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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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were walking quicker today, too, to get out of the cold. how cold is it? let's go to nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> the temperatures are back down in the 20s and we still have at least a little bit of wind as you saw with the flag, not quite as windy as it was earlier today. we're in the 20s just about everywhere except for 16 in the poconos. down to 23 in allentown, 24 in reading and pottstown. that's pretty cold. we have 20 to 25 mile-an-hour winds at least in part of the area. some places not reporting gusts at this hour. that's a good sign if you want things to get more comfortable. the temperature's going to go down slowly. we'll still have a bit of wind through the evening. it will feel like it is in the midteens, that's in philadelphia and in some of the suburbs it will feel like it's closer to 10. i'll tell you how cold it's going to get tomorrow morning where you live. some records and when it's going to warm up with the seven-day in
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a few minutes. now the latest on a developing story we've been following all afternoon on nbc 10 news. the fire at a south jersey farmers market is out but earlier this afternoon, flames leapt from the landmark building, the fire broke out at the columbus farmers market on route 206 in burlington county. fortunately the market was closed today and no one was hurt. philadelphia's second casino got the green light today but some unhappy neighbors aren't throwing in the towel just yet. >> they're upset about the location near the sport complex in south philadelphia. the live hotel and casino will be on packer avenue. >> nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live outside the pennsylvania convention center where the decision was announced. lu ann? >> reporter: the stadium casino group hopes to break down -- break ground in south philadelphia in the next eight months. but there are a group of south philly res didents to stop it t announcement was met by hand
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shaking all around. a joint venture by the owner of parx casino in bensalem and the corez group out of baltimore. bringing -- >> jobs, economics development, significant investment. >> reporter: their vision, a $425 million, 200,000-square foot casino on packer avenue near the sports complex. the live casino and hotel plan beat out three other competitive proposals from developers, including bart blackstein. >> as rocky said, there ain't gonna be no rematch. >> reporter: south philly neighbors who have been protesting may want to get back in the ring and appeal the gaming board's decision. >> i think it will make it more uncomfortable with where i live with regards to parking, with regards to getting around, avoiding drunk drivers. >> reporter: the stadium casino group doesn't see it that way. >> you have somebody maybe who doesn't like it but by and large we have enjoyed a great deal of
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community support. >> the state in addition to corporate taxes is getting 55% of the gaming revenue on the slots. >> reporter: former casino owner and temple law professor ed eller said the state gaming board had to bet on the casino group that would best maximize tax revenue. handing out a second philadelphia license is not without consequence. >> will it affect the profitability of the existing casinos? probably. >> reporter: the stadium group says it will improve traffic flow in south philly with its plan. protesting neighbors don't buy it. >> we don't know but it's too much in our neighborhood right now. >> reporter: and neighbors could still appeal, casinos could appeal but the casino stadium group is hoping they will open its doors in two years. live at the pennsylvania convention center, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. how does a 2-year-old die of an overdose of pain killers? that's exactly what killed a 2-year-old bucks county boy according to prosecutors. tonight his father is charged in
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his death. wallace says he didn't hurt his son. but police say he was the only one with sebastian wallace inside this apartment on october 22nd. the boy aets grandmother took the child to the hospital when he was having trouble breathing. days later autopsy results revealed oxcycodone in the boy's system. three times the amount that would kill an adult. >> i didn't do nothing. i keep telling them. >> stop. >> i didn't do nothing. why would i kill my own son? it don't make no sense. >> wallace is charged with homicide and other crimes. a car plunges into the schuylkill river leaving a 41-year-old woman dead. witnesses say the victim's suv sped through the intersection of hunting park avenue and kelly drive in fairmont park, crashed through a stone wall and then fell into the river. divers tried to save the driver but could not get her out in time. tonight we're learning new details about a local tie to an attack that killed three americans this morning in jerusalem. two palestinian cousins attacked
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people in a synagogue with meat cleavers and a gun according to authorities. the attackers were then killed by police. president obama condemned the violence and israel moved quickly to raid and demolish the cousin's houses. tonight the grief stretches all the way to ocean county where a man found out he lost his father in the attack. as nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter cydney long shows us, the news is hitting hard. >> he was extraordinarily kind and gentle and couldn't hurt another human being. he dedicated his life to serving god. >> reporter: committeeman mayor liechtenstein reads the passionate words of his widow, just hours after he was ambushed at this east jerusalem synagogue. >> this is horrific news. >> reporter: liechtenstein rushed to be with his son, who is studying to become a rabbi himself. offered words of comforts and made immediate flight arrangements for him to arrive
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in israel for the immediate burial. >> we rely on god. god is our faith. we go to synagogue three times a day and now, i mean, they're talking in jerusalem of all places of having to go pray with guns. it just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: lakewood's mayor says the family is a dynasty in the modern orthodox faith. >> his son was studying to become a rabbi as well. >> reporter: communities in new york city are on a heightened alert, lakewood has not received any immediate threat but is asking its residents and police to report anything that might look suspicious. >> we con stanley maintain a relationship with homeland security. >> reporter: a comfort to students on a trip to city hall when they learned about the attack. >> doing an innocent act of going to the synagogue to pray, it's just terrible. >> reporter: from lakewood, cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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new at 6:00, a philadelphia teenager won a prestigious prize. 18-year-old naha gupta received the international children's peace prize during a ceremony in the netherlands. she was honored for setting up a foundation called empower orphans. she came up with the idea when she was only 9 years old after visiting an orphanage in india. >> i'm excited to be here in holland around so many amazing people and i'm really excited to be able to have a platform, an international one, to talk about children's rights. >> she's following in a great tradition here. the winner of last year's award was malala yousafzai. she went on to win this year's nobel peace prize. a local woman's threatened with deportation but she's she is not going anywhere. >> tonight she's taking refuge in a philadelphia church telemundoç reporter is live at
