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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  December 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the first alert radar tracking wintry changes that will bring us a messy, cold day. here's a live look outside right now. look at that. that's a mix of snow and rain falling. even more in store later today. we should have a break, though, this morning. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist michelle grossman with her first alert forecast. good morning, michelle. >> a cold start to the day. temperatures right around freezing in many, many spots and a wet start, as well. let's take a look outdoors because this tells the whole story. wet roadways outside. take it easy. ponding on the roadways in cape
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may and other spots across the area and looking at snow mixing in in some spots and the big weather headline being the wintry mix and the rain in others and the cold, cold temperature. right now 25 in mount pocono and 39 in wildwood. there is a look at radar. some green on the map. that is where the rain is and white where the snow is and a mix in between. that is the story throughout this tuesday. some light stuff and we're not expecting accumulations. that would be about it. heavier rain down in south jersey. so, for today a cold one. by 8:00, 35. by 10:00, 36 and by noon we're looking at 37 degrees. all right, not the greatest start to the day in terms of weather. let's see how the roads are doing with that. hi, katy. >> people waking up in cape may this morning will find wet roadways. route 9 at route 109. a few cars on the road not being held up by the wet roadways. again, our drivers in new jersey and delaware this morning are
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going to be seeing some rain at this hour. live look in center city, philadelphia. the vine street expressway right at 24th street where we saw from the comcast center some flurries coming through, but it doesn't seem to be reaching the road. definitely isn't affecting anything in philadelphia. some construction for drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between norristown and fort washington. that is expected to lift in the next hour or so and moving westbound right past downing town. the right lane is blocked because of construction. vai? >> thank you, katy. new from overnight in philadelphia the search is on for a teenager accused of attacking his uncle. matt delucia is live for us where that uncle was taken. are police any closer to finding this teen this morning? >> the teen lives at the home where all this happened but so far no word of any arrest. meanwhile that 58-year-old victim is here at einstein in extremely critical condition. look at some video here. this was just after 9:30 last night. philadelphia police say there
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was an argument inside this home on the 500 block when officers got there, they found the man on the living room floor unconscious and bleeding from the head. witnesses tell police that the man's 15-year-old nephew punched him during that argument and police also found a pair of pliers and a screwdriver next to the victim. >> we don't know if it was just a punch or if some of these objects that were found right on the scene, right in the blood. a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, if they were used. >> again the 58-year-old victim is extremely critical here at einstein and it is unknown if he will survive, according to police. family members were in the home at the time and a witness was interviewed by detectives, but at this hour, police are still trying to find this 15-year-old boy. live i'm matt deluica. it's 4:33. bill cosby resigns from temple
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university board of trusties as more than a dozen women have come forward accusing him of sexual assault. he had been a board member since 1982 and an alumand possibly the school's most famous cheerleader. the head of temple's board called cosby's move a noble one. they had no official plans to remove cosby, but other trusties were discussing how to handle the firestorm when cosby himself made the call to step out of the way. westchester university is planning a vigil for the student who vanished the night before thanksgiving after going out with friends. the search is going into day six for shane montgomery. family and friends spent yesterday posting fliers and investigators look for surveillance video and reinterview potential witnesses. irish pub says shane was not drunk when he left early thursday morning. meantime, the reward for information has grown to $25,000. this morning we hear exclusively from philadelphia's top cop after the president hand
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picked him to restore public trust in police. >> vast majority of police officers do their job very well every single day. we have these discussions for the few that don't. what can we do to minimize even more the number of people who do not treat the people that they serve respectfully. >> president obama asked commissioner ramsey to lead a task force on 21st century policing. the force will look at how to build public trust while reducing crime. the president made the announcement yesterday during a meeting that focused on easing racial tensions in the wake of thet shooing in ferguson, missouri. the president is proposing a three-year, $263 million spending package that will be used to help police departments improve community relations. it would include $75 million to help pay for 50,000 small cameras that police can wear on their lapels. the cameras record officers on the job. new this morning, investigators are on the hunt for a bank robber in bucks
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county. these are photos taken from the bank's surveillance camera. the robber walk under to the first national bank of newtown in upper makefield before closing time yesterday. and demanded cash. witnesses say there was no get away car and he did not have a weapon. no one was hurt. thousands of local homeowners will have lower bills this winter. the utility that just announced a rate decrease and how much you'll save. plus, hero or fraud. the problem a black friday shopper noticed about this local man dressed in a uniform and what the army says about his service. a political aide ousted. the comments she made about the president's daughters that has her looking for a new job this morning. we're waking up to a cold tuesday. looking at temperatures mainly in the 30s and also some cloudy skies, some rain and even snow falling across the area. we'll have your full forecast straight ahead.
