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tv   Today  NBC  December 1, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EST

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we'll see you for local updates in just minutes. >> you can get updates any time at thanks for watching. . good morning. out of bounds? a new controversy in the michael brown case. members of the st. louis rams give the hands-up gesture as they take the field. a police crew furious now, demanding those players be penalized. "today" exclusive. ray rice's wife janay opens up in her first television interview about her husband, that night in the elevator, and the scandal's impact on their family. >> i'm not going to let the public bring me back there. >> while speculation swirls over whether an nfl team will give ray rice another chance. hollywood under attack. new movies from brad pitt, cameron diaz and other big stars, stolen and posted online for the world to see. the fbi now on the case, and you won't believe who they think is behind it. and playing with danger. a new study shows toy-related
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injuries are up a shocking 61% over the past two decades. a warning for parents today, cybermonday, december 1st, 2014. from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. welcome to cybermonday, guys. >> cybermonday. small business saturday. black friday. >> this is your phone, by the way. >> why wait for tuesday. >> a message to all those online retailers, you stop spamming me and i'll come shop. >> whoa! >> don't you wish there was a button you could unsubscribe to everything. also, i don't want to be linked-in, fyi. we start in missouri with the silent but public statement
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made by several nfl players about the grand jury's decision in the michael brown case. this came a day after officer darren wilson resigned from the force, and as the president plans to meet with several officials today. nbc's ron allen is in ferguson again for us this morning. hi, ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. darren wilson's resignation was not a surprise. as the protests continue, now the hometown football team, the st. louis rams, suddenly have become part of the controversy. while taking the field for their pregame introduction sunday, five players from the st. louis rams walked out in a hands-up, don't shoot pose. what many still believe michael brown did before he was shot and killed. officer darren wilson told the grand jury that did not indict him that brown was the degreeser and did not try to surrender. the players say they wanted to show compassion and solidarity for the protesters in ferguson. the st. louis police officers association calls the move way
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out of bounds and is demanding disciplinary action against the players and a public apology, e releasing a statement saying, in part, it is unthinkable hometown athletes would so publicly perpetuate a narrative that has been disproven over and over again. it is not the thugs during down buildings, it is cops and the good people of st. louis and other nfl towns that do. somebody needs to throw a flag on this play. this comes as wilson resigned saturday from the ferguson police department. wilson, who is 28, recently married to another ferguson police officer, expecting their first child, said he left the force after being told that staying may put the residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk. chief tom jackson says there have been death threats. >> were there threats against the department and him as well? >> oh there have been, yes. >> you take these seriously, obviously. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and while ferguson's annual holiday parade is not happening, some residents from the city tried to spread hope by throwing a thanksgiving
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dinner party. >> we're going to get through this. >> reporter: protests continue across the country from portland to washington, d.c. where is ferguson right now? >> you know, we're still at a point where we're hoping to feel like the worst is over. >> reporter: to move things forward, the mayor pointed out the city now has a civilian review board for complaints against police and a scholarship fund to encourage candidates to enter the police academy. he made a point of saying darren wilson will not be getting severance payments from the city. overnight, relative calm, still a heavy police presence, as they take things one night at a time. matt, savannah? >> ron allen, thank you very much. with football now, will ray rice be given another chance to play professionally. the question this morning now that he's been cleared to return to the league. nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest on this. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. technically, any nfl team can sign ray rice now with four weeks left in the regular
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season. there are plenty of teams that probably would have before the scandal. but now the signing rights is not just about his skill on the field. ray rice is free to play. if anyone will have him. >> it's going to take a certain team to be able to sign him. if it's a team that's kind of already gone off the rails, probably not the best to sign him. >> reporter: a couple teams might be interested, the indianapolis colts and the new orleans saints, according to espn, citing unnamed sources. but so far, no offers. janay rice, in an exclusive interview, with matt lauer. >> what's it going to take in your mind, janay, for another team to take a chance on ray rice? >> for them to look past this situation, which i know is going to be hard. but at the end of the day, he's a football player. and that's what they should be really focused on. because he's proven himself as a football player for seven years. there's never been a question what he can do on the field. >> and you think an owner and fans of the team can get that image or those images from that elevator tape out of their
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minds? >> with time. we know it's going to take some work. so i think once he, you know, shows them who he is and, you know, they reach out to people here and they find out the things he's done, then i think it's definitely -- could help. >> reporter: friday, an independent arbitrator overturned rice's indefinite suspension, ruling it amounted to an unjustified second punishment for assaulting janay rice in a casino. the video triggered public outrage over how the nfl handles cases of domestic violence involving players. rice is now looking to get his former team, the baltimore ravens, to pay him the salary he lost this season, $3.5 million. and although there may be talk of teams having interest, the idea he may not be signed has to be of some concern. >> i actually spoke to ray and janay by phone last night separately and i asked ray if he's been in contact with any nfl team. he says he has not. he's leaving that up to his
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agent. he understands public opinion is going to play a major role in this. he doesn't want to be a distraction. he says his job right now is to stay in shape so that if the phone rings, he's ready to play and help the team. >> and you recently had a long conversation with both of them. >> that's right, exactly. and we're going to hear more from janay rice in our next half hour. she talked openly about the scandal, how things changed when the video of that incident was released. and we want to hear from you. head to and let us know if you think ray rice should be signed by an nfl team. >>. meantime, a republican staffer on capitol hill is under fire this morning for harshly criticizing the president's daughters. the staffer suggested that sasha and malia are, quote, classless. now there are calls for that aide to lose her job. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. that congressional aide, elizabeth lauten, is apologizing after writing the facebook post about the obama daughters. of course, criticizing presidents' children has long been considered taboo in
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american politics and as we're seeing here in the age of the internet and social media, the backlash can be brutal. it's an annual tradition. the president pardoning the thanksgiving turkey with a little help from daughters sasha, now 13, and malia, 16. >> the annual pardoning of the turkey was held at the white house today. many people remarked as the grandparents would say, how much they have grown. >> reporter: some also playfully remarked that like all teenagers, they seemed less than impressed. but elizabeth lauten, current communications director for tennessee congressman, steven fincher, slammed the girls, writing, dear sasha and malia, i get you're both in those awful teen years, but you're a part of the first family. try showing a little class and dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. that sparked a firestorm with some accusing her of cyber bullying, the hash tag fire elizabeth lauten trending. later she apologized, writing,
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after many hours of prayer, talking to my parents, rereading my words online, i can see more clearly how hurtful my words were. but even some republicans are still fuming. >> this hill staffer not only should be fired, this hill staffer should jump over the white house fence and get on her hands and knees and apologize to the first family. >> reporter: they aren't the first at 1600 pennsylvania avenue to get criticized. but there is broad agreement, the first children should be left alone. >> i thought she took off after teenage girls, not because they did anything wrong, but because she doesn't like the job that their dad is doing. and i don't think that's very fair way to play politics. >> reporter: now, late last night, lauten responded to our request for comment bied aing a direct apology to the obama girls and family. congressman fincher did not return our request for comment. lauten is also a former aide for the republican national committee and in a statement, rnc spokesperson sean spicer said he agreed the president's
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children are off-limits but also said the media coverage has been over the top, calling it appalling. the white house declined to comment. matt, savannah, back to you. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. natalie is on assignment this morning. we'll catch up with her in an unusual circumstance. willie is here with the top stories, including a tragedy in egypt. >> yeah, this is a tough one. an egyptian militant organization with ties to isis says it is responsible for the death of an american oil worker. 58-year-old william henderson was killed in a carjacking. on sunday, the terror group published his two i.d. cards and passport on his official at which timer account. henderson was employed by a company for 28 years. henderson leaves a wife and two daughters. officials at new york's jfk airport say nothing was found during a search of an american airlines plane after a bomb threat on sunday. the plane was taken to an
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isolated area of the airport after the flight from barcelona landed safely around noon. 200 passengers were evacuated. police used bomb-sniffing dogs to check the luggage. investigators are now trying to track down the person who called in the threat. it is back to work for the united states congress today, where the senate and house face a stacked agenda and not much time to get it done. their to do list includes keeping the government running into the new year, immigration reform and funding the fight against isis. the lame duck congress has to get it all done in two weeks without stumbling into a government shutdown. the body of an ohio state university football player who had been missing for four days has now been found. police say 22-year-old kosta karageorge was found in a dumpster, blocked the way to his apartment with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. the senior walk-on defensive tackle was last seen in the early morning hours wednesday. his mother told authorities his son had several concussions and a few spells of extreme confusion. she told police she received a
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text from her son that read, quote, i am sorry if i am an embarrassment. a very close call over the weekend for retired soccer star david beckham and his teenage son. they were involved in a frightening car crash outside london. he and his son brooklyn were shaken up and david beckham suffered a minor shoulder injury. his son was unhurt thanks to an air bag. one witness said they are lucky to be alive. two people in the other car were slightly hurt. thank goodness it wasn't more serious. >> absolutely. >> no question. by the way, good point. never have a spoonful of sand before -- >> i reached for the water and fought it off. thank you for volunteering to save me. >> that's okay. you made it through, willie. >> al, what's going on? >> rough weather in california. good news is, they need the rain. the bad news is, it's coming all at once. causing big problems. for example, heavy thunderstorms yesterday in malibu. closing a nine-mile stretch of the pacific coast highway. mudslides, rock slides as well.
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it's closed again today. may not open up again for another 24 hours. and we have got a big storm system now off the california coast that is going to be pushing in. that's going to bring even more rain. so as we watch this move in, you see one line of showers and thunderstorms come in tomorrow, another line on wednesday. and, in fact, some areas could be looking at anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, including central and southern california, 2 to 5 inches in the foothills. these are burn areas, so there's no vegetation to hold the soil and so we could be looking at a lot more mudslides over the next 72 hours. we're going to get to your local forecast, coming up in the next how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge
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might not seem so big after all. ♪ the rest of today, we are going to see above-average temperatures ranging between 58 and 63 degrees. cloudy skies with the chance of isolated showers as we head into the rest of the afternoon. by the time tuesday rolls around, a big drop in temperatures. we'll go from 60 degrees all the way down to 39 with rainfall and the possibility of a wintry mix. sleet, freezing rain mixing in for a brief period of time tomorrow. temperatures recover by wednesday. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you. now a cyber attack targeting new movies from brad pitt, jamie foxx, cameron diaz and more. they were stolen and then posted online. the fbi is investigating to see if north korea was behind it.
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here's nbc's jacob rascon. >> the cia would love it if you two could take him out. >> reporter: when the trailer for the comedy "the interview" came out -- >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> yes. >> what? >> reporter: north korea called the movie an act of war. now sony pictures, the studio behind the film, has been hacked, and studio criteria recode, which partners with nbc reports -- >> they are actively investigating the possibility that north korea may have been behind it. >> reporter: the attack has reportedly crippled sony's computer network. >> they have told employees internally they may not have their internal systems working for as much as three weeks. >> reporter: hackers also leaked five sony movies online, four of which have not been released. sony said, the theft of sony pictures entertainment content is a criminal matter and we are working closely with law enforcement to address it. the fbi has now joined the investigation. meanwhile, seth rogen, who stars
7:16 am
in and co produced the film, defends the satire on twitter saying i personally don't care if it's disrespectful to kim, because he's evil, adding in another tweet, that doesn't mean i think he should be killed. for "today," jacob rascon, nbc news. >> that's a headline you don't read every day. millions of holiday shoppers busy online today as retailers roll out the cybermonday bargains after a weekend of weaker than expected sales at the brick and mortar stores hallie jackson is in tracy, california this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. some predict sales could be up 16% on this cybermonday, the super bowl of online shopping and we are on the 50 yard line. this huge amazon warehouse, the size of 20 football fields, packed full of rows of merchandise. amazon is opening to break records today, and it's not the only retailer hoping for huge
7:17 am
sales. especially to close out what's been a pretty flat black friday holiday shopping weekend. sales overall fell short of expectations. fewer people went out to stores to buy things. and those that did spent less money. one bright spot, though, has been online sales. those have been up double digits over the past few days according to ibm and that's a trend that could condition on this busiest online shopping day of the year. also, the national retail federation says 5 million fewer people will get online to buy holiday gifts today. others are more optimistic. adobe thinks sales top $2.6 million, and one in five may place their orders on phones or tablets today. amazon here actually expects that number to be even higher for them and to process those orders faster, they have got some help from a new technology. these special robots. 15,000 of them. you can see them, they're orange at the base of these pods. it means workers don't have to
7:18 am
walk out to the warehouse to find items for your order. the robots bring it right to them. it makes it just a little bit easier. so what's flying off the shelves? analysts say the hottest electronic gifts are going to be the ipad mini, the iphone 6 and 6-plus. as for the kids, legos, nintendo ds, popular, sure. but the hottest items, anything "frozen." so get those elsa dolls while you can. savannah? >> hallie, while there, will you check on matt's clippers i got him? thank you. carson, hard at work on "the voice" dylan dreyer in the orange room, people speaking out about ray rice. >> everyone talking about ray rice on social media. his name mentioned more than 200,000 times. and at first, it all started about the results of how people were reacting to him being -- winning his appeal. but then it turned over to this question that we posted on should ray rice be signed by an nfl team. and here are your results.
