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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 23, 2014 11:30pm-12:36am EST

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prtido nos se pierda las entre s francisco. 1:59 left.
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two time-outs for dallas. cowboys at the 38. giants coming across the line. who caused it? >> referee: neutral zone infraction, defense number 94. five-yard penalty. >> cris: great job by romo coming out after the time-out and not letting those pass pushers get hyped up. they are hot and here they come. >> al: so it gets five yards and first and five now from the everybody and lomo throwing. beasley who scored the touch down earlier and another big play to cole beasley to the 36 yard line.
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that's a gain of 21. >> cris: well, one of the things, if you're going to leave mcclain, middle linebacker in the game, the cowboys are fully justified going after him in these situations. a minute and a half. romo. cowboys moving downfield and let's see what the calls are. indication from the side judges that it's going to be against the giants. if it is, it will be declined. >> referee: holding, defense, number 29. penalty is declined. result of the play defense. >> al: if i'm not it's been a
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while since i've cleaned that much time handing in a are going to play in the pre-vics kind of stu stuff. >> al: need a touchdown down by four and romo to the outside ant brian daubach spins away and bryant is good for a gain of about seven yards on that play. make it eight. it will be second down and two. >> cris: how about that move for a 220-pound guy on the outside? looks like he would straight yesterday to and romo is going to pay attention to everything.
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you're going to score. play clock under five. romo, a little pump fake again. protection is phenomenal, and then he throws, and it's caught and a touchdown! dez bryant. what work by that line. seven and a half seconds, a couple of plays before and probably the same here. >> cris: you can't do it better than this. you cannot do it better than this with this offensive line. two plays. two perfect protections. romo stays alive and dez bryant finally gets open in the back of the end zone and cannot blame dominique rodgers-cromartie. watch smith here? get him on ground and shove him down and stay with one of the
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>> al: we're back. the ball is moving from the ball is going to the ground. we think this thing is going to stand as a touchdown. here's vinovich. >> referee: after reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> al: not confirmed. so they weren't absolutely sure. they did see the movement that you saw, but it stands which means there's not enough to overturn it, and i think that's the right call. eli, your turn now. >> al: he has 61 seconds and giants have all of their time-outs and all the giants would need, of course, is a field goal to probably send the game into overtime.
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and bailey makes it a three-point game so back and forth we go. bryant. seven catches and 86 yards. the first half belonged to odell beckham and pretty good second half for one dez bryant and, of course, that offensive line has just been tremendous. >> cris: there's zach martin who has been tremendous. travis frederick and ronald leary, free, gave tony romo a ridiculous amount of time on those two plays, and isn't it kind of funny that tony romo forever had been the guy that he's the reason why the cow poise weren't going to the accessible. see him a couple of years and all of a suthe's the savior. what with dewould if he gets hurt and can't play? that whole thing has come full circle and so did the reputation down the field. >> al: beckham is going to come
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out and for the mast he'll be. >> cris: every once in a while you can kind of sneak a guy like that out on the field and run a reverse. remember what he have been doing here tonight. using him as a decoy. aim preston parker is all the way back into the end zone and dan bailey ready to kick off. bailey. enough to create a touchback. so eli will start at the 20 yard line with 1:01.
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26 game-winning drives came into the league along with 2002 and. >> cris: shaken up the last time the giants the ball. here we go from the 20 yard line. snints trying -- giants trying to snap that losing streak at five and the cowboys trying to stay in a first place tie with the eagles. manning dumps it and then it's dropped. it's dropped over the middle by jennings. second down and ten. melton problem back in for coverage. he's a guy who is working inside against the rookie weston richburg. that's going to be an
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interesting one to watch because as far as quickness, right after the line of scrimmage. he is the prn that's caught at the 27 yard line. that's larry donnell, but it's going to be third down and the clock will stop as the giants will take a time-out. >> referee: first charged time-out. 3 f2 manning pidió el primer time out see number 13 now. odell beckham is going to have to work really hard to come up with a play and he's not third
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and two from the 28. >> al: pressure on manage and off the hand of donnell. eli under pressure and mcclain back covering on donnell and here's the ball game on a fourth and two. >> cris: going to get pressure inside from crawford who i think got a little banged up on this play, but if you had to have one rush in him all night coming off the mcl injury, got a good one there and now eli has to answer it. >> al: giants must get a first down on a fourth and two from the 28 yard line. four-man rush. checks it off and forward progress is where. moving in. the official will spot it at the 30.
