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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  December 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a live look outside and we're making snow in the pocono mountains and we always love to see that. cold enough to make snow and may get the natural stuff later on. here's a look at radar. wet weather especially to the south and east of philadelphia. some rain falling and even heavier rain in some pockets. otherwise, most of us dry this morning. you see to the north and west of philadelphia and the north and east of philadelphia, as well. we are on the dry side. temperatures are cold, lots of blue on the map indicating some very cold air. 32 right now in allentown and 24 in mt. pocono and start those cars early. we're going to keep you cold all day long. by 10:00 just 36 and noon 37 degrees. we'll continue to track this wet weather as we head towards the late morning into the early afternoon hours. but for now, let's check on traffic and for that we go to katy zachary. >> hi, katy. you saw on your map drivers are dealing with wet roadways. an accident in north philadelphia on 21st street that cleared in just the last little
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bit. a live look at new jersey at the 42 freeway right at creek road. headlights you see are northbound going towards the area bridges in center city philadelphia. we don't see much of the precipitation affecting the roadways here in bell mar. a live look at 202 where traffic is moving smoothly and not seeing a lot of volume build up at this early hour. take a look at your majors in the philadelphia area. 95, 476 and typical trouble spots all looking good right now. and new from overnight in philadelphia the search is on for a teenager accused of attacking his uncle. nbc 10 matt delucia is live at einstein hospital where the uncle is being treated. matt, what can you tell us about the situation? >> the teen lives at the home where all this happened and no word of any arrest. meanwhile his 58-year-old uncle is here in extremely critical condition. it was just after 9:30 last night philadelphia police say there was an argument inside this home on the 500 block when
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officers got there they found the man on the living room floor unconscious and bleeding from the head. police also found a pair of pliers and a screw driver next to the victim. >> we don't know if it was just a punch or if some of these objects that were found right on the scene, right in the blood. a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, if they were used. >> again, the 58-year-old victim is extremely critical. it's unknown if he will survive, according to police. family members were in the home at the time and witness was interviewed by detectives. but at this hour, police are still trying to find this 15-year-old boy. live in almy, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a man is in critical condition after he was shot at point blank range. this happened just after 11:00 last night in philadelphia strawberry mansion section.
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the victim was shot in the stomach, ran a block and then collapsed. investigators hope surveillance cameras at nearby businesses recorded the shooting. still no leads going into day six in the search for westchester university student who vanished after a night out with friends in manioc. the last time shane montgomery was seen was early thursday morning. family and friends spent yesterday reposting fliers and investigators looked for surveillance video and reinterviewed potential witnesses. meantime, the pub issued a statement saying shane was not drunk when he left. he was polite and respectful. >> i have not seen my son or heard from my son in five days. this is killing me. this is horrible. this is horrible. it's horrible. >> the reward for information has grown to $25,000. meantime, westchester university is planning a vigil on campus for shane tomorrow. new jersey child welfare workers will report today to work today. they called off a boycott over
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safety concerns. the workers' union was pushing for more security at offices around the state after a case worker was stabbed two weeks ago. late last night the union said things were worked out and members will be on the job today. governor chris christie criticized the possible protest saying children and families would be hurt. penn state trustees will get access to documents used to create that controversial report about the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. the 2012 report found school administrators failed to act on complaints against the former football coach. the ncaa imposed tough sanctions against the penn state football program because of that report. happening today, philadelphia will join forces with the nonprofit organization that helps small businesses. the key to city of philadelphia is a new initiative that will offer crowd funded loans for struggling small business owners. anyone that wants to help can lend $5 or more to an entrepreneur of their choice through kiva city philadelphia.
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after all the spending during black saturday, there is a big push now to give back this holiday season and it's called giving tuesday. nbc 10 jesse gary is live in malburn where several stores are donating a portion of today's sales to charity. jesse, what can you tell us? >> good morning. nine stores or businesses here are going to be donating, including julie ann's place right behind me. you can see they have up on their front door a placard they're about to open. they're all in. additionally people across the region are posting selfies like this one here who are showing how they choose to give. businesses donating part of their profits for the day to help make a difference. carl is with the philadelphia-based mental health advocacy group. >> we kind of took that idea a step further and we thought that not just thinking about what organizations are giving back to, but what in general, how do you give back to the people that are closest to you?
