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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  November 30, 2014 11:30pm-12:36am EST

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once more anderson. tough to bring down. >> cris: this offensive line has got it done. let's give them credit. but c.j. anderson is finishing these runs. he is not going down. first contact, second contact. these are big guys getting their hands on him and he just runs through those tackles. now you get late in the game, the defense is tired. very, very impressive young man for an undrafted free agent. >> al: well, we just hope c.j. doesn't miss practice this week in denver. talking about jonas gray a couple of weeks ago in indianapolis for new england and then what happened. >> cris: john fox maybe would be a little more forgiving? >> al: i think so, you're right. >> cris: than our friend, bill belichick.
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of course bill belichick had a few options. >> al: he didn't miss practice, he just slept through it. since that 200-yard night on the ground at indianapolis, he has one carry for four yards and legarrette blount has joined the team. >> cris: probably has ten alarm clocks now. >> al: they snap it with a second to go on the play clock. that boot will wind up going out of bounds with 2:01 remaining at the 17 yard line. so next sunday night you've got to be with us, we'll be in san diego where the new england patriots had their winning streak snapped today at seven by green bay. "football night" starts at 7:00, 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific time. the chargers living on the edge every week, pulling out a win
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last week against st. louis and an interception at the end of the game, driving the length of the field today to knock off baltimore and staving off what would have been a late baltimore potential rally to win the game. crazy game. it does make for a better cross-country flight home, doesn't it? >> cris: oh, yeah. >> al: final play before the two-minute warning. smith sets up, gets hit as he throws, pass incomplete. the two-minute warning comes with 1:56 on the clock. denver 29, kansas city 16 on sunday night football.
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michele's interviews, bob, tony and mike. j.j. watt three offensive tds, two defensive tds in a season today for houston against the titans. tom coughlin lost three games now after leading by 18 points in the second half, including the game today in jacksonville. aaron rodgers just phenomenal everywhere, home, road, you name it. and in particular at lambeau, where he's been over the moon. second and ten at the 17 yard line. >> cris: oh, boy. >> al: and that will be a fifth sack. von miller is in there again. >> cris: well, that's a coverage
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sack right there. let's take a look down the field, chris harris doing a great job on bowe. roby on the other side. all over donnie avery. and i tell you, the one question you had about this team coming in, could they survive without aqib talib. if you're going to lose your top corner, this is a good team to lose him against because the passing game for the chiefs not able to beat them. >> al: dual sack goes half to wolf and half to miller. charles gets smothered there by brandon marshall. as the clock runs down to 1:00 and it's fourth and 19. so for kansas city now, they go into arizona where the cardinals after starting 9-1 are now 9-3.
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that's going to be a vital game for kansas city going in, in light of the fact they'll be trailing denver by two, having lost both of the head-to-head meetings and trailing san diego now by one. so on fourth and 18 and smith is going to run and go out of bounds and denver will take the ball and a couple of kneel downs will probably do it. so tom brady is more than 100 games over .500 in his career and peyton manning right now with this victory will be 176-76. >> cris: why do you get the feeling it might just be those two going at it one more time in an afc championship game? >> al: well, it wouldn't surprise anybody. >> cris: no. >> al: meanwhile that goes as a sack even though smith ran out
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of bounds and that would be demarcus ware who they give a sack to. they did. six sacks. manning tonight as ordinary as it can get through the air. 17 of 34 for 179. john fox will fly home after exchanging pleasantries with andy reid. alex smith gets ready for his trip to arizona next week and one c.j. anderson with 168 yards tonight after 167 last week. volkswagen postgame report coming up next after denver beats kansas city 29-16.
