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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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wind and the cold weather actually made it very, very difficult for them to fight this blaze. as for the farmers market, it is a south jersey landmark as you said. it's considered the largest and oldest farmers market and flea market. up until today it actually had 65 various retail shops. as we come back out live to the scene, you can see fire crews are still here, again, putting out hot spots that may occur. the weather playing a major role for all of"átáq firefighters that are out here tonight. fire crews tell us it's going to take them from time to clear out the scene and of course the major question this evening is what led to the blaze. it's a story we will continue to follow for now. live in columbus, new jersey, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> nefertiti was just talking about it, arctic winds, near freezing temperatures make this wait for a bus or a train seem
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like forever. our nbc 10 cameras captured these passengers shivering out in the cold along broadway and camden. >> strong winds all day are making it feel even colder than it really is. here's a live look outside at the flags blowing high atop the aramark building in center city. sheena, do the cold and wind stay with us again tonight? >> yes, they both stay with us as we go through the rest of the evening. overnight, the winds start to diminish that will allow the temperatures to drop off even more. we have a first alert out for the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow morning. we expect colder temperatures into tomorrow morning. the rest of the evening, though, arctic winds stay in place, gusting to 30 to 40 miles an hour in some cases, making it feel colder. the near record cold will be early tomorrow morning. some of you will be feeling around ten degrees or so, that's kind of what we're seeing right now across parts of the area. currently here are the temperatures, everyone is below freezing. 30 degrees in philadelphia. upper 20s south jersey and
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delaware. we haven't really been a lot warmer than this today. north and west we're in the mid-20s. we still have the gusty winds. here's the feel-like temperature. in mt. pocono feels like zero degrees, allentown you feel like 11 degrees right now, lancaster feeling like 10, philadelphia feels like 19. 14 is our feels-like temperature in wilmington. we stay windy and we'll watch as the numbers drop off, mid-20s by 10:00 p.m. that feels-like temperature will be down in the teens as we go through the overnight hours. like i mentioned, near-record cold by tomorrow morning. i'll show you shows numbers coming up. >> sheena, a 2-year-old boy is dead, his father charged. >> police say the father was alone with the toddler when the boy ingested a dose of powerful pain killers. nbc 10's deanna durante was there as the man was taken to jail. deanna, what did he say? >> reporter: he says that he didn't do anything to hurt his son but prosecutors say it was inside apartment 1607 here in levittown where they say he was
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alone with that child and the child ingested a lethal dose of oxycodei oxycodeine. >> i didn't do nothing. why would i kill my own son? it doesn't make no sense. >> reporter: cocoa wallace says he didn't hurt his own son, sebastian. his grandmother tooth him to the hospital october 22nd. >> that childç ingested enough oxcycodone, we're told by the coroner, to kill three adults. >> they're not certain how the boy got the drugs into his system. his father is accused of having drugs inside this levittown apartment. in the days after his son's death, he tossed them out a car window while driving. police say wallace blames friends for giving the drugs to his son. >> investigators tell us they can't be sure of some of the events surrounding that 2-year-old's death. the crime scene had been
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tampered with. they say the boy was taken to the hospital where he died but that hospital never notified police about the death. they say this case only came to light through the coroner's report. i called the hospital twice. the spokeswoman told me they have no comment. reporting live in levittown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. skyforce 10 over a failed rescue effort in the schuylkill river. police divers were not able to save a woman after her suv plunged into the river. witnesses say the suv sped through the intersection of hunting park avenue and kelly drive in fair monday the park. it crossed through a stone barrier and into the river. >> we at this point do not know whether she had some type of medical emergency, mechanical failure or whether it was intentional. that's an summing we're not going to make. >> a 41-year-old woman died in the crash. investigators haven't released her identity. an ocean county man hit by a car and lodged in the windsheeltd died from his
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injuries. 61-year-old kenneth molder was hit along route 9 in little lake harbor township last monday. marcos ortega hit him. those charges are expected to be upgraded. police say they saw ortega driving with what looked like a person on the hood of his car. when they stopped it, they say the body was halfway through the windshield. the decision was announced today that philadelphia will get another casino. state regulators voted today to award a license to live hotel and casino. the new casino will look something like this. greenwood gaming and entertainment in bane salem joined with the cordes group in baltimore to win the license over three other proposals. >> we have the best location. we have the most experience.
