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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  WCAU  December 3, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00 a.m., family and froeiends are gather to continue their search for shane montgomery. new information on the disappearance of this west chester university student. good morning. a reward for information about what happened to shane has been significantly increased. jesse gary live with new developments. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. i just talked to shane's mother karen. she says that a handful of volunteers are meeting inside the rectory of the saint john the baptist church.
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he would saw them come out. they are armed with new missing person flyers to replace originals blown down and away by the bad weather we have had. and a new reward amount, up to $31,000. they hope to canvas an area bounded by main street over on the east ridge over on the west and then from the transportation center over to domino lane. shane montgomery has seen liveig an irish pub the night before thanksgiving. >> there's no way that a person can just vanish. somebody out there has seen and maybe they don't realize it. shane is here and shane is around. somebody knows where shane is. >> reporter: shane is a student at west chester university. there's a vigil at the student union at 6:00 tonight. because of the discharge that searchers are trying to cover
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and the weathered athe middle of the day, they are asking people who can't come out today because of work or school, come out at 4:00 to help them complete the search area. from down on main all the up to ridge avenue. of course, the vigil tonight at 6:00. updates throughout the day and online at jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. philadelphia police are investigating an accident on the roosevelt boulevard a car hit a girl near ryan avenue. police tell us the driver did stop and they say the teen is in stable condition with a broken leg. an early morning fire destroyed several businesses in montgomery county. it forced officials to close a busy road. what's the latest?
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>> reporter: there's traffic with the rush hour over. we can tell you that as the businesses that have been gutted, fire investigators as well as insurance agents remain on the scene assessing the damage and double-checking all the hot spots. >> just stunned. >> reporter: lou watched as firefighters inside his gutted businesses. in an interview, he tells us he opened fast signs here one year ago. >> built up this business. now it's going to be a challenge. >> reporter: firefighters tell us they were called here 4:30 this morning when someone noticed smoke in the rear near the electrical wiring. it took dozens of firefighters three hours to control the blaze. but not before smoke and water damaged the office building next door. the power was turned off to a handful of businesses here in the 900 block of montgomery
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avenue. traffic on this usually busy thorough fair was detoured. susan of art of bread had pastries and coffee ready for the morning crowd. but she says it took her twice as long to get to the shop to sell them. >> not only is there a fire there's a water main break down the bottom of the street. all the streets behind, it was very difficult. it took me over 45 minutes and i'm coming from drexel hill. it's really -- it should be a 20-minute ride in. >> reporter: just before 8:00, police opened two lanes of montgomery avenue to traffic. we found this woman awaiting the arrival of her dentist. >> nobody can get through the neighborhood because all the streets leading up to us are closed off. unless you happen to know the back streets, you're not getting through. every business from acme on down through staples, none of us are getting anybody able to get to our businesses. >> reporter: a short time ago the fire marshal told us the cause is under investigation.
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the power will be shut off for several hours. the man who owns fast signs says he will rebuild elsewhere. the owner of the bike shops in the works for the vacant shop just showed up. that, too, is up in the air. live in lower marion, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. conditions are improving out there this morning after a foggy start to the day. a live look at i-95 near the airport where poor visibility has led to a lot of delays this morning. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> yeah. we do have the clouds continuing across the entire area. but at least the dense fog is over with. the visibility at the moment are well above one mile everywhere except for the mow co-knpoconos.