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broncos win it 29-16 at kansas city. this is one of the rare sunday nights where denver wins the game and one of the game balls does not go to peyton manning. c.j. anderson, undrafted, what a find. 167 yards last week against miami. does that one better at 168 on 32 carries. caught a touchdown pass from manning. he gets one game ball. demarcus ware had a sack and a pick. he gets the other game ball and both of them get to talk with michele. >> michele: c.j., last week it
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was 167 yards, tonight 168. how are you able to put back-to-back performances together? >> i've got to give it to the big fellas up front, man. they took it last week and made a statement. they made a statement this week and i'm just picking the right spots and following them. they get all the credit. >> michele: what about some of your moves out there? >> that's just some of the ability i have. i can't get any of those moves without getting through the line and to the second level. >> michele: player of the week last week. you got that special parking lot. do you think you keep it again? >> that's the plan. it's just competition between all of us on offense, so whoever they give it to deserves it but at the end of the day it's all about the "w" and i'm glad we got it. >> michele: let's turn to demarcus ware who had an outstanding job on defense. peyton manning told us the offense played well and the defense played well. how would you rate this one? >> this is one of those fundamentally sound games where everybody came out and played from special teams, offense and defense. this is the time of the year
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where the whole team comes together and played well. >> michele: the defense looked so energized. you guys up fronti, where did that come from? >> i think it started with the offense. they held the ball and kept us fresh on the sideline. we went out and were effective. >> michele: you indeed were effective. demarcus, congrats. bob, back to you. >> when it's this colds, postgame interviews go quickly. denver's win keeps them on top of the afc west by a game over san diego. but new england even with today's loss to the packers controls the path to the number one seed because of the fact that they defeated denver head-to-head earlier this month. cincinnati is a game and a half up in the north. indy has a two-game lead in the south. so the tightest races actually are for the wild cards where the chargers now have a one-game advantage over five teams, all of whom are 7-5. let's bring in tony dungy. tony, who do you ultimately see emerging from that wild card jumble?
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>> well, san diego has that one-game advantage you mentioned, but they have got a brutal schedule. and miami, if they can win tomorrow night, they could be the sixth team in that 7-5 jumble and that sets up a big game, miami and baltimore next week. and i look for the winner of that game to really have the edge for that second wild card spot. >> a lot of things could fall in or out of place in the next several weeks, though. we turn to the nfc. green bay and philadelphia have caught arizona at 9-3. the slumping cardinals without carson palmer host kansas city next week. then they finish with three straight divisional games, including matchups against seattle and san francisco in the final two weeks. tony, seattle visits philadelphia next week. obviously a crucial game for both teams. can the seahawks wind up winning the nfc west? >> they really can. i had pretty much counted them out two weeks ago but their defense is starting to play like
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we're used to seeing the seattle defense. this is a huge game for them. if they can go and win on the road, they have got another big game at home against san francisco the following week. but if they win this game, i would look for them to win the west. >> thanks, tony, as always. we'll turn now to mike florio of pro football talk and ask him about the big stories he's working on for tomorrow's program. >> well, bob, we're keeping a close eye on the quarterback situation in cleveland, where it could be johnny football time. johnny manziel, the rookie, got a chance to play today. he entered the game in buffalo in the fourth quarter after starter brian hoyer threw a couple of interceptions. manziel gave the offense a spark. it wasn't enough but after the game coach mike pettine said he'll look at the tape and make a decision wednesday as to whether it will be hoyer or manziel against the colts next sunday. now, for the steelers and the bengals also in the afc north with the browns, they get together for the first time this season on sunday in cincinnati and steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger apparently has an injured hand.
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he banged it today in a home loss against the saints. it was clearly bothering him throughout the game. he said after the game it's in pain but i'm told that he's confident that it will be fine. we'll keep a close eye on that hand and on the injury report as the week unfolds. >> mike, thanks. again, the final score here at arrowhead, denver 29, kansas city 16. al michaels back to wrap things up right after this. the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least, the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year.
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so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app. >> rivers drops back to pass. pass complete. eddie royal, touchdown! >> nelson, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, a slant right to left, jordy nelson, give him six!
