders. he could build a central
5:41 pm
platform of his campaign. a north american renaissance that will bolster economies and reduce dependence on foreign oil. he travelled to israel during his first term and mexico in september. from our jersey shore bureau there's no more kiwanis club in atlantic city. it's disband after 94 years. they've not been able to recruit new members. it emptied its treasury before it closed making contributions to the child federation of atlantic city, the salvation army and the community food bank of new jersey. miles of beaches, acres of lush pine baren and scenic views. renters love ocean county, new jersey but the weather channel labelled it one of the worst places in the country to own a home. let's talk about the weather.
5:42 pm
sheena, cold changes. >> we have to get rid of the rain first then we have cold temperatures with cold wind chills. i'll show you that forecast and how long it will stick around. >> take a look at this. a new jersey family living with bats. why there's no plan to get rid of the animals.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
here are some of the stories making headlines at nbc 10 news at 5:45. the man accused of murdering his girlfriend and young son appeared in court today. joseph palmer iii is charged with two counts of murder and arson at the hearing the judge kept his bail at $2 million. >> a show of support is expected for police officers in franconia township who lost their jobs because of budget cuts.
5:45 pm
the union representing the officers is urging residents to come to tonight's township meeting. last month, the board of supervisors unanimously approved laying off half of the township's police force. philadelphia leaders announced that pope francis will attend next year's world meeting of families. the entire event runs from september 22nd until the 27th. joining you now to discuss the pope's visit is father kevin gallagher, the pastor at the roman catholic church in havertown. >> the first question, now that we know for sure the pope is coming, what happens next? >> first and foremost we celebrate the joy of him coming to philadelphia. there's been so much speculation, is he coming for the world meeting of families. now we know officially that he is coming. i'm sure there is great joy. i know just in our community of
5:46 pm
st. dennis, the people were so excited to know that he is coming to philadelphia. there will be many, many plans that will have to fall into place. i think they've begun already and it will just be a great, great, great celebration of faith, of family and a great celebration here in the city of philadelphia. >> we are expecting it to be beautiful and quite the sight. do we expect the pope to discuss while he's here areas that have been controversial, issues of couples in the catholic church who have divorced, remarried and the issue of gay marriage. do we believe he will touch on that? >> the archbishop, the chairman of the world meeting of famil s families. i do imagine that there will be great, great opportunities to discuss issues that are challenging our families, challenging the sanctity of
5:47 pm
marriage, challenging many different things of poverty that go on in families. while the holy father is coming, i think these issues will already be on the table and his presence i think will just re-assure us of his love for us and his deep desire that everyone come to know the lord and live in his love. >> father, this is a huge event, not only for the city of philadelphia. people are coming here from around the world. what will the pope's visit mean for philly and for strengthening families? >> i think it will certainly be an unbelievable event. you know, we are more than 30 years beyond the visit of now st. john paul ii. people still talk about it. it was in my lifetime, i was just a young child. it will be unbelievable. in 1993 john paul ii visited denver as i was going into the seminary. that visit to the united states of america really had shockwaves all throughout the country. so his visit here to our own
5:48 pm
home, to a place that we love so much is just remarkable. and the excitement and the re w renewal that will come to our city but also to christians and all people of goodwill here in philadelphia. >> thaanxious anticipation that will only build till september. thank you for your insight, as always. >> thank you. >> we have a special section dedicated to the pope's visit and the world meeting of families on our website, read the entire transcript of the pontiff's announcement from this morning and watch today's news conference as well. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, the rain is clearing through the area now, temperatures will really start to drop down. some of us still dealing with the rain but most of us are seeing it leave the area, colder as we go overnight tonight, once the rain clears and those winds pick up. as we go into tomorrow night and wednesday morning we have near
5:49 pm
record lowç temperatures in the forecast. so we do have a first alert weather day because of this late tomorrow into early wednesday. very cold air will move in. this will be basically antarctic blast, near record cold setting in. it feels like temperature, the wind chill will feel below 10 degrees in some spots. 43 in allentown, 44 reading, 47 in pottstown. the rain has cleared out. 49 degrees in philadelphia, bensalem, maybe a little drizzle here. most of the rain still around is in parts of south jersey and delaware. it's on the lighter side. 60 degrees in atlantic city, 55 in dover, 53 right now in millville. as we go over the next few hours, the rain you see will continue to clear out of the airy. those temperatures will drop down, too. we saw the flood advisory around philadelphia and the major interstates for ponding possibly, localized flooding on the roadways because of the rain today. cumberland, cape may counties are still seeing the rain.
