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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a nightmare avdventure just to make it home in time. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. the snow arrived early and didn't stop until tonight for parts of our area. we have lots of coverage. we begin with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> that's right. the storm is moving away. it's taking the snow and rain with us. but new england is still seeing a lot of the snow. locally a lot of the rain and snow is moving out. maybe just a few light leftover snow showers. as far as the snowfall today is concerned, the poconos certainly saw their fair share of snow around 8 and 8 1/2 inches through much of the poconos. new tripoli saw about 6.1. so we continue to rack up the totals north and west mostly in pennsylvania. mt. pocono 8 inches there, hereford township 7 inches. so as we go into tomorrow, what's it look like? it's not gooding inggoing to b. as you wake up it will be colder, around freezing.
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by noon tomorrow still around freezing. by the afternoon we'll be in about the mid to upper 30s. but we could have slick spots on the roadways tomorrow morning. i'll show you which areas can expect that the most and how cool it will be across the area for the weekend. the snow didn't move out until about two hours ago. people in montgomery county got about two inches on the ground but the roads are clear. the salt and plow trucks will will stay out overnight just in case. george spencer joins us from harleysville. how's it looking out there, george? >> reporter: jim, not too bad and those road crews that are staying out all night will mostly be focused on trouble spots where freezing is likely. this is pretty representative of what we've been seeing. mostly the roadways are clear, although in this area most everything else is covered in snow. it seems the response to snowstorm number one has been a success. in montgomery county street
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lights even well after nightfall, you could see the snow still falling quickly. but on the streets below drivers really did have reason to give thanks. mostly drivable roads tonight, just wet. >> it's really not that bad because the plows and the salt trucks have been out. >> earlier today the conditions were definitely worse but for now they're definitely better. >> reporter: these penndot trucks spreading salt are one reason why. outside this south philly salt yard, it was mostly rain. but driving on i-76 out of the city the precipitation was almost entirely snow. >> all the roads in this district, most of them, they're reporting wet and clear. >> reporter: penndot's les toso tell us montgomery, bucks and westchester counties required the most salting and even some plowing. on the northeast extension tonight we saw this jackknifed tractor trailer and a badly damaged car. one person was injured, likely the result of slick roads, which
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penndot crews will work to minimize overnight. >> there will be a couple of trucks in each county tonight and overnight to take care of these slippery conditions. >> on these roads the season's first storm brought its annual reminders like keeping six car lengths behind penndot trucks and, for one driver, clearing off the snow-covered rear window. >> i didn't see him. i didn't see him. i bumped into him. >> poor guy remembers that the hard way. if you live in philadelphia or south jersey, the snow accumulations we're seeing out here look very different than what you're having at home. penndot tells us this particular storm really showed them how to be agile with their crew assignments and locations. we're live tonight in montgomery county, george spencer, nbc 10 news. and the most snow fell in the poconos. a live look at camelback ski resort in tannersville. more than eight inches blankets
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the slopes here. cam camelback opens friday. we're checking with crews and police. this was the scene along route 22 in allentown. you see the snow that fell in the grass but the roads are just wet there. from the lehigh valley, to south jersey. we found wet roads in mercer county. drivers seem to be getting around without any issues here. down to delaware now. check out the scene along 495 along 12th street in wilmington. wet roads here, but smooth sailing for the most part. travelers stranded for hours as the airport boards switches from delayed to canceled. airlines stopped more flights from leaving and landing tonight. denise nakano caught up with a family that got to the airport at 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: jacqueline, they're driving now their final leg of the trip instead of flying. their flight was canceled, and they did not want to get stuck at the airport. an faa imposed ground delay impacted flights into
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philadelphia international. this family saw delays, and now their airlines canceled their flight to hartford, connecticut. >> as beautiful as philadelphia is, we just didn't want to spend our thanksgiving here. >> reporter: they're driving the rest of the way. >> like to make it home in time for thanksgiving because i have a bunch of kids there waiting for me. >> reporter: brandy akins flew in from italy. she made it this far, but it's not quite far enough. >> i almost made it to harrisburg. mom's coming to get me here because there's no flights. >> reporter: thanksgiving eve brought 169 flight cancellations, 79 arriving and 88 departing. the storm and low clouds hampered air travel also causing delays to hundreds of incoming and outgoing flights. this family got through 14 hour of travel but their worries reignited when they couldn't find their luggage. >> if they can find their baggage, that would be really great. >> reporter: two hours later it arrived on the u.s. airways
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baggage carousel. good thing as they were down to one diaper between their two toddler daughters. >> we need to get the rent a car and diapers and milk. >> reporter: like other travelers inconvenienced by delays, nothing was getting them down. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: now, flights are expected to get back to normal now that the weather's improving and the faa lifted that ground delay. reporting live from philly international, i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. as we start getting more storms, get realtime weather updates using nbc 10 weather app, if you don't already have it, download it now free by going to flames forced 20 people here in chester county out of their homes this thanksgiving eve. they live in this apartment complex along east lincoln highway in coatesville. a grease fire started in the kitchen and spread to other units. crews took one person to the hospital with burns. a developing story in northampton county. tonight a mother missing for days is found murdered.