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>> we're maxed out for space. we can't breathe air when all these events are happening, the air is just too much to breathe. >> at least one of the other groups that lost out today is considering an appeal. south philadelphia residents aren't the only ones voicing their displeasure about today's announcement. john mcblaine said we are extremely disappointment that the gaming control board would approve aç lans for a casino s close to hair raw's in chester, especially when there are other options. >> we are dealing with near record cold, strong winds here but parts of new york they're getting buried in snow. check out this scene. these near whiteout conditions, they're not digging out from inches of snow. today it's being measured in feet. also ahead -- >> the brutal cold here seemed to catch everybody from work crews to homeless shelters off guard. i'm doug shimell. the story coming up. and car fire investigation. what philadelphia police have done with hundreds of their patrol cars like this one that
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burst into flames.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> forget inches, parts of new york are measuring snow by the foot today. 3 feet of lake-effect snow is blanketing areas around buffalo.
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the storm is dumping 3 to 4 inches an hour and remember the calendar says it's supposed to be fall. there's still more than a month until the official start of winter. >> unbelievable. as mark barger tells us, many parts of the country are under a deep freeze. >> almost in an instant it went from fall to frigid. arctic temperatures mixed with howling winds unleashed an unprecedented snowfall in buffalo overnight. >> it slammed. they got 3 to 4 feet. >> treacherous road conditions kept many drivers off the streets today. >> cars everywhere, even police officers, off in ditches, plow trucks in ditches, state trucks in ditches. just was a prayer last night just to get back here. >> snow blowers and snow shovels are not quick enough to keep up with the snow that's expected to keep falling through wednesday. in upper michigan, lake-effect snow is making its mark. up to 18 new inches there today, courtesy of lake superior.
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providing a blanket more like mid-december than mid-november. mother nature is also taking aim at the rest of the country. churchill downs in louisville canceled races at the famous track when temperatures dipped into the teens. brisk winds and temperatures in the 20s did not stop some from their normal routine in the city of brotherly love. >> just another day. >> feels all right, not too bad. it's not even winter yet. >> reporter: further south in tampa, snow birds had to find coats and hats to bundle up in. an early season winter blast that 200 million people across the country are hoping does not last. mark barger, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> and that cold continues for us, especially as we go into tonight. so we do have a first alert out for tonight and tomorrow morning. the arctic winds still continue
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for us right now, making everyone almost feel like the teens. as we go into tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with near-record cold through the area. some of us will be hitting near record low temperatures and it will be feeling close to 10 degrees tomorrow morning. once again on top of the cold we still have in place now. here's a live mostly clear skies looking down in liberty 1 and 2 from the comcast center in philadelphia. we continue with the cold. it's 30 degrees in philadelphia. winds are gusting near 30 miles an hour, making it feel like 19 degrees right now. now, actual temperatures north and west are in the mid-20s. everyone is below freezing. 17 degrees mt. pocono, 29 bensalem, 28 in mt. holly, south jersey and delaware, upper 20s, even close to the shore in stone harbor. we're at 31 degrees. below freezing temperatures but teens for the wind chill. the feels-like temperature. here's what it feels like across the area. this is with the wind gusting around 30 miles an hour. feels like 17 in millville, also atlantic city and dover.
