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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  November 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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ifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! right now on "nbc10 news today," waiting for a decision, all eyes are on ferguson, missouri. a grand jury is deciding if a police officer will face charges for the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. killed at the hands of their
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own mother. that's according to new jersey police who are revealing disturbing details in the murder/suicide plot in south jersey that left two children dead and another critically hurt. another frigid start this morning. temperatures are in the teens and 20s. here is a live look at center city. we will see things warm up though over the next few days. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rose marley cmary connors. let's get to the weekend weather now with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. >> without winds it's going to be a pretty plea about day under mostly sunny skies. waking up to clear skies. once we see that sun come up with we will see a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon. it is frigid once again. temperatures mainly in the 20s. the teens in a lot of spots north and west of the city. just 15 right now in mount
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pocono. 24 in philadelphia. we're seeing windchills, feels like the teens in philadelphia. feels like 17. as we go throughout the afternoon, we are going to warm up more than we were yesterday. five degrees warmer than yesterday. by 8:00, just 28 degrees. 10:36. by noon, looking at 40 degrees. we'll top out around 45. still below normal for this time of year. we're going to warm it up on sunday and monday. we'll talk more about a coming up. >> thanks michelle. we'll talk back to you soon. philadelphia police are investigating a stabbing in kensington. detectives tell us that they got a call around 2:45 this morning about a man outside the rite-aid on wesley high avenue. somebody stabbed him in the back and in the hand. he is in critical condition right now. according to police, somebody tried to rob the victim but it was not at the rite-aid. they're continuing to investigate and have not made any arrests yet. happening right now, tension is building in ferguson,
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missouri. a grand jury is expected to decide whether or not to indict a police officer for killing unarmed teenager michael brown. that decision could come at any time this weekend. this is a live picture of ferguson which is a suburb of st. louis. president obama and authorities are calling for calm in case protests break out. as you can see right now, all is peaceful there at the moment. missouri's governor has the national guard ready of help. the grand jury investigation focused on the deadly shooting of 18-year-old michael brown in august. ferguson police officer darren wilson testified that he shot brown because he feared for his life. but witnesses say that brown was trying to surrender and that he had his hands up. brown's family and officials are hoping for a peaceful outcome no matter what the announcement brings. >> let's just face it. the city is really in a panic at this point in anticipation of this decision.
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>> different people, different race, different ages is basically to say that, like, we need all the people, no matter who they are, no matter what color they are, to stand together. >> be sure to stand with us this weekend. as soon as there is a grand jury announcement, we will bring you the details. protests related to the case are also planned in our region but only if officer darren wilson is not indicted on murder charges. we're told that one demonstration will start at city hall in philadelphia and end at broad street in north philadelphia. police say that they will be on hand this weekend to ensure the safety of all citizens and the protection of property. investigators are looking into a crash that killed one person at a busy intersection. look. this happened last night when two cars collided at route 611 and county line road. four other people were hurt. right now we are working to find out their conditions.
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. now to news from south jersey bureau. it's a murder/suicide story that has roktd an entire community. this morning we are learning new information about what happened inside the house where police say a mother shot her children and herself. it was on thursday when investigators say jeaninne lepage shot three of her kids before she tried to kill herself inside their house in tabernacle burlington county. we now know there were other relatives inside the house who did not hear the gunfire because lepage allegedly used a pillow to must havele the sound. two of her children are dead, an 8-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy. lepage and her 11-year-old son remain in critical condition. a friend of the mother tells us that lepage threatened murder/suicide three years ago. >> it was because of the financial problems and i was helping them out. they were completely broke, and she said that it would be easier for her and her kids to be gone. i'm so heartbroken.
