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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  December 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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week two begins in the search for shane. how his friends will use ribbon and sugar to try to find him later today. police protests after two controversial decisions in other parts of the country will bring students across philadelphia into the streets for a second day in a row today. and get ready for rain. we start dry today and then expect some wet changes for your weekend. good morning and happy friday. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm christine maddela. >> i'm chris cato. it is friday. it sneaks up on you. here we are. brittney shipp is in with the first alert forecast. brittney, it is dry and cold. >> we'll see rain moving in over your weekend and let you know exactly when. let's take a look outside. the flags are flblowing on top
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the radar building and that is the moisture that will head our way as we head into the rest of today and into your saturday. so, current temperatures at 25 degrees in the poconos and 26 in allentown and 37 in philadelphia, 38 degrees in wilmington and 37 in atlantic city. and as we head through the rest of today, expect temperatures to mainly stay in the 40s. by noon 42 and then by 6:00 p.m. a slight chance of showers will maintain the chance of showers as we head into your evening hours tonight and then we'll expect to see another round of rainfall for saturday evening. so your best window to run errands late morning hours on saturday and your early morning hours throughout the afternoon on saturday. but rain definitely expected to move in by saturday night. i'll have your full weekend forecast coming up, but now we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> following an accident investigation in cheltenam.
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use caution there. heading to bucks county out near route 1 on pennsylvania avenue, all is quiet in both directions. two problems in west philadelphia. girard avenue between 37th and 38th. this is a vehicle that hit a pole. we had some wires come down and as a result of this crash, the onramp to 276 westbound from girard avenue, that ramp is blocked right now. take lansdown ramp. this fire on conestoga. you can take 76 if you need to get around that. the search for shane montgomery. the college student has been missing for more than a week. today family and friends and volunteers will look for clues in his disappearance. jesse gary is live in manayunk. shane friends and family don't want people to forget about this case. >> to help in that effort, ro s
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rocksborough hospital will have a bake sale and hand out green ribbon. the green is the color for missing persons and the hospital is near an area that is receiving renewed attention. they're collecting surveillance video from businesses and from schuylkill river and shane montgomery was last seen leaving early thanksgiving morning. officials hope additional video will end the search and end the uncertainty for the montgomery family. >> this is a nightmare i can't wake up from. i close my eyes and i see my baby. and i can't hold him. and i can't find him. and there has to be information that we can find to help me find him. >> and the reward for information in this case has been increased, again. it's now up to $40,000. coming up in the next 30 minutes, the actions that are planned by the philadelphia police department later today
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here in manayunk. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. race, justice and police use of force. that is at the heart of nationwide protests over grand jury decisions in missouri and new york. in new york, chicago, minneapolis and other cities across the country, demonstrators took to the streets to block traffic and express their outreach. these protests come after grand juries in ferguson, missouri, and new york city decided not to prosecute white police officers for killing unarmed black men. educators and youth leaders will issue a joint message about the death of eric garner and last night more than 100 people gathered to form strategies for future protests. 4:34 a.m. a stay of execution for a convicted cop killer. the bucks county case surrounds the killing of newtown police officer brian greg. robert floor pled guilty back in
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2005. investigators say floor grabbed another officer's gun and fired several shots during a dui arrest. floor wounded that second officer, as well. a court issue to stay on the execution order because floor can still file more appeals. and you're looking now at a man who will serve 100 years in prison for murdering a little boy in camden and raping the boy's sister. yesterday a camden county judge sentenced osvaldo rivera. he broke into the family's home and sexually assaulted and stabbed the 12-year-old girl. her 6-year-old brother tried to jump in and save his sister and that's when rivera slashed the boy's throat. at a sentencing yesterday their mother called rivera a coward who will not take responsibility. morning commutes come in all shapes and sizes and some of you have it pretty rough. >> like those schuylkill drivers. it always slows down there. how your drive measures up to
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the worst of the worst. and this could be on your list of the worst. stopping toll cheaters. we'll tell you about the road where cameras will soon be there to catch drivers who fly through without paying their way. first, all morning, we're showing you holiday fun happening in our area tonight. here's one in mount holly and one in westchester.
