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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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another few hours. because there's more heavier snow that came through washington, d.c., coming through the harrisburg area. that has to come to the east as well. it's a pretty big storm as you can see, but it is moving rather quickly. the amounts of snow that have fallen so far, 6 to 8 inches already, with more to come, and northern and western areas as expected, 3 to 5 so far, again with more to come and much less toward the south and east. the storm's not over, now to my colleague sheena parveen to tell us what the storm's going to do after this time. >> like glenn just mentioned, we expect snowfalling, especially areas north and west of philadelphia. still accumulating. for the rest of your evening tonight. north and west, lehigh valley and poconos, from now until 8:00 p.m. tonight, snow keeps accumulating. closer to the 8:00 hour we see it tapering off. overnight in this area,
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possibility of slick spots on the roadways. tomorrow for thanksgiving, it will be a cold but dry day. that's the good news. along the philadelphia area, now until 8:00 p.m., mix to snow, so we do expect another area of snow to move in later, though, we expect it to taper off. 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. it will be drying out, we get cold and by thanksgiving day, we are dry and cold. from now until 8:00 p.m., this is mainly going to be rain, there will be a brief changeover toward the 8:00 hour. we could see a mix turn to snow for parts of south jersey. this will start to move out, we don't expect a lot of accumulation overnight. we stay cold in this area, for thanksgiving day, cold and dry. as far as travel is concerned. we still do not advise it through the area especially the area seeing snow, we have snow covered roads. the best bet is to wait until tomorrow morning. how much more snow can you expect 37 and also, thanks giving day forecast coming up.
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>> the poconos have the most snow so far as we look back at camel back resort there. randy gyllenhaal is in jim thorpe. >> here in some of the valleys and small towns you have enough to make a snowball, maybe even a snowman. three inches on the ground. further up in the elevations, in the mountains, especially near some ski resorts, they got 6, close to 12 inches of snow. a bad day for drivers, a good day if you own a ski resort. >> when snow starts falling, the quaint main streets, quickly turn into old winter wonderlands. >> look at the town. it's the spirit of the dickens christmas. >> here in jim thorpe, the snow in the air will bring tourists. as long as they don't get stuck driving the many backroads into town. the heavy wet snow sent a lot of
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cars into ditches today, and made it almost impossible to keep sidewalks clear. >> it's like we got about five or six inches of fresh snow. >> on the top of blue mountain, whiteout conditions. the dumping of fresh powder just in time for opening day. 11 ski trails will be running here on black friday. they're hoping for a foot of snow by the time this storm ramps up. >> we need cold weather, this is a bonus, this gets everybody remembering, hey, you can go out and have fun in the snow. >> and we talked to that ski resort around noon today. they had six inches then, can you remember they had much more right now. it's been on and off between sleet and snow. it's snowing again, it's starting to stick. at one point it was raining here in the poconos. now switching back over to snow. live in the poconos, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> this is supposed to be the big thanksgiving getaway day. let's check first alert traffic. >> christine, show us the
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biggest trouble spots. >> a lot has changed in just the past five minutes. i was going to show you this camera, there was snowfalling since the top of the newscast about 5:00 minutes ago. the snow tapered off, and this accident happened in montgomery county, there are slick conditions out there, you can see the reflection of the lights, but just be careful, there are slushy conditions, and some very wet roads out there, that can cause problems as well. on root 422 in montgomery county, you can see limited visibility out there, most of the snow is sticking to those grassy surfaces. montgomery county, the department of public safety sent out this picture on their twitter account showing secondary roads, the caption said, many of the secondary roads are more snow covered and more treacherous than the main roads because they haven't been treated as well. just be on the lookout for that. in center city, things moving along quite nicely. jim? >> nbc10 has chester and montgomery counties covered for you in this holiday storm. safety on the roads a top priority there.
