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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  November 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, conditions are changing throughout much of our area. right now this is a live look at chester county where within the last couple of hours the rain changed over to snow. and this is a live look at the poconos. hard to see through our lens there. the rain turned to snow here just before 7:00 this morning. the area will get a significant amount of snow by the end of the day. a live look at the conditions in the lehigh valley. you can see this is route 22 at cedarcrest boulevard in allentown. it's accumulated there on the sides of the road. look at this live picture of i-95 in south philadelphia. this is one major highway in our area. penndot is working to keep it
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clear on this busy travel day. this is how it started with light rain. nbc 10 out just before 6:00 this morning. the roads were wet. drivers didn't have problems there. live team coverage of this holiday storm with reporters throughout our region covering the changing conditions. we begin with our team of first alert meteorologists. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. let's start with glenn. >> things changed very quickly this morning as was expected across the area. rain changing to heavy wet snow in some parts of the region. the heaviest snow by the end of the day, of course, will be north and west. that's where we expect the worst travel conditions and any kind of power outages as a result of this heavy wet snow. the general timing of this storm now to 1:00, snow north and west
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with rain south and east. during the afternoon, mainly snow north and west. then the changeover south and east of philadelphia and then it's tapering off by 7:00, 8:00 at night. and ending before midnight. so this is not going to be a long lasting storm. in the past hour, you can see the blue that's the snow, the green and the yellow is the rain. the darker the color, the heavier the snow is. we're not really seeing heavy snow yet. the rain/snow line across philadelphia, as is often the case. it's snowing in parts of philly and raining in others. and the storm ask a large one. we have plenty more to go. one thing that's going to help us here is the temperature. it's above freezing now. the roads have been warm. it's going to drop but not drop a lot. watch the temperatures go over the next few hours -- there's 39
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in philadelphia. you can see low to mid 30s north and west. it's going to have a hard time with the rain/snow line going into new jersey. we're also seeing the temperatures kind of hold steady. it means most of it melting on roads, but not on the sides of the roads and especially north and west. and that's where brittany sney is concentrating. >> i will break it down hour by hour for you, county by county. the poconos, lehigh valley, into the sur ushs s the poconos, lehigh valley, into the sur ushsuburbs to the north west, if we take you into noon, we will see heavier snow bands developing near allentown, quakertown, pottstown, to the north of the west chester. the rest of the afternoon, widespread heavy snowfall for allentown, quakertown,
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pottstown, down into norristown. this area is under a winter storm warning until 10:00 p.m. that means we are going to experience dangerous travel conditions. try to stay at home. we could see the snow producing power outages, also downed trees. we expect winds up to 20 miles per hour. one other thing as we get closer to 11:00 p.m., that's when we will see the snowfall tapering off and see clearing as we head into the overnight hours. coming up, i will talk about the i-95 corridor, the shore and parts of delaware and south jers jersey. glenn will be back with a full forecast. >> because of the weather, a lot of the people got an early start on their travel. how is is it looking out there? >> depending on where you are heading, you will see different traffic conditions like here. the most difficult traveling conditions are in the poconos where we are seeing the most snow, like on interstate 380 and
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route 940, in the pocono summit. you will need to take time as you head out there. as we take a look in chester county now, pennsylvania turnpike and route 100, things are drastically different depending on where you go. on route 422 in montgomery county, we are seeing a changeover in some areas as well. as we take a look throughout our area, you will see a differing -- different conditions. look at interstate 95. this is in northeast philadelphia. if you are familiar with this area, this is on the southbound side and the construction project. you can see wet roads out there, limited visibility. better than in the poconos, but still take some time and stay tuned here to nbc 10. we will get you where you need to go as safely as possible. >> thank you. we have crews out in the elements covering the storm. monique braxton is live in thorndale. tell us what it's like there.