7:19 am
64% of you say no, he should not. and 36% of you say yes. keep in mind, these are early results here, and this is a survey we are going to continue to watch all morning long. so go to and let us know what you think and we'll continue to bring you the results as they come in. >> a lot of people talking about this, dylan. thank you very much. straight ahead, our exclusive interview with ray rice's wife janay. >> so let me just ask you directly. and bluntly. prior to what we have now seen in that elevator, was there ever any incident of violence in your relationship with ray, or has there been any incident of violence since that elevator incident? >> no, god forbid, in front of my child. >> we'll have the answer to that coming up. plus, the alarming rise in toy-related injuries. are some of the biggest offenders on your kid's holiday wish list? but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. i'm christine maddela. it's a mild start to our december. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that's right, temperatures today pushing into the 60s for some locations. we are going to see above-average temperatures. they will not stick around. here's a live look at the clouds and the comcast center. it's 47 degrees in the poconos, 35 at allentown, 37 in pottstown, 51 in philadelphia, 50 degrees currently in millville. heading into the rest of today, we are going to see our clouds increasing, a chance of showers by the afternoon and early evening, temperatures at 57 by 4:00 p.m. with a chance of showers tapering off by 9:00 p.m. heading back to work or school, there are some problems on the roads. let's get a check on traffic
7:27 am
from katy zachry. >> good morning, christine. there is an accident on 95 northbound. on the camera behind me you can see two vehicles involved. it's been pushed over to the shoulder, but look at the southbound lane. a lot of delays, heavy delays on 95 southbound as well as on 76 and some minor delays on 476. we're also following an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. it's on the on-ramp from bensalem. christine? the fbi has joined the search for missing west chester university student shane montgomery. he was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. members of the philadelphia police marine unit searched the manayunk canal, hoping to find clues. police say they are still hopeful they will find shane montgomery alive. the 21-year-old was bar hopping with friends wednesday night into early thursday morning. he was last seen leaving kildare's pub on main street. we'll be back with another local update in about 25 minutes. i'm christine maddela.
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♪ i'm flying >> we are back now at 7:30 on this monday morning, december 1st, 2014. and there's a reason natalie is not in the studio with us this morning. she is spending the morning with the cast of nbc's "peter pan live." amazing set there. ahoy, natalie. what's going on? >> ahoy, mate! yes, that's right, i'm manning the helm right now, captain hook's ship "the jolly roger," just one of four elaborate and unbelievable sets here of nbc's "peter pan live," the broadcast airs thursday night. i don't know if these guys are here to protect me or kill me. but if i survive, coming up, i'm going to be getting some lessons, flying lessons and a chance to chat with the show's stars. back to you, guys. >> natalie, we're all feeling
7:31 am
seasick. >> come on, natalie! >> steady the course. >> you're driving like you're nuts. we'll check back in a little while. let's look at stories making headlines this morning. a stretch of the pacific coast highway could be closed for another day after heavy rains triggered mudslides in malibu. about a dozen cars were stuck for several hours. darren wilson, the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown, will not receive a severance package from the city of ferguson, missouri. wilson resigned over the weekend, less than one week after the grand jury decided not to indict him in the case. and the national retail federation is reporting disappointing holiday sales over the weekend. traffic in stores down more than 5%. total spending down 11% from last year. is there a "frozen" sequel in the works? we'll chat with idina menzel and she will perform live.
7:32 am
let's start this half hour with our exclusive interview with janay rice. her husband ray has been reinstated to the nfl and is looking for a new team. but the infamous incident in an elevator in atlantic city has changed their lives forever. we recently sat down with janay with her mother, candy palmer, by her side. we should mention that ray was not home at the time of the interview. i started by asking janay to use some adjectives to describe what the last six months have been like. >> hectic, to say the least. shocking. >> you have remained silent. has it been hard to not speak out about this? >> yes. it's been the hardest part, is having so much of your life made public and have it all be negative. that's the hardest part, is not having control over anything that has to do with you. it's a natural thing for a human to want to come out and say, no, no, that's not me. oh, no, that's not true.
7:33 am
but it's like a battle that we just can't win. it's been the hardest thing ever that i've ever gone through in my life, to watch my daughter being trashed and to see what has happened to her on -- all over national television. everyone talking about her. everyone making statements about her, and they know nothing about her. what were we going to do? you can't fight everyone. >> it all started on the night of valentine's day after what janay admits was a night of heavy drinking, the couple started to argue. and then they stepped into that elevator. >> i guess it was about four days or so after the incident at the casino that the tape -- first tape came out. the one that was taken outside the elevator. had you seen the tape? >> i saw the first one. >> did you see it before it was released to the public? >> no. we just knew about it. >> you knew about it. were you dreading the moment that that tape came out? >> yes. yes.
7:34 am
we knew that it was going to happen. we didn't know exactly when it was going to happen. but there was no preparing us for that, at all. when i saw that, it was horrible. you can't make excuses for anything, but we were highly intoxicated. and in the moment, you're not thinking about, oh, my god, i'm on camera in an elevator. so -- of course people are going to read into everything and pick at everything about this situation. we understand that. >> have you seen the second tape? >> no. i refuse. i refuse. i'm not going to let the public bring me back there. uh-uh. >> mom, you've seen it? >> of course. i didn't want to see it at first. and it took me a while, but i did. because i had to. that's my child. and if something happened to her, i don't care what it is, i want to see it. >> can you tell me the reaction you had when you saw it the first time? >> i was kind of sick. i was. >> how can you not be?
7:35 am
>> i was sick to watch it. >> did it change your view of what happened in any way, or was it what you expected? >> kind of what i thought. kind of what i thought. >> when that second tape came out, your daughter became the face of domestic violence in this country, instantly. and i know you don't think that's fair. >> no. no, i appreciate that -- i mean, i know -- i understand. i totally understand how people look at that and think that that's who she is. but i know her, and we know. and she's not. >> so let me just ask you directly. and bluntly. prior to what we have now seen in that elevator, was there ever any incident of violence in your relationship with ray, or has there been any incident of violence since that -- >> no. >> elevator incident. >> no. no. there's no way.
7:36 am
he knows what he would have to deal with, you know, if this was something -- you know, i'm not going to sit in silence and let something happen to me and, you know, god forbid, in front of my child. and just let it happen? there's no way. >> there's something else on that tape. the punch is obviously outrageous. but there is something that happens after the punch. and there's -- it's mostly seen from outside. and janay, you are unconscious. you're out cold on the floor. and instead of being so freaked out that he kneels down and takes your daughter's head in his arms and strokes her face and strokes her hair and says i'm sorry, he stands there. for a long time. what did you think when you saw that part of the tape? >> i was very upset by that part. and i told him so. i basically told him that i didn't care who was out there at the elevator.
7:37 am
you should have never left her like that. i did tell him that. >> and i asked him after i saw it, why did you just leave me like that? >> did you see that part? >> uh-huh, that's the one -- >> from the outside. >> yes. >> why didn't you comfort me? >> yes. he said he was terrified. >> terrified. >> he was in such shock that this had just happened, he didn't know how to function at that point. and then, you know, obviously by that time hotel security is there. the police are there. >> the minute i heard this story, i started to hear from people who knew ray for a long time, and i started to hear amazing things about him. i heard rave reviews. and so you do have to ask the question, how could that guy end up doing that in that elevator. >> i think we all have, like, a moment -- >> people are human. >> yeah, humans. >> everybody makes mistakes. after this whole situation --
7:38 am
you would think we lived in a country full of people who never made a mistake. who have never sinned ever in their life. >> exactly. >> but everybody makes mistakes. that doesn't mean that, you know -- everything that's been out there is -- >> you lashed out at the media. and i can tell there was a period here where your emotions were boiling over. and you wrote this. you said, no one knows the pain that the media and unwanted opinions have caused my family. to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. if your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you have succeeded on so many levels. just know, we will continue to grow and show the world what real love is. >> uh-huh. >> and they will. >> the next morning, after the second video came out. >> why does that make you cry right now, hearing that? >> brings back the anger. i was so angry. and hurt.
7:39 am
the man i love. everything ripped out from under him. it made me angry. the support i thought we had, that made me angry. the fact that i knew we wouldn't be here anymore made me angry. we have to pick up and move our child from what he's used to. it hurt. it hurt a lot. i just had to get it off my chest. >> did it feel better? >> it did. it did. >> fascinating to watch her and to finally hear from her after all these months of people talking about that relationship. >> i found it interesting to see her with her mom. because you do get a sense of who she is. i think there is still a lot of people who are going to question who exactly janay rice is. but when you get to know her mom a little bit, i think it opens a window on her. and we are going to hear much more in the second part of this interview coming up, including
7:40 am
why she says she apologized during that highly public press conference as the scandal was just beginning. >> that's a question a lot of people wanted to hear asked. and also, you talk to ray rice tomorrow. >> that's tomorrow. ray rice was not home at the time of this interview, he did come home shortly afterward and agreed to answer some questions with the family and you'll hear from him tomorrow. all right. a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. every case begins with kay. >> well, it's december 1st, and so we've got another arctic blast. along ahead of this frontal system and jet stream, we've got some mild air. new york city, 54. 52, d.c. suffolk, 49. boston now, 50 degrees. but then you go behind this front, and look at these temperatures. it's 7 in green bay. it's 0 in minneapolis. feels like 18. kansas city feels like 2. even out in seattle, 28 degrees. and we've got some frozen
7:41 am
precipitation now stretching from missouri on into indiana, where we have winter weather advisories and freezing rain advisories. icy roads in st. louis, airport delays, as well. that's what's going on around i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. heading into the rest of today, we are going to see above-average temperatures, ranging between 58 and 63 degrees. cloudy skies with the chance of isolated showers as we head into the rest of the afternoon. by the time tuesday rolls around, a big drop in temperatures. we'll go from 60 degrees all the way down to 39 with rainfall and the possibility of a wintry mix. sleet, freezing rain mixing in for a brief period of time tomorrow. temperatures recover by wednesday. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. coming up next, toys that could be dangerous on your holiday wish list. the biggest offenders that are injuring children at an alarming rate. then on trending, think you were excited about the new "star
7:42 am
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gently reminds you to get moving. join the movement. we're back at 7:46. it is cybermonday, the holiday shopping season in full swing now. and if you're browsing for toys, listen up. it's a revealing new report now that highlights the dramatic rise in toy-related injuries. nbc's kristen dahlgren has that story. >> reporter: toy cars, dolls and crayons might seem like harmless fun. but a new study just released by nationwide children's hospital says play time can have some serious dangers. over a 22-year period, an estimated 3 million children under the age of 18 were treated for toy-related injuries. that's an average of 150,000 per year. and those numbers are increasing. according to dr. gary smith, who specializes in children's injury research and conducted the study.
7:47 am
>> every three minutes, a child is treated in a u.s. emergency department for a toy-related injury. >> reporter: the annual number of toy-related injuries is up more than 60% since the beginning of the study more than two decades ago. the most at risk for injury? 2-year-olds. and the biggest culprit for older kids, ride-on toys. >> young children are at particular risk for choking on small toys and small toy parts. but as the child grows older, ride-on toys, particularly foot-powered scooters, bch become much more important. >> reporter: powered riding toys accounted for more than 40% of hospital admissions. so with thousands of new toys introduced into the marketplace each year, how can you keep your children safe? >> read the labels on toys. >> reporter: smith also says supervisor your children during play time is key to preventing injuries. >> a child's job is play. and toys are the tools. we want children to explore, to
7:48 am
challenge themselves, and to develop by using those tools. we want them to do it safely. >> reporter: for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> we should mention, by the way, we reached out to the toy industry association, but have not received a response. >> parents have to be careful. do your homework. >> absolutely. willie is getting dollies for christmas this year. coming up on "trending," then men, dosy doughs, tag alongs, the brand new way to get your favorite girl scout cookies. [announcer:] suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu®. and call your doctor right away.
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good morning. i'm christine maddela. it's already a mild morning and the temperature's rising. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that's right, temperatures are going to continue to climb into the 60s for today. that's a nice way to kick off december, although tomorrow we are going to see a big difference. there's a live look as the sun continues to come up. a few clouds and the chance of showers heading into the afternoon. mild conditions in store for us. only 39 degrees for our daytime high tomorrow. that will be short lived. we'll recover back to the 50s by wednesday. back to work and school after the long holiday weekend. let's get a check on the morning commute with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. >> yeah, and christine, it is a slow commute for many people. on 95, 476 and 76. this is a live look at montgomery drive. the taillights right here, the slow-going taillights, that's westbound. take a look at your drive times. westbound on the schuylkill between the vine street
7:57 am
expressway and the blue route, 38 minutes. it will take you 33 minutes to go the opposite direction. there was an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. that has since cleared. and also, we are following an accident in east marlborough, e street at schoolhouse road. today a trial is expected to begin for a man accused of killing an off-duty philadelphia police officer. rafael jones is one of two suspects in the murder of officer moses walker. police say he fired the shot that killed walker. walker was gunned down while walking home from work back in august of 2012. take a look at this surveillance video from when it happened in north philadelphia. police say jones violated his parole and should have been in jail at the time of the murder. the other suspect in the case, chancier mcfarland, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder back in june. authorities say mcfarland has agreed to testify against jones. we'll have another local update in about 25 minutes. you can always get realtime news and weather on i'm christine maddela. back to "today."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, more of our candid conversation with janay rice. she opens up about the elevator incident, why she stayed, and why she was the one apologizing. i think a lot of other people reacted to the fact that ray apologized to the ravens and ravens fans. and he didn't say, but most of all, i apologize to my wife. ♪ then, gentlemen grab your razors, our no-shave campaign for men's health comes to an end. >> yes, willie and i will get exams live on the air. >> want to come in? >> as we look back at the awareness we have raised and look ahead to ditching the facial hair, live. and we're kicking off a
8:01 am
star-studded december this morning. comedian chris rock stops by studio 1a, as does the one and only idina menzel, as she treats us to holiday music, "today," monday, december 1st, 2014. ♪ >> from alabama, roll tide! woo! >> we came from maine to take a selfie on "today." woo! >> our first family vacation ever, and we want to spend it with al! woo! >> surprise, mom and dad, we came all the way to new york city to get married. >> we're here at the "today" show, celebrating ella's first birthday! woo! >> we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning out on the plaza on a really mild day for december 1st. >> that's right.