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i just can't believe it at all. it's just the most selfish thing anybody could ever do. >> last night first responders and counselors were at the house to help family members there cope with the aftermath. the men who killed a philadelphia police officer nearly two decades ago will be put to death next year. governor tom corbett signed an execution order for christopher roney yesterday. he shot and killed philadelphia police officer vair during a bank robbery on rising sun avenue in 1996. his execution is set for january 8th. this morning a homeless man is behind bars in connection with the shooting of a temple university student two weeks ago. temple university police stopped derek hancock on the school's campus earlier this week and took him into custody. he's charge with attempted murder and robbery. police say that hancock shot and robbed the victim near a house party on north 17th street back on november 8th. the student was shot in the left
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hip. we spoke to him after the shooting. he told us he was happy to be alive. health workers at the university of pennsylvania have determined that a patient does not have the deadly virus. the patient recently returned from west africa and was in isolation because of a slight risk of being ebola. tests show though that that's not the case. hup is one of several hospitals in the country prepared to treat ebola patients but again they determined the patient in isolation this week does not have ebola. today the streets of philadelphia are going to be packed. tens of thousands of people are preparing to run the philadelphia marathon. many of them for the first time. others though, they're coming back for more. they've been doing this every year. a lot can change between theed of the last marathon and the start of the next. nbc10's matt delucia is live on the ben franklin parkway. mad, one man faced a life
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altering moment soon after he crossed the finish line last year. >> reporter: rosemary, joshua made it through the finish line but he knew something was wrong. he had headache but it turned out to be much worse than he thought. >> scary. >> reporter: for anyone, tackling a 26.2 mile course in one shot is scary. but josh's scare came four days after last year's philly marathon. >> in the events there kind of unfolded so rapidly. >> reporter: he went to the doctor and found out he had a brain tumor. >> from really running the marathon to actually having surgery, about seven days past. >> reporter: in his case the tumor was benign but he was out of work for two nts no, spent another six trying to get back in shape. >> this year is back at the marathon, the goals of beating this 2013 time and breaking four hours. >> reporter: mayor michael nutter honored joshua with a high five award bestowed on runners who overcome tough odds and personal hardship.
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now with his family by his side, the father of three has no intention of missing his next marathon. >> did you think you would be running this year back then? >> back then, no, no. i didn't know where i would be this year. >> he says the support of his family, friends, and co-workers really helped him to get back on track. and for the first time this year his mother and sister will be joining him out here on the racecourse. but first, the rothman 8k is happening riter this morning. 90 minutes from now. a little less than that. you can see all the preparations under way here on the ben franklin parkway and the runners will be arriving relatively shortly but you can see that the roads are closed in this area. right here in center city by the art museum, the inner lane, also mlk drive is shut down for the time being. now we're live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc10 news. don't forget to take
6:10 am along with you for race weekend. our news and weather apps will give you the latest forecast, plus we've got all traffic detours that are going to be listed. we'll have that on our website. again, you can download the app on our website. red flags, the new claims against the parents of the sandy hook gunman. how they may have contributed to his mental health problems. plus, despite the sex assault allegations, bill cosby took center stage last night. we'll show you how the crowd welcomed the comedian and philadelphia native.
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nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful after this week's epic snowstorms in buffalo, new york, people will are now concerned about flooding and roof collapses. this weekend the forecast is for rain and warmer temperatures. that means that the snow is going to melt. water may be trapped above grow
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und as snow and leaves are blocking a lot of drains. residents have reported more than 30 major roof collapses since the seven feet of snow fell on the area this week. the snow is being blamed for at least 12 deaths, mostly from heart attacks and exposure to the elements. today in new york city reverend al sharpton will join the family of an unarmed man who was killed by a rookie police officer. they will be at a rally in harlem. that's where they're going to ask authorities to investigate the shooting. yesterday the police commissioner called the victim akai gurley, totally innocent and said that he was not engaged in criminal activity when the officer shot him on thursday night. according to authorities, it appears to be an accidental shooting. the officer is now on desk duty. a new report on the new town massacre shooter questions whether adam lanz' race and family wealth influenced decisions on his mental health. in 2012 he killed his mother and shot his way into sandy hook elementary school in new town,
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connecticut. inside the school he gunned down 20 children and 6 educators before he committed suicide. in a new report, a state agency found that lantz' parents and teachers helped him to become isolation. his father is a finance executive. he and his mother lived in an exclusive neighborhood. the report says the mother took lanza out of high school keeping him home within reach of firearms and violent video games. she also rejected recommendations that lanza be medicated for anxiety. the report also asks if the family's reluctance to seek treatment would have gone unnoticed if lanza was a child of color. comedian bill cosby is still getting standing ovations despite a series of sex assault allegations. cosby's stand-up routine wowed a soldout audience in florida last night. no news cameras were inside. cosby is facing sex assault allegations from a number of women, claims that date back