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that's jennings, and that will be a first down, so the giants just barely get the first down. >> cris: they are begging for a check upstairs on that one. they don't get. >> al: maybe they do, because the giants tried to get the play away. now you've got -- >> referee: previous play is under review. 23 seconds and a little bit more on the clock after the review here. take a look again. where is the ball? >> cris: i don't think had ever gets back across the line but he caught it right about the line. >> al: mm-hmm. there's the ball. he has to get to the 30. it's not there yet. >> cris: i don't think it gets there. once it's there. if they are going to give him credit for it, it's going to have to be at the high point of that catch, but his feet aren't on the ground. >> al: where is he first contacted, right there?
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where is the ball when he's first contacted is the issue? >> cris: i don't think it ever gets to the line. >> al: i don't think it does either. and this is one where you don't have to look for any other markings except the 340 yard line. if the nose of the ball reaches the front of the chalk of the 30 yard line, it is a first down. if it doesn't the game is in effect over. >> cris: the very front tip edge of that line is where it has to be. >> al: right. officially the official line is the stripe, the actual 30 yard line stripe. >> cris: the unfortunately part so easy for rashad jennings to get another, and there's dez with his striped shirt on going nah. but it would have been so easy
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to push out beyond. >> al: the cowboys are pretty certain they are going to win this. >> al: we don't think the ball got there. but we know nothing. >> cris: remember that conclusive thing. we thought it looked like a fumble down there, too. it had to be with absolute certainty. there can't be doubt. >> al: your name again, i'm sorry. here comes vinovic. >> referee: after reviewing the play, the receiver did not get to the 30 yard line. dallas ball. please reset the game clock to
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40 seconds, 4-0. >> al: listen to that cheer. what's so odd this year is that a lot of, you know, giants fans, frustrated, a lot of talk about the giants fans selling their tickets to cowboy fans, so you have a ton of cowboys fans here. in contrast to that, in dallas this season, one of the big stories has been the cowboy fans are selling their fans to visiting teams fans. >> cris: there's a story right there. that look we've seen a few times too many out of tom coughlin. his guys played their guts out. everything on the line. tony romo answered, and the giants couldn't. >> al: and it comes on top of a night that started with beckham making one of the most incredible catches ever seen by anybody anywhere at any level of football. and giants sprinted out to a big league and scored on the first three possessions, and the
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dallas cowboys have now one as many games in 11 games this year as they have in each of the last three seasons at the end of the year when they wound up at 8-8. they are 8-3 and tied for first. they play philly on thanksgiving night and they play them again in philly on a sunday night in december. 31-28, dallas wins it. coming up next the post-game report after these messages.
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welcome to the volkswagen pote game report. here now bob costas. >> the cowboys come from behind to stay perfect on the road. more important 8-3. tied with the eagles for first place in the division with two of their next three games against philadelphia beginning on thanksgiving in dallas. we have three game balls to hand out. one of them goes to tony romo who threw for four touchdowns without a pick. another goes to dez bryant who caught two of those touchdown. demarco murray continues to just tear up the league. he carried it 24 times for 121 yards, and romo and murray are with michele. >> michele: all right, tony, that final game-winning drive, the protection you had. how would you describe that?
11:52 pm
>> oh, it was, you know, really amazing. i mean, you might be afforded three snaps like that all year and to happen on a big play like that obviously made everyone's job easier on the outside and minute. they are a special group. >> michele: no one had an easy job here tonight coming in here to beat them. you guys squeezed it out. how emotional was this one in. >> it's never easy in the division, especially on the road. the record isn't conducive to how well they play for stretches. you turn it on and see a little bit more up and down the field and you don't see that. that's a good group of guys and a real hard win for us. >> michele: your 27th game-winning drive in either the fourth quarter or overtime. what is it about those situations that you enjoy? >> well, i think as you gain through experience a little bit the understanding of where your mindset needs to be to win the games and they are different.