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>> reporter: we have just learned that a school closed in anticipation of the snow arriving. the downingtown schools are closed. it's already included in their thanksgiving recess. it's pretty wet. not enough and not sticky enough and hard enough to make a snowman. the snow is coating the cars that we see here parked at the local wawa. one of the employees brought out some ice melt. he told us it's the first time this year they have had to do that. you can see there are no impediments to traffic. visibility is great. traffic is moving smoothly. we did talk to a guy who tells us he plans to head to the mountains for the thanksgiving holiday. >> west virginia, probably six-hour drive. >> reporter: have you thought about not going? >> my mom thought about us not
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leaving today because of the weather. i think we will be fine. >> it's crazy. you get off of work and try to get things done before the holidays. you want to go to the family's. two twins at home, their birthday is next month. it's a combination of everything. the snow is not helping at all. we are moving as quickly as we can. >> reporter: it's also been a busy time this morning for penndot trucks. we captured video of a penndot truck gassing up in preparation for the work they will be doing for the rest of the day. coming up in the next half hour, we talk to a private contractor who tells us how they know to stand ready when the snow arrives. live for now in thorndale, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> the snow has been falling for the last hour in montgomery county. katy zachry has been keeping an eye on the roads. she's live at the toll plaza in
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plymouth meeting with how things are on the road. tell us about it. >> reporter: earlier this morning, drivers told me they didn't mind it. now that it has turned to snow, we have very different conditions out here. it's a different story. we are along 476 right where it intersects with the pennsylvania turnpike. from what we see, the snow is not sticking. if you look over here, if you have a parked car, if you run in to the grocery store, running errands, you can see snow is quickly accumulating on your windshield. a short time ago i talked to some drivers in between their travels. what do you think about this weather? >> this is awful. >> reporter: getting out of work because of the holiday or the weather? >> a little of both. from the forecast yesterday, we will get out early today. >> i don't mind driving in the snow and bad weather. but i never drive on this wednesday any trip, because i did it once many years ago. once was enough. >> reporter: we all hear that.
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right? it was a rainy commute for the morning rush. it has turned to snow. we have seen a number of penndot plows hitting the highways, treating surfaces. they monitor 300 traffic cameras here. they look for areas that are especially snowy or icy and dispatch plows or emergency crews there. one feature that penndot offers that a lot of people may not know about is a free tow service. what that means is if they see you stranded or in some type of accident in one of their traffic cameras, they will send out a free penndot tow truck to help you safely get off the road. i can tell you, those tow trucks will all be out throughout the day today. live in plymouth meeting, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> get information on the storm delivered to your smart phone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download. get it on our website at nbc 10.kol.
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. our live team coverage continues in a moment. >> i'm tim furlong rolling through doylestown. you can see it's borderline winter wonder land. we will take you out on the roads live from storm force 10 when we come right back. >> just a couple hours ago that was all rain. conditions are changing rapidly. we continue to track the snow falling throughout parts of the area and the changeover from rain to snow in others. how much you can expect to see where you are, just ahead.
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here is a look at the radar. a sharp cutoff between rain and snow. snow is now reported even at the philadelphia international airport. a mix of rain and snow, all snow in parts of center city as well. we have got a lot of hours left. total update in a couple of minutes. our live team coverage of the storm continues now with nbc 10's tim furlong. tim, you are riding along storm force 10 which has huge snow tires. for the rest of us who don't have that, how are the roads? >> reporter: you know what? it's funny, as we drive through doylestown, you can see in front of us there's a lot of traffic. you can probably see it gets slushy, especially on the side lanes where the travel -- where the main travel lanes are, it's
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not too bad. it's wet. to the smaller side streets, we are seeing slush. look out the back as well, and you can see the snow coming down hard here. we use the term winter wonderland. but it's getting a little slushy. we're not seeing too many people salting their sidewalks here. steve will take a right down this street, past the starbucks. as we go down the side street here, it's a little more of a side street, you can see the slush over there. look on the left side of your screen. you see in the parking lanes, that's where the slush is starting to accumulate. not a lot of sidewalks salted down either. if you are out there walking, if you are out there driving, be careful. it's not a perfect situation, and it's getting worse before it gets better. again, a very pretty day out here. i did check on penndot's tweets. there are speed restrictions on some roads in penndot's system west of our area. a lot of that will start moving. stay with nbc 10.
