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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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they are also trying to notify all of the loved ones of the victims in this family. now, in the meantime, police have confirmed that the mother of the victims, who was a victim, herself, and was air lifted to cooper medical center, that trauma unit there, in fact, suffered a gunshot wound to the head. two young children, the apparent innocent victims of a horrible family tragedy. >> at this point, i can tell you we are far from making a determination if this is a murder/suicide. what i can certainly tell you is we are handling this as a homicide investigation. >> reporter: the mother of the deceased children along with her 14-year-old son, police say, are fighting for their lives. skyforce 10 overhead as they were rushed and delivered to cooper medical center in camden. >> the children were cousins, so i think that the two mothers were sisters. >> reporter: beth salvator's children played with the kids who lived in the home all summer long. >> they would come over a lot. we would ride scooters with them
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back there, and i just, like, it's very sad that it happened. i don't know why it did. >> reporter: police say the shooting occurred sometime overnight into this morning, but with nine people inside the home, somehow no one heard the commotion. >> nobody heard the shooting. and we're not going to get into reasons why right now, but that shooting did occur. >> it's horrifying. it's, yeah, i mean, especially in this, you know, like i said, this neighborhood. it's been really quiet and peaceful. >> reporter: neighbor bob langen shared with us what he'll miss the most. >> just in the driveway, summertime, you would hear their voices, you know. >> reporter: now, investigators do plan to work through this evening on this investigation. police say there is no manhunt under way and no reason for this community to be fearful. in the meantime, the community is planning a candlelight vigil for these victims to take place about an hour from now at 7:00 at the tabernacle town hall. live in tabernacle tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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>> all right. count on nbc 10 as we search for new details in this family tragedy. as soon as we get updates, you'll find them on taking a live look right now outside at boat house row. we're getting a break from the freezing temperatures but that break is just about over. >> let's go to nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. and glenn, tell us about the temperature tumble on the way. >> yeah, renee and jim, the temperature already starting to go down, and it's going to go down quickly as we go through the evening. we have clear skies. we have wind that is pushing in that colder air. it's down to 44 in philadelphia. 36 in reading. 35 in pottstown. the smaller number, the wind chills, the way it feels on your exposed skin already in the 20s north and west. what's going to happen here as we go through the night? temperature going down pretty quickly. into the 30s. by 9:00, into the 20s. mid 20s by 6:00 a.m. that's not all. the wind is still going to be
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blowing. the windchills in the teens, maybe even some single digits. we'll tell you when we start to warm up, 70 degrees in the forecast plus rain before the weekend is over with the seven day in a few minutes. two hours from now, the battle over immigration heads to primetime. president obama will speak to the nation at 8:00 tonight. he's going to explain this action on immigration reform without the approval of congress. >> his plan could allow as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the u.s. that includes the undocumented parents of children who were born here. >> the white house action could protect the so-called dreamers. those are young immigrants who were brought to the country at undocumented children, but it would not protect their parents. >> tonight, we have live team coverage. we're joining forces with our sister station, telemundo 62. >> we begin with nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong who's exploring the impact on young immigrants. tim? >> reporter: jim, younger immigrants who have come to this country were in a tricky spot. go to school, get all the education they wanted but couldn't get a quote/unquote normal job because they didn't
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have a work permit. things are changing tonight. not everybody agrees with the president's plan, but one woman i met say you're going to see a lot more success stories like hers. >> for me, it gave me the opportunity to get a professional job. >> reporter: maria garcia's mom brought her here as a kid from mexico to give her a better life. earned a full ride to college, sh then she got stuck. >> i graduated from the university of delaware, but for many years i wasn't able to do anything with the degree. >> reporter: now she has a job as a domestic violence counselor. she works at the wilmington latin american community center with anna who says the president's executive order tonight, it's not enough. >> that is what we need. a real solution. this is just a band-aid to the problem. this does not provide any type of path to citizenship or any other benefit. >> reporter: the president's plan doesn't provide health benefits or food stamps. it will provide the ability to get a driver's license and a job and a little bit of security. >> to not be afraid to drive, to
