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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EST

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will disappear. thank you, bill. "today" show is up next. local updates in 25 minutes. >> continue to follow the noreaster and the death of the firefighter. good morning. twice the trouble. massive storms bearing down on both coasts, raising major flooding fears across the northeast. and in some areas, up to two feet of snow. while out west, one of the strongest storms there in years. tragic crash. a small plane slams into a maryland neighborhood, killing six people, including a mother and two of her children. the woman died, trying to shield her kids. investigators now looking into a possible bird strike as the cause of that accident. royal hoopla. will and kate attend their first nba game, meeting courtside with jay-z and beyonce and posing with pictures of the king of cleveland as they wrap up their
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visit today. and angelina jolie on record. she visits studio 1a to talk about her new movie and life in the spotlight "today," tuesday, december th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wet tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. natalie is covering the royals. we've got josh elliott here. as photo-ops go, it's not too slouchy last night. >> it was a really good night for the royals. by that, i mean king james. he and the cavaliers took on the nets and beat them. that was the moment a lot of people were talking about. >> when i saw that, i thought royals, they're just like us. >> taking selfies. >> so are will and kate. >> exactly. >> they're going to need umbrellas today, the royals, though.
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>> no question about it. we are in the middle of a big nor'easter. >> not just here but on the west coast as well. it is literally double trouble today. we will start in the northeast with this nor'easter. flood watches, flash flood watches in effect. coastal flood warnings, anywhere from up to 3 1/2 feet above normal. we've also got big problem with his the winds. wind delays at the airports so far. and we've got winter storm warnings, winter storm watches and winter advisories, at least 5 million people affected by this you can already see the heavy rain moving in. that area of pink and white, that snow, philadelphia right now. cloudy, rainy. it will continue already. philadelphia, though, rain delays have started, airport delays as well. this system makes its way up. warm air coming in. cold air behind it. that's where the snow sets up. as this moves on during the day, it kind of lingers. secondary system forms and that brings in all the heavy rain. look at these rainfall amounts, three to five inches in some spots and back behind the
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system, we've got a lot of heavy snow, upwards of 18 inches of snow in parts of central new york on into new england. it is a mess out there. let's head to dylan dreyer with the latest on the wet weather pounding the east coast. dylan? >> we are in the thick of the heavy rain right now. winds have gusted up to 35 miles per hour. forget the umbrella today. it's the type of storm that will turn it inside out. you can see that the ocean is very rough. we are already noticing the water creeping closer. we will have to deal with coastal flooding, especially around the time of high tide, which ranges from 8:30 to 9:30 this morning. we'll see flooding in low-lying areas because of the inches of rain we're expecting. it's going to cause some travel troubles on the roads. remember, never drive through flood streets because you can't judge just how deep that water is. wind gusts up near 55 miles an hour. that will create airport delays.
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and it's just beginning, al. as you mentioned, we could see in some areas, this rain turn over to snow. and in the highest elevations in upstate new york and new england, as you just said, one to two feet of snow is possible. al? >> dylan dreyer in new jersey, thank you so much. as we mentioned, we've got a west coast mess out there that's going to be bringing a real mess -- sorry, i hit the wrong button there. we'll watch this system push through. heavy rain makes its way into seattle. some areas could pick up as much as to eight inches of rain, as the first system makes its way in, second system. and during the week, we'll watch this heavy rain push into northern and central california, some areas there up to five inches of rain and they've already had heavy flooding the last two weeks. it's going to be a real mess. >> al, thank you very much. keep our eye on that. thank you very much. outgoing secretary of defense chuck hagel arrived in baghdad last night. this is expected to be his last overseas trip as the pentagon
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chief. it comes the same day as a report on harsh cia interrogation techniques is being released. >> the cia is offering security assessments to former spies who fear that today's senate report, even without naming names, will blow their cover and make them targets as the u.s. military prepares today for potential threats around the world. 2000 u.s. marines are mobilized in the persian gulf and gulf of aiden today. embassies across the middle east are bracing for violence as senate democrats release a report, six years in the making, eviscerating the cia. >> again and again the american people have not gotten a straight story. now with a meticulously documented report they'll make up their own mind. >> reporter: it accuses three
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cia officials and their deputies. and it is graphic, like scenes from zero dark thirty, describing techniques like waterboarding used on osama bin laden's deputy, khalid shaikh mohammed and two other detainees. president bush told matt, it worked. >> the use of waterboarding saved american lives. >> reporter: also weighing in, former vice president dick cheney telling "the new york times" the program was absolutely, totally justified, strongly defending the cia, saying any charge that the agency misled the white house is, quote, a crock. the report is expected to detail other harsh treatment, slamming detainees into walls, sleep deppry invasion and dousing them with cold water. according to one report, threatening the master mind of the uss cole with a buzzing power drill, although it was not used. cia defenders say the
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interrogations did disrupt plots and help find bin laden. it ignores the enormous pressure after 9/11 to prevent another attack. president obama canceled the program two days after he took office. the debate is erupting all over again about the decisions made after 9/11. matt? >> andrea mitchell on this story in washington. thank you so much. shifting gears. here in new york, william and kate are in for another busy day on their american tour. after last night when they rubbed elbows with beyonce and jay-z and king james. and natalie left us to cover her favorites. natalie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the weather may not be cooperating. that is not keeping the royal couple from taking the u.s. by storm. on monday they had a jam packed day and, of course, capped off by that moment everyone is talking about. >> everybody is focused on william and kate. >> reporter: the crowds were
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cheering loudly in the barclay center but not at the score. all eyes were on the royals. >> would like to welcome their royal behiheinesses. >> reporter: beyonce and jay-z greeting will and kate courtside. not everyone's attention was on the royal encounter. just outside the arena, demonstrators staged a die-in, marking the sixth day of protests since the grand jury decision in the eric garner case. and lebron james was among several players on both teams wearing an "i can't breathe" t-shirt before the game. king james scoring big for the cavaliers. lebron putting his arm around kate for photos and giving them a special gift to bring home to george, his own jersey. their attendance was part fun,
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part passion project, partnering with the nba for wildlife conservation, a cause that propelled many events of the couple's hectic monday. prince william delivering strong words earlier in the day. >> the extinction of any of the world's species of animal sincere a loss to all humanity. >> reporter: the d.c. trip began with white house meetings, first with vice president and dr. biden and later with president obama, where will revealed the gender of their second child will be a surprise, just like the last time. >> reporter: back in new york, showing off her gift-wrapping skills. >> gift wrapping. >> reporter: she talked to the kids about important topics and then the duchess reunited with
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her husband at a reception with hillary and chelsea clinton. >> i'm off to shoot some hoops now or whatever it is you americans call it. >> reporter: a full day but one that scored big in the hearts of americans. and first thing this morning, they will leave the carlyle and head down to the national 9/11 memorial museum for what will, no doubt, be an emotional visit. william is expected to visit the empire state building. although not sure with the weather what he will really see. later on tonight, a star-studded gala at the met, commemorating the 600th anniversary of st. andrews, their alma mater. >> don nash, our executive producer, says you can stay out there until kate has the baby. >> he's good like that. >> reporter: i wouldn't doubt it. >> natalie, thank you so much. >> enjoy. natalie's on the road, as you can see. we've got josh elliott here. you have more on these angry protests. >> that are continuing across the nation.
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good morning to you. and all of you. the mayor of berkeley, california, is denouncing what he says is a small element among the protesters who have been walking the city's streets the past few nights. mayor tom bates called them thugs and said these people are using the protests as a pretext for violence. it was the third night of demonstrations against grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in the deaths of black men in new york and missouri. and the ntsb is investigating the tragic crash of a plane that slam ntd neighborhood of gaithersburg, maryland, killing six people, including three on the plane and a mother and her two young children inside a home. tom costello is at the scene. tom, good morning. >> reporter: it was a sudden, violent explosion in a suburban
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cul de sac, slamming into three homes, setting off an inferno of exploding jet fuel. inside an upstairs bathroom, 36-year-old marie gemal was trying to shield her children. neighbors and arriving firefighters were unable to reach them, the fire was so intense. >> we have confirmed the loss of the three family members. >> reporter: marie's husband was at work, their 5-year-old daughter, in preschool. neighbors were left stunned. >> to look out and see a ball of flame right across the street from your house, it was pretty terrifying. >> reporter: the plane was attempting to land at nearby montgomery county air park. all three on board the plane also died, including pilot michael rosenberg, ceo of a health care company who crashed another plane at the same airport three years ago. just before yesterday's crash, other pilots had reported an unusual number of birds in the
7:13 am
area and then watched as the plane suddenly went down. >> we've got a phenom crash at the end of the runway call emergency services. >> reporter: ntsb is reviewing the flight's data recorders as a normally quiet community wakes up in shock and sadness. >> tom costello reporting. a south african hostage killed by a suspected militant during a rescue attempt, his wife forgives those responsible. we chose to let it go, end quote, because accusations won't bring her husband back. >> american hostage luke somers was also killed. u.s. officials say they carried out the raid after al qaeda threatened to execute somers.
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and a heart-warming story from the ice this morning. here in new york, where the rangers signed 15-year-old cancer survivor chris falzone to a one-day contract. monday night, he suited up with his team, taking warl-e ining w even got an introduction at madison square garden. he was diagnosed as cancer as a freshman in high school. he was told he would never play hockey again. they were wrong. after chemotherapy and a hip replacement, cleared to begin skating once more, he's actually going to be playing with the travel team, which is to say cancer, take that. >> yes. >> you are not coming for mine. >> josh, thank you so much. mr. roker? >> again, as we mentioned, a lot of weather going on, both coasts in between. thankfully, things relatively calm. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average, rockies and central plains. little on the cool side. down through florida with temperatures in the 60s today.
7:15 am
at least plenty of sunshine. that's good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a slow moving strong norooster will give us drenching rain at times and temperatures only in the 40s. colder tonight and scattered snow showers tomorrow, little to no accumulation, high near 40 in the afternoon on wednesday. windy and cold day for thursday and friday. but, over the weekend, we'll get
7:16 am
some sunshine and the temperatures will climb. 47 on sunday and by monday it's up to 52. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks very much. want to talk now about an unexpected outbreak in the national hockey league. several players and referees have now come down with the mumps. nbc's gabe gutierrez is at the excel energy center in st. paul, minnesota. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. most people think of this virus of attacking children. so far five players have developed symptoms and one of the team's superstars is preparing to return to the ice. nhl is scrambling to contain a rare outbreak. since october at least nine players, five on the minnesota wild, three on the anaheim ducks and one on the new york rangers have come down with mumps. so have two referees. minnesota wild defenseman ryan suitor, who hadn't missed a game
7:17 am
since joining the team two years ago. he said it was miserable. >> focusing attention on a disease that is now uncommon due to the success of vaccination programs. >> reporter: the virus is transmitted through saliva, can be passed on through coughing, spitting and sharing things like water bottles. fever and swelling around the jaw. there were only 438 confirmed cases in the entire u.s. last year. this year there have already been more than 1,000 including outbreaks at four universities. now some nhl teams are making the mumps booster vaccine available to players, the league saying we are hopeful that the wave of cases will run their course and life will return to normal. doctors say the best way to avoid mump sincere make sure you're vaccinated. here in minnesota, the rest of the team has now gotten that booster shot. the incubation period, we could
7:18 am
see more outbreaks. >> the eleven here is don't share those water bottles. >> you think? >> carron is doing "the voice." what are you following this morning? >> did you see the colbert report? with a very special guest, president obama, during a very special version of "the word." the president took over, having fun at his own expense, specifically when it comes to obamacare. take a look. >> nation as you know, i, stephen colbert, have never cared for our president. last year's website rollout was a little bumpy. i think that's where disney got the idea for "frozen." >> ta-da-da. it was trending on facebook.
7:19 am
robert writes you have outdone yourself, mr. colbert. the word was ironic and a comedy gem. up next, joshua says love him or hate him, obama was outstanding on tonight's colbert report. that's a few of the comment that is came in. go online to see the rest of it. pretty funny television around this time of the year. guys? >> tamron, thank you. still ahead this morning, oscar winner angelina jolie stops by studio 1a. we'll talk about the buzz around her new movie "unbroken" and her life in the spotlight. was she telling the truth? victim of assault at the university of virginia's father speaks out in defense of his daughter.