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>> and coming up in the next 45 minutes or so, we're going to try and talk to laura who runs the store here to give an idea of why she chose to donate today. we're live in chester county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> you saw jesse bundled up with his coat and gloves and you will need the umbrella in some spots and most will see the umbrella or need the umbrella later on this afternoon. weather headlines on this tuesday, occasional showers throughout the day. pick up late morning into the early afternoon hours and extend into the evening. snow to the north and west and wintry mix for some. much colder for everybody. temperatures in the 30s right now. and we're going to end up right around 39 this afternoon. temperatures not going far, if at all, from here. go down before we go back up. 33 in reading and 32 in allentown and 39 in philadelphia and temperatures to the south and east in the 30s, as well. 36 in atlantic city and 36 in
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millville. so, taking a look outdoors. we are looking at gray skies this morning and clouds will stay with us all day long. 39 degrees right now in philadelphia and winds out of it northeast at ten miles per hour. that northeasterly flow that is helping to bring in the wintry weather and we will see that as we head throughout afternoon, as well. so, winds right now anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour and it will feel colder than it actually will with that northeasterly flow. here's what it looks like on radar. to the south and east of philadelphia where we're seeing that rain falling. we have a couple spots where we're seeing some sleet and snow mixing in and very light stuff right now and picks up later on this afternoon. still not expecting accumulation, but we'll see it a little heavier than what it is now. rain to the south and east and pockets of heavier stuff, as well. cold rain today wintry mix north and west and temperatures 37 to 40 and winds out of the northeast at five to ten miles per hour and could gust higher than that at times. seven-day forecast, 39 today. that is a cold one. that is well below normal for
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this time of year. and a big difference from the 65 yesterday. yesterday clouds milder and 53. then by thursday, the sunshine returns and it's colder, though. 45. friday, saturday, sunday, monday. we're looking at the chance for some showers and by saturday rain 51. 51 on sunday and monday mostly cloudy, 50 degrees. katy zachary's last report. no problems on the major but 6:10 right now and volume always seem to build in the 6:00 hour. >> always monitoring her cameras. katy, what are you seeing right now? >> volume building and no accidents, vai and tracy, on any of our majors. dealing with wet roads for drivers in new jersey and delaware, but, again, they aren't producing any issues or accidents. a live look in pennsylvania along i-95. this is right at wood haven avenue where your drive times on 95 between wood haven and the vine are about 18 minutes right now in both directions. no issues, again, there. taking a look atop our camera in camden at the ben franklin
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bridge. traffic is running really smoothly across the bend. all of our area bridges look great. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at roads in new jersey and delaware and show you some of those wet conditions. 6:09 right now. freedom of speech or criminal act. the north hampton county case that made its way to the u.s. supreme court could change what you decide to post on social media. plus, this -- >> i've worn that uniform and i had friends killed in afghanistan [ bleep ] wore that uniform. >> going from hello. an army ranger notices something amiss with this man's uniform. find out what got him so fired up. the beating caught on surveillance video that sparked outrage. after months of silence ray rice tells his side in an exclusive interview. we had a free weekend.
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we all got together and we are having a great time. there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families. i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend.
