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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  November 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the storm is here. rain is falling across parts of our region right now, and the temperatures are falling. here is a live look at a very wet cape may. the first alert radar shows the trail of rain that's moving into our area. in just a few hours, that rain will be snow. >> and here is a live look at the poconos this morning. people here will see the first snow and the most snow, 8 to 12 inches for the ski resorts there. the entire region will feel the impacts of this holiday storm. it's expected to make prethanksgiving travel even more of a headache than usual. >> and all morning long, nbc 10 will bring you new information about the timing of the storm and preparations on the roads and the rails and at the airport
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on this busy travel day. we have you covered, no worries. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we'll make sure you get that bird in the oven on time. stick with us. bill henley has his first alert forecast. already seeing rain across the area. >> rain quickly moved in first thing this morning, up from delaware and south jersey across the philadelphia area now we're seeing some rain. started off as a few sprinkles, but you can see the lens is starting to get a few rain drops on it. and look at the wind, too. that's going to bring in the colder air during the day, and that's going to change things to snow. that's why it's a first alert weather day here at nbc 10. the temperatures will be falling during the day, so rain to start with, wet snow and the coldest air will be north and west, which we're already starting to see, and that will lead to some hazardous travel with the heaviest snow for the northern and western suburbs. even the potential for power outages today. no shortage of moisture with this one as it lines up, up the east coast. so far, just rain, but we'll be watching the rain move inland.
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that steady rainfall in delaware and south jersey is just starting to inch into portions of southern chester county and into northern new castle county and delaware. you can see newark is getting some of that steadier rainfall. most of the area well above freezing, but there are some colder spots. look at pottstown at 40 degrees. and in chester county, we're seeing 41 degrees right now in coatesville, while there are some 30s. it is in the 30s right now for glenmore and chester springs, so it won't take long this morning to see the snow develop north and west. a rainy morning for the corridor, but into the noon hour, we will start to see snow and temperatures falling to 35 degrees by lunchtime. your hour-by-hour future weather in ten minutes, but right now, first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching a wet commute. good morning. >> good morning, bill. we have wet roads in portions of delaware and new jersey, even moving into philadelphia, as you had mentioned. we have one problem we're
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following out there right now, animal earlier accident on the pennsylvania turn eastbound at ft. washington. happened around midnight. it's clear, but crews are still doing cleanup and repair work and two right lanes are blocked. 95 at girard just starting to get wet roads in the area right now and no delays or accidents on 95 to report. so, that is a little bit of good news. and drive times very average, exactly what we're used to seeing at this time of the morning. 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine 13 minutes. 76 westbound, your trip from the vine out to the blue route, that's going to take you about 15 minutes. and 18 minutes on the blue route northbound from 95 to 76. tracy? >> all right, jillian, thanks. it's 4:34. let's continue to talk about the roads. road crews across the region are ready to clear a path for drivers trying to make it safely through the rain and the snow to their thanksgiving destinations. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the mid-county toll plaza in plymouth meeting, montgomery county. katy, what's penndot's strategy for this storm? >> reporter: tracy, i can tell you that penndot is keenly aware of how many drivers are relying
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on them to keep the roads safe today when this storm starts. we are here at the mid-county toll plaza. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year, and i can tell you there are definitely some drivers getting an early start on their travel plans today. there is light rain starting here. it's been off and on. now, we went yesterday to penndot's command center to find out how they're monitoring conditions. they have 300 traffic cameras that they are watching. several people in that room are watching all these traffic cameras, and as soon as the weather rolls in, they tell me they will begin treating the roads. they really hope drivers stay off the roads today with the storm, but if they don't, here's some good advice. >> the safest place for you in a snowstorm is behind a plow. you don't want to ever pass a snowplow, because our blades can be 10 feet wide, which are wider than a truck, so you might think you're clearing the truck, but you're not seeing the plow. >> reporter: and again, a live look right now at the mid-county toll plaza. coming up in the next half hour,
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i'll tell you what penndot has had their drivers do, dozens of their drivers do in the last few weeks to prepare for today's storm. reporting live in plymouth meeting, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy, thanks. here's a live picture now from terminal e at philly international airport as travelers try to get to their destinations. airport officials just tweeted there are no delays so far, but a travel advisory has been issued. so, if you're flying out today, they suggest checking your flight status and advise the same if you're picking somebody up at the airport. as this holiday storm moves through today, stay connected to our first alert updates. we'll be updating you on the air, of course, and online and on your mobile device with the free nbc 10 first alert weather app. 4:36. protesters return to the riot-scarred streets of ferguson overnight. and while the demonstrations were not as chaotic as monday night, some people still caused damage. >> yes, they're smashing the windows.
