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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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distraction to the board. his resignation is effective immediately and it was accepted today. cosby has been a board member at temple since 1982 and in recent weeks at least four women have come forward to say cosby assaulted them decades ago. the 77-year-old philadelphia native has not been criminally charged for any of those allegations. in a statement cosby says, i have always been proud of my association with temple university. i've always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result i've tendered my resignation from temple university board of trustees. just recently, the university of massachusetts at amherst, formally severed ties with cosby. nbc 10's george spencer is en route to temple's campus to get reaction on this story. count on nbc 10 news for i8
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>> right now it's a mild start to the month of december. don't expect this to last. it's already changing. the nbc 10 first alert weather team tracking a dramatic drop in temperatures that could bring a wintry mix to the area. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here to explain when the cold, wet weather returns. >> the wet weather is moving in now. it's a matter of when those temperatures will be dropping back to near freezing. that will happen overnight and early tomorrow morning. in the meantime, it is,il7 mil enough for just rain. nothing frozen at this moment. so we have showers moving in, mostly on the lighter side. heavier ones around the i-95 corridor around wilmington and new castle county, moving up through philadelphia, many of the suburbs north and west, lehigh valley, poconosdñli deal with the light rain. this will be the case as we go through the rest of the evening. it is 58 degrees right now in philadelphia. just off to our west, temperatures already at freezing here. we are looking at a possible
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wintry mix as we go into tomorrow because of the colder temperatures moving in. so from now until midnight, we stay warm enough for rain into tomorrow morning. we get cold enough for a chance for some rain, snow, maybe sleet. i'll show you a closer look at the timing of that coming up. >> thanks, sheena.ç important weather information, get it delivered to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download you can get on our website, now to a developing story in delaware. at least three homes are damaged after a fire in newark, new castle county. nbc 10 viewer sent us this video, the smoke and flames this afternoon. police tell us a car, you see here, smashing into a gas line on lower valley lane, sending the houses up in flames. no one was :kwnhurt, includ the person driving the car but our cameras were there as firefighters helped a dog on the scene. look at this. crews gave the pet oxygen. the american red cross helping at least seven people tonight a.
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missouri, leads to a new position for philadelphia's top cop. >> president obama announced task force on community policing and philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will serve as co-chair. ramsey will work with other law enforcement and community leaders. their goal will be coming up with ways to reduce crime while maintaining public trust. ramsey already serves the president as both the police executive research forum and another association. protesters staged a major disruption in the nation's capital. steve handelsman reports. >> the protest in washington blocked morning commuters from virginia. police allowed the blockade. then some motorists were sympathetic. >> i'm angry about what happeneu and i do think the dialogue
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needs to occur. >> this temporary inconvenience will do a larger good for youth of color. >> reporter: at the white house was philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey named by president obamas8% to d a national task force to build public trust in police. inó0xferguson, as some4&ñç at school staged a walkout, a commission began work, hoping to heal a town divided by race before michael brown was killed and darren wilson exonerated. like their lives matter. the young people will feel once they walk up and down these streets that they're not harassed. >> reporter: the nfl did not discipline five st. louis rams who yesterday protested the killing of michael brown with hands up. we respect the concerns of all individuals on this tragic situation said the league. president obama invited in community leaders and law enforcement but separately, a sign of the nation's divide, +ym8today.eople protesting again this was new york and downtown
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washington. nearly four months after ferguson became a symbol. >> congress will decide on the request for body cams that could protect both police and citizens, say experts, by making clearer what happens when police pull their guns. i've steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. the body cameras are already being used by many police departments, including cherry hill. >> nbc 10's cydney long spoke with officers about the cameras. >> reporter: denise and renee, so far, so good is theç sentimt among cherry hill police who over the last two months have had four body cameras in use here in cherry hill township. one. here's why. they want to strategically choose the technology. so it is the best fit for the department and so the video can audio cannot be manipulated by an officer. rowan university student tim
