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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  December 3, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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temperatures will recover today, heading back into the low 50s, above average for us. but there's the scene. and when you head out the door, foggy skies over the city. we are checking out the most fog closer to the poconos. and our temperatures right now at 34 degrees in mt. pocono, 37 in allentown, 38 in pottstown, 41 in philadelphia, 39 degrees in wilmington. as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures to push into the 50s with scattered showers expected on and off throughout today. by noon, 49 degrees, by 4:00 p.m., 51. and as we head into the rest of tonight, we'll see more clearing temperatures, dropping down to 44. i'll let you know what's in store for the workweek heading into the weekend in my first alert seven-day forecast. for now, we'll check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. good morning. >> good morning, brittney. a lot of people in our area will wake up to that foggy start, but for glen mills, the intersection of 202 and route 1. this is the second accident in the last hour at this intersection. this is at 202 southbound right at route 1, where you can see emergency crews are out there.
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at least one car, possibly two, are involved. and you can see a tow truck is coming up to the scene right now. so, here are the details around it. it happened on 202 southbound between route 1 and christy drive. all lanes are blocked as you saw. an alternate is creek road around that scene. moving up into pottstown, north charlotte street at st. john street. there is a new accident that occurred there. and also, for new jersey drivers, new jersey turnpike southbound. there's an accident involving a jack-knifed tractor-trailer right as you pass exit number 2, the exit for route 322, and the right lane is blocked there. and as i've been following speeds, it is slowing speeds down to around 35-37 miles as you approach that. and we're talking about the fog this morning up in berks county. a live look right at i-78 at route 345 in berks county. so, drivers are dealing with that. all right, katy, thanks. we're following breaking news at 5:31 out of montgomery county. here is a live picture from the scene. this is in narberth, montgomery
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county, along montgomery avenue, which is a major thoroughfare at christ. a commercial building is on fire there. you see crews on the scene. katy zachry's been mentioning this, because montgomery avenue is shut down because of this fire. we'll continue to monitor it. we do know that there are no injuries. we'll keep you updated. a vigil will be held today at west chester university as friends and family of a missing student prepare for another day of searching. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in west chester. tell us more, jesse. >> reporter: tracy, they're taking to the streets again today because they want to make sure they haven't missed anything and they hope all this activity jogs someone's memory. volunteers plan to take to the streets, and they're trying to unearth clues in the disappearance of shane montgomery. the reward for information in the case now up to $31,000. the 21-year-old was last seen leaving kildare's irish pub the night before thanksgiving. family, friends and volunteers hope the new reward and renewed efforts will lead to clues. >> we're looking to see, does
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anybody have any information, does anyone see that picture, and will it jog somebody's memory? yes, i saw him here, i saw him doing this. that's what we're hoping for. >> reporter: and police are also looking at shane's cell phone to try and glean some information from that, but they're running into difficulties. we'll talk about that coming up in the next 30 minutes. live on the west chester university campus, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. rescue crews return to wilmington this morning, searching for a missing barge operator. a barge flipped over near the mouth of the christina river last night during a routine procedure. two other workers were able to make it out of the water. from our south jersey bureau, burlington county catholic school is fighting to stay open. the trenton diocese gave st. paul's elementary school in burlington a month to raise $250,000 or shut down. the diocese says it can no longer fund the school because of declining enrollment. >> when the students heard that we might close, i didn't want to use those words, because we're
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fighting this. we're not going to let it go. >> the school has raised $20,000 so far. students, parents and staff are holding fund-raisers until the january 15th deadline. if they don't reach their goal, the school will close at the end of the year. a southern california woman has filed a lawsuit against bill cosby now, alleging that he molested her in 1974 when she was 15 years old. judith huth claims the comedian gave her and her friend alcohol, then took them to the playboy mansion in los angeles, where she says he forced her to perform a sex act. huth is the first woman to claim she was underage when she was allegedly abused by cosby. the philadelphia native resigned on monday, as you know, from temple university's board of trustees in the wake of growing sex assault claims by women from his past. cosby has never been charged with any crime. nbc 10 news reached out to cosby's attorney but has not yet heard back. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates on those stories and all the news from across our area. here are three more stories we're following for you
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throughout the day. we'll be there as family and friends remember a northampton woman who was killed by her stepfather. a visitation service will be held this evening for jessica padgett. her stepfather, gregory graf, admitted to shooting padgett and burying her body at his home last month. today, delaware county council will honor a teenager who helped save a philadelphia police officer. remember this video? it was last month, 17-year-old joe chambers pulled the officer out of his cruiser after an accident. it was on fire. chambers got him out just before the police car went up in flames. and nbc 10 will be in wilmington today when the aclu announces legal action against what it calls the resegregation of schools in delaware. research shows a national trend toward less integration of white and nonwhite students over the last 20 years. then an update on the man accused of posing as a member of the military. this morning, nbc 10 gets answers about whether he could face charges. and roads turned to rivers as heavy rains moved through
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southern california. we'll show you more video of the flash flooding there this morning. and a foggy but mild start to the morning as we head into the rest of today temperatures will slowly warm above average. i'm tracking exactly where the rainfall is, how long it will stick around. that's coming up in your first alert seven-day forecast.
