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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  December 7, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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today a demonstration is planned in philadelphia that could cause traffic problems. it could also be the backdrop for another cause. we'll tell you how volunteers are targeting the crowd at the link to help in the search for missing college student shane montgomery. the winds will be kicking up when the eagles play at the link. expect cold conditions when the birds take on the seahawks. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today."
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meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the change in the forecast. very different picture than what we saw yesterday. >> oh, very different. yesterday, we were mild and rainy all day long. today we're waking up dry and we're going to be a cold, win dirk but sunny day. it's going to be an overall pretty day, but it's going to be cold and windy, so feeling very blustery outside. a look at radar showing us we are finally dry. we had the rain all day yesterday. a perfect napping day. today we'll see the sunshine returning and a few clouds before that sunshine fully returns. temperatures right now, pretty similar to this time yesterday. 39 in philadelphia. 39 in allentown. in the 20s in mount pocono. colder there. 39 in atlantic city, and 39 in wildwood. so today the cold weather will be the story along with the winds and right now we're seeing the winds gusting near 25 miles per hour in philadelphia, up to 33 in mount pocono. 25-mile-per-hour gusts in wildwood. it's a cold wind from the north. so you'll feel that as you head
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throughout the day. plan on clouds to start out with. we'll see mostly sunny skies. by 8:00, a mixture of sun and clouds. by noon, looking at 44 degrees. below normal today. then our next topic becomes a coastal storm. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thanks, michelle. new from overnight, the red cross is helping nearly a dozen people forced out of their philadelphia house bay fire. nbc 10 was on north lindenwood street in haddington where the fire started around 10:30 last night. 11 people got out safely. the cause is under investigation. after today's eagles game, protesters plan to block broad and patterson streets in south philadelphia. they'll be holding a solidarity die-in. the demonstrators are planning to lie down in the intersection as a way to express their frustration to the grand jury decision not to indict police officers in the deaths of eric garner in new york and michael brown in ferguson, missouri. protests like the one planned
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today in philadelphia happened all over the country this weekend. one demonstration in california turned violent last night. officials say protesters threw things at police in berkley. two officers were treated for minor injuries. authorities also say the demonstrators smashed windows and looted businesses. police used tear gas and smoke bombs to clear the crowd. despite the damage, there are no reports of any arrests. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> protesters remained peaceful in other cities across the country, from new york to los angeles. and in houston yesterday, people expressed their concerns about use of force by police. the protesters at the sports complex in south philly today won't be the only ones targeting the eagles game to spread their message. the effort to find missing college student shane montgomery will move to the link. before the game, volunteers will hand out leaflets. he was last seen at a manayunk bar 11 days ago, but his family
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and friends say they're not giving up their search. a reward for information is now up to $50,000. there are fliers and green ribbons posted all over town. green is montgomery's favorite color. his mother is hoping someone will come forward with clues. >> money is an incentive for somebody to help. then i would go to the ends of the earth to come up with anything, and i just need that one courageous person to come forward with information. >> the family says volunteers will be passing out leaflets with shane's information at the link as early as 11:00 this morning. today in delaware, firefighters will pay their final tribute to a teenage comrade. britney ford died friday after she was hit by a car while walking in the road. she was just 16 years old. britney volunteered with the bowers fire company in kent county. a memorial procession from wilmington to bowers is set to begin at 7:00 this morning. in kent county, delaware,
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authorities are offering a $10,000 reward to find the arsonist wanted in three church fires. flames you see here gutted the healing hands christian church in felton last week. the other two church fires happened within hours. anybody with information can call the atf or delaware state police. a chester county community pulled together to rise from the ashes so to speak this weekend after vandals targeted a holiday tradition. every year, phoenixville holds a fire bird festival at friendship field. a giant wooden phoenix statue is burned as part of the ceremony. but yesterday morning, the morning of the big celebration, arsonists got to it first and burned that phoenix to ash. but neighbors didn't let that ruin the day. they brought palates of wood and they built a brand-new statue in just a few hours. >> it's all come together. things happen, we all getting to, we make it work. nobody can burn us down. >> i heard it's been filled with the overwhelming