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12 minutes past 6:00 right
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now. chilly outside. 38 degrees. if you're just waking up, you missed a little bit of snow overnight. video we recorded around 6:00 a.m. where you can see the flakes falling by the comcast center. here's what it looks like in and you can see the light rain, sleet and the mix coming down. right now a live picture. this is live from cape may. raining now and it will be raining there most of the day. other parts of our area will see drying out before wet weather moves back in and north and west could be a wintry mix. michelle grossman has an update coming up. well, ray rice is speaking publicly for the first time since a judge ordered the nfl to reinstate the running back. he and his wife, janay sat down with nbc's matt lauer for an exclusive interview and ray apologized for everything he put his family through. >> i took full responsibility for everything that i did and the only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> rice's wife, janay, says she
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refuses to watch the video that surfaced showing ray hitting her in an atlantic city casino elevator and claims that ray never abused her before that incident and hasn't since. you can see part two of matt lauer's interview here on nbc 10. the united states supreme court is. anthony posted what he calls fictitious rap lyrics on killing his d what he calls estranged wife and an fbi agent. he was convicted of sending threats across state lines. he spent 44 months in federal prison. when his appeal finally went before the u.s. supreme court yesterday, his lawyers argued that the rap lyrics constitute free speech under the first amendment. >> to put somebody in jail for the crime of uttering a threat, the government must prove that the person at least knew that
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that the message was reasonably considered to be threatening by the audience. >> his ex-wife had filed for protection order and told fbi agents she felt her life was in danger. in court, advocates argue the threat is a threat. the accused boston marathon bomber is asking for a change of venue for his upcoming trial. attorneys for tsarnaev request that it be moved out. lawyers argue that the publicity surrounding the case would prevent a fair trial by an impartial jury. the fbi is warning u.s. businesses about the threat of a cyberattack this morning. the agency issued a five-page warning explaining that hackers have used malicious software to launch these attacks. the feds would not confirm whether that software was used in a cyberattack on sony pictures entertainment last week when several unreleased sony movies released early online. new jersey state senators
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want to expand early voting opportunity even though governor chris christie vetoed a similar measure. the state senate passed the measure yesterday. now, the bill would require each county to have several polling places open for 15 days before elections, including weekends. right now voters can cast ballots by mail or in person at county clerks offices for up to 45 days before elections. when it comes to the lottery, new jersey is not hitting the jackpot. new numbers show lottery revenue was down more than 9% for the first quarter of the year. the state had predicted an increase of more than 7%. that revenue is supposed to help fund education in new jersey. critics say something is wrong with the revenue stream and they are demanding more information from governor chris christie. a local man is accused of falsely representing himself as an army ranger. he wore the uniform shopping on black friday at the oxford valley mall. we're not revealing his identity since he has not been charged with a crime. but an army ranger spotted
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something amiss on the uniform and confronted him. ryan berk recorded it and more than 1.5 million people have watched it online. >> i've worn that uniform and i had friend killed in afghanistan in that uniform. stolen valor right here. stolen valor! >> to have this guy pretend that he's done the same thing on the caliber that my friends did is just, you know, it just gets you infuriated. >> the army says they have no record of the man in uniform being in the army. congressman mike fitspatrick notified the attorney's office to investigate whether the man violated the stolen valor act. graco is under investigation for the its handling of the largest child seat recall. investigating whether graco took too long to report a safety defect in its child car seats. this year the company recalled more than 6 million car seats because of faulty buckles. federal law requires the manufacturer to report safety defects within five days of
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becoming aware of it. the investigation finds graco failed to comply. the company could face up to $35 million in fines. it is 6:18. let's get you updated on the roads right now. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachary is here with that. >> we are accident free. i hesitate to say that because tracy and vai, we know how vai has jinxed that. despite that, the rain moving through parts of delaware and new jersey right now. your average speeds on the majors in new jersey are really great. they're in the 60s on the 55 that was in the 60s. it's just gone down a little bit. but on the 42 freeway just heading north to the area bridges in center city philadelphia. you can see average speeds are in the 50s right now. that's great for drivers in new jersey. again, no incidents to report in delaware as a result of that weather that's moving through. a live look at 76 right now at belmont avenue. a lot of brake lights and these drive times are pretty good. they're going to be inching up over the next few minutes. between 476 and the vine in both directions, you're dealing with
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a drive of only 14, 15 minutes. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all right. good tuesday morning. yes, we're seeing some rain falling across the area. not too bad right now, but we should see things building in and picking up as we head throughout the late morning into the early afternoon hours. so, let's take a look outdoors in case you haven't peeked out yet. gray skies this morning and we'll see lots of clouds throughout the day and some rain even a wintry mix in some spots. right now, 39 in philadelphia. wind out of the northeast at ten miles per hour. that's a cold northeasterly flow. 33 right nowen reading and you see clouds in place, clouds in philadelphia and rain falling in atlantic city and it depends on where you are. you may be seeing some different types of weather. temperatures in the 30s and it is cold for everybody. 24 in mount pocono and just above freezing in reading and 33 in glasboro and temperatures mainly in the mid-30s in south jersey. 36 in millville and plan for a cold morning a cold day.