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her stepfather is now behind bars in a case with disturbing details emerging. the district attorney says gregory graf confessed he shot his stepdaughter jessica padgett in the back of the head and then buried her. nbc 10's nefertiti jaquez is joining us from northampton county. >> reporter: police say this is where they found jessica's body. they tell us that her stepfather shot her inside of the home here and then buried her in the backyard. tonight they tell us this is still an ongoing investigation as they try to determine if he also sexually assaulted her. investigators spent the evening scouring for more evidence to build their case against gregory graf. we were at the suspect's home as detectives continue to search for clues. the home along covered bridge road became a crime scene after police found jessica padgett's body. >> during an interview with investigators, he did admit that he intentionally and knowingly caused the death of the victim at his home. >> reporter: police in the
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northampton county d.a. say graf shot and killed his stepdaughter before burying her body in the yard behind the shed. >> it's really hard. she doesn't deserve what happened. >> reporter: her loved ones are having a difficult time processing the news, especially when they say graf helped them search for jessica countless times after she went missing on friday. >> the fact that this person was right under our noses and somebody that was that close to jess that could just betray the family. >> reporter: jessica was last seen leaving her job at this day care in northampton. her co-workers said she needed to go to her mom and stepfather's home to use a fax machine. a short time later police found her car outside of this dollar g general about a mile away but no sign of jessica. >> the theory was that mr. graf committed a crime, drove the victim's car there, then got in his own truck which he had brought there earlier in the morning and drove back to his residence. >> reporter: police stopped short of calling this a premeditated murder.
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however, they do tell us that jessica's mother was out of town at the time and there was a sexual component to this crime. >> this was a man around jess since she was a child. we're obviously just heartbroken. >> reporter: jessica was the mother of three and a newlywed. she had just gotten married in september. tonight her family released a statement saying in part, we're devastated by the loss of jessica and the world shines less bright today. that's the latest from northampton county. nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. we have more information about a barber shop shooting in reading. someone shot four people this afternoon. one of the victims is in critical condition. investigators believe the same gunman fired several shots into all stars hair salon and unisex hair studio last night. no one was hit in that shooting. a 78-year-old delaware woman becomes the target of a female purse snatcher. nasha brooks is charged with
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that and other crimes. she went into a dentist's office, approached her from behind and grabbed her purse. she was dragged 30 feet before witness started yelling and the suspect took off. an officer soon caught up to her. the victim is okay. posing as a philadelphia police officer to steal money. that's what investigators say christopher kiger did twice this week. he's in jail. he flashed the phony badge you see here and handcuffed the man inside a store on north broad street. investigators say he took the man's money and told him it was for evidence. police tell us they arrested him in the past for allegedly posing as a officer and a firefighter. back off back off, we want freedom freedom. >> more unrest after the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri, this group of protester protest ers tried to storm city hall. police broke up the demonstration. three were arrested. this comes two nights after a
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grand jury decided not to indict police officer darren wilson in the death of michael brown. we're finally drying out from a winter nor'easter. now which areas can expect slick roads to your holiday drive and how cold your thanksgiving day will be. then this woman busted for allegedly trying to hire an undercover police officer to kill. next, the family on her hit list and their link to her daughter. the new church in philadelphia opening its doors to feed the neighborhood.