8:02 am
we're enjoying it. >> for now. >> dylan right here. >> coming up, a few new friends on the set of nbc's peter pan. we'll catch up with her and she talks to christopher walken. i understand allison williams will give a flying lesson. and a fencing lesson from christopher walken. >> we'll check in with her. let's head inside to willie, who has got a check of the morning's top stories. >> guys, good morning. good morning, everyone. the white house is focusing today on ferguson, missouri, one week after a grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. president obama meets with his cabinet, law enforcement and civil rights leaders today. they'll be talking about events surrounding the shooting and the challenges posed by what a white house official calls the mistrust between law enforcement and communities of color. darren wilson resigned from the police force in ferguson over the weekend. now to a disturbing story out of georgia, where bond has now been denied for a couple
8:03 am
charged with false imprisonment. the alleged victim, the man's 13-year-old son, who was reported missing four years ago. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest on this story. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the 13-year-old boy is now safely back with his mother this morning. the details of how police found him hidden in this house here sound like something from a tv thriller. safely back in his mother's arms, investigators this morning are trying to piece together the story of what happened to this 13-year-old boy, who had been missing for four years. in court sunday, the boy's father, gregory jean, and step mary, samantha davis, sat in che shackles after police found the boy in their house in a hidden room, behind a fake wall, camouflaged with towels. according to authorities, the amazing rescue started when the
8:04 am
boy somehow contacted his sister, using a cell phone. she relayed the message to their mother, who tipped off authorities where the boy was being held. but when police went to the house, their search came up empty. >> officers went, made contact with individuals in the home, who denied having any knowledge of who the child was. >> reporter: it was only after a second call from the mother with more details the police went back to the house, and this time they found him. neither the mother nor the boy spoke with reporters. they didn't need to. samantha davis, who is the boy's stepmother, is on probation for cruelty to children on another case. meantime, both she and the boy's father remain in jail, both were denied bond. willie? >> terrible story, but glad he's back with his mother. kerry sanders, thank you. today the supreme court is hearing arguments involving free speech and facebook. the case centers on a
8:05 am
pennsylvania man sentenced to almost four years in prison for posting graphically violent rap lyrics and comments about his estranged wife. he claims he was just venting as he put it, and was not threatening her or anyone else. his estranged wife says the posting made her fear for her life. two people in china escaped just in time before their car was swallowed by a giant sinkhole. check out this traffic camera video. you see the white car tilting on the edge there. driving into the sinkhole. the passenger opens the door, jumps out right away. the driver going to get out that way, as well. just minutes later, the car rolls over and into the sinkhole. somehow no one was hurt in that incident. it is now 8:05. another check of the weather with al. >> didn't he see the hole as he was coming up to it? that's one big pothole. look, and then boom. in. anyway, let's see what we've got going on. some nice folks here hanging out, having a good 'ole time. but we've got also wet weather now making its way.
8:06 am
pittsburgh, st. louis, some icy conditions. they're actually -- this is a cool shot we've got. icy conditions on the roads in st. louis. a real mess. afternoon temperatures there going to be struggling to get out of the 30s. in fact, single digits as you get into the plains. nice and warm down through the southwest into the gulf coast. look for that icy mix to continue in st. louis on into central indiana later today, causing lots of problems on the ro hi, i'm meteorologist brittanish brittany shipp. the rest of the day, we're going to see cloudy skies with a chance of showers as we head into the afternoon. by the time tuesday rolls round, a big drop in temperatures, from 60 to 39. with a possibility of wintry mix, sleet, freezing rain mixing in for a brief period of time. temperatures recover by wednesday. and that's your latest
8:07 am
weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up, why did she apologize during that news conference, and why didn't he? more of our exclusive interview with ray rice's wife janay. >> and then trending. the next "star wars" already a hit with the trailer online. what one dedicated fan spent his weekend doing. and chris rock has taken over the orange room. we'll talk to him about his edgy new comedy. but first, these messages.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
>> 45 minutes, an hour? >> yeah. >> always feels like an hour. >> well, probably wasn't as bad as this one at chicago's midway airport. the line stretching more than a mile long. 1.2 miles, to be exact. the line snaking up and down corridors. it even went out the door of the airport. sunday, of course, the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving period. so a line that normally took about 20 minutes to get through for some took over two hours. >> wait, that is not a single-file line either. >> in case you're wondering, 1.2 miles is like 21.1 football fields or more than 4.4 empire state buildings. >> or 5.6 nervous breakdowns. >> you get up and realize you're in the wrong line? >> oh! >> did everyone miss their polite? >> you would think. >> some people. >> man, if you have your kids with you? forget it. girl scout cookies, when
8:12 am
thin mints or samoa person, you'll have an easier way to get your hands on them. scouts can now sell online. the new program called digital cookie. and with parental approval, each scout will have her own web page. of course, there is also an app for it. don't worry, the organization says it will not ditch the old fashioned sales techniques like little girls going door-to-door saying buy my cookies. >> favorite cookie? >> i like the samoa. >> thin mints. >> dosey does. >> i like those. a few days ago, and this morning the new "star wars" trailer has 40 million hits, being called the 88 seconds of geeky goodness. just a series of clips from episode 7, "the force awakened: strong together." enough to excite fans and now a youtube user named snooper -- i thought that was you -- created a shot-for-shot remake of the
8:13 am
trailer, using nothing but legos. apparently he did this in nine hours. >> that's pretty good. wow. >> we were in the movie theater seeing another movie, and the trailer comes up. people gave a standing ovation and were hooting and hollering. everybody is so excited about this. >> i saw people on the bus yesterday watching it on their phones. >> and two-second flashes of the movie. >> is that the ship that made the kessel run? i believe it was. now to another big announcement coming from the first lady this morning. "sports illustrated kids" has chosen mow monet davis, and saying you knocked it out of the park for girls everywhere. she is ranked among the highest by any athlete in any level this year. so congrats, the accolades keep coming for her. >> what's a bigger deal, that or
8:14 am
hosting the parade? now more of our exclusive conversation with janay rice and her mother, candy palmer. janay was knocked unconscious but her then fiance. we all saw the tape of the incident in the elevator. we talked about why she did most of the apologizing during the news conference to address the incident. >> i apologized for the part i took in this, and i apologized because, for one, this press conference is something that ray put together. >> did you want to be a part of that press conference? >> i was ready to do anything that was going to help the situation. so -- >> when you say help the situation, help ray and his career? >> both. help the way we looked in the media, help his image, help, obviously, his career. so, you know, they told us earlier that week we would do the press conference and i was fine with it. >> did anyone at the ravens say, janay, it would be really good if you issue some kind of an
8:15 am
apolo apology? >> they suggested it, yes. >> did they come up with the wording? >> no, not specifically. they basically gave us a general script. >> i do deeply regret the role that i have played in the incident that night. >> that really started it. >> yes. and that was frustrating for me, because obviously people took it as, you know, i'm taking light of what ray d. >> or giving him an excuse. >> you were in denial. >> not at all. i was basically -- not doing what i was told, but at the same time, i didn't think it was completely wrong for me to apologize, because at the end of the day, i got arrested too. so i did something wrong too. not taking any life off of what ray did, because i agree with everybody else, it was wrong. >> the ravens tweeted out that portion of that statement, your apology and then they quickly took it down. because i think they understood very fast the reaction to that apology. >> right. >> do you think the reaction was warranted from people around the country? >> i completely --
8:16 am
>> yes. >> -- understood it. >> me too. >> i completely understood it. which was frustrating, because the whole thing was just awkward, to be honest. >> but had it not been for the ravens urging you or suggesting you apologize, you would have never been at that press conference and you would have never apologized. >> no. >> you know what was being said, she is a typical abused woman. >> i heard everything. >> she is a woman in denial. >> i heard that basically they needed to come in here and knock the door down and drag her out because she was chained in the house somewhere or that she grew up in this type of environment. so many, so many things. >> i think a lot of other people reacted to the fact that ray apologized to the ravens. >> yes. >> and ravens fans. and he didn't say, but most of all, i apologize to my wife. >> i mean, in our mind, it's obvious. he apologized to me more than once. countless amount of times. i'm sitting next to him. i wouldn't be sitting next to him if i wasn't the first person to get an apology. there is no way.
8:17 am
but the whole thing was, you know -- >> yeah, the whole thing was just uncomfortable. >> awkward. yeah, so he was -- we were just doing what we had to do to get it over and done with. >> how much of those efforts were geared at protecting ray and his career and the baltimore ravens versus putting the pieces of your relationship back together? >> honestly, our biggest thing was this -- the legal process that went along with it. we were both terrified. we didn't know what to expect. and that was really the hardest part in the beginning. >> let me read you some of the things that people started to say. either at that moment or in weeks that followed. robin givens. you know robin givens. she was in an abusive marriage. and after one particular incident of abuse, she said this. she wrote, "i said don't call me, i never want to see you again. but then you start taking his calls. then he asks to see you in person and you say yes to that. then you have this big giant man crying like a baby on your lap.
8:18 am
and the next thing you know, you're consoling him. you're the protector. one minute you're running from him. the next you're protecting him." does any of that resonate with you? that you became ray's protector by standing up and saying the things you did? >> if anything, i was his protector before this. protecting him from people with motives. protecting him from people who just wanted to take advantage of him. that was nothing new. >> i totally understand how people look at that and think that that is who she is. but i know her, and we know, and she is not. so what this has done, though, is made us aware about -- >> the people -- >> -- the people actually living this every day. and, you know, i feel bad for their parents, their mothers, that they can't get their kids out of this. or, you know -- just challenged with this on a daily basis. so i understand that.
8:19 am
but she's -- >> silver -- there is a silver lining. >> so many messages. >> i feel i chose ray for a reason and it was definitely to bring awareness to what people are going through every day. even though it's not what i'm going through every day. it's definitely brought, you know, this topic to the forefront. and we're okay with that. >> it's complicated. it's complicated, because it starts a national discussion. >> right. >> and you're happy about it. >> and that's a good thing. >> and at the same time, you don't feel like u you're part of that group. >> right. >> and sometimes, i've read things that makes it sound like some are saying you're either with us or against us. >> right. and i don't believe she's against them. and neither are we against them. i'm just saying that this is not the type of relationship that she's in. and no, this is not the first thing it's going to happen or next time. no, there is no next time. we have already made that clear. there is no next time. >> the first time we met, you
8:20 am
and me -- and i can't even say it with the same edge that you had in your voice. but when i asked you about your daughter, you said to me, "i did not raise a young lady to be an abused woman." >> not at all. and if anybody knows her -- >> i don't come from that. >> not only that, she's very confident and she's very forceful herself. >> i wouldn't allow anybody to -- >> never. >> especially a man i'm in a relationship with. >> no. she was taught better than that. >> you have a 2-year-old daughter. and at some point, you're going to have to sit raven down and tell her this story. >> yes. i don't think i'll ever be prepared until that moment. but we're going to be honest with her, you know. we're going to tell her what happened. let her know things like this are not okay. it's not something she should tolerate. you know, let her know that people make mistakes. and it's how you learn from them. >> it's going to be interesting
8:21 am
to hear how people who watched these interviews then react to this family. and we mentioned that ray was not home when we sat down with janay and her mom. he did come home shortly after the interview, and he agreed to actually answer some questions with the family to get his take on the situation. >> what do you think it would take for another owner and another group of fans to put the images of that video behind and say, we'll take a chance on ray rice? >> we'll get his answer to that question and much more tomorrow here on "today." >> looking forward to that. and still to come this morning, natalie takes us behind the scenes of "peter pan
8:22 am
and we are back with "the voice on today." carson taking a break from his duties to give us a sneak peek, including a special performance from two of the coaches. ♪ we'll never be royals >> reporter: there are eight remaining contestants. ♪ these dreams >> reporter: they spent their holiday weekend working with their superstar coaches. ♪ i keep on holding on >> reporter: our behind the scenes cameras caught them getting their songs just right for tonight's do-or-die performances. ♪ we were born and raised >> reporter: for them, success is becoming the next winner of "the voice." >> well, i'm going to be down here drinking as if i'm in some roadside honky tonk. >> reporter: no one has been on the chopping block more than ryan sill from team gwyn.
8:23 am
♪ here in the dark >> you've been saved three times, right? >> i mean, i keep getting saved, like -- by the skin of my teeth. i need to, like, break out of the bottom three. >> reporter: but coaches gwen stefani and pharrell williams will take a break when they perform their latest collaboration, "spark the fire" live tonight on "the voice." ♪ >> pharrell played you a track and you guys ended up going into the studio and recorded what i think was an incredible song. tell me about that moment. >> i knew right away. i was like, that's it, that's my first single. >> all these things flying around, and now we have a visual and now we have this crazy, crazy record. and, yeah, we do -- honestly, we have "the voice" to thank. ♪ >> love that. and carson joins us live. carson, this is the day we say goodbye to your facial hair. >> i'm looking forward to that.
8:24 am
let me tell you. i'm looking forward to "the voice" tonight. we're going to get that performance from pharrell and gwen and getting the nitty-gritty on the show, that's later tonight on nbc. but to your point, i'm really ready for all of this stuff to go. there gets a point, and the guys probably understand this, where it starts to hurt. and that point is now. so it's going in a few minutes. >> willie still waiting to get to that point. >> that's right. good thing for carson, in ten minutes it will be back again. >> true. >> carson -- >> chia pet. >> by the way, you can catch "the voice" tonight and tomorrow at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc. >> from one nbc hit to what should be another, roughly 22 million people tuned in for last year's "sound of music" live and the network is hoping to top those numbers this thursday with a special live version of "peter pan." natalie is hanging out on the set with some of the show's stars. natalie. >> hey, good morning to you guys once again. matt, i'm standing here with none other than the legendary
8:25 am
christopher walken, who plays captain hook, of course. >>. and christian borle, who plays smee, captain hook's dastardly right hand. great to have you here. what is the preparation like for you now just four days in. give me an idea. this is so ambitious what you are attempting to pull off here. >> yeah. and the days are long. and and, you know, the songs and dances and scenes and lots of costumes and flying, you know. sword fighting while they're flying. it's pretty complicated. >> and it's all happening live. is there any added pressure? >> what? >> you didn't know this? by the way, it's happening live. >> this changes everything. of. >> this changes everything. tell me about, christian, what it is to be a part of this. you were in "sound of music" last year so once again, another hopefully hit production here. >> i hope so. i'm thrilled to be back. it was so exciting last year. and we're just focusing on trying to run through the show and make it safe and make it
8:26 am
good and hopefully people -- >> before i throw back, we've got a little routine here. >> good sir. >> sword brittney. good morning. i'm christine maddela. let's get the forecast from brittney shipp. >> good morning, temperatures pushing into the 60s. in the mid 60s. for a live look at the poconos, where temperatures there are close to 50 degree, 36 in allentown. 52 in philadelphia. 54 degrees in wildwood. we have a big drop as temperatures drop today. look at tuesday, only high of 39. let's get a check on the traffic with katie zachary.