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coming up, push for movie theaters to
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. 7:28 and 37 degrees out this morning. we're following breaking news as the nor'easter rolls across our area. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with what's happening now and what to expect throughout the day. >> vai, moved in with gusty winds and heavy rainfall in new jersey that when it move under to the lehigh valley, wintry mix icing conditions and still pretty dicy in those areas that are colder farther north and west. look at the winds blowing in center city. the winds will stay with us into
7:29 am
the afternoon. the rain has tapered off in the city and now a light rain falling but with winds gusting to 25 miles per hour in northeast philadelphia and stronger winds at the shore. it feels a3!5ñ lot heavier. still some areas that are seeing some pretty good rainfall and we're still watching for some icing north and west. a wintry mix now for portions of berks county and upper bucks county. in philadelphia, just a light rain. you can see the steadier, heavier rainfall in burlington county and now tapered off in cape may. there are some scattered showers in southern delaware. delaware has really been missing out on the rain so far this morning. 40 degrees so far in wilmington and upper 30s and holding for philadelphia. those areas farther north and west that are still in the cold zone just above freezing by one degree in doylestown. we could see some icing conditions in the quakertown area and 32 degrees in both those locations. windy and wet day with rainfall
7:30 am
continuing into this afternoon. how is this weather affecting your morning commute? let's get a check on traffic with jillian mele. >> busy out there. we have delays, accidents and flooding and icy conditions. this is a live look at 76 right near city avenue. you can see it's crawling along in both directions. drive times about 30 to 35 minutes between the blue route and the vine. 95 southbound is jammed solid, especially southbound as i mentioned. but northbound is also heavy right near cottman avenue. this is the ben franklin bridge. check it out, westbound stacked solid as drivers make their way into center city philadelphia. hamilton township, we have multiple spots of flooding, including on eastbound route 40 and we also have some in both directions on route 322 at cologne avenue. vai? >> thank you, jillian. the nor'easter is also causing problems at philadelphia international airport. right now an hour and 20 minute delay in flights. if you're flying today, make sure you check your flight before you leave for the airport. our other breaking news
7:31 am
story, the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty in philadelphia's history. it happened as emergency crews battled flames in the homes in the west oak lane section of the city. the 36-year-old woman became trapped in the basement of that home. she was rushed to the hospital where she died. the victim was an 11-year veteran of the department and she has not yet been identified. and we'll have another update on this morning's breaking stories in about 25 minutes. for real-time information always go to i'm vai sikahema and we'll send you back to "today" show which is in progress. angelina jolie. why directing her new movie "unbroken" was one of the hardest experiences of her life. >> real passion project for her. we'll catch up with angelina in a bit. new fallout over the sexual assault case at the university of virginia. it was first exposed in "rolling stone." we're hearing from friends and family of the alleged victim.
7:32 am
peter alexander has more. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. specifically, we're hearing from the alleged victim jackie's father. he told the tabloid his daughter was not a liar and defended her claim she was gang raped, offering a simple explanation for any flaws in her account. with the university of virginia community still in crisis and new questions about the now infamous "rolling stone" article and the alleged victim jackie's account, jackie's father is vehemently defending his daughter. she told the truth, he says. speaking publicly for the first time, his father explained to britain's "daily mail," she simply got the name of the fraternity wrong when she was gang raped. she did not know the details of the fraternity because she had been there for two weeks and she was 18 years old. also sticking up for jackie, her
7:33 am
freshman year suite mate, clark, who insists her story is not a hoax, a lie or a scheme. after "rolling stone" initially called its trust in jackie misplaced, clark writes it was jackie who mistrusted "rolling sto stone." three national groups representing the greek system are calling for uva to apologize for a rush to judgment that they say has damaged the reputation of greek organizations and students. >> it's fundamentally unfair to hold these students responsible as a group. it's very difficult to explain why it is that members of sororities are being suspended because of a rape involving a woman on campus. >> reporter: but uva's president theresa sullivan, isn't budging. the more than 60 greek organizations will remain suspended through the end of the year. in a letter to uva parents monday night, sullivan promise aid new system beginning in january to better ensure the
7:34 am
safety of all fraternity members and their guests. uva's president also announced the first steps of a new student safety plan, focusing on cracking down on sexual assault, a new police substation near the campus, increased police patrols and ambassadors to escort students to key areas and embolstered support for victims. >> let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay jowlers. every kiss begins with kay. the big story, we talk about this nor'easter coming up the coast. it is making for a real mess. in fact, what we're looking at right now is warm air being drawn in ahead of the system. so, we're watching this warm air. that's where the heavy rain is. and then behind it, we've got colder air being drawn in. that's where you see the pink
7:35 am
and the white, frozen precip. coastal flood advisories and warnings are in effect. you look at long branch, new jersey. look how heavy the surf is. it's going to continue, heavy rain anywhere from three to five inches all along from atlantic city all the way up into new england. back side of this system, we're talking about heavier snow. look at these snowfall amounts, anywhere from a foot to a foot and a half, upstate new york into new england. in some upper elevations near catskills, we could be talking two feet of snow in the next 72 good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a strong moving nor'easter. drenching rain at times and temperatures only in the 40s this afternoon. the rain tapers off tonight and gets colder, scattered snow showers tomorrow, little to no accumulation and high near 40 in the afternoon on wednesday. windy and cold day for thursday and friday, but, over the weekend, we'll get some sunshine
7:36 am
and the temperatures will climb. 47 on sunday and by monday 52. have a great day. latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up on trending, why the man behind that eaten alive special doesn't really care if you're upset that he wasn't actually eaten alive. >> reporter: okay. and coming up next, angelina jolie comes to studio 1a after this. have been masters of jewelry design for centuries."ly this levian collection is amazing. maybe it's time to start your own. kay jewelers presents today's levian collection... featuring exclusive levian chocolate diamonds. including incredible limited edition styles like these. one more reason kay is the number-one jewelry store in america. it's...(she can't find the words) a work of art? ♪ every kiss begins with kay.
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♪ the new movie "unbroken" directed by angelina jolie tells the real story of olympic runner and world war ii veteran, a life of captivity and torture was nothing short of inspirational. >> you are like me. we are both strong. i saw it in your eyes the first day. i thought, this man will be my friend. but enemy of japan. >> joined now by tom brokaw, following the production of "unbroken" for the past year, and he joins us with angelina
7:41 am
jolie and two of the cast members. tom and angelina, i know you guys are like besties at this point. you've done a documentary together. is that a fair assessment? >> i thought i would show up in one of those hollywood entertainment shows, who is the other man in her life? the biggest story in hollywood, angelina jolie with a man who appears to be her grandfather. that's the best i can do at this point. film opens. you devoted so much of your life to it. what's the most important aspect that have for you? >> of course, louis zamperini. he is a true inspiration, and also our friend. we are fortunate to bring his message to the world, his story to the world. it is his legacy and it's our responsibility to get it right because he deserves it. so, we're a little nervous but
7:42 am
we're excited for more people to know of his story. >> as i understand it, you had an opportunity to show him a cut of the film before he passed away. what is that like, that moment? >> i was in the editing room and found he had gone to the hospital. louis, it would be important for him, for everybody to know, he was 97, living alone, was sharp, funny and went out on his feet. i put the film on the laptop, held it over and had the great honor of watching this extraordinary mountain of a man watch his life and relive the events of his life and remember his family and it was a very profound and very moving moment. and then he said something silly and funny and i left the hospital room realizing that he took care of me and made me feel okay about his passing. so, that's who louis was.
7:43 am
>> lauren hillenbrand, who wrote the original book "unbroken," who inspired you to make this, said the same thing. she saw the film and loved it. those are two pretty good testimoni testimonials. if you want to send a message, call western union. now i guess it would be if you want to send a message send an e-mail but you do want to send a message about values and the time in our lives. >> we're losing these men and women today, we're losing them and what they meant to us, what they taught us, and how they held themselves, their commitment to their community, their family, their faith, it was the greatest generation. not only to pay respect to them but before they're gone, to learn everything we can from them. it's also a message that's relatable today to everybody, which is the strength of the human spirit and how to overcome obstacles and we feel that that's a beautiful message to bring to everybody at christmastime.
7:44 am
>> i want to bring in your stars here, jack, you played louis pchzam zamperini. what did you tell you about playing himself? >> be hardy, that's the advice he gave me, signed my book. still not sure what that means but it helped me recover something. i had the opportunity to shake his hand, look at him and say louis, you're in good hands with me, which was perhaps a little bit naive of me to say that at the beginning of the shoot. but he said he know. he looked at me and said he know. >> are you worried about how you'll be treated in japan after being played on the big screen in such a sinister role? are you concerned about japan's reaction to this? and your career as a musician?
7:45 am
>> when angelina said she wanted to create something meaningful that could be a bridge between america and japan, this is a message of forgiveness and how strong we can be. i am now confident everyone who is suffering can learn and receive his message. >> and, you've been an actress for many, many years. from a career perspective maybe that you didn't even know you had? >> i didn't plan on becoming a director or switching careers. i found stories i cared about and wanted to tell them. the best way to tell them was to try to shepherd them from beginning to end and tell them as a director. i never thought of it as a career. i just thought i get to walk in this man's footsteps. i get to tell the story. i get to shine a light on these actors. it's just been a great, creative experience and unbroken has been the hardest creative experience of my life. >> queen elizabeth, she just had an audience, named her a dame effectively, now newly married.
7:46 am
tell savannah what you said after you got married and wanted to do the wifely thing. >> i did mention that now i'm officially a wife, i was going to try to learn to cook properly. >> start slow. >> and he said don't bother. he's tasted my cooking. >> story "unbroken," beautiful telling of an amazing life. pleasure having you here. "unbroken" opens christmas day. and, tom, you'll have more on a special that airs tonight 10:00, 9:00 central. >> savannah, thank you very much. and tom as well. carrie underwood is here with a new album and a baby on the way. we'll talk to her and she'll perform for us live. first on a tuesday morning, these messages. denver international is one of the busiest airports
7:47 am
in the country. we operate just like a city, and that takes a lot of energy. we use natural gas throughout the airport - for heating the entire terminal, generating electricity on-site, and fueling hundreds of vehicles. we're very focused on reducing our environmental impact. and natural gas is a big part of that commitment. and we're new to the pacific northwest. the rain, the mud -- babam! it's there. the outside comes in.
7:48 am
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and there are some people you shouldn't. people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should. no way. should. no. definitely not. ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom. all the way back to yesterday, we unveiled the short list for "time" magazine's person of the year. >> yesterday was -- >> monday. >> monday, right. >> tamron is over in the orange room. what are they saying? >> a mere 24 hours ago in this vevery location, the orange roo
7:51 am
we revealed, as you recall, the short list for "time's" person of the year. we narrowed it down to the final eight. this will be an interesting reveal. who our voters chose. so, third place, according to our viewers, masoud barzoni, president of iraqi kurdistan. this is number three. this is what our viewers said. number two on the list -- you'll see. taylor swift. so, you have the iraqi kurdistan president and taylor swift back to back, according to our viewers, the ebola caregivers. there you have it. fascinating one, two, three there. i would love for people to go on to facebook and let us know what they're thinking. collected group and certainly one that will set off a conversation. tomorrow, big reveal, 2014's "time" person of the year. >> wouldn't make a bad invite list if you were having a
7:52 am
christmas party. >> yeah. >> good conversations going there. tamron, thank you. just ahead on trending, have movies become so long theaters need to bring back intermission? plus, we're thrilled we have grammy award winner carrie underwood in our studio live getting ready to perform. what did you like about this holiday. nice clothes? not on her list. what these kids want, your kids have... their health. at st. jude children's research hospital, we're fighting for kids who aren't as lucky as yours. the discoveries at st. jude can help save children close to you. our treatments are used in hospitals all across america. thanks to our research, st. jude has the world's best survival rates for the toughest childhood cancers. and no family ever pays st. jude for anything.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. couple minutes before 8:00 a.m. this morning following breaking news and nor'easter bring heavy rains and high winds to our area. meteorologist bill henley has more on what you can expect as you're headling out the door. >> the wind near constant and the wind has tapered off in cape may with a drenching rain. when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, you can see clouds and the streets are damp, just some scattered light showers into the cape may area. move up the coastline, and you can see rain is streaming-sg on shore through atlantic city and trenton area, as well. while philadelphia is just getting light rain right now.
7:59 am
the wind gustingsky. 25 miles pr hour. above freezing for reading up to 35 degrees and allentown also 35. that's a good move after an icy start this morning. a windy and wet one. slowly climbing temperatures. 41 degrees at noontime and showers will be tapering off later this afternoon with temperatures in the low 40s at 4:00. >> thank you, bill. the weather is also impacting the morning commute. let's get right to first alert traffic reporter jillian mele with a look at the roads. good morning, jill. >> to you at home, backed up solid on the southbound side from cottman to past this point at girard. your drive time 40 minutes from wood haven to the vine. a lot of delays out there this morning and 95 average speed 12 miles per hour and 8 miles per hour on 36 and 24 miles per hour on 422 eastbound. so, it is a slow go out there this morning. in addition to the delays, we're also seeing accidents across the area. one in abbington and flooding a
8:00 am
big problem throughout this morning. 676 eastbound to the vine street expressway, that ramp has been flooded for much of the morning. it is passable, however, that ramp is partially blocked. vai? >> thank you, jillian. the nor'easter is causing problems at philly international airport. some arriving flights are delayed by an hour and 20 minutes. if you're flying today, keep an eye on your flight and make sure you call before you leave for the airport. our other breaking news story of the day, tragedy in the philadelphia fire department. the victim is the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty in the city's history. 36-year-old woman died while battling flames at a home in west oak lane. she was an 11-year veteran of the department and the officials have not yet identified that firefighter until her next of kin are notified. another update on this morning's breaking news in about a half hour. for realtime information always go to i'm vai sikahema we'll send you back to "today" show which is already in progress. 4.
