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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 18, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, the arctic blast is here and we are feeling the effects already. it's windy and cold out there, as you can see by the flag flapping in the wind. even colder air is moving in tonight. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it's only mid november and tech inco nickly fall. we are expecting record cold tomorrow in some places. let's get over to glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the forecast. >> good morning. it is really cold out there, especially for so early in the season. this is the first alert back on sunday night to let you know what was coming, the arctic
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winds. this is not just a cold blast that's coming around here. this is near record cold. to be able to get record cold without a snow cover at this time of the year is really unusual, too. and the feels-like temperature, the windchill is down to near ten degrees on average across the area, especially tonight. right now it's in the 20s across much of the area to the low 30s. nobody is above freezing. the windchills they are not above 20. 17 in philadelphia. 11 in reading. 15 in pottstown. 8 in lancaster. look at these winds. this is the wind gusts here, 38 miles an hour in philadelphia, 41 at lancaster, 43 at mount pocono, 36 in atlantic city. it is just brutally cold out there. and the windchills as he would go through the afternoon, especially north and west, aren't going to get out of the teens. so even if the middle of the
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afternoon, it's not going to be -- feel very warm. 7:00, in the teens just about everywhere. 9:00, still in the teens. as we get toward the early morning hours, as the temperature gets near record levels, might feel like it's in the single digits in some areas. we will see if it's going to warm up any time soon with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> stepping outside was a shock to the system for so many people. jesse gary is live along penns landing where crews are preparing to open the river rink soon. they could probably open it today. >> reporter: they could. the temperature with the wind blowing feel s like it's ten degrees. they will have fire pits this season. we could use that today. almost in an instant, from fall to freezing. an unwelcome mid-20s welcome surprise. >> the wind is amazing.
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it's like taking my bridge bridge away. >> reporter: septa riders huddled for warmths. >> shouldn't be scared to go outside. but it is what it is. >> reporter: that has a crew member running the paces up and down the rocky steps despite the bone-chilling cold, he wears shorts. >> used to working hard in cold weather. just another day. >> reporter: now begins a long cold stretch until spring. >> when i went out the front door, i was not expecting it. feels all right. not too bad. not even winter yet. >> reporter: live here. you are looking at the ice rink. the worst to come. a preview party next monday when they have that preview party, temperatures supposed to be in
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the 70s. we're live at penns landing. >> aaa is reminding everyone to get an emergency roadside kit in case you get stuck. some items on the list might include flashlight with batteries, blankets and clothes, flares or reflective triangles, a small shovel and non-perishable snacks. now to a developing story. the state department confirms three of the four people killed in an attack at a jewish synagogue this morning were americans. six others were rounded. israelis released this video of police firing on two palestinian gunmen responsible for the attack. they say the attackers walked into the synagogue with knives, axes and guns and went after the worshipers. >> we came to pray this morning. we were coming into the synagogue. and we heard gun shots from
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downstairs. heard one shot, two shots and then a flurry of shots, five or six or seven shots. we all ran out. >> netanyahu is vowing harsh retaliation. it was the deadly attack in years. police are searching for more attackers. in london, john kerry angrily condemned the attack and demanded the palestinian leadership take steps to end the violence. >> people who would h come to worship god in the sanctuary of the synagogue were hatched and hacked and murdered in that holy place in an act of pure terror and senseless brutality and murder. i call on the palestinian leadership at every single level to condemn this in the most powerful terms. this violence has no place anywhere. >> much of the violence stems
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from tenses surrounding the holy site the temple mount. it's considered to be the third holiest site. the state department has identified the three american victims. this comes as a new study is released showing that the number of terrorist attacks last year were nearly double that of the previous year. it says there were 10,000 in 2013 that resulted in nearly 18,000 deaths. that's a 44% over 2012. four groups dominated the attacks, isis, boko haram, al qaeda and the taliban. go to our website at nbc new information about adrian peterson. the nfl suspended him without pay for at least the rest of the season. the league told peterson he won't be considered for
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reinstatement before april 15 for violating the nfl personal conduct policy. peterson pleaded no contest earlier this month to misdemeanor charges for injures to his son he was disciplining. the nfl player's association plans to appeal the suspension. a man is dead after a septa train in bucks county hit him. sky force 10 was over the scene earlier today. the train left from trenton and was headed to center city philadelphia when the accident happened. septa officials tell us the man was in the middle of the tracks when the train hit him. there are some delays as police are investigating. new video to nbc 10 this morning shows a suspect wanted for robberies in chestnut hill. in both cases, the man robbed clerks at knife point. he is seen here on video wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and a