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temperatures not going very far from the numbers you're looking at right now. you'll feel the difference as you head out. 24 degoes cooler than this time yesterday. and 15 degrees colder in millville. so, you get the idea. you want to bundle up as you head out. start the car early and put the windshield wipers on. if you're south of philadelphia, this is what radar looks like now. not a lot of activity to the north and west of philadelphia. it's to the south we're seeing the rain falling and maybe even some sleet mixing in. again, dry to the north and west. this will change later on this morning into the afternoon hours as this begins to fill in. we'll see a wintry mix in the poconos and parts of the lehigh vally and rain falling to the south of philadelphia and even darker spots. watch how this fills in closer to lunchtime by noon you'll see more wintry mix to the north and rain to the north, as well. we're still seeing leftover winery mix by 5:00 and rain for everyone else. a wet commute in the evening and
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doesn't take much to slow down the commute in the evening. the wintry mix and the higher elevations there and everyone changes to rain as the warm front moves through later on tonight and that sets us up for a warm tuesday, milder tuesday. 53 on wednesday, i'm sorry, i have my days mixed up. tuesday today, 39. milder today and clouds with a shower and then cold on thursday. but at least the sunshine returns before we return to the 50s saturday, sunday and monday. >> all right, michelle, thanks. all that is left is the memories. 40 couples perfect weddings are shattered by broken promises. and one man is in jail. also, the house loses yet again in atlantic city. lady luck turns her back on the taj mahal. we'll get details on the casino's final days.
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it's almost 6:25 as we look at the first alert radar. should be in the 50s on a day like today. early december. instead, it's in the 30s. got a wintry mix in the poconos.
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rain south of philadelphia and along the shore areas. and michelle grossman along with her seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. a ben salem wedding vidiographer is behind bars accused of taking couples money for wedding videos they never got. police say he scammed more than 40 people out of $40,000 for video and lighting services that he never provided or only partially provided. detectives say there could be more victims out there and hope they'll come forward. good tuesday morning, rather. i'm katy zachary with a look at your traffic this morning. start things off in delaware with a live look at route 1 where you can see rain is coming down on many of our roads in delaware, as well as new jersey. in pennsylvania, though, it's a little bit of a different story. taking a look in center city philadelphia at the vine street expressway right at broad
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street. traffic is moving smoothly. we are seeing volume building o many of our majors throughout the area. i'll get to that when. rain and wintry mix could be in store, michelle. >> we're looking at gray skies outsi outside. this is a pretty shot. clouds all day long and we'll contend with wet weather, as well. contending with that in spots right now. everyone is seeing the cold air today. so, a wet tuesday. plan on that. we're looking at umbrel a aweather. rain to the south and east and wintry weather to the north and east. we'll track that in just a few minutes. new from overnight this morning a 15-year-old is on the run. police say he's responsible for attacking his uncle. the latest on the search just ahead. the days of bill cosby representing temple university is gone. what the school's leadership is saying about cosby's decision to step down from the board of trustees. the fallout in ferguson continues its nationwide ripple effect. what president obama is asking
6:27 am
philadelphia's top cop to do to help bring people together.
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this is nbc 10 news. it is tuesday, december 2nd. wintry weather moves in. first alert radar is tracking a messy, cold, wet day. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> we have you covered so you know what's coming up. michelle grossman has your first alert forecast with what is going to happen over the course of today. >> we'll see the rain continuing, so, it depends on where you are. we're seeing different weather right now across the area. a live look at radar. we're looking at some rain in parts of southern new jersey and everywhere else we're fairly dry. expected to be dry for the morning commute before it fills back tine the afternoon hours. the rain is falling in parts of southern new jersey and ocean county, burlington county.
