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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  December 6, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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breaking news, american photo journalist being held hostage by al qaeda militants have been killed in a failed rescue attempt. luke somers died overnight in yemen. he was kidnapped last year. on thursday al qaeda posted a video shows somers and threatened to kill him if the united states did not meet their demands. this morning we're waiting to hear from military officials about the deadly rescue attempt. a drone killed nine suspected al qaeda fighters in the search for somers. stay with us. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30. we're also watching the weather on this weekend. let's get right to the forecast now with meteorologist michelle grossman. not the best timing of this weather as i'm sure a lot of
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people of holiday shopping to do, want to do holiday decorating. >> that's right. we're going to see that rain all day long. we're going to have to run from the car to the mall. we're going to be wet as we do that. seeing the rain drops falling in most spots. see that all day long. indoors you can stay warm inside the shopping malls. outdoors, clouds. you can see some fog across the area. reduced visibility as we wake up on this saturday. radar showing us where we are soggy. most moisture to the north and west of philadelphia. in the poconos, lehigh valley. but everyone has that chance to see the rain today. you can see it extending all of the way back to parts of the southern plains and we're going to continue to see that as we head throughout the day. rainy today but it will be mild. that's the good news. temperatures not too bad yesterday. above freezing napts good news. 36 in allentown. 40 in lancaster. 43 in philadelphia. 46 in wildwood. so for today, cloudy skies. areas of fog. we're going to see rain throughout the day. heaviest in the afternoon and
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evening hours. by 8:00, 42. by 10:00, 47. 50 sdrees by noon. we'll talk more about the rain today and sunshine returns on sunday. we'll talk about that coming up. >> looking forward to it, thanks. the search for missing college student shane montgomery is entering the tenth day. family and friends are not giving up hope with a reward in the case now up to $40,000. nbc10's no neck bramonique brax in manayunk. right now the focus is on the weekend crowds there. >> reporter: that's right. it's been about ten days as you mentioned, a week and a half. the second weekend of reaching out to college students here along main street. this is where shane disappeared early thanksgiving morning. last night we were with the search team when they descended on south streets. thanksgiving eve is a time when college students come home and reunite with friends. shane's mom told us he had recently turned 21. it was his first time out. we also followed the group to manayunk where shane's roommate
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carried a sign. right now they want people who may have been on main street to check their cellphones for photos of shane. we spoke with his aunt about their exhaustive search. >> very frustrating. i can't believe here we are, you know, day nine maybe we're on? and absolutely nothing. it's very frustrating. the only thing that keeps us going is these people coming out to help. you wouldn't believe the -- just the power of people. people donating fliers, donating their time. people dropping off meals for the volunteers, for the family. just to keep people, you know, keep us going. >> according to a bar tab, shane had had a few beers at kildare's before he bumped into the deejay's table and was asked to leave. that was just before 2:00 thanksgiving morning. his family, the fop, kildare's
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and others have combined to offer a $40,000 reward for information leading to shane's whereabou whereabouts. in the next half hour we'll talk more about the search and where they hope to go this weekend. live for now along main street in manayunk, monique braxton, nbc10 news. new from overnight, a man is dead after a driver hit him while he was walking along roosevelt boulevard in philadelph philadelphia. it happened around bennett road. the driver of the car was under the influence at the time of the crash and is now under arrest. authorities say charges are pending. also new from overnight. a house fair fire in kensington is under investigation. nbc10 was on this scene on jasper street where the fire broke out around 2:00 this morning. crews had it under control within several minutes. nobody was hurt at the scene but a battalion chief had trouble getting to the scene. he got into an accident on the way. his vehicle collided with a car
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several blockses from fire. it's unclear if the chief was injured. we do know that police say the woman driving the other car involved did not have a license. she went to the hospital but police have not said how seriously she may have been hurt. in montgomery county, police say a man is dead after not one but two drivers ran him over. according to bridgeport police the man was trying to cross the rode around 11:30 last night when he was hit by a black ford explorer. that driver nationally stopped but then took off. just after that a second vehicle, possibly a green cadillac or lincoln suv, struck the victim and left the scene. . today the funerals for three young children killed by their mother will be held in burlington county. investigators say jeaninne lepage shot them inside their house in tabernacle last month. lepage then shot herself. she later died in the hospital. police have not commented on a motive in this case.