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touchdown green bay! >> and the sunday sports report currently on nbcsn. you can switch over there when we're off the air. chris, rodney, liam mchugh, josh elliott with a look at all of today's nfl action. so next week it's to san diego where the chargers come home after a victory, a last-minute victory against baltimore and all of a sudden san diego now in very good shape with a mark of 8-4. if the season ended today they would have one of the wild card spots and the new england patriots on top in the afc east, but in a scramble now to try to get that overall number one seed. as tony mentioned with bob just a moment ago, san diego with a very tough schedule down the road. they see brady next week and then get peyton manning the following week when denver comes to san diego. that's the sunday night matchup next week, patriots at chargers. and until then, al michaels with cris collinsworth, michele
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tafoya and our entire gang, three games in eight days, take the week off, boys, we'll see you next sunday in san diego. good night from kansas city.
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a growing reward in the search for shane montgomery. as searchers spend another day trying to find the college student. good evening. the reward stands at $15,000 for the safe return of the west chester university student. he vanished after bar hopping in manayunk. we have the latest on the investigation sen why the fbi is now involved. >> reporter: fbi agents are often called to assist in the cases of missing people when people disappear under mysterious circumstances. also new today, northwest detectives tells us it is reenter viewing people who were here outside of kildares on thanksgiving eve sglit is very difficult. i want to find him and bring him
11:53 pm
home. >> reporter: his parents stand on a bridge over the canal watching the police marine unit to head in the water looking for their missing son. with each step they use sticks to clear debris and comb for clues to the disappearance of the 21-year-old west chester university senior. family members say thanksgiving eve, a bouncer asked him to leave kildars on main street after he bumped in to the table. >> he said i'm on my way out and that's the last anyone saw him. >> people that don't know the montgomerys say they are drawn here because they are concerned. >> my son met him a couple of times in high school. you know, we all sort of know each other. we have kids like this and it is a terrible, grisly sight. across the canal a search and rescue expert examines debris under the walkway on his hands
11:54 pm
and knees, but after an exhaustive two and a half hours shane isn't found. >> the love they are showing us is outstanding. we can't say enough. >> they are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to shane's whereabouts. in manayunk, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. three men are rushed to the hospital after a shooting in frankford. investigators say it appears the victims were targeted. the triple shooting could be drug related. it happened around 9:00 tonight on penn street, an area known for drug trafficking. a lone gunman walked up and opened fire. >> we got a description of one shooter. we found seven large spent shell casings on the street and sidewalk in the 4700 block of penn, which is an indication that at least seven shots were fired from a semiautomatic
11:55 pm
weapon. >> reporter: two 24-year-old men are hospitalized in critical condition. a 25-year-old man is listed as stable. the shooter is at large tonight. people traveled home from the long thanksgiving holiday weekend and a steady stream of travelers at the airport today. plenty of people stood at the ticket counter and in security lines. this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. there were no major delays. it was easier coming from chicago than getting out of here because the bags we have and the baby and car seat and stroller. in colorado fog and wind at denver international caused dozens of delays and diverted incoming flights to other cities. weather prevented the use of three runways. incoming flights were delayed an average of two hours.
11:56 pm
and you are looking live at philadelphia's 30th street station. it was a beehive of activity today. the vast majority of trains were on time or close to schedule. amtrak added extra holiday trains for the holiday weekend in certain areas of the country including the northeast corridor. >> definitely a little nervous today. it is not as crowded as i would have expected it to be. i'm surprised. >> last year, amtrak carried 754,000 passengers during the thanksgiving holiday travel period. the total is expected to be higher this year. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, we got good weather for traveling. a live look outside at i-95 in south philadelphia. the roads were dry, and the temperatures mild. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen a here and it will be even warmer tomorrow? >> in some areas it will be warmer tomorrow.