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we're going to continue to track that. everyone is seeing that cold air. 39 in philadelphia. just 32 in allentown right at the freezing mark. 24 mount pocono and 37 in wildwood. a cold start to the day and we're going to keep it cold all throughout the day. by 8:00, 35. by 10:0036 and at lunchtime only 37 degrees. tracking some showers and a mix north and west at that point. we're going to continue to track tonight and we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. let's see if the roadways are slowing down because of the wet weer weather we go to katy zachary. >> no slow commute because of the weather and more volume build up at this hour. i will show you in a bit of what the roads look like in delaware and new jersey. right now no wet roadways along 76 or 95 in the philadelphia area. this is a live look at baltimore pike where you can see by the headlights and taillights that volume is building, which is typical around the 6:30 hour. in worcester, valley forge road,
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so, beaware of that. and also in west norriton an accident on egypt street. vai? >> thank you, katy. bill cosby stepped down from the board of trustees after multiple allegations of sexual assault against women. cosby had been a board member at temple since 1982. he was also an aalum and possiby the school's most famous cheerleader. called his decision to step down, a noble one. the board had no official plans to remove cosby, but other trustees had been discussing on how to handle the firestorm when cosby himself made the call to step out of the way. >> i wish temple would have had a better reaction as an institution to separate themselves from the allegations that are coming across. obviously, i don't think, you know, you could have a fully formed opinion until the whole story comes out. but i think temple should have had a better response and should have communicated that to
6:33 am
students and to the general public. >> cosby released a statement saying, "i have always been proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result, i've tendered my resignation from the temple university board of trustees. temple is no longer the only school not connected to the comedian. step down as honorary co-chairman of the school's fund-raising campaign. high point university and freed hartman university in tennessee previously distanced themselves from the comedian. 6:33 right now. new from overnight in philadelphia, police are trying to track down a 15-year-old boy accused of attacking his uncle. it happened just after 9:30 last night on sentner street in lawncrest neighborhood. witnesses say the man's 15-year-old nephew punched him
6:34 am
during an argument. they found a pair of pliers and a screw driver next to him. the search is on for a hit and run driver just before 9:00 last night. police say a volvo station wagon hit a man. the driver kept going. the victim is in critical condition. and new this morning, investigators are on the hunt for a bank robber in bucks county. showing you photos taken from the bank's surveillance camera. walk under to the first national bank of newtown before closing time yesterday and he demanded cash. witnesses say there was no get away car and he did not have a weapon. no one was hurt. two college students from south jersey are charged with sexually assaulting a female student at william paterson university. noah williams of camden and tremaine scott are just two of five students accused of committing the assault inside an
6:35 am
on-campus dorm last tuesday. the school's president released a statement today saying that the suspects have been banned from campus and that her deepest concern is for the victim. in southwest philadelphia, the high school community comes together to look for solutions after incidents like this one. this cell phone video shows a substitute teacher unconscious in the hallway after being attacked by a student last month. that attack and two others at the school prompted a gathering last night where city councilman met with teachers, parents and students and the group talked about making possible and lasting changes at the troubled school. today is the second day of the week-long campout for hunger. preston & steve are hosting the event annually to raise money and food for philabundance. tracy and i along with nbc 10 lu ann cahn and sheila parveen will
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all be taking part. a good tuesday morning. hope it is a good one so far. we are tracking cold weather this morning. we are tracking some wet weather, mainly rain at this point. but we will see a wintry mix as we head throughout our tuesday. we are looking at headlines, yeah, occasional showers throughout the day. a wet day, bring the umbrella as you head out, a jacket with a hood and wear a warm jacket and we'll see cold temperatures. snow, sleet north and west and seeing that in some spots right now. much colder as we head throughout the afternoon hours compared to yesterday. we topped out at 65 today. we will cut that in half right around 39 degrees. here's a live look outside. we are looking at gray skies and cloudy throughout the day and cloudy today, cloudy tomorrow and the sunshine doesn't return until thursday. right now we're looking at 39 in philadelphia, wind out of the northeast at ten miles per hour and that northeasterly flow really helping to cool us down and cold throughout the day. just above freezing right now in