5:50 pm
this will cross the expressway soon. one heavier shower in parts of maryland moving into sussex county in delaware. millsboro, you'll start to see that heavier rain here pretty soon. we are clearing out from west to east. cold air lies up to our northwest where you see the snow and that cold air will be moving in as we go into tomorrow morning. so again you see the 40s, areas north and west, the colder air will set in overnight tonight. the rain clearing as we go through the late evening hours. by tomorrow morning, a colder, windy day and the cold air may cause some slippery areas on the roadways, especially those areas that don't have time to dry up before the cold air gets here. there you see the cold air from canada really working its way down through most of the country. 33 in buffalo. that will be working in tonight, dropping our temperature to 28 for the low. mid-20s north and west, icy spots possible overnight. then tomorrow, bitter cold blast moving in. it will feel like the teens as
5:51 pm
we go through parts of the day tomorrow. high temperatures 32 degrees. that's our high. that's technically freezing. that's the freezing level. by wednesday morning, temperatures at 20 degrees. that is the low. again, the wind chills will feel below 10 degrees. the rest of the week, we stay cold. into the weekend we actually warm up to near 60 degrees. good news for the eagles on sunday. by monday we could be near 70 degrees. >> i like the sound of that. thank you very much, sheena. a dog found starving in the backyard of a chester home has now made a full recovery and is up for adoption. meat pearl, the female pitbull terrier weighed just 20 pounds when she was taken to the delaware county spca last month. two people have since been cited in the case. this is what pearl looks like today. at 45 pounds. she still suffers from lyme disease but has no other lasting health problems. if you are interested in adopting pearl, contact the delco spca.
5:52 pm
>> pearl looks so good now. >> so festive, too. >> yes, yes. red works well for her. residents of ocean county are not happy with the weather channel. >> it has nothing to do with their forecasting. the reason the cable network now calls ocean county one of the worst places to own aç home. and what long-time residents have to say about it. plus, all new at 6:00, the philadelphia police officer arrested. what he's accused of doing to the mother of his children. and the officers who took him into custody.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
people are upset in ocean county. >> residents, real estate agents, local officials are angry with the weather channel. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg explains. >> i just think it's stupid. >> reporter: long beach township mayor joe mancini's strong sentiments are part of a wave of criticism blasting a report by the weather chan that'll put ocean county among the 50 worsu places to own a home in the country. based on natural factors. >> absolutely ludicrous. >> reporter: ocean county ranked sixth in the report. behind five counties along the gulf coast, most devastated by hurricane katrina. the weather channel which is run by nbc 10's parent company, nbc universal cited the $10 billion in damage caused by superstorm
5:56 pm
sandy in ocean county communities, including mou mantoloking and seaside heights. >> it's short sighted and very irresponsible. >> reporter: the network says its detailed analysis based on weather and natural disasters between 1996 and last year used data from several government agencies. cape may county ranked 30th on the list. >> we have regions in the country that deal with earthquakes and tornadoes. >> the homes that were damaged are now being built to standards where they should never get flooded again. >> reporter: elected leaders and real estate agents say the report unfairly lumps in the vast majority of ocean conte that's inland where damage from sandy was far less severe or nonexistent. >> you're only talking landwise a fraction of the county. that really got impacted. >> reporter: the weather channel also noted a modest risk of wildfires in ocean county thanks
5:57 pm
to the pine baron, the network did not respond to our requests for comment. with nearly 600,000 residents and still growing, ocean is the most populated county in the report's top ten. >> we're better than ever. >> reporter: locals say that's proof people want to be here. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 -- >> new details about the allegations against bill cosby, a local prosecutor says he believed the comedian was guilty of sexual assault. why the prosecutor says he did not pursue the case. two big stories, the rain and the cold. i'm tracking both of them. i'll tell you about the potential for some record low temperatures. don't missmy exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. plus, lessons learned from the last time philadelphia hosted a papal visit and the major security threat that happened when pope john paul ii came to town. it's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> this will be the largest event in the city's modern history. tonight at 6:00, preparing for the pope. now that it's official, how will philadelphia get ready? >> tonight, we're taking a look at pope francis and his schedule and the lessons learned from the last time philly hosted a papal visit.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. we'll get to the pope's visit in just a moment. we begin with a one-two punch of wicked weather. >> first that heavy rain today it's been pouring through much of our area, including here near the philadelphia museum of art. >> and soon will come the cold. antarctic blast is on the way, weather that would even be cold for january. here's a live look at center city where freezing temperatures will soon be moving in. >> tonight we have live team coverage from our nbc 10 first alert weather team, chief meteorologist glip enn "hurrica schwartz is tracking the cold blast. >> we begin with meteorologist sheena parveen. we have flooding concerns to deal with tonight? >> yes, we do, along the i-95 corridor and all the major interstates going from the philadelphia area up towards the trenton area. we could be seeing localized ponding, localized flooding. be careful if you're driving. we've seen quite a bit o


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