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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. breaking overnight. marion barry has died. former mayor of washington d.c. passes away at age of 78. we'll look at the controversial local mayor that became a national figure. from bad to worse. major flooding concerns as temperatures heat u in the buffalo area melting mountains of snow. across the south, millions are em bracing for severe weather today. a university suspend voerties and fraternities after allegations of sexual abuse. this morning the university president vowing swift action. and remarkable recovery.
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a 4-year-old is out of a coma two weeks after plunging hundreds of feet down a rocky cliff. >> he is the boy that lived. >> this morning his parents open up about the heroic efforts to bring him to safety and share his unbelievable story of survival. sunday, november 23, 2014. . and welcome to "today" on this sunday. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt along side janelle jones. we're going to check with dylan for weather in a few minutes. a lot of people are wake up to the news of death of former d.c. mayor marion barry. shanel is following that for us. >> good morning to you.
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marion barry was released from the hospital when he fell ill and was brought to another hospital hours later. he died after midnight. despite never holding national office, he was a national figure after a hi profile arrest nearly 25 years ago. >> marion barry was one of the most charismatic politicians in our nation's history. so popular one d.c. newspaper called him mayor for life. despite his accomplishments, he may be remembered most for the night he was arrested in a downtown washington hotel room smoking a crack pipe with a woman who was not his wife. he said he'd been set up, but despite spending six months in federal prison, barry returned to politics. he was elected to city council and later as mayor one more time. local residents loved him seeing him as a champion for poor.
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controversy was never far away. in 2006 he received probation for failing to file tax returns. he also sent a government contract to a girlfriend. in recent years he suffered from health problems. he remained a beloved figure to the end in washington d.c. this morning, the current mayor calls him a true statesman. >> barry was 78 years old and survived by his wife and one son. this morning there's no word on funeral plans. all right shanel. thanks very much. the temperature is slowly rising in buffalo, new york this morning. that has residents buried under feet of snow worried about what may happen next. the area bracing for flooding as they continue to dig out from the massive snowstorm. kristen is in buffalo this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning lester. you can see what people are dealing with here. you might think a warm-up would be a welcome sign.
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think about the snow sucking up that water getting heavier and heavier. we could see more roof collapses. there are flood warnings across this area. in buffalo, new york, there's no sigh of relief. there's no time. days after the massive early season snowstorm, roofs are caving under the weight. >> 20 years gone in four days. >> reporter: he already lost one of his industrial workshops. the second is on the verge of collapse. >> we've been working our butts off to keep the snow away from the building so when the flooding comes it's away from the building so we don't have flooding. we didn't realize up above how much stress was going to be on the roof. >> reporter: residents across the area are in a fight to clear the heavy snow before it's too late. >> i'm worried about the weight on this roof.
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there's not much pitch. there's cracks in the ceiling already. >> reporter: several neighborhoods remained buried. reinforcements are arriving. they're pitching in to make sure snow bound residents are safe. everything okay? >> everything is fine. >> got your medication? yes, i cadid. >> reporter: this melting could mean flooding. the battle continues. >> making sure the sewers are clean getting the snow on the streets. >> reporter: residents are bracing for round two. to give you an idea of what we're talking about. look at this snow difficulty four and a half feet. that behind me even bigger. firefighters are out there. here's what's on the way. the governor says they're going to be ready with 425 pumps and generators, boats, helicopter hers and almost 200,000
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sandbags. they say they're ready for the worst lester. >> kristin, thanks very much. dylan is up in boston with a look at what's next for residents in western new york. also a closer look at severe weather expected to batter the south today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning erica. yes the warm up and rain that could cause problems up and down the east coast. let's focus on buffalo and the area where there are feet of snow on the ground. it's going to start melting. if you boiled it all down, you would end up with two to ten inches of water. not all will melt at once, but you'll see some leading to flooding along with showers. it's really just about a quarter of an inch of rain. creeks will start filling up. especially low lying typical flood prone areas will see minor to moderate flooding tonight
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lasting through monday night. we do have severe storms especially down across the gulf coast. we have heavy rain moving through new orleans. it's the panhandle of florida that a could see the best chance of isolated tornados breaking out today. we don't have the tornados and looking at damaging winds, flash flooding with heavy rain and hail is possible. we're talking about this warm-up causing problems of its own. down south with the storms and up near buffalo we'll see the moderate flooding tonight. >> dylan, thanks. we have been keeping a close eye on what's going on in ferguson, missouri. the community still waiting about the word from the grand jury whether they will charge the police officer with the shooting death of michael brown. a decision was widely expected today. with nerves on edge, there's one more day of waiting. today national correspondent craig melvin has more. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. sources tell nbc news, the 12
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member grand jury will reconvene tomorrow behind me. we don't know if they'll vote tomorrow. we don't know if they'll announce the decision tomorrow. they could continue to listen to testimony and review evidence. the waiting game continues. so do the protests. cold and rain did not stop the nightly rituals in front of the ferguson police department. a small crowd of protestors stopped traffic and confronted police. earlier saturday, the man who's son death sparked it all gave thanks. michael brown sr. passed out more than 60 turkeys to people that live in the apartment complex where his son was killed. >> just showing my love back where the people looked out for my son by putting it on social media to expose what's happening over here in this community.