8:01 am
>> a little rain can't keep us away. >> good morning, ft. worth, texas. >> good morning, virginia. >> celebrating our 40th birthdays. >> here in new york city for a girls birthday weekend. >> i'm 30 today! morning, everyone. what a beautiful day. welcome back to "today" on a rainy morning. that was the view from the top of the rock. here is the view from our plaza. folks lining up outside saying hello despite the less than optimal weather, shall we say? >> we're sorry. we were going to go out there. we will try to get out there a little later. >> i'm going to go out. >> you get the spirit award. >> hardy crowd. >> the duke and duchess begin
8:02 am
their final day here in new york. one of the highlights coming last night. william and kate met beyonce, jay-z and lebron james at the brooklyn nets game. natalie, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. it's going to be a more somber start to the day today as the royals head to the 9/11 memorial museum downtown, of course, to pay their respects. monday, as you mentioned, a very full day. william headed to washington to pay a visit to the president and vice president, while kate visited with children in harlem at a child care center. the moment, though, a lot of people are talking about, of course, is courtside at the b barclay center where the british royalty met with brooklyn's royalty with jay-z and beyonce as they cheered on the nets and the cavaliers. meanwhile, king james, lebron james, also taking a moment with kate, the duchess, even taking a photo, which some people are
8:03 am
questioning across the pond as he casually draped his arm over the royals. some questioning if he broke royal protocol there. kate didn't seem to mind. and she also got one of his jerseys to take home for prince george, a little souvenir, no doubt, that she will treasure. today, as an emotional day for them as they head to the memorial museum and, of course, there's a star-studded gala tonight. that is to commemorate the 600th anniversary of st. andrews, their alma mater, happening at the met. i'll send it back to you guys inside the studio. >> a serious note to that game last night, some of the cavs and nets players before the game, coming out with t-shirts that said "i can't breathe." obviously, a reference to the controversial grand jury decision in the eric garner case. there was news made at the game as well. >> we turn to josh, actually, for our top stories while natalie is covering the royals. >> we've seen a lot of rain overnight, too. good morning to you savannah,
8:04 am
and all of you. flight delays are spreading this morning as this nor'easter unleashes its heavy rain, powerful winds and coastal flooding from new jersey all the way north to maine. new york, philadelphia, boston and all cities in between getting drenched at this hour. the storm could also dump as much as a foot and a half of snow in inland areas. outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel arrived overnight in baghdad to assure iraqi officials that the u.s. is committed to helping them retake territory seized by islamic state fighters. hagel is meeting with american commanders and troops to thank them for their sacrifice in the fight against isis. the u.s. has mobilized 2,000 marine guards in the middle east to guard against possible attacks on u.s. embassies when the senate releases a report on cia interrogations after the 9/11 attacks. u.s. officials, who have read the report, say it contains graphic new details of alleged
8:05 am
torture. cia defenders, meanwhile, say the interrogations disrupted terror plots and helped to locate osama bin laden. and the ntsb is investigating flight data recorders from a plane that crashed in maryland on monday. all three people on the plane were killed along with the mother you see there and two of their young sons inside their home. the woman's husband was at work, however, and her 5-year-old was in preschool. federal arson investigators are joining a local team at the scene of that massive fire monday in downtown los angeles. the inferno destroyed an unfinished apartment tower and closed sections of freeways, melting nearby freeway signs. the fact that the fire erupted so quickly over so much of the building might point to foul play. orion spacecraft is back on u.s. soil this morning, arriving in san diego onboard the uss
8:06 am
anchorage monday night. two s's, or three. the spacecraft was recovered from the pacific ocean, roughly 600 miles from the california coast. orion will be trucked back to cape canaveral, florida. and an uproar over a snack has forced a korean airlines vice president to resign this morning. the airlines supervisor of inflight service heather cho was sitting on a flight friday. reportedly became upset when her macadamia nuts, not pictured, were served in a bag and not on the dish. she had the pilot return to the gate so that the flight attendant could be removed from the flight. we should point out that cho's father is the company's chairman. again, perhaps -- >> i don't know if the other 249 passengers on board loved that. >> i'm not advocating her removal, however -- >> the sin of the macadamia nuts outweighed inconveniencing 250
8:07 am
other passengers? >> they were not served anyway dish, matt. >> you will get them in a dish from here on out, i am sure. >> exactly right. >> josh, thanks so much. let's get another check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by foliage ef. the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup. >> good morning. all these nice folks standing outside in a torrential rain. it is a cold rain as well. these folks, missing school for the "today" show. i've got to say -- what's your name, young man? >> spencer. >> where are you from? >> burbank. >> the weather is a little nicer in burbank than it is here. here in the northeast, heavy rain and mountain snows, as you get to the west. and out west, we're talking about rain in seattle as well. long branch and seattle. rough stuff out there. in between, everything is not bad. here in the northeast, airport delays will be a mess.
8:08 am
boston, newark, philly, washington, d.c. out west, heavy rain pushing in. some areas may pick up eight inches of rain around the seattle area. and then it starts to push into central and northern california. there is most likely going to be more flooding there as well. some areas picking up, again, seven t good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. a strong moving nor'easter gives temperatures only in the 40s this afternoon. rain tapers off tonight, gets colder. scattered snow showers, little to no accumulation. high near 40 in the afternoon wednesday. windy, cold day for thursday and friday, but over the weekend we get some sunshine and temperatures will climb. 47 on sunday. by monday, up to 52. have a great day. >> these folks are pairing up, two by two.
8:09 am
it's rough. back to you guys. >> straight ahead on trending, when matt is really having a bad day? we'll have the video for you. >> just hold your judgment. from the winter olympics to the ice bucket challenge. we'll reveal the stories you liked the most on facebook in 2014. plus, one of country music's biggest stars, carrie underwood, live, and pop superstar austin grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here!
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that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work >> we are back now at 8:12. time for what's trending today. first up on a tuesday morning, this story just continues to live on. the guy who wasn't eaten alive is now fighting back. on monday we told you about the internet outrage after naturalist paul rosa lee failed to get devoured by that snake.
8:13 am
weird thing to be outraged over. more than 4 million people tuned in to the discovery channel special. on jimmy kimmel live, paul explained why he cut that stunt short. >> the important part was protecting my rib cage. i really wanted to make sure that i stayed alive. >> is it troubling to you that millions of people are upset that the snake did not eat you? >> no, not really. i think they missed the point of the whole show then. >> don't you agree in order to make this up, though, you should be eaten by another animal? i'm sure we could find an alligator that is willing. >> i mean, i think i owe it to the people of planet earth to get eaten by something. >> well said. >> by the way, discovery is standing by the decision saying its top priority was to protect both paul and the snake. good way to have done that? not to have done the stunt in the first place. >> he said we all missed the point of the special. was that the special named eaten alive? >> hello! >> they cut that short. he is having his rib cage
8:14 am
snapped in half. >> so, you were a satisfied customer? >> i suppose. >> this morning, new research confirming what women have long suspected. those high heels have power. a study from france found that men tend to be more courtious and more responsive to women in high heels. those women, according to the research, also waited half the time to get picked up by men in bars which, by the way, seems like a super fun study to be part of. what do we think, guys? >> it would be really stupid for any of us to comment on that. >> you've worn heels. >> there you go. >> did you notice a difference? >> would you help a woman in heels faster than you would help a woman in sneakers or flats? >> exactly not. right? exactly not. >> what about like those furry ugg boots that we women like? >> i have a few pairs of furry ugg boots. so they don't shoot lasers, by "power"? >> not that kind of power. >> there's one woman who wears stille
8:15 am
stilletos better than any woman i know. tamron hall. >> men help you walk, when you're stepping, because they believe you're going to fall. if we have on flats, you kind of go on your own. in heels they do assist you. but being out at bars, i don't know. i'll check it out later. >> i don't know that they're comfortable. >> they're dirty but they don't hurt. >> now come on. these don't hurt? >> those don't hurt. there are some -- >> i saw that movie "single white female." they hurt. >> but they don't hurt -- all of them don't hurt, i should say. >> we digress. we often complain how long movies are these days. an article on offers a possible solution. intermissions. remember those? >> sure. >> here is the idea. you get a break in the middle of the action. here is the running times of some recent hits.
8:16 am
"interstell "interstellar," 2:29. "gone girl," 2:25. if there were an intermission in it, would people get up and leave in the intermission? >> everybody would be racing to the bathroom. >> you have an app that you love that gives you the break. >> tells you what time in the movie is a good time to go to the bathroom. >> it's an artistic question. they allow for them in plays and musicals. they are writing them to an intermission and then out of them. >> you watch "lawrence of arabia" or any of those movies, they had intermissions. >> why are they so long these days? can't miss this one. matt, you love to golf. matt losing out on a putt. we have that video. take a look. do we have the video? there we go.
8:17 am
>> maybe next time, buddy. >> he had the exact same reaction when he watched "eaten alive." >> all right. that is what's trending today. >> golf. carrie underwood, she is a superstar who is always trending. two mo she was nominated for two more grammys. and in the spring she will become a mom. more on her award-winning career. ♪ blown away >> carrie underwood has been blowing us away with her talent for nearly ten years. on 2005 she took the top spot on "american idol." >> carrie underwood! >> received 95 major honors, including six grammys. she was the first female artist to be named the academy of country music's entertainer of the year twice. her first four albums were
8:18 am
certified multiplatinum. this multitalented all-american girl is a multi-media superstar, achievements in music, television and film. her star continues to rise as she releases her brand new album "greatest hits: decade number one." carrie underwood, great to see. >> you thf thank you. thank you for having me back. >> grammys and that is secondary. it's more important than what's going on here. >> what are you talking about? >> you were rehearsing with a big coat on earlier and it was hard to tell that you are showing. when are you due? >> spring. >> how are you doing? >> good. you guys wake up early. >> did you go through the tough three months, though? did you have the morning sickness? >> no, i didn't. i was really fortunate in that. >> how are we doing with names?
8:19 am
there's been back and forth joking about the name of this -- by the way, little boy. >> little boy. >> it will not be fly fisher, correct? >> no. my husband comes up with many names like that. i think bass has been on the list. >> because, we should mention to people, who don't know, your husband's last name is fisher, right? >> yeah. >> are there any early leaders at home? >> not really. there's kind of a couple that we're okay with. but it's hard. >> it is. >> labeling your child for the rest of his life. >> you want to be more than okay with it. >> yeah, i know. i was like, why don't we come up with a short list that we're both agreeable to and then we meet the little guy and see what we're feeling. >> make a decision. let's talk about you for a second. it's been ten years now basically. >> crazy. >> that you have been churning out hits. to you, does it feel like it's gone by quickly or has it unfolded at a slower pace? >> a little of both, to be
8:20 am
honest. it seems like my audition for "american idol" was yesterday and in other ways it feels like it was a whole lifetime ago. i think it's because there's been so much stuff that's happened in the last ten years. >> have you allowed yourself time to process it? i always wonder when i see someone like you, that's had so much success in such a relatively short period of time, if you had the chance to stop and go, wow! >> that's what's been so great about putting together the greatest hits. i'm the worst at relishing the moments as they happen. so many of us don't really take the time to stop and take the time to look around and enjoy things as they happen. putting this all together has been really good for me to reflect and look through pictures and seeing songs on one album together. it goes in chronological order. it's so fun to kind of listen to how things have changed over the years. >> it's show business. they call it that for a reason. part of it is the show. but it's a business, too.
8:21 am
does the business part of it ever weigh you down? >> i mean, a little bit. any time anybody is trying to to be creative, of course, there's so many other things to think about. there's so many people i work with, where we are are all a team f i don't do my job, they can't do theirs and it's all a big mess. so sometimes that can stifle creativity a little bit. it's important to keep that in your mind and charge through it and be able to do what you do. >> even as you're dealing with a business, the whole idea is to make it look fun and effortless. >> it is fun. >> but a lot of effort goes into it. >> my favorite part is being on stage. there's a lot of stuff sometimes you have to get to, to actually be on stage. that's the best part of my day. >> we'll get to see your favorite part in a little while. carrie will perform live in our next half hour. and also coming up next,
8:22 am
from major headlines to hollywood, what were the biggest stories that had you talking online? cheryl sandberg is here with a look at the social network in review. always good to see you. >> good to see you, savannah. thanks for having me. >> how is facebook making sure that people are using facebook to talk about what matters to them? >> people all around the world, all through the year talk about topics. we take a look in a privatized, sensitive way, to see what were the top topics? what people are most engaging with around the world. >> ten through four.
8:23 am
i love the sochi olympics. robin williams' death. people were talking and sharing their grief on facebook. >> they were. i remember when he died, i actually watched "mrs. doubtfire" with my two kids. they had never seen it before. the depth and breadth of his talent. >> george w. bush made a splash. unbelievably funny. >> huge on the site. 17 million people made als videos. for a lot of people it was the first time they realized you could take a video on your phone and upload it to facebook. >> let's get to our top three. the brazilian elections. that's interesting that was so high on the list. why do you think? >> it's a global list. but this was the most talked-about election of the year, presidential election, very hotly contested. a lot of drama. >> we also have the ebola virus outbreak. so many people talking about that. nbc news partnered with facebook
8:24 am
to share stories. >> normally when there's a crisis in the world, a lot of people and tv cameras rush into the crisis. because of the contagious nature of this disease, people are scared and people can't really see what's happening. you can do that on facebook. for those of us so far away, social media makes the world a little closer and little -- >> number one on the list, i'm not surprised. >> most shared event, talked-about event in facebook history, 350 million people came around the world cup. social media at its best. at its very best, social media ma makes the world smaller, more of a community. this is an event the world has always paid attention to. being able to engage makes people that much more excited. >> from the not shocking file, the movie "frozen."