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>> there you see demonstrators breaking out the windows of a police car. they set it on fire. they also smashed windows at city hall. and hundreds of protesters faced off with police and the national guard outside the ferguson police department. 1,500 more national guardsmen were on the streets last night as compared to monday night. let's take a live look now at the streets of ferguson, and you can see it looks fairly calm in this limited view we have. some police patrolling the area there. police are still monitoring things. they told us in their 2:30 a.m. briefing that they did arrest 44 people last night during protests. now some are calling on trenton officials to bring back a tribute to michael brown. police urged workers to cover up this mural last month. it was painted near the scene of a double shooting, and they said it sent the wrong message. now two civil rights groups are asking for a meeting with the trenton downtown association to discuss the issue. new this morning, a near tragedy in the woods of pennsylvania. >> a hunter's mistake that put two teenagers in the hospital.
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and some trouble for taney. why philly's celebrated little league team is now under fire from a south jersey couple. i'm meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. rain falling in new jersey, delaware and pennsylvania, but it's not going to stay rain today as the temperatures fall. that's a rainy view from cape may. right now 39 degrees, well above freezing here at nbc 10 at 4:38. revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose.
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an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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it's a rainy start this morning. rain is coming down in the city. this is the view from the mellon bank building. temperature way above freezing for philadelphia. right now it is at 50 degrees with the wind out of the north-northeast at 16 miles an hour. the wind is going to bring in colder air, and that's going to change the rain to snow. no shortage of moisture with this system. no snow just yet, but i expect the first snow to be developing north and west of the city, and
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that's going to happen this morning. the future rain-snow shows at 7:00 this morning, just rain. by 8:00 this morning, only rain. but between 8:00 and 9:00, that's when we'll see the first snowfall start accumulating in chester county, into the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains, and it won't take long for that line to move into philadelphia. by 10:00, between 9:00 and 10:00, that's when we'll start seeing the snow, and that snow will be falling and accumulating north and west, while it's mainly rain in delaware and south jersey. in fact, periods of heavy rain for south jersey. and this rain-snow line that is hugging the i-95 corridor at 11:00 in the morning is going to be pushing off this afternoon to the north and west as we see some warmer air moving in with this system. so, it is not going to be all snowfall once the snow starts falling in philadelphia. it's going to be a mix, and that's going to limit totals in philadelphia. but north and west, that's where we're going to see significant
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snowfall, and gusty winds as well, which will bring the temperatures down. when i come back in less than ten minutes, we'll look at the predicted snow totals, latest information from the first alert storm system. and the timing of the storm making people change their travel plans for today on the roads. >> i think a lot of people were out yesterday because we were suggesting that. what's it look like now, jillian? >> a lot of people were out yesterday and right now it's still pretty quiet. this is the blue route right near the mid-county toll plaza. you can see a couple drivers on the blue route right now. that's pretty much what we're used to seeing at this hour. drive times unaffected by the additional volume on the roads, so drive time on the blue route same as every morning, 17 to 18 minutes between 95 and 76. this is southern delaware, route 1 right near route 1a outside of the delaware beaches. and you can see the roads are wet this morning, so you need to slow down, you need to leave yourself extra time and make sure you are careful. if you're taking mass transit, the only thing we have to mention right now, new jersey transit has systemwide
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cross-honoring in effect all day, so that's just something tomorrow you to keep in mind. chris? >> and our coverage of this holiday snowstorm continues next. >> the steps peco is taking to keep your power on throughout this storm. plus, booze backlash. local restaurant customers so upset about the price of cocktails, they filed a lawsuit. and 200 bucks for a 50-inch tv. $200 for a 50-inch tv. that's just one deal up for grabs on black friday. we'll have more incredible steals, ahead.