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three-quarters of a mile there. the fog and clouds and showers keeping the temperature down. barely 40 north and west. near 50 to the south. we have more showers coming in from the southwest. it's pretty wet. monique showed you that in lower marion. much of chester and montgomery and bucks county, lehigh valley getting wet right now with more on the way. so it is groing to be wet for several hours. that will keep the temperature down. we will dry out in the middle or late afternoon and clearing tonight. that soets t tonight. that soets s that soets ets us up for one ni sunny day in the forecast. a lot of rain coming up. >> thank you. new information this morning on a home invasion in philadelphia. it happened overnight. police looking for the robber who forced a woman inside her home and then stole $75. this happened around 2:00 this morning on 56th street in southwest philadelphia. investigators say the victim was
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walking home when the robber attacks. she was not hurt. two people right now in the hospital after a multi-car crash in west philadelphia overnight. nbc 10 was on the scene near 54th and chestnut in west philadelphia. that's where two cars collided around 12:45 this morning with a parked car and a traffic pole also getting hit. search is back on this morning in wilmington for a missing barge operator. the barge flipped over near the mouth of the christina river last night during a routine procedure. two workers were rescued but that third worker is still missing. investigators are working to track down whoever set fire to three churches. within hours, two more church fires erupted. investigators say they found common elements between the fires. so far, no clear connection.
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health department planning a vaccination clinic today after a hepatitis scare at a popular mercer county pizzeria. an employee is being treated at a local hospitals. health officials fear thousands could have been exposed to the hepatitis a virus between november 10 and december 1. the symptoms include fever and stomach pain. so far no one else has gotten sick. the restaurant reopened after a cleaning and clear answance fro township health department. if you live in hamilton township and recently ate at rosa's, health officials are holding a vaccination clinic thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. they will be at the colonial volunteer fire company on 801 kuser road. the vaccine costs $35 a person. this morning from our south jersey bureau, a school is fighting to stay open. the trenton diocese gave st.
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paul elementary school a month to raise $250,000 or shut down. the diocese says it can month longer fund the school because of declining enrollment. >> when the students heard we might close, i didn't want to use those words because we're fighting this. we're not going to let it go. >> reporter: the school raised $20,000 so far. students, parents and staff are holding fund-raisers until the january 15th deadline. the school will have to close at the end of the school year if they don't reach their goal. happening today, united airlines is ending flights from atlantic city international airport. they didn't bring in enough business. the south jersey transportation authority says it is in contact with air carriers to bring flights to atlantic city. up next, showdown on capitol hill. the hearing under way right now involving the government and the japanese company that refused to
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expand an airbag recall in the u.s. plus, a new accuser steps forward with sex assault claims against bill cosby. this time it could mean legal trouble for the embattled comedian. the milder temperatures are coming back today. the cold and the rain, they're not gone for long. the timing of it all with my forecast just ahead.
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happening right now, the house is investigating the ongoing recall of takata airbags. officials from takata and owe officials are testifying. a live look at washington, d.c. we just learned from the hearing that honda will expand a recall of cars with takata airbags to all 50 states. the ntsb had wanted the company to extend the recall nationwide by the end of yesterday. takata continues to say a recall just in areas with high humidity is sufficient. the airbags can explode and send shrapnel flying. so far 14 million vehicles have been recalled worldwide. honda, as we said, just announced it is expanding its recall to all 50 states. takata has yet to pinpoint what's causing the problem. a southern california woman filed a lawsuit again. bill cosby alleging he molested
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her in 1974 when she was 15 years old. she claims the comedian gave her and a friend alcohol and then took him to the playboy mansion in los angeles where she says he forced her to perform a sex act. she's the first woman to claim she was underage when she was allegedly abused by cosby. the philadelphia native resigned monday from the temple university board of trustees in the wake of growing sex assault claim biz women from his past. cosby has never been charged with any crime. nbc news reached tout cosby's attorney but has not heard back. protests are settling down in ferguson, missouri, now michael brown's stepfather could be charged in connection with the arson, vandalism and looting that broke out last week after the decision from the grand jury was announced. louis head yelled burn this [ bleep ] down. police say head is not the focus of the investigation, just part
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of it. police and the national guard are scaling back their presence in ferguson. in southern california, flash floods and mudslides threaten some areas following heavy rain from a pacific storm. in one community, water rose quickly and rushed down hillsides. crews used heavy equipment to clean up the road covered by mud, rock and debris. this video just in to our newsroom. you can see trees have fallen on top of some the cars in southern california. damage caused by the storms there. a foggy start this morning. at least it's not snowing. look at this. parts of the sear aierra mountan nevada were covered. drive hrs had to take it easy. more snow expected in that region this morning.