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decades. nobody disrupted his show last night but there were a handful of protesters outside. they shared the sidewalk with cosby supporters. >> he needs to come out publicly and address it. >> he is innocent until proven guilty. let the courts decide. >> late last night cosby's attorney released a statement addressing the skapdle. it says, in part, quote, the new never before heard claims from women who have come forward in the past two weeks with unsubstantiated, fan tasiccal stories about things they say occurred 30, 40, or even 50 years ago haves a layed far past the point of absurdity. he added that it is a long past time for this mediaville fication of mr. cosby to stop. bill cosby himself have not directly commented on the allegations. in philadelphia today, community, labor, and faith organizations will celebrate president obama's executive order on immigration. he will be holding a news conference in center city at noon. the coalition says it strongly supports the president's action
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to give relief to millions of undocumented workers in the u.s. president obama signed his executive order on immigration yesterday in las vegas. there he said that his action will give 5 million undocumented immigrants work permits and protect them from being deported. the president's move bypasses congress, however republicans have vowed to take action against what they see as a violation of the constitution. hey, if you own a home at the jersey shore, the next one's for you. the recent cold weather could be causing some damage to your property. and we're off to another cold start. we're looking at temperatures in the teens and the 20s. a frigid start to your day. there is that sun starting to come up. we will see a mixture of sun and clouds. some call it mostly sunny and warmer this afternoon. but much warmer in your seven day. we'll look at that after the day. we'll look at that after the break. at dinner is complete without the delicious taste of ocean spray cranberries? both: happy thanksgiving!
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okay, who likes yams?
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all right. a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're going to see another cold day. just not as cold as we have been. that's good news. we're going to be warmer on sunday and looking a much warmer monday before things begin to go back down to more normal temperatures. let's look at weather headlines on this saturday. we are looking at another frigid start. let's see if i can get this to work. looking at another frigid start. we're looking at temperatures in the 20s, the teens, we're looking at temperatures into the 40s this afternoon. so still below normal for this time of year. in is the day i shouldn't be wearing heels. weather headline on this s saturday. temperatures in the teens. we're going to head to the 40s. this is well below normal this time of year. as we head towards the afternoon we're going to see temperatures
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about ten degrees below normal. then tomorrow we're going the see temperatures warming up to near normal conditions and monday, much, much warmer. temperatures into the 70s. so right now we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 20s and we're looking at temperatures in the teens in the north and west. we're doing the fix this computer and come back but the moral of the story is we're looking at temperatures warming up by tomorrow and even warmer on monday. now to news from our jersey shore bureau. the recent blast of cold weather is creating some problems. no, it's not affecting our weather computer. we'll get to that in just a moment. homeowners haven't winterized their homes yet and unprotected pipes are bursting. plumbers tell us that people are not ready for the temperatures to drop this low and especially folks who vacation down there and are not there full time are unaware of what is happening. plumbers tell us it can cost between $200 and $600 to fix an outdoor shower. weather back?
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yes? >> we're back. okay. we are back in business here. we're looking at temperatures well below normal was we head towards the afternoon. right now though we are looking at frigid temperatures. so it's our first weather headline for the morning. then we're going to see temperatures in the 40s later on this afternoon. 70s in your seven-day. just one day of sents. looking at the chance of record warmth. taking a look outdoors. nice morning. clear skies. pretty start to the day. quiet today as we head throughout the afternoon. 24 in philadelphia. winds out of the south-southwest at six miles per hour. temperatures in the teens. 16 in pottstown. 24 in philadelphia. same story as we head downed to south and east. mainly the teens, 20s. 20 in glassboro. 23 in dover, delaware. so cold start to the day. feels colder than that in many spots. when you head out this morning you want to dress for six
6:22 am
degrees in mount pocono. 16 in pottstown. feels like 17 in millville. future temps, cold one today. below normal for this time of year. as we head towards sunday and monday we're going to see moild milder temperatures. southwesterly flow bring up warmer air. into the 50s tomorrow. that's going to feel good. into the 70s on monday. then right back down to the 50s on tuesday and even colder as we head towards the holiday. sun and clouds today. high pressure in control. that will keep us dry for today. southwesterly flow helping to warm us up just a little bit. a little bit more than where we were yesterday. we'll keep it dry tonight as we head throughout the overnight hours. so dry today, good to get out. get your shopping done. tonight, mostly cloudy skies for your date nights. may see a shower into the poconos. maybe freezing rain into the poconos. tonight into sunday morning. creeping mainly into the poconos. possibly the lehigh valley. most of us are going to stay droo i towards the overnight hours. looking at more clouds on
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sunday. the rain comes in for everybody sunday into monday. so here it is. monday at 4:00 a.m. we're getting back to school and to work, hopefully a lot of us have office week. looking for a chance of rain. we can see heavy at times as we head throughout the overnight ors and clear it out with a chance of rain on monday otherwise partly cloudy. eagles forecast for tomorrow, mild. temperatures in the 50s. by 1:00 p.m., 49. by the fourth quarter, 54 degrees. a cold one today. milder tomorrow. even milder on monday. we'll look at your seven day in just a bit. a soccer tournament in wilmington quickly turned into chaos when gunmen opened fire. now two years later, the two men could be facing the death penalty. but prosecutors say is the reason for the violence.