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lawler who group up in new york city -- >> having a police force is always going to be necessary but it will have the individuals, like in any group or people. >> reporter: supports the idea of police locally and nationwide wearing body cameras to promote trust and transparency. >> is the chief of police going to show what happens -- >> reporter: when it goes wrong for them? >> yes. are they going to? if they do, 100%. that will change the face of the entire department. >> reporter: does it make the general public trust police more? >> we would hope that it would. >> reporter: we asked cherry hill police right now in the testing phase of body cameras if they are working to diffuse crowds in certain situations. >> people act differently when they're on camera. the same holds true for the average citizen and it holds true for a police officer. >> i think there's a mistrust, not just with local police. there's a mistrust with any part
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of our society where people have been disappointed by the actions of one person. >> reporter: this man says it will help root out a bad seed in any law enforcement organization. for chief monaghan, another facet to the program is choosing body camera technology that has an internal drive and cannot be manipulate ed by the officer. >> it's not layer of transparency for the public. it cannot be manipulated in any way. >> reporter: we reached out to the chief of police in camden, camden metro, scott thompson. he said, quote, he believes the body cameras are the future of policing. camden metro is piloting several different manufacturers to make sure that it will be the best their x8bdepartment. live in cherry hill tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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9- you, cydney. ahead in our next half hour, body cameras offline. one delaware police department has had the technology for some time but they're not using theiñ cameras. the reason why at 5:30. then ahead at 5:45, the fallout over recent events@
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time line over the last four days. now, today in roxborough, in chestnut hill, manayunk, family and friends fanned out looking for shane montgomery. we spotted the police chopper, air one, flying for about an hour over manayunk, over the canal, over the schuylkill river areas in an effort to try and locate that missing westchester university student. doing the searches today, it's really all they can do to try and keep hope alive. >> people don't vanish. someone saw shane. they might have information that they do not believe it critical to this case but will help us get pointed in a direction so we can find him and bring him home. >> reporter: also the fbi added shane's picture to its digital billboards you see around the area. a $25,000 reward is now out there for people who have information on where shane montgomery may be. family members remind you he was last seen wearinging a gray
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hooded sweatshirt and black sneakers. anyone with information, they are asking to police call the philadelphia police department reporting live in deanna durante, nbc 10 news. she spoke out about the first family and tonight she's out of a job. this gop staffer's facebook post turned heads. what she said about the president's daughters and what lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are saying. airline apology. why officials with malaysia airlines had to quickly backtrack after an online ad some say went too far.
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a republican congressional aide is in hot water over her+v comments about president obama's daughters. elizabeth lawton resigned today. lawton took to facebook to malia were dressed at last ceremony. she said the girls were dressed for a spot at a bar and said to show more class and respect. both democrats and republicans expressed anger over lawton's statement. >> i thought she took off after teenage girls not because they did anything wrong but because she doesn't like the job that their dad is doing and i don't think that's very fair way to play politics. >> lawton later apologized.
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five days after going a heart stent procedure, ruth bader ginsburg is back on the bench. the 81-year-old was taken to the hospital last week and doctors implanted a stent to clear a blocked artery. she was sent home a day later. ginsberg is the oldest justice, been on the supreme court since 1993 and has never missed a day of work. the ohio state football team is mourning the death of a player who was found dead four his parents a text message about concussions. police say the body ofi÷bb the 22-year-oldq was found in a dumpster and a handgun was found nearby. a special examination will look for signs of traumatic brain injury. he had a reported history of multiple concussions. his coach addressed the tragedy today. >> if you look in the coaching manual i'm not sure you'll find anything. but the tighter the group, the
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better -- you'll never get over it. it's an opportunity to -- i'm not sure learn is the appropriate word either but just continue to grow and stay on your journey. >> he was a wrestler for three years and joined the football team as a walk-on this season. new information on the deadly cost of general motors defective ignition switches. we've learned that 36 people have died and 44 have been seriously injured in crashes involving gm cars with these switches. attorney kenneth feinberg who was hired by the automaker to compensate victims revealed the new totals. he's received 229 deathç claim and nearly 2,000 injury claims since august.m0n6 gm knew about the faulty ignition switches in some of itt vehicles for more than a decade but didn'tb7jgujt(s& them until february. the world health organization is getting teams of workers ready to fight the ebola outbreak in west africa. the w.h.o. is training doctors,