8:25 am
>> as a mother of a son and a daughter. you're a mother now, this is a triumph, triumph for disney but a triumph for little girls. >> and a lot of women power. beyonce. >> great feminist. i worked with her earlier this year. her message about what it can be to be strong, independent woman are important. >> since i have you here, i have to show you this video that impressed us earlier this year. mark zuckerberg speaking mandarin. take a look. [ speaking mandarin ] >> does that feel like another day at the office for you guys? were you impressed? >> i was really impressed. mark does an annual challenge every year. last year his challenge was to try to learn mandarin, which is something that a lot of people can't see do in a year. it was exciting to see him speak. >> do you feel like you have to keep up? >> i'm not going to keep up, particularly in mandarin, but i'm proud he was able to do it. >> cheryl sandberg, thank you very much. >> thank you. savannah, thank you very much. coming up soon, we'll be talking
8:26 am
to two cool guys, martin freeman from "the hobbit" and we
8:27 am
8:28 am
it is o5+ñ8:28. 37 degrees outside. following breaking news as a nasty nor'easter hits the region. threat of snow is looming. we are dealing with strong winds, heavy rain and flooding in some area. let's get the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> seeing changing conditions. in the pocono mountains there was snow earlier, now taking a break. there's still snow on the radar screen. live view from camel back.
8:29 am
radar shows it is not over by any means. snow and rain to the north. in philadelphia, just rain, light rain. the steadier rain is in new jersey. threat of rain continues into the afternoon. 40 and holding in wilmington, 39 in northeast philadelphia with wind chills running about 10 degrees colder. wet and windy day, starting in the 30s, top out in the 40s. andm0$n the weather is cau problems for commuters through the morning. let's check the traffic with jillian mele. >> good morning, vai. good morning to stay home if you can. seeing a lot of heavy volume across the area. boulevard southbound at fox street. we have multiple areas where traffic lights are malfunctioning. kelly drive at milvale. we are reviewing that situation. one in íç?>abington road. 6 miles per hour the average on 76 westbound at city avenue. pa turnpike drawing, so is 9d 5,
8:30 am
blue route, 422, still a lot of volume out there. still have flooding, folsom at 12th and hamilton township, flooding on 40 and báñ322. the nor'easter is causing problems at filtz international airport. right now, some arriving flights delayed by an hour and 20 minutes. if you fly out today, going to pick somebody up, may want to check with the airline0!ç befor you head out the door. a philadelphia firefighter died after being trapped in a burning home. the fire broke out around 3:00 on middleton street. 36-year-old was the first female philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty. she was an 11-year-old veteran of the department. her name withheld, pending notification of relatives. the last firefighter killed in the line of duty was back in april ofdzxéz 2013. another update in about a half hour.
8:31 am
you can get the latest news and weather on i'll send you back to the "today" show in progress. have a good day. lady. >> i'm just under savannah's. >> by the way, carrie underwood will be back to perform for us, coming up live. and from country to pop, austin mahone is adding a new title to his growing resume. an author now. we'll talk to austin. >> get in here. come on. you want to come under here with me? >> i would love to, yeah. >> here we go. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. here we are. good weather we ordered. >> i know. >> not only are you collecting toys but you've got a big announcement to make. >> big announcement. i'm going to be on broadway for the first time. >> big role roxie. >> chicago, iconic production. i am beyond -- >> huge names have played roxie. >> no pressure. >> you are joining that. >> this specific role that you were looking at -- this is the
8:32 am
first time on broadway. why this role? something special? >> you know what i actually love about it? i love the story. it's fun, lighthearted. a little lighthearted play about murder. the dancing, to get to learn all that. bob fosse. i can't wait. >> and it's indoors. >> indoors. >> you've been on a lot of stages this one make you nervous? >> this one makes me on fire. this one makes me thrilled. nobody phones it in on broadway. other parts of the industry, you can be auto tuned and fix stuff so your personality and looks can carry you. not on broadway. not on that stage. you've got to bring it. >> congratulation. >> thank you. jennifer nettles, playing "roxie" on broadway. let's check the weather. is it raining? >> little bit. heavy rain. heavy snow back to the interior sections of new england and
8:33 am
upstate new york, pennsylvania. strong winds. lot of rain in the pacific northwest. tomorrow that rain makes its way into northern and central california. midsection of the country, plenty of sunshine. chilly conditions through the southeast on into florida. more mountain snows all the way from the appalachians into the alleghenys and upstate new york and new england. windy conditions as well. air traffic will be a big problem over the next couple of good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. a slow moving strong nor'easter will give us windy, wet conditions, drenching rain at times, temperatures only in the 40s this afternoon. rain tapers off tonight, getssl colder. scattered snow showers, little to no accumulation. high near 40 on wednesday. windy and cold day for thursday and friday, but over the weekend we'll get sunshine and temperatures will climb, 47 on sunday, by monday up to 52. have a great day. ng
8:34 am
on youtube of himself singing. it led to his discovery and catapulted him to pop music stardom. now he's writing about it in his new book "just how it happened:ands my road to fame." let's put up that picture, you at 14 years old -- that's not 14. when you look at that picture, what do you think? >> i would always go to my grandparents house and we would have fun and mess around. >> which of you felt you had a
8:35 am
chance to make it first, you or your parents? >> i mean, my grandparents, definitely, for sure. i didn't really think of doing any of this at that age. >> you didn't? >> definitely not. >> you went around, handed out fliers. >> yeah. >> posted videos on youtube. when did you start to realize that people were noticing you? >> just when, you know, i would get calls from girls and girls' parents saying they wanted me to fly out to their birthday parties and i was like, what? you want me to come to your house and just hang out? that's what i did. i was like, this is definitely just getting more than just singing on youtube. >> you had a chance encounter, you met taylor swift at some kind of a store, right? >> we were in nashville, went into this little coffee shop and the person we were with was saying, famous people come in all the time. you just kind of see them. i was like, okay. taylor walked in and i'm like, i'm pretty sure that's taylor swift. that looks just like her. they're like, just relax. don't go up to her i went up to
8:36 am
her anyway. i'm like, my name is austin. i'm a big fan. i love you. >> you threw that in? >> yeah. >> how long after that were you actually opening up for her? >> two, two and a half years after that. >> an amazing ride. >> yeah, it is. >> it sounds like a weird question to ask you because you're only 18. in the four years this has all been going on, did you make mistakes? are there things you wish you could do over? >> i definitely feel like i made mistakes but i wouldn't do anything over because i feel like everything happen for a reason. >> you look back and say if i had gone left there as opposed to right, it might be even better? >> i definitely feel like that but i feel like i'm on the right track now so i'm not dwelling on mistakes i've made. >> you said something in an interview recently and it caught me. you talked about your life. and in the book you said it might be a weird thing to say, but i don't really feel like i have a home. there's no place that feels like the place where i live all the time.
8:37 am
>> yeah. >> and that made me sad a little bit. >> sad? >> because you spend so much time traveling around, you don't feel roots anywhere. >> for me, texas is always like home because that's where i'm from. i live in miami now and have a house there. and so i feel like -- every time i'm on the road, when i am traveling i feel like i'm home. once i get home i feel like i'm on vacation a little bit. you know what i'm saying? it's kind of weird. >> one of the nice things about you is that you also -- and i don't want to jinx anything but you've avoided the pitfalls. >> oh, yeah. >> is that a conscious effort? you have to work hard on that? >> yeah, knock on wood. i'm always trying to work hard, be a good role model and inspire people as much as i can. i'm just doing what i love to do pretty much. >> working out well for you. >> thank you. >> good to see you, ace continue. it's a pleasure. the book is called just how it happened. >> yeah. >> bilbo baggins himself. we'll talk to martin freeman
8:38 am
about the new "hobbit" movie and his hosting snl. about the new "hobbit" movie and his hosting snl. >> anwhat's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you.
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8:40 am
we are back now at 8:40 with the hobbit franchise, martin freeman and bilbo baggins finds himself on the verge of an epic battle. while he is ready to fight gandolf the wizard, he feels different about it. >> i'm not about to leave the company now. >> there is no company. not anymore. and i don't want to find out what soren will do when he finds out. >> i'm not afraid of soren. >> you should be. don't underestimate the evil of gold. >> we were talking about that clip. martin freeman, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the way i read that intro, it
8:41 am
sounds like bilbo fights gandolf. >> that's his actual height. >> ian is actually 8' 2". >> he carry it is very well. >> yeah. >> are you bittersweet? are you like, thank goodness that's in the rear view mirror? what's your mind-set? >> i'm very fond of all the memories i have of the show, friends i made and the experiences. but things are meant to finish. i'm just very glad we get to share it with you. >> it is the final installment, right? >> it is. >> it's a wrap party for number two. they said guess what, we're going to do it a third. >> they did. by that time, the rumors had been going around the set thatware not going to fit this in. there's a lot of material to get that through. by the time they announced it, we had sort of guessed it. when i finally left, i did my wrap wrap and said good-bye to everyone and said to peter
8:42 am
jackson, is this really -- will we be getting back together in six months? that was a year and a half ago. that was really it. it's now over and this is the last film. >> you shot it a year and a half ago. when you saw the finished product were you like, this is a good movie. >> i genuinely have no recollection of it. >> scenes you were in? >> yes, words coming out of my mouth. i have no recollection at all. >> i'm very excited about another thing, you are hosting snl this weekend. >> i am excited about that, and a little bit scared. >> that seems intimidating. >> everyone is as nice as possible, you know. they're very welcoming but it's going into someone else's house and, you know, standing on their table and showing off. so, it's a little bit scary. it's such a well-established machine and the players are so well established and they bond together so well. i'm hoping they're going to be nice to me and let me in their game. >> do you have any fantasies about being on snl? please let me play this
8:43 am
character or that character? >> not specific ones. there are things that i sort of hope i might be asked to do. but i'm not going to -- >> tell me. >> cross dressing. come on. >> we learned a lot about you, martin. >> i know. >> we'll see you saturday when we really get to know you as you host snl. and "the hobbit: the battle of the five armys" opens friday. you should see t you're really good. carrie underwood performs for us live. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. it is 8:45. we are delighted that carrie underwood stuck around for a performance. although we didn't give her a choice in that.
8:46 am
singing "something in the water" off her brand new album, ladies and gentlemen, carrie underwood. ♪ he said i've been where you've been before down every hallway's a slamming door no way out no one to come and save me wasting a life that the good lord gave me ♪ ♪ then somebody said what i'm saying to you opened my eyes and told me the truth they said just a little faith it'll all get better so i followed that preacher man down to the river ♪ ♪ and now i'm change d and now i'm stronger ♪
8:47 am
♪ there must've been something in the water oh, there must've been something in the water ♪ ♪ well i heard what he said and i went on my way didn't think about it for a couple of days then it hit me like a lightning late one night i was all out of hope and all out of fight ♪ ♪ couldn't fight back the tears so i fell on my knees saying god if you're there come and rescue me felt love pouring down from above got washed in the water washed in the blood ♪ ♪ and now i'm changed and now i'm stronger ♪ ♪ there must be something in the water
8:48 am
oh, there must be be something in the water ♪ ♪ and now i'm singing along to amazing grace can't nobody wipe this smile off my face got joy in my heart angels on my side thank god almighty i saw the light gonna look ahead no turning back live everyday give it all that i have trust in someone bigger than me ever since the day that i believed ♪ ♪ i am changed and now i'm stronger there must be something in the water oh, there must be something in
8:49 am
the water yeah there must be something in the water oh, there must be something in the water ♪ ♪ oh, yeah i was lost but now i'm found i was blind but now i see ♪ ♪ >> carrie underwood. carrie, thank you so much. she'll come back in a little while with hoda and kathie lee.
8:50 am
and we're back. first this is "today" on nbc. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years.
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8:52 am
featuring five master trainers, combining a variety of techni e techniques to customize a workout for you. >> oh, so you leave me with the names? here we go. kioni hudoba. >> now the workout is over. >> i know. this is an interesting concept. you tailor make these workouts, quick workouts so people can get the information they need. >> radius is a fitness experience, a premium fitness experience featuring this unstoppable tribe of five elite master trainers, bringing you fitness any time, anywhere, on any of your screen. >> let's have an example. let's start with you. >> perfect. >> okay, i don't want to wait till the new year. i'm going to pack on a few pounds this holiday season. what should i be doing to counteract that? >> it is that holiday season. i call it the guilty pleasure season. my guilty pleasure are sweets.
8:53 am
i love -- we all created a minute little segment workout move to torch those calories. 180-degree with punches sbchlt my beautiful co-athlete is going to be doing this. she lowers in a squat. she's blocking that. this is targeting those gluts, lifting everything nice and tight. her core is tight. three jabs nice and strong. she's going to jump, getting the heart rate up, punching nicky. right back to start. boom. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> do you have to have someone to punch? >> no. >> this could get you in real trouble on the streets of new york here. >> it protects you on the streets of new york here. >> okay. >> you've got a background in dance, fitness. tell me about your workout. >> yes, i do. my workout is basically for anyone who wants to get or maintain a perky butt, especially around the holidays. it's called the glut pickup. and the fantastic kioni is going to demonstrate. shoulder width apart, butt close
8:54 am
to the floor. bring it up. bend over from the waist. keeping the butt tight, coming up, engaging the hamstrings and the gluts. >> nicky, soccer player. >> i am a former pro soccer player. i'm all about people not just looking good, but feeling good. whether you're a stay-at-home mom or working dad, there's no point looking like a stud and moving like a dud. >> catchy, nicky. >> all right? hero get up. get in the squat, working the quads, the glut, in the hero lunge, opposite hero lunge and back. all these moves have progression. that can end up looking like this. >> in about 12 years. >> if you're you. okay. now, i love the name of your exercise, natalie, the crescent curtsy lunge. >> yeah.