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to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. prep pigskin at its finest. the state championships is coming into focus. here's the playoff edition of "the high school blitz."
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let's start in south jersey. shawn any moving the rock against michael welch. far side, he cuts across the grain. and just gets into the end zone. shawnee advances with a 42-10 win. cherokee with a clear direction against to rivers knot. the end zone, woodward finds daylight and cherokee moves on with a convincing 37-14 win. springfield, delaware county purchting to great valley. watch the great change of direction from adderley. 50 yards. great valley wins the district, 21-0. young always a threat to run. touchdown for him. they advance with a 31-12 win. >> the "high school blitz q" ga of the week. >> you want to see penceville.
6:28 am
it was all salem. this is johnathan taylor breaking free. lots of open field for him and salem as they robbed pennsville, 54-7. rutgers commit charles norway. had himself a night. i mean a huge night for pennsbury. carried the ball 45 times for 305 yards and 4 scores. upper hand on upper dublin, 25-14. kingsley with a bad snap against timber creek. it's a fumble. timber creek recovers, winning 25-22. >> the high school blitz play of the week is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> the district 11 championship in overtime. we've got drama. easton down by three. pass is picked up by eric. let the celebration begin. parkland takes the tight with a 13-10 victory. one more from down the shore. michael alberto rose to strike big robinson. they won, 38-7. rest assured we have a half hour of playoff action on the
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high school blitz tonight at 7:00 right here on even in. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. runners are getting ready for a marathon weekend in philadelphia. literally. in about an hour, center city streets will be filled with people running the first race of the weekend. just ahead, nbc10's matt delucia will let us know how things are shaping up with a live preview.
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- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready
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♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. the jury is still out right now on whether a ferguson, missouri, police officer will face charges for shooting and killing an unarmed teenager. the ban on sports betting will stand. supporters are calling it a major setback for new jersey but the state is planning to fight back. >> you'll need the hat and gloves this morning, especially p center city where it is freezing but you may be able to
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lose some of the layers a little bit later on today. just some of those layers. >> welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 6:30 only this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the frigid conditions out there right now and a warm-up by this afternoon. michelle? >> that's right. we're going to be warmer than where we were yesterday and then even warmer on sunday. 70s by monday. but, yeah, off to a frigid start. you need the layers this morning. off to a pretty start, too. looking at this sun rising. temperatures in the attorneys to the north and west. a very, very cold start. 16 right now in allentown. 18 in lancaster. 17 in millville. 21 degrees in wildwood. feels colder than that. feels like six degrees in mount pocono. those are the temperatures you want to dress for. feels like 17 in philadelphia. feels like 17 in millville. so for today, plan on a warmer day than yesterday but still cold. by 8:00, 28, 10:00, 36 degrees. i think we will top out around
6:33 am
45. still below normal for this sometime of year but warping it up on sunday. we'll talk about numbers straight ahead. new from over night. a man is in critical condition after he was stabbed in the kensington section of philadelphia. detectives tell us they got a call around 2:45 this morning about a man lying outside the rite-aid on wesley high avenue. he had stab wounds on the back and hand. police say that somebody tried to rob the victim somewhere else possibly in the neighborhood. he collapsed outside of that rite-aid. right now they have not made any arrests yet in the case. happening now. tensions are mounting in ferguson, missouri. it involves the announcement of a grand jury's decision on whether or not to indict a police officer for killing an unarmed teenager. the decision could come at any time this weekend. this is live picture of ferguson, missouri. it's a suburb of st. louis. president obama and authorities are calling for calm in case protests break out. right now as you can see, all
6:34 am
looks quiet there. missouri's governor has the national guard ready to help law enforcement. the grand jury investigation is focusing on the deadly shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. it happened in august. ferguson police officer darren wilson testified that he shot brown because he feared for his life. witnesses say that brown was trying to surrender and had his hands up. be sure to stay with nbc10 and as soon as there is a grand jury announcement we will bring it to you. protests in the ferguson case are also planned in our region. but only if officer wilson is not indicted for murdering michael brown. if and when the demonstration happens it will start at philadelphia's city hall and will end at broad street in cecil b. moore avenue in north philly. we spoke with folks who plan to join the demonstration and others who do not. >> it's ridiculous. if he isn't indicted i'm going to be thoroughly upset. >> if he's not indicted, then of
