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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the rain didn't slow traffic down all that much there. >> let's take a look at the bench franklin bridge. slippery roads are possible throughout our area tonight. we have live team coverage tonight. we're checking on conditions all around our area. and watching the impact on your travel plans. >> let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. where is the storm right now? >> it's offshore, it started to move up toward new england. you still have the snow, in the poconos, of course. camel back still getting snow, doing that all day. the rain/snow line has finally moved into new jersey and parts of delaware, the back end of the storm is also in view in western maryland. you can see the darker blue indicating a little bit heavier snow in that band that's coming through chester county now. about to go into delaware county. lower montgomery county, going to get a burst as well. and eventually philadelphia will
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too. finally have some snow in kent county, in delaware, we'll have more for another hour. that will move over toward the jersey shore. may actually get a little bit of snow out of that. once again you see how fast that storm is moving. it will be long gone by tomorrow morning. the amounts of snow so far, well over six inches in the poconos. some places close to a foot. and 3 to 5 inches in the lehigh valley, berks county, upper portions of montgomery and bucks. a little less as you head down toward the pennsylvania turnpike. what's going to happen for the rest of the night? sheena parveen has more on that. >> depending on where you are, if you're north and west of philadelphia, you'll continue to see some snowfall as we look through the next few hours, it will taper off, we'll start here, north and west, lehigh valley, poconos 8:00 p.m., snow continues. tapering off closer to the 8:00 hour, we do dry over night, but there could be some possible
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slick spots as temperatures drop just barely below freezing. now around the i-95 corridor, the mix is changing over to snow in some parts of the i-95 area, tapering off to closer to 8:00 p.m., drying out, and we're cold for your thanks giving day. south jersey and delaware, we see that brief change over to snow. we had rain earlier, many of you in south jersey that only saw rain today, you're starting to see that change over to snow. 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., we're drying out. cold thanksgiving day, we are cold and dry, so a much better travel day as we go into tomorrow. the storm's not out of here yet, but it's making its way out. we'll continue showing you a time line of tonight's storm, and as we go into the overnight hours through your thanksgiving day, that forecast is just ahead. >> let's take a live look at campbell back mountain where the snow's still coming down. people saw nearly a foot of snow. >> by were they happy to see it. >> skiers love this stuff.
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>> randy gyllenhaal live in jim thorpe. tell us about the conditions where you are. >> this has not stopped snowing for about 12 hours, it continues to snow now, the wind is starting to pick up as it gets colder. this is that really wet gross kind of snow that makes your gloves and boots all wet. depending on what kind of elevation you were at, you may have gotten three inches, four inches like we have here or close to a foot on some of the ski resorts. >> on the top of blue mountain ski resort, you couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of you. heavy wet snow piling on to every surface. >> looks like we got about 5 or 6 inches of fresh snow since 7:00 this morning. >> nobody here is complaining because 11 ski trails are set to open black friday, in the mountains of the poconos. ski season is well underway. >> the weather's been good to us, we just need cold weather, this is a bonus, it gets everybody remembering, hey, you can go out and have fun in the
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snow. >> it's much less fun in your tiny mini-cooper gets stuck in a ditch or a go slipping and sliding down mountains. >> we were at that ski resort about noon today. they had six inches, later you can expect them to have more. it continues to snow in the poconos, we can expect another inch or two to accumulate, it is slowly winding down, this is much less than we were getting at noontime today. live in the poconos, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. from our delaware bureau, snow is am coulding down at this moment on shoppers. drivers had slushy streets there there. >> rain, sleet and slush have been more of a problem than snow, when it comes to roads. last minute shoppers tell us they're okay with that. chris christie declared a state of emergency, because people in north jersey could see as much as eight inches of snow. >> our first alert weather team told us the roads could be slippery. >> christine maddela is out
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there monitoring the conditions. >> i've been watching this incident on route 202. this is on the southbound side. the ramp to route 30. it's a vehicle fire. crews are working to clear that out of the way. the cars are getting by on the left hand lane. taking a look outside the ben franklin bridge right now, the roads are wet. there's travel restrictions -- or speed restrictions in the lehigh valley and on the new jersey turnpike, 50 miles an hour from the delaware memorial bridge up to the gw bridge. you can see the roads are mostly just wet, it's the secondary streets where you will see slushy conditions and more snow covered roads, this is a picture sent by the montgomery county department of public safety. as the temperature drops overnight, you're going to watch out for icy conditions. we have seen several delays on most of the regional rails as well as new jersey transit, make sure you check before you go. jim and renee? >> it is the day before
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thanksgiving, the airports are packed with thanksgiving travelers now. >> the weather having an impact? >> of course. and in fact, for about an hour, this afternoon, flights were grounded here. flights are coming and going right now, there are a lot of dela delays. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> happy thanksgiving. >> guess where they're going? >> dallas for the big game tomorrow. their first flight to dallas was cancelled. >> even though it was 12:10, the planes in and out that we were going to be on wouldn't be able to be here. >> they got another flight. >> the arrivals and departure boards are dotted with delays. the faa put restrictions into