8:55 am
>> tell us about it. >> i'm all about the core. how can i get those abs and gluts engaged? my main man alex will demo. legs up and around, ewing the gluts and really activating that core. that's it. >> pretty good. >> alex, your turn. turnabout is fair play. >> that's right. payback. mine is all about upper body strength. push-up with the shoulder tap on here. your strength and your core and your shoulders and your chest. go down into a pushup. come back up again. nice job, natalie. >> can i ask you guys a question? how many calories do you think we burned watching you all do that? >> i think you earned a healthy treat. that's what you did. >> thank you so much. >> if you want to learn more about radius fitness head to tamron does some cooking with the barefoot contessa. first your local news and weather. nice job, guys. >> thank you.
8:56 am
we continue to follow breaking news involving the death of a philadelphia firefighter this morning. this is a picture here of the procession as the firefighter's body was transported from einstein medical center. watched it come down 76th eastbound, just got off 76 eastbound. presumably headed for the
8:57 am
medical examiner's office. a large contingent of firefighter and police personnel leading the procession there. you can see a fire engine involved in a procession as well. several firefighters were seen saluting along the way, along with police who blocked traffic entering 76. 76 reopened to traffic. we continue to follow the procession of the firefighter's body after this morning's tragic accident. let's switch gears, take a look at what's happening outside. a lot of you are seeing a lot of rain as there's a nor'easter over the area. meteorologist bill henley has more. >> some people getting more rainfall than others. everybody getting gusty winds and cooler temperatures. snow in the pocono mountains and fairly dry in cape may. live view from the lafayette hotel. the nor'easter is with us, producing steady rainfall for
8:58 am
central new jersey into bucks, montgomery county, off to the north and west, heavier north and west. the showers stay with us even this afternoon and this evening. then we will be watching for accumulating snow as the day goes on, and into tonight in the mountains. to check on traffic, nbc10's jillian mele says there are a lot of wet roads out there. >> yes. good morning. this was reopened in the last two minutes from the procession you talked about. we are dealing with delays.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on a -- let's just call it what it is, miserable tuesday morning, cember 9th, 2014. >> no, it's not. >> the weather is miserable. >> every day you open your eyes, you can look at people who love you, it's a beautiful day. >> i think you know what i me t meant, miss hall. it is raining, it's cold, it's nasty outside. >> it's bad day for someone. >> i'm with tamron and al. guess who is outside in that weather. >> she has the right to say it's a bad day. she's outside.
9:01 am
you inside in your fancy suit. hi, nat. >> reporter: exactly right. >> natalie said -- what did you say, my friend? exactly -- >> reporter: i drew the short straw, i guess. >> hanging out with the royals is a short straw now apparently. prince william and duchess kate, as you know -- >> i'm not really hanging out with them. >> -- three days in new york and washington, d.c. natalie is in new york. what's going on with the couple today? >> we expect any moment now to see the royal couple emerge from the carlyle where they're staying behind me, if you can see behind my giant umbrella. they have a busy day again today. it's going to be somewhat more of a somber day this morning as they visit the 9/11 memorial museum, certainly, where they want to pay their respects to those who have fallen. they also, of course, have a star-studded gala tonight as well to celebrate the 600th
9:02 am
anniversary of st. andrews, their alma mater. courtside last night at the barclay center where the royals took in their very first basketball game here in the city of new york. you saw them, of course, alongside with the brooklyn royalty, if you can call them that, queen bee and jay-z getting a chance to meet the royals or & king james or lebron james getting a chance to take a photo with the duchess of cambridge and some people across the pond discussing whether that was breaking royal protocol when he casually draped his arm across kate middleton's shoulders. she didn't seem to mind much. they were smiling pretty big for the picture, enjoying the moment there in the cavaliers thrashing
9:03 am
of the nets. it will continue on schedule today. we expect them moments from now. >> we all have the reaction here -- >> we didn't all. >> two out of three of us. when people are -- oh, she -- he touched the duchess. >> what did you say, willie? >> oh, shut up. >> i love it. >> i know. >> ridiculous. they don't look uncomfortable and i thought it applied to the queen. is it that hard to find out if it applies to the princess? i mean, they looked like they were fine. he gave them a shirt for their baby. why are they -- >> come on. >> who are the people saying that? >> royal watchers across the pond. >> who are they? >> across the pond, they're saying that. across the pond, you know, some of the reports in the media across the pond are saying, you know, that's kind of not in keeping with what you're supposed to do when the royals are around. but, you know what? i really don't think they care
9:04 am
and they view themselves as a modern day royal couple. >> they're at a basketball game, taking pictures. >> and they're kind of in his house. kind of. he's not the nets. that's so weird. >> how much longer do we have you standing out there this morning? >> tape delay. >> i don't know. downpour gets even worse now. >> good news is, natalie, the winds are going to pick up. >> she might lift off. >> thanks, al. >> it would be great. you can do your best mary poppins. >> you are keeping it together. >> you know what, at least this weather -- thank you. i was going to say at least, i think, new york probably has london beat today in the weather department. >> you're so right about that. >> they're used to this. >> stay dry. see you soon. >> is natalie going to get all dressed up for the big event tonight? >> i think you have to, don't you? >> what's happening? >> going to the museum of the
9:05 am
art. >> oh, you have to. remember, they sent out the rules. they didn't send out rules whether lebron james could touch her or not but they sent out rules on reporter attire, saying you have to wear slacks and dresses. >> i think they reversed that because it was so insulting to the american media. >> because they were implying we were shleps? >> that's a british term. >> we had ours at the ramada in new jersey, highway four. >> why are they doing it here? >> because a lot of the alum -- >> are living here? >> yes. some very upper echelon people. >> who say shlep. >> don't touch the duchess. >> willie said shut up. >> i have a question for both of you. i know the answer. don't look. what is the most persuasive word in the english language. >> please. >> please.
9:06 am
>> we both thought the same thing. >> that's a very good answer but there's a new book called "magic words" that says the most powerful word is "because." "because." if you explain yourself, if you defend what you're saying, i'm doing this because, people are more likely to give in to you, agree with you, acquiesce to you. let me give you an example if i could. >> okay. >> one study began when there was a lot line of people waiting to use a photocopier. a woman tried cutting in line and said excuse me, i have five pages. may i use the xerox machine? 60% of the people allowed her to go ahead of her. then she got more specific and said i have five pages, may i use the xerox machine because i'm in a rush? for that reason, the rate of -- shot to 95%. >> i would have said no because
9:07 am
she didn't say please and i have stuff to do, too. >> that's right. >> because i think my time is more important than yours, can i cut in? >> it is more persuasive than saying can i get in line. >> i still think please. you're in line. would you mind, please, can i -- >> where is this from? >> a new book -- >> london where you can't touch people. >> is this an american book? >> i don't know. >> that's what i said. >> do you know what is annoying? you're in airport security lines, i'm late for my flight. >> get here when the rest of us did. >> yurt kiou're the king of get early. >> i hate when they pretend they don't know where the line is. clearly -- i'm the person he's debating getting in front of. i'm like, what do i do? do i stop him if he does it? how much of a pushback do you
9:08 am
give? and he's feeling me out and i felt like i was a gazelle, he was a lion. this all played out in my head, i swear to you. finally, i got closer and he moved in and i went, no. >> you went lion on him? >> i went no. he pulled back and got in front of somebody else. it was amazing. little advice there. >> took down the gazelle. >> but people pretend they don't see you in line. that's crazy. but if he said please -- >> you might have. >> might have thought about it. someone i'm a fan of, no secret about this, russell brand, in the news. not so good reason. russell brand has been on what i think is a very admirable crusade to help people called new era estates, displaced in london, protesting with them saying you've got wealthy moving in to these major cities and as a result a lot of people can no longer afford to live in these communities. he is under fire, being called a
9:09 am
hypocrite because he lives in a $10,000 a month apartment, according to the tabloids over there. he has been taking it on the chin. but now, did russell go too far? he actually tweeted out the business card of a daily mail reporter. on the business card was the reporter's private phone number, personal phone number. in the tweet, he said the card was left at a family member's home and he tweeted it out. we tried to contact the reporter, reached out to brand. the question is, did he go too far? he has 8.7 million followers and, as you can imagine, they probably called this reporter. the reporter just wrote on the card, please call. is that too far? >> was it a journalist he had a disagreement with? he wanted people to bombbard him? >> i think that's the case. we're trying to get to the bottom if there's any bad blood between the two of them. there is talk he may be booted off twitter as a result. instagram will take you off for naked pictures. they took rihanna off and
9:10 am
recently put her back on. if that's someone's personal number, i think it's a no brainer. >> did he write on it that it's a personal number or cell phone? >> do we have the picture up? it's his personal cell. >> but you don't know that? >> you don't know. >> it could be just a business number. >> i think russell brand was using a business card saying these people are calling me hypocrites and trying to talk to me. twitter is thinking about kicking him off. i didn't pick that story. kate did. i can tell. >> is he saying -- >> no, the card was left and he tweeted it out. kate, kate, that's what i said. i said that. >> jimmy fallon showing pictures of his new daughter, franny. look at that. that's what i'm talking about. >> look at those cheeks. >> i love it. love it. >> oh!
9:11 am
oh! stop it! >> look how eyes wide open. >> she is so cute. >> there's winnie. i love that. love that. >> that's how you -- >> franny and winnie. great names. >> keep those pictures coming, jimmy. i like 'em! how about the weather? we've been talking a lot about that. >> yes, we have. we will continue to talk about it. it is a mess in the northeast. airport delays, road problems. this is a classic nor'easter. ahead of this system, we've got this warm air coming in. you're going to see this heavy rain pushing on in here. behind the system, we've got colder air being dragged in. the purple, pinkish, that's freezing rain. the white is snow. we'll see that developing. philadelphia right now, lot of rain. airport delays, big problems. we'll be watching that tlhrough the day. rainfall amounts, snowfall up to
9:12 am
a foot and a half to two feet in parts of the catskills. that's going to be a big problem. out west, another big storm system is coming in. this is going to affect seattle, portland. some areas could be looking at five to eight inches of rain, all the way down into central california. they've already been getting slapped around by a lot of rain. they need it, good morning, i am meteorologi=ñ bill henley. a slow moving strong nor'easter conditions, drenching rain at times, temperatures only in the 40s this afternoon. ei %v colder. árjuj tomorrow. little or no accumulation, high near 40 wednesday. windy, cold day for thursday and the weekend we have sunshine and temperatures climb, 47 sunday, monday up to 52. have a great day. >> that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much.
9:13 am
coming up next, what the number 61 has to do were with your holiday shopping. how to save some big money in the stores right after this. 61, al. 61. okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. ♪
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♪ the holiday shopping season is if null swing. the closer it gets to christmas and han kau, the more likely you are to make impulse buys. >> to make sure you don't waste any money, scott gamm. good to see you, scott. >> good morning. >> let's go through the numbers. first of all, number 61. >> great deal on a television. you put it on your credit card for six months. this is how much money you'll pay in interest over that time on a card with a 25% interest rate. if you're going to use your credit card this holiday season, try to pay off the balance in full. it may be easier said than done.
9:17 am
if you can't do that, try to pay at least double the minimum payment. this interest is going to eat away at the savings you scored on that great tv. >> the minimum payment is really a sucker's game? >> it's calculated in a way that keeps you in debt. >> let's move to our next number here. 23. the department store credit card discount. >> average interest rate on a department store card, eight points higher than your traditional credit card. you're going to be asked do you want to open up a store credit card. just say no. a balance will eat into the discounts that this card offers. it's very tempting but just say no. >> i'll get the card, the discount, cancel the card but that can affect your credit. >> hurt your credit score and opening up these cards is a sign that you're hungry for credit. credit bureaus don't like that. >> interesting. >> next number, $3.4 billion. big number. it asks retailers in what way? >> amount of money retailers
9:18 am
will lose from returns. they are cracking down on fraudulent returns. it will make it tougher to return things across the board. know the return policy ahead of time. if you're shopping online, you may get free shipping. they might charge you to send the item back. try to shop at retailers that also have a brick and mortar location. you can buy it, take it back to the store and not be charged anything. >> 75. 75%. >> the percentage of americans that make impulse buys and a third of these people spend over $100 on an impulse buy. this is easy to do. >> i confess. that's me. especially if there's things when you're checking out. >> those impulse stillettos? >> i love you. >> the checkout area, the beginning and ends of the aisles, try to either stay away from these areas or simply make that list on your smart phone. that way you always have it with you. >> can't make any promises.
