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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> we begin tonight with a live look over the philadelphia skyline. the skies are clear tonight, but we're in for some big weather changes this week. glen schwartz is here to give us all the details. you've been tracking this nor'easter. what's the latest? >> talking about this for almost a week now. suggesting some sort of nor'easter was going to develop this week and it certainly is. it's going to be a strong one. we expect heavy rain and gusty winds with it. we also expect coastal flooding and a change to snow, at least eventually. we're talking monday night into
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thursday. this is a long lasting event. the beginnings of that storm well-off shore. but it's actually beginning to be tracking off the coast and getting so close to the coast that a lot of this storm is beginning to be rain and not snow. it's certainly cold enough to snow in much of area now. 42 degrees in philadelphia. 37 in pottstown, and allentown and in reading. as we go through the evening, it is just clear and cold. the windy minutish ie i diminis point. we'll talk more about the track of this storm and what to expect with the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest information on this nor'easter. we'll have updates on air and online at you can also get it at any time on the nbc 10 weather app. new at 6:00, police are investigating a homicide in southwest philadelphia. around 3:00 this afternoon, police found a man in his 60s tied up inside a van at locker
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room storage incorporated on 62nd street. the victim's name has not been released and police have made no arrests. also tonight, a good samaritan is recovering after he was struck by a car. daniel callaway stopped to help another driver. nbc 10 has now learned that callaway is a volunteer firefighter. nbc 10's monique braxton is live where the victim is being treated tonight. what is the latest on his condition? >> reporter: hi, denise. everybody we talked to today told us it was just like him to stop and offer assistance. he's an emt, a firefighter, and tonight he's listed in stable condition. >> we believe that he's going to be fine. 100% recovery. >> reporter: we spoke to raymond callaway sr. while his son daniel was in surgery. callaway shares how his
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31-year-old son, a firefighter and emergency medical technician, ended up in the hospital. >> he was on his way to work, and happened to see somebody in need of some assistance on the road, and while he was out of his car, another car came along and hit the car that was disabled and he was injured. >> reporter: fire chief chad ingram recently hired callaway as a full-time or career firefighter here at wilmington manner fire company. chief ingram says callaway actually called them on his way in. >> he did contact our dispatch center and advised them that he was stopping to try to render aid at a motor vehicle accident this morning. >> reporter: state police tell us callaway was hit just before 5:00 this morning. our first alert traffic cameras captured investigators at the scene. for seven hours here on the southbound lanes of i-95 at 291.
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back at the hospital, we learned callaway is a volunteer firefighter at belvedere. he also works for urgent ambulance. his boss says they're praying for the guy they say has made being a good samaritan his life mission. >> it doesn't matter who you are. you know, if you're in need of help, he's going stop and help you. >> reporter: state police tell us the driver who is responsible for callaway's injuries did stop to offer assistance. we are monitoring this investigation to see if any charges will be filed. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. new information we first told you about on nbc 10 news this morning. we know now a man was stabbed to death in the city's strawberry mansion neighborhood. it happened around 9:20. the man was rushed to the hospital where he later died. there have been no arrests. philadelphia mayor michael nutter says public trust in
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police needs to be restored following the death of two unarmed black men at the hands of white police officers. nutter and police commissioner charles ramsey appeared on nbc's "meet the press" this morning. >> the citizens who want to be protected, who are now increasingly afraid of the police, and you have some police officers who are increasingly afraid of the community. there is a large gap in that context, so it is about training. people need the police to protect them. >> ramsey was recently named the co-chair of a task force to help the feds. he said he's concerned too many people think the justice system is unfair. the deaths of michael brown and eric garner have led to protests around the country. nbc 10 national correspondent brian moore shows us how leaders are trying to restore the public's faith in the justice system. >> violence erupted on the streets of berkley, california, on the weekend protest of the grand jury decisions in ferguson, and staten island. most of the protests popping up
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in cities from coast to coast were like this. peaceful and demanding justice. as is the widow of eric garner. >> i feel that he was murdered unjustly. i feel like -- i don't etven fel like it's a black and white thing honestly. >> reporter: her husband had a record and was no stranger to police, but didn't deserve to die like he did. >> he said, babe, they keep harassing me. i said, just ignore them. he said how much can i ignore them? >> reporter: president obama in an exclusive interview airing mont on b. e.t. says the justice system is imperfect, but improving. >> when you're dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias in any society, you've got to have vigilance, but you have to recognize that it's going to take some time and you just have to be steady. >> reporter: in new york, talk is turning toward action. >> this is something systemic
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and we bluntly have to talk about the historic racial dynamics. >> reporter: the nypd is retraining its 22,000 member force in an effort to better protect and serve. brian moore, nbc news, washington. the effort to find missing college student shane montgomery moved to lincoln financial field today where the eagles are playing the seahawks. volunteers passed leaflets with shane's picture and information, hoping someone might come forward with new information. the west chester university student vanished 11 days ago. he was last seen thanksgiving day at a manayunk bar. family and friends are not giving up hope. >> the response has been absolutely overwhelming. we need to keep it out there. we need to find our shane. >> the reward for information in the case is now at $50,000. a solemn ceremony in camden to mark the day that will live in infamy. nbc 10 in camden on the
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battleship new jersey for a pearl harbor remembrance day. on december 7th, 1941, japan attacked our base at pearl harbor. it then plunged the united states into world war ii. today's ceremony ended with a casting of a memorial wreath into the delaware river in honor of the thousands who died in the attack. the bear hunt is about to begin in new jersey, but find out why opponents say it puts the public at risk. plus, smiles with santa. how one event helped children with special needs and their families enjoy this holiday tradition.