11:57 pm
today in the mid-50s. some areas around 60. we have a temperature difference even now. through the lehigh valley in the mid-30s. cold in allentown, but in northeast philly near 60 at this hour. we are warmer right now than we were this afternoon. still mild through south jersey and delaware. again those coldest spots are in parts of the lehigh valley at the moment. tomorrow morning, it depends where you are but most of the area in the 50s. by 8:00 in the morning, dry, mid-50s. by 9:00, mid-50s and by noon closer to that 60 degree mark. we have a chance of showers that will move in. some of us could see rain and snow showers. coming up, i will show you the timing on that and cooler air on the way, too. that's straight ahead. another step forward tonight as philadelphia prepares to welcome the pope next year. archbishop celebrated his first mass in center zins city since the pope announced he will come
11:58 pm
to the world meeting of families. denise, it was a special occasion here tonight for area catholics. many came by the bus load with their parish or some other families it was their first visit to the basilica. for allison darby it is a precursor for a joyous and historic moment in her life. >> the holy father is coming next year and we want to get ready for that. i was flat out excited to be here tonight. >> reporter: as were the faithful who were among the first to hear this. ♪ sound the bell of holy freedom. the brand new and official hymn written for the world meeting of families. it comes as pope francis returned to the vatican after a weekend visit to turkey. he called on muslim leerds to condemn terrorism as he works to promote unity between the catholic and orthodox faiths. allen and his family came with
11:59 pm
12 parish families from bus from brandy wine, all parishioners touched by this take home keepsake a photo of the holy family blessed by the archbishop. >> i wasn't expecting that but great to get something to take home and hang on the wall and remind us of the importance of family and encourage us to have more family prayer and time together. >> a special night to get down here and have our photo blessed by archbishop. >> the faithful came from as far as newark, new jersey. and say next year's visit is not just a philadelphia event but a church event. they are taking archbishop's message home to slow down and be patient in anticipation of the historic event. from center city on the parkway, sydney long, nbc 10 news. stay with nbc 10 as philadelphia prepares for the papal visit. you will find a section dedicated to this event on our website at there we will have a link to the
12:00 am
world family site. the man accused of murdering an off-duty philadelphia police officer is set to go to trial in a few hours. raphael jones is one with of two suspect suspects in the murder of moses walker. he's accused of firing the shot that killed the victim. police say walker was killed while walking home from work in the early hours of august 18th, 2012. this is surveillance video from when it happened in north philadelphia. police say jones violated his parole and should have been in jail at the time of the murder. the other suspect in the case mcfarland pleaded guilty to third degree murder in june. authorities say mcfarland agreed to testify against jones. in the past 36 hours, philadelphia police have begun investigating four homicides. the latest happened this afternoon when a man was shot five times on west kie yoga street in north philadelphia. police found a woman dead in a
12:01 am
home on locust street. they are calling the case a homicide but have not said how she died. also police found a man unconscious on webster street this morning. police say he was shot to death. in strawberry mansion a 35-year-old was found dead around 2:30 this morning. police say he was not the head after leaving a party. no arrests have been made in any of these cases. next on nbc 10 news -- how far is too far when it comes to freedom on speech on the internet? one local man's case is going to the nation's highest court. and shot saving his family. one dog's heroic actions during a road rage dints. i'm tracking another mild day for tomorrow, followed bay chance of rain. snow showers depending where you live. i will show you the details and the timing coming up. i'm john clark. the eagles get help as they try to get one of the top two seeds
12:02 am
in the nfc. we have the highlights of the games that afc the eagles playoff hopes. that's in ten minutes.
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police say the ohio state football player is dead. he was last seen at his apartment in columbus on wednesday. his mother said he had several
12:05 am
concussions and at times extremely confused. in our area, scary moments for neighbors in burlington city. shots were fired at the townhouse apartments on high street around 6:30 tonight. when police got there they found several windows had been shot out. no one was hurt. police say they are looking for several suspects. later today, freedom of speech will take center stage in our nation's capitol as the united states supreme court hears a bethlehem man's case. anthony aloonis was convicted of making threats on facebook but he said he was kidding when he posted graphically violent rap lyrics on the social networking site. they talked about killing his estranged wife, shooting a kindergarten class and attacking an fbi agent n. this case they will consider whether on-line speech should be protected under the first amendment. thousands of pennsylvania residents not covered under the affordable care act will have a chance to get health insurance.