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wholeheartedness and joy of what our community is all about. >> around sundown yesterday, organizers set the phoenix ablaze. as for the suspected vandals, police tell nbc 10 they have some leads and finding those responsible is a big priority for the town. this morning we now know the identity of a man killed in a hit-and-run in montgomery county. we first told you about this yesterday morning. police say that two vehicles struck the victim friday night on rambo street in bridgeport. neither driver stopped. a black ford explorer struck tom daley first. the car may be similar to this one. police say moments later, he was also hit by a green cadillac or lincoln suv. daley died at the hospital. police are now looking for surveillance video from the scene. we have an alert for drivers in philadelphia this morning. the philadelphia water department will shut down part of montgomery drive in fairmount park to repair a broken water lane. the closure is from 6:00 this
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morning until about 4:00 this afternoon. some good news for holiday shoppers. if you're going to be in philadelphia today, some of the metered parking is free. the philadelphia parking authority is relaxing kiosk enforcement, only for today and only at the kiosk. all safety violations and single space meters will be enforced because they're not affected by the credit card issue. anybody who got a ticket on friday or saturday because of the malfunction should contact customer service. today in camden, people will gather aboard the battleship new jersey to remember pearl harbor day. a ceremony like this one begins at 8:00 this morning. after several speeches, a memorial wreath will be cast into the delaware river and taps will be played. the event is free and open to the public. this is the 73rd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. on this day in 1941, japanese war planes attacked the home
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port of the u.s. pacific fleet. about 2,400 americans were killed and another 1,200 were wounded. it is a day that as president franklin roosevelt put it would live in infamy. because of the attack, the united states entered world war ii. thousands of people were expected to gather at pearl harbor today. still ahead, we're learning new details about the failed mission to rescue an american photo journalist. we'll tell you who was involved in the attempt to save luke somers life. why the coast guard was called in to help out on a cruise ship.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> let's take a live look at the pocono mountains where you can see camelback mountain resort is still snow-covered. the rain department wash it all away. the season opened the weekend right after thanksgiving. they're expecting a lot of folks
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to be out there this week. temperatures certainly will be cold enough for it. michelle grossman will have the forecast. the white house is vowing justice to luke somers. u.s. officials say he and a south african hostage were killed by al qaeda militants. al qaeda kidnapped somers last year. the officials say more than three dozen special forces members, including navy seals, took part in yesterday's raid ordered by president obama. >> they landed about two miles away from the objective and then infiltrated to try to keep the element of surprise, but once the firefight was started, it would appear that al qaeda then shot the two hostages. >> i don't think the government had an option. i think president obama did the right thing. he went in and tried to save this poor fellow's life. >> somers was a photo journalist who was born in britain but went to college in wisconsin. u.s. officials say some al qaeda
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militants died in the raid, but no u.s. service members were injured. acid reflux. the white house says that's the cause of president obama's sore throat the last few weeks. acid reflux, of course, happens when stomach contents flow back up into the esophagus. the condition can be treated with medicine. his doctors say the ct scan done on the president yesterday appears to be normal. outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel says the u.s. will keep a larger force in afghanistan in early 2015 than initially planned. hagel made the announcement during a surprise visit to kabul yesterday. he also met with the afghan president and u.s. military commanders over there. hagel says the u.s. force will top about a thousand more troops than previously announced. invest giaiting the cause o a carbon monoxide leak.
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two people were dead on the second floor. authorities say the other victims were confused and choking as they tried to leave the building. they were treated as area hospitals. take a look of this new video of a coast guard crew air lifting a sick passenger off of a cruise ship. the norwegian breakaway cruise ship was just off the north carolina coast. a 71-year-old woman had stomach pain and was in need of medical attention. crews hoisted her into the hospital and took her to the hospital. there's no word on her condition. the road to recovery starts today as people in the philippines pick up the pieces from tsunami hagupit. why emergency crews there say they know from experience that the damage could have been worse. we are waking up to dry conditions, that's the good news. we're going to see sunshine today. we're going to see windy and cold conditions. here's the live look outside. we are looking at some clouds this morning and we'll see sunshine this afternoon. we'll have your full forecast straight ahead.
