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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  December 9, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. we're following two breaking news stories this morning. first, a philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty. this is a live picture from einstein medical center. we're working to gather more information about what happened that contributed to the firefighter's death. and the other breaking story we're following closely this morning, the impacts of the nor'easter across the area sending heavy rain to many of you right now, including parts of the jersey shore, as you see in this live look in cape may causing flooding and slick roads. from the jersey shore to the poconos, they're also standing
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to get hit. you can see that precipitation falling there and they could see some snow from this december storm. we're watching the storm in all three of our states to see the impact in your neighborhood. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm christine maddela. >> and i'm chris cato. bill, a lot of rain coming down along the shore. >> the heaviest rainfall in new jersey. light rain falling in philadelphia and most of delaware is getting a break from the rain right now. live view of center city what you can see of it thanks to the low clouds coming with the rain. it is a first alert weather day for a strong moving nor'easter that will be with us not only today, but tomorrow and right on into the end of the week. we'll still be dealing with this same storm system. the nor'easter will deliver heavy rainfall today and potential flooding rainfall in the area especially at the shore, between 8:00 and 10:00, high tide coastal flood warning in effect. north and west, temperatures close to the freezing mark and
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wintry mix is7 what we're seei. light rain in philadelphia, but just to the east, more moderate showers moving through new jersey and heavier rainfall that continues to stream on shore to cape may and into atlantic county and then burlington county and even into trenton, mercer county seeing steady, moderate rainfall and there's the cold zone, north and west. allentown getting a wintry mix this morning. portions of berks county and bucks county getting icy conditions to start with. temperatures are starting to climb now and up to 33 degrees in reading. up a degree in the last hour and allentown now two degrees above freezing. the conditions will be improving as the day goes on. a windy and wet and chilly one today as temperatures will climb into the low 40s by lunchtime. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. jillian mele has a lot to look at. good morning, jillian. >> definitely busy and the roads are slippery and wet. this is a live look at 76 out near spring garden street. you can see the raindrops on the
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lens and the roads are wet and some volume is starting to pick up. leave yourself extra time no matter where you are going this morning. we're also following a problem out of plymouth township ridge pike at fairfield road. this is a downed pole with downed wires and this has been with us for much of the morning and expect to see lane restrictions there. multiple spots of flooding and millville out near high street we have flooding there and then we have two spots of flooding in hamilton township. eastbound side of 40 at wrangleboro road. we have flooding out there in both directions, but we are hearing right now that it is pasal. you can expect to see some lane restrictions. christine? we're following breaking news in the west oak lane section of philadelphia. a firefighter killed while she was battling an early morning fire. katy zachary is live attine stile stein medical center where friends and family are
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gathering. i was just told the mayor is on his way to where you are. >> christine, that's what we were told, as well. the firefighter after she was injured fighting the blaze was rushed here to einstein medical center. let's go to a live picture now of the scene in west oak lane. the fire is under control, but we learned that the firefighter got trapped while fighting the flames in the basement. she died a little over an hour ago. about an hour and a half ago around 4:00 a.m. there was a large gatheringh of firefighters that scene soon after she was injured. the fallen firefighter was 36 years old. she worked at engine 64 in lawncrest. we do not know her name yet, but we do know there is a large gathering of her fellow firefighters, as well as her family members here at einstein medical center. we are working to find out the circumstances and more details about her death. again, we do know that mayor nutter is on his way out here to einstein medical center right now. we are going to be outside the hospital and we'll bring you a
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live update as soon as we have more information and bring you the mayor's remarks, as well. reporting live, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> tragic day for the fire department. we'll check back in with you. a man who ran into the middle of the street was hit by a car overnight in the ronhurst section of philadelphia. police on the scene told us that the man is in critical condition and both of his legs are broken. the driver did stay on the scene to speak with police. at 5:35. the delaware county man who is accused of killing his case worker and shooting his psychiatrist will appear in court today. plotts is charged in the july shooting death on the campus of mercy fitzgerald hospital. lee silverman was grazed by a bullet, but returned fire with his own gun wounding plotts. a preliminary hearing today set for this man, eric jamison. accused of the shooting death
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shooting him to death at a peace concert at the dell music center in august. a fight broke out in the parking lot of the music center in strawberry mansion. he was shot in the stomach and leg and investigators believe the fight was over a woman. oscar pistorius is back in a courtroom this morning. his sentence may be up for an appeal. but it's not pistorius who is trying to overturn it. we'll tell you why prosecutors are fighting the prison term that was handed down. it is a cold start this morning. north and west from the pocono mountains, they are getting some snowfall and that's where most of the accumulation is going to be on the ski resorts. meantime, the rest of the area dealing with some heavy rainfall, especially in new jersey. right now, 37 degrees here at nbc 10 at 5:36.