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the preliminary hearing for accused cop killer eric frein will be delayed until january 5th. a judge made that ruling yesterday after one of frein's lawyers quit the case. the hearing was supposed to be on tuesday. frein is charged with shooting two pennsylvania state troopers in the peck nose in september. he's accuse of killing one of them. police arrested frein after investigators say h we led them on a manhunt into late october. if convicted he faces the death penalty. police in south jersey will resume the investigation of a shooting of local rapper beanie sigel. somebody shot him in the abdom n abdomen. 40-year-old sigel is in critical condition following surgery. the rapper's real name is dwight grant. police told us they found a honda minivan in connection to the shooting but it's unclear if they have any other leads. according to investigators, the gunfire broke out during some kind of fight at sigel's house. sigel's brother-in-law was hurt
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but not shot. authorities say the brother-in-law has not shared much information about what happened. >> we spoke to him and the very limited information. >> not cooperating? >> no. >> frustrating? >> very. >> sigel who is from south philadelphia had been on probation. officials released him in august after he served two years for tax evasion. the probation was set to end today. a montgomery county woman is in jail this morning accused of arson after investigators say she torched her neighbor's home. that neighbor is a police detective. according to police, donna krupp blamed detective ernie morris for hers son's arrest in june. investigators say she was convinced that morris told state police where to find her son who had an active warrant. police say krupp started the fire in lower pottsgrove township early thursday morning while he and his family were away on vacation. krupp will stay in jail unless she comes up with a million
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dollars for bail. now to an update on a hit and run accident in chester county that killed 19-year-old gray, as you see right there. police in colin township say they questioned a person of interest, a woman in connection to the incident. a driver struck gray thursday night and left her for dead. police recovered the car involved in the hit and run at a repair shop yesterday. investigators say they know who the owner of the car is but they're still trying to figure out who was driving the vehicle. a monster, that's what convicted drunk driver joshua called himself in court yesterday before a judge sent eps theed him for killing two teenage cousins in cape may county. the judge gave him 18 years in prison. prosecutors say 15-year-old naomi and 13-year-old ashleigh were walking to get ice cream in july 2012 when he hit them with his suv in middle township. naomi's 14-year-old sister just missed getting hit. he teared up in court while
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apologizing to the victim's families. >> for the first time in my life i'm sorry doesn't fix my mistakes. since the accident every day i pray for forgiveness. it is never enough. >> he will have to serve nearly all of his sentence before he's eligible for release. now to news from our delaware bureau. police need your help to find a map they say exposed himself to a child and her mother at a walmart. according to investigators this man went into the toy section at the kent county store last month. he exposed himself, then drove off in this dark gray colored car. if you know him or you know anything about this vehicle, delaware state police would like to hear from you. new jersey's auditor is calling for better monitoring of the state's welfare system after report showed that dead people and lottery winners are collecting benefits. nearly 40 people who died by the end of last year still received benefits and dozens of people
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who won $10,000 in lottery were collecting welfare. in northern new jersey officials there are calling for the continuation of a red light camera program. newark's mayor and state senator codey say that the devices help cut down on crashes. the red light camera program is set to expire later this month after a five-year test period. lawmakers have said it most likely will not be renewed. those against the program say it's a scam to raise money for the government. . more help for super storm sandy victims. why fema is cracking down on insurance companies and what it means for homeowners still struggling to recover. plus, social media is playing a bigger part in people's lives these days now it's branching out to retail. why the experts say it could lead to problems for impulse buyers.