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place until 10:00 p.m. most places they were taking off. like phoenix and florida. >> we've been getting e-mails all morning, i'm glad it's on target to get out of here on time. >> philadelphia international says expect delays and continued cancellations throughout the night, if you're coming and going, waiting for someone, please check with your airlines. live at philadelphia international, lu ann cahn, nbc10 news. >> storm force 10 on the streets, checking the road conditions in your neighborhood. it has three cameras and a portable weather station. tim furlong has been inside all day showing us the conditions. where are you right now? >> every now and then we have to jump out of storm force 10. it's hard to see, but it is along the road, we're going to get back on the road, and take you on ridge pike heading west toward norristown. we want to show you what's going on here. you can see there, the roads
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really at this point are just wet many and that's a good thing. in montgomery county today and bucks county, there are a bunch of accidents. we saw a few fender benders. overall, nothing major, that's a good thing. as the roads have gone through the day, in upper bucks county, we saw a lot more snow, we head south, you see more rain, which is consistent with what glenn and gina have been talking about now. the car dealership on your left there, you see the snow still on the windshields, but you can't see it on the road. it's really just a rainy night. wherever you're going, be extra careful. >> thanks, tim. nbc10 at 30th street station in center city today was crowded with travelers. amtrak saying they haven't had any delays because of the weather. so good news there. keep your mobile device handy. can you get updates with the tap of a finger. if you don't already have the app, download it now, it's free
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of charge, go to our website, now to that breaking news. a missing mother was murdered. an officer says her stepfather pulled the trigger. >> mitch blocker is live tonight in easton, pennsylvania. where police just gave a lot of insight into this case, mitch? >> reporter: jim and renee, a tragic story the day before thanksgiving, she was a mother, she was also a newlywed, and it made it more surprising when the district attorney here at the northampton county courthouse told us who he had charged with her murder. jessica's stepfather is the man behind her death. >> he did admit that he intentionally and knowingly caused the death of the victim at his home. >> he is now in custody, police and the northampton da say he shot her in the back of the head at his home in allen township. they found the body buried in
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his yard. >> we're still trying to develop the information whether there is evidence of premeditation. >> the d.a. is considering trying this case as a death penalty case. there waltz a sexual component to this crime. >> she was last scene leaving her job at a day-care center, headed to her stepfather's ho e house. you're watching continuing coverage from our first alert weather team. >> we're going to show you how some high-tech gadgets can keep you updated on the weather conditions tonight. what's next for tonight? and what could be expected for your thanksgiving. live team coverage continues with my exclusive nbc10 first alert forecast.
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checking our headlines, police are looking for the gunmen who shot two people at a barber shop in reading this afternoon. no one was hit then. >> an 11-year-old boy shot by
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his mother in burlington county died at the hospital today. his brother and sister died last week. investigators believe janine shot her three children inside the family's home in tabernacle last thursday. and then shot herself. >> taking a picture now from camel back mountain, this is in monroe county, look at that. no place likely to see snow than the poconos. this is camel back mountain, it looks like if this keeps up, snow is going to be great there this winter season. more than a foot of snowfalling there today. >> live team coverage continues with deanna durante. >> deanna, what are the conditions like where you are. >> we've had a little bit of snow, rain, more snow and rain. if you take a look, it's just raining. there's been a significant amount of road fall. the roads have been treated and on some of the major roadways.
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pen dot telling us they've had crews out all day, keeping those roads clear. >> crews spent the snowy morning clearing local and state roads in chester county. plows are working near the highway, the heaviest snow fell near downingtown, chester county, before slowing midday. this is the day the road was to see a half million vehicles instead, it's pretty clear. >> where are you going? >> philly. >> from where? >> york, p.a. >> not bad. >> where are you coming from? >> the reading area heading toward new jersey. >> if you still have traveling to do, there is help to navigate the bad conditions. the pennsylvania turnpike has a talking mobile app. you can download it to your phone. the road signs are warning you to listen to 1640, travel information is heard during the entire length of the turnpike. if you need to pull over, do it
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safely. >> stay in your vehicle, we'll probably approach you from the passenger side, ask you what the problem is, and we'll get you the help. >> now, speaking of the conditions, it has gotten much colder out here again. rain coming down, we've been talking with local municipalities. if they need to come out and resalt, it will be the police that let them know that. we've been told some of the residential areas around here, we're going to find some slick spots. reporting live in plymouth township, deanna durante. nbc10 news. >> everyone will be glad to see this move out. i think. >> except for those skiers. >> let's see how quickly this is moif moving out, by checking in with glenn. >> this is moving out pretty quickly. it's a large storm, and it's moving fast as you can see, the back end is moving very quickly up toward new england and parts of massachusetts and maine, they're going to get over a foot
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of snow out of this. there are bands of heavier snow, it's starting to change over in parts of delaware and south jersey. one of those last significant bands that came through chester county, now in upper montgomery county, coming into delaware county, get a little burst of the snow here, a little burst up in the lehigh valley. this is upper bucks county, it's going to end up in mercer county within the next hour. and first snow of the day in much of interior new jersey and in delaware as well. the snow totals don't amount to much in new jersey, except for the northern part of the state. the poconos, 6 to 8, even nearly a foot of snow, east nantmeal, chester county, four inches of snow. we'll update these tonight when the final reports come in, allentown 4 inches, malvern three and a half inches.