9:19 am
i'm going to make some impulse buys. 8 2bucks. >> the amount of money to spend to be eligible for free shipping online, up from $76 last year. according to the website someone will have to foot the bill for free shipping. target, zappos, nordstrom will offer free shipping online, all orders, no questions asked. best buy offers free shipping on orders over $35 and barnes & noble, which offers free shipping over 25. when you're shopping, be mindful of some of these minimums. >> shop on the free shipping. >> good idea. scott, thank you very much. >> thank you. and up next, an important health alert about the potential link between a widely used chemical and blood pressure. willie has the news. and later, take your house willie has the news. and later, take your house from this to -- ♪
9:20 am
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the unofficial official fruit of the holidays. we'll probably get flak from the dates and figs. but no one can tell them apart, anyway. [ snickers ] vote for this year's holiday greeting at take a look at headlines for you. new study is suggesting a link between blood pressure and a chemical widely used in plastic bottles in the lining of canned foods. adults who drank soy milk from cans lined with bpa and found a slight short-term increase in their blood pressure. those who drank out of glass bottles had no jump in their blood pressure. one expert calls the results important, but adds bigger studies still need to be done. new report finds health care premiums are going up faster than incomes are rising. according to the report from the commonwealth fund, employer-based health insurance plans jumped 93% from 2003 to
9:24 am
2013 while incomes rose 16% over the same period. insurance plan deductibles more than doubled. the government is making it easier now for some people to get a mortgage. offering mortgages to first-time home buyers with a down payment of little as 3%, to make mortgages available to those with a strong credit history but don't have the cash for a down payment. safeguards to avoid another subprime mortgage crisis. dream come true for a 15-year-old cancer survivor. new york rangers signed chris falzone to a one-day contract. he suited up, took warm-ups with the team, even introduced over the public address system at madison square garden. diagnosed with cancer as a freshman in i school and was told he would never play hockey again. after chemotherapy and a hip replacement, he was cleared to start skating and doing it, no
9:25 am
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9:26 am
we got you jeans. it's about time. pipin' hot pillsbury crescent rolls. make your holidays pop! thanchts breaking news is the nor'easter that's soaking the area with rain. let's go to meteorologist bill henley for an update. >> it is slowly moving to the north. central and northern new jersey getting the heaviest rainfall, along with lehigh valley. moving towards allentown. it is just rain. temperatures have been climbing. the wind are holding steady, getting winds gusting to 33 miles per hour in wildwood, close to 30 miles per hour in philadelphia, so even though temperatures climbed to 40 degrees in northeast philadelphia and wilmington, it feels like ten degrees colder with the wind.
9:27 am
afternoonuçju=9ocl temperatures the low 40s. >nav x an update on other break news we have been following all morning. the city of philadelphia lost a firefighter this morning, the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty. in thebt past half hour, saw police and firefighter vehicles where the firefighter was rushed this morning. she was injured in a house fire on middleton street. the fire commissioner hasn't released her name, says she's a 36-year-old that worked at engine 64, and was an 11 year veteran of the department. >> one of my goals and visions when i became fire commissioner -- >> nbc10 will follow the story as we learn more about the firefighter, who she was, how she died and how she will be remembered. i am chris cato. another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather at now back to the "today" show.
9:28 am
have a great tuesday.
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ >> how about that? >> that's beautiful. >> welcome back to "today" on a tuesday morning, december 9th, 2014. you see the wind blowing the christmas tree out there. >> actually, a beautiful shot. like a sense of calm. >> i'm willie, along with al and tamron. natalie on royal duty. >> do you have your tree up? >> not yet. >> we're going away for christmas. we're not getting a tree. we're getting one where we're going but not in our home. >> i was worried about george and lucy for a second there. >> no, no. >> how about you? >> two trees. >> of course you do. >> we call her two trees tamron.
9:31 am
tamron two trees. >> i try to put it up as early as possible because i feel like all the effort you put in, maximum enjoyment. >> real tree or -- >> i have a fake tree, hot pink tree and turquoise tree. of course i do. >> of course you do. >> can't you go get the green tree like everybody else. >> how about this guy? >> how about this? >> hanukkah, eight-day holiday. >> the mensch on a bench. >> he has a book? >> he has a book! >> he's an author now. >> what's his story? >> he essay mensch. he's on a bench. >> created a life-sized version of this guy. you can have the full guy. >> the big guy. literally the big guy. >> how big is it? >> i'll give you a sense. hold on a second. >> everybody knows the story and
9:32 am
how they -- oh, okay. >> hold on just a sec. come here, big guy. oh, he's tied down. >> oh! >> just so you aren't lonely while i'm doing the weather. >> it's a mensch on a chair now. >> here you go. >> hey, buddy. >> all right. >> oh. >> there you go. >> they're sharing -- >> while you -- >> more holiday fun including a display that has nearly 1.2 million light goes to all kinds of decoration. >> asking people to send their cool lights to us. >> can i go over now? >> yeah, mensch has it covered. >> whoo, all right! hey, let's show you what we've got. mess here in the northeast. rain. icy mix and snow. and out in the pacific northwest, we're looking at more
9:33 am
heavy rain making its way from the pacific northwest into northern california. in between, sunshine. cooler than usual temperatures. nice and warm down -- cool, i should say, leftover snow and wind here in the northeast. some rain left over tomorrow in new england. heavier rain spreads into central and northern california. that's a mess. and, again, the cooler conditions continue through the plains on into the gulf coast and into florida. look at this. miami tomorrow, 68 degrees. whoa! mensch on the ben good morning, i am meteorologist bill ng$vthenley. a slow moving nor'easter gives windy and wet conditions, drenching rain. temperatures only in the 40s this afternoon. rain tapers off tonight, gets colder. scattered snow showers tomorrow. little to no accumulation. high near 40 in the afternoon wednesday. windy and cold day for thursday and friday, but over the weekend we have sunshine and temperatures climb, 47 on
9:34 am
sunday. by monday, up to 52. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. anyone who has taken on the daunting task of renovating a home knows how costly it is and return on investment is not guaranteed. >> so, scott mcgilvery is here. you know i practiced your last name. >> yeah. well, obviously, not enough. >> wow! >> bam! >> i know. i'll watch out. >> you're going to quiz us, scott, right? >> yes. return on investment. people ask me often on hgtv, where should i put my money? what should i renovate? i'm going to quiz the three of you to see how much you know about the renovation world. how do you feel? >> you don't push it. it's not a button. you're going to put it on. it's going to destroy some hair. a is red, b is the fluorescent
9:35 am
in the middle, c -- you got it. a, b or c questions and you choose the helmet of choice. there's really no wrong answer but there are answers that are better like top three on the board. biggest bang for your buck. here it is. in the kitchen, what happens the best return on investment, new countertops, that's a. b, new hardware or, c, new appliances? come on. pick that up. >> countertops was which one? >> a. is red. >> that's what i want. >> monkey see, monkey do. >> we're all wrong? >> new countertops are good but biggest bang for your buck is going to be new hardware. the reason being -- >> hardware? >> i know. it sounds crazy -- >> scott, hold on a second. big, breaking royal news. the prince william and kate walking out. natalie, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi. right now, we're standing outside the carlyle, of course,
9:36 am
and we just saw the royals getting into their cars. they're headed downtown, of course, to the national 9/11 memorial museum. and they have quite the entourage, as you would expect. they are expected to be there shortly down at ground zero and expected to be an emotional day for them. they'll be there to pay their respects, obviously, to those who have fallen here. guys? >> natalie, thank you so much. okay. let's get back to the game. >> back to the game. >> the royal palace renovation is the next question. no. so changing the hardware is very simple. diy project. do it all the time on the show. >> two more. >> all right. here we go. next question is about your living spaces. which type of flooring gives you the best return on investment? you've got a, tile, b, carpet or c, hardwood. oh, look at this improvement. correct. hardwood floors. most desired type of flooring in a living space.
9:37 am
you're always going to get a fantastic return on the hardwood floor. let's see how we do in the bathroom here. what can you change to give you the biggest bang for your buck? the fixtures, b, the layout or c, the toilet paper holder? >> i'm sorry, incorrect. but you guys got it right. it is the fixtures. >> do you know why i said the toilet paper holder? they tell you not to do anything to the bathroom because it's something that doesn't increase the value. >> that's really weak. one more question. one more question. >> i said because. >> changing the layout is expensive. changing the toilet paper holder is not enough. switching out the fixtures, keeping the same layout can be quite fast and give you a huge return. >> changing the fixtures throughout the house. >> you're catching on. master bedroom, what gives you the best bang for your buck? b, adding storage solutions or, c, changing the light fixture?
9:38 am
>> and the winner, right here. >> wearing the red helmet. >> painting still the best return on investment. >> it seems like painting is such an acquired taste. >> it is. clean and fresh. there's really no wrong answers here. all of these are good return on investment. >> thank you, scott. >> for more tips check him out on hgtvs income properties. >> i'm in. >> a tredream has come true for. i went to the home of the barefoot contessa, and we ♪ it's only for a couple nights ok. yep. it's my parents' rules. ♪ baby. can i help you? no, uhhh i just brought a card...
9:39 am
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9:43 am
an entire holiday meal for these handsome gentlemen and natalie, who is out in the field. here is how it happened with her cookbook, "make it ahead." >> hello. >> tamron! >> i told you, my family loves you. >> can you believe each of my family members asked for an autograph. >> i would be happy to. but we have cooking to do. >> okay. >> i have a ham i'm making. want to do it with me? >> i real holiday dish. >> my first ina cookbook, i made this ham recipe. >> you did? >> i took it out of the oven and the ham slid off. >> oh, no. >> hit the wall. >> whatever goes on in the kitchen, nobody needs to know about. i'm making a glaze, garlic, ginger, brown sugar, orange zest, orange juice, mustard, puree the whole thing together. this is so easy. it goes right on the ham. >> this looks delicious.
9:44 am
>> isn't it great? look how easy it is. into the oven. it's ready to go. >> i get to open ina's oven! >> fabulous. >> fabulous. >> while that gets ready i'm going to show you a few more things. next is winter slaw. julienned kale. very thinly. run it back and forth lightly, the blade really does its work. perfect. >> yeah. >> very good. >> thank you, teacher. >> the next thing is radicchio and brlooks like it's too smallo shred. >> that's intimidating. >> i'll come over to your house and do that for you. >> like a genie. i need her and she pops up. >> a lemon vinaigrette goes over the whole thing. dried craynberries. toss it together. >> the next thing is twice baked sweet potatoes, one of my favorites. i bake the sweet potatoes and
9:45 am
scoop them out. i mix it with butter and shallots and fresh thyme. we stuff them. >> these go into the oven. and they're going to be so good. are you ready for dessert? >> come on. are you kidding me? >> this is pumpkin mousse whipped cream and sugar cookies. crystallized ginger. that's th way you'll know there's ginger cookies in it. this is so good, if i do say so myself. >> i'll say it. >> let's sit down and have a party ourselves. >> can we? >> dessert first. >> is this enough for the two of us, do you think? >> i'll take some home, if you don't mind. >> you can really smell the mustard and -- whoa, this is a very large ham. i'm so happy you're here. >> no one is happier than i am. >> oh! okay, i'm sorry. this is so delicious. >> cheers. happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> always welcome here. >> okay. i'm trying to fight the tears.
9:46 am
i do love her so much. it's amazing. i made two of the items here. and can you tell which ones i made? >> you made ina proud. ham glazed and the potato. >> and the salad last night for you guys. our amazing staff and bianca and the crew made the ham. i didn't have time. i made the sweet potatoes. it took no time. the salad is so flavorful and textured. all of these recipes on a big thank you to ina garten. >> ooh, she just took out a restraining order on you. >> that's so rude. no. it was an emotional experience. because of her, i cook for my family on the holidays. i love her so much. she's an angel. thank you, ina. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, tamron. thank you, ina. >> take it as a compliment. >> duchess of here's a question for you: if every driver in the u.s. kept their car's tires properly inflated, how many gallons of fuel could america save each year?
9:47 am
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9:50 am
>> willie? >> we know our mood affects the way we walk and turns out you can flip that, make the way you walk change your mood. >> here with the body language institute. >> good morning, jeannine. >> i'm going to analyze your walk. we're doing a lot of walking. today is a rainy, cool day here. let me see your walk. is this how you would walk? >> you walk like a kennedy, right? >> walk like a kennedy. >> nice, slow pace. a mix between a kennedy and kerry washington. >> okay. >> little bit over there.
9:51 am
al, you've got a nice brisk walk. very obama-ish actually. got a sway. >> i have a problem with my knees, obviously. we overstride too much. you should take shorter steps. >> okay. let's go over this this long guy. willie, you're so tall. red light green light, i say green light, you're there. >> lebron james. >> you're walking like steve harvey right there. >> that's a huge compliment. i love steve harvey. >> how should we walk? >> i want to guess how you would feel if you're walking this way. chin up. swasm y your arms more like this and smile. okay? there you go. all right. al, i want you to look down. i want you to slump forward like this. take a lot of deep breaths. >> willie, walk like this with your fist and kick imaginary objects.