11:53 pm
40 seconds on the clock, two minutes with two time-outs, you've been through it and can give yourself an advantage on how to attack defenses hon that day and go do it. >> michele: how did your back hold up? >> feels great right now. >> michele: congratulations, tony. let's turn to demarco murray whose legs always help out the offense. talking about the offensive line. what did they do for you? >> they did a great job sustaining blocks, and it was a little rusty for us today. we'll watch the film and correct the things that we didn't do so well and learn from the things that we did right. >> michele: came in, the giants weren't defending the run game that well tonight. what did they do to you? >> did a good job. tough going against a division rival and give those guys credit. played hard and physical and we were able to edge them out a little bit but got to give them credit. >> michele: this was a close up. coming down the stretch what was going through your mind? >> once we got another chance and opportunity we could go down and make something happen.
11:54 pm
romo did a great job, witt, dez with the touchdown and o-line protecting. >> michele: congratulations. bob? >> eli manning 29 of 43, touchdowns and one pick. had the giants won the game, a game ball would have maybe gone to odell beckham junior, one of the receptions a touchdown catch, no overstatement, one of the greatest catches any of us us has ever seen. let's bring in tony dungy. what does this result mean for the cowboys beyond the obvious that they remain tied with the eagles for first place? >> well, bob, this was such a big game because of the division records and the tiebreakers that are going to come down to it at the enof the year. dallas already had a loss against washington and really couldn't afford another loss inside the division. they have to play philadelphia twice and the cowboys stayed true to the formula. continued to run murray an
11:55 pm
defense got the big takeaway they needed. the game came down to tony romo having to make plays down the stretch and he got the protection in the offensive line. in the last drive you couldn't have scripted it better. romo played with poise and found his go-to go for the wing. >> we'll turn now to mike florio and ask him what the big stories are that he's working on for tomorrow's program. >> we'll wait to see what the league's reaction is to the final pay in the lions/patriots game in foxborough today. the lions center dove at the niece of patriots defensive tackle and after the game he said he did it he was upset the patriots scored a touchdown in garbage play. technically it was a rarely play
11:56 pm
but you rarely have a player admit to having malicious intent and in an era of enhances sensitivity to player safety we'll have to see if the league takes action in targeting a player's niece and we'll keep an eye on the mri results of ryan mallet. played all game long with a pectoral muscle and if it's a serious injury he could be out for several weeks. >> again, the cowboys 31 and the giants 28. it was a good one in new jersey. al is back to wrap it up right after this. was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least, the high performance gti.
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so you can find the perfect gift for everyone. including you. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. welcome back to the volkswagen post-game report. >> given up middle. carlos hyde. touchdown. niners back in front. >> play fake. russell throws a dump pass to
11:59 pm
helton on the right side. he breaks a tackle. to the ten, to the five, did he get in? he did? >> showing great athleticism on that play getting into the end zone as he dives for the pylon. >> coming up, the sunday sports report on nbcsn. cris on his way to the field, rodney harrison and liam mchugh and josh elliot with all of today's nfl action. a really good one coming up on thursday night at thursday night at 8:00 eastern time. it's become one of the best rivalries in the national football league at frisco and seattle and it's really important right now. each team won today and, of course, with seattle beating arizona, made things a lot closer in the nfc west. arizona now 2-2 and san francisco and seattle are each 7-4 so in terms of playoff positioning, this will be the first of two games between those two teams over a three-week period. 39ers had to come from behind
12:00 am
today before they beat washington and seattle looked real good especially defensively against the arizona cardinals. thanksgiving night against the seahawks and 49ers and we'll see you then. final score here. dallas 31 and the new york giants 28. al michaels now for cris collinsworth and michele tafoya, our entire gang led by fred godelli and all the great people at nbc sports saying good night from the meadowlands.
