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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the holiday storm continues to dump snow across much of the region. many areas have seen several inches of snow on the ground. >> it's a cold wet day along the jersey shore. rain has been pelting our camera here in cape may all day long. >> i want to show you this picture. people here in the poconos loving the snow. several inches on the ground. at least eight inches of snow continues to fall. a live look at camel back ski resort. our team of reporters and photographers are all over the area, covering the holiday storm. >> we have a live report from the poconos, the lehigh valley, philadelphia, the suburbs and south jersey. now to breaking news, a sad ending to the search for a missing mother. >> nbc10's mitch blocker is live with details. what have you learned, mitch? >> the northampton county --
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news conference where we were told jessica's stepfather has admitted to killing her and burying her body. he's been charged with her murder. state police found her body today. his house is in allen township. he's an avid hunter and -- we think this murder happened quickly. the d.a. does plan on prosecuting this case himself. >> at this time i can tell you that unfortunately we have sad news to announce today, that jessica padgett is deceased, she is the victim of a homicide. >> and we apologize for those audio difficulties, again, we will get a summary for you of exactly what took place in that news conference. details of the missing mother from lehigh county. >> we transition now to the first alert weather team. they've been tracking this storm
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for days. >> sheena parveen and glenn hurricane schwartz have up to the minute snow totals and when the storm will move out. let's get right to glenn. >> we continue to see the snow, it's mostly in pennsylvania. and this is ski big bear. we've been showing you different parts of the poconos, and it keeps snowing, and keeps piling up some places, we'll have more than a foot by the time it's over. not much in central and south jersey or much of delaware, the rain/snow line has stayed pretty close to the same area, along i-95, there's still snow back to the west. and some of that is to come through. once in a while, we get a little burst of snow, and then we get it really slacking off, it's more like flurries or sometimes it may even stop completely. but there's a big burst right around baltimore, that area is moving in right now through lancaster county, and about to go into chester county, there's still the back edge of the storm, still has some time to get here, it will be a few more
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hours before it is gone. the amounts of snow, obviously higher in the poconos where 6 to 10 inches of snow reported so far. but more on the way. three to five inches in many of the northern and western areas. upper bucks, upper montgomery and lehigh valley. one and a half to three and a half in the other areas north and west. what's going to happen for the rest of the night, sheena parveen has more on that. >> that's right, the areas seeing the snow that has already accumulated, still seeing snowfall, so we expect a little more snow in some of those spots, glenn just showed you as we go through the evening. we'll start with those areas, north and west of philadelphia, snow continues to fall, continues to accumulate, closer to the 8:00 hour, tapers off, we dry out overnight, and we could have some possible slick spots on the roadways in these areas. temperatures will be dropping just below freezing overnight. and with the slush in today, we
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could see slick spots. along the philadelphia area, the i-95 corridor until 8:00 p.m. we could see the mix change over to snow. this will continue for this evening, and then we'll start to dry out later on tonight. we stay cold overnight, and thanksgiving day will be cold and dry for any travel. if you're in south jersey and delaware, you see rain today. closer to the evening hours by about 8:00 or so, you could see a brief change over to snow, after that, we will be drying out, and cold and dry for your thanksgiving day. how much more snow are we going to see for the rest of the evening? coming up, we'll show you the snow totals for the end of this storm, when it's actually going to chore out, and how your thanks giving day looks. strayed ahead. >> most places have seen a mix of rain and snow, the poconos, they've seen snow all day long. >> randy gyllenhaal is live in the mountains for us. randy? >> reporter: they just turned on the festive lights here in the park, it's starting to feel like the season here in the poconos we've had snow for about almost
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12 hours, it's really heavy, wet snow. this is the remnants of a snowman that some of the kidses built here in the park. we got in jim thorpe maybe 3, 4 inches of snow, depending on elevation, it was much more than that. let me show you time lapse video we took, driving to blue mountain ski resort. these backroads especially are not very well paved. on the top of that mountain, blue mountain ski resort. they got close to a foot, we were there about noontime, when they already had six inches of snow, they're going to be opening up 11 trails for black friday. >> the weather's been good to us, we just need cold weather, this is a bonus. this will gets everyone remembering, hey, you can go out and have fun in the snow. >> we got a small shift over to rain, that seems to be coming back around as snow.