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we appreciate it, for real. >> johnson is thankful for the gift. he and his fiance will be most thankful when calm is restored to ferguson. >> sometimes i can't sleep because i don't know what's going on outside. it's really hard. the stress level is beyond the scale. >> reporter: as a barricades go up around the courthouse where grand jurors are hearing the evidence, the process is taking so long. captain johnson in the after math of the shooting helping ease tensions after violent clashes. he now expects protests no matter what. >> i expect no matter what the decision, people will take to the streets and voice their opinion. >> violently? >> i don't think it's going to be what people expect it to be and what some may want it to be. >> reporter: captain ron johnson has a great deal of faith this
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the protestors born from meetings, conversations. in fact the proposed ro tee pro and law enforcement have rules of engagement. he did not rule out using tear gas and rubber bullets if needed. >> thanks. a look at a scary scene inside a train station overnight. >> there were tense moments inside the train station after a fire. passengers captured the drama on video. some 100 people were evacuated. smoke and flames come are from the front of the train. two were treated at the scene. now to florida. police say the man behind the deadly police ambush was known for making threats to police. the gunman torched his own home seen in this cell phone video leading a neighbor to call 911. police were blindsided by the
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gunman hiding outside the home. he fatality shot one and wounded another. an off duty officer living nearby ran outside and shot the suspect. a man is in custody after going on a rampage. the suspect held in the ceiling of the women's bathroom before crashing to the ground. he reportedly ran out bleeding and attacked an 84-year-old man biting his ear and attempting to choke him with his own cane. he was arrested after a scuffle with police. now to sydney australia. a newborn baby was found in an eight foot drain after cyclists on a track herd him crying. they sprang to action rescuing the baby boy wrapped in his hospital blanket. the baby believed to be two or three days old is expected to survive. police are now questioning a 20-year-old woman. officials in japan say the damage from a strong earthquake
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is worse than expected. on saturday, a woman was rescued from the rubble of a house hit hard by the earthquake. 37 homes were destroyed and 39 people injured. a 9-year-old north carolina boy is now the youngest to travel cross country by bike for a good cause. the fourth grader arrived in florida saturday after leaving ocean side, california september 1st. he raised $100,000 for children's cancer during the trip. speaking of cycling, our today show team pedalled with a purpose saturday. we'll have that the next half hour. nice to see the pictures on instagram and twitter. >> it was fun. a great organization and great event. >> it was a chilly might. we had a lot of fun. >> that kid is remarkable by the way. wow. let's head back to boston for a check of the rest of the country's weather with dylan. hello again. >> reporter: hey. good morning guys.
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i'm not in boston because there's a nor'easter coming. i had a charity event last night. that's why i'm here this morning. it's nice. most of the northeast is enjoying warmer temperatureses. down south we have our heaviest rain. could see strong storms across florida, heavy rain in georgia and south carolina making its way up the east coast. there's an area in red from eastern louisiana to the coast of carolinas where we could see isolated tornados and downpours. in the buffalo area, we have flood warnings because that snow is going and a good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a milder day today. back to normal temperatures. right around 54 degrees. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds. and then rain arrives overnight. it could be heavy at times. it is out of here monday morning. then the big weather headlines will be warm and windy. could break some records.