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dedicated to the first responders to put their lives on the line to keep us safe. nbc10 was on the boardwalk yesterday afternoon as city leaders revealed the memorial. it's called in the line of duty. it features two monuments. the first, a seven-foot tall bronze statue of a police officer, fireman, and canine officer. the second symbolizes the world trade center's twin towers. atlantic city's mayor talked about the decision to have the memorial there on the boardwalk. >> today we take these wooden boards and we make them hollowed ground for the men and women who dave gave their lives and millions of people every year will pass by and will be able to appreciate it. >> the casino reinvestment development authority along with the atlantic city alliance made the memorial possible. this morning there is more help for homeowners struggling to recover from hurricane sandy. the federal emergency management agent i, fema, will investigate insurance companies that may be short changing homeowners. companies that both over and
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under pay policyholders will face penalties. fema will reconsider appeals from almost 300 policyholders who did not meet a deadline and had their cases dismissed. camden is set to get another economic boost. subaru has announced plans to move the u.s. headquarters there. the japanese automaker will transfer about 500 workers who are in buildings in cherry hill and in pennsalken. several other major companies recently agreed to also set up shop in camden and receive tax credits in return. you may remember that the philadelphia 76ers announced they plan to build a practice facility on the water front. studies show that more than half of all retail purchases made this year are either being influenced by or actually occur online. and this internet shopping is getting a boost through social media. nbc10 national correspondent mark barger explains. >> reporter: the like button on
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facebook and the follow button on twitter have some company. those social media titans are test driving buy buttons. >> they want to keep you on the site, not send you somewhere else to buy something and then come back, which is what you do if you interact with an advertiser in a traditional way. >> reporter: twitter partner we'd companies including burberry and home depot for a pilot program that offers users a chance to buy directly through a tweet. facebook's also been testing a buy button since july that allows users to purchase goods features in ads or posts. >> within a few clicks and within the same window you're able to make a full purchase. >> reporter: simplifying the process could turn window shoppers into impulse buyers. >> reducing friction is good if you want to sell more things and make it easier to buy stuff. >> reporter: a snap decision to buy through social media could carry a cost, less informed buying. >> as a consumer you don't get as much information as you would going through the details of a product. >> reporter: skipping the reviews and the price comparison are a major tradeoff.
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>> it's so easy. if you're an impulse shopper this could be a a problem for you. >> pits convenience against self control when it comes to shopping on social media. mark barger, nbc news. next, a high-flying event on its way to atlantic city. this morning we're learning more about the upcoming popular air show. we'll tell you what the organizers have planned. all right. good saturday waking up to rain across the area. some fog. mild temperatures for the day. here's a live look outside. we are looking at we'd roadways in cape may. we will talk more about the timing of the rain and sometimes a return. that's all coming up.
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a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. waking up to wet weather. rain across the area. also some fog. we're going to see that stay in place all day long. cloudy day, gray day. live look outside. dark outside. when the sun does come up we're
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not going to see a lot. we're going to see mainly cloudy skies and rain falling throughout the day. 43 right now in philadelphia. winds out of the east southeast at five miles per hour. seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the good news is we are mild and we're not seeing icing outside. 36 in reading. philadelphia, clouds across the board, 43. 44 in atlantic city. here's a look at the fog. you head out this morning you're going to see it across the area. flying out, call ahead. down to five-mile visibility in philadelphia. down to three miles in reading. it's a little worse to the north and west. down to a quarter mile in mount pocono. a gray day. good day to stay indoors, maybe go shopping indoor it is you can. temperatures not too bad. we will be on the mild side as we head throughout the day. above freezing in mount pocono. 40 in lancaster. 43 in philadelphia. 44 in millville and 46 in wildwo wildwood. here's a look at radar. we're going to see green all day long with that rain streaming in. right now mainly falling to the north and west and parts of the
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poconos. lehigh valley. bu bucks county, montgomery county. look at this long line of showering just moving towards us. we're going to see that as we head throughout the day. tracking it for you. not too bad on the light side. as we go throughout time here by lunchtime there is that rain. you've seen heavier pockets where you see the yellows popping up. yellow shading. as we go towards 3:00 in the afternoon, taking over the area. becomes heavier at times in some spots. same story by 6:00 at 7:00, going in the car to go out to dinner. you can see this on future cast. by 5:00, 6:00, you see that clearing. we're going to wake up to sunshine tomorrow but it will be windy. almost an opposite day of today. today we're looking at temperatures not too bad. 52 to 55. rainy and mild. heaviest over night. and heaviest in the afternoon to evening hours ending overnight as we head towards sunday morning.