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be able to just function in society without being in the -- without knowing that you could be caught any second and be deported. >> they live in that type of fear every single day. >> reporter: from her wilmington office, darlene battle helps undocumented immigrants from all over the world. she believes the president's plan is a step in the right direction. she says doing nothing with millions of undocumented immigrants is not an option. >> let's service the ones that are here, let's help them to be on the path to citizenship. >> reporter: now, i spoke with a number of state agencies here in delaware. i spoke with the governor's office. here's the thing. nobody knows how this is going to go into effect. when it's going to go into effe effect officiallily. nobody knows how it will be carried out at the state level. a lot in delaware will be watching at home with the rest of you tonight at 8:00 on nbc 10. live in wilmington, nbc 10, back to you. >> a local woman be watching president obama's speech very closely tonight. she's defying her deportation
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order and seeking refuge in this philadelphia church. we'll take a live look at her case coming up in just a few minutes. count on nbc 10 to bring you president obama's address live. our coverage begins at 8:00. right here on nbc 10. we'll also streak it live on we're following breaking news right now. just in the last hour a montgomery county judge sentenced a man for the murders of a baby girl and her grandmother. >> nbc 10's deanna durante was inside the courtroom. she's live at the courthouse in norristown tonight. the judge did not mince words. >> reporter: he didn't. not when it came to raghunandan yandamuri, murdered a 61-year-old grandmother and 10-month-old granddaughter in a botched kidnapping attempt. steven o'neill, the judge, told yandamuri he was born with a wicked heart and was motivated by greed. nandamuri sat and listened as the judge sentenced him to death
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by lethal injection. he never took responsibility for the killing but did thank prosecutors for giving him a fair trial. represents himself harmed his case? >> if he followed our advice from the beginning, there's a chance we could have saved his life. the proof against him was irrefutable. if he had shown remorse, we believe perhaps a jury would have spared his life. >> reporter: no remorse in court today. the judge told him he will be sentenced to 31 to 62 years for burglary, kidnapping, and abuse of corpse. prosecutors told a judge he slashed the throat of a grandmother to the pope and stole her jewelry before kidnapping her baby granddaughter who was found dead days later. >> one of the most difficult cases that i think any of us have ever been there with the actions of looking for the child and trying to do everything we could to make sure that she would come home safely, then to
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find that she was murdered. >> reporter: now, the two attorneys that were state appointed were ordered by the judge to continue representing yandamuri through appeals process with a death sentence that is automatic in this case. and we've also learned yandamuri is asking for items that were seized from him during the investigation to be returned and he wants to keep using a computer that was given to him while he did his own defense in the murder trial. those are items still up for decision by the judge in this case. reporting live in norristown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. we're learning more about the victims in this deadly pileup in berks county and investigators still sorting out exactly what caused the wreck. jeremy augustine was an army veteran from amaes. he was on his way to work when the 18 wheeler slammed into the back of his car. police say the truck driver was asleep at the wheel. the other victim is from berks county. her name is jane harakel, a nurse at a local hospital. >> just say a prayer for everybody that was involved in this incident. it's a huge tragedy.
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just pictures, alone, don't tell everything, but what the pict e pictures do tell is of the amount of hurt and grief and pain everybody is going through at this point in time. >> the truck driver's name is steve bernier. not only was he asleep at the wheel, he was speeding as well. he's behind bars right now on half a million dollars bail. a bucks county woman lost her legal battle against a school district. ashley zauflik was 17 years old when a school bus hit her outside pennsbury high school. she lost her leg in the 2007 crash. she was awarded $14 million. a judge reduced that to $400,000. zauflik appealed. the supreme court ruled the award will stay at half a million. state law puts a cap on what a school district can play. guilty pleas today from former high ranking pennsylvania turnpike officials. the pleas end a pay-to-play
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investigation. a judge sentenced joe brimmeier and george hatallowich. the two accepted gifts from engineering firms who wanted turnpike work. new charges for this man, a man police caught driving with another man stuck in his broken windshield. today marcos ortega faced a judge in ocean county. ortega is charged with vehicular homicide. kenneth moehler died from his injuries yesterday. one week after being hit as he was walking in little egg harbor township. now, can i get something from you? >> what's that? >> that none of that will be shown? >> bill cosby faces questions about the sexual assault allegations against him. how he tried to keep this interview from ever being shown. and would you let a stranger borrow your car in exchange for free parking at the airport? we'll explain the new service that's starting up if philadelphia today. get ready for a roller coaster ride.