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feels like 14 in wilmington, feels like 11 degrees in allentown and of course in mt. pocono feels like zero degrees there. it will stay cold overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. here's what we expect as far as the temperatures are concerned. i mentioned those near-record lows, atlantic city could match the record low temperature early tomorrow morning. these numbers should hit around sunrise. philadelphia could match the record low temperature. wilmington could be close to the record low of 15 degrees. reading could hit that record low or at least beat it. mt. pocono we expect to be beating the record low temperature early tomorrow morning. it will be colder this morning tomorrow morning. we won't have the different around tomorrow morning. the low temperatures tomorrow, 15 for allentown, 17 quakertown, 16 degrees possibly in reading under clear skies and diminishing winds later tonight. 17 for the morning low in doylestown. 18 norristown, 19 northeast philly. bundle the kids up, it will be a cold one. 18 atlantic city, 19 degrees
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vineland, 22 for the morning low in dover. even 23 in cape may. around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, temperatures here will be right around 20 degrees for the morning low tomorrow. but still feeling many areas about 5 to 10 degrees colder. locally we are dry, snow to our north and west. this is what we call the snow machine in some instances. it's when the winds come off the great lakes creating the perfect condition for basically a never-ending snow shower. this could be considered a lake effect blizzard, 5 to 6 feet of snow in parts of buffalo. be glad we don't live here. take a look at some of the pictures coming in from this area. this is in lancaster, new york, upstate new york around buffalo, snow so high, almost covering the basketball net there and then we have the dog standing in front of the door, not really able to get out because that snow is piled on. for tonight for us, the near-record cold sets in. winds will be lightening up, 15 degrees north and west tomorrow. we see a mix of sun and clouds. 34 to 36 degrees through the
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afternoon. but we won't have the wind around tomorrow like we did today. that's a good thing. then on thursday, mid-40s, friday we're back into the 30s. we do warm up by the end of the weekend. >> this bitter blast of arctic cf1 o spends time outside. >> but it's especially hard for those people who call the streets home. nbc 10's doug shimell is live at plymouth meeting. that cold air is biting, doug. >> the calendar and your mind was telling you this is still autumn but the thermometer betrayed you. >> it doesn't feel any better 30 feet in the air than it does buying a house plant on the ground. >> it's freezing and i'm from florida originally. so this is too much for me. >> keep moving, you keep warm. >> brutal midwinter cold plunged temperatures in mid-november. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> it's swamped the outreach center in norristown.
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>> usually this is december-type weather. for it to happen this early throws us off because we're not prepared for these numbers that are going to be coming in due to code blue. >> zack costello and jennifer dupree are spending day and night doing the hard sell with the homeless on the streets. >> we have to do our best to convince them to try to come in, come in the shelter instead of staying out there in those deadly conditions. >> but they say many of the homeless are convinced it will get warm enough again for them to stay outside, so they don't come in. >> health officials not only here in montgomery county and elsewhere say they realize it is very early to say this but you do need to check on your elderly relative and neighbors to make sure they have turned on the heat and they are dressing warmly. live in plymouth meeting, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. aaa is remining everyone to get an emergency roadside kit in case you get stuck in severe winter weather.
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some items to include is a flashlight and batteries, blankets, extra clothes, flares with reflective triangles, shovels, and nonperishable snacks. israel leader is retaliating for a deadly attack on a synagogue that killed four people. one of those victims has ties to ocean county. two palestinians with meat cleavers and a gun went after the victims in an ultraorthodox neighborhood. the attackers were killed by police. prime minister benjamin netanyahu ordered their homes demolished. one of the victim's sons lives in ocean county. >> i walked into the apartment and he was just crying, you know, sobbing. >> we'll hear more about the local connection to the deadly attack coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00. 8 inches, that's all that separated this twin engine plane that crashed into a chicago home. that was the distance from the people living inside.