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we're back to the winds on tuesday. cold on thanksgiving. 45. and temperatures into the 40s friday and saturday. >> reporter: and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. president obama is on his way to washington from las vegas. there's been heavy opposition and the most recent poll shows americans aren't behind the president. 48% are opposed to president taking action on immigration. chuck todd, good morning. >> good morning erica. >> the president knew this would be an uphill battle. we hear talk of a government shutdown. how toxic is this? >> on capitol hill it's toxic. republicans are united on one issue, they don't like how the president went about doing this.
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after that, they don't quite know how to retaliate politically. yes, a few said hey, use the power of the purse and congress and legislation and force a government shutdown. it's unclear and republican leaders don't want to go near the idea of a government shutdown. they think that would be politically toxic. at this point they can pass a bill but can't unite the party around any bill. the policy the president is implementing is not unpopular. it's how he went about doing it that's unpopular. that adds to confusion of how republicans should respond. congressional leaders are hoping some state or two sues the president so it ends up in the courts and they can tell conservatives to retaliate, keep your powder dry. let the courts work their will. >> you made a nice segway for us. speaking of courts, we know health care is still a major issue, specifically for
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republicans. a lot of them ran on that. on friday, house republicans filing a lawsuit as all this immigration action is happening, filing a lawsuit challenging obama care. where is that going to go at this point? >> by the way, that was though the a coincidence that the house of representatives released details of that lawsuit friday right after the immigration action. that was their way, almost like a carrot to conservative base of republicans who want some retribution against the president. some have brought up the word impeachment. this is a way for speaker boehner to tell them, look guys we're going to try to sue the president over unilateral actions. they picked health care because it's obviously unpopular with the conservative base. they're hitting him on following this action or that action saying it's not following the law passed. whether that lawsuit will make its way to the supreme court is
8:17 am
unclear. >> what do you have coming up on meet the press? >> going to do a lot of immigration and also what's going on in ferguson and how government officials are handling ferguson. by preimpively planning for protest are they accidentally encouraging it? >> nice to see you. thank you. >> you got it. why some kid cans at a georgia chart area school may have a leg up on mark zuckerberg. alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, with terrible chest congestion. better take something. i'll catch up later. awww... truth is, theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go! woooo! woooo! and now, alka-seltzer plus has a complete line of powders to treat your worst cold symptoms.
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we're back now on a sunday morning with students in a charter school in atlanta. we're learning the importance of speaking of chinese. >> remember when mark zuckerberg surprised everyone on a trip to china and spoke mandarin? these students took to it as well. here's kerry sanders. >> this is an ongoing experiment. here in atlanta's inner city, everyday 50 minutes students and teachers at academy speak one language in class, chinese. those kids who eight years ago began learning the language in kindergarten are now becoming fluent. >> is chinese hard to learn?
8:20 am
58% of the children here are on the free or reduced lunch program. some student's parents are chronically unemployed. at this tuition free charter school, they believe learning another language will end poverty. >> we want our students to be prepared for a world they don't know exactly what it will look like in a few years. we think that chinese gives them a leg up. >> it was not lost on the instagram generation, mark zuckerberg revealed now he speaks mandarin. >> when you saw that he could speak fluent mandarin what did you think? i think he admitted that. most student's parents do not
8:21 am
speak chinese but still encourage their kids to speak the language as often as possible. >> the way i got them to practice speaking it, i said you can talk about me, and i'll never know. it was like oh yeah, we can do that. it started immediately. >> as i discovered, sometimes you don't want to know what they're saying. that's hello and good-bye. for "today," nbc news atlanta. >> oh my goodness. >> wow. i'm impressed. >> great story. so well done by kerry. >> he's a great writer. good deal. still to come on "today," a miraculous recovery. we'll tell you how the 4-year-old is doing after falling 200 feet down a cliff. an amazing story of
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still to come on a sunday edition of "today," get ready for a little thanksgiving. there we go. sandra lee is in the kitchen and will show us how to make the holiday extra a special. plus a performance from holiday extra a special. plus a performance from kristin chenoweth. and, by some miracle... a little differently. she actually said "yes." to me. the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers, featuring open hearts and new disney frozen. get this free bracelet or a charm valued up to forty-five dollars with any charmed memories purchase of $99.99 or more. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. and she will be the best mom ever.