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temperatures barely above freezing. with the clouds, those temperatures are not going to be moving very much, had a is going to help us as well. let's see what's going to happen for the rest of the night and through the rest of the holiday weekend with sheena parveen. >> that's right, glenn. the areas that have seen the longest duration of snowfall today. still seeing the snowfalling, will be tapering off in a little while here, the areas that have not seen snow yet today, seeing snow changing over. we'll start areas north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley and poconos. this area barely above freezing. here's a look at future weather. temperatures stay above freezing by 8:00 tonight. a lot of this will be tapering off and coming to an end wednesday. temperatures dry, drop below freezing, we could have slippery spots north and west. along the i-95 corridor. you see the change over to snow currently, that stays in place, as we go over the next hour or
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two, but it starts to really taper off, temperatures just a little bit above freezing, and we dry out as we go through the overnight hours tonight. we're above freezing, you see the rain and snow line has already moved into delaware and south jersey. this snow will continue for the next hour or so. and quickly moves away by 8:00, 9:00 this evening. temperatures just above freezing. the best chance of any slippery spots will be north and west where we saw the longest duration of snow today. possibly 12 inches until this is all over with. we've already seen several inches of snow. lehigh valley, you can continue to see it amount to philadelphia. there's a chance we could see 1 to 2, mostly on grassy surfaces. as you get closer to the shore with the brief period of snow we're seeing, change over right now. for tonight, the rain and snow is coming to an end within the next couple hours. clouds linger.
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temperatures around 33. tomorrow, cloudy, cold, but dry for your thanksgiving day. if you have to do any traveling tomorrow, it would be a good day to do it. 36 to 39 for the high temperatures, will be cold. more sunshine friday. we stay cold, upper 30s, into the weekend we stay dry, around 55 degrees as we go into sunday. what a difference our weather pattern will be making. and then into next week, not too bad. temperatures staying in the 50s and 40s, i think the main thing at this point, you don't want to be traveling, especially north and west. wait until tomorrow morning if you have to. >> good advice, if you can be flexible about it. >> exactly. >> thanks for all your coverage today. eagles had to travel in this weather. i assume they made it? >> they did make it. the eagles are in dallas for thanksgiving day, their showdown with the boys is on tap. and a look at the flyers/sixers game coming up in sports.
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back to this coverage of our holiday storm. can you get too much of this scene right here? it's a beautiful shot from camel back mountain resort. they take the brunt of this storm, and it's still not over yet. >> it looks like a postcard. >> it does. >> speaking of pictures and pretty cards, we've been asking for your weather photos. boy did you respond? >> vince lattanzio is here with your view of the snow? >> we've been getting great photos all day long. let's take a look at this snow sledding situation here in conshohocken. there's just enough snow for this little guy to go down the hill in the backyard there. this is the situation that looks really nice, talk about postc d postcards, this is in green
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lane, pennsylvania. it doesn't look real. this nome is not amused. >> really? are you kidding me? it's november. we want you to keep sharing your #s with us, don't forget to download the nbc10 weather app. vince lattanzio, nbc10 news. >> live and in your living room. we're less than 24 hours from kickoff for the eagles and cowboys. emmanuel is questionable for tomorrow's game because of a groin injury. all other players are probable. james huff has been names player of the week for his touchdown in the opening kickoff in sunday's game against the titans.
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steve mason will be in the net tonight. the flyers have been shut out the last two road games. the sixers will try again. the 0-14 sixers are one loss from tying the franchise record for the worst start in team history. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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look at that snow, we all voted this is where we like to see the snow, up in the poconos. skiers certainly love it. >> not every storm is like this. where we get the most of it up in the mountains. the least amount for the south and east. it was one of those tricky storms. our latest radar shows there are some bands ready to come through. the temperature has not been dropping, and that will help. the roads will be mainly wet all night. just a couple icy spots first thing in the morning.
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>> won't get in the way of turkey day. thanks, glenn. for all of us, thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. good night. on our broadcast tonight, travel torment. sloppy roads, hundreds of flights now canceled as a messy winter storm threatens thanksgiving plans for millions. fury spreading far beyond the borders of ferguson, missouri now. protesters blocking highways, clashing with police and hundreds are under arrest from coast-to-coast ncht the gift of life from a college student to a vietnam veteran and the extraordinary moments cameras were there to capture. and holiday cheer, the trip of a lifetime for high school squads from across this country joining in the biggest thanksgiving tradition there is. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening.


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