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i'll tell you when the freezing temperatures will return, plus listen to this, i'm tracking 70-degree temperatures. that's not too far away. i'll break it all down for you in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. coming up tonight, immigration. the president is about to boldly go where he threatened to go. it's controversial. attention minivan owners. there are new crash tests people are going to want to hear about. and tonight, we will remember an entertainment and popular cultural icon. and in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, count on complete coverage of breaking news, major news, and weather. jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. tonight at 11:00. nbc 10 news. count on it.
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i'm christine maddela live in skyforce 10 over a shooting scene in the kensington section of philadelphia. it's hard to see here, it's dark in this area, and the shooting scene is underneath some train tracks here. this is east somerset street and rose hill street. police tell us one person was shot several times at this intersection, and emergency crews took the shooting victim to the hospital and they are now looking for the gunman. they have not arrested anyone at this time. reporting live in skyforce 10 over kensington, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. right now at 6:00, a woman who accused philadelphia's bill cosby of sexual assault years ago speaks publicly for the first time. >> nbc 10's keith jones is joining us with these new details. keith? >> terese says she was 19 years old when cosby invited her to a party in las vegas back in 1976. she claims that's when cosby gave her pills. the florida woman says her next memory was feeling drugged then waking up to find cosby having
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sex with her. she says cosby eventually invited her to stay in his vegas penthouse suite for several weeks. the woman says the actor mailed her about $15,000 in the 1990s. >> dare him doing this, still he's -- he's still doing this. this is, like, 30 years later. this man is still doing it. >> she became jane doe 10 in the civil suit that accuser andrea constand filed against cosby. the constand case was settled out of court. cosby has never been charged with a crime and denies the allegations. the "associated press" released video from two weeks ago showing heated exchange when he refused to comment on it. the "a.p." said it was on the record and made no agreement about the accusations. >> on a separate note, i have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding the comedian -- >> no, no, we don't answer that. >> okay.
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i just wanted to ask if you wanted to respond at all about whether any of that was true. >> there's no response. >> okay. can i ask you if, with the persona that people know about bill cosby, should they believe anything differently about what -- >> there is no comment about that. >> okay. >> and i'll tell you why. i think you were told, i don't want to compromise your integrity, but we don't -- i don't talk about it. >> okay. >> and i would appreciate it if it was scuttled. >> i hear you. i will tell that to my editors and i think that they -- >> i think if you want to consider yourself to be serious that it will not appear
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anywhere. >> okay. i appreciate what you've asked. >> and i think you need to get on the phone with his person -- >> i will. >> -- immediately. >> okay. >> okay. thank you. >> and this afternoon, temple university said bill cosby remains a trustee of the university despite these allegations against him. yesterday, nbc scrapped a cosby comedy that was under development. netflix postponed indefinitely a standup comedy special. renee? imagine getting paid to park your car at the airport. getting paid. well, a car-sharing service officially launched today in philadelphia. flight car allows customers to park for free at philly international in exchange they can also earn a little cash by renting out their cars to other approved members. car owners are paid based on the number of miles the car is driven. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
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>> well, it's not going to be as cold as it was yesterday morning, for example, but the arctic air is returning, and you're going to feel it when you get up in the morning. if not, later on this evening. we're tracking rain that's likely to hit before the weekend is over, and we still have 70 degrees in the seven-day forecast. they've been talking about this for days, as a matter of fact. we have clear skies right now. the wind bringing in that cooler air. it's 44 now. the 12 mile an hour winds. and it's 13 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. 50 degrees, almost average, but only 36 tomorrow. 45 saturday. then 56 on sunday. 72 on monday. see the wind arrows? out of the northwest now. that's bringing in the colder air. just beginning, 16 mile an hours worth in reading. coming right at us. and you'll see the temperature keep falling.