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the plane took off from chicago's midway airport early this morning. the faa says the pilot reported engine problems shortly after takeoff. the pilot tried to return to the airport when theç plane crashe about a quarter mile away. it slammed into the front of the home and plunged into the basement. the pilot was killed but the two people living inside the home were not hurt. >> they were in a bedroom next to the living room. most of the plane is in the living room. they were very lucky where they were at. they are unhurt, there's nothing wrong with them at all. >> the living room floor collapsed into the basement. before the ntsb can remove the plane, workers will have to shore up the foundation to hold everything in police. the national guard is activated, a state of emergency in ferguson, missouri. any day now, the grand jury is expected to announce whether officer darren wilson will be charged for killing michael
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brown. missouri's governor says the national guard would help state and local police keep the peace after a ruling is handed down. there's no timetable for a decision but prosecutors expect a ruling soon. the president and congress are taking a closer look at the handling of ebola cases in the u.s. earlier today, president obama met with his national security and public health teams to get an update on response. the president said that while it's not headline news every day, the threat of ebola is real and immediate. president obama said as long as the outbreak continues to rage in three countries in west africa, it's going to be a danger, not just for america but for the entire world. >> and the white house is indicating now president obama would veto legislation approving the keystone xl oil pipeline. the senate scheduled a vote later today on building the pipeline. it would run from canada to nebraska, taking crude oil from canada's oil sands to refineries in the u.s. republicans call it a key to
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economic recovery but democrats say that the keystone is a short cut to climate change. >> north america can be the super energy powerhouse of the planet. >> it's about jobs. it's about economic growth. >> it will hurt the environment. it will worsen the impact on climate change and it's just plain dangerous, because it will transport the dirtiest oil on the planet. >> senate democratic leaders allowed a vote today to help democrat mary landrieu save her senate seat in louisiana. that's where keystone oil would get refined. landrieu is in a runoff next month. new research suggests it may do nothing unless you already have heart disease. researchers in japan looked at whether a daily low-dose aspirin would reduce deaths from heart attack and stroke over 60.
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they all had a condition that would raise the risk for one like diabetes or high blood pressure. after five years, doctorsç fou no benefit in lowering the chance of dying from a first heart attack. but because the studiy iey ies m japan, it may not directly affect us. >> it provides further evidence of how difficult it is to show a benefit for primary prevention. >> aspirin studies being conducted in the united states right now should offer more clarity on preventing heart attacks. meanwhile, tried and true methods of helping to prevent heart disease, include quitting smoking, exercising and a healthy diet. inexcusable self-indulgence. today the judge said he's keeping the felony charges filed against the men. the new york natives pled not guilty to the charges against him. at the time of the jump the building was under construction.
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the parachutist say the charges are a bit of a stretch because police are simply embarrassed by the incident. you might remember last month we told you former major league baseball player jose canseco accidentally shot his finger off and had it reattached. now he says it fell off and he wants to sell it. you won't find it on ebay. the company actually has a policy against selling body parts. at first it looked like any other package delivery but what happens after this man drops off a package on a front porch, quickly became a crime and some of the victims here are children.
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this is nbc 10 news. tracy morgan's battle against walmart went public in a trenton courtroom. lawyers for both sides met in federal court to discuss how the case will proceed. the actor and comedian is suing walmart one of its trucks slammed into the back of morgan's limo on the jersey turnpike last summer. morgan's friend was killed and the comedian spent several weeks in the hospital. the truck driver is facing criminal charges.