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deanna durante is live in plymouth township. >> deanna, you're keeping an eye on the pennsylvania turnpike? >> we are, and we've been traveling it most of the day. take a look behind me, we're standing on ridge pike in plymouth township. we talked to officials a little while ago. they salted and pretreated these roads here, they are just wet. when we were on the turnpike, we found some spots in chester county where there were plows needed, and there was some significant snowfall. >> just off the pottstown exit of the pennsylvania turnpike, the roads are slick and packed with snow. local roads are being cleared. >> we have a lot of disappointed 7th graders, schools were closed we corporate make cookies to send to the troops. >> everybody's still around. >> salt trucks and plows standing by if needed. a typical day before
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thanksgiving would bring half a million cars and trucks to this highway. officials with the turnpike commission think word got out about the snow, so many hit the roads early or decided to skip the travel plans. >> we really encourage customers not to pass our plow trains. it's really really important. if we are snow plowing the turnpike, it's because there's snow up ahead. if you pass us, you're just going to end up in what we're trying to clear. >> with winter weather warnings already in place. the turnpike commission is urging you to slow down, take more time to get there, especially if you plan to head out tonight before the storm passes. the roads may be passable here, but you could run into problems on other secondary roads. >> the turnpike takes care of the turnpike. we plow our turnpike main line, interchanges and ramp. once you leave our system, you need to be cautious everyoand a your driving to the conditions on the roads that aren't constantly being plowed.
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>> between about 11:00 and 12:00, when the snow started falling in chester county, there were a number of fender benders between downingtown and valley forge. we checked with the turnpike main office in welcome. the worst conditions on their roads is in the scranton area, where visibility is very low. all in all, it has been a low day for accidents in that area. reporting live in plymouth township, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> and storm force 10 is on the road, bringing you up to the minute weather coverage. now, this is the most sophisticated weather system on four wheels. storm force 10 features three cameras and a portable weather station. it can go live from anywhere. >> tim furlong is manning storm force 10 along with one of our photojournalists today. >> tell us what the weather is like where you are there. >> we're in dublin, bucks county. storm force is a pretty great way to get around. there are plows out, the side streets are certainly a little
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bit of an issue, the main road here as we get back into the truck. the main roads here are the bigger issues. the side streets, rather, the main roads like 313 here in dublin. they look pretty good at this point. not too many problems, because the plows have been coming through, doing a pretty good job of cleaning it up. the snow's really been coming down in central bucks county. is it even plowable snow? in some towns it's not plowable snow. in dublin they had a coating of snow they needed to get out here and plow. they did a good job doing that. we're going to continue all afternoon driving around the roads of bucks county. some of the more heavily populated areas. we're going to let you know what the roads are like before you head out. if you don't have to head out, good for you, the roads are slippery in many spots. tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> a lot of people were planning to head out. travelers heading into
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frustrations and delays. >> lu ann cahn live at philly international. what's the situation with takeoffs and arrivals right now? >> we have a white rain mixed with a little bit of sleet. plenty of cancellations. i looked at the big board a few minutes ago. about 20 cancellations of flights departing. just because your flight was cancelled doesn't mean you're not going anywhere or not going where you need to go for thanksgiving, these guys are going to dallas. >> he's an eagles fan. >> go dallas. >> yes. >> no. >> what happened to your flights today? >> the first one was cancelled all together. so cheryl called and we got another flight. >> every plane is being deiced before takeoff. the faa declared a ground delay program because of weather and low clouds. not everyone is being delayed. it just depends on where you're going. >> orlando. >> you're on time.
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>> absolutely. >> that plane's gone. >> i'm outta here. >> if you're waiting for someone to get here, arrivals are being cancelled too. i saw about a dozen. the airport thinks things could get dicey later this afternoon. if yao flying out or expecting someone to fly in, check with your airline. >> if you are flying or picking someone up from the airport, check on flights by calling philly international's toll-free number it's 1-800-phl-gate. >> this is a busy day for the rails. amtrak alone is expected to carry three quarters of a million people. nbc10's rosemary cannes is live there. >> it sounds like what we're dealing with here at 30th street is different to what luann was
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covering. of the seven trains that are posted right now, only two of them are delayed between 15 and 30 minutes. amtrak tells me, it has nothing to do with the weather. something they typically see every day. they're expecting plenty of travelers out here in terms of the traffic outside 30th street, it's moving along just fine. the conditions that luann mentioned in our neck of the woods in center city, it's a light rain and light sleet. all things considered, things have been doing just fine in center city. >> for some passengers, it's been a crowded but smooth sailing kind of travel day. >> there's a line already right over there. >> for others like kelly phelps and her son mason, it's going to take a while before they get to grandmother's house in baltimore. >> we're stuck here. we came early because of the snow. we've been here for like two hours. yeah, sitting here waiting. and now finally it shows up,