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5:38 a.m. we're following breaking news. a philadelphia firefighter killed in battling a fire in the
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west oak lane section of philadelphia. a live picture of einstein medical center. crews on the scene of the medical center as well as the fire. we've seen police officers and fellow firefighters gathering at the hospital already. we've also beenikçm told mayor michael nutter is on his way to the hospital. that's where nbc 10 katy zachary is and she'll have a live report with updates coming up. the other breaking story we're following for you closely this morning is effects of this nor'easter and showing you some of the roads of the suburbs and now let's get back down the shore where jesse gary has been keeping a tab on things in north wildwood where the wind is obviously strong. jesse? >> yeah, chris. it feels like the wind has gotten worse within the past 30 minutes or so. i'll move out of the way. jfk boulevard and you can see the wind and the rain that has been blown here. i called the police department here in north wildwood to check in. they say reports of minor
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flooding on central avenue, which is about ten blocks south and maybe four blocks east of where i'm standing. so, minor flooding in central avenue. that's the only report they have right here. coming up in the next 15 minutes or so, going to check in on the ocean conditions, which just off 7fwr/>!no carrierringringconne
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rain will taper off this afternoon, but rain, gusty winds this morning between 8:00 and 10:00. that's high tide. we could see coastal flooding, worse than what we saw yesterday. snow now falling in the pocono mountains. this just updated in the last minute. a wintry mix and now snow at 30 degrees for the pocono mountains. look at trenton, a steady rainfall there at 35 degrees. meantime, just cloudy and 40 degrees in wilmington and scattered light showers in the delaware area. look at the snow falling now. this is camelback and just started to come down there. looks like a nice accumulation over the next few days for the mountains. right now, wintry mix in the allentown area. it's starting to improve now in upper bucks county. you can see right along the border between bucks county and lehigh county. a little bit of a wintry mix.
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farther to the south the temperatures too warm for anything other than rain. look at that. nothing for delaware right now, 4)uu and windy start this mornig for the shore. this is what jesse gary is standing in this morning. this has been going on for hours. when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, already an inch on the ground in south jersey and now some spots reporting two inches on the ground and still coming down. the future cast shows continuing into the late morng hours and moderate rainfall for the i-95 corridor. the snow takes a break in the pocono mountains and it will last. colder temperatures will change it back to snow. that's 1:00 this afternoon and by then delaware getting some rainfall and the rain continues even into the late evening, afternoon and evening hours. should be tapering off some this evening. heavy rainfall to start with this morning, especially in new jersey. high temperatures in the 40s this afternoon.
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winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. show you how this system changes overthe next several days and still be with us. got the seven-day forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. watch for ponding on the roads and icing, as well. >> jillian mele has a comprehensive look at road in our area. >> starting off in the lehigh valley with look at route 22 at airport road. you can see the rainy conditions there. a number of people on the roads, but no accidents to report. we do have reports, though, of slippery conditions, icy conditions, especially along the northeast extension right near exit 56 for the lehigh valley, so, just take your time out there this morning. an accident right at lower state road. that's been with us for 35 minutes. you can expect to see some lane restrictions there. not reporting any delays or accidents on the area bridges. this is the ben franklin bridge and the bridge surfaces can be very slippery. make sure you slow down and multiple spots of flooding, especially in portions of south jersey and right near high street. that has been flooding that has
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been with us all morning long. christine? at 5:43 we're staying on top of breaking news in philadelphia. the first breaking news story we're covering. a firefighter killed battling a house fire in the west oak lane section of philadelphia on middletown street. here's a live look. this is the house where she was fighting that fire and we just got word that she got trapped in the basement while battling this fire. and she died here. we also saw earlier this morning fellow firefighters gathering here at the scene to pay their p prayer for their fallen comrade who is a 36-year-old woman out of engine 64 in the lawncrest section of philadelphia. she was taken to einstein medical center and that's where other police and fire members have also gathered. we're also told that the philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey, as well as mayor michael nutter are on their way to be with her family and friends. let's look outside the other
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breaking news we're following is the nor'easter that is upon us. this is a live look at the aramark building. some of the winds whipping and some precipitation on our lens there. the heaviest rain falling down the jersey shore and all schools are closed today due to heavy wind and rain and tidal flooding and not the only schools affected. we also heard this morning operating on a two-hour delay. nbc 10 news today will be right back.