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all that area is part of the drought that's been taking place. san francisco has had more rain in the last couple of days than they had all of last year. we just have a few showers around here by comparison. nothing like the west coast. a little bit milder this afternoon but then the colder weather comes in for tomorrow. and we continue to track rain for the weekend. the low clouds continue across the area. even though the fog is not dense like it was this morning. the clouds helping to keep the temperature down. 44 degrees despite a southwest wind that would normally warm us up. we are seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday. barely 40 in west chester and pottstown and reading. 41 in allentown. it's still chilly. father to the south, we are closer to 50. if any sunshine pops out, it's going to be well up into the 50s in the southern sections. there's the wind arrows, coming out of the southwest.
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it should be kwawarming us up. with the low clouds, it's hard to get a significant warm-up. we also have a significant area of rain that is across much of lancaster county and chester county, montgomery, bucks. covered in rain. most of this is on the lighter side, a little bit heavier in l lancaster county. tea it's not all light stuff. not much in delaware or south jersey. more back to the west in west virginia. we have to get through that before we can actually dry out. the futurecast shows us more of the showers over the next few hours. burt then late they are afternoon, we are showing the tendency to have that rain move out and perhaps a few looks at sunshine before the end of the day. we can't promise you that. it will clear out tonight. there will not be fog tomorrow morning. but it will be someone cooler.
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and then we start getting into the mess. later in the week, friday night, rain starts moving in from the west. low pressure starts developing along the coast. there's saturday. looks like a pretty nasty, rainy day. and this does not move very much. we could get a brief break on sunday. some of the models do suggest that. but they also suggest that it starts coming back and that monday and maybe even into tuesday we continue to see rain. so that's a wet, cloudy, cool pattern. which we're getting pretty much today. more showers, not as cold as yesterday. some places getting into the low 50s, around the philadelphia area. others staying in the 40s up to the north. sunny and chilly tomorrow. but still the nicest day of the week, because friday the clouds come in, the rain is mainly at night. saturday looks like a rainy and chilly day.
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there's still a chance of some lingering rain on sunday, although that's about our only shot of getting some dry weather over the weekend. we will continue to follow that this afternoon. monday and tuesday could see the rain return. still ahead, a close call for a hollywood super star. why tom cruise won't be crossing the street any time soon without looking both ways first. later, caught on camera. a robber tries to get away with a huge stash of cash. there was some big problems with his getaway.
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a new federal study shows close to 8% of americans have some kind of depression but only about a third are getting treatment for it. researchers say the groups most likely to have depression are women between 40 and 59 years old and people below the poverty level. almost 43% of people with depression reported having difficulty in work, home and social activities. only 35% had contact with a mental health professional. experts say the findings are troubling because depression is best treated with a combination of drugs and counseling. after a decade's long ban, gay men may soon be able to donate blood. an fda advisory panel met to discuss improvements in blood testing and reassess potential risks of spreading hiv.
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while there was no formal vote, most members endorse lifting the ban if the doter has not had sex with men within the past year. hiv blood tests have been more precise, but there is a window period when newly acquired hiv cannot be detected. this week's wednesday's child is a bright and creative boy who has a lot of love to give. he is hoping to find a forever family to help make all of his dreams come true. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduced us to zimere. >> they send it through a machine. it comes out like this. >> zimere is a bright and caring love man who loves fashion. he has a passion for modelling and design. so we took him to discover all about it at philadelphia university. >> i learned it. >> he had a great time learning all they had to show him and got right to work on his design. >> probably how it would look. >> he is 11 and is an excellent student. he is focused on what he wants to do in the future, even though
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he likes to be in the spotlight, he has a caring way towards others. >> when i think did zimere i think about a kid who cares about what other people feel. he cares deeply for other people's feelings. >> he has a bright smile and his happiness is infectiouinfectiou >> he's social and knows himself. he knows his likes and dislikes. he knows what he is interested in and he can tell you about it. >> he knows what a family would mean to him. >> somebody to care for you, even when you do something wrong. and you wouldn't have nobody to take care of you when you needed somebody. >> the ideal family would provide support and help him to reach his goals. >> we are looking for a two-parent family for him to be the youngest in the home. also a family that can honor and respect an encourage his creative size. >> he is ready to be a part of a loving home. zimere is this week's
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wednesday's child. >> what a wonderful little boy. you can make the dream of a forever family come few for zimere or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. go to our website,, and search wednesday's child. california, they are learning the term be careful what you wish for the hard way. much needed rain has led to devastating mudslides. there could be more on the way. she's back and she says she's sorry. hear what else nbc news medical editor dr. nancy sniezerman is saying about violating her quarantine after she was exposed to ebola.