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>> good morning. i'm rosemary conners. it's just a few minutes before 8:30. meteorologist michelle grossman is watching the weekend weather for us, and a little bit warmer than yesterday. >> that's right. temperatures not bad this morning. we're going to be milder this afternoon and warmer on monday. let's take a look outdoors. looking at some clouds outside, but no big deal. we'll keep it dry throughout the day before rain arrives overnight. 43 in philadelphia. 38 degrees in allentown. 41 in millville. 46 in wildwood. as we go throughout the day, we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds, 54. monday, 72. could break some records. also windy. right back to the 50s, though, on tuesday with mostly sunny skies. wednesday, we're watching the potential for a storm. mainly rain with some snow mixing in. by thanksgiving, cold, 45 and cold on friday and saturday. more than 30,000 runners are off in the philadelphia
8:28 am
marathon. nbc 10 was at the starting line at 7:00 this morning on the ben franklin parkway in center city. look who else was there. nbc 10 caught mayor michael nutter glad-handing marathoners. this was just beyond the starting line. also tom wolf got in on the fun. here's the view of the runners from high above the parkway. the 26.2-mile course is taking runners through fairmount park, old city, and they'll finish right in front of the art museum. i'm rosemary conners. i'll see you back here at 9:00 for "nbc 10 news today."
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8:30 am
people are saying what's it like to get ready? >> this is one of our best. >> nice out there. we are back on november 23, 2014. the tree is going to be lit
8:31 am
soon, chill is in the air, cold is in the air. >> there's energy from the tree. people are very excited about the tree. >> they are. we have folks sharing with us outside. inside the studio, lester moment, with erica hill and shanielle jones. dylan is in boston. >> we have a lot coming up this half hour. we want to get you caught up on the top headlines this morning. washington d.c. former mayor marion barry has died. he was sent to prison in 1990 six months for drug use. bracing for round two after days of a snowstorm left them under snow. now bracing for a warm up and flooding. the south braces for severe weather including danger of tornados. >> sources tell nbc news, a grand jury in ferguson, his miss will reconvene tomorrow.
8:32 am
they'll review charges and vote on the shooting death of michael brown. we have a miraculous stiory of survivor. a 4-year-old falls 200 feet down the side of a cliff. he was put in a coma. now he's doing better. we'll talk to his parents about the recovery. we're all getting ready for thanksgiving. sandra lee is in our kitchen. she's going to show us a few tips and tricks to make your turkey moist and she'll share her favorite dishes to save you time and stress. >> we'll take it. also stopping by the singer and actress is by with a full album of her favorite songs. >> looking forward to it. we have serious allegations of rape on the university of virginia campus. those coming to light in a rolling stone article. this morning all fraternities
8:33 am
and sororities are suspended for the rest of the year while the school investigates. >> this morning the university of virginia is shaken. students demand the school address sexual assault on campus. >> not doing enough really. they hired a couple of new investigators. not enough. >> uva president is suspending all fraternities and social act hits the rest of the year following a detail article published this week in rolling stones magazine. in a written statement, she says wrongs described in rolling stone are appalling and have caused all of us to reexamine our responsibility to this community. the report describes several claims of assault including the brutal gang rape of a first year student at a frat house in 2012. >> when i read the article, i was simply sick to my stomach. >> they're now asking the police to investigate. >> the administration has been passive and disappointing.
