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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the wintry mix not the only weather story tonight. we're also tracking a huge temperature swing. we have live team coverage from our nbc 10 first alert meteorologist. >> we begin with sheena parveen. >> the areas seeing the freezing rain right now, mostly north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley, poconos, suburbs north and west. temperatures here are just hovering around freezing so in some spots it is cold enough. what you see on the radar approaching us from the west, the pink stuff, that's freezing rain or sleet in many cases. but in our area, we've got many reports of freezing rain. in parts of berks county, areas like bern, maidencreek, hamburg, northampton county. we've had many reports of freezing rain this afternoon in much of the lehigh valley and our suburbs north and west. we have the winter weather advisory out in these areas because of more freezing rain
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and icy roads. the moisture will start to transition to rain. we have plenty of moisture to work with still as we go through tonight. we'll be watching the temperatures very closely. be careful on the roadways. those temperatures will be important to what kind of precip falls and may or may not stick. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a closer look at that. glenn? >> a degree or two can make a big difference. good thing we were 65 yesterday. that kept the roads kind of warm. marginal temperatures just icing in some nonpaved areas. the temperature up a degree in reading and allentown to 32. it's 32 in quakertown, coatesville, 33 in doylestown. that's up a degree. up two degrees in philadelphia. plenty warm enough across i-95 and farther to the south and east. let's go into the areas that are really close. this is in chester county, coatesville at 33, chadds ford, westtown, 33 degrees. 33 up in the northern portion of the county.
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32 in phoenixville. 31 in glenn more and, if anything, these temperatures will go up. montgomery county is looking in better shape, blue bell at 36. 33 at collegeville and eagleville and even in the upper portion of montgomery county, barely above freezing. that's how close it is. i'll be back with another look at the temperatures and the rainfall. what's ahead, rain for the weekend, too, the seven-day in a few minutes. stay ahead of any storm with the nbc 10 weather app. you'll get watches and warnings sent straight to your phone. it's a free download. get it right now at tonight, philadelphia police are searching for video, really anything, that may show them what happened to a college student who disappeared during thanksgiving break. >> shane montgomery vanished after leaving a bar in manayunk. 4-his steps.ll trying to trace deanna durante is live tonight in manayunk. you've been talking with police and federal investigators. what are they telling you?
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>> they're saying it's a difficult case. just a little while ago this area was packed with investigators from philadelphia police's northwest detective division. they were, again, here going door to door, looking for surveillance video or anything that might point them in the direction of which way shane montgomery went when he left kildare's and went home only nbc 10 was there as philadelphia detectives went door to door, searching for video that may give them some indication of where shane montgomery went after he left kildare's pub early thursday morning. >> we don't have activity at all, any that would lead us to believe that he or someone else is using his credit cards, phone, anything like that. police and the fbi have been searching for days and say the problem is they do not know which route montgomery used in an effort to get to his home. the house is about a mile from kildare's. he could have taken any combination of side streets, trails or one-way narrow walkways. tonight marine units were back
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in manayunk looking along the ka nal and river bed, still no sign of the missing student. volunteer organizations as well as police have been out searching again today looking for any sign of montgomery. tomorrow on the campus of westchester university students there are planning to hold a candle light vigil. the student government association is adding to the growing reward money. they've headed about $1,000. that reward fund now in excess of $26,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of shane montgomery. if you know anything about this case, you're asked to call the police or the fbi. reporting live in manayunk, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00, two teens from our area are among five students who pleaded not guilty to a campus sex assault in north jersey today. tremayne scott is from vineland. appeared in court separately. camden noll williams appeared with the other suspects. the judge reduced bail to $50,000 for all five. authorities say the group
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sexually assaulted a female student last month in a dorm room at william patterson university in passaic county. today, a mentor to the five during a summer program last year spoke in their defense. >> they're really good boys. they're really good boys. they laugh, they joke, they never hurt anybody. they're respectful. >> william patterson university has banned the five suspects from campus, even if they do post bail. tonight we're learning new details about bill cosby's resignation from the temple university board of trustees. the man who accepted cosby's resignation is telling us what the comedian said. >> the chairman of the board is answering criticism about whether temple should have acted sooner. nbc 10's rosemary connors live in center city and rosemary, what have you learned? >> reporter: renee and jim, the chairman of the board tells me that the trustees did not want to rush to a decision. there wanted there to be plenty of discussion and meetings about what was going on. in fact, yesterday, the executive committee of the board was having a meeting to talk