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from our jersey shore bureau, a setback for an atlantic city man fighting to keep the house his family own for decades. today a judge ruled in favor of the casino re-investment development authority. the judge has a valid reason to take the property which sits in the shadow of the former rebel casino. they want to use the property as part of a redevelopment project. the owner now runs a piano tuning business there. he says he will appeal the decision. there was a lot of talk about privatizing toll collection on the new jersey turnpike and garden state parkway and now it's not going to happen the turnpike authority says concessions taken by both unions representing toll workers generated enough savings that another round of pay cuts won't be necessary. in 2011 employees saved their jobs by agreeing to a contract that cut wages, saving the state about $17 million a year. but now the turnpike authority says it will request a newç
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proposal for contractors that want to operate the ez-pass system. a police officer was trapped inside his patrol car after it burst into flames. >> nbc 10 has video of the cruiser as it burned. now the police department is taking action. what the nbc 10 investigators have learned about hundreds of other police cars just like this one. and a standout soccer star arrested forever drugs. why this isn't the only student at the center of a drug investigation here. plus all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a teenager from philadelphia wins one of the world's most prestigious awards, the honor she received from archbishop desmond tutu and how she is changing the world.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> with temperatures stuck near freezing all day, it definitely wasn't a day to linger outside. the time people did stay outside they were bundled up like they are here. walking along king's highway in haddonfield. >> the strong wind, bitter cold combined for a frigid one-two punch out there. meteorologist sheena parveen joins us. how long will this cold air stick around, sheena? >> it will stick around for quite a while. the cold air will get colder as we go through tonight. we have a first alert out for tonight into early tomorrow morning. that's when we expect to hit record-low temperatures. until we get there, the arctic
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winds will still be in place for the rest of this evening. we could still be feeling close to 10 degrees through parts of the area, too. so the wind really makes a huge difference outside. right now north and west through the lehigh valley, actual temperatures are in the mid-20s. knead philly 29, 29 in millville and dover. everyone is below freezing. when you factor in the wind which is gusting near 30 miles an hour or more, it feels like the teens for everybody except mt. pocono feels like zero degrees there. feels like 19 in philadelphia. much of the lehigh valley, anywhere from 10 to 13 degrees is your wind chill. as we go through the overnight hours, the winds will diminish a bit. here's a look at future feels-like temperatures. it will still be feeling like the teens by 11:00 p.m. in some areas north and west could be feeling like single digits by 11:00 tonight. coming up, i'll show you those near record low temperatures for
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tomorrow morning and how long that will last. we have new information about the central bucks west high school football team whose season was cut short over hazing allegations. late this afternoon brian hensel was removed as the team's head coach. he'll keep his job as a teacher at the school. the suspensions were lifted for the rest of the coaching staff. none of the students on the team will face disciplinary action. all players and coaches were suspended after the superintendent revealed the investigation. the alleged incidents targeting rookie players happened before the start of the season. get ready for this one, a dirt bag who uses a baby to carry out crime. >> that's how police describe a man stealing a package from a porch. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah operations center. >> that's why police have shown us this video in an effort to try and catch this guy.
5:33 pm
take a look. this is what we're talking about here. first you see the u.p.s. driver leaving the package at the home on greenwood avenue. the resident left a note to drop the package there. then a man in a red jacket starts casing the house from a neighboring porch. there he is. he's holding that young child in his arms. he eventually walks over and steals the package while still holding on to that little girl. >> it kind of offends me you would walk around with a baby in your hand as kind of a cover while you do your stealing and robbing. >> well, the package had toys inside it that were going to be resold on amazon. anyone who recognizes this guy, take a good look, this is a good picture of him here, you're asked to call police. police in upper darby tell us these types of thefts are more common during the holiday season. reporting live from the digital operations center, renee chenault-fattah. >> thank you, renee. a standout soccer player in radnor township is in trouble with the law. the high school senior sold
5:34 pm
drugs to an undercover officer, police say. rosemary connors has the story. >> reporter: he may be a leader on the soccer field but 18-year-old james salucci is an accused drug dealer off the field. the senior at radnor high school spent the weekend in jail after police arrested him on friday. the it says cellucci agreed to sell an undercover officer a quarter ounce of marijuana in exchange for $100. the alleged meeting place, the parking lot of this mcdonald's in wayne, the same spot where a cook at this fast food restaurant was arrested and accused of also selling to undercover cops this summer. in cellucci's case, police stopped the teen just down the street. officers found drug paraphernalia in his car. >> this is not a surprise to me at pull. >> this man pleaded guilty to
5:35 pm
running a drug ring in a handful of main line high schools. he's accused of selling to the undercover officer. no one answered the door at cellucci's house and the radnor school district tells us any student discipline matters are private. the 18-year-old soccer standout who has been recognized as a gifted player in the league is due back in court on thursday. >> this goes on in the district. it goes on in many districts. radnor is not exempt. it was something that happened. as parents we have to stick together and pray for our children. >> reporter: in radnor township, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. police are looking for a man who robbed not one but two rite-aid pharmacies. 4putt the knife in his handed? police say he used it to threaten the clerks inside the
5:36 pm
stores. a small dog leaves its mark at a clothing store at ocean county over and over an over again. toms river police are looking for the dog's owner. police say that they were called to the lane bryant on hooper avenue. store employees say 35-year-old teresa tumbleson was inside with a dog. the dog urinated on 14 dresses and 11 pairs of pants. when police got there, tumbleson took off. damage is estimated at $2,000. take a look at these surveillance pictures. last wednesday a man was seen at the wawa on crawford avenue in west conshohocken. he bought two candy bars and a pack of cigarettes with a fake $100 bill. police say they've gotten tips the same man has done the same thing at other stores in the area. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. this next story comes to us from our jersey shore bureau. an iconic giraffe at the cape may county zoo has died.