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whether you got 4 inches or 123 inches, that all depended on your elevation. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> and now our team coverage moves to philadelphia airport. >> how is the weather impacting travelers? >> it is. we have a steady rain here. the weather caused a ground stop, what's called a ground stop from 3:30 to 4:30. no planes were living philadelphia not everyone has been impacted. >> so far so good. >> they're headed to minneapolis, they're headed to phoenix. >> we came here this early, because i thought there were going to be problems. it doesn't look like it. >> it all depends on where you're going. many heading south experienced fewer delays today. heading up to new york and new england, definitely iffy.
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lots of cancellations in this direction. this family just arrived from detroit. >> there was a first space in between the planes, we couldn't land. add an extra 10 minutes? we hit some turbulence due to weather. they loved our pilot. they said, we were going to hit bad turbulence, and we did. we were fine. >> we lived to tell the tale. >> welcome home. >> thank you. >> i just looked at the big board, it's very spotty, can you see three flights to boston, one of them will be cancelled. three flights to detroit. one of them will be cancelled. very spotty, depending on the airport and the weather i'll continue to bring you updates live from philadelphia international. >> as we've been showing you, some roads are snow covered, some are slick. >> others are just wet. christine maddela is here with what we can expect for our commute this evening. >> we have a problem in new jersey right now, it's tough to
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see because of the precipitation on the camera lens. all the emergency vehicles out here, this is black horse pike and 295 many the intersection is shut down right now, due do this accident. no traffic is moving, i'm going to keep an eye on this, this happened about 15 minutes ago, it's going to cause some delays in that area. and this is just one of the accidents. new jersey state police tweeted about more than 200 accidents already reported on new jersey roadways so far. so you -- the new jersey state police say buckle up and go slow, if you have to go out at all. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge right now, there are speed restrictions in place. 35 miles an hour on the ben franklin bridge. there are speed restrictions in the lehigh valley and new jersey turnpike. >> thank you. parts of philadelphia have seen a mix of snow and rain. >> the weather isn't creating a lot of problems. rosemary connors is live at 30th street station. the rails are packed today? >> they are. things are moving along really fine.
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amtrak has had a few delays out at 30th street station here. nothing weather related. just usual delays they may see in the middle of the week. in terms of folks who staying at home for the holidays, today hasn't been too bad. they were home from work, they finished up on some last minute shopping. we caught up with a few of those procrastinators in the italian market. >> okay, it snowed, it's raining. it's a little slower than usual but we'll deal with it. >> the weather may be why there's still plenty of produce in the italian market. the crowds have come and gone. not all, but most did their shopping with the forecast in mind. >> i'm just picking up the last minute food for thanksgiving dinner, my potatoes, brussel sprouts and everything, and getting last minute stuff done so i can get out of this weather, actually. >> the rain don't even bother me. you have to do what you have to do. it's snowing and raining. as long as the snow ain't sticking. >> i don't care if it snows 18
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feet, i'm off tomorrow. if anything, we'll get a snow scare on top of the holiday business, it will be great. >> at hollywood meat market, the wintery mix outside is welcome and isn't stopping customers from picking up their holiday orders. >> i just picked up two turkey brea breasts. butterflied them for me, i'm going to stuff them with stuffing and roll them and slice them that way. >> the day is almost done. >> i'm still working, we're all still working. i'm trying to wrap it up and start my cooking, be with my family. >> the weather really could have been worse for those last minute shoppers in center city. i include myself in that group. in terms of the current conditions, it's gotten colder, and a little bit windier, we're starting to see a little more rain, and less of that sleet out here. reporting live, outside of 30th street station. rosemary connors, nbc10 news. >> let's go north now with the
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snow and rain. >> deanna durante, live near the pennsylvania turnpike in plymouth township. deanna? >> reporter: you take a look behind me, and you can see cars are moving along just fine, along ridge pike in plymouth township. not only have they been out here salting, neighboring townships have been out salting the roadways as well. especially after the snow has stopped. traffic moving along here, well along the pennsylvania turnpike, even in the snow packed areas. >> we need to get our son and bring him home for thanksgiving, we have everything we need except our son. >> bonnie and carl are on their first leg of a round trip from philadelphia to lancaster. >> it hasn't been too bad. it's been worse between lancaster and malvern. >> stopping along the turnpike in valley forge to clear off cars and take a break. it may look bad here, but they've seen worse. >> it's not too bad now. we stayed -- well, winchester, virginia, it was pretty bad down