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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checking out our top stories. today, friends, family and volunteers are once again putting up flyers and searching for clues in the disappearance of shane montgomery. the student was last seen leaving a bar the night before thanksgiving. friends will hold a vigil at the university tonight. teenager is in stable condition with a broken leg after a car hit her on the roosevelt boulevard. the accident happened around 7:00 this morning on the northbound outer lane near ryan avenue. police tell us that driver did stop. investigators looking into what caused a fire that destroyed two businesses in montgomery county. it started just before 5:00 in the morning. the fire forced officials to close the road for several hours. no one has hurt and we learned power is back on for neighboring businesses. overcast, gloomy conditions.
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it's going to be a mild day out there. a live look right now at the skyline of center city. you can sort of make it out. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> yesterday, we were flirting with the freezing mark most of the day. and today, we are already above 40 degrees. not balmy but at least it's warmer. we have clouds across the entire area. this is lake wallenpaupack in the poconos. the temperatures are generally in the 40s. the windchills in the 30s. there's a little bit of that. but dover has no wind. wildwood, 54 degrees. temperature and windchill. here is the other issue. we have more rain coming in here. it's coming right up the same area. while it's basically dry in central and southern delaware and extreme south jersey, it's wet hour after hour in lancaster county, chester county, lower
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portion of berks county, much of montgomery, bucks counties, getting rain. solid area of rain. and more back to the west. so it's going to be wet for the next few hours in those areas, especially. the showers continue at noon. starting to dry out later this afternoon and clearing tonight. but there's not going to be a lot of clear weather over the seven-day forecast. talking about a good bit of rain affecting the weekend coming up. >> you will want to see this weather story. record-breaking rain is reeking havoc outon the west coast. now, the threat of flooding and mudslides as you see here is real. there's still more rain to come. >> reporter: it's what many in california have come to expect when it finally does rain a decent amount it does this. more than six inches fell
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tuesday near forest falls in southern california. and across the state, many daily rainfall records washed away, some of them set more than a half century ago. many southern california cities have done this before. >> the fact of the matter is when the mountain does cut lose, they will not be able to get out. you will be stuck. it will be very difficult for us to get to you. >> reporter: in this city where they haven't finished cleaning up after the last storm -- >> it's extreme. we have evacuations. >> reporter: sand is their best friend. hundreds of flights were delayed. highways were blocked. power was lost, including at bob hope airport in burbank. in the first wave of what meteorologists say may turn tout be the strongest storm system to hit southern california in many years. amateur video shows the moments just after a river burst from its banks. this is in southern more row
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co-. people are out of their homes. media says 13 people were killed here. another 18 are still missing. strong winds and snow are causing problems in spain. the heavy winds made it difficult for some people to walk in one town there. boats were taken out of the water near docks to keep them from being damaged. some weren't so lucky. snow also fell in areas of the valley. northern usa tree austria i in ice. causing trees and power lines to fall. roads and train lines have been interrupted. schools closed as well. officials evacuated several families as trees threatened to crush their homes. this morning, secretary of state john kerry is vowing a global coalition to defeat isis
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and will continue as long as it takes he says. he spoke in brussels during a meeting of more than 60 countries and international organizations. they are working to destroy the isis militants who have overrun northern iraq and syria over the last year. kerry says isis is already feeling the pressure of the coalition campaign but defeating the group will take years. pope francis is praising the people of turkey for the work they do for syrian and iraqi refugees. the pontiff returned to the vatican earlier this week after a trip to turkey. during his audience this morning, the pope asked those gathered to pray for all the refugees and that the causes of this painf fufu fuful scourge w overcome. turkey is sheltering refugees who are escaping from isis militants. we are learning what it was like inside of a school bus involved in a deadly crash in