5:37 pm
here's a picture of aziza. she was the first female draft to ever call the zoo home when she arrived in 1995. she gave birth to three calves, the youngest now six months old. aziza died of a heart condition. she was one month shy of her 20th birthday. for 48 days and nights, parts of the poconos felt more like a police state. schools were closed, tourist events canceled. but the arrest of the man accused of shooting two state police troopers quickly brought life back to the community. how they are now saying thank you. also ahead -- >> hundreds of philadelphia police cars are pulled after the street after this one goes up in flames. i'm nbc 10's harry hairston. i'll have that story for you, straight ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a former
5:40 pm
spokesman-to-philadelphia mayor michael nutter is considering a run for the office himself. today doug oliver launched an exploratory committee to look into succeeding mayor nutter. at first oliver was considering a run in the republican party. now he says if he runs it will be as a democrat. oliver says he'll make a decision in the next two months. tomorrow we expect to hear from state senator anthony williams and former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham. that's when both democrats say they'll announce their bids for governor -- rather for mayor formally. and former head of the philadelphia redevelopment authority terry guillen and former city solicitor ken trujillo have announced they'll be running, too. the democratic primary will be held in may. a very generous gift for a local food bank. >> typically people donate food or money but this time a woman donated her house. the food bank of delaware says the woman was a former nurse who recently died of cancer.
5:41 pm
she did not have a spouse or children. and it's believed that she was a food bank client but she didn't stop at her house. the woman also donated $100,000. >> so we have this woman who's given us the largest gift we've ever received and we can't thank her because she's also passed away. >> the woman did not want her name released. a local realtor volunteered to sell the house for the food bank without taking a commission. a germantown salon is helping people recovering from abuse or mental illness discover their beauty. the hollywood beauty salon inside the germantown recovery community uses hairç and make- therapy to give people confidence about their appearance and teach them about hygiene. the salon's work is being show cased in an upcoming documentary. visit
5:42 pm
police car fire. what philadelphia is doing now to hundreds of its patrol cars after one of them burst into flames. also ahead, residents and tourists in parts of the poconos felt more like hostages during the seven-week manhunt for eric frein. how the community is saying thanks to the men and women who keep them safe. plus, temperatures way belove average, sheena. >> yes, way below average, so much so we'll see record temperatures tonight. coming up, how cold it will be by morning and there's a warmup in the seven-day forecast, just ahead. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, philadelphia's water woes. the nbc 10 investigators stay a look at the streets where water mains break most often.