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nurses and burial teams in how to control infects in using personal protective equipment. after that, they'll serve at community care centers set up to treat people infected with the deadly virus. the centers can treat up to 12 patients. the fight against ebola requires large numbers of trained staff á6c able to work safely in challenging conditions. >> before the community care center is open, there's a period of about three days training, so they get trained in something about the background of the virus and how it makes people ç >> the ebola virus has killed nearly 7,000 people in west africa so far. most cases are in guinea, sierra leone and liberia. the u.n. says rural areas in those countries are the biggest concern right now. new england patriots coach bill belichick and owner robert kraft could testify in the upcoming murder trial of former player aaron hernandez. today, lawyerses for hernandez
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asked prosecutors to shorten the list of more than 300 witnesses. prosecutors charged the former tight end in the killing of odin lloyd. his body was found in an industrial park about a mile from hernandez's home in massachusetts. a new york court is expected to dismiss criminal charges against a man accused ofúcr assaulting stiviano. today, a judge agreed to toss out the misdemeanor assault case if he avoids getting re-arrested for six months. authorities say he punched stiviano in the face back in june and called her racist words. apologizing for a promotional tweet that some are calling tone deaf. according to yahoo! news, the airline posted a tweet that red wanna go somewhere but don't know where? this sent twitter users into
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overdrive, criticizing the carrier. back in march, flight mh-370 disappeared over the south indian ocean. shot down by rebel separatists in ukraine, killing everyone on board. well, speaking of internet faux pas, the editors at "people" magazine were sent scrambling after someone accidentally posted an obituary çl douglas on their website yesterday. the legendary actor is still alive. he turns 98 next week. the article had a time stamp of september 29th, 2014. they are not sure why it was published. it has since been taking down. take a look at this massive mud slide. ith7hiu a stretch of the pacific coast highway. the mud covers a nine-mile stretch of roadway in malibu. the mud iszw7 as deep as two t
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three feet in someç areas. it left about a dozen vehicles stranded yesterday. no one was hurt but it could be at least another day before that highway re-opens. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist rñ another milt like yesterday. we got into the low 60s, mid-60s in some areas. it's coming to an end pretty quickly, though, it will get colder as weún go overnight. tomorrow will be cold and with moisture around and the cold temperatures we have a chance for snow, sleet, rain, wintry mix across parts of the area tomorrow. not so much this evening. little to no accumulation with this. we'll be too warm on the paste for it. we don't expect it there. any small accumulation should only be on grassy surfaces. through the lehigh valley, mid-40s, 57 still in philadelphia. south jersey, delaware, we still have mid-60s here. 64 atlantic city, 63 in dover. there's a lot of cold air on its way in, back off to our west, we
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have 20s and 30sgááxs and this be moving in as we go overnight tonight and starting off your day tomorrow. different tomorrow than what we had today. here's a look at the weather system that's on its way into the area. we're dealing with the rain but it stretches back to the west. as we go through the next 24 hours we'll be dealing with rain and possibly a wintry mix through parts of the area. locally we have the showers around.x4u this is mostly on the lighter side. so the rain is moving around the philadelphia area, especially areas north and west now. around the philadelphia area into parts of gloucester and camden counties, down into salem, cumberland county. this is 4u+t>ñ rain with embeddd heavier showers. right around washington township, we will be watching this as we go through the left of the evening. we expect it to stay as rain with the milder temperatures. through parts of the lehigh areas north and west up into the poconos, lighter rain except for berks county. future weather, we expect only rain, temperatures still too mild by 9:00 p.m., still showers
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across the area. then overnight, that's when we start to get colder. it's not really until tomorrow when we see a wintry mix forming. by midday tomorrow we could see sleet possibly a wintry mix, areas north and west, moving into parts of the lehigh valley through the early afternoon hours and then later in the afternoon, you notice the rain start shifting up. north. little to no accumulation followed by rain as temperatures warm back up for your wednesday. we will get mild again as we go into wednesday. here's a look at the future, temperatures for areas north and west, we drop into the 30s by midnight tonight.cih%ñ then early tomorrow morning we could be in the upper 20s. the precip starts here in the early afternoon hours. we could be"+l  talking about wintry mix or maybe just snow in some spots. little to no accumulation expected. for tonight, though, scattered rain showers becoming colder. mid-30s philadelphia, upper 20s north and west. then tomorrow, cold with rain, sleet, snow, wintry mix. mostly this will be areas north
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and west through the afternoon hours. i-95 corridor. at least earlier in the day. wednesday we warm up, temperatures in the 50s again, believe it or not. we stay mild with a rainy stretch as we go into the weekend. >> thanks, sheena. from the printed ads to e-mail alerts, black friday shopping started earlier than ever this year. but the traditional startç to e holiday shopping season is off to a slower start. worried plus one item that saw u record-setting sales. f1 o reasons why hundreds of thousands of pennsylvanians not covered under at fordable care act can now get health insurance.