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about the cosby situation when right in the middle of that meeting the chairman of the board got a call from cosby himself. >> he called me and he said, i thought about it. i want to resign.ç and i accepted it with thanks. >> reporter: patrick o'connor, the chairman of temple's board of trustees tells me cosby, perhaps the school's most famous alum had suggested he would be willing to resign in previous phone conversations over the last week. yesterday it happened. >> to the critics who think the board should have acted first, what's your response? >> at temple our board of trustees, we have a very transparent process. we fully intended to deliberate, discuss and take a vote on what we should do with respect to bill's status as a trustee. >> the iconic comedian and actor didn't face a vote because of his resignation in the wake of the increasing sex assault claims by women from his past. >> reporter: did his celebrity and obviously his financial
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support of the university make things difficult for the board to come to a quick decision? >> we would have decided the same way if his name was bill crosby and had the same sort of allegations. it would have been no different. it was just a more painful discussion, given all he has done for templeple. >> reporter: frequently a fixture and speaker at commencement, cosby was proud of his ties to temple, some of which are now severed. on a final note, patrick o'connor represented bill cosby ten years ago when cosby settle a civil lawsuit brought by one of his accusers. o'connor has known cosby in many different capacities and for quite some time. he says this is painful but he says that temple is strong and called it a great university, giving students great opportunities. reporting live in center city, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. hepatitis scare at a popular new jersey pizzeria has health officials warning customers tonight to call their doctor
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right away. a worker who handles food at rosa's italian unstrat in hamilton township is in the hospital with hepatitis a. health officials fear there could be thousands exposed between november 10th and december 1st. now health officials are trying to track down customers. the symptoms could vary from severe to mild. but the significance is how con it is. >> all garbage areas have been cleaned. the bathrooms have been cleaned. the area is approved by the department of health. that's why they allowed us to open up again. >> no one else reported any symptoms. the health department is planning a vaccination clinic for this coming thursday. people wanting to sign up for medicaid in pennsylvania had a hard time getting through to the state's hot line. enrollment for healthy pennsylvania began yesterday. state says so many people called, the hot line got jammed. the healthy pennsylvania program has expanded, so more people are
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now eligible. once you do enroll, coverage begins on january 1st and lasts year-round. single adults under 65 can apply if they make under $16,000 a year. under the new guidelines the state says about 600,000 adults are newly eligible. new at 6:00, a grand jury indicted several people after gunfire interrupted a funeral in trenton, mercer county. of the five now indicted, three men are charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. three people were hurt when the shots rang out during the at the galilee baptist church. three of the suspects remain in jail tonight. now to atlantic city's casino crisis. new jersey's congressional delegation is turning to the feds for help. lawmakers asked the secretary of labor to approve a national emergency grant to help the city's crumbling economy. last month, the state applied for $29 million in grants.
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local lawmakers also taking action here. today two new jersey state senators unveiled a new rescue plan to give ac casinos a tax break. it would allow them to collectively pay $150 million instead of taxes for two years. four casinos have closed already this year. the trump taj mahal is scheduled to close later this month. new jersey leaders are promising to bring camden high school into the 21st century. the district will use the investment to rehabilitate and renovate camden high, including everything from replacing windows to improving the school's technology. >> an improved school environment will lead to improved learning in this school, because it will lead to improved teaching in this school. >> the school district will begin looking for an architect next month but construction probably won't start for several years. is it illegal to pose as a
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soldier? should this man be charged? i'm lu ann cahn. i'll have a live report, coming up. plus, caught on video, book bandit accused of stealing more than a thousand dollars worth of books from a local library. rare texts they're accused of snatching in a heist worth thousands of dollars. wet weather today and tonight. we haven't seen the last of it. i'll tell you how it could affect your weekend plans, too. don't miss my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. surveillance video helped crack a case of a pricey book theft at the reading public library. authorities say the video shows two men stealing 11 books from the rare and valuable collection last wednesday and according to the "reading eagle" officers have arrested both suspects after people identified them from the video. the books that were stolen go for upwards of $100 each on ebay. ray rice says he's hoping and wishing for a second chance. in an interview with nbc's matt lauer, he says he's taking full responsibility for what he did. rice spoke with lauer alongside
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his wife jenay and her parents. on friday, an arbitrator threw out rice's indefinite suspension. he said he's seeing a counselor and he hopes to return to the field someday but his focus is on his family. >> that's what i'm worried about fixing. i want my wife, my daughter, my family to -- just want our lives back. >> rice says he and his wife would also like to help victims of domestic violence. stolen valor, right here, stolen valor! >> it is a sorry that struck a nerve with many of our viewers. a local man accused of pretending to be a military veteran when he never really served. we first brought you that story last night at 11:00. tonight, we're digging deeper into the possible legal consequences. lu ann cahn live in center city.