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here are some of the stories
5:45 pm
making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:45. breaking news in burlington county, fire raced through a south jersey landmark this afternoon. flames burst through the roof of the columbus farmers market. it's the oldest and largest market of its kind in our area, located on route 206. fortunately the columbus farmers market is closed on tuesdays. no one was hurt. in levittown, bucks county, a child is dead after overdosing on pain killers. prosecutors say his father is to blame. an autopsy revealed 2-year-old sebastian wallace had enough oxcycodone in his system to kill three adult. cocoa wallace says he didn't give his son drugs. one of the victims of a deadly synagogue attack in israel has local connections. four people were killed when two palestinian cousins stormed a synagogue in jerusalem. they armed with meat cleavers and a gun. police killed them. one of the victims has a son in ocean county. another casino is coming to
5:46 pm
philadelphia. state regulators voted today to award a license to live hotel and casino. the new casino will be built near the sports complex in south philadelphia. many neighbors protested saying the area is already too crowded. will it be back to prison or the priesthood? pennsylvania's highest court heard arguments about whether to reinstate a criminal conviction against philadelphia monsignor william lynn. he was the first to be convicted for how he handled complaints about priest sex abuse. lynn's lawyers says the allegations date back to before the law was changed in 2007. lynn has been under house arrest in a philadelphia rectory since his conviction was thrown out last year. a warning for people living in montgomery county. when your phone rings, a convincing con artist could be on the other end trying to scam you out of money. authorities say the callers are
5:47 pm
posing as sheriff's deputies trying to scam taxpayers with intimidating phone calls. during the calls, the scammers demand cash or personal information. they also tell residents the irs is coming after them for unpaid taxes or that there's a warn the out for their arrest. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a cold, windy day today. it's still cold and windy outside. once the winds diminish tonight it will get colder. we have aç first alert out for tonight and tomorrow morning. the arctic winds will still be in place this evening but once they start to de-min shall a little more, we'll haver near record cold setting in. once the winds lighten up, temperatures are able to drop a little bit more. it will feel like 10 degrees or so for much of area. as we go through tonight, parts of tomorrow morning, currently we're all below freezing right now. actual temperatures are in the mid-20s through the lehigh valley. 30 degrees in philadelphia, 29
5:48 pm
bensalem, south jersey and delaware all below freezing. even along the shore at stone harbor, 31 degrees. the winds are gusting near 30 miles an hour outside. here's the wind chill, the feels-like temperature. it feels like zero degrees in mt. pocono, 13 in pottstown, reading, 13 degrees. still feel like the teens in south jersey and philadelphia. wind chills through most of the country feel like single digits, especially surrounding the great lakes. much of the midwest feeling much colder because the wind is pretty much everywhere right now across the northeast and the midwest part of the country. right now we're seeing temperatures slowly dropping off by tomorrow morning. 15 for the morning low in allentown, 16 reading, 17 for the morning low in quakertown. 18 possibly for trenton, mt. holly, 19 northeast philly. closer to the shore, clear skies
5:49 pm
and lighter winds will get to 23. low 20s in delaware. wilmington could be coming in at 19. same thing chester and around philadelphia will be near 20 degrees for the morning low. locally, though, we are dry. we do have snow through much of parts of the upper -- upstate new york around the great lakes. this is what we consider a snow machine. winds coming in, giving never-ending snow showers to these areas seeing several feet of snow. future weather keeps the snow up to our north and keeps us dry. cold as we end out the week. starting off the weekend, we stay dry. by sunday, we actually have a warmup in the forecast and we will see rain, not snow, as we end out the weekend. we'll see the warmer temperatures coming in, not for several days, though. tonight, record cold wins diminish. 15 north and west. tomorrow another cold day. 34 to 36 degrees through the
5:50 pm
afternoon, mix of sun and clouds. we won't have as strong of winds outside. won't be as windy tomorrow. that will be a good thing. mid-40s thursday. we're back into the mid-30s on friday. into the weekend, we warm up sunday. upper 50s and by monday we could be around 70 degrees. for 48 days, eric frein disrupted life in the poconos. >> that life is back to normal. the community wants to say thank you. today lawmakers and local officials help a communityç gathering to honor first responders, businesses and everyday citizens who supported the pennsylvania state police during their search. as you may recall, in september, frein ambushed the blooming grove barracks in pike county, killing corporal bryon dickson and wounding trooper douglass. eric frein was on the run for nearly seven weeks before he was captured at an old airport hangar in monroe county.