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tennessee. a fifth grader says it threw students out of the seats. everyone was screaming and crying. the student described it as a terrifying experience. two students, a 6-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl as well as an adult aide were killed in the crash in knoxville yesterday. dozens of others were injured when the two school buses collided. police a a preliminary investigation shows one bus made a sharp left turn, crossed over the median and then hit the second school bus. in virginia, police are questioning a person about a shooting that left at least five people hurt. they don't know yet if that person was involved. the shooting happened last night in a restaurant parking lot. police say several shots were fired doct ed during at fight. the five people are expected to survive. this morning, doctors at massachusetts general hospital in boston are evaluating a patient who may be infected with
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ebola. the patient is in stable condition and is being kept in an isolation unit until test results come back. according to the hospital, the person was admitted yesterday afternoon. hospital officials say they are "extremely confident they can handle the case while keeping their staff and other patients sa safe." two philadelphia hospitals have been designated as ebola treatment centers. government officials say the hospitals have staff, equipment as well as the training to safely and effectively care for ebola patients. president obama is calling on congress to provide more than $6 billion in funding to fight the ebola virus in the u.s. and in west africa. he made that call during a visit to the national institutes of health yesterday. he toured a lab where doctors are working on a promising ebola
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vaccine. nbc's chief medical editor is sorry for breaking her promise to self-quarantine herself. dr. nancy snyderman talked to matt lauer this morning. they were in liberia about two months ago reporting on the ebola outbreak when a freelance photo journalist tested positive for the virus. the team was supposed to stay in their home for 21 days after returning to the u.s. but dr. snyderman left her home. >> good people can make mistakes. and i stepped outside the boundaries of what i promised do and what the public expected of me. for that, i'm sorry. >> i still like her. the photo journalist has fully recovered. dr. snyderman and her crew never contracted ebola. the white house wants cuba to release an american government contractor who has
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been in prison for five years. allen gross, the contractor, was detaped in december of 2009 while setting up internet access. cuba believed the programs were illegal attempts to undermine the cuban government. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. his family has says he threatened to commit suicide if he is not released by his birthday next may. the white house is concerned about his health and is calling on cuba to let him go. the supreme court is hearing the case of a former ups driver who claims she was forced to take unpaid leave because she was pregnant. peggy young was a delivery truck driver for u.p.s. in 2006 and gave them a doctor's note about restrictions on lifting. young was placed on unpaid leave. she lost health insurance and couldn't collect unemployment. now the supreme court is weighing in. the house is expected to pass a $45 billion package of
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expired tax breaks and send it on to the senate. the move would extend the more than 50 tax breaks through the end of the year. that means millions of businesses and individuals will get to claim them on their 2014 tax returns. senate democrats haven't said when they would accept the bill or try and change it. happening today, a convicted killer will be executed in texas. his lawyers want that execution stopped saying their client is mentally ill. scott panetti was convicted in 1995, three years after he shot and killed his estranged wife's parents in front of his wife and young daughter. he was diagnosed with schizophrenia years before the murders but during his trial and appeals, the courts did not find him incompetent or insane. scottsdale, arizona, a bo who got stuck in a chimney will be okay. the 13-year-old tried to enter his house that way.