9:52 am
>> who walks like this? >> kick them. >> all right. what do they mean? >> i feel like i'm tawdry. >> tawdry? >> inappropriate. >> someone that tends to be in love. >> then i need to start walking like this. >> floating on air right here. >> al, how about you? >> i feel like droopy. >> depression, right. how about you? >> tense and angry. >> research literally shows how you walk will change your mood. will you increase testosterone which is confidence if you walk confidently. if you walk depressed you'll increase stress, cortisol. >> what's the appropriate walk? >> it's cold, dress appropriately. you're going to lose the
9:53 am
9:54 am
21st annual toy triev already collected $10 million worth of toys and gifts for
9:55 am
families. >> helping us out again is hasbro. karen, thank you again for being with us. you donated millions of toys over the years. what do you have for us this year? >> we have a very special project going on. mr. potato head is part of it. connect four, trouble, and play-doh and others. our employees have developed a kit for children with disabilities to be able to play so caregivers can download software free online, resources. play not intuitive for every child. so we're hoping this will help them to be able to enjoy play. we gave it to some of the organizations you work with. >> can you find that on your website? >> toy box and also on the hasbro website. >> thank you again. you're always generous this time of year. not just with♪ ♪but wi
9:56 am
good morning. everybody has gusty winds, and delaware and south jersey, things are quiet. into philadelphia, cloudy skies, not much rain.
9:57 am
north and west into northern new jersey and the lehigh valley, steady rain is falling. there's a winter mix in the pocono mountains which will see accumulating snow from the system as the storm slowly moves past us. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour for dover and atlantic city. plan on a wet, windy day, and temperatures that are now 40 degrees, not going a whole lot higher this afternoon. other breaking news we are following this morning, philadelphiakn]f1=mq a firefig this morning, the city's first female firefighter ever killed in the line of duty. outside einstein medical center, fellow firefighters saluted as the procession left the hospital to the medical examiner's office. the name hasn't been released. she's 36 years old and worked at engine 64 inu?+añ long crest. she died after being trapped in a house fire. >> thoughts and prayers go out
9:58 am
toi+qiñ familygpqys of this fir who has made the ultimate sacrifice. we will be back in a half hour with another update. he prescribed amitiza (lubiprostone) for my chronic constipation. it works differently than laxatives. man: amitiza is clinically shown to help relieve common symptoms like bloating, abdominal discomfort, hard stools, and straining and help people with chronic constipation go more often. don't take amitiza, if you have a bowel blockage or severe diarrhea. tell your doctor, if your nausea or diarrhea, becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief
9:59 am
from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is booze day, tuesday, deer 9th. an exciting show for you today. >> very. >> exciting for us we're so happy she's here with us. six-time grammy winner carrie underwood. she has a lot to talk about. she has a baby on the way, a new album. she's on fire. >> she had the most amazing decade, hasn't she? >> she really has. >> professionally and personally. she's just -- she deserves it. she's one of those -- i love to see wonderful things happen to
10:01 am
wonderful people. >> yes. >> she's one of them. she's the real, real deal. if you are a big fan of the hobbit movies, hoda woman what do we have? >> one of the biggest stars, emmy winner martin freeman. if you love the hobbit, you know him from there. if you know him from "love actually," he was one of the stand-ins. that's one of my favorite movies. it was a good one. fun to talk about. >> did you ever dream about becoming a youtube star. today may be your lucky day. a brand-new book and a lesson on how to make your own youtube video. >> it is interesting how people pick up on those. if you shot a video and you have your own youtube channel, how do you get there, how do you get 2 million clicks. >> how do you get sponsors? >> she's going to explain. >> jimmy fallon came back after a little break for the birth of his second child.
10:02 am
and he showed some pictures, i hear. >> frances for first time. let's take a look. >> i've got -- if you haven't heard, i had a great weekend, exciting times here at the "tonight show." last week, my wife nancy and i welcomed our second child. frances cole fallon was born, yes. so i'm completely exhausted. see if you can see right there. this is her getting ready to leave the hospital. in the car seat. look at this. me and my wife and our fist baby, winnie, leaving the hospital. that's little winnie. look at this. best photo bomb ever. >> he sounds so happy. >> he sure does. frances was born at five pounds, 11 ounces.
10:03 am
oh, my gosh, 18.5. that's a tiny little thing. she's precious. >> so sweet. >> yeah. there is nothing -- i don't care how many emmys you've won, how many oscars. nothing like the miracle of a new brand-new baby. >> you can tell -- it was a big day in new york yesterday. >> except for the lack of a certain baby. >> william and kate showed up without their baby. that was okay. >> no, it's not. >> they went and hung out with beyonce and jay-z at the nets basketball game. they showed up around the third quarter. and they got to their seats. the whole place exploded in ovation. and then jay-z and beyonce came across and greeted them and said, hey, and all that stuff. and one of the players did -- he missed a shot because everyone in the crowd turned to take pictures of the couple and they were playing the game. >> threw them off a little bit. they made the jumbo tron. i bet they asked not to be put on the kiss cam. >> you know what is funny about them. they look like they're unaccustomed to being looked at,
10:04 am
even though they're the most photographed people. >> so likable. they seem so dag gone normal. >> they posed for pictures with lebron james. got a tiny jersey for george. >> and then earlier in the day, of course, he had -- william had flown down, commercially, i like they're doing that, on a puddle jumper to meet the president in washington. >> he told the president that he was so excited when his child was born that he forgot to ask if it was a boy or a girl. and that shows how -- >> was he not in the room when it came out? >> i don't know. he was. how did he not know? >> i bet you were there too. a man who is our producer -- she knows everything. >> she watches everything. she reads everything. she knows everything. >> she also is upset about the guy who didn't get eaten alive. >> amanda has been pining -- she's been moping. >> she's angry. >> as you guys remember, there was a guy who said he was going to get eaten by the anaconda. >> you got to keep your promises. >> that's what you say you're going to do, then do it.
10:05 am
well, apareparently he ended up getting wrapped up and squeezed a little bit. >> you think? >> but 4 million people watched this on the discovery channel. so 4 million people probably were not pleased. >> i don't think they wanted him to be killed. they wanted to see him -- >> they wanted to see what -- >> what was their plan? >> how do you get snout. >> amanda. >> regurnl tagitatregurgitate. >> he was going to swallow him and regurgitate and spit him out. peta said that would exhaust the snake, the swallowing and regurgitating. the guy, paul, who is the one who was supposedly -- he appeared on jimmy kimmel last night. take a look at what he said about the angry rezblaks is act >> is it troubling to you that millions of people are upset that the snake did not eat you? >> not really. i think they missed the point of the whole show then. >> the show was called eaten alive in fairness. don't you think to make this fair you should be eaten by another animal.
10:06 am
maybe we can find an alligator that is willing. >> i think i owe it to the people of planet earth to get eaten by something. >> you're right. >> get eaten by something. he seems kind of funny. he was here and i saw him downstairs doing push-ups. he said he wanted to pump up before his segment. >> okay. interesting. >> that's what he said. >> there is a picture of blake lively in the papers today running errands in new york city. look at her. running errands. i don't believe it. it looked look a burberry commercial or ad. >> beautiful outfit. >> the perfect bag. >> the perfect bag, the great -- the bike positioned perfectly behind her. everything is perfect. >> yeah. >> so in texas, this is kind of -- we're going to give a shoutout to the police department called pantego. every holiday they issue -- they issue citations like most police officers do. so in certain cases, in instead of paying a fine, they asked the people giving the citation to
10:07 am
pay up by giving a toy. >> called the cops for kids program which is so great. >> all the kids -- all the toys go to the children's hospital in ft. worth, texas. last year they were able to fill three patrol cars. i bet this year a lot more. >> absolutely. i like these stories. okay, now this is interesting. >> yeah. >> i am a stepmom so i found this interesting. but there was an open letter to a stepmom. want to explain it? >> yeah, so, a lot of times the stepmom is seen as like the evil one, and the awful one, there was a woman who decided she was going to write an open letter to her daughter's stepmom. and she decided -- she wrote it and it got so much pickup and here's what the letter said. the mom writes, i never wanted you here, you simply were never part of the plan. i doubt you ever wanted me in your life. the mom goes on to say that she hoped the stepmom would be unattractive, a terrible beast and her daughter wouldn't like her. she wanted to resent her, but the stepmom made it impossible.
10:08 am
and now she's thankful for her. she said thanks for showing her daughter unconditional love. >> and her husband too. her ex-husband. >> yeah. i'm having a minor hot flash right now. all right, no. can i tell you something i discovered, i don't want to say it for everybody because it is not, but somebody told me that the way to prevent a hot flash is an herbal pill called black cohash. i was having a bad -- so i went to look for them. i was like a druggy looking for my pusher on the streets. i was at every duane reade. i couldn't. i was ripping clothes off and it was so hot. >> it is not a pretty sight. >> i went to whole foods and they have black cohash in all forms. this is the first one i've -- >> you're made up. >> but i'm much better. i think it is working. >> a little dribble, but not
10:09 am
much. >> bit way -- >> that's what i hated. >> with you it is the river nile. >> you should talk to your -- >> i know. it is hot back there. >> talk to your doctor. it may not be right for anyone. it may not even be right for me. but i like it. okay. shoutout to a couple of friends who are here. >> yes. >> they came -- they're with the chris evert tennis tournament. they bid on us. they're here. they're from michigan. we're glad you guys are here. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, she's the all american girl who got a lot to sing about these girls. >> country superstar carrie underwood is hitting a high note in her professional and personal life. that's not all. >> we'll talk all a
10:10 am
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10:13 am
we are so excited because with us today is one of the biggest superstars in all of the music world. >> carrie underwood. she accomplished so much in the past ten years, it is hard to believe it was 2005 when carrie walked away "the american idol" winner. but since then she had 18 number one singles, received more than 95 major honors including six grammys. she sold 54 million records. i'm exhaust sged. >> it is embarrassing. and now her first baby is due this spring, a little boy. and her other baby say brand-new
10:14 am
album out today called "greatest hits: decade number one". >> do you like being pregnant, do you like the feel of it? >> i feel like i walk by a mirror and i forget and i just start laughed. my body is not mine right now. >> are you guys thinking ahead, thinking about what it is going to be like, getting the house ready and all that stuff? >> yeah, we have been picking out, you know, patterns and rugs and furniture and stuff like that. it has been -- but it is just -- i don't think there is any way for us to actually, you know, fathom how much our lives are about to change. >> well, on friday, ring, ring, you got a phone call, i think, maybe that's how you found out about the grammys. >> yeah, i was doing interviews and talking to a ton of people and i walk out and my manager told me. i was, like, wow. >> two nods. >> does it still feel amazing? you've gotten several obviously before. >> yeah, i mean, you don't do it
10:15 am
for the awards or anything like that. i mean, just want to make good music that you can be proud of and hope people like it. and -- but it is really cool. i'm not going to lie. >> you knew early on, and people said when you won "american idol", but you've been working at this since you were born basically, haven't you? >> i've been singing since i could talk and annoying everybody with all of my -- all my different loud singing. but it is what i always wanted to do. >> you wanted to stay true to your kun tcountry roots too. >> that's where i belong. i feel like we're all influenced by different genres in music today specifically, because music is so accessible, but that's my home. >> you have other interests. >> yes. >> one of them we heard a rumor that you were starting a kind of clothing line, a workout clothing -- tell us about this. >> it is called kaliya. i partnered with dicks sporting
10:16 am
goods and we wanted to make -- this sounds crazy, but it doesn't exist, functional clothes that also look really great so you can kind of take yourself through your day in them, you know, cute things you can wear to the gym and then pieces you can throw over them, you can go pick up the kids or run to the grocery store or -- >> just in time for you to be working out after the baby, right? that's coming in the spring. >> everything in your life is perfect and it is getting on our nerves. >> have you thought about names yet for the little one? >> we're constantly thinking. we'll watch tv shows or movies or whatever and we see the credits rolling and stuff at the beginning or end and start throwing things out. but it is hard. >> it will come to you like that, i think. >> ours came when we were watching a football game on thanksgiving and cody rison of the cleveland browns and my husband yells out, how about cody? and we knew right away. something like that will probably happen. >> i look forward to that.
10:17 am
because it is -- it is not stressful because we still have a good bit of time, but -- >> best thing to do is not tell anybody anything because they'll all have a opinion and nobody's opinion matters. >> scrunchy face, oh, yeah, okay. >> carrie, we love you. thank you for coming to see us. >> awesome holiday. >> keep us posted on everything, okay? >> will do. >> merry christmas. >> from sherlock to the hobbit to saturday night live, you'll be seeing a lot of this guy. >> emmy winning actor martin freeman is here.
10:18 am
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10:20 am
♪ ♪
10:21 am
for generations, kids have been reading the epic fantasy novel called the hobbit. now the final film in the trilogy is one of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season. >> it has been over a decade since peter jackson's epic journey through middle earth first began and next week the saga reaches its climax with "the hobbit: the battle at the five army". >> at the center of it all is martin freeman. >> i'll go. >> don't be ridiculous. you'll never make it. >> why not? >> because they will see you coming and kill you. >> no, they won't. they won't see me. >> out of the question. i won't allow it. >> i'm not asking you to allow it.
10:22 am
>> whoa. >> exactly the reaction i was hoping to are. >> we fell in love with you as you were watching -- we were watching the scene and you leaned over and you said you think that's going to -- >> can you believe it is the end of this? >> yes, i can. >> you can? >> the end of things -- >> things are supposed to be finite. you do a film or a record, you do a thing hoping the audience will share it and like it. and so the fact that this is the third part and the end, i want things supposed to end. >> you're an actor. you want to play new roles and you never hosted "saturday night live" before. >> this is big. >> that's a new experience. >> tell us how that came about? >> that came about, a couple of years ago -- when i was over here for the first "hobbit" film, we have been trying to get it together since then. a couple of years it has been in the making. and scheduling has never allowed it. >> scheduling is like that. >> it is like that. it is a bummer.