12:06 am
starting in the morning, enrollment begins in the healthy pennsylvania program. that's the name given to the expansion of pennsylvania's medicaid system. about 600,000 primarily low-income single, working adults are newly eligible. 900,000 others, who were already covered, will also be affected. all can pick from plans offered by private insurers paid by the state and coverage will begin january 1st. thousands of hunters will head to the pennsylvania woods this week. deer season kicks off in a few hours and will run for two weeks. the pennsylvania game commission expects 750,000 hunters to participate on opening day. more than 300,000 deer could be taken over the entire season. now the nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we had a mild day to end the
12:07 am
weekend and if liked today tomorrow will be milder. cooler in to tuesday. the temperatures back down and with the with drop in temperatures we could see a chance of rain and maybe snow showers across the area. the models are picking up on that. i will show you where in just a minute. right now in the lehigh valley we are much colder. colder in allentown than mount pocono. in the lehigh valley, colder temperatures. because of that lower elevation there. 36 allentown. 37 mount pocono. 41 in pottstown. near 60 in philadelphia. bensalem, wilmington near 60. we are still seeing very mild night for much of the area. here's our wind direction. it is coming from the south. it will pull in the mild air as we go to tomorrow. we will be milder to start off the week. then as we go in to tuesday, all of the cold air you see back to the west, that will start to move in. and with that cold air we could
12:08 am
see a chance of some rain and snow showers. a little farther back to the west, this is the area of disturbed weather we are watching for tomorrow. we will see an increase in cloud cover. this will be giving us a chance of rain and snow across the area. here's future weather. as we go through the early-morning hours tomorrow, we will see more clouds moving in. we will have mild day. there you see the clouds. by the afternoon hours we could see showers around 6:00 p.m., a chance of showers across the area. overnight in to early tuesday, areas south and east of philadelphia, delaware, south jersey, you could even see a couple of snow or sleet showers across the area. not long lasting, little to no accumulation expected at all. in to tuesday afternoon, we still have a chance of showers north and west. late tuesday, the cold air is here. we could see some snow showers or wintry mix north and west. this will mostly be little to no accumulation. poconos could see a couple of inches but that's it. after that leaves we could see a chance of freezing rain.
12:09 am
this is something we will be watching as we get closer. the cold air will be here by tuesday. tonight mostly cloudy, certainly not as cold. mild out. mid-40s philadelphia, mid-30s knot and west. tomorrow mostly cloudy milder near 60 degrees tomorrow. chance of late-day showers. as we g to tuesday is when we will have a chance of rain and snow showers. depending where you live highs drop to the upper 30s. big difference from monday to tuesday. by wednesday we warm up to the 50s and pretty much stay in the 50s and 40s. looks like the chance of rain comes back on friday across the weekend. john. we will hear from mark sanchez and the birds on how their offense moves faster and faster as they get ready for the seahawks. could the eagles get a helping hand from the patriots against the packer answer the falcons against the cardinals? that's next. deciding which bread to buy can be tough.
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deciding between buying bread and health care is much tougher. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
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i'm john clark. the eagles got a little help tonight. fa first round bye in the playoffs is still in the cards because arizona lost in atlanta. matt ryan helping out his hometown. the falcons beat the cardinals 29-18. the cards lost is two straight and have the same record as the eagles and arizona has a tough schedule to finish the season so the birds could catch them. the patriots did not lend a helping hand to the eagles and green bay. aaron rodgers gets his left hand stiped on. bloody on the sideline but not
12:14 am
his throwing hand. he has the upper hand. he finds jordy nelson 45 yards for the touchdown. packers up 43-14. in the fourth pats down five. brady going for gronkowski in the end zone. almost makes a great catch but can't hold on. packers win and are 9-3 like the cardinals and the eagles. the problem for the birds is they lost to arizona and green bay. so they have do not hold the tie-breakers over them. how bad are the redskins and giants? tough day for desean in indy. going for a catch he gets hit low. he left with a fibula contusion but not fractured. big day for luck. career high five touchdowns, 370 yards. colts win 49-27. the redskins are 3-9. just like the giants. the giants were up 21-0 in
12:15 am
jacksonville. larry fumbles and returned 41 yards for the touchdown. jaguars with the biggest comeback in their history. they beat the giants 25-24. the giants have lost seven in a row and are 3-9. eagles are a one point favorite over the super bowl champs next week at the link. they will bring a top ranked defense to philly. they have won five of six and are looking for the super bowl champs again but seattle will have to contend with the nfl's fastest offense. the birds are running chip kelly's offense even faster with mark sanchez. they are averaging a play every 22.8 seconds. that's by far the fastest in the nfl and quicker than last season. but, can the birds go even faster? >> we hope so. you know, we never want to get complacent. you can always go faster. just ask coach kelly. he eel tell you.