8:27 am
>> it is slow out there. look at the drive times between 95 and 76. you're dealing with 32 minutes in both directions, a lot of brake lights and delays through the area. you can see how clowe going it is. 76 around philadelphia, 10 miles an hour, and outside the city an average of 20 miles an hour. also following newly reported an accident at f street for philadelphia drivers. happening today officials in philadelphia are meeting to discuss bringing the national convention to the city in 2016. philadelphia is one of three city in consideration along with new york city and columbus, ohio. we will have another local update coming your way in about 25 minutes. i'm christine maddela. we'll send it back to the "today" show. have a great cybermonday.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ let it go let it go >> yeah! all right! yeah! >> nbc now on this monday morning, december 1st, 2014. isn't that chris rock collecting toys for our toy drive on the plaza. we're going to hear from him in a few moments.
8:31 am
we're hearing from idina menzel. we heard "frozen". and she is going to sing another song from her new holiday album. >> very, very good. chris is one of the funniest guys around. a brand-new movie. the writer ask director, by the way, of the brand-new movie. >> plus, it's time to say goodbye to all of this. no-shave today was a big success, raising awareness for men's health. so we've got barbers standing by to do the honors. >> i think we all agree, we're ready. time for them to come off. >> dylan dreyer -- dylan thomas -- i was just thinking about my english lit -- >> al mentioned as well, we're happy to bring back our holiday toy drive.
8:32 am
chris rock and the star of "night crawler". to learn how you can take part, head to we'll talk to rene and chris later. >> now a check of the weather. the wind blowing in. >> that's right. let's show what else we've got going on. we have got the december outlook. temperatures throughout much of the country above the much above normal. below normal through the gulf coast. precipitation wise, looking wet out west through texas, where they could use the rain. butte, california, as well. normal temperatures throughout much of the rest of the country. that's what's g hi, i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. heading into the rest of the day we'll see above average temperatures ranging from 58 to 63 degree cloushsdzy skies with a chance of isolated showers as
8:33 am
we head into the afternoon. by tuesday rolls around we'll go down to 39 and a possibility of wintry mix, sleet, freezing rain mixing in for a brief period of time tomorrow. temperatures recover by wednesday. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. natalie spending the monday on the set of nbc's "peter pan live." do you guys know natalie has something in common with the star of the show, allison williams? >> i didn't know that. >> she is very good at transforming herself into young boys, as well. we must show that video whenever we can. take it away. >> yeah, thanks so much. appreciate the video. yeah, guys, i'm standing right here in the nursery. i'm wearing the harness that my fellow friend, allison williams will be wearing in "peter pan." >> how are you? >> this thing is not comfortable. >> i love seeing it on someone else. >> you have been rehearsing with this for, what, two months now?
8:34 am
>> two-and-a-half, maybe three months. >> how is it going? probably things bruised that you didn't know could bruise. >> it's really fun. it becomes kind of second nature at a certain point. you never stop feeling it. that's definitely true. but it stops being something that you're constantly aware. >> is there an at-home remedy for taking care -- >> salt batths. every time i get out, there are bruises in places you don't expect. and i'm always tempted to, like, photograph it. but if approximate icloud got hacked, it would not be okay. so just take my word for it, it leaves a mark. >> are you nervous, the flying part live and the whole thing? >> we have been working so hard, it feels like -- there is something so gleeful about flying that nothing looks like a mistake, if that makes sense. if you sell it, which you can, with enough training, nothing looks like you're not doing it on purpose. >> okay. i don't have any training. but you're going to help me sell it. >> i'm going to help you. >> we're going to give this
8:35 am
thing a go. give me some last-minute pointers. >> obviously, think lovely thoughts. >> okay. lovely thoughts. that's it? i'm flying? >> whatever. whatever comes to mind. you don't need to share with us. so then put your weight on the wire a little bit. there you go. bend your legs. >> okay. >> and then when they call the cue, don't push off the ground. just sort of let the wire lift your feet up and it will look like you're going up. you guys ready? >> i'm ready. >> all right. >> here we go. >> there you go. ♪ i'm flying ♪ lying look at me -- where is the fairy dust? >> amazing. >> it's awesome! until, you know -- two hours later which you're going to be feeling. >> you're a natural. >> this is awesome. allison, we're so excited for you. >> thank you. >> such an incredible thing you're doing. >> i'm so excited. >> amazing. thursday night on nbc, matt, an incredible production. "peter pan live." >> all right, natalie and allison, thank you so much. and good luck, allison. we're rooting for you. coming up, we'll talk to idina menzel about her new
8:36 am
holiday album and shell perform for us, live. hi, idina. >> putting my shoes on. >> we'll see her in a moment. >> yeah. and then matt with chris rock on writing, starring and directing his new movie. but first, this is "today" on nbc. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> we're talkaboutand's this myk even though now in pennsylvania we have casinos it's still... there's ac. we're from pittsburgh. no boardwalk. no beach. no sand. it's beautiful twelve months out of the year. it's just a state of mind, it really is. you can't get this feeling anywhere. the ocean breeze and... the beach, the boardwalk, the restaurants, the casinos, music. you feel like you're on vacation when you come here.
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ we're back now at 8:38 with chris rock, the star, writer and director of the new movie "top five." he plays andre allen, a comedian with a serious new movie about to hope and an impending marriage to a reality tv star. and to top it off, he's being followed for a day by a "new york times" reporter. take a look. >> you know what, people are more accepting now and thank god for that, because this is literally rough for women, okay? >> yeah. >> but i am hopeful, because people are changing. >> yeah. >> okay? things are changing. you need to wake up and smell the progress. >> no, no, you need to wake up. nothing has changed. some things never change. >> thank god, things change.
8:39 am
>> look at this, black men trying to get a cab in new york city. ha ha, watch this. black man trying to get a cab. look at this. taxi, taxi, taxi! >> chris rock, good morning. good to see you. >> that's how i got here this morning. >> second time is a charm, right? >> yes! >> andre allen. he's an actor/comedian, check. >> check. >> big movie coming out on the day of the movie we follow him. >> check, check. >> about to marry a reality tv star. >> i did not marry a reality tv star. >> who is this guy? >> who is this guy? kind of like an amalgamation of a bunch of comedians, so me, martin lawrence, eddy murphy, chris tucker, chappelle and put us in a pot and get andre allen. >> i was reading, you're a fan of woody allen's movies. >> i love woody allen. it's his birthday today. how old is he -- >> 79. >> and richard pryor's birthday
8:40 am
today. if richard pryor was alive today, he would be dead. [ laughter ] >> no, no, don't set it up that way. >> you love him, right? >> some of woody allen's trademarks, self examination in this movie. >> yeah, a little bit. there's a little bit -- you know, for the -- you know, people that know you. a little star dust memories in here, i could say, yeah. >> you take people inside the celebrity bubble a little bit, the world of agents and managers and press people and appearances and all that. you've lived in that bubble for several decades now. what do you think -- >> decades? >> yeah, i hate to say it. >> wow, man. makes me seem old! >> you're not old. what do you think most people would be surprised by inside that celebrity bubble? >> inside the -- what would people be surprised by? i guess people would be surprised that you don't always get what you want. you know? it's -- you have got oh -- you know. i'm -- i guess i'm a celebrity, but me personally, i don't really walk around with bodyguards all of the time. i like to -- i like to drive
8:41 am
myself. you know, i don't have -- >> do you think most people who dream of being in the celebrity bubble would find it as fun once they get inside it? >> yes! it's amazing! i love being famous. it's -- it's almost like being white. it's like really -- close to it. >> how would you know? >> i know. it's really close, man. >> andre allen in this movie is in a transitional part of his career, made a bunch of funny movies, dressed as a talking bear. >> yes. >> now he wants to do something more serious and keeps getting the question from people, why aren't you funny anymore? have you ever walked in a room -- do you ever feel the pressure when you walk in a room to be funny every moment? >> you mean like right now? >> yeah. >> yes. i mean, i try to cut it off when i'm around my family, you know. like, hey, you guys, i'm going to let it go right now. but, yeah, when -- when i walk into a meeting or, you know -- yes. i have a lot of -- a big thing
8:42 am
when people want me to be funny all of the time. >> people want the punch line. >> people want me to be funny even at funerals. people are like, why are you so sad? well, because my aunt just died. >> chris, this movie is called "top five," not only starring in it, but writing and directing, and opens in theaters on friday. >> it, does man. and rosario dawson and cedric the entertainer and kevin hart. it might work, man. >> it should work. >> "today" show. you guys are doing well. you've got ray rice's wife on, man. you'll show "good morning america." we've got the wife on! >> we'll be going to commercial in about 30 seconds. too late, my bad. >> we'll show you, robin roberts! matt lauer is going to get sick next, watch! we'll show you.
8:43 am
>> all right. "top five" opens friday. up next, get out the barbers' razors. we'll say goodbye to no shave live. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ it's december 1st. you know what that means? no shave today has come to an end. our beards are moments away from going away. and as you can see, carson is out in a chair in los angeles taking part in this. >> all right. that's cool. the reason we do this, of course, very serious cause of men's health this year. carson and willie both received testicular exams and a lot of you wrote in about that. jackie saying, thank you guys for showing that these exams are painless and quick and can save your life. >> and this from jane, she writes, i wish you could know the number of people whose lives
8:46 am
you have saved and impacted by your actions. thank you for keeping people from dying of embarrassment. hopefully a lot of people did go out and get checked. let's get the shaving under way. rob mcmillan and his team are here from "the blind barbers." no better name for this? >> here in new york city. they're going to get started. here's a look back at the month we have just been through. >> all right, rob. >> it's a day of new beginnings here. all this month, the men of "today" are going to ditch our razors. carson actually just kind of grunts, and he grows a beard. it's amazing. >> al, i think you look sexier with your beard. i saw pictures with you at the end of november last year and i was into it. >> this morning we're testing our health i.q. >> male testosterone levels decrease with age due to decreased function of the prostate, true or false. >> what were you telling me about that? >> whoa! >> this morning we're talking about prostate cancer. >> put your paper down for one second. something you may not have done
8:47 am
before. touch a prostate today. nice beard, by the way. >> thank you, you too. >> had you did you do that? >> that's nice. >> yes. wil willy and i today will get exams on the air. >> when i heard what you guys were doing, i thought it was nuts. >> all right, high-five. let's go. go, team. >> who is going to play ball first? >> okay. >> whoa, easy. >> you guys want to come in? no? okay. >> that simple test can truly save lives. >> in-studio, gold medalist scott hamilton, who survived his own bout. >> surgery and now back to life. >> we're launching a no-shave today college challenge. >> every member of our chapter has taken part in not shaving their beards. >> we are all members of the social club sig at the university of michigan. we raised $25,000 last year, and have already reached over $35,000 to date this year. >> since 2009, we have participated in mo-vember.
8:48 am
>> we have had a lot come forward and say we have gone through this and have had cancer. >> they're are the students who have signed up to participate to promote men's health through the month of november. >> it's your life we're talking about. and you really need to be vigilant. >> too many men wait until it's too late. men, don't be afraid to talk about these things, get it checked out. because it could save your life. >> once again, want to thank our friends gillette, they came through with a generous donation, $50,000 to the american cancer society. also supplying raizors and shaving cream today. so thank you to them. >> that's right. and our nbc station -- you read that, savannah. it will sound funny if i do. >> you're doing great. >> our nbc affiliates also joined the campaign, 45 local anchors growing out their facial hair. we posted their pictures on our facebook page, and asked you to pick your favorite. >> the winning anchor -- let's call him the ron burgundy of the
8:49 am
bunch, david george in anchorage, alaska. >> way to go, david. >> how do you feel, ten pounds lighter? >> not quite, but nice feeling. >> do you have any blades that are not rusty? >> oh! >> carson, how are you doing? carson? >> we're doing well, guys. i've got steve here. already feels so much better. you know, my dad lost his battle to cancer, my mom beat cancer. this has been an inspiring month. i want to thank the viewers for sending in their stories. it was great to be a part of this. >> i almost don't recognize carson without the beard now. >> i don't recognize carson since it's been so long since he has been here. >> wow. >> this is the best part. >> you're doing important work here. thank you so much to rob mcmillan and the team. and we'll be back in a moment with idina menzel. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ let it snow let it snow let it snow ♪
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. we are back now at 8:51 with tony winner i deidina menzel, t voice of elsa on "frozen" starring in "if then." and out now with "holiday wishes." good morning. always good to see you. >> thank you for having me.
8:52 am
>> i just saw you in "red book" magazine and you said having this kind of success where people might know my real name, took a long time to stop chasing it and just embrace it. when did you know you made it? do you know you've made it? >> some days it feels good. and other days it doesn't. i don't know. yeah, it feels good this year. definitely feels good. i've been at it a long time. and like i said in the article, you're always trying to, like, get after it and figure out how, you know, what's the next best thing. and when you finally relax and just kind of relinquish and be who you are, things happen. >> i'm going to let you sing. >> i just assume because it's so successful, that's what they're up to. >> it cries out for it. i'll let you sing. ♪
8:53 am
♪ holy night ♪ all is calm all is bright ♪ round yon virgin mother and child ♪ ♪ holy infant so tender and mild ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace
8:54 am
♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ shepherds quake at the sight ♪ ♪ sweet dreams from heaven above ♪ ♪ heavenly host sing hallelujah ♪
8:55 am
♪ christ the savior is born ♪ christ our savior is born ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ silent night ♪ silent night ♪ silent night
8:56 am
♪ silent night ♪ oh ♪ oh good morning, i'm christine maddela. a mild start to our december. let's get the forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. . good morning. it's a mild start down the shore. a bit koecooler. we'll see showers for the rest
8:57 am
of the day. temperatures, 55 degree, 52 in atlantic city. 57 in mt. holly. 40 in allen town, 50 this morning in the poconos and temperature change today. expect to be well above average, ranging between 58 to 63 degrees. >> still know shine of mittsing student shane montgomery. he was last seen leaving a bar, now the fbi joined in on the search. we were there as the marine unit searched every inch of the mercury waters, hoping to find clues. the 21-year-old was bar hopping wednesday night, last seen leaving kildare's pub on main street. a $15,000 award is offered for information leading to shane's whereabouts. >> we'll learn more about philadelphia's plans to become the host city of the democratic national convention in 2016.