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i'm meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. rain and wind this morning. we are seeing gusty winds that will stay with us this afternoon. the rain will change to snow. right now 49 at 4:45. and on one of the busiest travel days of the year, if not the busiest, today's storm will
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make that travel slow, messy and potentially dangerous. here in the philadelphia area and throughout the mid-atlantic and new england states. officials say they do expect delays and cancellations at airports all along the east coast. we've been checking at philadelphia international. no delays at this point, but we have issued a travel advisory, meaning just be sure to call that number, 1-800-phl-gate, before you go just to check on the status of your flight. and with bill talking about this, wet snow, really heavy stuff on the way, many people are wondering about power outages. >> peco added extra staff for the storm. the wet, heavy snow, as you know, can be a drag on the trees and electrical lines. peco's not taking any chances after hundreds of thousands of people lost power for weeks last winter. you'll remember that. >> we'll have extra crews out in the field, should there be any outages that are caused by the snow that has been forecast. heavier, wetter snow can, of course, pull down trees. that could come in contact with our power lines and could impact
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service but at this time we're not expecting much of an up pangt at all. >> peco and other power companies say they have crews on standby, ready to respond if the power goes out. and hey, send us pictures of your neighborhood when the snow starts to fall, safely, if you can. e-mail them to and you might see your photos here on nbc 10 and on our website, 4:47. this morning the pennsylvania game commission is investigating a shooting in the woods of schuylkill county that left two teenagers in critical condition. it happened around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. a hunter told police he had finished hunting and he discharged the remaining bullets by firing it into the woods. he did not see the teens in the woods. he says he had no idea they were there, but he heard the screams and called police. 4:47. we have new information on the death of cooper university hospital's ceo and his wife. in the newly filed death certificate, 69-year-old joyce
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sheridan's death was ruled a homicide, but authorities have not determined what caused the death of 72-year-old john sheridan. the sheridans were found in the bedroom of their home stabbed. this was montgomery township, somerset county, on september 28th. prosecutors say their home had been intentionally set on fire. a camden county law firm is suing t.g.i. fridays for charging customers too much for drinks. the suit claims fridays left drink prices off its menus on purpose so the chain could charge whatever it wanted. the law firm said some customers complained the same drinks at the same locations were going for different prices. nbc 10 reached out to fridays for its side of the story. a spokesperson told us the lawsuit is without merit and that fridays will defend the allegations. well, black friday is not t.g.i. fridays, but black friday is still 48 hours away. shoppers don't have to wait that long, though to find great bargains. sales are going on right now, starting earlier than ever. many stores, as you know, are
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opening on thanksgiving because, well, there is a demand for it. shoppers have shown that they want to shop on thanksgiving, by and large. according to the national retail federation, nearly 26 million americans say they will or may shop on thanksgiving day. the next day those numbers will jump even more, of course. as many as 96 million americans do plan to shop on black friday. one big draw? the special deals on electronics. >> black friday's all about cheap electronics. best buy, for example, is selling a 50-inch panasonic tv for $199. target has 40-inch tvs for $119. best buy is selling a macbook air for $779. >> i'm still flipping out about that best buy. tracy's been hearing me rant about it, that tv that i paid $900 for a few years ago, $200 now. that's crazy. >> there you go. >> all right, that's out of my system. there are some items you should wait to buy later in the holiday shopping season, though. listen to this. >> winter clothing, christmas
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decorations and jewelry will probably fall in price later in the holiday season or even after christmas. those are the items that you should probably be waiting for. >> and of course, the shopping frenzy doesn't end when black friday ends. small business saturday and cyber monday are still to come. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> you don't have to wait for the rain. it's already falling. it started in cape may and it spread into philadelphia. this is the view from center city. 50 degrees. the temperature hasn't fallen yet, but it will be coming down significantly during the day. so, don't expect to use your umbrella all day. be able to shovel later on. however, except, cape may, parts of south jersey and southern delaware only going to get rain out of this. if you see snowflakes late today, they will not stick. 50 in philadelphia and northeast philadelphia, but north and west, that's where we're seeing some of the colder temperatures. right now at fair meadow farm, it's 45. chester county, brandywine airport is 46 degrees.
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we have seen temperatures drop into the 30s for glenmoore and chester springs. this is why. chester county is going to be one of the first spots to see snow. the clouds stay with us through the day. the winds are developing. that's a low pressure right there. that's going to be coming up the coast, and that is going to change things dramatically as the day goes on. we are going to see the snow develop by noontime. the snow falling north and west, while it's rain in delaware and south jersey. that rain-snow line will be hugging the i-95 corridor. and snow continues this afternoon and into this evening. look at the snow falling for allentown, reading and lancaster. as it pulls away late this evening, 11:00 tonight, look at the snow that is on the ground for areas north and west, where there is just right on the borderline, the i-95 corridor. going to be a dramatic difference in temperatures. the big winners, the ski resorts. 8 to 12 inches in the higher elevations of the pocono mountains. the lehigh valley, berks county, upper montgomery, bucks county,
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5 to 8 inches. portions of chester county could see 5 to 8 inches of snow. and the immediate suburbs, north and west of philadelphia, the i-95 corridor are in the 30 to 5-inch zone. look for 2 to 3 inches in the city, but as you go into delaware and south jersey, looks like 1 to 3 inches. and a coating or less farther to the south and east. so, later today, much of the area will get out the snow shovels and put away the umbrellas. it is 4:52. a lot of people adjusted their travel day because of the rain and snow headed our way. plus, there's still a lot of people working today, so we've got to check the roads. >> yeah, there's a lot to get through. nbc 10's jillian mele is watching it for us. >> we're dealing with a water main break in the bustleton section of philadelphia, willard street and ballard street will be blocked off. you can take lott street or hoff street to get around that. on the turnpike eastbound
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heading towards ft. washington, two right lanes are blocked as a result of an accident in the overnight hours. we have crews still out there cleaning up, so we have lane restrictions. expect to see just a tap of the brakes as you pass that direction, but we're not seeing any delays as a result of that cleanup. and this is a live look in bucks county, route 1 at pennsylvania avenue. right here by that light post, you can see that rain coming down and the roads are going to be wet. they're wet across pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. so, wherever you're going this morning, make sure you take your time, chris. >> good advice. thank you, jillian. well, the news isn't all positive for philadelphia's taney dragons. next, why a couple is suing the little league organization. plus, denying allegations of discrimination. pennsylvania state police respond to the fed's claims that the agency is not treating women right.