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a third child shot by his own mother died today at cooper hospital. his brother and sister died last week. investigators in burlington county believe jeannine lepage shot the children in the family home then shot herself. she died over the weekend. authorities say they foiled a northampton county mother's plot to kill the man she believed robbed her of children.
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she met an undercover detective in phillipsburg, new jersey, last night. she agreed to pay the detective a thousand dollars to kill her daughter's ex-boyfriend along with his sister and his sister's boyfriend. investigators say that she claimed the ex-boyfriend was abusive and caused her daughter to miscarry twins years ago. today snow blanketed streets and some backyards. >> received more than a hundred viewer pictures. here's vince lattanzio with a look at what you sent us. >> we've got plenty of great photos from this preturkey day snow. take a look at this snowman that james' two brothers made. they have basketballs for ears. you know, it's really good snow packing weather for some great snowmen. take a look at earlier today in bryn mar. jim o'donnell, the first time playing in the snow.
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he looks like a happy camper there. this is what it looks like in the poconos. we got this from a guy's drone. just a great view of what the snow looked like. and right for thanksgiving. here's wild turkeys walking through a backyard in the eeston area. they were looking for some grub in the ground underneath the snow. some great pictures there. those are just a few of the photos that we got. you can see more on the nbc 10 mobile app. don't forget to download the nbc 10 first alert weather app. it's free and you can get the latest updates on weather no matter where you are. vince lattanzio, nbc 10 news. so not all bad news. some smiles there in those pictures. sheena, any travel troubles for tomorrow, though? >> yes, that's a good question, because i think thanksgiving morning we've been telling everyone try not to travel today, travel tomorrow morning. there is a chance because of the precip we saw today we could have icy spots on the roadways. a lot of this has really moved out. the storm is pushing away from
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the area. but the chance for slippery spots will be north and west of philadelphia. the lehigh valley especially the poconos and especially on untreated roads. in these areas we had a lot more snowfall and some of the snowfall actually did cover some roadways as you saw in some of the pictures in the poconos. those roadways were pretty covered, so we could have certainly slippery spots tomorrow morning. be very careful if you're driving in the morning. a few showers driving through westchester county. nothing major, maybe a few leftover sprinkles are flurries along south jersey. as we go into the trenton area, a lot is clearing out but now the snow is moving into parts of ocean county. we'll start to dry out overnight tonight. snow still falling through much of new england, bad traveling conditions still in that area. but as we go overnight, the storm will continue to move to the north and east. so most of new england will be clearing through the overnight hours tonight. temperature wise we're still a little bit above freezing. poconos now in the upper 20s. slip he spots on the roadways,
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north and west we expect it, too, because these numbers will be dropping off overnight tonight. 36 right now, allentown at reading. northeast philly and wilmington in the minute. so we will get colder into tomorrow morning. and because we stayed a little above freezing today is part of the reason why we saw such wet snow falling. here's a look at the snow totals we had from today's snowfall. in the poconos, 8 to 8 1/2 inches fell. ski resorts will be able to open thissed from. perfect conditions there for them. from the lehigh valley 8 inches to 4.8 inches in some spots closer to allentown. and the suburbs 1 to 3, maybe even 5 inches depending on where you were. in the higher elevations of chester county we saw close to 5 inches there. really depending on where you were, part of delaware county, but other areas right around 1 inch. south jersey, delaware didn't
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really see too much. here's a look at your travel forecast as we go into early tomorrow. throughout the northeast we do expect drying conditions but again those cold temperatures will be in place dry through the day tomorrow, too. but as we go into early friday morning, we'll be even colder. so you will be traveling then, it will be dry but keep in mind very cold for your thanksgiving travel. tonight the rain and snow continuing to clear. temperatures dropping a little below freezing north and west. tomorrow will be cloudy and cold for your thanksgiving day. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s but it will be dry. friday temperatures upper 30s, we'll stay dry but more sunshine. over the weekend, 41 saturday, sunday we end on a milder note. temperatures in the mid-50s, but i think the good news now locally is we're seeing the rain clearing. but just be aware that we could see icy spots on the roadways, but as far as travel across the northeast is concerned, should be fine tomorrow.