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it's a half hour late. >> in center city, the roads were wet, but not white. umbrellas came in handy for those in town for the holiday. >> we're from decatur central high school in indianapolis, indiana, today we're touring downtown philadelphia. learning about the history. and tomorrow we're going to march in the parade. >> not the best day to be taking a tour through philly. >> it's wet today, but as long as it's dry tomorrow, we'll be fine. >> kelly and mason waited patiently and enjoids the time together. >> today's an adventure. and mason loves the train, so we're excited. >> you can see a little bit of a line here outside of 30th street, people are coming in to pick up their loved ones who are coming in on the train. but honestly, for a wednesday, rush hour, it's really typical. it isn't too bad. as i was saying, amtrak tells me in terms of the delays they've had today on their trains, it's not weather related. we're going to continue to check in with them and bring you the latest. reporting live outside of 30th
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street station, i'm rosemary connors, nbc10 news. >> we're not finished covering this weather. cydney long live in evesham township. cydney, accumulating snow not the big headache today? >> reporter: not at all. we saw some sleet and slush, but no snowfall here, and then within the last hour, it's tapered off. right now we're down do a drizzle. it's good news for the traffic moving along here on route 73. many last minute shoppers say they're grateful the roads are just wet and not covered with white snow. >> slush covered leaves coat the ground where students held on to their hoods and parents. the scheduled half day at school, a silver lining for moms and dads who have last minute thanksgiving shopping to do. chris black more with a bucket to brine the turkey in one hand, his daughter in the other.
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highway signs across the region warned drivers about the storm. despite the fact it's been drenching rain in south jersey, governor christie did declare a state of emergency. our north jersey neighbors could see as much as eight inches of snow. >> and the governor is asking all drivers statewide to use caution as more people will be out on the roads in the garden state traveling ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, perhaps right here at route 73 and 70 interchange. this is a sign as it's moving smoothly that many folks got done work and school early. live in evesham township, cydney long, nbc10 news. rain and snow won't be the only concerns on the roads tonight. state troopers and local police will also be on the lookout for drunk drivers. night before thanksgiving is traditionally a busy night for bars and drinking. many police departments will be doing extra patrols and dui checkpoints tonight as well as throughout the holiday weekend. keep your mobile device
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handy throughout the rest of this storm. you can get realtime updates with the tap of a finger. if you don't already have it, download it now, it's free, and you can go to our website to find it. we're following breaking news out of berks county. two people have been shot at a barber shop in reading. the shop is located in a strip mall at 11th and rock land streets. one of the victims right now in critical condition. the other in stable condition. police also tell us one of the victims is a child. now, nbc10 has a crew on the way, and we will keep you posted on this story. now to breaking news in south jersey. a third child shot by his mother has now died. 11-year-old alexander hariman died at the hospital a few hours ago. his brother and sister died last week. officials believe the mother shot her three children inside their home and then shot herself.
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paige died over the weekend. more breaking news to tell you about, this time it's about a lehigh valley newlywed 37 we told you about this young lady, she vanished nearly a week ago. authorities revealed moments ago, that jessica is dead. her stepfather's in custody, suspected of killing her. she disappeared last friday after leaving her job at a day care in northampton. police found her car with the keys and her cell phone about a mile away. the d.a. announced just moments ago that her stepfather shot her in his home in allen township. he then allegedly disposed of her body on the property. her stepfather's name is robert gregory graph. authorities tell nbc10 it appears sexual assault was a motive here. stay with us for a live report coming up. our first alert weather day coverage continuing now, snow's been falling in many areas
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throughout our afternoon. but it sure didn't stop people from running their errands here in drexel hill, delaware county. >> what a mess. our team of specialists is tracking this storm, including how much longer we can expect it to hang around. >> let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> we have a few more hours of the white stuff, the temperatures have helped us out here because a lot of the snow has melted. this is a large storm that's moved rapidly and covered a large area, that's why we've had travel troubles, especially from the air across a good bit of the eastern united states. plenty of snow back, well west of harrisburg. rain on the warm side right along i-95, or very close to it, just about all day, we have a little darker blues back toward baltimore, washington suburbs, so there may be a little heavier snow coming in. right now, the heaviest looks like it's coming right into delaware county and into philadelphia. lower bucks county. and then eventually into mercer