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we will tell you about the changes coming as they come. again, only nbc 10 can take you out here to show you what it's like out here minute by minute along the roads. it's a cool tool we have. we want to keep you safe. wherever you are going, be careful. that's from storm form 10, live in doylestown, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. the timing of the storm couldn't be worse for travelers. one of the busiest travel days of the year. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at philadelphia international airport where it just started snowing there? >> reporter: that's right. it's a wet, heavy snow. that has prompted the faa to order a ground delay. the impact on travellers could be seen here at the flight board. the red marks, those are canceled flights. started at a handful and now up to two dozen. the faa ground delay is part of the faa's traffic management program to control the inflow of planes. inbound planes are held at th r
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theiring their o origin spots. people picking up or dropping off should call first and check their flight status. you can see here, this is the tsa security checkpoint at terminal e. very few people here. this is probably a good time to come and officials say if you do come, and you have to wait, don't park on the surrounding roadways. use the parking area because of the weather. if you are pulled over to the side, it could cause an accident. police are ticketing. live at the airport this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. if you are flying out today or picking somebody up, call ahead. here is the number to keep in your cell phone to check the status of a flight. cally philly international's number, 1-800-phl-gate. philadelphia's streets department has a plan ready.
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workers will seuss 70 vehicles to spread salt and crews will make sure the parade route is clear for thanksgiving morning. >> we first told you about this storm late last week. it was going to happen a day before thanksgiving. we issued the first alert sunday. this is a first alert day. rain and wet snow, some of it on the heavy side. the heaviest snow clearly north and west of philadelphia, generally north of the pennsylvania turnpike and west of the blue route. hazard out travel and power outages north and west. any place that gets over four inches of snow has the potential of some downed tree limbs. over the past three hours, well, it was just an incredible change. at 8:00 this morning, it was raining in most of the area. and then within an hour, it changed over to that blue, which is snow.
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much of south jersey and delaware is still rain. that rain/snow line is into philadelphia itself. it's not just going to keep charging toward the coast though. it may go back and forthright along that edge. chester county, almost all snow. delaware county, at least partly rain and snow. city of philadelphia, chestnut hill, it's coming down pretty good. looks like it changed over in northeast philly as well, across the river in parts of camden, gloucester counties and also burlington county. the roads are relatively warm. we are daytime, a little of the sun coming through. it would be worse if the temperature was ten degrees colder. it's coming down pretty hard. the futurecast shows at noon, that snow north and west, especially this particular model, has it mostly rain in
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philly until later this afternoon. but a couple of degrees makes a big difference. it will taper off later in the day. when it really gets light, it could change back to a mix or even a little bit of light rain. even north and west toward the end of the storm. a little bit of snow in extreme south jersey or delaware. you can see with the wind where the center of the storm is. it's a large one, but it's moving rapidly. that's going to help limit the snow totals. there's that circulation center right offshore. we get the colder air coming in. that's why we are seeing some of that green change over to snow. there's the big picture. the west winds come in tomorrow
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and keeps it a little bit cooler. for the amounts, 8 to 12 inches in the poconos. there could be some places that get actually more than that at a higher elevation. parts of the mountains in west virginia, have gotten clobbered with this. five to eight inches in the lehigh valley, upper montgomery, berks county, three to five inches just north and west of the city of philadelphia, even parts of philly could get into the three to five. one to three inches farther to the south and east. looking at the flag blowing. visibility is down. current temperature is 38. dropping down near the freezing mark by the end of the day. i should say, snow north and west, rain south and east. i got that backwards. winds up to 30 miles an hour. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow is just cold. the temperature is barely below freezing tonight.