6:35 am
course, you want to show your feelings about it and it's way better than just destroying stuff. >> it's a good way to get people to come together and i think that it's everyone's right to have peaceful protest if they would like. >> philadelphia police have released this statement saying that they will be on hand to ensure the safety of all citizens, the protection of property, to minimize the disruption to the residents and businesses in the city. new this morning, prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against two men involved in a shooting at a wilmington soccer tournament in 2012. yesterday a jury convicted otis philips and jeffrey philips of murdering the tournament's organizer. the jury also found them guilty of manslaughter in the death of a 16-year-old player. according to prosecutors, the men were trying to silence a witness to a murder when they opened fire at the soccer field. now to news from our south jersey bureau. a murder/suicide story has
6:36 am
rocked a south jersey community. this morning we are learning new information about what happened inside the house where police say a mother shot her children anders h. it was on thursday when investigators say jeaninne lepage shot three of her kids before with she tried to kill herself inside their house in tabernacle burlington county. there were other relatives inside the house who did not hear the gunfire because lepage used a pillow muffle the sounds. 89-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy are dead. lepage and her 11-year-old son remain in critical condition. it's an invisib threat that can kill your family. that's why state officials are warning people in the lehigh valley to test foray don. the department of environmental protection in pennsylvania says the problem is in the center of -- is in the center valley area of lehigh county. recent tests by state have revealed that several houses there have record high levels of radon. radon is a colorless, odorless,
6:37 am
radioactive gas that can enter your house through cracks in the foundation. it's the second leading cause of lung cancer in pennsylvania and it causes 20,000 lung cancer deaths every year nationwide. in new jersey, a spokesperson for governor chris christie says the state is appealing the july's decision to block sports betting. the federal judge ruled that new jersey cannot lift a ban on sports betting to help casinos. the ncaa and four major sports leagues supported keeping the ban in place saying it would harm the integrity of their operations. starting this weekend, drivers will experience a big change on their i-95 commute. penndot plans to open new southbound lanes near cottman avenue tomorrow morning. contractors rushed to get the work done before thanksgiving when a lot of people are going to be on the roads traveling. the lanes opening is a major milestone in the $212 million project. it's the agency's single biggest
6:38 am
contract ever with workers essentially rebuilding the highway while it's still in use. the new lanes should be safer, smoother, even a bit wider, providing some relief to drivers who are tired of the interstate construction. >> it's terrible. >> it's a mess. it's hectic. it's been like this forever now. >> despite the progress near cottman avenue, all of the reconstruction work for this project will not be complete for almost three more years. crews are finishing preparations for the philadelphia marathon today. matt delucia is live on the ben franklin parkway. matt, talk to us about how this is going the affect traffic. >> reporter: some roads are already closed, rosemary. but within the past 30 minutes we started to see runners and volunteers show up. i'll show you right here behind me. you can see some of them are walking up to the starting line. the race doesn't start for
6:39 am
another hour or so. it starts at 7:30. so we've got just up der an hour. we'll show you this is the starting line right here where those runners for the rothman 8k will begin their race through parts of the city. i'll show you right here. this is the map. looks like a giant cue card but you see they're going to start down here on the ben franklin parkway, make their way right by the art museum, up mlk and come back down again. these are the roads effected right now. keep that in mind. we've been talking with mayor nutter. he says when you have races like these, 30,000 runners in town this weekend. it's a big deal. take a listen. >> the gor tex philadelphia marathon weekend is a great opportunity to showcase philadelphia's incredible sights and sounds and attractions and promote philadelphia, of course, is the next great running city. >> and we'll come back out here live. give you another look here where you see the starting line, the starting to fill up just a little bit with some of those
6:40 am
dedicated runners showing up about an hour early. some of them, you see they've got their warming blankets. they've got the heavy coats on right now. it is still chilly. i imagine they're going to shed those quickly once they start running and start warming up. and a nice day out here for right now. no wind. temperatures are relatively good according to runners that i've been talking with. we'll see what happens later on today and, of course, the marathon is tomorrow. race weekend is about to begin here in philadelphia. live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> all right, thank you. remember, if you would like the latest news, weather, the traffic detours, all you have to do is go op to our website and download the nbc10 app. you can do it right now for free. well, some say that it resembles christmas tree that charlie brown would have picked out. next, the story behind this tree con tro verse city in one brooks
6:41 am
county neighborhood.