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county, new jersey, the darker blues indicating the heavier snow. so we can still get more accumulation out of this. visibility gives us an idea of how heavy the snow is, a mile in coatesville, fairly significant snow. the visibilities further to the east and the south are pretty high, so it's not so much of a problem now. the snow totals so far, up to eight inches in some of the pocono areas. four inches, allentown three inches. also four inches in sinking springs. that's in western berks county, quakertown, souderton, exton, even malvern had three inches of snow. right now, we are watching the temperatures and they are still above freezing. and sheena parveen has more on what's going to happen to them and the effect. >> that's right, glenn. i think the big question is, now, what can we expect for the rest of tonight. and going into your thanksgiving
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day. we'll start with areas north and west of philadelphia here's a look. lehigh valley, you're seeing mostly snow right now. but your temperatures are a little bit above freezing here, this is a wet snowfall. as we go through time, we see snowfalling, temperatures staying above freezing. some areas seeing heavier snow than others, by 7:00, 8:00, a lot of this tapers off. overnight tonight, we could have leftover flurries, temperatures will be staying right around freezing or below freezing in some spots. we could see some slippery areas north and west. that's where we saw the most snowfall. as we go through the i-95 corridor, temperatures above freezing. that's where the rain/snow line has been meandering around all day. we can see more snowfalling in philadelphia, around i-95 here, and that rain/snow line lingering into new jersey, until later on tonight. once this whole storm tries to move out. we can continue to see the change of snow. that's what we expect toward the end of this, and quickly
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clearing up as we go through the overnight hours. temperatures above freezing, mostly rain until 6:00. and then on the back end of this whole storm, we could see a brief changeover to snow. we do stay quite a bit above freezing here, we will continue to see some precip falling. now, as far as the highest snowfall totals, of course, the poconos, this is by the time this is all over. we expect 8 to 12 inches total. lehigh valley, 4 to 7. just north and west of philadelphia 3 to 5. closer to 1 to 2 in philadelphia. this is mainly on grassy surfaces. south jersey, delaware, we don't expect much at all, less than an inch. for tonight, as we go through tonight's forecast, we could see a slippery spot, but the rain and snow will be ending, clouds lingering, temperatures just below freezing for your north and west. cloudy and cold, we will be staying on the dryer side. temperatures colder, about the mid to upper 30s. colder than what's considered normal for this time of year, we
4:21 pm
will be drying tomorrow. cold, then as we go into the weekend, temperatures will be staying in about the 40s. a little bit of a warmup on sunday in the 50s, even going into next week. i think the thing now to watch out for is the areas that are still expected to change over to snow. still seeing snowfall. we know the roadways are covered in snow. if you have to do any traveling tonight, i would suggest to wait until later. >> that's good advice if you can wait until tomorrow. >> as this storm continues to affect the nbc10 viewing area. stay connected to our first alert updates, you can get them on tv, online and on your mobile device with the free weather app. can you download it from
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it's our holiday storm that's created a travel mess in many areas right now.
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nbc10 in ambler, montgomery county, where people had to drive through some snowy conditions. our coverage of the storm as told by you, our viewers. >> go to vince lattanzio has been monitoring the story throughout the day. >> we got great pictures from across the area. this is from andrew. a great thanksgiving picture of a pumpkin there. they're still picking around for some insects in the ground. the eagles ices out at the airport there. and then here's the snowfalling in conshohocken. you can see it's coming down at a pretty good clip there. this is a couple hours ago. we want to see your photos and videos. you can post them using the #turkeysnow. i'll be sharing more coming up in 30 minutes. vince lattanzio nbc10 news. >> i'm tracking this holiday storm and how much more of a punch it's going to pack.
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get my updated storm forecast minutes away.
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we begin this half hour with breaking news. a lehigh valley woman who vanished nearly a week ago is dead. jessica padgett's stepfather killed her. the suspect's name is robert gregory graph. just moments ago, he shot her in his home in allen township, then disposes of her body on the property. authorities tell nbc10 it appears sexual assault was a motive. padgett disappeared last friday. police found her car with the keys and her cell phone about a mile away. mitch block is at the district attorney's office right now gathering new details on this.
4:30 pm
stay with us for a live report coming up. slippery roads are a hallmark of today's holiday storm across the road in cumberland township berks county. tease been messy in philadelphia, there's been very little accumulation. nbc10 is tracking this holiday storm for you. >> we have a team of meteorologists covering the wintery weather. we also have a team of reporters across the region. >> it's been snowing for about 12 hours. still snowing right now and very cold. we have three maybe four inches. go up in elevation, i'm hearing seven inches in lake harm on me. it really depends on what your elevation was, every single road, especially the backroads here have been very wet. we've seen a number of cars and ditches and even some accidents.