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as you get mentally prepared for your morning drive, let us confirm something that you may have long suspected if you live and drive through new jersey. garden state residents have the longest commute in the country. a sense of survey find new jerseyans find 30 to 45 minutes traveling one way to work and face mega commutes of an hour or more. people in pennsylvania and delaware average 10 to 15 minutes. some of those folks dodge
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tolls, this is a warning. the south jersey transportation authority is in the process of updating its surveillance at toll stops along the expressway. crews are installing new cameras and counting equipment. the transportation authority says the new high-tech gear is a big advance from the surveillance system the expressway has currently been using. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, as we head to the rest of your workweek, we will see a chance of showers heading into tonight and then once again saturday night, but clearing up just in time for the eagles' game. although we expect cold conditions and windy conditions on sunday. we're also tracking a nor'easter as we head into monday night into tuesday. our current temperatures right now at 25 degrees in the poconos and 26 in allentown and 32 in trenton and just about freezing in northeast philadelphia and 37 currently in atlantic city and 37 degrees in wildwood and we are starting off with cloudy skies. we'll see mostly cloudy skies
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today and then more rainfall is on its way. this is the brunt of the moisture. it's all the way down closer to st. louis. this is what is going to affect us as we head into saturday night. some of these scattered showers here are going to head our way. how this model will progress and mostly cloudy throughout the day with a chance of showers, especially for parts of the poconos and not as much for the shore earlier today. by 7:00 p.m., more rain starts to move in to parts of the lehigh valley, poconos and suburbs to the north and west and more widespread closer to 10:00 p.m. if you have a late dinner plan, grab your umbrella and head into your overnight hours we'll see a lull and the moisture and the rainfall. but by 11:00 a.m., another round of rain in parts of allentown and the poconos won't be until 2:00, 3:00 that we start to see widespread rain pushing into saturday. heavy rainfall at times expected and then once all that rain moves out, we'll see windy conditions for the rest of your sunday. today temperatures range between 42 and 45.
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i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. at 4:40. let's check on the roads. we already had a few problems, even though it's still early on this friday morning. >> one situation related to breaking news that we're getting live pictures in just a moment, but a fire that is impacting the travel for some people this morning. jillian? >> we have a fire and an accident in west philadelphia and we are following both of those things right now. the accident on girard avenue between 37th and 38th street. you can take lansdowne drive. the vehicle hit a pole and we have wires down in that area. that is blocked off right now. that activity, that breaking news that we are following is this fire activity in west philadelphia between market street. your alternate here is 56th street. any time we have a fire, often times the road is blocked off in the area because the fire crews need to place everything outside on that street. that is going to be blocked off and we have a crew headed to that scene. as soon as we get live pictures,
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we'll bring them to you. chris, i believe that's what you have right now. >> our camera is in position and you can see the fire itself is under control now. this is live picture of the scene. this was a very active fire at a row home in west philadelphia. flames were heavy when firefighters arrived. nbc 10 monique braxton is on scene and she's been talking to the investigators there about what they think caused the fire and how they got it under control. also finding out if anyone was inside that home when this fire broke out. she'll have that report for us in just a moment. also this morning, the flu shot apparently isn't working like it is supposed to. so, the question is, should you still get one? >> nbc 10 went to a local doctor to get the answer for you. plus, new weapons against winter. philly's plan on how to clear your streets this winter. and a serious settlement. while satellite radio might owe you money.
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let's get back to the
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breaking news we're on the scene of right now. a house fire. nbc 10 monique braxton is live with the latest on that. monique? >> chris, i just poke with the battalion chief just a few moments ago and he tells us they were called to the unit block just after 3:30 this morning and they say this home you see gutted was heavily involved. a lot of smoke. a lot of flames. they tell us at this point they're not sure of the cause of the fire or exactly where it started but they do know squatters were living inside this house. they also believe they were trying to keep warm. that maybe one of the reasons why the house caught on fire. they say the house, though, fully furnished even though squatters had moved inside. one firefighter told me it almost resembled a hording situation. the fire marshal arrived on scene. he is combing through the debris in an effort to determine what started the fire.