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holiday shopping season didn't get off to a good start with sales down 11% thanksgiving weekend. retailers say they aren't worried. the national federation is forecasting a 4% increase in sales leading up to christmas. on this cybermonday there were o at least 130 million shoppers expected to make an online purchase by the end of the day. some retailers are doing cyberweek or cybermonth. >> one thanksgiving weekend does not a holiday seasonuojumake. there is a lot of shopping left
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to do and retailers are still going to be very promotional. >> amazon has even rolled out more than 15,000 robots to keep up with the demands of holiday shopping season. >> there was one industry that did get a boost this black friday. gun retailers.0vq according to the fbi, the federal background check system set a record with 175,000 checks on friday. on a typical day the agency might process 58,000 b;pchecks. just like any other retailer, gun stores use door buster deals and selected discounts to drum up business. americans are borrowing more than ever to buy a new or used cars. in the third quarter of 2014 the average loan for a new car jumped to about $27,800. while the average used vehicle loan increased to nearly $18,600. the report finds that more americans are turning to leasing and extended loans to keep their monthly payments as low as possible.
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events in ferguson are a big reason why more police departments nationwide will soon be getting wearable body cameras. >> several local departments already have them but in delaware one police force still has theirs boxed up. >> reporter: wherever you're watching us tonight, your local police department probably does not have body cameras on its officers. don't be surprised if it changes soon. i'll explain why, coming right  up. this protest has everybody talking. football players reacted to ferguson before a game. what they, the police and the nfl are saying about their actions today. all new at 6:00, critics call this a charlie brown christmas tree. who's getting the last j>çlaugh reading's plans for a special holiday in honor of its unusual holiday attraction.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> nbc 10 has learned that comedian bill cosby stepped down from his post as a temple university trustee. in a statement,j?# the 77-year- temple grad said, quote, i have always been proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. more than a dozen women have accused cosby of sexual assault, dating back decades. right now, nbc 10 is on temple's campus gathering reaction from students and trying to reach trustees we'll have a live report ahead at 6:00.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> don't get used to the start of december. we won't see temperatures in the 60s like we saw today. >> that's right. it was nice, though. >> meteorologist sheena parveen joins us. you're now trabó%l7iu(r' and colder air? >> yes. the rain is moving in first, later on tonight temperatures start to drop off big time. right now on the satellite and radar we have showers moving into the area, rain showers. it's too warm for anything else at this point. upper pitts grove seeing ky+bw township. all moving across the i-95 corridor. still to our north and west, reports of lancaster, berks county. lehigh valley, poconos, even parts of montgomery and bucks county seeing the lighter rain move in. still mid-50s in philadelphia. the mild air continues to move in, much colder air right on our door step. this will be here overnight and into early tomorrow morning. as we go through the next 24 hours from now until midnight,
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clouds, scattered showers around, temperatures dropping by midnight. mid-30s north and west, mid-to-low 40s. early tomorrow morning, a colder, around freezing, chance of snow with a wintry mix. possible through parts of the airy, closer to noon. we still have the chance around the philadelphia area, mostly north and west at that point. little to no accumulation and as ]óç tomorrow afternoon, that chans of a rain/sno)3liz mixç other snow sleet stays confined north and west. little to no accumulation. we warm up again. coming up, i'll show you the forecast for tomorrow's precip and what you can expect. that's straight ahead. thanks, pssheena. get important weather information delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download. get it right now on our website, the fallout from ferguson, missouri leads to a new position for philadelphia's top cop. president obama announced he's creating a new task force on community policing and
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philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will serve as co-chair. ramsey will work with other law enforcement and community leaders. their goal will be coming up with ways to reduce crime while measures like police training. recent events in ferguson, missouri, prompted the president to select commissioner ramsey and create this new task force. protesters blocked trafficq:w in washington today as president obama announced the formation of a task force. the demonstrators formed a human chain and caused a major backup. today president obama announced he wants to spend $75 million on police body cameras. >> many police departments in our area already use them and one police force in delaware has them but can't use them. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live in wilmington to explain. tim? akñ5ñ >> reporter: well, in wilmington they have a few of these body cameras ready to go. they'll clip on to the officer's chest so they can record what's