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i don't expect widespreadizing in the morning. could be a couple icy spots north and west. friday is cold. saturday is cold. sunday, it warms up pretty nicely and into early next week as well. >> thank you, glenn. as you all know, it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. here is a live look at traffic moving along i-95. looks like it's moving fairly well there. people are more cautious. send us your photos of your storm -- of the storm in your neighborhood. e-mail the pictures to us. you just may see your pictures pop up on nbc 10 or on
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here is the latest radar. looks like about half of our area getting snow and half getting rain. the darker blues are down toward washington and baltimore. some of that will be moving up in the next few hours. the rain/snow line right over philadelphia at the moment. look how things have changed in the last three hours. it's going to be going back and forth a little bit until it decides what to do. colder air is coming down from aloft. that's what's making the change. full forecast is coming up. >> the wet heavy snow from the storm could be a drag on trees and worse electrical lines and
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that could mean power outages. peco has added staff for the storm. the company is not taking any chances after hundreds of thousands of people lost power for weeks last winter. peco and other power companies have crews on standby and they are ready to respond if the power goes out. we are tracking the storm hitting our area. here is a life look at driving conditions in bucks county. live team coverage on the effects that the storm is having on one of the busiest travel days of the year continues straight ahead.
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it's just about 11:30. back now with another look at conditions in chester county.
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this is a live look at farmdale where the snow is coming down. it changed over about two hours ago. further north and west you are, the more snow you should expect to see. the poconos will get a significant amount of snow. a live look at camelback mountain. there's heavy wet snow in the air and on the ground. we are told a few inches have already accumulated there on the ground. the snow coming down in the poconos. a live look at 380 near mount pocono on long pond road. a view of the roads on this busy travel day. a live look, drivers have an extra challenge to deal with today with the snow and the wet surfaces on the roads there. the timing of the snow and the storm, of course, could not be worse. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. just within the last 30 minutes, the snow started falling at
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philadelphia international airport. earlier this morning, the faa ordered a ground delay because of low clouds and the poor visibility at the airport. that remains in effect until later tonight. here is what it looks like in center city. it has been raining for the last few hours. some snow mixing in with the rain as well. we have live team coverage of the holiday storm with reporters throughout our region covering the changing conditions. we begin with our team of first alert meteorologists, chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it's early in the season but we have a winter storm here. the temperature just warm to prevent real widespread problems. we have a first alert weather day here for the rain and the wet snow. the heaviest snow, the biggest accumulations north and west of philadelphia and the i-95
11:31 am
corridor. hazardous travel andçó power outages to the north and west. any place that gets over four inches of snow. we have seen a bit of a change to snow in the philadelphia area. but it's mainly snow north and west of i-95 and rain south and east of i-95 with slight changes. this afternoon, the snow will get heavier in parts of the area and accumulate on grassy surfaces. the rain changing to snow south and east. then later this afternoon and into the evening, the snow tapers off and it ends during the evening hours. watch what happens in the last hour. that sharp line right there looks like it's changed to snow in new york city, changed to snow in washington, changed to snow in baltimore. just barely in all of those places. the darker blue indicates heavier snow. of course the higher elevations, you are getting the heaviest, like the poconos, for example. there's that snow in
11:32 am
philadelphia itself. much of delaware county and eastern across the river in parts of ber lung ton county getting some snow. mercer county, trenton area getting snow. it's heavy rain close to the coast. we have quite a ways to go. tremendous amounts of snow in the mountains of virginia. the temperature is above freezing across much of the area. a lot of the snow accumulating on grassy surfaces and on your cars. when it comes down real hard, it can lead to slushy roads. but as it gets lighter, the r d roads may just get wet. when everything calms down, you may have better driving conditions than early this afternoon. let's head over to brittney shipp with more on the hour by hour forecast for the area. >> especially the i-95 corridor. within last 15 minutes or so, like you mentioned, we have seen the rain switch over to wet
11:33 am
snow. you have -- we just heard a loud rumbling outside of our studio here on city avenue. that's something we will deal with throughout most of today. take it easy if you have to go anywhere. be careful as you can -- it's best to stay off the road. winter weather advisory until 10:00 p.m. here is a closer look. in the last 15 minutes, you can see the rain/snow line is to the south of the i-59 corridor. as we head into the next couple of hours, we will continue to see that pink line there, that rain/snow line continue to go to the north and to the south of the i-95 corridor. throughout today, we are going to continue to deal with the wet snowfall. by 6:00 p.m., we should see a little bit more snow into gloucester county, even northern burlington county. we will see more tapering by 7:00, 8:00. that's what's to expect if you live closer to the i-95 corridor.