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right now on nbc 10 news, rain is moving in to the area as we can see on the first alert radar. some of it will be heavy. good evening. i'm denise nakano. the rain is the start of wild weather this week with. it will start with the big warmup. it is mild outside for a walk around allentown lehigh county and we could break records later today. nbc 10 meteorologist brittney shipp issued a first alert tonight. you are watching a wet weather pattern in time for the holiday travel rush. >> wednesday is a big day when everyone tries to make it home for the holidays on thursday. this is when the system will move in to the area.
12:04 am
when it is wednesday it is not only during the day but the evening and overnight hours, we expect a coastal storm to move closer to us. our entire area will be affected. we will see rain, rain/snow mix or snowfall is all a possibility for us. that will slow down travel. we will deal with wet roads and travel and air delays. we want to make sure to give you a heads up. as we move closer to wednesday stay with nbc 10 as we firm up the details. a changing forecast with rainfall moving in to parts of the area. pushing in to allentown, the poconos and along the i-95 corridor. more moisture heading our way. as we head to the overnight hours tonight. we will be dealing with heavy rainfall overnight tonight. lingering showers as we head to tomorrow morning. by 6:00 a.m., you could still be dealing with light rainfall. 57 degrees. showers expected. still allow extra time to get to work due to lingering showers. by 9:00 a.m., 63 and mild. take a look at our temperatures
12:05 am
by noon. 66. we are going to see temperatures in the low 70s as we head to tomorrow. coming up, i'm tracking a record warmth, cooler again and more detail on the rain/snow mix we expect on wednesday. denise? >> thank you, britney, we will be staying on top of the changing weather. join the morning team at 4:00 a.m. for any weather problems, traffic conditions and breaking news. a family wants answers after a young woman is found dead in south philadelphia. police are trying to figure out if it is a case of murder. her naked body was found on south christopher columbus boulevard this afternoon. doug shimell talked to police and family members. >> reporter: when two women who had come here to shop noticed a body over there and called police, the family who lived nearby found out. her family says the last time they saw crystal goodwin she
12:06 am
left to run errands last wednesday. when they heard a woman's unclothed body was found next to a warehouse off of south columbus boulevard on sunday afternoon, they asked police if she had a distinctive tattoo and knew it was her. >> why, why, why? >> it is just terrible. it is real sad. it is a tragedy. >> i was destroyed. going to a store on sunday afternoon. >> the body was next to a warehouse and a witness tells nbc 10 it was not there earlier in the day in plain view of the busy shopping center. >> it's disturbing because it's so populated outside everywhere but right there. >> crystal's family claims they reported her missing and say while she's had problems with  substance abuse and the police, they are convinced she was murdered. >> you don't want to see something like that. that's sad. makes you think of the people that's missing. >> reporter: while homicide detectives wait for the medical examiner to determine if a
12:07 am
severe cut on the woman's right rib cage is what killed her a childhood friend put flowers on the spot where she was found. >> it is horrible, senseless. >> crystal's family say police are hoping some security cameras in the area might yield clues about what happened. in south philadelphia, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. tonight, two teenagers are recovering in a hospital following a double shooting in north philadelphia. police are searching for the gunman responsible. the shooting happened just before 6:00 on the 2300 block of fawn street. bullets hit the 16 and 17-year-old victims in the arms and legs. both are in stable condition. the south jersey mother accused of shooting her children before turning the gun on herself has died. police say that she shot her three children in their home last week. two of the children died. her 11-year-old son alexander
12:08 am
remains in the hospital in extremely critical condition. investigator says lepage used a pillow to muffle noise so five other relatives who lived in the home would not hear what was happening. friends say the family was having financial problems. in the lehigh valley, concern is growing over the mysterious disappearance of the mother of three. jessica padgett was last seen leaving her job at the duck duck goose day care. she was on the way to send a fax at the distinctive fence company when she vanished. randy gyllenhaal tells us what is being done to find her. >> across the lehigh valley, these missing persons flyers are popping up on street signs and store fronts. a newlywed mother of three vanished suddenly. her family is searching for answers. the last place anybody saw jessica was on friday at the duck duck goose day care in
12:09 am
north hampton. she worked her caring for children. the newlywed mother of three had her own kids at home. >> three young, beautiful children who, you know, she would never leave behind. >> that's why friends like jim wilkins think something bad may have happened. she took a break from work at noon, called her husband around 1:00 and never returned to work, never heard from again. her car found in this dollar general parking lot a mile or so away. >> her cell phone was in the vehicle and i think some other personal items left behind as well. >> within hours, sfrauns began a search looking insters, posting flyers. >> this was in the middle of day. the community needs to be made aware. somebody out there knows something. >> jessica's sister says this is extremely out of the ordinary. she just got married in september. would never leave her three children and did not respond to any texts or phone calls. >> we started to panic because
12:10 am
that's not like her. she wouldn't just not go back to work. they are not sure if she was taken, if she left on her own, if she knew the person. there wasn't a sign of a struggle. so we're not sure at this point what happened. >> jessica was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt from the duck duck goose day care. anyone with information on her disappearance are asked to call police. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. now to our birds. they are flying high after a win against the titans. john clark is live at comcast sportsnet. a big fight for the division is coming up on thanksgiving. >> cannot wait. as you said, the eagles with a win over tennessee today and a turn around four days away from a huge matchup for the division lead in dallas. you just saw the cowboys win tonight on nbc 10. they are tied with the birds for the nfc east league and the coaches watched the game and are game planning and getting ready.