10:23 am
>> but now -- >> it is a bummer. >> is there anything -- "snl" is live, obviously. >> you say that. it's not. there are four in the can already. that's the biggest lie -- >> you're a theater guy, right? >> i won't strictly be playing a character. i expect to be quite scared during that opening monologue, yes. >> are you in rehearsals are ep >> i looked at the schedule and that's pretty scary. it is a long -- are you making fun of my schedule? >> yes, she is. >> i'm sorry for speaking english. i apologize if that is -- all over your new world imperialism.
10:24 am
some of us still believe in the language. this isn't over yet. we have no idea who are the next -- >> can we talk about your scene in "love actually". >> as a porn star. >> it wasn't strictly -- it wasn't meant to be -- it was meant to be a stand-in on a posh film set, a bit like an eyes wide shut -- meant to be a legitimate film with some sex in it, not a porn. everyone calls it -- i don't blame you. >> it is a compliment from her. >> well, we're glad you came by to see us. >> you're a delight. you're going to be awesome this weekend. >> thank you. >> "the hobbit" hits theaters soon. >> december 27th is the date. >> how to help you become a youtube star. >> and ji here's a great gift idea for the whole family. now with walmart credit card special financing.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
you can see the high waters. bill henley? >> just past high tide. the waters should recede. the rain has ended in cape may. a chance of a shower later on. the winds, they are kicking in atlantic city. 35 mile an hour wind gusts. close to 30 mile an hour in philadelphia. there you can see the rain has tapered off. to the north, a little heavier as you go into central and northern new jersey and the lehigh valley. north and west, that's where we will see rainfall during the day. watching for snow to reappear in the pocono mountains. right now a wintry mix for the poconos. this morning, philadelphia is mourning the loss of the first female firefighter ever killed in the line of duty. outside einstein medical center her fellow fighters stood at attention as a procession left the hospital headed for the medical examiner.
10:28 am
her name has not been released. she's 36 and worked at engine 64. she died this morning after getting trapped in the basement of a house fire in west oak lane. she was an 11-year veteran of the philadelphia fire department. i'm vai sikahema. a full hour of news coming up in about 30 minutes. we will send you back to the "today." we will see you in a half hour.
10:29 am
10:30 am
"today's" holiday home is brought to you by pier 1 imports, find what speaks to you. >> we're back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday. if you need inspiration when it comes to your holiday day cooid have it for you -- >> we don't, but jillian harris does. she's a lifestyle expert that works with pier 1 import. here to help you find your style and add a little sparkle to your season. >> we adore you. >> thank you. >> you're going to take us through a couple of nice looks for the home. >> yeah. one of my biggest design mantras is forgetting about the trends. design your home based on your personality. >> smart. >> three kind of little
10:31 am
vignettes to talk about. this one is for people who really love color. they love the glitz and glam. you have a little bit traditional red and gold. but we added a surprise element with the peacock blue. >> that's nice. >> these are just ornaments. if you have -- >> cute. >> if you have these vases or apothecary jars at home with candy or flowers, toss ornaments in there and having fun and not worrying so much about the rules. if you -- life is multifaceted. people are so different that you're -- express yourself. >> exactly. >> sometimes when i'm in a store, like pier 1, you go in there and you like the exact -- you want the exact setting and put it in your house. >> that's what i do. >> that's okay. >> this is my favorite vignette because it is all the glitz and glam -- >> hollywood. >> we have the bar area as well. >> that's the other thing. >> champagne.
10:32 am
>> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> this is really great. not to worry about different textures. we have a little bit of juxtaposition with the fur and the sparkle and the glam. >> very much hollywood. >> beautiful. >> darling. love it. >> and cheers. >> cheers. >> i like the glasses. >> pier 1. >> really? >> pier 1, baby. >> okay. >> this is the natural noel. this is great. i don't know if anybody knows i'm canadian. a little nod to bringing the outside in. >> this looks very colorado-ish. >> yes, exactly. >> beautiful. >> people in new york don't have to be afraid of bringing the outside in. and i like to talk about gift giving as well. because i hold a lot of parties. it is a lot of work. so what is lovely is, a, somebody comes to your house, and brings just a gift and wraps it in a bow. you don't need to wrap --
10:33 am
just -- >> is that pillow a gift? >> it is a gift. >> that's clever. >> it can stay that way as decor are. >> what else? >> we have beautiful nutcrackers, little hostess gifts to say thank you. >> thank you. >> one other thing i always do, if you're in a rush, getting ready, pier 1 launched ecards. you get home, you're, like, you just write the little ecard and send it. that's great. >> nice and immediate. lovely. >> immediate. >> terrific, thank you. >> you're so adorable. >> don't feel bad about the hot tub ins accident. >> i have no regrets. >> burn hundreds of extra calories around the holidays just around the house. >> and the top ten comics to watch. and how to stand out in the digital world coming up right after this. i was active. i kept on top of things. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread
10:34 am
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10:38 am
grace pelvig is a xhcomedia whose not too deep podcast debuted at number one on itunes and her channel called it's grace has over 50 million views at about 2 million subscribers. >> she's shaving her legs in the shower. now she's out with her least digital enterprise, a good old-fashioned book called grace's guide, the art of pretending to be a grown-up. and already a new york times
10:39 am
best-seller. >> hi. >> good for you. >> thank you. >> a tough world to break into. >> a cruel, harsh world and i'm trying to make something happen. >> so many people want to do what you do. they think i can do something, i'll make a youtube channel but somehow yours took off. >> it didn't happen overnight. i've been making my videos for six years now. so it definitely kind of -- it is a slow process. very rare to have what they call viral sensation happen. and to get overnight success. it takes dedication. it takes brand building. >> all the old-fashioned way. as young and hip as you are, you did it the old-fashioned way. >> is there a moment it took off. usually something goes viral, one thing goes and everyone goes back to learn more about you. >> for me there wasn't one moment. it was a gradual growth. i know. what a world. >> a video that actually has been cut through and created what hoda is talking about. >> one of the first things i started doing when i was making videos that really helped me find my voice and find the
10:40 am
comedy i wanted to do is i started doing impressions of sarah palin at one point. yeah. and that felt really good. yeah. and it didn't necessarily took off, but it -- it felt like i could do more comedy stuff. >> people are watching wanting to do some of what you're doing. you have a video, you put it on, how do you get -- you got advertisers, you did things -- >> how do you get people to watch it? >> oh, just, like prayers, hope. yeah. paying them. you don't know. i always say -- >> friends first? >> yeah, self-promotional, talk about the things you're putting out there. and then put stuff out there that you actually enjoy, stuff you like, so it can find its own authentic audience that would also like it. >> but people finding you in this big world, it seems like it would be -- like a needle in a haystack. >> yeah. >> kind of the $64,000 question,
10:41 am
there is no one way to do it. i think everyone finds for themselves -- >> what are you doing in your videos? >> this is -- i'm just doing really groundbreaking stuff. >> you're doing -- >> something from annie get your gun. doing what comes naturally. >> you're shaving your legs. >> she does that. >> why is everyone watching it? >> because sex sells. yeah. >> are you going to teach how to be big youtube -- >> yes. >> tell us. here's the thing. with the shaving the legs thing, there is an intimacy to the internet because you're talking directly to the camera, to your audience. so i have this handy dandy ipad here. hello. this is great angle. all about finding -- here we go. that's okay. keep it in. >> are we on? >> we're all on right now. >> okay. >> here is the thing. yep. that's great. that's great. >> that's what people want. >> you're creating a new dance. >> that's what she does. >> i do not --
10:42 am
>> this is working. >> will you post it. >> we have to say good-bye. you have to sign off and say thanks for watching. don't forget to subscribe. leave a comment down below, like the video. >> we don't want comments. we don't want to know. >> no, no. >> you know why? because we don't give a rip. >> you got a catch phrase. got to make merc now. that's how youtube works. >> post it and we'll let everyone know. >> i told you, things don't go viral overnight, but i feel like that video -- >> that's magic. >> that video is going to change lives. >> that was great. >> maybe save lives, really. i'm excited about that. >> grace, thank you so much. >> good luck with your book and everything. >> she's going to l.a. now. jersey girl going l.a. >> to see how the youtube video turned out -- >> that was real? >> that was real. >> go to >> guess how many calories you can burn just by shopping or doing the dishs? >> not very many.
10:43 am
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10:48 am
all righty, we're back and it is time for us to help you -- ♪ >> cut the creep. with the holiday celebrations in full swing, we have easy ways to step up your activity level to burn off the extra cookies and cocktails you'll be consuming. >> andrea and nicole have been working very hard to keep the weight off with the help of their coach, nbc news health and nutrition editor madelyn fernstrom. >> how are you doing? >> so let's start with andrea. you had a busy week. week three. the throes of holiday parties. >> i had my son's play, my husband's birthday, we came into the city for a christmas party on top of it. >> a lot of festivities. >> it was a lot. >> andrea, though, she lost three pounds last week.
10:49 am
and now we're looking at week three. how did she do at all the parties going on? how did she do? >> okay. >> did she cut the creep? yes. >> there was no change. >> all right. >> holding her own. no gain. that's big. that's huge. >> what about nicole. >> and then nicole. >> i had a lot of fun this week. i went to two work parties for myself and then a work party for my husband. and by the third party i got kind of smart, so i wanted a bunch of pastries, i filled my plate up and take one bite and give the rest to my husband. >> so he gained four pounds then. >> she was down one pound before. >> what happened this week? she also -- >> yes. >> you did not gain. >> what are we doing? >> no one has time to exercise this time of year it is challenging. we gave the two ladies
10:50 am
pedometers to check their steps and they're around two miles every day. we want to try to boost that. you're about 5,000 steps, want to try to get to close to 6,000 as many days as possible. in addition to that, there is tons of things we do all around the house that burn a lot of calories. we'll test your knowledge. >> okay. >> we're going to play a game. >> team up. >> we're going to team up. >> andrea. what are we doing? >> i'm going to read a question with three answers about a daily household activity, how many calories it burns. you and your teammates are going to have to jump three loops, jump three times or three hulas around and our referees are going to blow the whistle. >> three of those in this? no. this is not good. >> ready. >> the first question has to do with vacuuming.
10:51 am
and so would 60 minutes of vacuuming burn -- >> you can't do it yet. >> you have to wait. >> 80 calories, 140, or 200 calories. >> i already did it. >> how many do you burn? >> 80. >> you would be wrong. >> vacuuming. >> 140. >> you would be wrong. it is 200. >> who cares? >> now we're going to go outdoors to shovel some snow. regular snow shovel. if you're shoveling for 45 minutes -- >> team hoda! >> 150, 300 or 500. >> go for it. >> 500. >> you would be wrong. >> 300. >> kathie lee's team would be right. >> we almost had that, didn't we? >> 45 minutes. now we're going on to -- >> i'm exhausted. >> washing your dishes, 50, 75
10:52 am
or 100 calories for 30 minutes? >> it would be -- >> what would that be? >> you're saying 50 calories, you would be right. >> 30 seconds, double or nothing. go, go. >> for an hour, 100 -- >> you got it. >> what is that? >> this is for all the marbles. >> do it. >> 140. >> you would be wrong. >> c. >> c, 180 calories, you would be right. >> what? >> that's what happened. >> kathie lee wins. >> there you go, darling. thank you. >> thank you, madelyn. >> for more on madelyn's tips to burning extra calories, go to we'll be back with more. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we are halfway through our 21st annual toy drive. it is thanks to our donors and you our viewers we have been able to ship out $10 million in toys and gifts to kids across the country. >> that's so great. michael ayrton is the president and ceo of kinect and he's here with us, very generous donation. >> so generation. >> ten years or so you've been with us. >> for almost a decade. this year we're donating 10,000 toys. kids love stuff that comes out of digital things, angry bird toys. >> such a smart -- >> can i launch him? >> launch him. >> cute. >> that's awesome. >> just like the game. >> i'll put that in our little -- >> look at our little guy. this is great. why do you feel it is important every year to do this? >> during the holiday season, we know too many kids don't get to
10:57 am
open something under the tree, part of our value is about community. when kids are playing a little bit, they have a little bit of time to have fun. it makes life better during the holiday season. >> it is nice that you're that generous. >> we're blessed we can do what we do. we give back when we can. >> you can donate to our toy drive on the plaza or online. you have until december 19th. >> and tomorrow, one guy spills about how he messed up his marriage so that it doesn't happen to you. >> great gifts for all the men in your life. >> and how to get the thick eyebrows at home. >> important.
10:58 am
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we're following two breaking news stories this morning. the first, a philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty. the first female fire fighter to die on the job in the city's history. a nor'easter is slamming the shore right now. there's widespread coastal flooding along the jersey shore. this is video just came in from our nbc 10 jersey shore bureau. this is west wildwood, cape may county. you can see the high waters there. a live look at cape may. places at the shore received two inches of rain already this morning. traffic is moving slowly in many parts of our area. a live look at i-95 in south


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