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a luxury brand is the focus of a car recall that we want to let you know about this morning. if you drive a lexus, listen up. toyota is recalling more than 420,000 cars to fix fuel leaks that can cause fires. the cars in question are 2006-2011 gs models, 2007-2010 ls model, and 2006-2011 is models. let's check in with cnbc's tyler matt sent with a look at what moved the market this week. >> it was a good week on wall street. new stimulus measures in china and eurozone. strong economic data in the u.s. and more solid earnings reports meant more record closing highs
6:44 am
for the sddow and s&p 500. japan officially reported it went into a recession. two massive mergers had wall street buzzing earlier this week. generic drug miker activist is paying $66 billion for the botox maker allergen and halliburton will pay $35 billion for rival oil field services giant baker hughes. a senate investigation found three big wall street banks, goldman sachs, jpmorgan, morgan stanley, needlessly exposed themselveses to risks and manipulated prices on commodities by stockpiling metals like alum numb. president obama announced an executive order offering protections against deportation and the ability to apply for work permits to upwards of 5 million undocumented immigrants. federal safety regulators are demanding a national recall now of any vehicle with certain airbags made by the japanese company takata. not just in hot and humid areas of the country as in a previous
6:45 am
recall. meantime, takata officials apologized for deaths and injuries caused by their airbags at a senate hearing over that company's delayed recall. wells fargo bank looking to help customers who are feeling crushed under the weight of too much student loan debt, agreeing to review individual cases and, if appropriate, modify interest rates and loan terms of some of those financially troubled boroughers. i'm tyler mathisen. get all of your business news on cnbc. the eagles are getting ready to take on the titans in south philly after last week's landslide loss. a preview is coming up next in sports. all right. we off to a very cold start. bundle up this morning. temperatures in the teens, the 20s. a live look outside but it looks pretty out there. we're going to look at a nice day overall as we head throughout the afternoon. warmer today and warmer on sunday and even warmer on monday. we'll talk about it straight ahead.
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good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. if you haven't stepped out yet we are cold. look at temperatures in the teens, the 20s. we are looking at a milder afternoon in terms of yesterday. still below normal. still cold. but better than where we have been and then we're going to see a warming trend over the next couple of days. weather headline on this saturday morning. yeah, another frigid start. bundle up as you head out this morning. we'll see temperatures into the 40s later on this afternoon. right around 45 degrees and then 70s in your seven day. one day of 70s but still looking at a pretty warm day as we head towards the beginning of the workweek.