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black backpack. philadelphia police are looking for the man seen in this video. they say he is wanted for two holdups at a 7-11 near logan circle. he pulled a gun late last month and made off with cash. did he the same thing two weeks later at the same store. if you have any information, you are asked to call police. a vacant row house caught on fire overnight. the fire spread to several nearby homes. the fire started just after 3:00 this morning on longridge avenue in the strawberry mansion section of the city. no one was hurt. a carbon monoxide scare forced dozens to evacuate a best western on baltimore pike. investigates say a heater malfunctioned in the basement of the hotel. that caused the carbon monoxide levels to ri
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lev level to rise. no one was hurt. kathleen cage confirmed she was tested before a grand jury on whether her staff violated grand jury secrecy requirements. she said she would tell the information the information was shared but no law was broken. her office recently disclosed that e-mails containing pornographic images were discovered on state computers. she did not explain the link between that and the grand jury investigation. we can find out if a second casino license will be awarded in filphiladelphia and if so wh will get it. they will meet today at the philadelphia convention center. there are four proposals that are on the table for a new casino. two would be in center city. the other are proposed near the sports complex in south philadelphia. the city's lone casino is against it saying the market is saturated. a hearing this afternoon at
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philadelphia city hall to determine how the state should fund education. overnight nbc 10 learned the public will be allowed to voice concerns athe hearing. michael nutter will be there to discuss the need for a full and fair funding formula for public schools. a scary scene in the midwest. a plane falls out of the sky and into a house. we have miraculous news about the couple who was inside the home. more american soldiers are set to head overseas to fight ebola. we will tell you how many are being sent and where they are going. i will tell you how cold it's going to get tonight and when it's going to warm up. that's ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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a twin engine plane crashed into a house in chicago this morning. the pilot was killed. the two people inside the home weren't hurt. the plane took off early this morning and the faa says the pilot reported engine problems shortly after takeoff and tried to return to the airport. when the plane crashed about a quarter of a mile away. it slammed into the front of a hope and plunged into the basement. witnesses describe what they saw. >> i heard the plane flying by. and then shortly, it was a loud crash. and i didn't feel anything, shaking or anything. but i heard the crash and it kind of woke me up a little more. >> the pilot was headed to ohio state university airport in
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columbus. the national transportation safety board is investigating. two firefighters were hurt battling this fire in a vacant building in texas. this video shows a wall collapse as it happened that injured the men. students at a nearby elementary school were forced to evacuate. dozens of firefighters worked to get the flames under control. the building had been sold to be used a low-income housing. in washington, congress is weighing whether the u.s. strategy against the islamic state is working after the dj of another american. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts has the latest from capitol hill. >> our son no longer walks this earth. our hearts though she havery are held up by the love and support that has poured into our lives. >> reporter: today authorities are hunting for clues in the latest isis video declaring the death of 23-year-old american peter kassig. though are looking at the
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background, trees and terrain to pinpoint where these killers may be. french authorities have identified this man as one of their own. they are looking at a second, two more maybe british. lawmakers got a briefing last night. some emerged skeptical that our air campaign against isis is working. >> i think they are adding to the ranks faster than we are able to kill them. >> reporter: there's at least one u.s. hostage left. a 26-year-old aid worker, isis kidnapped last year. authorities and the family are protecting her identity for her own safety. the obama administration still insists paying ransom for american hostages is not the solution. >> we are not intimidated. you are not intimidated. our friends and partners are not intimidated. >> reporter: part of the problem, these videos. >> very slick propaganda. they broadcast their hate in 23 different languages. they are very active on social media. >> reporter: recruiting and
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inspiring young followers all over the world. that's really the fbi's concern, not that isis is here or has plans they could execute here but that they could inspire young people already in this country to act on their behalf. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. right now, president obama is meeting with his national security and public health teams to discuss the ebola threat. also today two hearings are schedules on capitol hill as lawmakers look at how to combat the virus. one house committee will listen to international experts who have been on the ground in west africa. another committee will also ask ebola experts about the response to the disease here at home. the pentagon announced ten army reserve units from as kro the country will be mobilized and sent to west after riff can a. they will be part of 2,100 national guard and reserve troops working to stop the spread of ebola. a state of emergency is in effect in missouri and the national guard has been activated.