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he got locked out. reports said he called 911 after getting stuck near the bottom of the chimney. he almost made it. took 90 minutes for rescue crews to free the boy. new video out of china shows a robber who was foiled because he tried to get away with too much money. the robber used a fake gun to hold up a staff member of a bank as the worker unloaded an armored van in march. the robber grabs a bag with nearly $300,000 inside. as you see, he is unable to put the pag bag onmotorcycle. police arrested the man several minutes later. new concerns this morning about lithium batteries and whether they are safe to fly on a plane carrying large shipments of them. look at this faa test of a container packed with thousands of lithium batteries and a
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heater. as the temperature rose, the container caught fire and then exploded. wow. investigators blame the batteries for several accidents like back in 2006 when a u.p.s. plane barely made it to philly. pilot unions are calling for toughing rules on shipping those batteries. a close call for tom cruise, the actor known for doing all of his own stunts. he got more than he bargained for when filming in london. crews almost got hit by a double decker bus. it happened when he was out filming scenes for the latest "mission impossible" movie. he almost walked right into the path of that oncoming bus. fortunately, the bus driver h r honked his horn. he jumped back on the curb. the yet untitled film is due to hit theaters december of next year. wonder if that scene will be in it. tonight is the night. we are now hours away from the
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lighting of the world's most famous christmas tree. a preview of the annual holiday tradition just ahead. good weather for that. mild weather today. we are in for cold weather and a lot more rain. i'm tracking it all and let you know what to expect with my nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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shoppers set a new record on cyber monday. sales totals more than $2 billion, making this the heaviest online spending day ever. cyber monday sales went up 17% over last year. online sales over the thanksgiving day weekend rose by 26%.v(&v it will look more festive in cities along the east coast today. for two of them, you can be part of the action. after three years, the philadelphia christmas tree back at city hall. tonight there will be a special tree lighting ceremony. the mayor will turn on the lights and there will be several performers, including grammy award winner estelle. michelle owe b obama will welco military personnel and they will make treats with the white house chef. tonight it will look more like
11:46 am
christmas in new york city. a live look at the rockefeller center tree which will be turned on tonight. tonight is the night, the 85 foot spruce comes from a farm in central pennsylvania. more details about tonight's big event. >> reporter: this year's tree has been on the radar for several years. ever since the head gardner at rockefeller center noticed it while driving along the interstate. it needed a little time to grow. but this year it is ready to take its place in the spotlight. just take a look. 45,000 energy efficient led bulbs will light up tonight. at the top, the crowning jewel, the star weighing in at 550 pounds. before the switch is flipped, we will see performances from a number of big names including tony bennett, lady ga and leann rimes. >> this is something i watched my whole life. so now to be on the stage and part of the whole lighting is very exciting.
11:47 am
there's so much great energy going on in new york. this is really the kickoff of the holiday season for a lot of people. it's an honor to be a part of it. >> reporter: the tree will stay lit until january 7 giving millions an opportunity to see it in person. after that it will be recycled. the hunt for the 2015 christmas tree will begin. >> big night. watch christmas in rockefeller center right here on nbc 10. the special event begins at 7:00 tonight. giving tuesday may be over but the spirit of generosity is alive and well. nbc 10 teaming up with the new more ff am and the salvation ar for the stocking for children program. let's talk about how you can make this season just a little better for kids in our area. you guys, so good to have you
11:48 am
here. i was listening to you this morning. let's talk about this program. it's so important. we have partnered it seems like forever with stockings for kids. >> we are excited to talk about it. for 18 years, we have been partnering with the salvation army. our goal is to make sure that every child in the delaware valley can wake up and have a present to open on christmas day. >> so important. >> it is important. it's very easy to do. i did bring an example. take an empty stocking. you can order them individual, family, schools. we have schools that consistently year after year will order over 1,000 empty stockings. the families will fill them. your business, community, organization, church. go on to and fill them. $15 to $25 worth of toys. they are collected and given to the salvation army. they distribute them. >> it's perfect. you mentioned schools. my girls, their school is using
11:49 am
it as a service project. what happens? what's the process once they are picked up? >> we get them picked up with the help of support and they go to the salvation army where they do the most good. our friends make sure they get to the right people and there is a need in our community again this year. we are accepting unwrapped toys like this one. >> like this one right here. >> we thank everybody. if you donate one stocking or like jen said 1,000, some of the schools are asking for. them return them filled. whether one or 1,000, we thank everyone. >> you can drop off your donations for stockings for kids at nbc 10, mo fm 101.1 radio or any boscov's or mercedes-benz dealership. jen and michael, thanks. look forward to -- i think we will see you coming. we have the holiday choir competition.