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4:38 and 38 degrees. happening today.
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one bucks county community will hold a hearing over septa's expansion project for the levitt town train station. tal tallytown with expand parking at the train station and platforms as well as the pedestrian overpass. tallytown officials say the approval process will likely extend into the new year. good news for philadelphia gas works customers. the cost of natural gas has gone down. pgw announced an increase for residential, commercial and municipal customers over the next three months. based on the new rates, the average customer will save about $2 a month. the new rate will stay in effect through february of next year. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right, good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. waking up to a wet day and also wet day compared to yesterday. we're looking at the chance for showers, even a wintry mix to the north and west, meaning snow and sleet mixing in.
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otherwise, we're looking at a cloudy day and much colder day compared to yesterday. right now in philadelphia, gray skies and flurry activity and showers falling across the area. 39 in philadelphia. winds out of the north, northeast at 14 miles per hour. and that will make it feel colder than the actual air temperature. temperatures in the 30s and even 20s in mt. pocono and 39 in philadelphia to the south and east and mainly looking at the 30s, as well. 38 in millville. so, a cold start to the day, but at least we're not below freezing in many spots. taking a look at radar, you can see we do have some wet weather right now. it is not sticking to the roadways and see a little snow to the north and west and rain to the south and east and heavier stuff to the south and east in terms of rainfall. that's where you're seeing the darker shadings in the reds, oranges and yellows and then to the north and west we're looking at this snow shading. that will boo ete the story and really fill in the poconos and lehigh valley and even parts of bucks county and muontgomery
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county. rain mixed to the north and west and 53 on wednesday and still cloudy and see a shower in the morning and then dry it out. by sunday sun returns and colder 45. 46 on friday, mostly cloudy. might see a shower late in the day and then looking at the chance for rain and chance for more rain on sunday, mostly cloudy and temperatures still on the mild side on monday and chance for showers, once again, mostly cloudy 50 degrees. 4:41 this tuesday morning. construction delays, certainly. but nothing out of the ordinary. >> let's find out. katy zachary. >> you are exactly right. a few construction issues to report. it's not really delaying traffic. we do have some wet roadways. starting out with wet roadways this is in upper township right at route 50. you can see some rain on the road, light rain is falling but it's not accounting for any issues there. moving up north in new jersey in viewing township, 95 northbound and southbound, there is construction between the exits on the highway for scotch road
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and route 579. it is expected to lift in just about 20 minutes or so and then for drivers on 76 westbound in center city philadelphia, you cannot access the highway from the spring garden on ramp. there is still construction on that ramp. and then, finally, taking a look at 476. right at mid-county. you can see no precipitation here. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at the lehigh valley. vai? a badge of honor or a disgrace? >> that's the question this morning about this guy in uniform. take a look. another army ranger says the man never served. we'll tell you what nbc 10 found when we looked into his service records. plus, the scam police say this man was using on local brides.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl.
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yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! about 4:45 this morning. live look at the comcast tower. wintry mix and coat and umbrella will come in handy. michelle grossman will be here
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in a few minutes to tell us more. the president is putting a former prosecutor. >> as we told you a few minutes ago, he's asking congress for millions to put more body cams on the streets. tracie potts has the story. >> reporter: there are new tweets just a few hours ago from st. louis county police disputing whether a rams executive apologized for players' don't shoot demonstrati demonstration. >> they're exercising their right to free speech. they will not be disciplined. >> reporter: protests continue coast to coast. >> we're trying to get people to look at this and see what's going on. we need a dialogue. >> reporter: we learned overnight seven people were arrested in new york. in atlanta last night, attorney general eric holder was interrupted. >> what we saw there was the genuine expression of concern and involvement. >> reporter: the first ferguson commission meeting proved the community is at a boiling point.