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happening in front of them. there are lots of legal, video storage issues to be resolved, not to mention privacy concerns. >> i think that's a good thing cameras on at all times. >> reporter: the guy who calls î mayor of wilmingt says it's a nãw brainer, police should absolutely be wearing body cameras. >> you can see everything that's going on. >> reporter: they think they can help avoid future problems here. wilmington has a bunch of body cameras but they aren't ready to put them on the streets and there are legal issues to be worked out, primary issues of evidence storage and tampering and privacy concerns for citizens and officers. new castle county police say they are figuring out the same issues and tell me they will have cameras in the near future. >> in many cases they will help investigators after the fact as we try to piece events together. >> reporter: governor markell tells nbc 10 he's open to state troopers possibly having body
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cameras. president obama says he too wants more body cameras. he wants to spend $75 million to get 50,000 more body cameras on officers' chests around the country. he wants local and state governments to pay half the cost. wilmington city council member coincidentally named michael brown says it is time to get these cameras out everywhere. he said it may not have prevented michael brown's death but it would have gave a clear look at what happened that day. >> if the camera was there it would have told the truth. then the citizens would have saw. >> reporter: delaware, pennsylvania, new jersey, tornadoes out very few towns are actually using body cams at this point. you're going to start seeing more and more of them in light of what happened in ferguson. the presidentç saying he wantso help pay for them, you can bet you may see them in your town. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. prank 911 phone calls, a
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germantown family remains the target of what police call swatting. >> nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston first told you about this family's problems months ago. now police say things have gotten worse. here's harry with the sorry. >> reporter: from fake 911 calls to real flames. franklin says she's had enough. >> i'm looking for a new place. >> reporter: police say someone tried to torch her home around 3:30 this morning. franklin's brother tells me the sound of an explosion woke him up. >> before i could uld get down from the second floor steps, fire was under the door. >> reporter: we first told you about the franklin home back in october. we interviewed you before about swatting. do you believe it's connected to that? >> the same people. >> reporter: police agree, cops telling me the earlier fake 911 calls and today's fire are all connected and they believe multiple people are i5
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today's fire someone sent these threats through social media. cops say the 2-month-old investigation is ongoing and they are working on getting more search warrants. you keep getting away with this. everybodyqm1b keeps thinking it cool until somebody actually physically gets hurt. >> that was harry hairston reporting. hundreds of thousands of pennsylvanians not originally  affordable care act's medicaid expansion can now get health insurance. the healthy pennsylvania program is the expanded medicaid system. 900,000 others who are already covered will also be affected. you can choose from plans offered by private insurers paid by the state. coverage will begin january 1st. thousands of philadelphia workers could soon get paid leave if they take a sick day at their jobs. city officials are taking another look at the mandatory
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paid sick leave policy. a task force submitted its final report to mayor michael nutter this morning. the report recommends businesses with 15 or more employees provide paid sick leave. city council is expected to consider another paid sick leave bill in 2015. it was a silent act that now has the whole nation talking. several st. louis rams players hit the field and protests recent events in ferguson. what the nfl and police are saying about their actions on the field. and what to do with those now useless campaign signs? hear how people in south jersey have a unique challenge. first, here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. new at 6:00, a local man's case goes all the way to the supreme court. after threatening his girlfriend on facebook, but he says it's freedom of speech. we're finding out how far is too far when it comes to what you say on the internet. count on nbc 10 news, coming up at 6:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. expect delays near a popular pennsylvania interchange tonight. penndot says crews are set to begin paving work at the u.s.
5:41 pm
202/422 interchange in chester county and upper merion township, montgomery county. they'll work from 7:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning. this is video from a recmy penndot job in the area. it's all part of a $4.4 million resurfacing project that began back in june. ü(t&háhp &hc& bureau, this week officials will hold the first in a series of meetings to(1p÷ talk about the possibility of raising the prices at delaware state parks. some of the proposals include increasing[1ç& the fees for ves at both inland and ocean parks. the higher prices would)a6cect state residents andnmñ out-of-se visitors. park fees in delaware have not changed in a decade. burlington county residents are being asked to transform3qo leftover campaign signs on their lawns into works of art. it's called the good challenge.