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this comes aas the community awaits for a decision in the michael brown case. the grand jury is decide wlg to charge the officer in the deadly shooting of brown who was unarmed. the governor says the national guard would help state and local police keep the peace after a ruling is handed down. happening today in washington, the senate is expected to vote on the controversial keystone pipeline. it would funnel oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. the house passed legislation last week to allow construction to proceed. even if the bill clears congress, it's unclear if the president will sign it. the new york trustee overseeing the madoff case says he recovered more than $10 billion for investors. he struck a $500 million settlement yesterday with two funds that invested with madoff. he is serving a 150-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to fraud charges.
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certainly brutal out there. you see those flags blowing, and that is some arctic air that it's blowing in here. we have issued first alert to let you know about this back on sunday night. we certainly did not exaggerate or hype this. this is very, very unusual for this time of the year. near record cold tonight. the feels-like temperature near 10. the camera shaking as we look at boathouse row because the wind is so strong. 31 degrees, the wind 25 miles an hour, sustained, with gusts to 38. the windchill is 17 degrees. the air temperatures in the 20s to low 30s. we don't have any reports of temperatures over the freezing mark yet. it's certainly not going to feel like that for quite a while.
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the wind is blowing out of the west, blowing that arctic air that was back to our west our way. the sustained winds, $30 miles an hour in the poconos. 31234 lancaster. then you get gusts to near 40. windchills in the teens across the area. they will stay that way throughout the afternoon. by tonight, the temperature is going down to near record levels. 8 in mount pocono, 16 reading, 17 in quakertown, trenton, mount holly, 18. 18 in atlantic city. 22 in dover. near 20 in philadelphia. that is the record for tomorrow morning. we're going to be pretty close in some places. atlantic city could be very close. there's philadelphia, wilmington may not quite get there.
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mount pocono has a good chance of breaking a record tomorrow morning. the cold air on top of us now. the arctic air starts to retreat a little bit as we head through the weekend. watch this. there's saturday. it's still cold. it's going to stay cold through saturday. but by sunday, warmer air is coming in. and look at this. the arctic air is off the map, monday, yeah, it's still pretty much -- here it comes back. next week, after a warm start, a gigantic area of arctic air is coming back into the country. so we're going to get a break. when you see the seven-day for sunday and monday. but it's not going to stay that way. very windy and bitter cold today. look at the camera shaking. winds to 15 to 30, gusting to 40 miles an hour. the seven-day forecast, near record cold tomorrow morning. there is the 20 in philadelphia.
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35 for the high. not as windy tomorrow as what we have seen. then not quite as cold on thursday. that's still more than ten degrees below normal. and then we cool down even more on friday with another cold front coming through. so that's a really cold week. and even into saturday, it's cold. not on sunday and monday. by the time the eagles are playing, the temperature is well into the 50s and some rain coming in perhaps late sunday and into monday and by monday we could be up briefly to near 70. >> clearly, it's cold here. it's always worse some place else. parts of new york state are getting slammed by snow. a report from the region. that's coming up. a warning for certain women who have had multiple births. they may be at greater risk for a particular disease. that's straight ahead.
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an alarming number of americans are living with diabetes and may not know it. a third have never been diagnosed. researchers say three in ten people with the condition weren't aware that they had it, although more than two-thirds had seen a doctor at least twice in the previous year. experts say narrowing the health gaps is vital to improving outcomes for diabetes patients and lowering costs. new research finds hispanic women who give birth five or more times play be at an
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increased risk of heart disease. 858% of women with five or more live bernls had abnormal blood flow in the heart. over half of the women who had never given birth developed the heart condition. medical scrubs have been around for years but a group of men in houston are revolutionizing the industry. they created gear for medical professionals. the suit has several features which eliminate the need for lab coats. there's a clip, a pen holder, smart phone pocket and a jewelry clip. with the game changer with the scrubs, copper. >> copper as a natural element is anti mie kolbial, anti back toebial. anti fungal. when we we've it into the
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fabric, the fabric becomes more protective. >> according to the epa it kills 99% of bacteria within two hours because the suits are hand taylored. we are following a story out of the middle east. a terror attack at a synagogue. victims murdered while they prayed. another update straight ahead. we are looking at how the city is preparing for the big visit. we will tell you who is footing the bill.