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the church. >> tell us how this standoff began. >> angela navarro tells me she does not want to live in fear. tonight she, along with her husband and two kids, are staying in this sanctuary. she says she has no plans on leaving the premise for fear of being tee detained by immigrati agents. her and her family gathered inside the church in what she says is a temporary home. tonight, the family has traded their home for a tiny space with the basic necessities until her deportation order is canceled. immigration custom enforcement can come into the building if they so wish to. it is -- it's common knowledge. it's tradition that a church is a place of sanctuary, a place of refuge where they normally would not enter and they have not yet. however, they have the right to do so. what we're doing here, this is a statement.
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>> reporter: we reached out to them tonight but we have not received a response. navarro is willing to stay here as long as necessary because she feels safe inside. a big honor for a grammy winner but this time it's not about his music. right now, jon bon jovi is receiving the marian anderson award for his humanitarian work ♪ you give love a bad name the jbj soul homes opened in fair monday the with the help of his foundation. the marian anderson award is given to artists who have had significant professional success and made an impact on society. seeing red. local drivers upset about a red light camera. why they say it's unfair and why
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the government seems to agree. water main breaks happen every day in philadelphia. i'm looking at the streets where it is most likely to happen and what it will take to fix the problem. here's some news that might surprise you. temperatures near 70 in the seven-day forecast? details ahead.
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this just in to nbc 10. a bucks county teenager is missing tonight. this is a picture of 13-year-old steven seder. last seen yesterday afternoon near the greens ward south neighborhood in warrenton. he was wearing a black timberland jacket, blue jeans and black and white sneakers. if you know anything about his whereabouts, police hope you'll give them a call. former philly mob boss joey merlino will have to go to jail for a violation. he did push back the date from november 24th. it's now set for january 25th. he violatedç his probation by meeting with a member of the philly mob family in florida. concord and broom, off i-95,
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thousands of drivers have been given tickets. the reason for not coming to a full stop before making a right turn on to broom street. the line where you have to come to a stop is a good 40 feet from the corner. you have to make two stops before you turn right. delaware traffic officials will say they will make adjustments to move the stop line much closer to the corner. it costs more than $500 million a year to keep water flowing in philadelphia. nbc 10 investigators found that may not be enough over time. mitch blocker went to the city water commissioner to find out what it will take to keep america's oldest water system running. mitch? >> right now, the water department spends $300 million to repair and replace pipes, water treatment plants and storm and sewer systems. $200 million of that is spent on salaries and other operational costs. philly's water system is historic. it's also expensive and breaks about twice a day. is $300 million enough money?
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>> $300 million is enough money for today. >> philadelphia's water commissioner is realistic enough to realize tomorrow will be more expensive. gone are the days of building new pipelines, digging new tunnels, laying new trenches. we live in a time of repair and replacement. >> the entire system is a huge system that has replacement cost today of about $30 billion. >> $30 billion? >> $30 billion. >> to replace the whole thing? >> to replace the whole thing. >> the commissioner showed us philadelphia's largest waste water treatment plant. >> rates will have to rise. >> you need money. >> we need money, yes. >> he said the whole system does not need replacing but that upkeep will become increasingly challenging, leeing to higher water bills. he did not say how much higher. the nbc 10 investigators found the average philadelphia water pipe is 67 years old. the average waste water line nearly 100.
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since january 2012, no streets have had more water main breaks than 17th, broad and ridge. each had 14 according to records provided by the city water department. >> philadelphia is probably the oldest water system in the country. >> for drexel, civil engineering professor joe martin, an aging infrastructure isn't worth worrying about even with two breaks a day. >> i don't have a sense that the system is deteriorating faster than we can fix it. >> we watch as crews fix this break at 28th and dickinson. when this pipe was brand new franklin roosevelt was in the white house. >> i'm looking fmr the water system to last as long as the city lasts which i'm hoping is 500 years or more. >> 20 to 30 miles of pipe is replaced in every year. in all there are nearly 1,000 miles of water pipe beneath
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philadelphia streets. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's a little early in the season for us to be talking about temperatures and wind chills this low. very early in the season for this. we've had the first alert for this arctic wind. near rod lows for tomorrow morning and feels-like temperatures close to 10. at least the flags are not blowing as hard as they were earlier. the wind not quite as strong. but it's still windy enough, gusts at 23 miles an hour, philadelphia's 29 degrees, feels like 17. we have the clear skies. the temperature has been way below average for several days. today's daytime high only 32. the average high 55. and tomorrow, get up to about 35 or so. now, the temperatures are in the 20s just about everywhere. and it feels like it's in the teens just about everywhere.