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doesn't look good, but it could have been worse. typhoon hagupit caused evacuations, toppled trees and knocked out power. the storm also destroyed some buildings and flooded streets, but it did not cause as much devastation as last year's deadly typhoon. there are no confirmed deaths from hagupit, which is now weakening and moving away from the philippines. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a good sunday morning. we had all that rain yesterday. finally out of here. it lasted through part of the overnight. and we are waking up to dry conditions and clouds this morning, but we'll see sunshine this afternoon. weather headlines on your sunday. we're looking at the return of sunshine. by this afternoon, we'll see partly sunny skies, but full sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon hours. it will be windy, cold, blustery as we head towards the latter part of today. coastal storm, that's what we're watching for tuesday into wednesday.
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outdoors, we are dry right now. that's the good news. we are waking up to a little bit of cloud cover and chilly conditions. winds out of the north at 14 miles per hour, but they're gusting higher than that. temperatures across the region. they are colder than yesterday, but not too bad right now. we'll see the big difference by this afternoon. 27 right now in mount pocono. 34 in lancaster. 39 in philadelphia. then to the south and east, we're mainly looking in the upper 30s, low 40s. 39 in atlantic city. so all spots above freezing with the exception of mount pocono. not a bad start to the day. we're just not going to warm up very far as we head throughout the afternoon. so there's that northerly flow, and that means cold air being dragged down. that's what we'll see as we head throughout the day. winds right now anywhere from 10, let's say up to 25 miles per hour, and that's sustained winds. a little higher as you look down to the south and east, and parts of southern new jersey and also delaware, 21 miles per hour in wilmington. those are sustained. we're seeing them gust higher than that.
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up to 33 miles per hour in mount pocono. 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts in lancast lancaster. that's our big weather headline today. we'll see those winds gusting, staying with us. as we head towards the latter part of today and to the afternoon, by 4:00 still seeing winds gusting near 32 miles per hour in philadelphia, up to 25 in mount pocono. 37-mile-per-hour wind gusts at 4:00 in atlantic city. so for game time, we're looking at pretty gusty winds. that will stay with us through the game into tonight, and getting a little better as we head towards the overnight hours. still a breeze as we wake up on monday morning. this is monday at midnight. 22-mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. we are finally dry. we had green all over this map all day long yesterday. but you can see that green is now over the atlantic. we like that and we're looking at a dry and sunny day as we head towards the afternoon hours. a mostly clear night tonight. and clouds build in tomorrow. this is monday at 2:00. may even see a little tiny shower. everywhere else, we're not going to see the rain until later on
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monday, after midnight into tuesday. then the big changes come on tuesday. there is that coastal storm. we're expecting heavy rain and could see some coastal flooding with this. this is tuesday by lunchtime. so if you have plans to be outdoors on tuesday, you may have to change those plans. you see these yellows, oranges, darker shading indicating that we could see some pretty heavy rain on tuesday and that could lead to some flooding on the roadways and low-lying areas. 1:00 we're looking at rain as well. may see some snow showers on wednesday as well. 45 to 48. seven-day forecast. a chilly day today, blustery. may see the rain come in late. tuesday that's a coastal storm, rainy and windy. as we look towards thursday, partly sunny, breezy on friday and chilly on saturday. today, it's the rededication of what's been dubbed the charlie brown christmas tree in reading burkes county. rain pushed the festivities to
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tonight. the scrawny tree will be decorated with one single red ornament just like the one in the peanuts christmas classic. some people in reading complained when the tree was topped with a pretzel. but city leaders decided to keep the tree and they put up a new fuller one across town. the charlie brown tree rededication will begin tonight at 6:00. just ahead in sports, the eagles are getting ready for a big match-up at the link. next, what the birds have to say about stopping marshawn lynch and trying to keep the seahawks quiet on both sides of the ball.