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it's a cold and windy morning. you can see the flags there on the distance at boathouse row flopping there. temperatures are in the 20s. it feels colder than that because of the windchill makes
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it feel like it's in the teens. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the forecast. >> this would be considered a cold blast even in january or february. that's how extreme this is. and the arctic winds will be with us throughout the afternoon. near record cold overnight tonight in many parts of the area. the windchills, feel-like temperatures down to about ten degrees. in some spots, even single digits. right now we are seeing numbers in the 20s in many parts of the area. about 30 to 32 from philadelphia south ward. the wind is pretty strong, gusting to 41 miles an hour in lancaster, 43 at mount pocono, 38 in philadelphia. very strong wind on top of that incredible chill. the windchills basically staying
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in the teens north and west throughout the day. by this evening, areas that may feel like they are 20, 22 degrees now will get colder down into the teens. so it is just a brutally cold day and night and even into tomorrow. now, we will let you know how cold it's going to get where you live and when we're going to warm up with the seven-day in a few minutes. another round of early winter weather slammed into grand rapids, michigan. this happened overnight. people could see ten inches of snow out of this system. winds were gusting up to 45 miles an hour in some parts of the state. more snow is in the forecast through thursday. win tr has come early for western new york. the heavy lake affect snow and gusty winds produced near
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whiteo whiteout candidates last night. some areas could see one to two feet of snow. >> reporter: the lake affect snow has been pouring down in western new york. we are just south of buffalo. mounds of snow now on the sides of the road. we are beginning with this. the lake affect snow likely to last for at least the next two days. the snow piles could be measured in several feet before all is said and done. obviously, travel is impacted. po portions of the new york throughway are shut down and as well as arteries around buffalo. the mayor is banning travel south of buffalo. a very difficult travel and the airport impacted, trying to keep up with the snow. 40 flights have been canceled out of buffalo. check with your carrier there and make sure your flight is
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good to go. it's reduced visibility. i'm not sure how any flights will get in and out as the bands shift back and forth. as far as the temperature, it's very cold. windchills down into the single digits. the wind should howl through the rest of the day. school is canceled. that's the latest. >> they are getting five to six feet of snow there. three of the four victims killed in an attack at a synagogue in jerusalem this morning have been identified as americans with dual israeli citizenship. the attackers are two palestinian cousins. israeli forces shot and killed them shortly after the attack. the attack is bound to inflame more tension that began over access to a locally site for both jews and muslims in jerusalem. amateur video shows the early morning shoot outbetween police and two attackers.
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who storm a jerusalem synagogue early this morning armed with pistols, axes and knives, according to witnesses. >> heard one shot, two shots and then a flurry of shots, at least five or six or seven. we ran out. >> it gave way to a tumultuous scene on the ground. >> police who arrived shot and killed the two terrorists. we have six people taken to hospital, four in serious to critical condition. heightened security is continuing now in jerusalem after this terrorist attack. >> within two hours, the chaos spread to east jerusalem as police stormed the suspects' neighborhood firing stun grenades. the attack linked to souring tensions between israelis and palestinians, fuelled by disputed over access to jerusalem's holiest site. in london today, secretary of state john kerry called the bloodshed a pure act of terror. >> i call on the palestinian
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leadership at every single level to condemn this in the most powerful terms. this violence has no place anywhere. >> this incident seen as retaliation for the death of a palestinian bus driver found hanged on monday. israelis claimed suicide. palestinians called it murder. hamas leaders are praising today's attack. though the president condemned the cycle of violence, israeli leaders are accusing him of inciting just this sort of assault. back to you. a twin engine plane crashes into a house in chicago. the pilot was killed but the two people living inside the home were not hurt. the plane had taken off from a nearby airport. the faa says the pilot reported
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engine problems shortly after takeoff and was trying to return to the airport when the aircraft went down. a vacant row house caught on fire and the fire spread to nearby homes. it started along ridge avenue in the strawberry mansion section of the city. no one was hurt. carbon monoxide scare. this happened around 12:30 this morning in the best western on baltimore pike. a heert malfunctioned in the basement and no one was hurt. philadelphia police want you to take a good look at the men seen in this video. they are wanted for hold gs up a 57-year-old man after he left a restaurant in southwest philadelphia earlier this month. the video shows the moment before the man was held up after leaving the restaurant on woodland avenue. one suspect threw the man to the ground as he was being robbed. they got away with cash and the victim's credit card and i.d.