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new jersey's controversial bear hunt begins tomorrow, the last of five that began in 2010. supporters say it will reduce the bear population and protects
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people and property. but critics argue it's an inhumane practice that doesn't address public safety. opponents are using the death of darsh patel as an example. the rutgers student was killed by a bear in northern new jersey over the summer. opponents say the state is too focused on killing the animals and not enough on educating the public. i hope you got out and enjoyed the sunshine today, because we're expecting a lot of stormy weather this week. next, i'll have the latest on the timing of this nor'easter that's developing now. what it could bring to your neighborhood.
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santa pays a special visit to area malls to meet children with special needs. nbc 10 at the king of prussia
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mall with caring santa. there were no crowds and no music. instead, there was a calm environment to support the kids of all abilities. it was sponsored by autism speaks and now your first alert weather. >> we had a whole bunch of rain yesterday, but that's nothing compared to what's coming. today we saw the sunshine, but we're also issuing a first alert. not just for one day, but for monday "nightlinnight all the w thursday. this is going to be a slow-moving, strong nor'easter that's going to affect the entire area with heavy rain, gusty winds, coastal flooding is going to be an issue, and also a change to snow in at least parts of the area before this is all over with. we have clear skies now. it's 42 degrees with a 13-mile-an-hour wind. so it feels like 35. it's pretty cold out there. eight degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday.
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and we're also going to be seeing the temperatures drop into the 20s tonight in much of the area. it's 37 in allentown and potstown. and considering all the sunshine we had during the day today, this is pretty cold air mass. 42 degrees in philadelphia. 39 in wilmington and in dover. 37 atlantic city with the clear skies and the wind dying down, it's beginning to be a colder night. you can see the general direction of the wind is out of the north. even out in the ocean. but once that starts coming off the ocean out of the east, the tides are going to be getting higher and higher and we're going to be dealing with some coastal flooding. you see atlantaic city has a north wind of 16 miles an hour. by tomorrow, it's beginning to be an east wind. a winter storm watch into at least the middle of the week for the poconos. significant snowfall
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accumulation before it's over and wet snow that could cause some extra problems. we have coastal flood watch from the jersey shore to delaware bay, delaware beaches. that's coming upstarting on monday. nothing on the radar right now. but the storm developing well-off shore, as we've been saying for many, many days. once you see a storm that far out, they generally aren't going to be bothering us. but this one is going to be coming back in, and then stalling. as we go through the day tomorrow, the clouds increase. maybe a little bit of light rain or drizzle late in the day. but here comes the steady rain later in the night. and it's pretty heavy. the tuesday morning rush. heavy rain, and gusty winds. look at all of that rain. and this particular model is pretty fast. diminishing it by tuesday afternoon. but as the colder air starts to come in, here comes the snow, starting down in the poconos and working its way down to the northern western suburbs and
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maybe even into the philadelphia area before it's all over with. the snow this week generally is going to be well inland. the mountainous areas all the way up to new england. but some areas, just north and west of the pennsylvania turnpike, we're beginning to see some snow, too. and how much rain? the computer model not showing a whole lot by tuesday morning except in southern sections. but look at that, by the time it's over tuesday night, two to three inches of rain. that's why we're expecting some localized flooding. a lot of that rain is going to come in a short period of time. clear and unseasonably cold tonight. 27 for a low in philadelphia. 19 north and west. then during the day tomorrow, a chance of light rain late, and if it spreads north fast enough, it could start as a wintery mix. but the rain becoming heavy at night as warmer air tries to come in and it's in the upper 30s for the high. then the temperature does not drop much tomorrow night. so we're dealing with rain here on tuesday. heavy rain, and wind. but snow showers coming on
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wednesday across much of the area. windy and cold thursday. still with a chance of snow showers, and it's cold throughout the entire week. coming up in sports, the eagles are in action right now. we're going to have an update and the rest of the day in the nfl. plus, we're going to tell you what the penn state football team will have in common with derek jeter. that is coming up next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark. the eagles are in action right now across the street at the link. they're facing the seahawks. a game with major playoff implications in the nfc. and right now, the eagles trail 17-7 early in the third quarter.