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at 5:38, we continue to follow breaking news out of montgomery county, and we just got new information from our assignment desk. we've been making calls. you can see the flames there. this is a live picture from narberth, montgomery county, along a main thoroughfare, which is montgomery avenue at christ avenue. and you see the building on fire there. but we've just learned that the fire started in mainline cycle. it spread to another store, fast signs. and again, you can see, fire crews are on the scene and flames. no injuries have been reported,
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but it is certainly impacting traffic, because again, montgomery avenue through far barth is a major thoroughfare. katy zachry is following that and ways around it. >> tracy, if you take a look, you can see it's quite a scene out there. emergency crews are on the scene. firefighters are trying to put out this fire. this happened about a half hour or 45 minutes ago, so you're going to want to avoid this area. crews are telling us to tell drivers, avoid this area. if we go to my happens, i can show you how to get around it. so, the best alternate is lancaster avenue around it. because as tracy said, this is on a major thoroughfare through the main line, montgomery avenue. again, it's happening at price avenue. you can take lancaster avenue around that scene. moving south into glen mills, there's an accident for the second time this morning along route 202 right at the intersection of route 1. this is happening in the southbound lane. all lanes are blocked southbound right now along 202 right at route 1 because of this crash involving this white vehicle right here. so, what you can do is you can take creek road or hayburn
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around this scene. they've been trying to clear that for about a half hour, for the last half hour. and then for new jersey drivers, there is an accident. it's been out there for the last hour and a half on the new jersey turnpike southbound right as you pass the exit number 2 for route 322, the right lane is blocked there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a foggy start on this wednesday. we're also seeing light rain showers moving through parts of our area. that's going to linger into the afternoon. temperatures expected to be warmer today than they were yesterday. here's a closer look at the poconos, where the camera's pretty much fogged in. for philadelphia, 41 degrees, light rainfall coming down at the airport now. wind speeds out of the south-southwest at 8 miles per hour, and the rest of our region at 34 degrees in the poconos, mid-30s in reading, 39 degrees in wilmington, 39 to start off the morning in dover, 43 in stone harbor and 44 degrees in atlantic city. so, we're already seeing an improvement with our temperatures.
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we're up ten degrees in the poconos, up five in allentown, five degrees warmer mt. holly and we're about eight degrees warmer in atlantic city. our visibility in the poconos down to 1/4 mile. we're down to 3/4 mile in allentown, so it's gone down in the last hour or so. 2 1/2 miles in reading. improving conditions in philadelphia and in pottstown, but in lancaster we're down to 3 miles. same thing in millville. clear skies, or clear conditions, i should say, for atlantic city. but we're still going to be dealing with the showers on and off throughout today. our average for this time of year is 49 degrees. by today we're warming above average to 53. heading into tomorrow, 48. there is a closer look at where the scattered showers are. so, pockets of light rainfall moving into parts of norristown and philadelphia. we'll continue to see this moisture streaming up from the southwest. and as we push into the rest of today, we'll see pockets of heavy rainfall closer to 1:00, 2:00, and then we'll see clearing heading into this afternoon and evening. by thursday, 48 degrees. more sunshine for us, but rain
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returns for the weekend. >> all right, brittney, thanks. 5:42 right now. today the u.s. supreme court will weigh in on the rights of pregnant women. we'll explain the case they're considering involving an expecting mom who says she was forced to take unpaid leave because of her condition. and who turned out the lights? nbc 10 gets to the bottom of a local military memorial in the dark this morning.