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>> thank you. happy holidays. >> thank you for what you are doing. much needed and appreciated. glenn. well, a lot of clouds around during the day today. we had fog, dense fog and we have more showers that are in the area now and more over the next few hours. but a little bit milder this afternoon, especially south of the i-95 corridor. and weekend rain across every corridor in this area. the traffic moving fine, although the streets are a little bit wet in parts of the area. 44 degrees, just cloudy at philadelphia international. southwest winds pat ten miles an hour. we should be warming up. but the low clouds helping to prevent any sunshine from getting in there. sunday, we were 59. 65 monday. yesterday, that was the high. that was in the middle of the night during the afternoon it was in the mid 30s.
11:51 am
today, up to around 50, depending on how soon we clear out of here. the average high is 49 degrees. right now, we are only 39 at quakertown and 40 in pottstown, reading, coatesville. 37 in mount pocono. 45 in philly and 44 in wilmington. 42 in trenton. it's chilly but down to the south it's not. 54 degrees in delaware and going up. this is the live radar. look at this. area of rain from parts of maryland up through southeastern pennsylvania and into central new jersey. looks like the wettest county is chester. montgomery county, pretty loaded. delaware county, bucks county, all loaded with rain right now. some of it is at least on moderate side.
11:52 am
comes down fairly hard and it goes all the way back into west virginia. it's all moving in the same direction. so it's going to be hard to clear out as we go through the afternoon. i think the computer models may be too fast on this for the clearing. by 3:00, the rain ending at the coastline. well, that's why we just look at computer models. we don't necessarily believe them 100%. and perhaps a few more showers later on this afternoon. but by this evening, things are drying out. clearing out and setting us up for tomorrow. but then, moisture starts coming back. friday, here comes the rain. generally friday night, the east wind though starting. once the east wind starts, it will stay around for a while. we may have issues with coastal flooding by the time the weekend is over. because it's east wind, day after day after day, and a lot of rain on saturday. we could possibly see a bit of a break sunday.
11:53 am
but it looks like the rain would be coming back on monday. for this afternoon, more showers. temperatures in the 40s north and west, 50s south and east. still not as cold as yesterday. tomorrow, the only sunny day that we're seeing, because here comes the rain. friday night, rainy day on saturday, chance of the rain continuing sunday. there's possible break. more on that this afternoon. then monday and tuesday look wet, too. we will be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, it's "ellen." then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, hitting the right note. nbc 10 with new numbers on a summer concert event in our area and the impact it's having on the local economy. nbc 10 with figures that have organizers celebrating this afternoon. gloomy out there. >> yeah. it's going to stay gloomy for a few more hours. the rain is generally north and west of i-95. it's not moving. so the temperature is only in the 40s north and west, 50s south and east. tomorrow everybody sees sun. that may be the last for a while. wet weather coming. >> enjoy tomorrow. thanks for watching nbc 10 at 11:00. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, we
11:57 am
will see you back here. glenn and i will along with jim rosenfield today at nbc 10 news at 4:00. enjoy your afternoon. stay dry.
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>> jj: hey. tell me if this isn't, uh, a good time. >> paige: it's fine. my mom just went out, and i'm writing a final paper. >> jj: can you take a break... meet me at the park? >> paige: sure, yeah. i'll text you when i get there. >> jj: and you won't tell anyone we're still talking? >> paige: i said i wouldn't. but why? >> jj: i'll explain when i see you. >> paige: great. i'll be there in a few. oh. mom... i thought you went shopping. >> eve: well, i-i forgot my phone. where are you headed off to? >> jennifer: jj? >> jj: hey. >> jennifer: hey, honey. do you have time to talk for a minute? >> jj: could this wait, mom?


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