4:31 pm
>> i'm deanna durante. if you know this area, butler pike, you know that at rush hour, it's going to be packed with cars. we can tell you local officials tell us, many people heeded the warning and decided to make their travel plans yesterday or wait until tomorrow morning. local roads here have been salted and crews continue to monitor the roads. trouble spots here in montgomery county are many residential areas. police ask you to take it slow on the roads out there. >> i'm tim furlong, live in storm force 10, riding through the streets of doylestown. you can see we're on main street and we're turning, the streets are looking pretty good. a lot better than they were earlier today. we're not hearing of many accidents. i keep checking with penndot's twitter feed. not many problems, you can see on the sides of the street, a
4:32 pm
lot of slush, you need to be careful as we go through tonight. everywhere we've been, there's a lot of snow, not too many road problems. >> i'm lu ann cahn at philadelphia international airport where we're still just getting a light rain, there have been a lot of cancellations today, about 60 departure cancellations and then about the same number coming in, arrives into philadelphia international. most of those cancellations going north or to the midwest. the airport is concerned that things could get a little worse this afternoon, before it gets better, so if you're flying or if you're waiting for someone, check with your airline. i'll have an update at 5:00. >> live outside of 30th street station, there's a little bit of a backup, for the middle of the week, this is pretty typical. things are moving along just fine. in terms of the trains at 30th street station, no weather delays. let's take a look at what's
4:33 pm
happening on 76. traffic is moving along just fine. in the city, we had mostly rainy conditions. there was a brief period of snow earlier today. so far, it's just wet roads out there. as the temperature drops, it may be slick, so use caution 37. i'm cydney long in evesham township, where we've yet to see any snowfall. today the worst of it has been rain and just in the last hour, it's drizzling. here's what's busy. it's colder now, and folks are out here at the grocery store getting all of those last minute trimmings for their holiday feast. it's rainy weather and wet roads out here. governor christie has issued a state of emergency asking everyone to use caution. also, any of your celebrations, if they include alcohol out here tonight, i just hung up the phone with pennsauken police and evesham township, they will have additional patrols out because the roads are wet, the dwi patrols will be out into the evening. you should consider yourself
4:34 pm
warned. we're live in evesham township, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> our team of reporters all checked in with us, tracking this holiday storm. >> we have more coming at us. >> let's go to first alert chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz, where is the snowfalling right now. >> it's mainly in pennsylvania the way it's been most of the day. this is up in the poconos. it looks like a postcard. that's a live shot, and there is snowfalling at the moment. we split the area in half. south and east it's rain, north and west, it's snow, the rain/snow line shifts a little bit during the day and into the evening, but not a whole lot. so as i'm saying, not much in new jersey or delaware. south of the border here. but there is snow well back west of harrisburg, it's not about to be over. we had one little burst of snow coming through the northern portion, going into lower bucks county, and it's whitening up a little bit.
4:35 pm
more back to the west, especially near baltimore, that's got to come in over the next couple hours, but the storm will be winding down by 8:00 or 9:00, the amounts of snow about 6 to 10 to even 12 inches in the poconos. about 3 to 5. further to the south, at least so far with more on the way. and speaking of more. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking how much more we're going to be getting. >> especially areas of north and west. we expect still more snowfall as we go at least through the next few hours before this all tapers off, here's a look at the time line north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley, poconos, you will keep seeing snowfall tapering off as we get closer to 8:00, we'll be drying out and overnight we could possible slick spots on the roadways, as far as thanksgiving is concerned. be careful if you're driving. i-95 corridor, all the way down to wilmington and delaware. until 8:00 p.m., we'll continue
4:36 pm
to see the rain/snow line lingering around 95, we're going to see a mix changing to snow shortly. overnight we dry out, we're colder and on thanksgiving, we stay cold and dry. along south jersey and delaware, you're mostly seeing rain right now, you could see a brief changeover to snow at 8:00 p.m., at that time we'll start to taper off and dry out as well. tomorrow a cold but dry day. good day tomorrow to do any traveling tonight. roadways are not great, especially the further north and west you go. we'll take a look at this evening's forecast. how much more snow you can expect and how your thanksgiving day looks. it's officially rush hour, as we know, this isn't an ordinary wednesday afternoon. >> it's a big holiday travel day, and we have bad weather out there. christine maddela tracking road conditions. >> in the past half hour we've had several incidents pop up in chester county, northbound at root 29, you can see there is an
4:37 pm
accident. this is a little better than it was 15 minutes ago. there is the right lane blocked, you can see police activity. you want to get by in that center lane, if you are heading on root 202. also, another problem here in montgomery county, root 309, this is southbound, past bethlehem pike. we have emergency crews responding to another accident. these cars are snaking by here on the left. you can see just how wet and slick those roads are in that area. admiral wilson boulevard, there is an accident, it's just outside of this camera view, we are seeing a bit of a slow down here on the eastbound side. if you're heading out and using mass transit, i'll get you updated on that, i want to let you know the new jersey state police tweeted out this a few minutes ago. 200 plus reported accidents for the new jersey state police so far, don't become a statistic. if you're riding on mass transit, we are seeing several delays out there.