12:11 am
the game today, eagles start fast on the opening kickoff against the titans. josh huff, 107 yards for the touchdown. that is the longest kickoff return in eagles history. six special teams touch down this season. eagles up 17-0. then mccoy with a touchdown. shady with 130 yards against the second worst rushing defense in the nfl. third quarter, mark sanchez to james casey. nice throw. nice touchdown. sanchez, 307 yards passing. the eagles win 43-24. they are 8-3. they wanted to ghaet bad packer loss out of their minds. >> the way we played last week we had a lot to prove. for me i was a kid and this sunday was christmas. i couldn't wait for it to get here because i felt like what we did as group last week was embarrassing. we are focused on playing better
12:12 am
this week. >> they understand what we have to do. it is a long season and no matter when a loss it will hurt you but i you can't let the loss -- can't let them beat you twice. i thought the guys came back and had a great week of training. >> the cowboys up next on thanksgiving taking on the giants tonight. catch out the catch of the year from odell beckham jr. he is interfered. a one-handed snag. he caught it with two with fingers. is in the best catch you have ever seen. ? ? a lot of athletes tweeting it may have been. romo finding time finds bryant. four touchdowns for romo. cowboys win 31-28. eagles and cowboys tied at 8-3. coming up in ten minutes, eagles fans started to chant, we want dallas toward the end of today's win. we will hear from the birds players on that and the matchup against the cowboys and which eagle says it is a must win.
12:13 am
i'm john clark. stay tuned for that. still waiting for a decision in ferguson. calls for peace and justice today as a grand jury considers whether to indict a white police officer for killing an unarmed black teenager. it has been nine months since darin wilson shot michael brown in a confrontation on the street. tonight there are barriers around the courthouse. coming up next on nbc 10 news, victory is sweet for a marathon winner but it is not his first time coming in first in philadelphia. the big moments at one of the city's biggest races. hitting the road. winter weather could make its return in time for your thanksgiving travels. we are checking on changes to area highways that could make your drive home for the holidays a little easier. and i'm also tracking rain moving in to the area. plus record warmth and what to expect as you hit the roads for your thanksgiving holiday. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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12:16 am
as we head through tonight, it will be heaviest overnight. we will see wet roads. allow extra time to get to work. we are tracking record warmth. we will head to the 70s tomorrow. we have issued a first alert. i want to give you a heads up for wednesday. a coastal system. it is for the entire area. if you are closer to south jersey the possibility of
12:17 am
rainfall for the i-995 corridor, more of a possibility of a rain/snow mix. the suburbs for the north and west and poconos, snow is a possibility. we will keep an eye on the track of the storm. stick with nbc 10 we will update you throughout the week. for philadelphia, rainfall coming down. 56 degrees. humidity 87%. wind speeds from the east-southeast at nine miles an hour. as we head to tonight, temperatures are warmer than yesterday this time. as we push to tomorrow you will notice a huge difference in temperatures. 44 pock knows, 51 trenton. 50s wilmington. the map shows up 12 in philadelphia. up 13 mount holly and up 16 on the shore. rain is starting to move in. warmer air with it. we will continue to see all of the rainfall moving in to the region. as you head to tomorrow morning, you will notice most of the rainfall clearing up. by 3:00 a.m. is when the rain
12:18 am
will be the heaviest. it is sweeping outside of the window. 9:00, 10:00 we will see most of the rainfall falling off. record warmth in store as we head to monday afternoon. we will have a one-day warmup in the 70s. we drop to the 50s. average for this time of the year 53 degrees. tomorrow 72. the record 71. set back in 2007. as we head to tuesday, we drop back down to the 50s. one thing we are watching, the coastal low off the coast here. that will be wednesday. by 9:00 a.m. it will move closer to us. what will determine whether we get rain or rain/snow mix or snowfall are the different tracks. right now one of the models suggesting it will hug the coast. it will produce more snow. another model suggesting less snowfall that stays off shore. we will keep an eye but right now the models favor track one which would produce more of a