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saturday, rain. 54. grab the umbrella as you head out. do yourself a favor because you may get caught in it. by sunday, the eagles play. lots of sunshine. it will be colder with temperatures in the low 40s. it's going to be windy. feeling colder than that. by game time, temperatures dropping into the 30s. dress for the 30s. by monday, rain late. mostly cloudy. 40 degrees, tuesday. this is a big day we're going to watch. watch for the potential for next nor'easter. we're going to see rain, wind. could see coastal flooding as well. wednesday, snow showers. still seeing the clouds in place. 38. we're looking at that temperature dropping. it will be breezy as well. windy on thursday. mostly cloudy. 39. and by friday, mixture of sun and clouds, 44. this morning we now know more about plans for next year's air show in atlantic city. the blue angels will be part of it. an angels f-18 did a flyby at the base in egg harbor township yesterday morning p the blue
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angels are the flight nonadministration squadron. they last attended the air show in 2006. about 800,000 people attended this past year's air show. this is just in august. organizers were please with the turnout but they hope to improve on that next year and they say what better way to do it than with the return of the blue angels. >> we're very excited to be coming to this part of the krun by. it's sure to be a good time and great opportunity for this part of the country to get to see what the navy and marine corps is capable of on a daily basis. showcase them the demonstration that the blue angels are going to put on. >> organizers aen nouns next year's air show is scheduled for september 2nd. next, a thief robs a liquor store by hypnotizie ining the c. wait until you see how he pulled it off.
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i promise you, today we are going to be in for some real not great weather. taking a live look now at the center city skyline at 5:55. it's cloudy. we've got rain on the way. it's going to be a washout today. meteorologist michelle grossman will have more details coming up. listen to this one. police in london are looking for a thief they say used hypnosis to rob a liquor store. watch the shopkeeper in the white shirt go into a series of transes each time the man in the black brushes past his arm and makes hand gestures near his face. while the shopkeeper is frozen, the robber goes through his pockets stealing several hundred dollars in cash before leaving the store. i'm not making this part up. detectives consulted a magician on this case. the magician told them that the thief probably made a hypnotic suggestion to the shopkeeper during an earlier visit to the
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store. a burst of hiring in november shows that the u.s. economy is still growing. some good news. here's cnbc's tyler mathisen with a look at what happened this week in business. >> a spectacular november employment report with 90,000 more than forecast. with sizable gains in manufacturing, construction, and high earning professional jobs. the nation's unemployment rate though held steady at 5.8%. stocks hit some new record highs this week with the dow marching toward the 18,000 mark. meantime, oil prices continued ahead lower and several gas stations in oklahoma and texas began selling gas for just $2 a gallon. auto sales drove higher last month with the industry now on pace to sell 17 million cars and like trucks this year, the most since 2003. chrysler up 20%, notching its best november in more than a decade on big demand for jeeps and ram pickups. meantime, chrysler, ford, and honda are expanding their
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recalls of cars with potentially deadly driver's side airbags made by takata corp. in japan, they've been linked to at least five fatalities. sony pictures were hit with a major hack attack with at least five movies showing up on illegal fire sharing including brad pitt's "fury" which is still in theaters and a remake of "annie" three weeks before it hits theaters. only one in five full-time college students earn their undergraduate degree in four years. and it costs 23 grand for each extra year it takes to finish on average. i'm tyler mathisen. stay in school. get your work done, folks, and get all your business, news, on cnbc. the time is 5:57. today, the search continues for missing a college student, shane montgomery. nbc10's monique braxton is following the developments in the case. >> in just a couple minutes wooer going to hear from shane's mother who tells us what that new focus is after the break.
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right now on "nbc10 news today," an american hostage held captive in yemen is dead after a
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failed rescue mission. within the last 30 minutes we just received new information about what happened. it is day ten in the search for shane montgomery. the reward is up to $40,000. and his family is hopeful someone will come forward. in a live report, we'll update investigation into the college student's disappears. let's look live outside right now at boathouse row. it's a misty, cloudy morning out there in philadelphia and throughout much of the region. and you can expect the wet weather to continual day. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to our rainy weather forecast for the weekend and meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle, at least the eagles are playing tomorrow and not today. >> that's right. sunshine in return tomorrow but today we're looking at rain all day long. so the eagles get a break tomorrow. let's look outdoors. waking up to cloudy skies, misty skies and fog across the area. be careful as you head out this


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