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if you live closer to south jersey, if you notice our temperatures, they will stay closer to the 40s today. 40 in millville, even at 5:00. it won't be until we head into 6:00, 7:00, that you see the temperatures drop. it will see snow mixing in before eventually everything tapering off closer to 8:00, 9:00. into your overnight hours things dry up for the shore. we are still going to deal with cold conditions there. glenn will be back with a closer look at your seven-day forecast and what to expect for thanksgiving. >> thank you. i think the weather warnings and the forecast may have gotten people out of their homes and into their cars earlier for their travels. how is it looking out there? >> the good news is, it doesn't look like there's too many people on the road right now because of the conditions. we want to get you updated on the road conditions where you are traveling, starting in montgomery county. to the side, you can see some of the snow falling. it doesn't look like it's sticking on the roads.
11:35 am
you will see wet roads out there. you can see some of the snow on some of the side areas, the grassy surfaces. to the lehigh valley. interstate 78 and morganhill road, heavier snow and tougher driving conditions throughout our area. you will notice limited visibility out there as you can see here along interstate 676 in center city. just be careful as you make your way through. we have cold temperatures. the rain and snow, depending on where you are as well as that limited visibility. take it easy on the roads. in new jersey, along route 42 here with creek road, you can see strong winds out there, mostly wet on the roadways. those folks heading south may head out to the shore at this hour. you can see more of that limited visibility in the area. it looks like the roads are moving along quite nicely. >> we want to check in with our
11:36 am
crews and reporters in the elements. monique braxton is live in thorndale, chester county. it looks about the same when be saw you a half hour ago. >> reporter: it has been snowing here for about two hours. the snow is light and fluffy. less thaen inch is coating the ground. it moves with ease. it's about the same when you look at some of the cars that are stopped here at the wawa. some of them are coated with snow. others are not. we have seen a lot of contractors coming through this morning. pennsylvania route 30 is clear. visibility is great here. the road has been treated. we have seen a number of penndot trucks come through. we have been talking to people all morning and all but one told us, they are proceeding with caution as they head to visit relatives this marping giving holiday. contractors do have the plows in place. they are on alert. one told us, once the snow begins accumulating, he is busy for 24 hours. >> one to two inches.
11:37 am
we kind of stay there and maintain them. last year was tough. we were out around the clock last year. >> reporter: we watched penndot trucks gassing up, employees inspecting their trucks. a spokesperson says, penndot trucks are being dispatched, about 44 in number. he told us they have another 77 on standby. we also learned that pope john paul ii catholic school canceled in anticipation of the snow. the other schools in the area are all out for the thanksgiving holiday. they will have a lot of time to play in the snow. we will monitor the situation and keep you posted all across our viewing area. live for now in thorndale, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> you get inside the truck and turn the heat on. a live look at 176 and route 422
11:38 am
in reading. this is in berks county. doesn't look like it's snowing there. but it has accumulated there along the side of the road. the storm isn't stopping people from running those pre-thanksgivinger rands. lots of people here at cedar brook shopping center. our live team coverage continues now in storm force 10. tim furlong is checking the roads in bucks county. how do they look? >> reporter: you know what? the last time we came to you we were on 611 north of doylestown. look. this is silo hill road. this is what you are dealing with on the side roads in bucks county, central to upper bucks county. a lot of snow on this road. it's piling up. the slush is freezing up. it's a little bit tricky. we saw a guy -- we are in this big rig. we can get around easily. there are people driving smaller sedans. we have seen slipping and shimmying. if you are going out there, be very careful. it is a little bit trucky. there's potholes on this road,
11:39 am
too. you can see the snow piling up, in the areas where we are not under the trees. if there's doubt the snow is sticking to the road in this parts of bucks county, you are seeing it live. we will talk more about the situation on all the roads in the area. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim sent us this video from north wilmington. it was raining. this was a few hours ago. of course, this storm isn't limited to our area. we are seeing snow in the nation's capital as well. a live look at washington, d.c. the staff focaffolding there. e-mail pictures to us. you may just see those photos right here on air and even on our website. you can get real time weather information no matter where you are traveling this holiday with free nbc 10 first alert weather app. download it for free before you go at
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shoppers got your game plan ready? no worries. we have you covered. a look at the best deals to help you save the most on your holiday shopping. glenn. >> and thunder snow in many parts of the area with more to come. rain has changed to snow in some areas. if you haven't seen flakes yet, i will let you know if you will see them later this afternoon. that forecast is coming up.