4:38 pm
>> good advise. we want to see the weather where you live. so send us your snow photos. you might just see them right here on nbc10 or on our website. e-mail your photos to remember, though, be careful taking pictures. we don't want you putting yourself in harm's way for the sake of a good photo. be careful, but send them in. south jersey police released new details in the search for this missing mother. as the snow and rain continue to fall, we're checking airport and train delays and cancellations. plus, which highways are the worst for drivers right now, as we take an eye on holiday traffic. >> finding out how soon the slopes will open.
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here's our live sky cam network, giving us a bird's eye view of 30th street station in philadelphia. busy day despite the holiday storm, delays on the rails at a minimum right now. thanks to you for the storm pictures you've been sending us. >> a lot of good pictures, vince lattanzio is back, what have you found on social media
4:42 pm
since we last talked to you? >> we asked for more pictures and we got them right away. >> seven inches of snow, which is exactly what randy gillen hal said was falling in that area. jackson sent us this photo from the sky from his drone over mt. pocono there. look at all that white over the ground. this little guy is ready to do some snowboarding. doing it in his front yard there. he needs a little more snow before that. here's snowball fights in palmyra, new jersey. these guys throwing some of the snowballs around. we want you to continue sharing your images with us. we're sharing more at 5:00, and don't forget to download the nbc10 first alert weather app for the latest updates on this storm as it continues to move through. >> this holiday storm is not over yet, i'll have the latest on what's ahead coming up in a exclusive first alert 7-day forecast. a secure retirement.
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new information on a deadly crash that killed three people earlier this year. the truck driver who slammed into slower moving traffic turned himself in today. he's facing several charges, including homicide for this crash back in may. penndot officials told nbc10 at the time of the crash. the eight mile stretch of i-78 in eastern berks county sees four times the number of deadly accidents than the state average. nobody likes working on a holiday, but one new jersey lawmaker wants to make it illegal. he's considering a bill that would prevent stores from opening before 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. workers should be able to enjoy the holiday with their families without fearing for their jobs. companies should put their workers needs ahead of profits.