8:58 am
the dnc host committee is meeting to discuss the details. last month philadelphia was named one of the final three cities along with new york and columbus, ohio. a final decision is expected in the next couple of months. i'm christine maddela. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather on our website. just head to now back to the "today" show. have a great monday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this beautiful monday morning here in new york city. it is the first day of december, 2014. i'm willie geist along with al roker and weekend today's sheinelle jones. tamron takes time off. and natalie is hanging with the cast of peter pan. and really enjoying herself a little too much. let's be honest. >> she has always been a swinger. >> there it is. >> you can see it, right? >> so it begins. >> i heard that. >> we're your lost boys, natalie. >> oh. >> oh, yes, i'm hacking o hangig out with the lost boys here. >> we'll talk to her in a few minutes. she was doing the high wire with allison and the whole thing.
9:01 am
>> so how do you guys feel? >> i feel good, but this -- you are like a lifetime movie villain. what do you call that, air patch? what is that? >> soul patch. >> air patch? >> i don't know! i've never had one. i know it's air, soul, something. >> in case you missed it, we ended our no shave november this morning. and last year we got shaved, i took it down to a mustache for our hour of the show so this year the goatee. honey, if you're watching, i'm not coming home with this. >> bad boy. >> it's kind of wanna be bad boy. >> do wives like the hair? i like it. i think i like to see it, but i don't want to feel it. does that make sense? >> does your husband? >> he has a little something-something. soul patch. >> like a goatee? >> he has a cabbage patch. >> without the little -- >> your husband has got the cabbage patch. >> a lot of us like the cabbage
9:02 am
patch, i guess, i don't know. we like this, but we don't want to feel it. is that possible? >> so you like looking at it, but just stay the heck away from me? >> i want to see it. i don't want to -- yeah. >> so enjoy this for the next 60 minutes. it's going away real soon. but it was another successful no shave november. >> i want to save it. hold on. >> can you tweet that? >> i think it's hot, willie. >> no, you're patronizing me. just stop. >> i'm not! >> you know who digs it, jeff scarborough. >> i thought you were going to say chuck todd. >> you have to do that caesar haircut. >> if you do it with confidence, i'll believe you. >> and the good news, once you shave, you'll still have a chin. >> i don't know where this is show is headed now. let's talk about ray rice. matt had an incredible interview with his wife janay this morning. obviously you saw over the weekend the form running back.
9:03 am
we heard from candy palmer. matt asked for the reaction to the immediate aftermath of the elevator attack and security video that showed rice not comforting his wife after knocking her out. >> i was very upset by that part. and i told him so. i basically told him i didn't care, you shouldn't have left her like that. and i told him after i saw it, why did you just leave me there like that. >> did you see that part? >> yeah, that's the one part. >> why didn't you comfort me? >> yeah. he said he was terrified. >> terrified. >> he was in such shock that this had just happened, he didn't -- know how to function at that point. and then, you know, obviously by that time hotel security is there. the police are there.
9:04 am
>> janay told matt she still hasn't seen the tape from inside the elevator. she saw the one from the outside, where she's dragged out, still hasn't seen the punch from inside. >> i appreciated hearing from her, and matt said it this morning when he said it's co complicated there. is so much judgment. obviously social media changes the game. but i appreciated hearing from her. and i almost just want to give her a hug and comfort her. >> she did lash -- in fact, social media, which went on instagram. >> yeah, she did. she lashed out when the second video came out for making her relive the moment in the elevator. >> i was so angry. hurt. to see the man i love, everything ripped out from under him. it made me angry. the support system i thought we had in the ravens, that made me angry. the fact that i knew we wouldn't be here anymore, made me angry. we have to pick up and move our
9:05 am
child from what she's used to. it hurt. it hurt a lot. i just had to get it off my chest. >> did it feel better? >> it did. it did. >> there's no obvious -- it goes without saying, there is no defense for what ray rice did. but people from the outside looking in at their relationship, they met when they were teenagers, which is about when i met my wife, and thinking about if you have one terrible, horrible, awful, indefensible moment, does that define your whole relationship and do you turn and walk away? >> and you think back to that volatile moment and imagine if it was on camera and on social media. and what struck a chord with me, the fact they have a child so you have a kid in the middle of this. >> matt has got an interview, talk with ray rice tomorrow. ray came -- he was not there during the interview, came home later. and the other thing is, i was struck by her parents. just such a strong couple. and you can see where she gets her strength from. >> and did you hear her mom say, i didn't raise her to be a
9:06 am
victim. you know, so it was good to hear her mom. >> exactly. >> absolutely. >> shifting gears a bit, you mentioned -- i thought it was interesting, you have been with your wife since high school? >> we started dating in high school. but i've known her since we were 11. >> 11 years old? so let me state the topic here. so what about you, really quickly? >> we met in 1994. but our age difference -- i'm six years older than deborah. >> so here's the deal, okay? i guess -- >> bode well. >> apparently for a lasting marriage, try marrying someone your own age. i think if you look -- why is everybody giggling? >> that's my mistake. >> one year discrepancy in a couple's age makes them 3% more likely to divorce. a five-year difference makes them 18% more likely to split up and all the way to ten years. a ten-year difference makes them 39% more likely. >> and your marriage? >> i was my husband's tour guide in college. he was 17 at the time. i was 19. that's why i was interested.
9:07 am
>> you remembered him from the tour? >> i thought he was so cute. i remember saying -- i remember saying -- i was at northwestern, i was a tour guide, and i remember saying, you know if you were just a little older. >> did you? did you do that to him? >> you're so cute. yeah. >> it worked. >> he had this going on. and then he enrolled the next year, i think. >> because of you? >> and the rest is history. >> so how much older? what's the spread? >> two years. >> okay. >> he skipped a grade or something. he was smart, so, you know -- >> so you were scoping out incoming freshmen. >> i was a little cougar on campus, al. >> wow! >> don't judge me. >> no, not at all. >> judgment-free table. because, no -- i don't know. >> you obviously haven't watched this show. >> but they say -- i guess if you're closer in age, you have more in common. but there are other things, obviously. >> yeah. >> do you think so? >> yeah. i mean, mine is different because i've known her for so long. we have so much in common. friends are the same for the most part so our foundation is solid. i think you can relate to the
9:08 am
same things. >> i don't think six years is a big deal. do you? >> i hope not. i don't think so. >> are you happy? >> i'm very happy. although i will tell you, when you have kids and you're an older dad, you know -- >> ah. >> it is -- you know, when lila said -- i just never thought i would have a dad this old. oh! what's the alternative? dead. >> you don't feel a spread in your relationship with deborah, do you? >> no. you know i do feel it with our kids' friends' parents. because we're friends of parents who are much younger than us. >> i feel it was harder for me when we were in college, for example. i'm in the work world and he's still at frat parties and i remember calling him at 4:00 in the morning and i was going out on a live shot and i hear music in the background and i'm like -- now that we're adults, we have new memories, kids. >> did you ever reenact the tour when you met? >> you know what, that's a good idea, willie. >> throwing that out there. >> wow. >> just throwing that out there. >> okay, wow. man, people finding all sorts of stuff -- >> you need some of these pajamas.
9:09 am
have you seen these? >> these are -- >> oh, we're doing the sweaters first? >> these are suits. ugly holiday sweaters, big. so how about a whole -- a holiday suit? a christmas suit. >> hey, now. >> 109 bucks. we're going to get these. you and i. we're going in. >> put them on. >> we're going in. >> wear that to a holiday party. >> sure, look at that. >> do we have one? >> if we don't, we're going to make one. >> sharp. >> i think if you wear it with confidence, al -- >> absolutely. >> you can't wear that very often, though. >> no, just around the holidays. one time. >> one day a year, in, out. >> maybe when you're going to meet a resident assistant or something like that. >> if you're giving a tour, let's say. >> giving a college tour, wear something like that. >> hey, now. why do i keep saying that? hey now. >> hank kingsley. from -- from larry sanders. i like it. hey, they had a ton of rain yesterday in southern
9:10 am
california. and they're going to get more today. in fact, a nine-mile stretch of the pacific coast highway, mudslides, rock slides. still closed today. maybe even into tomorrow. and guess what? we've got more heavy rain coming in later today into tomorrow and wednesday, because we've got a big storm system off the california coast. this thing is loaded with moisture. we've got a lot of moisture coming up out of the pacific. and it is going to converge from northern california, the pacific northwest. this time, all the way into southern california. while it's not a drought-buster, they're in three years of serious drought, it is going to drop about 1 to 2 inches along the coast in the foothills. could be up to 5 inches and we could be looking at more mudslides over the next 72 hours. that's what's hi, i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. heading to the rest of date we'll see above average temperatures, cloudy skies with a chance of isolated showers as
9:11 am
we head into the rest of the afternoon. by the time tuesday rolls around we'll have a big drop in temperatures, we'll have rainfall and a wintry mix, sleet and freezing rain for a brief period tomorrow. temperatures recover by wednesday. your latest weather. >> so we've got a segment coming up later in the hour, christmas treats. look what people have done here. this is a reese's peanut butter cup made into christmas trees using a ding dong and marshmallows. >> are you sure it's a ding dong? >> it is. oh, i didn't see the hole. there we go. we want to know, do you have a delicious home made holiday recipe? enter for a chance to win today's holiday cookie contest. share it with us. the official rules on winner gets hands-on cooking lessons, just fantastic. >> what is this?
9:12 am
marsh mal owe. >> santa. >> next, rene russo taking on the role of a tv executive, right at home in our control room. >> i said go to commercial. wake up! >> we'll talk to her about her wake up! >> we'll talcheck outabout her all these airline seats. lots of them, right? but when you try to get one by using your travel rewards card miles... those seats mysteriously vanish. why? all the flights you want are blacked out. or they hit you up for some outrageous number of miles. switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase you'll earn unlimited double miles. now we're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? now we're getting somewhere. why unlimited talk, text and toweb for just 34.88 a month? honey, we've got unlimited internet! look at that! what should we do? i mean, we can pin, post, tweet, snap, tag, check-in and share...oohhh... why don't you do whatever you just said...
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9:15 am
you know rene russo from some of hollywood's most memorable movies like "lethal woman" and "get shorty". >> now playing a tv news director in the new film "night crawler." take a look. >> the only shot of a couple is through a window. >> police were shutting it down. >> i don't like it. >> like what? >> the footage looks like he broke in. he's giving their name off a piece of private correspondence. >> excuse me, that's junk mail. >> i have a problem with that. >> we'll knock out a killer package. >> that's my job. >> no, your job is getting the tweet of the day, and getting deb to turn sideways during the
9:16 am
weather forecast. we're running it. >> i got a chuckle. >> we've all worked for news directors like you. >> i heard that. what's with women? >> not just women, guys too. i mean, i've got to tell you when, when i saw you in "thor" i was like rene russo. and here you are. this is really a terrific run you're having. >> no, well, it's a great role. nina was fun. she was great. and i don't -- i mean, i don't like to work on something that is challenging and she is such a cool character, so i had fun with her. >> you started to answer my question, i don't work unless it's challenging. people saying rene russo is back. you disappeared for ten years. >> i kind of did disappear. >> what were you up to? >> i was watching you "morning joe." >> at 3:00 a.m.? >> yes. >> what has got you up? is. >> so i would watch for half an hour and tape the rest. but yeah. way too early? >> i almost broke into tears
9:17 am
when you said that. >> no, i love every minute of it. >> were you going to open a dairy? >> yeah. i have a handful of cows outside of buffalo. and i did. i thought, well, you know, at 50, i said, i have to try something else. or otherwise i was never going to do it. so i partnered with a guy, pat lango. he's -- he is, like -- an amazing chef. and a dairy farmer. and we make yogurt, the official snack of -- of new york now. >> wow. >> new york state. it is the official snack. but -- and it's the best. so i mean, i'm like hogging my ---it like, white cow dairy. >> go for it. >> why not? >> i didn't expect to do that, but -- >> so this movie is really a family affair. your husband co wrote and directed it. that's got to be fun working together. >> no, no. it was good. yeah. we had a good time. for the most part. no, no. we had a great -- he's a
9:18 am
wonderful director. of and he's an actor, director, and he can be very specific. he allows you to sort of play and change his mind. gives you an opportunity to, you know, switch it up and change his mind. >> what's the audition process like? do you give your husband a head shot? >> i can't actually say. i can't really talk about that, willie, but, you know -- i had no idea. it's so hard to get a film off the ground. i mean, it really is. so i wasn't like you have to write a part for me. and then when i read the script, it was so good. but i thought this is never going to get off the ground. >> it was great. talk about jake gyllenhaal. it seems he is border line creepy and charming. does that make sense? >> i have to tell you, i hope that people recognize him, because what he did is pretty much as hard as it gets. because he had to sort of mix together so many conflicting character traits, and he did it beautifully. there was so little margin for error. and -- he's just -- he's amazing in this. and it was so difficult to do. he made it look easy. >> i thought it was interesting,
9:19 am
you said he didn't break. so did he stay in character? >> yeah, no, he didn't. the i was very quiet in between. because you can see that he was really working it, and it was like watching -- like someone give birth. i mean, you know, he really had to walk a tight rope. he was creepy, but charming. he had had so many different colors, and it's -- to put all that in, is very -- is just -- the hardest thing you can do. he was amazing. >> great performance. >> really good. >> rene russo, thank you so much. "nightcrawl "nightcrawler" is in theaters now. >> and the yogurt too. >> and the yogurt. >> get the yogurt, go into the theater and just have a good time. >> exactly. up next, before you do that cybermonday shopping for your kids, a warning about scooter safety. plus, reese witherspoon goes safety. plus, reese witherspoon goes wild, christian bale leaves ♪ it's cyber monday at verizon! hurry online to snap up our best cyber monday deals!