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there. >> the family is heading to wayne this thanksgiving. the short sleeves are a tip-off, they came from a warmer climate. >> we're back home. we grew up here, used to it. >> we were going to get a little snow. and i was like, okay, but we went into it, and it was coming down pretty hard. >> this band enroute from philadelphia to ohio to perform in the parade, there's more snow here than back at home. a typical day before thanksgiving travel would bring a half a million travelers to the turnpike. >> make sure you're aware of the speeds, you should slow down, stay to the right, there's no reason to be passing people to the left, that's how accidents are caused. >> the turnpike crews haven't had to deploy many plows and they didn't spend much time pretreating, because the salt would have been washed away with this morning's rain. >> the turnpike commission says there's no plans to reduce speeds. >> realistic, i believe people
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are still going to be traveling today. >> even during the storm, people seemed to want to get where they want to go. they have their plans. if that's the case, again, just be as safe as you can. slow down. >> now, i just checked in again with pennsylvania turnpike commission an earlier accident near the 76 onramp has been cleared. no other major issues they tell me right now. they say the road is clear, but again, just because there's posted speed limits of 55 or 65, you may want to take it a little slower. deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> good advice. our live team coverage isn't through just yet, we're just getting started here at nbc10. take a look look at conditions in the poconos. this is why at least 8 inches of snow have fallen in some parts of the poconos. we're staying on top of it. most reporters in most places, we'll bring you the best pictures too. and i'm tim furlong, rolling through hatboro right now, in the rain. you can see it on our windshi d
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windshield. we're going to continue our all afternoon and evening tour of the areas roots after this snow has rolled through. again, it's raining right now, we're going to continue to follow the roads in the weather. when we come back. >> we want to see what's happening where you live and work. send us your holiday storm photos. it's easy, e-mail your photos to you might see them here on nbc10 or on our website.
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we are here to keep you prepared in this snow and rain. with weather conditions all across the region. you can't see it, this is actually a live look at 30th street station through the hazy camera in philadelphia. >> a lot of wet weather. >> snowflakes continuing to fall in the poconos. this is a live look at camel back ski resort where it's been snowing all day. >> this is a shot from a comcast center looking down at the city. you can barely see it, that means when you jump in your cars, you'll have a tough time seeing outside. you want to slow down if you're going to hit the roads. don't jump in your car if you don't have to. if you look behind us here in this shot of center city, can you barely see anything. don't worry, that's not in focus.
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it's because there's rain on the lens opinion storm force 10 hit the road today to show you what the driving conditions are like all across the area. >> it's the most sophisticated weather system on four wheels. nbc10's tim furlong is live in storm force 10. tim, with the wheels on storm force 10, it's easy to navigate through slick roads, wet streets. what are the conditions like where you are? >> i'll tell you what, we get a lot of people that come up to us, and take pictures. it is pretty cool, the stuff we can do. we can show you right now, what's going on on the roads. here we are, we're heading south on 611, getting ready to get back on the pennsylvania turnpike. heading westbound back toward the king of prussia area. we want to check out the turnpike and see how things are going. we've been going up and down the bucks county area, pretty much. doylesto doylestown, dublin, as we headed south, we're noticing a lot more wet roads. even on the side streets.
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so far it looks like everything is just wet at this point on the main roads, including this on ramp to the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. we're not done here today. make sure you stay with us on storm force 10. tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> we'll check back with you, of course. first alert weather team has been tracking this storm for days. >> sheena parveen and glenn hurricane schwartz, have up to the minute snow totals and when this storm will move out. >> we still have a couple hours or a few hours left. you can see the snow, there is movement, it will end this evening. there will be no leftover snow by morning. it's just not coming down hard enough to change the snow over -- the rain over to snow, in areas east of the delaware river. at least it certainly hasn't done that yet. it's starting to do it a little bit in parts of delaware now.