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at 5:45, we continue to follow breaking news on the main line. crews on the scene of a fire, narberth, montgomery county, along montgomery avenue at price avenue. we are told that the fire started inside main line cycle and spread to the star on the left, which is called fast signs. as you can see from the sign above. you can see flames inside and coming out the roof, and you see crews on the scene. katy zachry's been talking about this, because it is along montgomery avenue, which is a main thoroughfare there. we'll get an update around it in a couple of minutes, because it appears they will be on the scene for quite some time as they try to manage those flames. vai? charges are not likely against the man scene in this viral video. that's what an expert tells nbc 10. the man in an army ranger uniform shopped friday at the oxford valley mall. behind the camera is an army veteran who spotted something
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amiss on the uniform and confronted him. >> stolen valor, right here. stolen valor! >> stolen valor is a law that makes it a crime to pose as a soldier and financially benefit. it's not clear if this man was getting store discounts by posing as a soldier, but the army says it has no record of him ever serving. congressman mike fitzpatrick wants a federal investigation. however, that expert we spoke to says only the worst offenders get fined or ever go to jail. >> it's left up to us to publicly shame these guys, tar and feather them and run them out of town on a rail. so, the guy that shot that video and did a great job with it, that's where it needs to go. you need to publicly shame these guys. >> we tried but haven't gotten any response from the man sceee in the video. here are a few stories we're following across the nation today. first, the supreme court will hear from a former u.p.s. driver who claims she was forced to take unpaid leave because she was pregnant. in 2006, peggy young gave the company a doctor's note about
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restrictions on lifting packages. young was then placed on unpaid leave. the house will hear testimony today from automakers and takata officials about the recall of airbags made way takata. some of the airbags can explode, sending shrapnel flying at drivers and passengers. officials recalled 14 million cars worldwide because of that problem. and a convicted killer is scheduled to be executed in texas tonight. scott pinettie shot and killed his estranged wife's parents in 1992. his lawyers want the execution stopped, saying their client has schizophrenia, but during his trial and appeals, the courts did not find him incompetent or insane. protests are settling down in ferguson. on. and now michael brown's stepfather could be charged in connection with the arson, vandalism and looting that broke out last week. lewis head allegedly yelled "burn this expletive down" following the grand jury's decision not to indict a police officer in brown's death.
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police say head is not the focus of the investigation, just a part of it. meantime, police and the national guard are scaling back their presence in ferguson. meantime, philadelphia's police commissioner is revealing new details about his appointment to a white house task force. >> its goal is to create change in response to the protests in ferguson, missouri. charles ramsay is back in philadelphia after spending monday with president obama in washington. now, over the next 90 days, the president wants him to come up with an action plan to help communities better trust their police departments. commissioner ramsey says every american should be able to trust the police. >> there are some that really don't trust us, that view us as part of the problem, and we have not kind of built the kind of relationships that we need to build with folks who, quite frankly, need us more than others. >> ramsey says body cameras could be part of the solution. he also thinks more police walking beats could help build more positive relationships in communities. new concerns this morning
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about the state of philadelphia's korean war memorial. a call from the memorial's custodian sent us to penn's landing last night. he says nearly 30 lights at the memorial are out and some of them have been broken for two years. when we spoke to the president of the memorial, he says it's a shame, because the money is just not there to make repairs. >> it's hallowed ground. it should be respected and it should be lit. it should be lit. there's no reason why a light bulb should be out more than, maybe, say, two weeks at tops, not two years. >> the president of the korean war memorial says they're searching for any way to possibly come up with the money to make the necessary repairs. flash floods and mudslides threaten some areas of southern california. look at this. following heavy rain from a pacific storm. in one community, water rose so quickly, then it rushed down hillsides. crews used heavy equipment to clean up a road covered by mud, rocks and debris. and brittney shipp, i guess the
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first thing to comes to my mind is probably what everyone else is thinking, i'm glad we don't live in southern california. >> well, they actually really need the rainfall, too -- >> not like that. >> just not like that. >> right. >> too much, too soon, which is not a good situation. but here at home, we are seeing a few light showers throughout the day. foggy start to the morning as well and breezy conditions expected as we head into the rest of today. temperatures are going to be warmer today than they were yesterday, which is a nice change, heading into the 50s, above average. and as we continue to push into the rest of the week, we'll see temperatures staying close to that average. a closer look at our headlines for today. a foggy start, rain showers, and then later on, warmer. temperatures range between 51 to 54 degrees. and a live look at the poconos. our camera's fogged in. temperatures in philadelphia at 41 degrees. our humidity's at 89%. around the rest of the area, 34 degrees in the poconos, 37 in allentown, 38 degrees in pottstown, 39 in wilmington, 40s in atlantic city. a mild start to the morning in
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stone harbor at 43. our temperatures are ten degrees warmer in the poconos this morning than this time yesterday, up eight degrees in atlantic city and up just two degrees in philadelphia. visibility is down to 1/4 mile. that's where we're seeing the thickest fog. it's closer to the poconos. down to about 1 mile for allentown, 2 1/2 miles in reading, 9 miles in pottstown. so, increasing visibility. things are improving in that area. for philadelphia, our visibility is down to 5 miles. our wind speeds will continue to shift out of the south throughout today. it's going to be a breezy and windy day with wind speeds close to 30 miles per hour as we head into the rest of the afternoon. satellite/radar shot shows where the showers are, mainly along the i-95 corridor, pushing into south jersey. we'll continue to see more moisture streaming in from the southwest. and our future weather shows us that by 1:00, 2:00, we'll see pockets of moderate rainfall, but it won't be a total washout or anything like that for today. we do expect the rain to remain light for the most part. then for the rest of today,