12:16 am
>> i think once we get in a rhythm we kept going and going. that's what we do. we are built for it. >> defense is all about responding an reacting to the offense. we line up here, they line up over here. you are going fast it is hard to get the calls a and blitzes the way you want. i worked in our favor for sure. the flyers are on the west coast. they have lost eight of niechbl craig is benching players, taking away shifts. nothing is working. he has scratched mcdonald and luke shen. he is taking time away from some and he says the players need to be held accountable. >> it is mental. i truly believe that. it is a confidence thing for sure. i think the chemistry on our hockey team has gone the other way. i think this team is a close
12:17 am
team. they have good chemistry off the ice. we need to find it on the ice. when you have that chemistry on the ice and you are on the same page and you are playing the game loose because you know where each other is, you trust each other, you are going to play a lot better. >> about vinnie he has been demoted to the fourth line. all i can say is it is pretty frustrated. the more you get out there the better you feel and more comfortable with the puck. not a confidence booster. villanova and delaware have a nice rivalry in football but not in hoops. it is all nova. blue hens. dylan ennis to daniel. dunk. nova up 28 at that point. they beat delaware by 31 points. 12th ranked pats are 6-0. temple hosting brooklyn. daniel throws it up two.
12:18 am
bomb. jalen bomb. alley-oop there. temple wins 70-57. drexel beat southern miss. coming up we will have excerpts from matt lauer's interview with ray and jen rice for "the today show." and what will they do to keep sherman from silencing fans at the link? stay tuned for that.
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a mild evening for skating at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. the winner fest brought a lot of people out this wichbt weekend. it may feel like spring but winter later today. we are getting ready for warming temperatures. sheena parveen is watching the warmup and wet weather, as well, sheena. >> that's right. today was warm. some of us got to 60 degrees. as we go to tomorrow, some areas
12:22 am
may be a little milder than today. right now depends where you are. through the lehigh valley in the mid-30s. 36 in allentown. around the philadelphia area, we are still near 60 degrees, believe it or not. 59 wilmington. mount holly, atlantic city in the mid-50s. north and west certainly the coldest spots in the lehigh valley. the cold air sinks. so lower elevations get colder. as we go through the morning hours, 8:00, mid-50s by noon mid to upper 50s. we will be seeing those temperatures as we go through the next several days kind of warm up tomorrow and cool down as we go in to tuesday. more details coming up. >> thank you. it is cybermonday and analysts expect shoppers to spend $2.5 billion today on-line alone. that may be important for retailers after a
12:23 am
lower-than-expected thanksgiving shopping weekend. the numbers are in tonight after what is considered the biggest shopping weekend of the year. while many consumers say they are in a better financial position this holiday season, the sales figures might have you thinking otherwise. the total spending for the weekend is down 11% to $51 billion. americans are taking a different approach to their shopping. a dog is hailed a hero in georgia after taking a bullet to save its family. surveillance video shows the dog running away after shot during a road rage attack. witnesses say a man got mad while driving and followed a chevy suburban in to a parking lot. he fired in to a vehicle. police say the dog was shot while protecting the three children and their mother. >> took a bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe. >> the family was terrorized and survived that only to find out their pet is now gone. it's sad for the whole family. >> the dog died from its
12:24 am
injuries. there have been no arrests. another twist in the jersey sandusky child sex abuse scandal. some penn state trustees want to review documents used to investigate complaint against sandusky. they were used to create the 2012 report issued by former fbi director louie free. several trustees are asking their chairman to share the information. they want to verify sources that accuse school leaders of hiding complaints sandusky was abusing children. the former assistant football coach is now serving a 30 to 60- year prison sentence. a mother is expected to face charges after her three children had to be rescued from a burning car in northwestern pennsylvania. the reason, police say she left them to go to wal-mart. it happened on friday in bradford, mckeon county. authorities say a 10-year-old, 3-year-old and 2-year-old were in the suv. the 10-year-old began to play with the lighter and set some
12:25 am