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northern delaware, there was rain, changing over to snow, as the back end of this starts to come through. some areas will change over to snow. and you can see every once in a while, you get a little burst of snow come through the area like there's one coming into chester county, right now west caln getting it, and new castle county about to get a burst of snow. the temperature is above freezing, and any time the precipitation getting lighter as we've been telling you all day or even yesterday. when it gets lighter, the road conditions would get better, even if it's dark. and temperatures staying above freezing so far. we'll see if it's going to continue that way, with sheena parveen, and the rest of the forecast. >> that's right, some of the areas we're watching with temperatures dropping a little below freezing tonight will be areas north and west. we could see slippery road conditions there through the overnight hours. here's a look at future weather. we'll narrow in on the poconos.
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the areas that have already seen accumulated snow. it's expected to snow here. temperatures above freezing, as we go through the next few hours, you see the snow tapering off by 8:00 tonight. still some falling until then. temperatures at that time, expected to be a little bit above freezing here. by midnight, we could see snow flurries, temperatures a little above freezing for most areas north and west. overnight is when these numbers should drop a little bit, that's when we can see slippery spots. >> slew the i-95 corridor, future weather showing possibly the rain/snow line moving into new jersey. seeing snow here with temperatures still above freezing. any accumulations would be on grassy surfaces. we're really drying out with temperatures above freezing. the rain/snow line would extend through new jersey and delaware by 8:00, 9:00 tonight. areas seeing rain right now, you could see a brief period of snow as we go through the next few hours, once the storm starts to make its way out of the area. rain/snow ending.
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temperatures a little below freezing. just above freezing around philadelphia. tomorrow for your thanksgiving day, cloudy, cold, we will be dry. a good day to travel. temperatures will be anywhere from 36 to 39 degrees. cold for your thanksgiving day, but dry. as we go into friday. we're still cold, except for sunny, more sunshine into the weekend. we will be mild by wednesday. temperatures around the 50s, for travel purposes you don't want to be driving on the snow covered roads. a majority of the accumulation happened on grassy surfaces. >> we saw storm force 10, a big vehicle right there. you saw the visibility, you don't want to get on the roads if you don't have to. >> a much better day to travel than today. >> thank you very much, guys. and here's a live look at cape may where it's been raining all day long. our live team coverage of the holiday storm continues. i'll be sharing the best videos coming up in just
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to breaking news in reading, we have our first video in from the scene of a barber shop where two people were shot. one of the victims was in critical condition. the other in stable. the shop is located in a strip mall at 11th and rock land streets. people fired several shots. officers believe the same gunman is responsible for today's shooting. nbc10 arrived on the scene a few minutes ago. stay tuned for live reports. back to the snow we've been talking about on the busiest travel day of the year. so many of you are sending in pictures of the snow and rain. >> vince lattanzio joins us with some of them.
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>> we've been getting pictures all day. >> he sent this to glenn. look at this horse running through the field in malvern, he loved the snow there. as we moved through, this is what it looked like in another part of the area. makes you want to take a trip on the backroads there. here's what it looks like in the collegeville area. snow coming down, it's a real winter wonderland. this is video from somewhere in pennsylvania. this woman says, remember 48 hours ago, when it was 73 in philadelphia? well, a lot of people wished it was still that. these are a few of the images we got. we want you to share your photos with us, i'll be showcasing more in 30 minutes. don't forget to download the free nbc10 weather app. >> it was 70 degrees, thanks for reminding us. >> that's right. our live team coverage of the holiday storm continues. whether you're headed home for work or off to your
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thanksgiving destination. the ride could be long. >> we have seen hundreds of accidents throughout our viewing area, we've seen snow, slush and raincoating the roadways. you're taking a live look at 309 in montgomery county. be careful on the roads, we'll take a look at what your travel may have in store for you, when nbc10 continues.