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if you recognize these suspects, you are asked to call police. as philadelphia prepares for a visit from the pope, nbc 101 learning who is footing the bill. they have raised half of the money from private donors, philanthropists and businesses, not taxpayers. they promise that as a donor, you will bring a role in bringing this vibrant global event to fruition. the money will cover security, site work and cleanup, emergency crews and other services. septa expects to be the transportation for visitors at next year's world meeting of families. it will be the biggest single use of mass transit since the phillies world series parade in 2008 when many were left without a ride. septa says it has months to prepare and will be hands on deck for the meetings week-long
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run. while some people will make day trips, we wanted to find out if there are enough hotel rooms for millions of people. center city has 11,000500 rooms. when you add rooms from the surrounding counties there are 70,000 within an hour drive. experts suggest checking rental websites as well as some homeowners are renting -- may rent rooms. the arch diocese says the hope is he have pictured to arrive september 25. he is expected to attend the cultural festival of families on the 26th. the vatican will reveal more detailed plans in the spring or summer of next year. we have a special section dedicated to the pope's visit and the world meeting of families on our website at nbc 10 prnt com. read about the papal visits over
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the past 50 years. the easton area school board will meet today. they called on several members to resign though they don't have any authority to make them resign. the grand jury was investigating the school district's former i.d. director. he was accused of hacking int d ed administrator computers. the grand jury found no criminal activity but said some were willing to overlook his violations to keep him employed. a couple is charged with stealing more than $3,000 from a girl's softball team. prosecutors say they served as the president and treasurer of the central burlington girls fast pitch softball league. they are accused of stealing the money between may and october of this year. they used it for gas, for cigarettes and to pay off bills. two prison guards and a sarnl enter are recovering after police say the inmate stabbed
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them with a toothbrush he made into a weapon. investigators say the guards were breaking up a fight at the philadelphia industrial correction center. all three are expected to survive. chris christie is planning a trip to canada next month. his office says it's to promote trade but some view it as a way to expand his foreign policy credentials as he considers a run for the presidency in 2016. the governor will travel during his two-day trip in december and will be joined by business and energy leaders. the trip will give him a chance to develop what could be a central platform of his complain. a north american energy renaissance that he says will boost local economies and reduce dependence on foreign oil. the trip is his third at governor. he traveled to israel during his first tierm and mexico in
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september. a car maker unveiled new wheels powered by new technology. it doesn't run on gas or electricity. we will tell you what makes the vehicles go. we will have that coming up. how low is it going to go? i will show you which area iz might wake up to record cold tomorrow morning.
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if the cold temperatures are keeping you inside, you have a new way to go grocery shopping without leaving your house.
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amazon is joining the food delivery business and bringing the supermarket straight to its customers. they will deliver produce and pantry items as well as household goods. more than 2,000 grocery workers in pennsylvania and new jersey will be out of a job come the new year. according to the express times, the closing of all bottom dollar food stores means layoffs for more than 1,600 in pennsylvania and nearly 500 in new jersey. earlier they announced the stores would close at the end of the year after selling to aldi. frnls toyota will sell fuel-cell powers vehicles in the united states. there will be a few hundred produced. they are pricey. the toyota will sell for
11:45 am
$57,000. it will run on compressed hydrogen gas stored in two tanks under the car. they will emit no exhaust. it can travel 400 to 435 miles on those two tanks. the automaker says it will surpass the prius in its innovation. >> say the hydrogen fuel-cell call is the car of the future. but now we finally see the future gradually creeping closer. >> adding to the high cost, the owners will have to find fuel. there are only a few hydrogen fuelling stations worldwide. honda and hundai are experimenting with fuel-cell calls. dr. sorn cornbluth is an author. she's a nationally recognized expert in parenting and childhood tra mau. she's a professor of psychology
11:46 am
at temple. dr. sue joins us live in studio. we have worked on wednesday's child. >> we have. >> it's been a while since i've seen you. there's a story in the introduction about an event that happened to you as an 8-year-old. tell bus it. >> when i was 8 years old, i was sitting on the steps of my parents' house. they had a fight like a lot of parents do. and my mom ran out of the house for a couple hours. i was sitting there and i was afraid that shechs not going to return. the panic that went through was she scary. and she came back. and she's never left again. she's a great mom. hi, mom. but what i felt during that period of sitting there is what many children feel that grow up in foster care. and a lot of times their parents do not come back. so that propelled me to work
11:47 am
with foster kids and do my work in this area. >> this is -- we will talk about foster kids in a second. the parenting aspect, i'm fascinating. this is as much about self-esteem for parents as it is for children. >> absolutely. i'm so glad you asked me that. the book is about empowering parents as well as children. if you do not have high self-esteem yourself, it's going to be a lot harder for you to help your kids build self-esteem within themselves. >> what are the strategies for parents and for children and these kids? we have worked with wednesday's child for a number of years. they face so many obstacles. what are some of the big ones that you see? sf >> the biggest is low self-esteem. they don't have very good resilience. they don't feel such a sense of belonging. so what i talk about in the book
11:48 am
is that parents and professionals can create this within these children. the tools are in this book. when i entered the field in foster care, there were not a lot of options to turn to for help. that's why i wrote the book. i want professionals, parents that are fostering or adopting to be able to turn to something and say, open to page 25 and here are some techniques on building resilience. if i could say one more thing. i like to say that foster children and adopted children, they have been through so many circumstances that are not their fault. but that does not define everything about who they are. >> one thing that you and i learned -- and you have known this because you studied this situation. these kids are often less resilient to kids who have two-parent homes, they so good and they want so badly to have a
11:49 am
home of their own. dr. sue, we appreciate so much you coming back. you look good. >> thanks. >> good to have you back. what can parents do to help them? it's all there in the book. the book is out now. get it at your local bookstore. thank you, dr. sue. it's a brutal cold spell for so early in the season. it's the middle of november. we're still talking about arctic air covering much of the country. some of it is finally gotten to the east coast. near record cold coming tomorrow morning. it's going to feel like it's near ten degrees. the cameras are shaking because the wind is so strong. 31 degrees, gusting up to 38 miles an hour in philadelphia. some places even stronger than that. the feels-like temperature only 17.