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i'm john clark. the flyers' nine-game losing streak on the road is over. they get their first road win in over six weeks. take a look. pat sajak at the game. pat, do we have a g? yes, we do. claude giroux scores less than five minutes into the game. flyers are up 1-0. then second period, wayne
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simmonds, how about a power play goal? wayne's 11th goal of the year. the flyers win 2-1. they're 2-0 against the stanley cup champs this season. they are kings for a day. ed snider hopes this is the turning point. he said he is okay with gm ron hextall and his plan. >> i'm very much behind him from the get-go, from the very first day. i love his plan. i think he's doing a great job for us. and i'm looking forward to what's going to happen in the future. >> maybe the sixers can get their second win last night. the pistons had lost ten in a row. here we go. two worst teams in the nba. less than 20 seconds to go, sixers down three. thompson ties it up at 100. big three there. then in overtime. nerlens noel, sixers win again. they have won two of three. eagles-seahawks today. only one nfl team has more wins than the eagles over these last
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two seasons, and yes, it is seattle. marshawn lynch, he is the lynch pin to the seahawks offense. leads the nfl with nine touchdown runs. eagles have done really well lately against the run. but, this is another tough assignment. >> it's just one guy you got to respect. the guy is a great back. he's a great back. he's got a great quarterback and a great line to complement him as well. the temple owls are bowl eligible. that was on the line last night at tulane. check out joe montana with his quarterback sonic. he did play some against temple. and there's no offense in this one. tied at 3-3, fourth quarter, p.j. walker. touchdown. owls win 10-3. hopefully they do get invited to a bowl game. villanova hosting liberty. fcs. second-round playoff game. walter payton nominee john
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robertson connecting. 70 yards for the touchdown. nova would get the two-point conversion, so we're tied at 22-22. next nova possession, our version of johnny football. again with a touchdown. villanova wins. they will play sam houston state next week. widener, they lost in the playoffs to lindfield, so why is mike kelly ripping chip kelly. chip allowed lindfield to practice at the eagles' nova care complex and chip stopped by there. lindfield is from oregon. mike kelly says maybe somebody should buy chip a map so he knows where he lives now, and he says he's routing for the seahawks. is he serious? john runyun checking out his son. the prep will go to hershey to play for a state title. archbishop wood also advances.
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penn beat binghamton. how about number ten villanova? all over st. joe's. hilliard alley-oop slam here. nova wins by 28. the cats are 8-0. temple versus la salle. the return of the streamers. it's good to see again. for the owls, it's bond. jalen bond. 11 points off the bench. temple wins 58-57. they have won 17 of 21 against the explorers. remember pat gillic told us he does not expect the phillies to contend the next few years, they're rebuilding? i don't think ben revere heard that. >> it's a good team we have. i believe we do have a good team. division. >> wow. how about the phillies' holiday tree? it is now officially lit outside citizens bank park. i'm john clark from comcast sports net. enjoy your eagles sunday. fortunately, the rain won't
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bother the eagles today, but it was enough to keep people from check out philadelphia's christmas village. a lot of people were still out there anyway. they visited love park last night, prepared for the showers with umbrellas and raincoats. folks enjoyed some live performances and did some holiday shopping. now to a winter wonderland in cape may county. there was plenty at the hall, including a train ride around cape may's poll. santa and mrs. clause were also there to the delight of young and old alike. the winter wonderland continues every weekend leading up to kmasms. the delaware valley legacy fund held its eighth annual toy drive in old city last night. the event raises money to support organizations serving the lgbtq community, while providing toys to local kids. this year the donated toys will go to patients at the children's hospital of philadelphia and
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kids served by action aid. there's a lot going on at lincoln financial field besides today's eagles game, including a new effort to find missing college student shane montgomery and a die-in protest is expected to cause some traffic problems. after the game, we'll break it all down in just a few moments. we're looking at that wind today. that's our big weather headline. winds gusting near 30 miles per hour at times this morning. you can see those winds really whipping those flags. we'll talk more about that. also some blustery conditions. it's beginning to be a cold one, and we'll look ahead towards that coastal storm in just a few minutes. a. .
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> the search effort for missing college student shane montgomery will target the football field. how volunteers are hoping eagles fans will lend a hand. there could be even more congestion than usual for people trying to leave the link. protests are planned in the wake of the grand jury decisions in the michael brown and eric garner cases. we'll tell you what to expect. we are expecting cold and windy conditions here on this sunday. here's a live look outside at boat house row. your game day forecast, by the way, is straight ahead. good morning. welcome back


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