6:37 am
reading. cloudy skies. cloudy skies in philadelphia and then raining in atlantic city. so it really depends on where you are different weather we're seeing across the area. temperatures everyone is seeing that cold air in place and really cold in the poconos. 24 right now, bundle up there. 33 in reading and 39 in philadelphia and 36 in dover and 36 in atlantic city. taking a look at radar, this is what is happening right now. to the north and east of philadelphia. to the south of philadelphia where we're seeing that rain falling and some of it heavy, sleet mixing in in some spots and most of it rain at this point and along the coast there, you can see the drive along route 9 probably not fun with that heavy rain falling. today we are looking at cold rain across the area and wintry mix north and west and not expecting accumulation and a little mess as we head into the afternoon and the evening hours. well below normal for this time of year and typically right around 50. you'll feel that chill in the air. wednesday back to milder air. 53 above normal, finally. clouds in place. we're going to see a morning
6:38 am
shower, but drying out in the afternoon. then by thursday, the sunshine returns, 45 degrees. it will be colder. friday mostly cloudy, more clouds 46 with a shower. rain chance on saturday and sunday mostly cloudy and temperatures in the low 50 and then by monday we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. 50 degrees. >> must be the famous jinx, a couple accidents out there on the roads. we have to check in on. >> let's get the details from first alert traffic reporter katy zachary. >> a few accidents in pennsylvania. we're also following increasing volume on the majors in new jersey and in delaware. we're going to start things off in new jersey. this is a live look at manchester township of route 70 where there is some light rain coming down as we saw from michelle's radar going through. you can see that traffic at this intersection is moving just fine. so, on 95, a lot of volume building right at cottman avenue and take you 24 minutes to go between wood haven and the vine on 95 southbound and then you can see these cars just crawling along very typical for this time of the morning.
6:39 am
some accidents, as i said, following the first one in worcester and the other in west norriton. be aware of that. >> thank you, katy. a man in a cruise ship started choking and seas were too rough to call an emergency boat. the changes are coming in the wake of a ferguson unrest. the announcement the federal government will soon make that some civil rights advocates will say is long overdo. what's possible today?
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6:42 right now. 38 degrees outside. beautiful and dry as you can see in center city from that live picture. but varying conditions around the area and then later this afternoon, north and west could see a wintry mix. we'll keep you updated in just minutes. new jersey governor chris
6:43 am
christie heads to camden later today to talk about education. he'll attend an announcement by the state's school development authority. then later, he will visit camden high school. this as it comes just a few weeks after the camden superintendent announced he would visit every school in the district to discuss the district's future. atlantic city taj mahal casino is moving forward with its plans to shut down in the next two weeks. the taj closed its chairman hotel tower and the casino's parent company trump entertainment stopped issuing credit to gamblers yesterday. taj mahal plans to shut down completely on december 12th and when that happens 3,000 people will lose their jobs. more fallout from ferguson. eric holder while he was talking about rebuilding trust in communities. the group started chanting and then they were led out of the church in atlanta last night during holder's speech. holder was talking about what michael brown's father wanted
6:44 am
his son's legacy to be after his shooting death. >> what we saw there was a genuine expression of concern and involvement. >> holder was in atlanta to meet with law enforcement and community leaders. this morning, we are exclusively from philadelphia's top cop after the president hand picked him to restore public trust in police. >> vast majority of police officers do their job very, very well every single day. but the reason we have these discussions is because of the few that don't. what can we do to minimize even more the number of people who do not treat the people that they serve respectfully? >> president obama charles ramsey to lead a task force on 21st century policing. the force will look at how to build public trust while reducing crime. the president made the announcement yesterday during a meeting that focused on easing racial tensions in the wake of a shooting in ferguson, missouri. the president is also proposing a three-year, $263 million spending package.