12:19 am
rain/snow mix. as we head to the rest of the night, rain heavy at times. 48 by tomorrow. a.m. showers lingering. temperatures range between 68 and 72 degrees. a big-time warmup. it will only last for the day and as we head to the next couple of days we will see temperatures dropping back down to the 50s. >> thank you. we will hear from the birds about their matchup against the doesn't like dallas. mccoy big rushing day against the titans. what does he have to say after the game? to the critics that asked him he is not the same player as la year. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. i'm john clark. the eagles beat tennessee 43-24. mccoy had his second biggest rushing day of the season. two biggest days this year are against the two worst teams, the titans and giants. shady had 53-yard run. making people miss. good to see him get going again. for as much as people say he's having a down year he's third in the nfl for rushing. he got upset when someone asked if he is the same player, the real mccoy. today he was dancing and he shut up the critics. >> obviously you guys and everybody will make their own opinions and write what they want. i'm fine with that. the guys in locker room know what is up. the running game is not going,
12:24 am
i'll take it. i'll take the blame or whatever. it doesn't matter. >> he is the type of guy who understands you have to block out a lot of what the media is saying. but it gets to the point writ can overwhelm you a bit and i think it got to him a little last week. he went out and played hard and that's the way he has all season and we gave him a chance to be successful and when had the opportunity he made the most of it. >> sanchez had the third straight game passing for over 300 yoords but will have to play better to win the division. mark threw two more interceptions today. eight turnovers in his four games as a starter. espn analyst said that he floated a lot of balls today. he said his decision making was questionable but he made good throws like the touchdown there. he said the birds have to take better care of the football.
12:25 am
they have the most turnovers in the nfl. >> maybe a couple of years ago those two interceptions would just eat away at me. i mean there's no time to worry there's time to fix it, i think this week, and really work on some of those throws when you are on the move, throws i have hit a million times. that's the most frustrating thing. i'm sure for a golfer when you make that easy four-foot putt all the day and one day flip out it is not cool. not fun. we'll get it right and i know those guys will be open again. my job to put it on them. >> now it is dallas week. the eagles are three point underdogs. thanksgiving day in dallas for the division lead against the cowboys and the cowboys a big comeback against the giants. this was good. manning to odell beckham, jr. is it the best catch you have ever seen? one handed grab. flags were thrown.
12:26 am
he caught it with a couple of fingers. athletes tweeted this may have been the best catch they have ever seen. we remind you of the one handed grab in tampa bay a couple of years ago. you make the call. all right. cowboys, down four. in the third, romo to bryant. he finds the end zone. the cowboys take the lead. the cowboys are down again. romo finds dez bryant again. romo four touchdowns and the cowboys come back 1-28. today eagles fans and the birds were already getting ready for dallas week. >> in the third quarter people are screaming about the dallas game and this thing is still going on. i was like what are they talking about, you know? >> the big we want dallas
12:27 am
chants. that was special. >> we are taking on a little bit of what the fans feel. fans dislike a team, we dislike a team. we are all in this thing together. i don't like dallas. >> i understand how serious the game is. this is essentially a playoff game. this is one for the division title. we want to win our division, repeat what we did last year. we have to go through dallas. >> we have to go in and focus a short week. a big game. famous game coming up and division game at that. add it up and it is a must-win type of game. >> it is a division. you know, we ain't worried about rest. we know what we have to do. >> playing on thanksgiving. everyone is watching. cowboys versus eagles. doesn't get much better. >> he is right. eagles coaches are watching the cowboys game, watching the film, putting together the game plan.