6:49 am
right now waking up to clear skies. mostly sunny as we head throughout our saturday. a quiet day. winds will be calm. temperatures not all that bad than what we've seen over the past couple of days. it is cold though right now, 24. right now in philadelphia, winds out of the west-southwest at six miles per hour. temperatures are going to be cold all across the area. you look to the north and west into the teens. 15? mount pocono. 21 in reading. just 18 in lancaster. 18 in west chester. 24 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're looking at a similar situation to the south and east. 17 in millville. 22 in atlantic city. temperatures, teens and 20s. feels colder than that in some spots. as you look to the north, looking at six degrees is what it feels like in mount pocono. cold one today. as we head towards sunday we're going to be cold once again right around normal. temperatures into the mid 50s. much better than what we've felt over the past week. then we'll call it mild on monday. temperatures into the 70s. could break a record of 71 degrees that was setback in
6:50 am
2007. we'll keep an eye on that. then by tuesday and wednesday we're just going to go right back down to the 50s and eventually into the 40s for your thanksgiving and also black friday. so sun and clouds today. high pressure in control. that's bringing up that southwesterly flow keeping us a little warmer than where we have been. warmer tomorrow. back to the west so we are watching rain impact us late sunday into monday. so future weather, let's check this out for you was ago throughout time here. dry today. nice quiet day today. more clouds build in tonight. saturday night plans, plan on mostly cloudy skies. that will keep us warmer though over night as we head towards the early part of sunday. then on sunday we're looking at partly sunny day to start out with. mostly cloudy to end up your day. this is where things begin to change. sunday into the early part of monday. rain is coming in overnight. first work on monday, dealing with some rain as you head back to school and work. today, a cold one. 43 to 46. under mostly sunny skies. tonight, not quite as cold as
6:51 am
where we are right now, 36 in philadelphia. below freezing knot and west. 3 degrees. winds will be light at five to ten miles per hour. seven-day forecast, 45 today. six degrees below where we're supposed to be for this time of year. then tomorrow, mostly cloudy, 54. milder. rain comes in overnight into monday morning. look at monday. warm, windy, 72 degrees. that's going to feel weird. by tuesday, cooler, 58. wednesday, back down into the 40s. chance of rain or snow not a great day for that big travel day on wednesday. thanksgiving, 40. on friday, looking at shopping weather, up 42 degrees. ugly, pitiful, and sad. those are the words some people in reading are using to describe their city's christmas tree. look. see what you think for yourself. 50-foot norway spruce is topped with a giant pretzel. no word on why there's a giant pret shell zel at the top. some are comparing it to a dharlly brown christmas tree. the president of the reading city council says, if you look
6:52 am
at the picture it looks sad. you can actually see right through the tree. it's horrible. a new and fuller looking tree will be donated on monday. the city is raising money to decorate it and organizers will host a decorating party on black friday. rvenlg it was just a couple of days ago that bledsoe said the sixers would lose to the wild cats in the seven-day series. last night bledsoe's suns faced the sixers. temperes flared early. no score. bledsoe drives the lane. noel fouls him hard. smacks him in the face in the process. blow bledsoe not happy about it. flagrant one on noel. sixers showing some fire. showed them their play from then on. tony to noel, sixers up 10-2 early. however, this gets away and gets away in a hurry. green off the bench.
6:53 am
sticks a jumper. suns up nine. bledsoe gets the lap here, steal and flush on the other end. sixers lose, 122-96. 0-12 on the season. to pigskin. the eagles just one day away from meeting with the titans at the link. the birds searching for sweet taste ofív"o victory. part of that bouncing back lies with quarterback mark sanchez who struggled at times during the eagles loss. the birds will be up against rookie quarterback zach mettenberger for the titans, 2-8. coming off a loss for the steelers in which they led most of the game. that's a look at sports. i'm danny pommells. don't for goget to tune in norrer half hour totally devoted to playoff action across the region. it's right here on nbc10 at 7:00 this evening. we're going to take a quick break and then we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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nbc10's bill henley marked a new career milestone this week. he was inducted into the broadcast pioneers living hall of fame. bill was honored at a banquet at the hilton philadelphia on city avenue. he's been delivering weather forecasts for more than two
6:57 am
decades. nbc10 chief meteorologist. >> enhurricane schwartz was in the crowd as bill received his award and former anchor terry rugal served as one of the emcees. >> great meteorologist and even better great guy. >> accurate weather forecasting. >> yes. he's so great and funny. let's look outdoors. looking at clear skies. lots of sunshine. a pretty looking day. just so cold this morning. temperatures in the teens and in spots, 17 in mount pocono. 24 in philadelphia. so not as cold this afternoon. that's the good news. still cold though, 45 degrees up to 54 on sunday. that's going to feel good. 72, even better on monday. then we go right back down to the 40s on thanksgiving. >> we'll have to see what happens on thanksgiving. >> and that travel day on wednesday. >> i know. that's going to do it for us. see you back here for a full hour of news at 8:30.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. fears in ferguson. the fbi is investigating this morning on whether two men arrested on weapons charges were getting explosives. show of support. bill cosby receiving two standing ovations on friday night despite the growing number of women who claim he sexually assaulted him. we will speak exclusively with one of the accusers over what happened to her 25 years ago. fall from the sky. a window an washer plunges to the ground from 11 stories up. >> i saw a black shadow coming from the sky and i just started


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