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expect temperatures to be above average, between 51 and 54 degrees. light rainfall and warmer than what we saw yesterday. i'll have your seven-day forecast, coming up. just about 6:00. and our com areas were the first on the scene on that fire on montgomery avenue, causing problems there. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is watching it and giving you alternatives around it. >> as soon as i saw it into our system, we got a crew out there right away. you can see that fire crews have been out there for some time, still battling this fire. just in the last 15 minutes, they have made some headway. we're seeing a lot of white smoke there, where 15 minutes ago, there were flames leaping from the roof. so, this is in narberth on montgomery avenue, which is a very busy road this time of day, through the morning commute, because a lot of people use montgomery avenue as a way around taking 76 into center city, philadelphia. so, montgomery avenue between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue is closed off to all traffic while they fight this fire. an alternate is lancaster
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avenue. you're going to want to allow extra time if this is part of your commute, because lancaster avenue gets very backed up around this time of morning. moving on now, 76 at montgomery drive. so, for drivers who are going to take 76 instead of going along the main line and taking lancaster avenue, your commute looks great right now. take a look at your drive times between the blue route and the vine in both directions. it will take you about 14 minutes on 76. free and clear of any accidents on any of our majors. and unfortunately, an accident in glen mills at route 202. that's cleared in just the last little bit. in marlton for drivers in new jersey, at quaker street there's an accident there. >> thank you, katy. closing in the middle of the year. another school is forced to shut down because of budget problems. we'll tell you what it means for dozens of students.
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four minutes before 6:00, and nbc 10 is first on the scene of breaking news, and here is a live picture of a fire on the main line. this is from narberth, montgomery county, as firefighters get the upper hand, although we still see flames coming from this building, this commercial building. this is along busy montgomery
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avenue at price avenue. it started in main line cycle, the building on the right, and then spread to the building on the left, fast signs. again, you see crews there on the scene. no injuries reported. we'll keep you updated on air and on our website, now news county by county. >> police are warning residents about two scams. this is from chester county. the police chief there in east pikeland township says his office has gotten reports of the scams over the last few days. in the first, the caller claimed the victim's brother hit the car of a "big-time drug dealer" and claimed the victim had to wire $400 to repair the car. in the second scam, the caller told the victim they owed the irs. police say you should verify the identity of callers before handing over any money. and according to "the
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morning call," members of the northampton county council want the 19% tax increase to refill the depleted fiscal reserves. it will have dropped to about $1 million by the end of next year. the increase would be the first since 2007. they will consider the issue during a budget session today and tomorrow. and today in delaware county, contract talks resume between crozer-chester medical center and its registered nurses. a federal mediator is expected to attend today's negotiations. the hospital has until next wednesday to respond to complaints filed by the nurses union with the national labor relations board. the nurses claim crozer-chester limited their rights to picket and distribute literature, something the medical center said must be proven. and money woes are forcing another district in our area to close its alternative high school at the end of the month. the atlantic city school board voted last night to shut down atlantic city high school's east campus. about 50 students go there. some of them will now attend alternative schools outside the district. most, though, will go to the
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main high school along with the staff from east campus. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. and we continue to follow that breaking news in montgomery county. a building fire causing traffic problems in narberth, shutting down parts of montgomery avenue. missing. the search continues for shane montgomery. and new this morning, there's been a major increase in reward money in hopes of sparking more leads. and a foggy commute. this is the camera that usually shows you the comcast center that we have in center city, philadelphia. you can't see anything. low clouds, foggy conditions, spotty rain. drivers will have a bit of a challenge in some areas. we'll get you your foggy first alert forecast coming up. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. but along with the fog comes a little warmth. let's get right to nbc 10's
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first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. >> good morning. it's a bit of a trade-off. temperatures heading back into the 50s today, which will be nice as we get into the afternoon, but we have to get through this morning first. foggy conditions and light rainfall. here's a live look at the aramark building. you can barely see the flags, but they are moving with breezy conditions. here's the rainfall moving into parts of the suburbs, also the i-95 corridor. really light closer to the south jersey area and the shore. not really seeing much activity. temperatures at 44 degrees in atlantic city, 43 in wildwood, 41 in mt. holly, 40 degrees in philadelphia, 35 in the poconos, 36 in coatesville, and we're at 39 degrees in wilmington. as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures to warm into the 50s. 51 degrees by noon. we'll see light showers on and off throughout the afternoon. then things clear up as we head into the evening. by 9:00 p.m., 44 degrees. and heading into tomorrow, more sunshine. i'm tracking what's in store for your weekend coming up in nye seven-day forecast in about ten minutes, but for


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