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at 5:48. we're following breaking news on what has become a dark morning for the philadelphia fire department. for the first time in almost two years, they have lost one of their own in the line of duty. a live look at the scene this morning in west oak lane where a firefighter, a 36-year-old woman, we don't know her name yet, but she's with engine 64. she died after she became trapped in the basement of a home there that burned on mid e middleton street in west oak lane. she was taken to einstein medical center where she was declared dead. a number of her fellow firefighters gathered there to say a prayer for her and her family is there now and we're told that commissioner, the fire commissioner along with the mayor, philadelphia mayor michael nutter are en route to
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be with with the family. katy zachary is talking to city dignitaries to tell us more about how this latest tragedy happened. the death of a philadelphia firefighter this morning in the line of duty. we're also following this breaking news this morning, the nor'easter that we told you about for some time continues to make its effects felt across the area. heavy rain to new jersey now and also you see the pink on the radar. that is a wintry mix falling across the lehigh valley. so, certainly some concern for icy roads in the lehigh valley this morning. ponding on roads and other parts of the area. meteorologist bill henry ley is back in a moment to let us know when the system will make its way out of here. remember the oscar pistorius case? it's not over. lawyers are back in a courtroom in south africa right now. one of the stories we're following from around the world right now. vai sikhema is in the digital operation center. what is happening? >> a judge right now is hearing
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arguments to decide whether prosecutors can appeal pistorius' five-year prison sentence. those prosecutors say that punishment is shockingly light in their words. and in october, a judge lesser charge of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he could be released from prissen and go under house arrest after just ten months. if pistoriusc7o is convicted o murder, he would face a minimum of 15 years in prison. back in the u.s., secretary of state john kerry will testify this afternoon before a senate foreign relations committee on authorizing the use of military force against isis. a airstrikes in iraq and syria were not formally approved by congress when kerry went in front of the same committee in september to talk about defeating isis, he was interrupted by protesters chanting in opposition to the war. also a report eon the cia
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interrogation techniques is due out today. the report is expected to detail the cia use of torture on al qaeda prisoners. the white house is warning u.s. embassies around the world to step up their security in light of this release. about 2,000 u.s. marines have also been placed on alert in the persian gulf and the medterrarian so they can respond to any threats if they happen. live in the digital operation center, i'm vai sikhema. your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> drenching rain in new jersey, icing north and west and everyone is getting the wind. look at the flags in center city. that's the view from the loew's hotel. wind at 21 miles per hour. we've seen gusts of more than 30 miles per hour at the shore. the temperature is climbing, slowly, up two degrees since we've been on the air at 2:00 this morning and the rain is falling in cape may since we've been on the air and even before, close to two inches already on the ground in parts of new
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jersey. look at the winds. these are the wind gusts. gusting close to 30 miles per hour in millville. 35 mile an hour wind gusts and those are staying pretty steady this morning in the wildwood area and we'll continue into this afternoon. there's a steadier rainfall in new jersey. farther north and west there's some icing but right now a break for delaware and into chester and parts of delaware county. the system is going to be pushing through with heaviest rainfall in new jersey. at times it will be reaching into the i-95 corridor. by this afternoon, snow falling farther to the north with lighter rain in the area, but there will still be rain even in the late afternoon hours and look at the snow late tonight. accumulating in the pocono mountains through the night tonight and into tomorrow morning. and then tomorrow afternoon the snow will still be falling. in fact, this one could still be p producing snow showers. for today for philadelphia heavy rains at time and light rain right now, but still the