papers on fire. the younger children were strapped in the car seats at the tiechlt fortunately some passersby rescued the children. the fire caused heavy damage to the suv's interior. extroom hoarding as well as weapons, ammunition and explosives made a deadly fire more dangerous for firefighters in chester county. a fire started in the basement of the home on harmoniville road on saturday. the 67-year-old gary shade and 64-year-old catherine shade did not make it out of the home. the exact cause remains under investigation. authorities believe the fire was accidental. a large supply of weapons, ammo and explosives were found after the flames were put out. in west philadelphia, officials tell us a carbon monoxide leak sent five people to the hospital. fire crews received a report of fumes at a home near 51st and market streets early this morning. authorities say testing showed
12:26 am
there was carbon monoxide in that house. there's no word where the gas came from. researchers are developing a breath test for drivers who have been smoking marijuana. right now there is no such to tool to determine marijuana impairment. they hope to start trials on people early next year. most weddings feature one bride and one groom. now times that by a thousand and you'll be just right for this unusual ceremony. see why so many are taking their vows all at once.
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ground was broken today on a new skate park in montgomery county. it will be named in honor of a willistown police officer who lost his life in a motorcycle crash back in 1990. he was president of his police academy class. he also received the congressional medal of valor for saving someone from a burning car. ♪
12:30 am
mr. and mrs. claus making a special appearance in immediate yachlt the borough in delaware county held the christmas parade today. 30 bands, floats and mummers marched through town. there were a lot of i dos at this gathering in brazil. the government of rio de janeiro hosted a mass wedding with 2,000 couples. the event is called the day of i do. it is held every year for couples who can't afford a marriage certificate. fighting the fires of mistrust in ferguson. tonight, more protests nearly a week after the grand jury decision and even in the nfl. coming up, how the president is getting involved. and if you liked today you will really like tomorrow. a mild start to the week and then i'm tracking colder temperatures and a chance of rain and snow shower s. we will show you the timing of that coming up.
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demonstrations continue in ferguson, missouri. president obama will discuss the situation today. they will review programs that provide military-style equipment to local police departments. some members of the rams acknowledge recent events in ferguson before their game today. they entered the stadium with their hands up. the gesture has been used by protesters since 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by former officer darin wilson. wilson resigned yesterday and will receive no severance. the grand jury decision and its fallout led to many questions and many question the state of race relations in america. nbc ooens's jennifer johnson has our story. >> reporter: officer darin wilson officed his resignation
12:34 am
after ferguson's police chief told him about threats against others in the police department. >> that has been ongoing for months with the officers. it takes its toll with them. the threats have been egregious. >> ferguson mayor plead for more healing and a civilian review board to look at complaint against police. >> the number one goal is to bring together the police department and community to bridge the gap between those who feel there's a divide between them and law enforcement. >> reporter: prayers for ferguson at a church service in st. louis as protests continue. a brief one in d.c. shut down a major highway. some believe race relations in america have hit the lowest point since the country elected the first black president. >> so many of us have the supposition that police officers will not be held accountable and not have to answer for the shooting of unarmed, young, black teenagers. >> there's a racial divide in
12:35 am
america that's not going to end with trayvon martin being killed, with michael brown being killed. >> reporter: wilson's problems aren't over yet. the justice department is investigating possible civil rights investigations and conducting a broader investigation in to the ferguson police force. jennifer johnson, nbc 10 news, washington. monday is world aids day. earlier today, students in india gathered to raise awareness for the disease. organizers say it's a first step to fighting aids in their country. according to the united nations, india has the third largest number of people in the world living with hiv. the fight against ebola is facing a major setback. the world health organization had set monday as their dead tlien isolate 70% of patients in the outbreak zone. so far guinea is the only country that will meet that goal. in liberia and sierra leone, less than 40% of cases have been


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