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11:43 am
if you think you may have just heard thunder recently, you did, because we even have a lightning bolt in lower montgomery county. as we go back into maryland, we see a lot more reports of thunder snow. heavy snow in the washington and baltimore areas that are going to be moving up into our area th this afternoon. >> a live look from cape may, new jersey. it's raining at the shore. this is no day at the beach, folks. it's going to keep raining there with snow mixing in as temperatures continue to drop towards the afternoon. our live team coverage continues now. tim furlong checking the roads in bucks county.
11:44 am
tell me what commuters are having to deal with. >> reporter: slow conditions. this is harding road, leading off of 611, heading northwest. we will make our way, we decided out toward the collegeville area, it will be a little bit of a ways to get out there. if you are driving in bucks county, in and around the doylestown area, as you head up towards plumstedville, it's slick. you see what you are dealing with there. the visibility not great. look out the back. you see the car in the distance back there, the headlights. that's an suv. you will slip and slide. be careful. the sides of the road, i want to take you to the front camera. look at the side of the road there. there's a lot of slush in the gullies off the side of the road. if you swerve into that, you will take a digger into that
11:45 am
thing. you will not get out unless you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle. be careful out here as we come up on the intersection of stump road and harding road. it's pretty bad. wherever you are, be very careful. live in storm force 10 in bucks county, tim furlong. black friday is 48 hours away. shoppers don't have to wait that long to find great bargains. holiday deals with starting early. many stores are opening on thanksgiving because of the demand. according to the national retail federation, nearly 26 million americans say they will or may shop on thanksgiving day. the next day the numbers will jump even more. as much as 96 million americans plan to shop on black friday. one big draw, special deelz als tricks. >> black friday is about cheap electronics. best buy is selling a tv for 199, target has 40-inch tv for
11:46 am
119. best buy is selling a mac book air for $779. >> there are items that you should wait to buy later in the holiday shopping season. >> winter clothing, christmas decorations and jewelry will probably fall in price later in the holiday season or after christmas. those are the items that you should probably wait for. >> the shopping frenzy doesn't end when black friday ends. small business saturday and cyber monday are still to come. a new jersey lawmaker wants to make sure retail workers don't have to be away from their family on thanksgiving. he is considering a bill to prevent stores from opening before 9:00 p.m. on the holiday. more than two dozen malls and outlets in the garden state are opening thanksgiving. some of the places are opening as early as 10:00 a.m. this week's wednesday's child is a sweet and affectionate young lady. she is hoping to find a forever home. i would like to introduce you to
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natasha. natasha is a sweet and sociable 13-year-old. she loves listening to music and meeting new people. we headed out for playground fun at jake's place. >> natasha is a very affectionate and lovable young lady. she has some developmental disabilities and delays. but she is strives through those and is able to be affectionate. >> she likes going to school and loves music class. natasha has autism and has significant developmental delays. she is non-verbal but uses sign language to communicate. >> she needs direct supervision. she might need assistance with some things. her daily living, feeding. she does have dietary needs to say the least. >> a family interested in making natasha part of their life needs to have experience in working with special needs children. >> ideal family for natasha would be somebody that has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities.