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now to breaking news from reading. >> two people are injured after a shooting at a barber shop. doug shimell just arrived at the scene. what have you learned? >> well, police say it was around 2:45 this afternoon, that a man in a dark colored sweatshirt with a hood on and potentially a ski mask walked into the front door, the all star hair studio and opened fire and ran. he hit two men. both taken to area hospitals, in critical and stable condition. this may be a continuation of a shooting that occurred last night, a little after 8:00, when someone put five rounds through the front window of the hair salon when there were young children inside. investigators say they believe the shooter last night, and the shooter this afternoon are the same person and detectives tell us they have some leads and they are making their way around reading to pursue those. live in reading, doug shimell nbc10 news. >> and we're following more
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breaking news out of the lehigh valley about missing mom jessica padgett. her body has been found and authorities say she has been murdered. her body was recovered on her stepfather's property. he's charged with her murder. the north hampton da says state police found her body buried in his yard today. there's a sexual component to the case, the d.a. said was still being investigated. we'll have more on this story at 6:00 p.m. >> nbc10 first alert weather, breaking news. >> snow and rain fell all day across the region. but it is all snow here in the poconos, dream come true for people there. several inches on the ground at camel back ski resort. >> the first alert weather team continues to track this storm. >> sheena parveen, and glenn hurricane schwartz, have up to the minute snow totals and when the storm will move out. jacqueline, up in the poconos, some place already
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close to a foot of snow, this is another view of camel back. they don't have to make snow for a little while, it will be cold enough for today's snow to hang around. the snow continues back across a good bit of pennsylvania. so we have a ways to go, before it is over. and as a matter of fact there's this band of heavier snow now coming into chester county. and also eastern berks county. the lehigh valley, and delaware. this is much heavier. and it's moving into central chester county, right now. in the first snow of the day in parts of kent county in delaware. and more to come, but not a lot more. as the storm starts to move to the northeast. didn't quite intensify as much as it's going to as it heads up toward maine. there it is, 6 to 8, 10 inches of snow in the poconos. 3 to 5 so far in parts of the northern and western areas. and closer in toward
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philadelphia, toward i-95, more like 1 to 3 inches. more on what is going to happen for the rest of the evening with the temperatures and the snow with sheena parveen. >> we've already seen areas with accumulating snowfall north and west, that's going to be the area that we're going to be watching for possible slippery roadways north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley, poconos. still snowfalling in these areas, expected to accumulate as we go through the rest of the evening. until it tapers off closer to 8:00 p.m. then we dry out. we could have possible slick spots. the snow is going to be better tomorrow for any thanks giving travel. along the i-95 corridor, from now until 8:00 p.m., we'll see some of this rain changing over to a wintery mix. it's already starting to do that around the philadelphia area. already seeing the snow moving in, it will be drying overnight tonight and tomorrow. a lot of the snow from the rain/snow line is starting to push into parts of new jersey and delaware. we will see a brief change of
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snow occurring in the moment in some spots. and it will be tapering off closer to 8:00 tonight. and as we go into tomorrow. so again, we are watching the storm closely as it makes its way out of the area coming up, we'll take a closer look at the timing for this evening. the snow is making travel miserable on one of the busiest days of the year. >> let's check back in with lu ann cahn. the busiest travel day of the year, luann? >> that's right, and despite the weather, flights are continuing to come and go here, i was just in terminal e, and the flood of people just arrived here, chances are many of their flights were delayed. and philadelphia international says there will be delayed flights arriving and departing throughout the night. i just checked the board, there are 19 arrival flights right now, that have been cancelled. 17 departing flights have been cancelled. and that is expected to continue. live at philadelphia international airport, lu ann cahn, nbc10 news.