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>> don't waste our time with the same rhetoric. >> reporter: president obama's promising action. >> what i heard today was real change. real change in the making. >> reporter: the president is asking congress for $263 million for community policing. including 50,000 new police body cams. new rules for when officers can use military equipment on the streets and concrete ideas on how police can work with communities of color. >> we can build confidence and build trust and it's not going to happen overnight. >> reporter: around the country, residents and police are frustrated. as for that task force, the president setting up. he wants the ideas on his desk in 90 days. now, nbc 10 did some digging to find out how many police departments in our three states have bought body camera from one supplier, at least. new jersey has the most.
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nine departments that purchased camera from taser. six police departments and in delaware just two departments use them. cherry hill police is one of the departments already using the cameras. they're in the testing phase with the cameras. cherry hills police say it's important to choose a body camera technology that has an internal drive and cannot be man manipulated by the officer. in delaware, the wilmington police department has had the cameras for quite some time. new castle county police say they will have the body cameras soon and theirer with working out some funding issues and coming up with new policies. delaware state police also researching the technology. authorities in west virginia say they are investigating four crime scenes after a gun killed four people before killing himself. officers found the body of jody lee hunt yesterday. he matches the description of a gunman they were looking for and police say one of the victims filed a domestic victims case last month. a man is behind bars after
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he passed out behind the wheel with a child in the back seat. investigators say they found dominik romeo iii stopped at seventh and chestnut in camden. he was under the influence of heroin. roam no is facing several charges, including endangering the welfare of a child. a local man is accused of falsy representing hillsemself n army ranger. now, we're not revealing his identity since he has not been charged with a crime. an army ranger spotted something amiss on the uniform and confronted him about it. recorded it and more than 1.5 million people have watched it. >> i've worn that uniform and i had friends killed in afghanistan wearing that uniform. no, you haven't. stolen valor. >> to have this guy pretend that he's done the same thing on the same caliber that my friends did, it just gets you infuriated. >> the army says they have no record of the man in uniform
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being in the army. congressman mike fits patrick notified the office whether the man violated the stolen valor act. a photographer is behind bars accused of taking people's money for wedding videos that they never got. police say he scammed more than 40 people out of more than $40,000 for video and lighting services that he never provided or only partially provided. detectives say there could be more victims out there and they hope they will come forward. people in southern california are on alert as a severe storm could trigger widespread rain and mudslides. people are putting out sandbags in glendora where wildfires left little to hold the water back. even a small storm could bring serious damage to low-lying areas there. while there are hopes for the much-needed moisture. today's rain will not be enough to make a dent in the drought dry state. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> and a good tuesday morning locally we're looking at wet weather, as well. seeing that falling right now, that will be the story throughout the day. a cold day, a damp day and also a cloudy day. taking a look outdoors. great to start out our tuesday. gray all day long and the clouds with us throughout the entire day. cold start temperature around 39 degrees in philadelphia. we also have a cold northeast wind bringing down the cold air right around 14 miles per hour and it feels colder than the actual air temperature. right now 34 in allentown and 35 in potstown and 39 in philadelphia. to the south and east we're mainly looking at the upper 30s, as well. 38 in millville and 37 in dover and 39 degrees in atlantic city. so, big temperature drop as we went through yesterday. 65 degrees. that was our high yesterday. so nice yesterday. we loved it. big difference today up to 39. so, we'll feel that as we head throughout our afternoon probably feeling colder than that with the northeasterly flow. a wet tuesday. we do have wet weather falling,
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mainly rain to the south and east and north and west we're looking at snow and sleet mixing in and this will all lift up to the north and really fill in as we head throughout late morning and early afternoon. for our morning commute, relatively dry. taking a closer look here. light stuff to the north and west. not expecting any accumulation throughout the morning and then as we head towards the evening hours. accumulation in the poconos and mostly on grassy surfaces. looking at rain in parts of southern new jersey. we're looking at dry weather throughout the early morning and then late morning is when it really begins to fill in. this is noon right around lunchtime you're going to grab a bite to eat. snow to the north and west and parts of bucks and montgomery county and then to the south and east of philadelphia, we're looking at mainly rain. everyone changes over to rain. by 6:00, maybe the exception of the upper elevations of the poconos and then by 11:00, lingering rain showers and also looking at everyone seeing that rain. cold rain today, wintry mix to the north and west.