5:51 pm
>> i felt like a got a big hug from the poconos. so today i'd just like to give you all that hug back. because it meant a great deal. >> today leaders called the manhunt an unprecedented event that demonstrated the readiness of the community. a new lineup of teams in the running for the friday's high school blitz game of the week, playoff edition. salem-pennsville, hammon t ton-shawnee or upper dublin/pennsbury. you've likely seen the video of philadelphia police car that burst into flames. >> an officer was trapped inside. nbc 10 investigative reporter
5:52 pm
harry hairston learned new information about that fire. harry? >> well, i'll tell you right now, coming up, i'll tell you about why this went up in flames and why the department took hundreds of cars off the street. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, is it a cheating camera? drivers are upset about getting ticketed at a local intersection. why they say the red light camera is unfair and why the government seems to agree.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
philly police pull police cars off the street after safety concerns. >> the nbc 10 investigators have uncovered the department parked the police cruisers last monday. harry hairston joins us with why those cars were taken out of service. harry? >> reporter: this all started when that car burst into flames, trapping the officer inside. these pictures taking moments after a good samaritan pulls a philadelphia police officer from his car in point breeze, the flame erupts. the nbc 10 investigators uncover two days later top brass orders emergency maintenance and pulls t 282 chevy impalas from the city streets. police mechanics inspected the vehicles. the union president says the
5:56 pm
cars get a lot of wear and tear and the city isn't replacing them fast enough. >> get these impalas off. invest the money where it's needed. we have to protect the public but weç also want to be protecd also. >> reporter: some cars have more than 300,000 miles on them. the mayor's office tells us they are replacing police vehicles. they purchased 150. the first batch was delivered today. the rest will be in february. now, city officials also tell us new information that the car was missing a bolt, however within there is still no cause of that fire. that is still under investigation. the officer was treated and released from the hospital with minor injuries, we're told. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> a standoff in a philadelphia sanctuary. how a local woman is defying the
5:57 pm
deportation orders against her. i'm tracking cold, some of it is so cold it would even be cold if it was january. i'll tell you when we could see record lows. and also i'll have details on a huge temperature swing you may kind of like. details ahead on my nbc 10 exclusive first alert forecast. deadly violence in jerusalem hitting close to home. new details on one of the victim's ties to our area. ♪
5:58 pm
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, seeking sanctuary. a womanç turns to a philadelph church to defy the deportation order against her. >> i didn't do nothing. i keep telling them. a father's charged with killing his son with pain killers. tonight, why he says he is not responsible for the toddler's death. and this is the new casino coming to south philadelphia. what it will look like and why neighbors say they're not giving up their fight against it. good evening, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. we'll get to those stories in a moment. our top story, it's the weather. the winds are starting to die down. we'll show you this live look at the flags on top of the aramark building in center city. it's cold out there. >> it is and it's sticking around. everyone had on their winter coats, their hats, gloves, folks
6:00 pm
were walking quicker today, too, to get out of the cold. how cold is it? let's go to nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> the temperatures are back down in the 20s and we still have at least a little bit of wind as you saw with the flag, not quite as windy as it was earlier today. we're in the 20s just about everywhere except for 16 in the poconos. down to 23 in allentown, 24 in reading and pottstown. that's pretty cold. we have 20 to 25 mile-an-hour winds at least in part of the area. some places not reporting gusts at this hour. that's a good sign if you want things to get more comfortable. the temperature's going to go down slowly. we'll still have a bit of wind through the evening. it will feel like it is in the midteens, that's in philadelphia and in some of the suburbs it will feel like it's closer to 10. i'll tell you how cold it's going to get tomorrow morning where you live. some records and when it's going


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