11:50 am
it was cold enough saturday, sunday and monday. today, probably around 34 and 35 tomorrow. the average high is 55. we're more than 20 degrees below average. right now, we're seeing temperatures only in the 20s north and west and pottstown, quakertown, reading, 27 degrees. doylestown, 27. 29 in washington township. 29 in reading. -- or in trenton. the wind is out of the west. it's strong and gusty and the sustained wind, that means minute after minute after minute, 25 miles an hour. 31 in lancaster. you rarely get that. we're seeing gusts up to 40. the windchills are in the teens. lancaster, only 8. the poconos, zero. a lot of them are happy. this is blue mountain. they are making snow right now. of course, the wind is blowing it all around like crazy.
11:51 am
speaking of wind, this is lake erie. see everything is moving this way? we rarely see that. it's generally a northwest wind coming over the warm lake. this is a southwest cold wind of over 200 miles lake affect blizzard. five to six feet of snow in parts of the buffalo area. wow. eight degrees in the poconos tonight. 15 in allentown, 18 in trenton and mount holly. 19 in vineland. a little bit of wind tonight keeping the windchill even lower than this. the records for tonight, 18 in atlantic city. that may be threatened. the philadelphia record of 20 threatened. the 18 in reading, threatened. that arctic air, it's going to retreat as we go into sunday and monday. watch that.
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look at that. and you think it's gone. the arctic air is gone. but it's coming back. there's thanksgiving eve, thanksgiving day. another gigantic arctic air mass trying to come into country. for the rest of the day, it's arctic, very windy, bitter cold. winds gusting to 40 miles an hour and the temperature barely above freezing. the temperature down to near record levels by tomorrow morning. 35 for the high. still pretty cold on thursday, although not as brutally cold. and then another cold shop friday. we don't really warm up until the eagles game sunday afternoon and then by monday, we're near 70. remember, it's going to cool off after that again. we will be right back.
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this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, listening for leaks. why the local city workers are keeping their ears tuped to what's going on underground before there's a problem that could creep into your home. an update on a top story. president obama is condemning this more than's attack at a
11:56 am
synagogue in jerusalem that killed four people, including three u.s. citizens. the president spoke just a short time ago. >> today's outrageous act represent the extremism that threatens to bring all of the middle east into the kind of spiral from which it's very difficult to emerge. and we know how this violence can get worse over time. >> the president is urging both israeli and palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens to cooperate with one another to lower tensions and reject violence and seek a path toward peace. we were talking about how cold it is. in new york, five or six feet of snow. >> southern end of buffalo new york got six feet of snow from one storm. >> shutting down cars and all kinds of things. >> that's more than we got all last winter. >> we are lucky we don't have a
11:57 am
big lake near us. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai vooir. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay warm out there.
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>> nicole: this is so stupid. oh, to hell with it. [laughing] oh, my god, daniel? daniel! oh. hey, are you okay? daniel? oh... >> daniel: [groans] what is wrong with you? [groans] >> nicole: [scoffs] >> marlena: feel free to call me anytime. major surgery can be impactful even when you're prepared for it. >> paul: i'm all right. but thank you, dr. evans. >> marlena: all right, well... take care.


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