6:45 am
the money would be used to help police departments improve community relations and it would include $75 million to help pay 50,000 small cameras that police can wear on their lapels. the cameras record officers on the job. president obama is calling on congress for emergency fighting to help fight ebola. to meet with the medical team working on a promising ebola c vaccine. in phase one the vaccine appeared to be both safe and effective. a republican congressional aide is in hot water over her comments about president obama's daughters. elizabeth lauten resigned she took to facebook to criticize the way that sasha and malia were dressed at last week's annual turkey pardoning ceremony. she said the girls were dressed for a spot at a bar and told them to show more class and respect. both democrats and republicans expressed anger over the
6:46 am
statements. >> she took off after teenage girls, not because they did anything wrong, but because she doesn't like the job that their dad is doing. and i don't think that's very fair way to play politics. >> the aide later apologized for her comments. happening today, minnesota vikings runningback adrian pei r repeaterson. he was suspended without pay after arrested for using a tree branch or some call a switch to discipline his son. he pleaded no contest in the case. a man was airlifted from a cruiseship off south florida saturday evening after choking on a piece of meat. the norwegian get away cruise ship was about five miles off miami beach when the man began to choke. sea conditions were too rough to attempt rescue by boat. so the captain radioed for help and a miami-dade radio
6:47 am
helicopter was dispatched. lifted the victim into the rescue basket and flown to the hospital. his condition is not known. 6:47 right now. new information on the deadly cost of general motors defective ignition switches. we now learned a new number, at least 36 people have died and 44 have been seriously injured in crashes involving gm cars with these switches. attorney kenneth feinberg who was hired by the automaker to compensate victims revealed the new totals yesterday. he said he received 229 death claims and nearly 2,000 injury claims since august. gm knew about the faulty ignition switches in some of its vehicles for more than a decade, but didn't recall them until february. well, the honors just keep coming for little league phenom mo'ne davis. sports kid of the year and you're looking at the cover. she became the star of taney dragons after showing her dominance on the pitcher's mound this summer. the first girl to ever win a
6:48 am
little league world series game and the first girl to pitch a shutout. "sports illustrated" says that mo'ne proves everyone has the ability to make an impact no matter your age, gender or race. the u.s. postal service is paying tribute to one of santa's reindeer, sort of marks the 50th anniversary of the rudolph tv special. traveling to a town called rudolph, ohio. they offer a post mark that makes it on to christmas cards around the country. your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we are looking at a cold day. we are looking at a wet day, as well. temperatures are in the 30s at this point in some spots and in the t 20s. not very far from these numbers. as you step out this morning, dress for the 30s everywhere else. dress for 34 in pottstown and 36
6:49 am
in atlantic city and it is 36 degrees in millville. so, taking a look outdoors, we're starting to brighten up here and the clouds will be with us all day long. we're not going to see the sun until thursday. clouds today, clouds tomorrow and just 39 right now in philadelphia. we're seeing that northeasterly flow and hoping to keep that cold air in place. temperatures across the region mainly in the 30s, as i mention. cloudy skies in reading and philadelphia. but rain is falling in atlantic city, so, it depends on where you are. we're seeing different weather in different spots. mainly dry to the north of philadelphia. expected for the morning commute. to the south we're looking at the rain falling and most of southern new jersey seeing wet weather. along the coast, though, where we're seeing the heavier rain along route 9. so, if you're traveling that way, you may see some pockets of heavier stuff otherwise we're looking at light rain. as we go throughout time, futurecast. start to see this filling in and work it to the north and we'll see some wintry mix to the north and also the west. the poconos, parts of the lehigh valley and higher elevations of the poconos.
6:50 am
by 2:00 seeing this and rain south of there. bucks county, montgomery county and maybe the portions of upper bucks seeing wintry mix and then rain and south of philadelphia rain, as well. as we go throughout time, by 6:00, back in your car and heading home. that's the best time of the day. we're looking at rain still falling and the windshield wipers are still going. track this for you and look at sunshine in your seven-day in just a few minutes. >> i guess those windshield wipers going and headlights have to come on. check on traffic now at 6:50. >> that is a good reminder. katy zachary is watching the roads this morning. >> turn your heat on. be prepared to do that. it is cold out there. you definitely want to have your windshield wipers on if you're driving in south jersey. start things off with winslow township right at the atlantic city expressway and wet roadways. been dealing with this in new jersey and delaware throughout the morning and i've been watching the speeds diminish in new jersey on some of the majors, especially 55 and 42. that could be because of the
6:51 am
weather and could be because of increased volume or a combination. be aware of that if you're driving in new jersey this morning. finally, 95 southbound slowing considerably and average speed of 17 miles per hour as you head into philly. and time now to head to new york for a look at what's ahead on "today" show. looking forward to more of matt's interview with ray rice. >> let's say hello to matt and savannah. >> coming up on the show this morning, we heard from his wife on monday. this morning matt sits down with ray rice exclusively. >> open up about the infamous elevator fight and what he learned about himself since then and also talk about second chances. also ahead, the man behind discov discovery's latest stunt. eating alive by a massive anaconda a. he'll be here to talk about what that came from and what it was like inside the belly of the beast. >> what could go wrong? what is their favorites? the start of the holiday season.