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nothing on the radar around here, but they continue to get pounded around buffalo, in the southern sections. and more snow added today. at least one place i saw with over 7 feet of snow since this began. and it's still coming down hard. but at least where the bills play, it's gotten a little bit lighter. but they're not going to play the game in buffalo. we will be playing the game here in philadelphia and the weather is going to be pretty good for it. temperatures getting into the 50s. it looks like it's going to be dry. little bit of a breeze out of the southeast. and then here comes the rain. after the warm air comes in, during the evening hours, we do expect the rain in our area. it may move out of here by monday morning. monday could be dry for the most part. windy and very warm. then we watch for any development off the coast. it's not necessarily going to affect us tuesday, but some
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models have some moisture coming back on wednesday. the big travel day. and so we'll have to keep an eye on that. sheena will have an update at 1 11:00. on it. windy, much colder tonight. windchills down to the teens, some cases single dijgits in th morning. tomorrow, highs only in the mid 30s. with the wind it will feel like it's in the 20s all day. you'll notice that change. very cold saturday morning. teens in all the suburbs. we warm up a bit on sunday. a good bit. then the rain comes at night and we really warm up monday and then cool down by thanksgiving. in less than two hours, frb will make an announcement that could change millions of lives. >> it will come from the white house. next, we're heading live to a philadelphia church where people are closely monitoring what will happen tonight.
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it's a pivotal night for america's immigration battle. taking a live look right now at the white house, where president obama is set to address the nation just about 90 minutes from now. he's expected to say he's taking executive action allowing up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the u.s. >> that announcement will affect families all over the country including here in our area. tonight, nbc 10 is examining the impact with the help of our sister station. telemundo 62. >> live inside a church in west kensington where a local woman is seeking sanctuary against deportation. iris, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: jim and renee, to remain in this country with her family is this woman's only hope. that is exactly why she has moved into this tiny spot inside this church.
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she, like many others in our country, faces a final deportation order. there you see them going about their daily lives. her main hope is that u.s. immigration officials will not enter into the spot and separate her from her two children and husband. now, if we take a look over this way, this is exactly where dozens of immigrants in this community are expected to gather tonight just to watch what the president barack obama has to say regarding the executive action on immigration. there you see them already tuned in to telemundo 62 to watch this speech in their main language. >> iris, what are they hoping to hear from the president? >> reporter: jim, mainly from previous conversations, all they want is a final end to all deportations. that tragically separate families like hers. what the president will say and what kind of impact will it have on their lives, we can only wait and see. >> a lot of people will be watching tonight.
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ir irisdelgato reporting for us from telemundo 62. gracias. watch our coverage live. the coverage begins at 8:00 on nbc 10. we're also streaming it live on for a look at what's coming up on "nbc 10 news pat 11" a passenger's one request that held up a flight. why agents escorted her off that plane and forced her to take another flight. ♪
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wasn't as cold today. now we're back into the cold tonight. >> yeah. you're going to feel it by tomorrow morning because not only is the temperature going down, but the wind is still going to be there. we're going to have windchill issues tomorrow. a high of 36 compared to 50 today. plus wind is going to make it feel like it's in the 20s. that's pretty cold. saturday morning, the coldest part of the weekend. by monday, we're up to 72 degrees. that's not going to last, either. >> it goes back like that. >> roller coaster continues. >> bundle up tomorrow. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues now with nbc
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nightly news with brian williams. tonight the president's action on immigration. on our broadcast tonight, no way out. a snow emergency getting even worse. a rising death toll tonight as people are trapped and we see the scope of this from the air. showdown over immigration coming to a head tonight as the president boldly goes where he threatened to go. and it's controversial. shootout on campus, a gunman opens fire, students are hit. one of thehem saved somewhat unbelievely by the books in his backpack. sudden impact, urgent results just out on crash tests on some of the top selling minivans on the road. and we remember the incomparable mike nichols. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian wi


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