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we'll have more for you in the next half hour. live in philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. at 4:45 we turn our attention overseas where authorities in the emirates have a woman under arrest with the murder of an american teacher. police arrested the woman in abu dhabi. this is video from abu dhabi police. she allegedly stabbed the kindergarten teacher on monday at a shopping mall. the woman is suspected of planting a bomb outside an american doctor's home following the murder. a fourth suspect is free on bail this morning in the alleged gang rape of a college student in northern new jersey. authorities released 18-year-old noah williams last night. he is one of five suspects in the november 25th attack at william paterson university. only one of the accused is still behind bars. in another development, the university president issued a statement on facebook yesterday
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promising a review of the school's policy. the statement said in part, we continually reassessed how best to provide a safe environment for our campus community and we will, again, review our multiple activities and practices that address sexual assault and domestic violence. the co-owner of some popular jersey shore pizza places will not get another term on a local tourism board as he and his wife are facing federal tax charges. charles and mary own the pizzerias on the ocean city boardwalk and in sommer city point. they decided to pull a resolution that would have. he and his wife failed to report nearly $100,000 in income. 4:47 a.m. the siriusxm radio service agreed to pay claims after the company misled its customers. pennsylvania and new jersey are among 45 states that will get part of a $3.8 million settlement from siriusxm.
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made it difficult for customers toance caal their contracts. it requires sirus xm to change its business practices. if you are eligible for some of that money, you must file complaints within the next 150 days. after last year's brutal winter, how could any of us forget. it was a tough one. philadelphia is now changing the way it fights snow and ice. >> officials in philly are telling us that they invested in new equipment and technology to help fight winter weather smarter and more efficiently. one of the major changes is an expansion of the city's brining operation. brine is the salt water that they put down on streets to prevent freezing. officials say this will help them cook up the liquid deicer faster to get it on more trucks and into the 2,500 miles of roadway quickly. in addition to the pumped up brine information, planning to build a temporary salt yard to
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allow trucks to fill up more quickly. they're piloting a gps tracking system to also show where trucks are and where they have been. they're starting a spotter network. spotters will drive around the city, check on conditions and look for problem areas taking photos and uploading those into a data base. city officials say those spotters will allow them to assess conditions and help with accountability not only for staffers, but also for residents. you can get that part of the story right now exclusively on the nbc 10 app on your smartphone and tablet. days of steady rains have led to scenes like this in southern california. wow, you can see how high that mud is. even a cow found wading through flood waters in riverside county. else where a rescue team pulled a man to safety after he tried to cross the rain-swollen san diego river yesterday. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist brittney shipp.
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good morning. you're taking a live look at our center city skyline. we're going to continue to see clouds increasing as we head into the rest of this friday. also dealing with a chance of showers throughout tonight heading into the start of your weekend, as well. then your saturday night, but by sunday things will start to clear up. we're tracking weekend rain on and off throughout saturday and sunday. we will dry out for the eagles game, but it will be cold and our wind speeds are going to pick up. noreser is back in your seven day. the track is a little uncertain right now and we are tracking how that is going to impact you as you head back to work. for philadelphia, 37 degrees our humid tity is at 57%. and across the rest of the region, 25 in the poconos and 26 in allentown. a cold start to the morning in pottstown and 37 in atlantic city and 39 degrees in stone harbor. 39, as well, in dover. satellite radar shot shows as we
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head into the rest of this morning, we'll continue to see our clouds increasing and eventually we'll see a little bit more of rainfall moving in on this friday, especially if you're closer to the poconos and lehigh valley. won't be until saturday night when we see the brunt of this moisture heading our way. off to the west of st. louis. future weather shows us that it will move in as we head to the rest of this evening. light rainfall closer to the lehigh valley and parts of philadelphia and then we'll see a lull as we head into saturday morning, but take a look at what happens. 4:00, 5:00 on saturday. we see heavy rainfall and it's going to last throughout most of saturday, even at 10:00 at night we're still dealing with the rainfall. going to move out early morning hours on sunday, but windy conditions will be in store for us as we head into the second half of your weekend. heading into the rest of today, by 9:00 a.m., temperatures still in the 30s. we'll head into the mid-40s and still below average for us. a cold day with isolated showers expected. temperatures range between 42 and 45 degrees.