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did this man do anything illegal? >> reporter: i can tell you this, a lot of people will go into an army/navy store like the one behind me and buy a lot of stuff so they can look like they're in the military. that is not illegal. but what about this case? ç >> i've worn that uniform. i've had friends who have worn that uniform. you haven't. stolen valor! >> reporter: it's true, he says this man never served. but is it stolen valor for him to dress up like he did? is that a crime? he hasn't been charged so we aren't revealing his identity. >> there's no shortage of clowns wanting to stand in line and
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suck some of that up. for financial dhings, benefits, discounts. >> reporter: don shiply is a former navy s.e.a.l. the law makes it illegal to pose as a soldier and financially benefit. wearing a uniform, not illegal. lots of people come to the center city army, navy store. >> basically you should earn that uniform. that's how most military guys feel. we sell replicas. >> reporter: the question in this case, was the man in this uniform using it to get military discounts? even if he does, experts say only the worst offenders go to jail. >> it's up to us to publicly shame these guys, tar and feather them, run them out of towns on the rails. >> reporter: we tried to reach the man in the uniform. we were not able to reach him.
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we also called the u.s. attorney's office. they will not confirm nor deny they are investigating this case. live in center city, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> 59 degrees on sunday and 65 yesterday. that's a distant memory but at least it's helping with the roads. the temperature on the road is higher than the air. some icing north and west, mainly on those nonroad surfaces, but it will be warming again and a little bit of warming tonight. that's going to help, too. more tomorrow. but rain in the forecast for the weekend. and not just a little bit either. we still have the low clouds over the city, the flight delays are likely tonight and into tomorrow morning, 38 degrees and cloudy in philadelphia. feels like 31. 13 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. the temperature was down to 30 or 31 in allentown and reading,
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now up a little bit. it's up to 38 in philly, up a little bit. westchester, pottstown. all it has to do is get up a degree or two and we're okay. from i-95 southward we're already okay. no concerns about freezing rain or snow. now we're 10 to 20 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. when the cooler air was starting to come in. not much on the radar around the philadelphia area. plenty back to the west. they got freezing rain in harrisburg and up around state college. a couple tiny patches in berks county and lehigh valley. the main area back to the çwes and even some of that is turning over to regular rain. you can see that with the greens here. that means the temperature is going up back there, too. good timing because if those temperatures don't go up and you have this heavy stuff coming in, you have isolation. that may happen in the poconos this evening. that's part of the winter weather advisory.
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until 1:00 a.m., temperatures continue to go up slowly through the night. chester county, upper bucks and montgomery, in that winter weather advisory. on the futurecast, mainly rain by 9:00 across the area. then we get it moving out. and tomorrow morning, we may have more rain but not freezing rain and not snow. it's going to be too warm tomorrow. rain and fog tonight. temperatures slowly rising as the wind turns into the southwest. that will push temperatures to 50 or a little bit above tomorrow. a cloudy day, a little bit of fog in the morning. the one day with sunshine is thursday, but it will be cooler. then clouds on friday, the rain comes in friday night. it looks like a rainy cold day on saturday and that system may stall just off the coast and bring more rain sunday and even monday.
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>> thanks, hurricane, i'm john clark. one of the flyers highest paid players is being benched tonight. eagles are getting ready for the super bowl champs. why the bird's defense is on the spot, too. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. i'm john clark. what a matchup sunday at the linc. the super bowl champion seahawks are coming to down. the eagles have one of the best offenses in the league and definitely the fastest. this will be the biggest test fon mark sanchez. he won four of the five games since he took over for nick foles. he didn't have any turnovers on
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thanksgiving, then he went back home to california to be with his family. >> i have to walk people to their cars, throw plates out. i'm a regular human, regular civilian. if they do bring up football stuff, it's like, you had brad smith wide open in the red zone, what happened? i'm like, dang, they're brutal. >> the seahawks have beaten the cardinals and 49ers each by a score of 19-3. the eagles defense know they have to step up their game, too. >> we do realize this is probably going to be a defensive struggle. we don't expect our offense to put up 35 points on their defense. but we don't approach it any other way. we don't want to give up more than ten points in a game anyway. >> the flyers lost seven straight on the road. if they lose tonight, they'd
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have their longest road losing streak in 27 seasons and the sharks are smelling blood. the flyers have won one of their last 15 games against them. vinnie lecavalier will be ben benched tonight, the first time he will be a healthy scratch. michaelç delzato will also be sitting out. this is the start of the teddy bear toss in minor league hockey. after the goal is scored, the stuffed animals were thrown to the ice. over 7,300 bears were thrown to the ice. that's a cool concept, jim. they should bring it here. >> it is. fun to see. for a loaning at what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, three local churches on fire, all in the same town. tonight, why detectives say an arsonist is on the loose.
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and for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching.
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i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues with "nbc nightly news." on our broadcast tonight, knocked out. who turned out the lights in detroit? a huge power grid suddenly goes dark, a city-wide emergency focusing attention on a crumbling infrastructure nationwide. mandatory evacuations in california as the nasty and sprawling storm moves on shore. too much rain way too fast and in a drought-stricken region that now means floods. sounding the alarm about what's in the cargo hold on commercial flights. tonight the product that could bring down a plane. also our nbc news investigation on a potential health risk in certain playgrounds. why some doctors warn against it, some parents won't let their kids near it. and plunge at the pump. gas prices continue to dive, and we learn where they might


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