12:28 am
coming up in 20 minutes we will tell you why eagles defense should be worried about facing romo and the cowboys. stay tuned for that.
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we are tracking rain tonight and later week. the nbc 10 weather team issued a first alert for your holiday travel time. first rain and then record warmth. finally more rain or even snow. right now rain is moving in for the overnight hours. here's a live look outside at the ben franklin bridge. some of that rain could be heavy. meteorologist brittney shipp issued a first alert earlier tonight. what will that mean for later this week? >> that means we are giving you a heads up you could find yours in travel difficulties as you try to head wherever you need to go for thanksgiving. if you hit the roads on wednesday during the day and overnight we expect delays and wet roads. the entire area included. rain and snow is a possibility for our area.
12:32 am
we are watching a coastal system as it will work towards us by wednesday. closer look at the radar right now, you are dealing with rainfall throughout the lehigh valley to the poconos, norristown, the suburbs. a big batch of moisture is rotating toward our area. that's going to continue in to our overnight hours. by the time you head to work tomorrow we should be dealing with a few lingering showers. by the afternoon, record warmth is also on the way. 53 degrees is our average. by monday, tomorrow, 72 degrees the forecast high. a record for tomorrow, 71 degrees set back in 2007. by tuesday, we drop back down to the 50s. it is a one-day warmup. hopefully you will enjoy it as soon as the rain stops. the wakeup temperatures show it will be a mild start to the morning, 57 degrees by 6:00 a.m. look at 9:00 a.m., 63 by noon. 66 and eventually our temperatures will push to the 70s. here's what to expect. your record warmth. cooler again by tuesday and then
12:33 am
by wednesday we are tracking the possibility of rain and snow right over your travel holiday. i will let you know what to expect coming up. a live look at 30th street station. it's a busy week for holiday travel. with the wet weather coming it will be tritrickier than normal. monique braxton checked in with penndot about road improvements. >> reporter: penndot says many roads like the schuylkill are ready with projects recently completed. aaa is predicting 46.3 million people will travel this thanksgiving. that's the most since 2007. penndot says it has made numerous improvements for people driving through the keystone state between wednesday and sunday. the spokesperson points to the six lanes on route 202 between route 252 and 401. >> for motorists wanting to get to the turnpike interchange or the exchanges that is a greatly
12:34 am
improved for travel. >> reporter: those who traveled on 76 early last thanksgiving eve won't forget the deluge of water. they said that changes have been made. >> as fault material was dumped in the drains and eight feet deep. that was cleared. >> reporter: not far away on the schuylkill, penndot cited this newly stabilize rock embankment near 123. resurfacing has been done from spring garden to 30th street and near passyunk avenue. checking out i-76 we noticed piles of leaves near the drains. >> we with sweep them four days a week. >> reporter: if your holiday trip takes you to the airport, you will notice a new $47 million bridge completed since the last holiday season. he adds last winter's multiple snowstorms caused part of i-95 near 420 to break apart. it's been fixed. >> barring any type of emergency
12:35 am
situation, the roadways, travel lanes will be open. >> reporter: he also says don't expect to see any construction crews out limiting the number of travel lanes. they will be packing up early wednesday morning. along the schuylkill expressway, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. to help you prepare for your holiday travel, download the nbc 10 first alert weather app. it is a free download on our website at drivers continue to catch a break at the gas pump. good news for those hitting the road for thanksgiving. in fact, aaa says holiday gas prices will likely be the lowest in five years. the national price of regular gas has remained below $3 a gallon for 20 days. prices are below the benchmark. you will pay 2.96 in the philadelphia five-county region n. south jersey, a gallon of regular will run


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