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late showers expected for us, as well. seven-day forecast shows mid-50s with rain moving in. heavy rain by the evening and windy and colder by sunday. eight minutes until 5:00. the final day of the workweek for many of you and time to see if we can get you there safely this morning. >> let's check in with jillian mele. >> good morning, checking out the blue route right now where things are real quiet on 476. right near the mid-county toll plaza. no delays and no accidents and drive times average 17 to 18 minutes both ways between 76 and 95. 76 speeds are averaging 55 miles per hour. that is also what we're seeing on 95 right now. for the most part, things are looking good. we do have some problems out there, not on any highways, though. in cheltenham an accident investigation going on between front street and park view road. you can take park view to get around it. still have an accident on girard avenue between 37 and 38. still following the fire
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activity in west philly. you can take 56 as your alternate there, chris? this morning it is take two for nasa's test flight of the new orion spacecraft. this is a live look here at the launch pad in cape canaveral, florida. they scrubbed yesterday's launch because of problems with the fuel valve. right now experts say there is about a 40% chance for the launch happening this morning as planned. nasa is hoping orion's test flight could one day lead to a trip to mars. there is a big announcement planned for later this morning about next year's air show in atlantic city. organizers will reveal who is coming to the show. the navy blue angels are expected to be on that list. the air show billed as thunder under the boardwalk will be held on may 27th. a warm weather event hopefully there. shopping on the go. that's the new method coming to local bathrooms.
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plus under $2 a gallon. we'll take you to the city where they're filling up at a price we haven't seen in years. first, all morning we're showing you holiday events happening in the area tonight. here are two more. one happening in maple shade and the other in aston.
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at 4:56 a.m. a new story out of paulboro. suing after the train rail. the district wants $5.8 million in lost revenue and damages. conrail will not comment publicly but will respond to the lawsuit in court. u.s. health officials are worried about more serious illnesses or death following the
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news that the vaccine may be less effective this year. the centers for disease control says this year's vaccine does not protect well against the dominant strain of flu that is out there. that strain is dangerous for the elderly and young children. >> we all have a little bit of antibody to the flu and cross reactivity will occur so that you will get some protection. and even if it's not 100%, there's a very good chance if you do get the flu, you will have a miler illness and you'll less likely to be hospitalized or get pneumonia. >> now, flu vaccines protect against three or four different kinds of the strain of the flu that is out there. health officials select those strains to be included in the vaccine early on the year based on kpredictions on what are goig on during flu season. resorts casino hotel will
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undergo a $9.4 million makeover to expand its convention and meeting space. that project will begin first quarter next year. when it's complete, there will be more than 12,000 feet of new meeting space. the hotel is hoping to grab a bigger share of the changing casino market. we have some good news if you're heading over the river and through the river to grandmother's house. a station out there selling gas for less than $2. unfortunately, it's in oklahoma city. the station dropped its gas price by 12 cents. it's believed to be the first time in four years that a united states gas station has sold gas for less than 2 bucks. here in our area, as of this morning, you'll pay an average of 2.91 and 2.62 is the average in south jersey and in the first state, $2.74. you heard of shop til you drop. i'm sure a lot of folks did that on black friday. >> now you can do it in a whole
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different setting. two retail giants are letting you shop in the privacy of their bathroom stalls. amazon and procter & gamble are teaming up to launch stall malls. giant advertisers who hang on the back of the door so you can scan and place orders. look at this toilet paper ad, of course. stall malls will soon be coming to philadelphia and other cities. >> don't you think that might make people stall while they're -- >> probably not going to speed up the turnover in the restroom any time soon. >> okay, good luck with that. you're watching nbc 10 news, nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> one person is hurt following a row home fire in west philadelphia. we're live on the scene. and the search for shane continues. this morning, investigators are focusing on surveillance video as his family gets ready to return to the last place the missing student was seen.
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protests plans. what students in our area are doing today to call attention to the perceived injustice following two controversial grand jury decisions. and we are getting ready for some weekend rain. it's been dry out there this morning as we take a live look at center city. pretty cool, too, at 37 degrees in philadelphia. we will tell you what that forecasted rain means for your weekend plans. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm christine maddela. we have to check in with meteorologist britntney shipp i this weekend is going to be a washout. >> as we head through the rest of today, the rainfall moving in. another round as we move into saturday, late afternoon, evening. continue throughout most of your saturday night. keep that in mind and start to clear out heading into sunday. live look outside. cloudy skies over our center city skyline and a live look at the lincoln financial field where temperature in philadelphia at 36 degrees. so, a cold start to the morning, once again.


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