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potential for heavy rainfall. 40s this afternoon. colder tomorrow. we'll be near the freezing mark tomorrow morning. scattered snow showers are a possibility if we get a dusting in the morning, it will disappear in the afternoon and a high of 39 degrees. windy and cold thursday and again on friday. then we'll get some sunshine breaking through the clouds on saturday. lots of sunshine for sunday, warmer weather ahead monday. high of 52 degrees. 5:3 5 3 a.m. with all this rain6u falling throughout our area, a potential for problems on the road. >> a couple spinout accidents this morning and jillian mele has her eyes on all of it. good morning, jillian. >> a mixed bag of problems out there. a live look at the boulevard right near broad street. you can see the spray coming up from the cars on the roads. the roads are wet. icy conditions especially in the lehigh valley area. upper providence, an accident ridge pike at township line road. and you'll notice on the
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westbound side, we are starting to see a slow down as drivers try to get on to the schuylkill expressway, as we approach 6:00, not only the rain, but the accident and the icy conditions and now starting to get the delays on top of all of that. flooding in portions of hamilton township right near cologne avenue. use caution and we have lane restrictions there. chris? nbc 10 staying on top of two major breaking stories this morning. first, the death of a philadelphia firefighter in the line of duty. a 36-year-old woman. katy zachary is working on a live report of who she was, how she died and how she will be remembered. a live picture here in north wildwood where wild weather has been causing problems this morning. flooding on coastal streets as we continue to see rain come down. meteorologist bill henley is back in a moment with the look at the timing of when the system will move out of here. stay tuned.or
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5:57 a.m. we are following breaking news this morning. a firefighter killed in the line of duty while battling a fire
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here in the west oak lane section of philadelphia. this is middleton street. we are told the woman was battling the fire. she got trapped in the basement while fighting that fire. crews took her to einstein medical center and we are told fire commissioner derek sawyer is on his way to einstein medical center as is mayor michael nutter. the other breaking story we're following this morning, the nor'easter is upon us. the jersey shore is especially getting hit with heavy rain and wind. nbc 10 jesse gary is live at the scene there. we'll check in with him there in just a minute. here's a live look at the poconos. you can see that heavy rain falling there. you may see some icy conditions in parts of our area north and west. we'll check in with meteorologist bill henley in just a moment. as that nor'easter bears down on our region, you can get fast and accurate updates on your smartphone or tablet. download it for free on our website. you're watching nbc 10 news,
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nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news we're following this morning, philadelphia firefighters are mourning the loss of one of their own. a firefighter died fighting a fire in west oak lane. hour-by-hour we're learning more about the firefighter and what went wrong. and the nor'easter arrives. you are looking live at the jersey shore. you can see the camera shaking there a little bit. the wind is whipping and the rain is coming down hard. and here's a look at nbc 10 first alert radar. we have lots of yellow, green and even a little bit of paing there on the screen. it's going to be sticking around. good morning, you're watching nbc 10 news today, i'm christine maddela. >> let's get right to meteorologist bill henley to explain some of those colors and this nor'easter. bill? >> good morning, vai. some heavy rainfall in new jersey while areas north and west and that pink you
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mentioned, that is freezing rain. some wintry mix could lead to slipping and sliding and look at the mountains. the snow is coming down right now, that has changed in the last hour where conditions were just cloudy and foggy and a misty and now there is snow and accumulating snow, a nice snowfall for the rest of the pocono mountains. first alert day today and tomorrow as this is a strong, slow moving nor'easter that will provide us first with heavy rainfall and potential for flooding and gusty winds. and north and west, yes, a wintry mix to start things off, but the temperatures will be climbing. in fact, already starting to show some signs of moving up the temperature scale. light rainfall in philadelphia, but just to the east, that's the moderate rainfall this morning. the heavier rain has been streaming onshore through new jersey while delaware is left out. two inches on the ground in new jersey and a quarter of an inch on the ground in portions of delaware. and the light rain in philadelphia


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