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>> as we've been showing you some roads, snow covered and slick. >> others are just wet. nbc10 first alert traffic reporter is here with what you can expect for your commute. christine? >> even on the roads that are just wet, we've been seeing incident after incident, take a look here at route 202. this is the southbound ramp to route 30. this is a car fire, emergency crews are responding. it's slowing some things down, traffic is getting by on the left-hand side there, look at the lehigh valley, it looks like with a reflection of these traffic lights, the streetlights, rather, you can see the reflection, just how wet the roadways are, most have been treated. we're seeing the snow sticking on the grassy areas there. there are some speed restrictions in place, like on the ben franklin bridge. 35 miles an hour is the speed restriction there. the same goes for the new jersey turnpike, if you are traveling on the turnpike from the delaware memorial bridge,
5:36 pm
there's a speed restriction there. >> and we've been showing you storm force ten on the road today, bringing you up to the minute weather coverage. nbc10's tim furlong is live in storm force. tim? tricky storm force 10, tim, how are you? where are you conditions where you are now snp. >> you can call me storm force tim if you want. >> i might do that from now on. >> there we go. listen, you're taking a live look as we head west on the pennsylvania turnpike, we passed the 309 exit, so we're heading back toward plymouth meeting. that sort of area there. what you don't see on the road, you don't see any snow or slush on the side. it's raining, not too bad, overall visibility pretty good. a little hazy fog in the distance. there's not a lot of slush, which is what we saw up on the roads in upper bucks, near dublindoylestown. we saw a lot of slush on the roads. the pennsylvania turnpike well travelled.
5:37 pm
if you're heading west, if you go home for thanks giving, the traffic is not that bad either. you can see on the left side of your screen, the lights coming the other direction, not so bad there either in terms of the traffic. hopefully that means a lot of people got out a little bit early. they planned around when they thought it was going to be bad. when the snow was coming in, the weather forecast we've been giving you for the last two days turned out to be accurate. i think a lot of people planned accordingly to get out of the area ahead of the snow. so far so good, not too bad often the roads. be careful either way. even if we're dry. we want you to have a great thanksgiving. nbc10 news. >> you be careful too out there, we appreciate it. our live team coverage continues now, this is a look at i-95 at the girard point bridge. the roadway is wet as a mix of rain and snow continue to fall.
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as we take a look at the
5:40 pm
radar, there's a large area of snow for the first time, we're seeing some fall in parts of south jersey and delaware that haven't had it today. a little bit of snow coming into chester county. as you can see, we'll have more coming up. >> there's a state of emergency in effect due to conditions in north jersey. >> for south jersey, a soaking rain there. cydney long is live in evesham township. shoppers got a reprieve to get last minute errands accomplished. cydney? >> they got lucky. at one point earlier today, we had slush covered windshields. really no snowfall, the sideways rain and drizzle. you can see out here, take a look on route 73, the roads are wet. the rush hour has been manageable for folks in south jersey. they hope this reprieve is a sign of things to come this winter. for this teacher, crossing items off her holiday shopping list, she hopes the fact that south
5:41 pm
jersey was spared snow so far with this system is a good sign. >> i teach and we were going to school until july. >> governor christie is reminding all new jerseyians to slow down. more drivers will hit our roads for the holiday. we found many exercising caution. and just exercising. chris blackmoore got out ahead of the traffic for a bucket to brine his turkey. another silver lining for south jersey. a half day of school. it allowed parents to get things done at the whole foods in marlton. >> they're already starting to salt at our doorways here, we have the front honor service that helps the customers get to their cars quickly and safety. >> skuft service doesn't stop at the register, and the grocery chain is open tomorrow. >> we have a lot of hospitals in the area, and police officers and firemen that work those extended shifts. we want to be here to service those families as well. >> everything else arrives early, so why not the weather. i'd rather have snow to be quite
5:42 pm
honest with you, than this rain/mixy stuff. >> many scrambled to fill up their grocery carts and tires. keith williams filled up with gas for the trip to his grandmothers. >> no shopping today. i'll save that for black friday. >> if you're going to be celebrating at home or perhaps out at a restaurant this evening, police also have a warning for drivers out there tonight they tell us that their dwi patrols will be out in force, some of the towns with added patrols. they say, consider yourself warned. live in evesham township tonight, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> thanks. minutes ago, glenn pointed out snow is moving into parts of south jersey now. that's why our live team coverage continues. we want to see what's happening where you live and work. send us your holiday storm photos it it's easy to do. e-mail your photos to you might see them here on nbc or on our website,
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i'm sheena parveen, we are still watching the snowfalling through the area in some areas i haven't seen. they're seeing a change over to snow. we'll show you where the areas are. seeing the changeover and what you can expect for tonight. that's straight ahead. a secure retirement. a new home.