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lancaster 10, pottstown feels like 12. right now. now we have that west wind that's brought in that bitter cold air from the middle of the country. but it is diminishing, down to less than 10 miles an hour in some areas. so that will help a little bit. the low temperatures tonight down to 8 in mt. pocono, 15 allentown, 16 reading. by the way, they're making snow in the poconos and loving it. 17 in doylestown, 18 in trenton and norristown and mt. holly and in atlantic city, dover 22. and the record low in philadelphia is 20. we're going to be pretty close to that tomorrow morning. here are the records and the forecasts. like i said, very close to records in some places. reading and mt. pocono may have the best chance of breaking the records. the arctic air retreats a little, comes right back on
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friday. watch what happens as we head through sunday and monday. as the storm comes up, we warm up. and by monday, wow, the arctic air's gone but not for long. cold air is coming right back as we head to thanksgiving. and by black friday it is plenty cold. 20 for the low tonight. 15 north and west as the winds diminish with a few records perhaps. mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. very cold day. at least not as windy. 20 degrees below average. thursday is cold and windy. friday even çcolder. saturday still cold. that's a long cold spell for november. we warm up quickly sunned with rain coming in perhaps late in the day. before the eagles game is over, up near 70 on monday. that's not going to last. >> thanks, hurricane. find out who the eagles are close to benching during the loss in green bay. and flyers captain claude giroux
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is going to miss some time with an injury. we'll tell you, next.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark. the eagles are preparing for the 2-8 titans on sunday. they were back at practice and defensive coordinator billy davis admitted thought about benching cornerback bradley fletcher against the packers. he gave up some big pass plays that set the tone for the game. he did not jam jordy nelson at the line of scrimmage. bradley was left alone to cover him. billy davis said no, the packers caught the eagles off guard. >> i don't think he came out with any intention to run the
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ball to start with. i was anticipating some running game coming. i realized it was going to be all passes, you notice we went to nickel versus first and second down. we made adjustments. i should have split the safety earlier. >> the offense was 1 for 4 in the red zone in green bay. they only had six points at the half. mark sanchez will start his third straight game on sunday. he feels things coming together now. >> we were so close to really breaking this thing open. we've shown flashes of it. we haven't done it probably as consistently as we'd like. so we'll clean those things up and hopefully hit our stride here coming this week. >> aaron rodgers dominated the birds on sunday, so much so he was laughing, having a lot of fun. eagles linebacker brandon graham said, i'm paraphrasing, that blank made me mad. i wanted to get him but shoot he was doing his job. more power to him. i guess we would be laughing if we were sacking him.
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the eagles did play safety earl wolf on injured reserve. flyers captain claude giroux is going to miss tomorrow night's game and possibly thursday as well. he doesn't expect to to be long. schenn will play center in the captain's place. >> hopefully he'll be ready to go for tomorrow. that's what we'reç playing on. whatever i'm throwing, tomorrow i have to be ready for it. >> the flyers won't have to face henrik lundqvist tomorrow. he's out for the game. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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cold. >> go right ahead. >> right, cold? >> it's only middle of november. this weather pattern, if this was in november, we'd be getting close to zero in parts of the area. >> glad it's november. >> this pattern may repeat itself.
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huge temperature range in this seven-day forecast. 20 degrees for tomorrow morning. a new record low in philadelphia, only 35 for the high tomorrow. at least it won't be as windy. and then look what happens later in the seven-day, by next monday, it's 70 degrees. but in between, that's a long cold spell for this time of the year. not only is it extremely cold for this time of the year, we rarely get a cold spell as long as this. it goes all the way through saturday. so just keep the winter coats out with you because it's not ending tonight. >> that's right. hang in there till monday. >> we can do it. >> sunday. >> sunday. okay. thanks a lot, glenn. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks forev watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfeld. tonight, senate democrats just approved a bill for the
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keystone xl pipeline. have a good evening, everyone. see you at 11:00. stay warm. on our broadcast tonight, in cold blood. an awful massacre as palestinians armed with guns and knives storm a synagogue in israel. three americans among the dead in jerusalem. where there are fears of what could happen next. national recall. late word from the feds demanding nearly a dozen automakers get dangerous air bags in millions of car office the road and quickly or else. buried under six feet of snow with parts of all 50 states now below freezing. a relentless storm paralyzes a big part of the country. tonight preparations to bring out the national guard. and sky high with oil prices at their lowest in years and airline profits up, why are plane ticket prices also going up? "nightly news" begins now.


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