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i'm meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. we are tracking rain this morning. cape may, steady rain, will see
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heavy rain during the day. right now, 47 degrees at 4:55. a south jersey couple is suing philadelphia's taney dragons little league baseball team. the couple is from cherry hill and they're suing the taney youth baseball association for more than $50,000. the lawsuit claims that a ball hit 73-year-old anand kumar in the eye last year, causing long-term physical and emotional damage. neither the league nor the lawyer representing the couple have commented. taney created a sensation last summer, you'll remember, when mo'ne davis became the first female pitcher to win a little league world series game. in delaware, the city of wilmington is suing the state over its decision to close a charter school. the city filed its lawsuit against the state department of education yesterday. the department revoked the charter of the moyer academic institute last month because of low student test scores and problems with attendance and discipline. the school serves low-income students. its leaders are filing a separate lawsuit. pennsylvania says the
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federal government should get off its back when it comes to the matter of recruiting women into the state police agency. the state wants a judge to throw out a federal lawsuit involving the use of fitness tests to select new troopers. the justice department claims that the tests show a wide gap between pass rates for men and women in what amounts to employment discrimination. the state denies that that wide gap exists. three minutes before 5:00 right now. lehigh valley airport will install a huge safety improvement. thanks to federal grant money, the airport authority has awarded a contract worth nearly $13 million to build a new runway safety system. the system uses crushable concrete to stop a plane that goes off the runway. the plane's tires will sink in the concrete, slowing down the aircraft. the faa says this system has already stopped nine planes at other airports from overrunning the runway. meantime, in delaware, frontier airlines will suspend service from wilmington to orlando and tampa starting in april of next year. that effectively cuts all frontier service from new castle county airport.
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the denver-based airline has already cut flights from delaware to chicago, atlanta to detroit, ft. myers to florida and its hub in denver. happening today, president obama will continue a thanksgiving tradition by pardoning a turkey at the white house. the president will officially spare this 50-pound gobbler that you see on the right. the second turkey there, too. both of them raised in ohio. the first president to issue a turkey pardon was george h.w. bush, but the practice of sparing turkeys dates back to president abraham lincoln. >> so, both of those birds will be -- >> both of them. >> that would be awful if they brought one out to spare him and just told the other one, okay, get ready for the pan. >> the oven. also today, a lot of hot air, not just in this newsroom. the balloons for macy's thanksgiving parade will be inflated. organizers are hoping new york city will spare the worst of the snow being forecast. the weather is expected to be better in time for the big parade in midtown manhattan
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tomorrow. and you can watch that parade tomorrow morning starting at 9:00 a.m. right here on nbc 10. >> always one of my favorites. and it's the winds they worry about, right, with those huge balloons? you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 first alert weather, breaking news. >> we've issued that first alert because of this. the holiday storm moving into this region right now, and you can see it is a large system. we're looking at rain and snow on one of the busiest travel days of the year. and what you see will depend on where you are. some parts of our area, like here in cape may, will likely get rain for most of the day, but places north and west could get significant amounts of snow. temperatures are dropping and the rain will change over in just a matter of hours. and of course, that rain and snow could create some dangerous conditions on the roads on this very busy day before thanksgiving. you can count on nbc 10 to help you get through the storm and get you safely on to your thanksgiving destination. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato.
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>> and i'm tracy davidson. it's the kind of day you'd normally want to stay home, stay put, stay dry, but the day before thanksgiving not possible for a lot of people with lots of places to go and things to do. you can count on the nbc 10 first alert weather team to stay ahead of this holiday storm so you know when it's a good time to hit the roads and when you should stay put. >> bill and britney are standing by. meteorologist bill henley and brittney shipp tracking the storm, and it's already here. >> it is, and fortunately, it is just rain. so, if you have to travel right now, this may be one of the best times of day as the temperature is above freezing this morning. we will break it down neighborhood by neighborhood. brittney shipp will be handling those duties. significantly different, especially north and west today. >> absolutely. so, hour by hour, we'll let you know what to expect, when the snow's going to start and when it's going to stop. i'll have all that coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we have the rain already and wet snow will develop as those temperatures fall. the heaviest snowfall still expected to be north and west, which


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