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jeremy maclin had the eagles' touchdown, but they were outgained in the first half 242 yards to 67 yards. lesean mccoy just fumbled to start the third quarter and the seahawks turned into it a touchdown. we'll have all the highlights after "sunday night football" tonight. the saints can take over the lead in the nfc south with a win over the lowly panthers. but cam newton would not be denied, leaping into the end zone for a touchdown. the saints take issue with his superman celebration. some pushing, shoving, even a punch or two is thrown. and look at this. they're brawling. one player was ejected. panthers stunned the saints 41-10. detroit lions running back reggie bush showing support for eric garner. i can't breathe written on his shirt in warm-ups. as for the lions, matthew stafford to calvin johnson. that's a touchdown. how about the nfc least.
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o'dell beckham jr. keeps making great plays. 50-yard catch later in the drive, manning finds, guess who, beckham. 117 receiving yards in the first half alone. giants roll 37-7. their seven-game losing streak is over. rg3 on the sidelines for the redskins. his replacement colt mccoy didn't do so well. so at the end of this one, the redskins fans that were left, they were calling for rg3 to play again. it goes from bad to worse for washington. tavon austin, the punt return goes from one side of the field to the other. 78-yard touchdown. the skins get shut out by the rams 24-0. the redskins are 3-10. the four teams playing in the first ever college football playoff, they have been announced. alabama will play ohio state in sugar bowl. oregon will meet undefeated national champion florida state meet in the national title game. beginning to head to yankees
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stadium to play in the pinstripe bowl. step in james franklin's first year. their opponent will be boston college, coached by former temple coach steve adagio. the owls were bowl eligible after winning last night at tulane 10-3, but they were not selected by any of the bowls. no invite, so that team is done, they finish 6-6. the flyers have the day off after snapping that six-game losing streak yesterday in los angeles. they're beginning to return to action tuesday in columbus. the defending stanley cup champions outshot the flyers 38-16, but steve mason held the flyers in it. claude giroux and wayne simmonds scored the goals. flyers win 2-1 and the chairman ed snider, he believes this successful three-game california road swing could spark this team. >> we were hoping for a good trip. we've had a pretty good trip. could have been better if we
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hadn't given up that goal with 15 seconds to go, we would have not lost in regulation any of the games. so i'm very proud of this team. i think you have to look at this as a turnaround for us, i hope. and i'm very pleased with what i've seen. it's a tough road trip, it really is. these teams are hard to play against. we matched them, in my opinion. >> denise will have a full wrap-up of the eagles game coming up. time now to check in with lester holt for a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." lester? >> coming up tonight, new details in the failed mission to rescue luke somers. plus, was she targeted? the ex-husband of an american teacher and mother murdered overseas speaks out about the senseless attack. also, the royal couple takes the big apple by storm. the latest on their whirlwind visit. and nonstop service to the north pole. we'll see you in a few minutes
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for "nbc nightly news." >> thanks, lester, we'll see you soon. and we'll be right back.
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you've been tracking some wet weather moving our way. >> yeah, it's going to be an interesting week. that means a lot of people are not going to enjoy it. we have our cold weather that's beginning to be through the week. tomorrow mainly dry, but tomorrow night, into tuesday, a pretty strong nor'easter is going to be affecting much of the area. heavy rain, coastal flooding, eventually changes to snow. >> and it's beginning to last days. >> yeah. slow-moving. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. for all of us here, we'll see you become here tonight after "sunday night football" with the latest on that nor'easter. and remember you can get the latest updates on
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on this sunday night, inside the mission. new details about the failed rescue of an american hostage. we're learning just how quickly the raid was put together and what may have caused it to go wrong. targeted. was an american mother murdered overseas because she was a westerner. tonight what her former husband is telling us about the attack and the children she leaves behind. royal welcome. prince william and duchess kate arrive in new york for the three-day visit. what is in store and who is missing from their whirlwind trip. and polar express. nonstop service to the north pole for a group of children who can use some holiday


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