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temperatures cold and sunshine and milder air in the seven-day and we'll look at that in just a few minutes. nine minutes before 5:00. if you're getting ready to head out the door and warm up the car, a lot chillier. 20 degrees. >> katy zachary is in the first alert traffic center for us this morning. good morning, katy. >> you can feel the temperature drop this morning. so tough. we'll start things off where it is dry in and around philadelphia on our roadways. no issues to report on any of our majors, really. no accidents reported yet. center city philadelphia and right now in the 50s, which is great, because we know as the morning commute creeps up, that number creeps down. all right, we're going to take a live look up in the lehigh valley. route 22 at lehigh road. not seeing any precipitation up there. as the morning progresses and the day moves on we'll see precipitation throughout there. in the new jersey, they are seeing precipitation on roadways and a live look at the 42 freeway at creek road and
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delaware is also seeing some precipitation and we'll look at those roads when i see you in a bit. the comment about president obama's daughters that has a congressional aide jobless this morning. plus, from proper to princess, the new plan for charlie brown christmas tree. we'll explain.
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new jersey governor chris christie is heading to camden later today to talk about education. he will attend an announcement by the school's development authority and then later today visit camden high school. his visit comes a few week after the camden superintendent announced he will visit every school in the district to discuss the district future. the number of drug overdose deaths sky rocket over the past decade. in fact, in the past ten years the death toll nearly doubled. now, if you only include pain killers and heroin, the number of deaths tripled. the fbi is warning u.s. businesses about the threat of a
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cyberattack this morning. the agency issued a five-page warning explaining that hackers have used malicious software to launch these attacks. the feds would not confirm whether that software was used in a cyberattack last week when several unreleased sony movies leaked early online. a republican congressional aide is in hot water over her comments about president obama's daughters. she took to facebook to criticize the way sasha and malia were dressed at least week's turkey pardoning ceremony. she told them to show more class and respect. both democrats and republicans expressed anger over her statements. >> that she took off over teenage girls not because they did anything wrong, but because she doesn't like the job that their dad is doing and i don't think that is very fair way to play politics.
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>> lotten later apologized. the honors keep coming for little league phenom mo' ne davis. she became the star of taney dragons. the first girl to win a little league world series game and the first girl to pitch a shutout. she proves that everyone has the ability to make an impact no matter their age, gender or race. the first lady michelle obama tweeted her congratulations. congrats to mo'ne davis on becoming the si kids 2014 kid of the year. the capital christmas tree will come to life. john boehner will flip the switch and this tradition dates back 50 years. this year's tree is from minnesota. the u.s. postal service is
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paying tribute to one of santa's reindeers this year, sort of. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the rudolph the red-nosed reindeer tv special. you remember that. >> i love rudolph. they traveled to rudolph, ohio. the town offers a special postmark every holiday season that makes it on to christmas cards from around the country. well, this morning another twist in the tale of reading's so-called charlie brown christmas tree. >> i like this tree. after much debate, town leaders are planning two celebrations for the less than impressive 50-foot spruce. the tree has been a sore spot for some people in reading ever since it was raised. city leaders plan to hold a special dedication this saturday where they will hang a single red bulb on the spruce, just like the famous droopy tree in the charlie brown christmas special. they will finish decorating the entire finish for a big charlie brown day festival on december
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20th. >> that tree has just grown. today is the second day of the week-long camp out for hunger campaign. wmmr steve hosting the event annually to raise money and food for philabundance. tracy and i along with nbc 10 will also be taking part this year. you can hear us on the radio on wmmr this morning in the 9:00 hour. they have been doing this for almost 20 years now. you have been involved for most of those years. >> good job for them, they do a lot. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. wintry changes on the way after a warm start to the workweek, we're tracking wet weather moving into our area. ducking rain and maybe even sleet and snow. a few flakes flying high
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above center city philadelphia this morning. this video taken just before 4:00 this morning from our camera on top of the comcast building. you can see those flakes. down on the ground, a different story here. taking a live look outside at eighth and market. n none of that snow is making it to the street, at least not yet. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the weather with michelle grossman when it will move in. >> good morning. we'll see it move in this afternoon. we're seeing some stuff show up on radar now and get a little break and fill in late this morning and into the early afternoon hours. live look outside. we are waking up and walking out to gray skies across the area. temperatures so much colder than this time yesterday. we are looking at 24 in mt. pocono and just 39 in philadelphia and just above freezing in lancaster at 34 and 38 degrees in millville. the radar showing us a story here.


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