5:42 pm
it kicks off tomorrow. the project is designed as a charitable take on black friday and cybermonday. participants are encouraged to post pictures on social media acts of kindness. fallout found its way on to the football field. these rams players made their feelings known before yesterday's game. now police and the league are reacting to their very public display. rain moves into the area, also2big drop in temperatures overnight could lead to a wintry mix for some of you. tomorrow, i'll show you the timing of that and what con expect it, coming up. plus, a snake 48 feet long, big enough to swallow a t-rex. this isn't science fiction. it's fact. the remarkable discovery coming to philadelphia.8g4
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:45. comedian bill cosby stepped university trustee. the 77-year-old temple grad said i've always been proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. more than a dozen women have accused cosby of sexual assault, dating back ;?-udecades. right now, nbc 10 is on temple's students and trying to reach trustees. we'll have a live report ahead at 6:00. the reward for finding a missing westchester university student is up to $25,000.ç friends,¥r family and voluntee spent the day looking for shane montgomery. he was last seen early thursday morning leaving kildare's in
5:46 pm
manayunk. today the bar denied he was kicked out. the fallout from ferguson, missouri, is leading to a new position for philadelphia's top cop. president obama announced today he's creating ao96xí new task f on community policing and philadelphia policeñu commissior charles ramsey will serve as the co-chair. sports often serve!fz y7o a welcome distraction from the news of the day. but yesterday, the ongoing issues in ferguson took center stage at a pro football game. >> these st. louis rams players took the field with their arms raised in their silent protest about the ferguson police shooting. it had lots of peoplehg6cnr'g about. nbc 10's jim rosenfield is live in the digital operations (>/ center. >> the st. louis police officers association says those five st. louis rams players who took part in yesterday's display on the field should be disciplined and they say also the nfl should apologize. those five players as you just saw, entered the stadium with their hands up.
5:47 pm
protesters since 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by former police officer darren wilson. the rams' players say they simply want toed show support for the people in nearby ferguson. >> we wanted to doo4u something. nobody -- we haven't been able to go down to ferguson to view anything because we've been busy. i mean, secondly, it's kind of dangerous down g'[]there. none of us want to get caught up in anything. we wanted to show our respects to the protests and people that have actually been doing a heck of a job around the world. >> reporter: the coach of the rams says he was not aware his players were planning to do this gesture. the nfl released a statement today in which it said it respects and understands of concerns of all individuals who tragic situation in ferguson. live in the digital operations center, jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, after such a mild day today with temperatures in the
5:48 pm
mid-60s for some of us, we now have rain moving in. but once the rain moves through the area, temperatures will get colder overnight. freezing by tomorrow morning for many of us. that will give us a chance for a wintry mix possibly,p2f"ñ a perf snow, sleet, rain mixed through parts of the area, mostly in the morning or after-noor hours tomorrow depending on where you live. little to no accumulation expected, especially on the roadways. any accumulation at all would be small on grassy surfaces. right now we're at 45, 36 in mt. pocono and there you see the colder air shown by the blue shading on the map. that's starting to move into the area. it will start north and west and filter through. philadelphia now coming in at f3 degrees. numbers are dropping off pretty quickly in those areas. we are still in abouthav;ñ the mid-to-low 60s for much of south jersey and delaware. the cold front is starting to give us the showers across the area, the cloud cover we had
5:49 pm
today. that's still hanging around. it extends all the way back towards kentucky. locally we will be dealing with rain as we go through the rest of the evening. temperatures@'8u are too mild t dealing with anything else. we have theç light showers through burlington county. pitts grove seeing moderate showers. philadelphia for the moment a bit of a break. mostly light rain, where you see the yellow coloring, that shows you more embedded moderate showers. we will continue with the rain for the rest of the evening until we see the colder air move in and it transitions to possibly a wintry mix tomorrow. future weather continues with the showers, by 10:00, starting to move out. overnight, temperatures drop off. by tomorrow, the moisture moves back in. by midday, we could have wintry mix around the i-95 corridor. mostly north and west should be snow or a brief period, little to no accumulation. afternoon hours, up through the lehigh valley and the poconos, afternoon hours, up through li
5:50 pm