8:34 am
>> the article went on to claim victims are reluctant to report rape. the school president denies the charge. nationwide the greek system is in the spotlight. earlier this month, west virginia university suspended fraternities after a male died at a party. >> we're going to get to the bottom of what this is and make this a better place. >> student protests aim to bring a hidden problem into the light. >> people now have hope. people now believe we might change something. >> for "today," nbc news. we want to send it back to boston for a final check of the weather from dylan. good morning dylan. >> reporter: good morning guys. really nice morning in boston
8:35 am
where temperatures are starting to warm up. we've got clouds in the sky. things start to turn closer to thanksgiving. want to show you quickly the model here indicating it could be a rainy trip up and down 95 on wednesday. a big travel day for so many. on the back side of it, it could end as light snow for parts of new england as the colder air works in. that's something we'll focus on for wednesday. today we have strong storms expected with isolated tornados across the panhandle of florida. otherwise looking at heavy downpours and damaging wind gusts. certainly an area we'll keep an and a good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a milder day today. back to normal temperatures. right around 54 degrees. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds. then rain arrives overnight. it could be heavy at times. it is out of here monday morning. the big headlines will be warm and windy. could break some records. we're back to the 50s on tuesday. 55 and breezy. then we could see some rain,
8:36 am
possibly snow mixing in. cold on thanksgiving. 45. and temperatures into the 40s friday and saturday. >> reporter: and that's your latest forecast. lester? >> dylan, thanks. now to a little boy who's a true fighter recovering this morning after he fell 200 feet down the side of a rocky cliff a few weeks ago. we have more on his road to recovery. >> reporter: it's hard enough to see your 4-year-old son linked to tubes and wires of machines keeping him alive. >> it was frustrating and terrible. i was torn apart. >> reporter: nothing was more difficult than what she witnessed in california. >> we were walking along throwing rocks. he fell down the cliff. >> he plummeted 230 feet. >> i wanted to jump off and grab him and make sure he's alive. >> rescue crews repelled down
8:37 am
and slowly carefully lifted sebastion to safety amazed he was still alive. >> it's like angels guided him down. he saw 23 stories and survived. he's the boy that lived. >> his left eye took the brunt of the fall. many bones are broken and his jaw is wired shut. to his parents astonishment, he woke up after being in a co ma allowing mom to hold him for the first time since the accident. >> i'm amazed he pulled through. we've given him the nickname miracle monkey. >> he dresses like first responders year around. after this, his respect for them will only grow. >> he always loves firefighters. he may be a hero in the future saving lives. >> no doubt his recovery will take time. he's now healthy enough to hold
8:38 am
hands, a mere strength it took for a small boy to survive a staggering fall. nbc news. >> wow. >> you almost can't say anything. just to be able to hug him again. to see the little boy with his mom. >> to grab her finger. sometimes that's all you need to grab your mom's finger. >> hats off to firefighters and medical team that's brought him this story. up next, sandra lee shows us how to spice up the turkey and some of the ♪ vivofit. gently reminds you to get moving. join the movement.
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we're back on a sunday morning. if you haven't finished your thanksgiving meal, you're in luck. sandra lee has ways to switch up the traditional meal. everything made easy. sandra, good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> this is a great trick when getting ready for the holiday season. you want something that tastes great. take regular sparkling wine, whatever you have, even champagne. doll it up with a scoop of sorbet. >> take a little school. >> they say don't let lester actually drink in the morning. >> really? >> they always do.
8:42 am
take that. >> nobody ever told me not to do anything. >> there you go. >> this is just a fabulous way to flavor it any way you like. >> think about lemon can and sorbet. raspberry, cranberry. onto to the dinner. really important. >> mashed potatoes, a fast dinner. quick way to do mashed potatoes. in the grocery store they have these already diced in the frozen section of the grocery store. put them in a bowl, butter milk, salt a, butter. come back out, smash them. sour cream. >> you lost hours off the preparation of the day. >> no peeling. >> i love it. cranberry and turkey. >> this is the finished product. i want to go to what you do before. >> this is going to be -- i'm going to have you come on this side working this time.
8:43 am
this is going to be a spicy herb rubbed turkey breast. >> you're not doing the whole thing? >> i'm not. going to save time here. put in just thyme, sage, rosemary. all of it. we're going to put crushed red pepper, chili seasoning, paprika. baste that on the outside and also the inside. >> a lot of people put it under the skin. >> i do, but you don't have to. paint that baby like a canvas. don't be delicate. >> 350 degrees on a that. i want you to use a thermometer. when it reads 160, you are done. >> though the the pop up one. the meat thermometer.