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9:24 am
the study find accidents involving scooters, wagons, tricycles and powered riding toys have gone up in recent years, and now account for more than 40% of hospital admissions among children. experts say that with scooters especially, it's very important for children to wear helmets. you may soon have a high-tech way to get your thin mints and samoas. for the first time in history, the girl scouts of america will allow more than 1 million scouts to sell cookies using a mobile app or website if their local councils and parents agree. the digital orders will be shipped right to your door. the 12 days of christmas will cost you more than it did last year. pnc bank management has added up the cost of drummers drumming, ladies dancing, partridges pear trees and says you spend more than $116,000 if you look at the total cost every time an item is mentioned in the song, including repeated verses. that's up 1.5%. i'm glad someone did that study. another big weekend at the box office for the latest installment of "the hunger
9:25 am
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innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. a mild morning to start your week. let's get the details from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning, temperatures above average. here's a look outside. a few clouds but as we head through the after we'll see showers throughout the entire area. very light rainfall. 56 degrees in atlantic city. and mild for the rest of the day we'll be in the 60s with a chance of showers moving into the afternoon. big changes by tomorrow, dropping down into the high 30s. still no sign of missing westchester university student shane montgomery. he was last seen leaving a bar
9:27 am
early thanksgiving morning. now the fbi is in on the search. the marines searched every inch of the murky water hoping to find clues. the 21-year-old was bar hopping with friends. he was last seen leaving kildare's pub on main street. a $15,000 reward is offered it for information leading to his whereabouts. the phil fire department responded to a fire this morning before 4:00 app. eight people, including two young children were inside. witnesses say they saw somebody either drive up or walk up to the house, and toss objects and liquid on to the front porch. there have been no arrests. firefighters say they've been to that house before. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have another update in 25 minutes and you can get the latest on our website,
9:28 am now back to the "today" show. thanks for watching. have a great day.
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today" on a monday morning. it is the first day of december, 2014. i'm willie along with al and sheinelle jones, joining us from "weekend today" for a couple days while tamron is off. good to have you here with us. natalie is with the cast of "peter pan live" on another one of these big, beautiful sets. natalie, where are you this time? >> yeah, this is unbelievable, willie, my kids would go crazy if they could see this. right now i'm in the lost boys' hideout on top of it right now. but all around me is neverland. you see, they have built everything to be this 360-degree experience as they're bringing stage to life on television. on nbc thursday night. now, as i mentioned, it is so detailed and elaborate, down to the hatch that i'm about to go down. take a look. >> oh-oh. >> this is one doorway that leads to the lost world hideout.
9:31 am
and i've got to tell you, you fly when you come down this thing. >> wow. >> really fly. it's pretty amazing. he's one of the lost boys. that's a good way to commute. if i could do that in the morning -- >> absolutely. who wouldn't want that? >> what is it like being a part of this? you guys seem to have all of the fun on-set. >> absolutely. we try to steal all of the fun from the pirates. no, it's great. we're getting to play. it's like we are boys and we get to have a lot of fun and we have a great cast and amazing crew. everyone from top to bottom is just making this truly a magical experience. and this is where we get to go to work every day. >> this is pretty amazing. i have to say. i mean, my kids would love coming here. so you guys, break a leg thursday night, all right? so excited for you. thanks so much. we'll be talking more with the cast coming up in just a little bit, willie. >> that is a pretty cool playground, natalie. see you in a couple minutes. >> al, what's going on outside our window here? >> we should have one of those here. a slide. >> fire pole. >> exactly. >> either way.
9:32 am
>> well -- >> no? >> okay. well, let's show you what we've got for the next 30 days since it is first day of december. much of the country going to be above normal, according to the national weather service. in fact, really the northern two-thirds of the country above normal, along the gulf coast maybe below normal. the good news is the precipitation. texas, california, both under severe drought. and hopefully for the month, we get a little bit of a break. this is california's rainy season. so hopefully it will live up to that. normal around the rest hi, i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. heading into the rest of the day we'll see above average temperatures, cloudy skies with a chance of showers as we head into the afternoon. by the time tuesday rolls around a big drop in temperatures, we'll go from 60 to 39, with a
9:33 am
possibility of wintry mix, sleet, freezing rain mixing in for a brief period of time temperatures recover by wednesday. ♪ and that is your latest weather. >> well, grab your smartphone and pull up the calendar. time to tell you about some of the biggest events in entertainment this month. >> here with the lowdown on the movies, music and tv shows you don't want to miss, entertainment weekend radio host jessica shaw. good to see you. >> you too! >> busy month. let's start this week, wednesday, wild with reese witherspoon. people going nuts about her performance. >> going crazy about it. reese witherspoon stars in this adaptation of cheryl straid's novel about this 1,100 journey an the pacific coast trail after the death of her mother and divorce and personal problems. a lot for an oscar nomination, if not the oscar win. she said it's the hardest movie she has ever made to which i say "legally blonde" that was not easy. come on, reese. >> a little harder. >> okay, let's move to december 9th, series finale of sons of
9:34 am
anarchy. theo rosci here last week. it's going to be huge. >> yeah. well, a lot of people wondering how they're going to tie up this very beloved drama about a motorcycle club in california. whether -- the show is full of heroes. do you make them pay for their crime, a lot of murder and bad stuff, or do you let them bike off into the sunset? >> also on the december lineup, on the 12th "exodus" a blockbuster budget. >> huge budget. christian bale plays moses. ridley scott turns his attention to the biblical story of "exodus" from egypt. a lot of controversy, christian bale has described moses as schizophrenic, the film being criticized because the cast is largely white, even though the film is set in egypt. and really, scott is explaining certain things like the parting of the red sea saying it was not divine intervention. there was an earthquake. >> we'll watch for that. let's jump other to music, and nicki minaj with a new album,
9:35 am
"the pink prince." >> a nod to jay-z's classic album. she wants this album to do for female rappers what the blueprint did for male rappers. and we'll see. i mean, it's a grand statement, considering she is someone who is sampling sir mix-a-lot. >> yes. this next one, i cannot wait for this. "elf:buddy's musical christmas" an animated version of "elf" the movie everyone loves and sean hayes the producer. >> starred will ferrell and turned into a musical and now jim parsons doing the voice of buddy and he travels to new york city to find his dad. great characters. voiced by jay leno and mark hammel and even your colleague, matt lauer. how do you think his acting is? >> they didn't call us, did they? >> yeah, i didn't get a call. >> that's one of my dreams, to be in a movie, when a character sits down and they turn on a movie and you see an anchor
9:36 am
there. >> we can make that happen for you. >> we know a guy. >> so december 16th, more music. the sophomore album from charlie xcx". we're going to sing the music. ♪ >> i think a lot of people really knew her behind the scenes. she has written for iggy azalea and icono pop. but she had her own hit with boom clip. and i love her because she is 22 and inspired by the ramones and that gives me hope for the future. >> december 17th, a lot of folks waiting for this one. third installment of the has beenit trilogy. >> peter jackson finally leaving middle earth after the three hobbit films, three lord of the rings films. i feel gandolf should shape his beard like you guys did. he finally can. >> knock it down to a goatee. >> gandolf goatee. >> how about on the 19th, the "annie" movie. jamie foxx, cameron diaz. a lot of people excited for this one. >> modern-day retelling of this
9:37 am
movie. great young actress. she plays annie, kid in new york city in foster care and her foster mother, ms. hannigan played by cameron diaz. this song initially developed for will smith's daughter, because he's a producer, but she decided she didn't want to do it. she didn't want to play a girl, she wanted to take time being a girl. >> annie is classic. so i'm really interested to see what they do. >> fun to see this crew together. jessica, always good to see you. thanks so much. coming up next, another must-see event that will hook you in. forgive me. "peter pan live", three days away. and natalie catching up with the i was active. i kept on top of things. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed, moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better.
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9:41 am
let's head back to natalie on the set in long island with the stars of the nbc musical, "peter pan live." we are so envious, natalie. >> it is such an extravaganza. it's amazing, al. got the cast here, christopher walken plays, of course, captain hook and peter pan, allison williams. christian borle who plays smee, captain hook's right-hand man, literally. and kelli o'hara, mrs. darling. great to have you guys here. >> hello. >> this is unbelievable, the set down to the last detail. i mean, this really gets you that 360-degree perspective. what i want to know, what is it like running from set to set in between commercial breaks? i imagine sometimes even just live on the air. how do you manage, allison? >> it's a lot. i mean, we all navigate it. it's -- we both make trips
9:42 am
between here and jolly roger. thundershowers are faster. it's a lot to navigate. and everyone has a job. running through hallways and a guy who desperately needs to get to neverland with the camera. and i need to get into a quick change and you're going from being a sophisticated man in the early 20th century to a pirate. >> and then you fly. so what could go wrong? christian, i guess one of the producers said of "sound of music" if something were to go wrong it might be during "peter pan" not during "sound of music." what could possibly go wrong? >> everything. that's the glory of it. we've got sword fighting, we've got flying. and those things have a certain degree of difficulty to them. but that's why we're here. we're working really hard and working out the kinks and it's going to be great. >> i've got to ask, because i hear christopher walken here as captain hook really sells it. the song, the dance, the sword fighting. and there's the tap-dancing routine, as well.
9:43 am
kelli, what's it like working alongside christopher walken? >> we didn't have any scenes together. >> no? >> no, but i watched -- >> and also, we're talking about something that hasn't happened yet. >> i know, but we've been watching a lot. i in my bath robe during most -- watch on the monitors and it's pretty magical. you just wait. >> yeah. christian, you're right next to him. does he steal the show? >> yeah. well, i don't -- you're standing right here. >> oh, please. >> but you're not going to disappoint. you know that, right? you can't. >> we've been -- >> he's very modest. >> i just turn down the volume. >> no, you're so -- it's so good. i mean, it's like -- as a nondancer to watch chris dance is to watch someone who has it in his body and it's effortless. and i watch that, and i wonder, what would it have been like had i been born with those skills. >> to be fair, you move very well. >> quadruple threat, sing, dance and act and now fly. >> i fly with the help of wires. >> allison, we know it's all a sham.
9:44 am
>> they lift me up and i move. >> when i was a kid, everybody sent their child to, you know, tap school. >> that's how you learned. >> whether they were in show business or not. they went to -- you know, basketball or something. >> yeah. so that's how you learned. >> everybody. >> does this bring you back to your roots then? >> oh, sure. >> yeah. >> you know, rehearsing a musical, sure. >> yeah. >> does it make you want to do a musical on broadway? >> you know, we rehearsed this like a -- the way i grew up. you know, eight weeks of doing it. and -- >> for one night. >> yeah. >> kelli, is that -- i mean, you do broadway. >> previews and then you would open. >> eight shows a week. >> really? >> just get on it. >> make it a habit. >> well, because when you get in front of an audience, you learn things. >> but something like this really relies on the reaction of kids. so kids reacting to captain hook, reacting to the whole darling world going into
9:45 am
neverland. like that whole transition is so important. so i think we're all just trying to channel the kid we know best reacting to all of this. you don't get to have anyone in front of us. we don't get to react off anyone's energy. >> i was going to ask what that's like. you're kind of doing it, but the audience is at home. >> yeah. >> you've got young kids so i know they're excited about this. >> i can picture my son right now. >> my kids are going to be watching. i'm going to be. i can't wait. guys, break a leg. good luck to all of you. >> thank you. >> and you can watch "peter pan live" here thursday night 8:00 p.m. eastern time on nbc. 8:00 to 10:00. meanwhile coming up, some festive christmas treats, right meanwhile coming up, some festive christmas treats, right after this. ...and tkind of like you huffing sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said.. doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function.
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9:49 am
hey guys...guys! pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistable sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! if you promised yourself this would be the year you actually made something for the holidays for your friends, family, we have a few easy ideas to get you started. >> that's right. here with creative confections you can make with the kids, food director, regina regoni. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> you made the things on the cover, pretty impressive. but it's not that hard. >> it's not. you're going to show the audience how not hard it is. >> we're going to show them? >> we'll find out. >> these really fun candies here. get your setup. now can you believe there are this many types of reese's?
9:50 am
you're going to start with this little one and turn it over and you're going to put a little royal icing. >> so this is kind of like the glue? >> that's the glue. royal icing is an amazing glue. and put this one on top. no, around. >> okay. >> so you're making -- wait. i'm already messed up. >> you need a stool. >> i know. >> and then like that? >> yeah, and then icing. you want to get a little on the side, to get a little -- >> this is cute, because the kids can do this for sure. >> and this is the thing. ooh, you're good. look at al, hey! >> no fighting. i want you to keep in mind, it's okay that it doesn't come out perfectly, because it's peanut butter cups. >> oh. >> whoa. you like those sprinkles. look at him. >> who doesn't like sprinkles? >> put some sprinkles on yours. >> i was about to say, mine looks more like a tree. >> well, now. >> okay, there you go. >> i'm channelling my 2-year-old. >> wow, that's pretty good, al. >> whatever. i'm just making a mess!
9:51 am
>> moving on to reindeers. so here we go. these are cute doughnuts. the first thing you do, put a nose on there. he needs a nose to breathe. again, this great royal icing. >> this is such a cute idea. so the icing kind of keeps it. >> yep. >> a little runny nose there. and then we're going to put two little dots there. >> okay. this is really cute. >> and then a little mini chips there for the eyes. >> okay. >> and the most fun part is the antlers. look at al, you're good with those antlers. >> most of the times when we do these things, they're never really doable. these are doable. >> and let's finish up with the red velvet cake. >> delicious. we're not going to make that here, that's easy. but this is marshmallows, stick them through, and put the sugar on. and do you want to put a beard on him? or is he beardlesses? >> this is the marshmallow.