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let's get a live look at
5:46 pm
weather conditions across the region. this is jim thorpe pennsylvania. snow has been falling for most of the day. heavy wet snow, not the fluffy variety. >> moving south to wet rush hour, flakes mixed with rain. take it slow if you have to hit the roadways. now, we've been really happy to report, many of you sending in pictures of the snow and rain. >> you always like to take pictures of the first snowfall. vince lattanzio joins us now to look at some of those. >> we have great pictures coming across the area. nick said he had to get out there and do a little skin boarding on some of the snowy slush that was coming down. he can't feel his feet any more, but it was definitely worth it. let's keep going, this is in the suburbs of pennsylvania, alex got a pretty good little snowman there. he got a nice little face and scarf going on. this is what it looks like in exton. a lot of snow on the trees. you can see some of the branches leaning down a little bit there.
5:47 pm
thank you for sending us that. this is what it looks like in the lehigh valley. kevin sent us this picture to sheena and glenn and to nbc10. this is in strouds berg. we're going to be sharing more of your images. we will be showcasing more pictures at 6:00, and don't forget to download the nbc10 first alert weather app. keith? >> thanks very much. the first alert weather team has been tracking this storm for days. >> sheena parveen and glenn hurricane schwartz, have the up to the minute snow totals as well as when the storm will move out. glenn, we'll start with you. >> we've been talking about this storm since last friday. had the first alert out on sunday. the storm moving pretty quickly now, this is six hours worth of radar, you can see as it moves up into new england, they're getting clobbered in parts of massachusetts and maine. we have a bit of snow left before it moves ott of here. so it's not totally over with
5:48 pm
yet. and these areas of the darker blue indicating bands of heavier snow as they move through. and this one band that came through lancaster county, out in central chester, you get a quick inch out of something like this, the same band goes all the way up to the lehigh valley, and once again, get a little more accumulation. fortunately, the temperatures are just warm enough, so a lot of this is melting, we told you a degree or two can make a difference. in this case, the degree or two was on the warmer side. first snow of the day in kent county in delaware. atlantic county getting a little bit of snow. for the first time. the greatest amounts, of course, in the poconos, six inches plus. east nantmeal and chester county three. malvern in about 3.5. nazareth five and a half.
5:49 pm
sheena will update this later on tonight with final snow totals. we're barely above freezing in the areas that got accumulating snow. and we're in the mid-30s, in philadelphia we got down to 34, while it was snowing hard, and it makes a big difference how hard that know is falling from the effect of its temperatures. let's see what happens for the rest of the night. >> glenn, in the areas that have been seeing the snow all day today are still seeing the snow, like glenn just showed you on the radar, the areas that have seen rain today, are finally starting to see the changeover to snow. here's a look at future weather. had is the area that's seen most accumulations. the longest duration of snowfall today. temperatures barely above freezing, the snow as we go through the next few hours will start to taper off. closer to 8:00, 9:00 tonight. you still see those temperatures a little above freezing there, overnight tonight. they get a little colder. by early tomorrow morning, we could be dealing with slick roadways north and west.