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>> got through the worst of it. >> we did. >> sheena, thanks. >> thank you. one of philadelphia's newest churches is making friends quickly in the community this holiday season. >> served up a giant thanksgiving feast tonight. keith jones reports. >> tell me what you're thinkful for. >> a dollop-sized conversation dozens of families, people going through drug rehab programs, single moms all out of the elements, no longer strangers. >> holidays are traditionally seasons where people are depressed, that their suicide rates are up. >> this pastor says this is just the start. the block church he heads is only ten weeks old. their goal, revive philly one block at a time. >> we can create an environment where people can eat together, hang out, make some friends and kind of find some life and some hope. >> it's not going to stop in port richmond. the community and the things that are happening here will spread all over the city.
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>> it's infectious. just ask the head chef. >> during the holidays, things can get tough. everyone needs a helping hand. seeing people help people, it's great. >> spreading love and hope with each full plate. mario jr. and his dad volunteered their catering company free of charge. >> it just feels good to look around and see everybody just sitting here eating, and talking to each other. some of the people don't even know each other, all of a sudden they're like best friends. >> during thanksgiving and during the holiday season, this is about people. >> keith jones, nbc 10 news. president obama took executive action today to prevent a pair of turkeys from ending up on the table. he formally pardoned the birds during the annual white house tradition. the two turkeys are named mac and cheese. we're not sure which is which. so there's no doubt both are pleased with the president's actions today. and turning to sports, i bet the sixers wish they could have some of their losses pardoned.
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wouldn't that be good, danny? >> that's not quite how it works. they tried to avoid matching the worst start in team history, believe it or not. the lead in the fourth quarter saved them from infamy. the eagles have landed. a strong contingent of fans on hand. we'll hear from the fellas coming up.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> live in your living room, the eagles touch down in dallas for tomorrow night's game against the cowboys. there was plenty of birds fans on hand. >> hey, fimy boys here. >> quite a party. the linebacker is questionable for the game with a groin injury but sounds confident he'll be able to play. >> i feel like i didn't come all the way out here to spectate. so i plan on playing. we'll see how it goes tomorrow morning. but yeah, i didn't come out here to watch. >> josh hough has been named the nfc special teams player of the week for his 107-yard kickoff
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return for a touchdown in the opening kickoff sunday against the titans. the flyers in detroit tonight. steve mason comes off a 46-save performance against the islanders. what he did for an encore tonight. claude giroux. later 2-1 detroit. red wings power play pavel datsyuk with a shot that mason never even saw. the first of two for datsyuk. flyers with their sixth straight road loss. flyers next game is friday against the rangers, you can catch that on nbc 10 at 10:00. the most losses to start a season, which is 15. hosting the nets second quarter k.j. mcdaniels in the open floor. great slam. he had a few dynamic plays. can yells for three. money. 18 points ties the game at 82. final minute nets up two with kevin garnett. we've seen this before.
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dagger. sixers lose and fall to 0-15. >> it was thrilling, you know, it was exciting to be in that part of the game. that's my first time finishing out the game. and you know the different level of intensity. >> i believe for those guys that they can't get a win to validate the work they have put in. >> well, the playoff edition of the blitz. burlington city versus palmyra. that will be our feature game saturday on the high school blitz. that's sports from all of us here, have a great thanksgiving.
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some people right now are probably preparing for thanksgiving. >> some people still preparing the food. hopefully you have everything you need before the mad rush tomorrow for whoever is open tomorrow. cloudy and cold tomorrow, 36 to 39. we will be dry. remember in the morning hours, though, we could have some slick spots especially north and west. as we go into tomorrow, we do stray dry. but it will be cold. over the weekend looks pretty good. milder on sunday. and even into next week not too bad. but the good news is the nor'easter we've been dealing with all day today, with the snow and the rain, it's really moving out of the area. we'll be drying up. icy spots possible. >> nice dry holiday.
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>> cold. >> hope you have a great thanksgiving. to all of you and all of you out there. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is coming up next. have a great day, have a great holiday. a secure retirement.
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