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they have a lot of patience and are just as affectionate as natasha is. >> her forever family will be loving and an advocate for her needs. >> she has a lot to offer tore a family. she's affectionate and loving and able to give that back to a family who is receptive to her needs. >> she's more than ready for her forever family. >> she will really bring joy to a family's life undoubtedly. really an unconditional love that she provides. >> natasha is this week's wednesday's child. what a beautiful little girl. make the dream of a forever family come true for natasha or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. here is what you have to do. go to our website. search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. snow falling in a good bit
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of the area. the latest development, thunder. we got thunder and rain. now we got thunder and snow as the storm itself intense pifiesf the coast. the heaviest of the snow north and west. that's where the best chance of hazardous travel. we have seen some of the pictures. this is the beginning. snow -- it changed to snow a couple hours ago. we have six more hours of snow at least. maybe some power outages as well with the heavy wet snow. it's a line practically through i-95, from boston down to washington. snow on one side, rain on the the other. right on that line it's going back and forth a little bit. the other thing that you see are lightning strikes. many more of them in norm ea northeastern maryland. one in the philadelphia area.
11:50 am
a lot of people heard and reported it. there it is. but at the same time, it's going back and forth from rain to snow in lower bucks and even in philadelphia. it's going to do that as we go into the afternoon. of of bucks county seeing snow right now. the temperature fortunately is still above freezing throughout the area. it's not going to drop rapidly. we don't have cold air moving in from the west. the temperatures are dropping because of what's coming up from up there. that's why it's not going to drop really quickly. and when the precipitation gets lighter, the temperatures level off or maybe go up a little bit. even this evening as the snow lightens up, the roads may just be wet. and snow piles up on the the sides. here is the futurecast here. you can see as we go into the
11:51 am
afternoon, in some areas as it gets lighter, we get a little bit of rain mixed in. later on this afternoon, that changeover goes a little bit deeper into south jersey. it doesn't last very long. so there's going to be hardly any snow there. the center of the storm itself is offshore. the wind is on one side. there are the winds on the other. of course, on the cold side of the storm, but not quite cold enough. as that storm stays offshore, the wind continues to be out of the north. we are not getting a lot of influence from the ocean here. by later tonight and tomorrow, the west wind comes in and starts to clear us out. 8 to 12 inches in the poconos with locally higher amounts. then in the -- much of the lehigh valley, berks county, upper bucks, montgomery, northern chester, five to eight inches of snow. three to five inches in much of
11:52 am
the rest of the chester county, northern delaware county, lower montgomery, even parts of philadelphia area. much of the region, one to three. and then even less or practically nothing to the south. there you can see the flags blowing. and we've got that wet snow around. 38 now in philadelphia. we will drop to near 32 by the end of the day. snow north and west. rain to the south and east. wind gusts to 30 miles an hour. not exactly a pretty day. tomorrow, cold. way below average. the average high is 52. we are colder friday. thursday night into friday morning where the temperature may go low enough to cause icy spots. then we really warm up by sunday. we have a network of cameras covering our region during this storm. the poconos to the shore, city, the western suburbs, southern delaware, you name it.
11:53 am
everywhere in between. check out the snow cam and traffic cam on our website at
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is new. plus, ellen will test out holiday toys.
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then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, we got a team of meteorologists and reporters who are fanned out across the region. they are covering every aspect of the storm. count on nbc 10 to bring you new information on the storm and its impact on you and your holiday travel plans this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. the poconos getting hit the hardest today. this is a live look at the road conditions where routes 380 and 940 come together. this is in pocono summit, monroe county. various parts of the area, depending on where you are, you are going to get hit hard and some areas not so much. >> conditions can vary from time to time. don't let it fool you if the visibility gets good for a while and the roads are good because a little burst of snow can change things quickly. you can get the bursts with the thunder snow. you can see the lightning bolts over the last half hour. some of them in maryland.
11:57 am
that area is quickly moving up this way. we will keep on the air with it. >> thank you. thanks for watching nbc 10 at 11:00. keep it right here.
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