4:47 pm
some stores plan on opening as early as 10:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day. a holiday storm is still bh whipping through our area. the snow is coming down in our area. as people tried to finish their last minute shopping for thanksgiving in havertown. >> glenn hurricane schwartz is tracking our holiday storm every inch of the way. >> bring us the latest right now? >> renee and jim, this storm continues to strengthen there's a lot of moisture with it, temperature borderline right across i-95. you can see the last few hours, it's trying to move out, it will move out this evening, it's not going to be around tomorrow. and we're cutting it right in half. south and east, it's rain, north and west, it's snow. and a little burst of heavier snow around baltimore, some of that is going to come straight up toward chester, delaware county, and the philadelphia
4:48 pm
area, we had a little burst a little while ago. those come through very fast, so we haven't seen a lot of accumulation. look how fast that has come through. that's a one hour time lapse. you get a little burst for a little while, and that's it. we've had up to 8 inches or more in parts of the poconos. east nant memeal, chester count six inches. allentown, four inches, chaddsford 2.5 inches. there's still more to come. the temperatures are above freezing in some cases, just barely, and that has really helped us, not only letting the snow melt as it hit, even on some grassy surfaces, but, of course, it's helped on the roads as well. we're real close to that freezing mark, what's going to happen for the rest of the night? sheena parveen has that? >> that's right, some of us will continue to see snow. others will continue to see
4:49 pm
mainly rain, and then possibly a brief change over to snow. depends where you are. we will start north and west where we had the snow, the snowfall has already accumulated here, through many areas. as glenn just showed you, we have eight inches or more through parts of the poconos. temperatures slightly above freezing. feature weather shows you until 7:00 p.m., we'll expect the snow showers around this area, and we could see them lighten up by then. really tapering off as we move closer to the 8:00, 9:00 hour. temperatures still above freezing. it's the overnight hours where we could see slippery conditions. across the i-95 corridor. temperatures a little above freezing. this is where we find the rain/snow line. snow just north and west of the 95 corridor. as we go through the next couple hours, some of the snow will continue to shift into parts of new jersey or at least try to with some mixed precip. and by 7:00 p.m., you'll see that shifting even more into parts of south jersey,
4:50 pm
temperatures staying a little bit above freezing, by 9:00, we'll see this tapering off. temperatures still expected to be above freezing. along south jersey and delaware for the next couple hours, rain and we could see that quick change over to snow. only briefly, you see it here, at 7:00 p.m., not lasting long, by 9:00, it's pretty much out of the area. temperatures still staying in about the upper 30s here, so the only areas expected with slippery spots are those who have already seen the snowfalling today, mainly north and west, in the poconos we could see up to a foot in the poconos, through the lehigh valley, 4 to 7 inches, that could extend through montgomery, upper bucks county as well. north and west of philadelphia, 3 to 5 by the time this whole thing is over, some areas in chester county as well, may be seeing close to five inches, around the philadelphia area, i-95 corridor, about 1 to 2 possibly. a lot of it is melting as it hits any paved surfaces. mostly the grassy airs we're watching. closer to the shore, south
4:51 pm
jersey, delaware, we don't expect any rain. clouds linger, and north and west, a little below freezing. we could see icy spots tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, cloudy and cold, temperatures staying in the mid to upper 30s, at least we'll be dry. if you have to do any traveling on thanksgiving day, you look pretty good for that. we stay cold but this time it's going to be sunny. we'll see more sunshine as we goo into the end of the week, and your weekend. by surprised we are in the mid-50s. but i think the main thing to remember for the rest of the evening is the areas that have already been seeing the snow today. not good driving conditions. if you have to travel, either late tonight, but it's better to wait until tomorrow. >> adjust things if you can. >> certainly, yes. >> thanks, sheena. let's take a break from the weather. get ready for some oohs and aahs, an annual holiday tradition in our area, we'll show you what's new. and you can get a front row seat to the action.
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i'm tim furlong on 611 south of doylestown. the road, you can see it for yourself, it's really just wet at this point. there's a little bit of rainfalling at this point. it seems there is not much snow as we get ready to take the left here. we see some plows going by with nothing to plow. that is good as we go on. we're going to continue to follow this story. we're headed into hatboro. we'll see you in our next newscast.
4:56 pm
it is the most wonderful time of the year, the comcast holiday spectacular brings the holiday spectacular to life. it will run through new year's day. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. the phi kappa si fraternity continued a tradition today. they spent all day preparing thanksgiving meals. then they headed to serve those meals. any leftovers will go to first responders who are working on thanksgiving. how nice is that. next on nbc10 news at 5:00, our live team coverage of the holiday storm continues. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is getting new information. >> and we still have snowfalling, areas north and
4:57 pm
west of philadelphia, pretty good snowfall here, this is in camel back up in the poconos. it continues to accumulate, we've seen eight inches and more in parts of the poconos. we'll show you those snow totals and what you can expect for the rest of this evening, as well as your thanksgiving day forecast next at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
the holiday storm continues to dump snow across much of the region. many areas have seen several inches of snow on the ground. >> it's a cold wet day along the jersey shore. rain has been pelting our camera here in cape may all day long. >> i want to show you this picture. people here in the poconos loving the snow. several inches on the ground. at least eight inches of snow continues to fall. a live look at camel back ski resort. our team of reporters and photographers are all over the area, covering the holiday storm. >> we have a live report from the poconos, the lehigh valley, philadelphia, the suburbs and south jersey. now to breaking news, a sad ending to the search for a missing mother. >> nbc10's mitch blocker is live with details. what have you learned, mitch? >> the


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