9:52 am
>> the hat with red icing. we're not going to do that now. but you can just put a beard on him. >> this is real cute. >> oh, he's taking the icing -- >> why are you taking my icing, al? >> and put these little -- >> my kids are so tired of typing paper and crayons. >> hi, regina, nice to see you. you've been a good girl. thank you so much, regina. and you can find the recipes on we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ho, ho, ho!
9:53 am
9:54 am
this morning we enlisted some celebrity he feels into our 21st annual toy drive. chris rock and rene russo collecting gifts on their way to jersey and a children's group home in florida. >> joining us now is rachel, vice president of marketing at
9:55 am
ek publishing. good morning. >> morning. >> and you guys have always been so terrific. what are you doing this year? >> this year we're thrilled to announce we're donating $1.2 million worth of kids' books to the "today" show holiday toy drive. we are so psyched. we want a book in every kid's hands this holiday. >> i love giving a book to a kid. a toy is nice. a stuffed animal is nice, but a book changes them. >> it makes them curious, creative and they're fun for the whole family. you also don't need to recharge it. and they're very easy to wrap. they're square. so they're really awesome presents. >> rachel and sydney and dk publishing thank you so much for coming this morning. and a reminder if you would like to donate, you have until friday, december 19th. stop by the plaza or the nbc experience store. or donate at
9:56 am
here is the breaking news we're following for you out of montgomery county. you see the crew on the scene and getting water on the fire. know injuries are reported. we'll keep you updated at now let's get to the weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> this is a nice way to kick off the day, close to 60
9:57 am
degrees, it will not stay that way as we head to the work week. today, 58 to 63. cloudy with a chance of isolated showers. your seven day forecast shows that dramatic drop in temperatures by tomorrow. even a chance of a wintry mix. today a trial is scheduled to begin for a man accused of killing an offduty philadelphia police officer. rafael jones is one of two suspects in the murder of officer moses walker. police say he fired the shot that killed walker. walker was gunned down while walking home from work back in august of 2012. here's surveillance video from when it happened in philadelphia. police say jones violated his parole and should have abouten in jail at the time of the murder. the other suspect pleaded guilty to third degree murder. mcfarland was going to testify against jones. philly dnc members will meet in philadelphia to discuss their plans to bring the democratic national convention to the city in 2016. philadelphia is one of three cities in consideration much the
9:58 am
finalist, along with new york and columbus, ohio. i'm tracy davidson, we'll have a local update. you can always get the latest at
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. hope you had a wonderful holid weekend. it is fun day monday, december 1st. it is cybermonday. hope you had a wonderful time this weekend. but -- >> what? >> it is also the beginning of dressember. >> how was the turkey at the giffords' house. >> turkey at the giffords' house -- we had two. you get two turkeys, that way you get more cavities to put in more stuffing and two more drum sticks and it is moister because the bigger the bird, the harder
10:01 am
it is to keep it moist. they were delicious. we had a small thanksgiving. even cody's god parents were there, my brother and sister-in-law and the gang. it was fun. >> and regis was at the house. >> regis came on saturday. had to be fast rehearsal because he had to get home to see usc slaughter notre dame badly. i felt bad for reege. that's sal, the leading man. that's regis in the middle learning some choreography. >> looks like he's out of -- like he's distorted. >> i know. it looks like we stuck his head on a popsicle stick. anyway, he didn't realize there would be such complicated choreography. >> the musical is happening on friday, everybody. >> yeah. we didn't want to steal peter pan's thunder. we decided not do it on thursday. we'll wait now and you'll see it on friday, right here, december 5th.
10:02 am
>> i have the gang -- they were here on the show on thursday. >> yes, we saw. >> they all came. and they have got -- who -- a whole bunch of people, that's something else. >> uh-huh. >> a whole bunch of people ended up coming to see us. my brother, wife, two kids and we have great, great pictures of all of the events that i'm sure you're in the process of seeing. but anyway, it was terrific. >> you pack that weekend like crazy. >> what we served, we should point out, the drink of choice was gift wine. >> that was the -- >> you're not allowed to talk about my stuff, thank you. >> by the way, delicious. lip-smacking good. we ended up doing a lot of things. we went -- they went to the circus and then we went to the parade. and then ryan eggles was there. >> he said i'm with hoda. where are you? >> and i saw beautiful for the fifth time with my mom. >> i think it is the sixth. >> it might be the sixth. and my college roommate came.
10:03 am
she and her two daughters are here. >> i think the story is you couldn't keep a roommate, so you had ten of them, right? >> i did win messiest roommate repeatedly. repeatedly. >> so does cas. don't worry about it. >> you have news in your family. >> we have been on baby watch for the last ten days. we didn't really know when we would get the word, but my beautiful sister's daughter went into labor on saturday. and i got the call about 1:00 in the morning, sunday morning, that their son, aaron michael was born 6 pounds, 13 ounces, they named -- they named the baby after my daddy. >> sweet. >> uh-huh. and the middle name is for her husband mark's brother who passed away. so i -- needless to say it was -- everything else pales in comparison to the birth of a brand-new child in your family that's healthy.
10:04 am
praise god. praise god. >> yes. all right. so if you guys watched our show last week, you saw kathie lee and barbara corcoran go head to head over one of their curb appeal segments where it gets nasty. >> on one part. >> on one person's part. >> mm-hmm. >> so we asked the viewers to vote who see who did a better job zhuszhing up the homes and the viewers have spoken. number one house, the first one, kathie lee clear winner. barbara is on left, not great. that's what yours did. house number two, that one went to kathie lee as well, again. barbara's not great. >> she's going to be so furious. >> the final house, number three, went to barbara. >> that's unusual. >> anyway. the winner, two out of three, is kathie lee. >> can we pull those up side by side, please, because i'm going to contest this. >> you still won. she wanted all three. >> i like my picket fence
10:05 am
better. >> the viewers have already spoken. >> let the viewers speak, okay. tina fey and amy poehler will be hosting the golden globes, a great idea, for the third year in a row. nbc released a new promo in which they reveal who they're going to be wearing. >> amy and are super excited to be hosting the golden globes again this year. >> tina, everyone wants to know who will you be wearing? >> i will be wearing a pierre romper with cheese and children's ice skates. >> and i'll be wearing an er bandage dress with stilts by the ohio stilt kings. >> that sounds gorgeous. >> either way, we expect to fall. >> join us. >> don't you love them? >> they're adorable. >> coming up on january the 11th. >> all righty. now, would you try this? this is one of those would you try? >> no. in a pinch, so to speak. i have no recourse. >> there is something out there called a full body moist towelette.
10:06 am
so, you know the little ones you get in the -- when you're eating ribs or whatever, wipes your face off, gets rid of the rib stuff. here is a jumbo and you can wipe your whole body off with it. >> don't take dirty parts and smear it on other parts that aren't -- >> see? he's all clean. so the company is called object solutions. anyway, they think the world needs it. i think sometimes that is good in the absence of not doing anything. >> yes. there is not fresh water in a lot of places. when i go to israel and go up into the hills and the mountains and all of that stuff, sometimes you would be happy for it. >> sometimes you don't feel like getting in the shower. >> well, that's -- my mother always called that a -- when you just use a little towel or something like that, that's a hooker bath. >> they did call them that. >> not that my mother would know. of all the people in the world. you just do the parts that need it the most.
10:07 am
>> yes. >> all right, we're very happy for the couple that got married on the nyc subway. >> yeah, they decided that -- when you're trying to decide where to get married, why not the subway, less expensive and fun. anyway -- >> you don't have to book it in advance. >> 26-year-old hector and 25-year-old tatiana exchanged vows on the train. they asked people to move to the back of the subway car. >> they did. people were gracious. it was nice. >> sweet. >> you don't hear about that in new york that much. people said, sure, i'll give up my subway seat. it is important to them, because a lot of important things in their experience together happened while they were on the subway. i just want to know where they had -- i know where they had the -- they must have had the reception at subway. >> that would have been genius! >> i know. slap me, girlfriend. yes. >> so this is an interesting -- they did another one of these
10:08 am
studies and found out that you can guess how old someone is based on their name. business insider took a look and they looked at social security data since the 1880s. they say if you give them a name, they can tell you around their age. if your name is chelsea or hillary, you're most likely around 21 years old because bill clinton was elected to office in 1992 and people chose that name. >> most trinitys are 9 years old because that took off after the release of the matrix in 1999. i never understood. >> destiny is most likely 13 because in 2000 that is when destiny's child leased the second album. >> and dylan, if you care, most likely 12 years old, that name spr spiked after we met dylan mckay from beverly hills 90210. >> jordans born between 91 and 98 when the bulls won the championship with michael jordan. >> okay. most jews will not be happy about this. they're 80 years old or older,
10:09 am
most aprils are 33. >> most codies, we went into -- i did some extensive research, myself, i found most of them are in their 20s because a lot of parents named their kids cody after you guys named it. >> i wasn't the first to do it, but that is true. a lot of people named it -- >> you and i had things named after us. >> we have. >> goats. >> yeah, we did. >> dogs. a couple of baboons. yes. but we are honored, pleased. i tried to name lola hoda and you took great offense at that. regis was thrilled when i named my other dog regis. >> i don't know if he was thrilled. >> i'm not sure -- >> regis is in ashes up on my book case. >> let's talk favorite things, shall we? >> you go first, hoda. this is important. i love this. >> my favorite thing is a t-shirt and it was named in full disclosure by my closest friend karen, and they are -- it is called life's about change.
10:10 am
they're soft and cozy and it talks about all the things you want to change in your life, if you want to start working out, life is about change. >> make it happen. >> when you gave these to me before, my favorite shirt. i can't stand when they're in the wash because they're just delicious. >> i want to show you this one. when someone is expecting -- i should have gotten this one for shani before she delivered. >> change is coming. we're expecting. >> and i have a couple of things. first of all, ann boxcamper is a wonderful writer. she has a christmas book combinati combination. this is called the greatest gift. >> this is called unwrapping the greatest gift. >> she's worth it. she's amazing. now, i have been working with an organization for many years called international justice mission. go on their website and learn the history of it. it is unbelievable. they have a gift catalog. this is first day of december. we're calling it dressember,
10:11 am
different organization. you, if you want to give gifts that matter, gifts that get women out of brothels, saved, women -- all kinds of -- but the darkest of the dark in the world, go to dressmember foundation, it is called dressmember and make a donation. and this necklace i'm wearing today, some of their -- this was made by women released from trafficking and that organization is called noon day here is another beautiful one. >> all on our website, you guys. >> deepest, darkest places of the world. why jennifer lawrence cried during the filming of the hunger games movie. and we'll show you how a-list celebs spent thanksgiving today we're checking out some of the top gifts that walmart has at unbeatable prices. and i'm going to show you how to wrap them. first we have the beats pill xl- now that's a tough one to wrap, melissa.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
time for "today's buzz" and all the hot hollywood scoop you missed while you were out over the holiday weekend shopping. >> here with the big celebrity news you can't live without is entertainment weekly senior writer tim stack. >> we love to call him stackable. okay, cookie, what have we got? >> new buzz around the new "star wars" trailer. what is the buzz? >> one of us cares. >> i know. i know. we're all big "star wars" fans. the new trailer came out on friday. i'm sure you were watching on your ipads. >> glued. >> glued to it. it is highly anticipated. the movie comes out in 2015, december 2015. full year from now, basically. and but it is -- the sequel to the future franchise directed by j.j. abrams. it is only 88 seconds, but it is all these little clips set the internet on fire. >> they do black things in between. >> little clips. this is the villain. this is the money shot. >> the great, great, great
10:16 am
grandson of darth vader? >> i don't know. but he has a three-pronged lightsab lightsaber. >> now i'm in. >> now you're in. i know you love a lightsaber. >> looks like a flying -- >> saucer. >> cookie. sad. let's move on to something we care about. >> we care about susan boyle. she has a boyfriend and we're happy for her. >> too early to call. we contacted her publicist. too early to call him a boyfriend apparently. susan boyle at 53 has met a man. and she is -- she met him at a hotel apparently, that they were both in the same hotel and had dinner and he was a gentleman to her and it is early. they're the same age. she was diagnosed with asperger's and revealed years ago that -- >> she said i know i had trouble with my behavior but now it has a name. good for her. >> we talked about --
10:17 am
>> now she's getting some action. >> you know what? how about love? there is a different between love and sex. >> i said action. >> stars are just like us, how we teased it. sofia vergara, just like us -- >> not. >> she and joe manganiello were having -- let's see there. >> she for thanksgiving, she instagramed a bunch of photos with her new boyfriend, joe manganiello. and that's her -- that's her son and his girlfriend. like a little family portrait. leak a prom photo. look at joe's arms. and so -- and she took a photo of them dancing and they had a great time. they're not hiding their relationship. >> who else -- who other stars? >> there was kim kardashian and a pic of north west. look at her in her fur coat. >> like a little baby batman. >> like a little baby vampire.
10:18 am
she called her her best friend, she was thankful for north. and taylor swift, she sent a photo of -- a throwback photo of her with her family in 2009 and 2014, this is huge. a big change for her, five years later. she's the biggest star in the world. and miranda kerr, the model, she basically -- she has a photo of her and her son flynn making some pie or cutting a pie, something. >> a turkey. >> a turkey. i don't know. okay. i have bad vision. sorry. bad eyes. it is a pie. it is a turkey. i don't really know. >> pot pie. >> and then there is dance wars apparently that julianne hough and her brother ignited on st d instagram. choreographied dance moves. she did a whole routine with her girlfriends. they do it for fun. and then this is mark ballast
10:19 am
and -- >> and jennifer lawrence? >> oh, jennifer lawrence, her song, hanging tree, from mocking jay, part one -- can you hear it? i think we have it. this is her singing. i'm sorry. ♪ they say who murdered three ♪ ♪ strange things happened here ♪ >> i like it. >> it is doing really well. oh, sure, okay. >> we were rehearsing on saturday, bambino and i were sitting there watching regis and sal, bambino jumped up went away and bit sal's pants because he hated it, twice. >> thank you. >> maybe that will go online. >> don't go anywhere. we're back to surprise our fans. it might be you. >> and beauty to bling and bouquets, the best gifts for your best friend after this. enjoy your break! thanks. i love being on stage. but when i get time off, i take advantage of it. i have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture...