5:50 pm
for the i-95 corridor from wilmington up to trenton. you see the snowfalling, we expect this to last for at least an hour or two longer. you see by 7:00 p.m., temperatures above freezing before it comes to an end. we will be seeing drying conditions as we go through the late hours tonight. for south jersey and delaware, you see the rain/snow line moving in as it is on radar. this is future weather, showing temperatures staying above freezing, and over the next couple hours, that rain/snow line shifts off shore, we see snow continuing in south jersey, and quickly drying up afterwards. temperatures staying above freezing in these areas through the 10:00 hour. as far as the snowfall totals are concerned for the rest of tonight. we could see anywhere from 8 to 12 by the end of this whole thing for the poconos. possibly 3 to 5 still areas north and west of philadelphia, and we could see about 1 to 2 around the philadelphia area, keep in mind this will be only grassy surfaces, most of the roadways are not going to be
5:51 pm
able to hold on to that snowfall. they're a little too warm at this time. rain and snow ending, clouds lingering, a little above freezing in philadelphia, a little below freezing north and west. that's where we could see slick spots in your morning. a great day to travel tomorrow, when you compare it to today. if you need to get on the roadways, do it early tomorrow morning. it will be cloudy and cold, it will be dry, more sun as we go into friday, into the weekend. we will be staying on the dry side, we're going to have a little bit of a dry stretch here, a chance on tuesday, possibly for some rain/snow showers. we're going to keep tracking this as we go through tonight. the areas that have not seen snow today, now changing over to snow, certainly something to keep our eye on. >> the fact that the temperatures stayed above freezing in many of the areas. that was a real difference maker. >> yeah, absolutely. >> the cold air was coming from up there. a couple degrees up there, cooler, and that would have been
5:52 pm
a lot of snow instead of rain in those areas across delaware. >> that temperature difference. >> that's why they're tricky. >> thank you very much, guys. >> let's go outside, travel up to the poconos, at least eight inches have fallen here in some parts. this is a live look at camel back ski resort, our live team coverage isn't through, we're here to keep you up to date with the latest information. count on nbc10.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
snow is moving into parts of south jersey right now. we're experiencing a rain/snow mix in delaware and philadelphia. >> taking a live look at weather conditions outside. it's a wet and icy scene in philadelphia. you can see ice and rain right there on the lens on our camera looking left. >> your thanksgiving travel plans have you going through north jersey, snow covered roads, they are to blame for one deadly crash. >> brian thompson has more on road conditions. >> traffic here on the turnpike in woodbridge, just above exit 11 is actually moving pretty well at this hour, in the evening. although there are pockets of delays further north that we've seen. and likely all up and down the turnpike, depending on the volume in that particular spot.
5:56 pm
state police are dealing with over 200 accidents so far, there was a fatality in new jersey, at least one so far reported. that was in woodbridge when two cars collided on a slippery section of highway 27 in woodbridge. the female driver about 55 years old dying p.m. the state operations center, traffic management center very busy today, calling in extra people to monitor roads across the state, to try to keep them open. they say what a few years ago would have been a two and a half hour delay, with smart traffic management, they got it down to about 40 minutes on average. in woodbridge, nbc10 news. >> just a bit further north, take a look at conditions in central new york, this is albany. the roads stayed clear, while the snow clung to the grassy areas and tree branches. >> and to our south, snow fell steadily for hours in north carolina.
5:57 pm
more snow fell west of the blue ridge mountains. >> coming up next at 6:00, continuing live team coverage on this first alert weather day. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologists are tracking the storm. glenn? >> a storm that's bringing very different results depending on where you live. it's been that way much of the day. we saw snow, rain and what you can expect tonight and thanksgiving. details ahead in my exclusive nbc10 first alert forecast. we're following breaking news. police say a missing mother was murdered. and her stepfather was the killer, they say, next on nbc10 news at 6:00, the motive officers revealed.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
tonight at 6:00, a new development in the case of a missing mother. >> jessica padgett is deceased, she is the victim of a homicide. >> her stepfather is the man who killed her and officers are revealing a disturbing motive for her murder. >> good evening, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> we begin with the storm and its impact on your thanksgiving travel plans. >> first alert radar on its way out. already dumping a foot of snow in the poconos. >> in burlington county, drivers were traveling on a wet 73.
6:00 pm
here's the video for you. the rain didn't slow traffic down all that much there. >> let's take a look at the bench franklin bridge. slippery roads are possible throughout our area tonight. we have live team coverage tonight. we're checking on conditions all around our area. and watching the impact on your travel plans. >> let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. where is the storm right now? >> it's offshore, it started to move up toward new england. you still have the snow, in the poconos, of course. camel back still getting snow, doing that all day. the rain/snow line has finally moved into new jersey and parts of delaware, the back end of the storm is also in view in western maryland. you can see the darker blue indicating a little bit heavier snow in that band that's coming through chester county now. about to go into delaware county. lower montgomery county, going to get a burst as well.


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