of snow there, too. as we go through tomorrow night, that starts to transition over to rain again because the warm air starts to move back in. we'll narrow in on areas north and west, lehigh valley, poconos, suburbs north and west of philadelphia. this is where we do expect most of the wintry mix. right now we're mainly in the 40s. we drop down to the 30s as we go closer to midnight, mid-30s by tomorrow morning, freezing or colder. by the middle of the day, you see the pink showing possibly a wintry mix. maybe sleet across the area. a period of snowfall possible. little to no accumulation, any small accumulation would be on grassy surfaces. through the afternoon that shifts up to the north. temperatures start to warm by 8:00 p.m., getting closer to 48 degrees. you see the changeover back to rain. this is going to be an interesting situation. it's all dependent on the temperatures and where the moisture is. we expect it either way. scattered rain for this evening, 34 for the low in philadelphia. 29 north and west, once those temperatures drop, then tomorrow it will be a cold day in the
5:51 pm
afternoon from the mid-30s to 40 degrees, rain, sleet and snow through parts of the area. agf wintry mix and snow. we do get milder on wednesday, temperatures in the 50s again. as we go to the end of the week we watch a rainy stretch which could impact the eagles game. >> gas prices continue to drop could impact the eagles game. >> gas prices continue to drop in the delnxg after one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. aaa officials have said more than 40 million people were expected to travel 50 miles or more from home for the long holiday weekend. that's the highest number in seven years. experts say it's because gas prices are at a five-year low.÷3 the average price you'll pay at the pump in the philadelphia five-county area is still under $3. $2.94 a gallon, down 2 cents in the last week. drivers in delaware can expect to pay $2.81. and south jersey drivers are getting the best deal. the average price there is $2.66. holiday bargains right at
5:52 pm
your finger tips. >> that's right. you don't have to step foot in the store. cybermonday well under way by now. before you get distracted with online deals, find out how to make sure your identity is safe. plus all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, angw entire day devot to reading's so-called charlie brown christmas tree. how the city is celebrating what some once called an eye sore.
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this is nbc 10 news. when it comes to the lottery, new jersey is not hitting the jackpot. new numbers show lottery revenue is down more than 9% for the first quarter of this year. the state was predicting an increase of more than 7%. that revenue is supposed to help fund education in new jersey. critics say something is wrong with the revenue stream and they are demanding more information from governor chris christie. it's opening day for deer season in pennsylvania. the state game commission expects 750,000 hunters to head into the woods today. those hunters could kill up to 300,000 deer. the season runs through december 13th. if you're shopping online tonight you need to do something to protect your money. experts have advice on how you can do just that. first off, youç should use a separate credit card while if hackers get your information, your bank accounts will be safe.
5:56 pm
also pay attention to your statements and check for microcharges. hackers hope you won't notice $1 or $2 missing from your account. after black friday, small business saturday and-k cybermonday there's a growing move movement to give back. it is called giving tuesday. here in philadelphia, several charities, businesses and volunteers will be taking part. an e-mail campaign has been created to boost online giving, givingtuesdayphl.e2vw÷ make sure you're giving to an eligible charity. it should be an approved 9 tdc5 charity. coming up next, breaking news. >> bill cosby resigns from the
5:57 pm
trustees. the other colleges also cutting ties with him in the wake of mounting sexual assault allegations. not everyone is going to see the rain and snow. i'll break down what to expect in your neighborhood in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. when does a facebook post cross the line? the supreme court battle over free speech in the internet age.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. with temple university. just hours ago he remind from thejvx board of trustees. it's new fallout this evening after more then a dozen women accused him of sexualç assault. cosby is a temple alum and one of its most prominent supporters. >> he's been on the board for decades. george spencer live on the temple university campus. what is cosby saying about his resignation? >> reporter: renee, the legendary comedian and actor said this afternoon he is operating under the best interest of this school. he has been on the board here since 1982, more than three decades but this afternoon i'm told he called the chairman of the board directly, and the accepted that resignation. in all, some 20 women have come forward to accuse cosby of
6:00 pm
sexual assault. the first being the former director of operations of temple's women's basketball team. in a statement today, cosby said, quote, i have always been proud of my association with temple university. i've always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result, i havee=ç> tendere resignation from the temple university board of trustees. word spread quickly and students have strongjáf%h reaction. ] i wish they would havetal> immediately reacted as an institution, said this is not what we are about. we want to separate ourselves from these accusations. >> i think it might have been something with women but i don't think it was to the extreme of what they're saying. >> reporter: you still support him then? >> yes, very much so. >> reporter: a differing reaction. cosby strongly denied any


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