10:20 am
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10:21 am
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especially around the holidays. i made a list of everyone we need to get gifts for this year. but thanks to, now we can shop with low monthly payments. over 150,000 items, and growing, from brands like samsung, kitchenaid, lego. just click on over to for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great gifts. [ drums playing ] let's wrap this one last. ♪ now it is time to surprise our fan of the week. drum roll, please. >> we'll spin the globe and it lands in tucson, arizona.
10:23 am
>> the winner, peggy and her daughter taylor who watch us on kvoa, channel 4. >> they're with us by skype. hi, ladies. >> hi. >> oh, my gosh. so excited. >> before we put you to test with trivia, we'll tell everybody why you were chosen. you have been diehard fans, watching it since the beginning. >> all of seven years now. though they're busy, this mother and daughter never miss an episode despite living apart. i love that. they still bond over our banter by sending selfies back and forth during the show. >> time for the trivia question you have 15 seconds and one guess. you guess it right, the grand prize is yours. are you ready? okay. what is our weekly trivia game segment called? is it called tuesday trivia or pop culture quiz or who knew?
10:24 am
>> go ahead. >> who knew. >> yes. you are going -- where are they going. >> grand fan prize, royal caribbean cruise, amazing. you and your guest, and i gather it is your daughter taylor, will head to the caribbean on a five night cruise of your choice. mexico, jamaica or grand cayman islands. >> while sailing on the high seas you can lounge by the pool and climb the rock wall and surf on top of the slow rider, you can also relax -- you can indulge in the spa, the restaurants. >> the food is great. are you excited? yes. everything is in tandem. like us. >> you're like us. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for watching. she plays the most powerful leader in the world on nbc's newest political drama. >> alfre woodard is here to dish on her own state of affairs right after your local news.
10:25 am
to remove this spaghetti stain, let's compare an entire tub of oxiclean to just half a cup of clorox bleach. okay... huh... how is that called clean? clorox. eliminates stains better than oxiclean. i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps.
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week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. ♪ vicks nyquil severe. helps relieve your ugliest, nastiest, roughest, toughest cold symptoms. vicks nyquil severe. with maximum symptom fighting ingredients. ♪ nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> temperatures today staying above average pushing close to 60 degrees for most of our locations, especially closer to
10:27 am
dover. and cloudy start at lake wallenpaupack. temperatures today warming into the 60s. 58 right now in philadelphia. southwesterly wind at 11 miles per hour. chance of showers as we head into the rest of this evening and our temperatures will range between 58 and 63. we are following breaking news in bucks county. skyforce 10 over the scene of a tractor-trailer accident in morrisville. this is at route 1 and 32. we are told one person was taken to the hospital. skyforce 10 over the scene of a two-alarm house fire in montgomery county as well this morning. that fire broke out in lower moreland township. fire officials tell us no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused the fire. still no signing of missing student shane montgomery. he was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. nbc 10 was there along the manayunk canal as members of the philadelphia police marine unit
10:28 am
searched every inch of the murky water hoping to find clues. the 21-year-old was barhopping with friends wednesday night into early thursday morning. he was last seen leaving kildare's pub on main street. a $15,000 award is being offered. the honors keep coming for mo'ne davis. today "sports illustrated" kids named her 2014's sports kid of the year. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we are back on this fun day monday with more of "today" and actress alfre woodard whose career earned her an oscar nomination and a golden globe. >> from l.a. law to her time spent on wisteria lane in desperate housewives and films including passion fish and the oscar winning 12 years a slave. >> now she's playing the leader of the whole free world, president constance peyton in nbc's intense new drama "state of affairs." take a look. >> the nigerians have accepted our support in an advisory capacity only. >> well, maybe we advise them to rescue the girls. >> i have very little diplomatic leverage. >> i know.
10:31 am
>> see if you can find the girls. but understand i cannot put american boots on the ground. >> i understand. >> what's next? >> what is next? >> yes, great to see you again. this is a complicated relationship anyway, but then when you figure in that katherine's character was engaged to your son that was killed in afghanistan, it gets complicated. >> it does. it forges a relationship that even as the president and as her top briefer, her cia analyst, we have a job to do to set out to right the wrong of that terrorist attack, but those two women who have been scorned also. so we have an under the table bond. >> you first got the script and they said to you, or the part, they said we want you to be the president, did you say, of course i'll be the president or were you at all surprised?
10:32 am
>> i think it was yes. it is like when you're playing, when you're a kid, you're playing palace who will be the queen? me. who wants to be the pope, the president, yes. and luckily, though, i knew it was joe carnahan who is a brilliant film director, does a lot of action. also a lot of action in our series. every week there is action. it is very exciting. but also he's a great storyteller and with miss heigl, i think katie is one of the best intuitive naturalistic actors. you always believe what she's doing. >> i love that scene in the cemetery. you know she in the past had a bad rap about her behavior in some ways. we have never, ever seen that here. she's delightful. she treats everybody so warmly and nicely. >> you know, i think that's the way she is in life. you know, she probably had a beef with a couple particular people in the past, that's always between people.
10:33 am
but the public, what's weird, it is like hysteria about sars or something. nobody -- when your mailman says something, what is that based on? and they say, i don't know. i heard it. >> it is -- >> you have a good feeling about this? sometimes when you're in -- on a great show, you sort of know you have something great. is that the feel you have with this? >> yes, yes. i think it is one that a wide -- a wide reach of audiences will like. like i said about the action, i actually love doing it, i got attacked in the convoy. i get -- it is exciting. >> as an actress. >> there are attacks on the homeland a lot this season. it is great storytelling. there is sexy parts with, you know -- >> does the president get sexy at some point? >> everyone else is getting sexy. i said it is important for the republic that they know -- >> sexual needs need to be met.
10:34 am
>> we were doing a bedroom scene and they had -- who plays the husband, he had on a t-shirt and some pajama bottoms. i said, take your shirt off. he said, why? i said, just take your shirt off while we are in the bed. >> you're bossy. >> i said, we want them to know there is action in this family. and so we were laughing, he said, why don't you take your shirt off. i should have known -- he was fabulous. it was good. >> that's terrific. we're excited for you. >> say hello to katie. that's her nickname. that's what we call her from now on. >> thank you so much. >> catch state of affairs tonight at 10:00 here on nbc. >> if you didn't check everyone off your shopping list this weekend, jill martin has the perfect gifts for your best friend, for guys, girls and pets. and danny seo is here. once in a while he has a good
10:35 am
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10:39 am
it is time now to dig into jill's shopping bag. today we're pulling out gifts for all of your closest friends. >> male or female or four legged and furry, "today" contributor jill martin has affordable and festive ideas. >> hello, jill. >> ugly sweatesweaters, which i think are so ugly., all the different teams. >> you have the saints. i have the heat. >> and then men are wearing them and loving them. >> how much? >> they're nice. >> they're a little pricey, but men can wear them forever. because everyone is loyal to their team. this is for the trendy best friend who loves all the names and they come out with something new each holiday. too faced, a carousel of makeup you can split them up. so you can give one it each friend. six friends, comes like this. you give one a little something
10:40 am
to each person. >> that's nice. >> and then the christmas crackers. i love these. these are from so they're crackers and they have three -- the body cream, the cologne in there, you can give those as a little gift. they pack well. >> hostess gift too. >> designer ornaments. you've given ornaments, but you can use it. this is fresh. starting at $18.50 and everyone loves the taste, the lip balm is good. and keil's, always a big favorite. starting at $28, bow comes on it, one and done. ben's starting at $34, all different sayings. so many of my friends begin with you. >> people give me over the years. i love them. >> we ought to be opening a bottle of wine. >> there you go, hoda woman. >> i said it again. >> jet set candy. you request can get it for your
10:41 am
best friend if you travel to a certain destination. the gimmick is you collect your adventures. >> so like a charm. >> the new charm necklace. starting at $68. love those. mommy daughter jewels. matching mommy daughter. >> sweet. >> $50. shutter fly, $29.99, put a picture -- >> oh, how cute. >> that's your family. >> oh, look how cute. >> your family, you and cas. >> that's sweet. >> adorable. >> nice scent. >> like the baby bracelets, updated, shop ryan, starting at $25. cassidy, ella, hannah, this is a great gift. and kids are wearing them. adults are wearing them to layer. super fun. >> that's adorable. >> darling. >> instay pillow. stitch a there is all different ones.
10:42 am
she doesn't like being in pictures so -- $54. sparkle your teen. this is great, start agent $19. booties, slippers, pillows, this is just great, starting at $19. barbara bar. pets, moms, matching jewels for the person obsessed with their pet. isn't that great? starting at $30. >> hopefully it turns out. >> i don't think so. >> and skulls are classic. i love skulls. >> dead heads. >> no, it is my edgy side, like party in the back. starting at $30. >> okay. >> okay. and then we have this. this is -- don't look at this yet this is men in, a city you're traveling to, it is three essentials in each box. and you give it, new york, miami, l.a., three things you need for the guys. >> clever. >> cute. >> maggie louise starting at $13.
10:43 am
these are all chocolate. >> no, they're not. >> take a bite. >> really? >> your favorite color. >> is this -- i tried it last night. yeah. >> oh, yeah. >> mm. >> this is including shipping. choice of 40 different bouquets for $40. >> go rummage through your house. because we're all turning your old stuff into christmas decor with the king of crafting, danny seo. dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. hi ma'am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower. but it's a shower with new dove body wash, with its new breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. if you have yet to put up the holiday decorations over the long weekend, it is time to get going because there is just 24 days left until christmas.
10:49 am
>> you can create fabulous holiday decor by recycling stuff around the house. here with great ideas is the editor in chief of "naturally" danny seo. >> one of the launches of the year with your new project. >> your magazine is rocking. congratulations. >> thank you. >> what are we getting to? >> everything here today we're upcycling things, stuff you already have and everything costs less than $5 to make. this wreath is about a $2 wreath. take -- this is the messy part. this is what we're making. it is a $1 wreath frame, newspaper and zip ties. that's all you need. take a wad of newspaper like this, you put it on the wreath form, take a zip tie, and you basically just secure it on to -- >> and then unfold it. and then poof it out. >> go all the way around and around and viola, a wreath. >> you spray paint it or -- >> i like it natural but why? >> why would you? exactly, danny. >> that's cute, danny. >> bottle of wine, it is like
10:50 am
how do you wrap a bottle of wine. i take an old men's shirt and basically just -- you just cut off the sleeve. >> uh-huh. >> it is cute, actually. >> okay. >> you wrap this around the bottle of wine. this is the top of the bottle. you safety pin the bottom, go all the way around. >> and very cute. >> that is kind of cute. >> it is adorable. >> this is like the conservative version. >> oh. >> i love this one. holiday cards, you're setting your christmas table and you need card markers, why not make a little house out of that. >> make them useful. >> you cut it out -- >> it is hard to know what to do with cards. >> put them in a bowl, on the wall, why not make a three dimensional thing. >> that's cute too. >> look at this. >> he's rocking it. >> you usually don't like what danny does. >> no, i don't. but he's rocking it. >> three for three. >> yeah. >> i like you. okay, so this one is for you, kathie lee. you'll take this --
10:51 am
>> hoda, you're not -- you're still learning. this is for you. >> i don't want the junior version. >> when you have a sweater that has a lot of stains or holes or rips in it, you can make sweater trees. >> that's cute too. >> this is a 50 cent styrofoam -- i like you kathie lee, but $1 styrofoam form, you use contrasting pins and look what you end up with. >> what is it? >> sweater trees that you can decorate your mantle with. the secret when you cut the sweaters, you don't have to be neat and perfect, you pull it and stretch it and actually make it, like, completely stretched. >> very cute. >> you're doing a pretty good job. >> thank you. >> she can when she chooses to. >> i don't. >> you go all the way around and around. cover the whole thing. look how sweet it is. >> cute. okay. >> i like stuff like that. >> this is a dollar. this one, this is -- >> do not even start.
10:52 am
>> finished. >> it is cute. >> put that on your etsy shop. this is a permanent way if you want to cut out right here, you just push down and bake it and we're making a permanent garland. it is permanent $1 clay, bake it in the oven, we decorated with puffy paint for t-shirts. >> of course you do. >> once you bake it -- >> only you know there is something called puffy paint. >> you can decorate it with eyes right here. do it on the baked one. this is a baked one for you. you mackke a little like -- >> look at that. that's fun. >> the way you get the hole in the middle, use a pastry tip and cut out holes in the middle, like this. and then thread it. >> and then -- >> this is when take your children's toys and make a large hanging christmas ornament. little piece of paper and glue it on, some pine.
10:53 am
>> thanks, danny. all great ideas. danny seo. congratulations on your magazine. we'll be right back with more holiday cheer. but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
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10:56 am
we're really excited to tell you about our 21st annual toy drive in full swing at the "today" show. we give back to the community and spread a little holiday cheer. >> today we have a special guest, bb woo, vice president of fabric conditioning and visual branding for one of our generous contributors with her 9-year-old son becket. >> isn't it great when all your teeth come in? i love it. >> tell us about what you guys are donating. >> we're donating high quality laundry products like all detergent, and for the kids we're donating $25,000 adorable snuggle bears. >> fantastic. >> we don't think about this sort of thing that people need and how much difference it makes in their lives. >> that's righting. by donating all and snuggle, it
10:57 am
frees up money so people can buy food and gifts. >> how do you like being on tv? how is this going? >> good. >> 9 years old, adorable. >> thank you very much. >> your third year as a sponsor. thank you very much. >> for details on how to donate, go to you have until december 19th, or stop by our plaza or nbc experience here in new york. also donate online at >> what she said. >> tomorrow, per fformance by leann rimes and
10:58 am
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11:00 am
nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00 a.m., where is shane? it's the question so many people are asking this morning as we're learning new details about the search for the missing west chester university student. i'm rematt delucia live on main street. his family is getting more help with the search. >> reporter: this morning i spoke with shane's uncle. he told me the fbi task force is currently working on leads, but right now the family is just trying to regroup and figure out wh


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