6:52 am
we put the hottest toys in the hands of kids and parents. a performance from leeann rhymes when we see you on "today." >> see you guys in about ten minutes. >> see you then. i'm matt delucia. police are searching for a 15-year-old goy who is accused of beating his uncle. what we know about the investigation coming up. i'm jesse gary live in chester county where nine businesses in the city are going to be donating for giving tuesday. we'll tell you where the money is going to go, coming up after the break.
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6:55 am
i'm matt delucia where a
6:56 am
58-year-old man is in extremely critical condition. he was beaten by his 15-year-old nephew. when officers got there they found him lying on the living room floor unconscious bleeding from the head. his 15-year-old nephew punched him during that argument. the teen ran away after the attack and they have spent the past several hours trying to find him. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. i'm jesse gary live inside julieann's one of nine businesses that are donating today for giving tuesday. the owner says she's giving 20% of her take today to baker industries. >> they give people work that can't get work otherwise, whether they're recovering drug addicts or getting out of prison and they need to get back into the work force. >> we've got a link to other
6:57 am
places you can give on our website. coming up at 11:00, a warning from one financial professional about some of the pit falls of going online and giving. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. good tuesday morning. i'm katy zachary with a look at your traffic for our drivers in delaware and new jersey. they have been dealing with rain throughout the morning. a live look at what some drivers in cape may county are dealing with. route 9 right at route 50. you can see this intersection. it's pretty wet. i've been watching volume building as well as speeds going down on our new jersey majors. the weather could be a reason for that. we're fortunately not seeing any accidents in new jersey or in delaware. taking a look right now, very different story for our drivers in pennsylvania. a live look at the route 30 bypass right at route 322 where you can see traffic is moving pretty well in both directions. but, again, volume, this is the time of the morning where volume builds on our majors and things
6:58 am
slow down considerably. there is an accident on valley forge road and also following an accident in west norriton. crews are trying to move the scene there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. it's a cold start to the day, also a wet start in some spots. and i love this view. pocono mountains are making some snow there and probably getting the real stuff as we head throughout the afternoon hours. let's head to cape may. wet roadways and seeing the rain there really depends on where you are this morning and that will be the story throughout the day and then in the city, we are looking at mainly dry conditions. just clouds and we'll see the clouds all day long. the clouds will stick around on wednesday, as well. a high of 39 degrees today. a cold one, well below normal for this time of year. the rain will be in place and start to see that picking up, filling in and moving to the north and west. wintry mix in the north and west. lehigh valley, parts of the poconos and northern montgomery counties. everyone changes to rain later
6:59 am
on tonight and we'll see that wet weather and continuing at least through wednesday morning. we dried out later on wednesday. milder, 53. sunshine, yeah, that returns on thursday, but we love that. 45 and then more clouds on friday. >> got to make it to thursday. >> nice. >> and, of course, today is the second day of the campout for hunger campaign. wmmr preston & steve hosting the event. they are broadcasting and taking collections throughout the week from the parking lot of xfinity live. tracy and i and lu ann cahn and sheena parveen. you can hear us on the radio this morning in the 9:00 hour. that's always a fun event. great cause. >> you know what, they make it so easy if you want to donate. it is giving tuesday. drive right through and they'll help you unload the car right into the boxes and make your donation. "today" show is up next. see you for local updates in 25
7:00 am
minutes. >> you can always get news any time at thanks for watching. good morning. sorry or not? confusion over a conversation between the st. louis rams and the st. louis police. the police say they heard an apology for the players "hands up" ferguson protest. but in a strange twist, the rams say there was no such thing. soho is telling the truth? can he come back? in ray rice's first interview since that incident in the elevator, he speaks out about the scrutiny he has faced and why he thinks he should be back on the football field. >> only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> our "today" exclusive this morning. stepping down. bill cosby resigns from the board at temple university. his alma mater and the place he served for 32 years.


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