8:44 am
>> do you let it sit for a bit? >> after you baste it, i would let this marinate about b 30 minutes. after you cook it, let it rest 20. >> cranberry. now you're making cranberry orange relish. this is two cans of whole cranberries. >> cranberry sauce is my favorite kind. makes me happy. >> that's the orange juice. lemon juice, corn zest, cinnamon. bring it to a boil five minutes. and toasted pecans as a nutty flavor. warm them up, toast them first or you won't get the gorgeous flavor. >> this smells great. >> before we let you go, last year you were in the macy's thanksgiving parade. >> i'm in the parade every year. my wonderful friend at macy's,
8:45 am
my family there is great. fabulous tradition. >> we'll be watching for you. always nice to have you here. head over for more recipes. now for the plaza fan of the day. >> we have a rock star in the studio. she's 10 years old from boston. it's your birthday today right? >> yes, sit. >> let's make this happen. she's a rock star. take it away jade. >> today we have kristin chenoweth with a performance >> today we have kristin chenoweth with a performance inside ♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ it took me four days to hitch-hike from saginaw ♪ ♪ "i've come to look for america" ♪
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we're back with kristin chenoweth. this week she released her r album called "coming home." nice to have you with us. >> good to see you. >> the live a album was done at home. >> no pressure at all. >> what i love is you have a tight connection to where you grew up. >> you know, i've been blessed all over the world.
8:49 am
being home -- when we discussed where we wanted to film it, i thought why not go back to broken arrow, oklahoma? that's where we did it. our set is our main street. i've been so proud of it. i'm looking now and thinking, there's the drugstore. i don't know. it's cool. >> it's great. you have a huge smile on your face as you're talking about it watching that. some of the students from the high school are in it. you're a big supporter of art in your hometown. >> i think it's important to encourage young people to find their fashion. when i was at the high school, there were eight of us in the choir. didn't have enough to form a choir so we had a group. now there are 40. i sang the song which was a gospel song. i invited 40 kids to come up and sing. you should have seen their faces. it was cool. >> what's it like for you seeing your first live album?
8:50 am
i imagine there's a difference performing in front of the audience performing as kristin chenoweth or in a role. which is more difficult? >> it's more raw and close to home and sometimes uncomfortably so. that's also the joy of performing live at the concert. there's a song i do in the show about my dad and me called fathers and daughters. he's sitting in the front row. watching him get motional. he doesn't cry or anything. when i'm on broadway or tv show or movie, i'm playing a character. it's a different beast. it's enjoyable for me. >> it's enjoyable for us to watch. you're going to perform for us "heart of the matter." we're very excited. there's a great mix on the album which makes it so interesting and for a lot of people very
8:51 am
relatable too. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i lost me and you lost you ♪ ♪ what are all these voices outside the open door ♪ ♪ beg for something more
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8:54 am
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before we go this morning, a big thank you to everyone around the country that came out and supported today's thanksgiving. it was a cool day. >> it was a lot of fun. we had a blast. this happened yesterday morning all for a good cause. this started in new york city, a bunch of people riding around collecting food to donate to people and places in need. we took to the streets of new york. a lot of our colleagues were riding around other cities. >> matt was in long island with savannah and maria shriver was in los angeles. >> you collect essential items. rice, beans. you have dropoff points. it was great. >> don't forget to tune in to "meet the press" with chuck this
8:59 am
morning. >> that
9:00 am
"nbc 10 news" starts now. >> while you've been sleeping, runners have been pushing through the miles in the philadelphia marathon. these are the half marathon runners who are making their way across the finish line. we'll have a live report from the race route. the runners aren't the only athletes in philly with a big day ahead of them. the eagles will take on the titans this afternoon here at the link. the weather is certainly cooperating today for all the events outside. here is a live look down the shore at cape may, new jersey, where the temperatures are getting back to normal. we're going to be warmer today than normal. i'm rosemary conners. it's 9:00 on this sunday. michelle grossman is tracking the dry conditions right now,


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