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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 9, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we're following two breaking news stories this morning. the first, a philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty. the first female fire fighter to die on the job in the city's history. a nor'easter is slamming the shore right now. there's widespread coastal flooding along the jersey shore. this is video just came in from our nbc 10 jersey shore bureau. this is west wildwood, cape may county. you can see the high waters there. a live look at cape may. places at the shore received two inches of rain already this morning. traffic is moving slowly in many parts of our area. a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia.
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leave early and give yourself extra time if you are on the road today. temperatures are above freezing in the poconos now. this is an area that will see the rain change to snow later on. a live look at camelback mountain resort. then a live look at our radar showing the areas hardest hit right now by this nor'easter. we have live team coverage with glenn "hurricane" schwartz and reporters ted greenberg and jesse gary canvassing the delaware valley for us this morning. let's begin with glenn. >> a large and very slow moving nor'easter. and if the rain stopped where you are, that does not mean the storm is over. we did see a break in it around philadelphia, but you can see some rain starting to come back. new york city and long island, that's the area getting smashed now. some of that moisture is moving to the west and could make its way into parts of our area this afternoon. the snow and the ice in the poconos is pretty much gone away
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as the temperature have risen as expected. that's not the last you have seen of any kind of snow. you can see a band of rain coming across philadelphia area right now. the flood watch is canceled from philadelphia southward but still in effect burlington county through montgomery, bucks county, lehigh valley and ocean county, new jersey. the center of the storm you can see here just off the new jersey coastline. we're starting to get more of a north wind instead of the on shore wind. that will diminish any flood threat. this is moving slowly and colder air will come down on the back side of this thing. eventually, we're talking about a changeover to snow but not during the day today. just patchy rain and wind and cold as we go through the day today. temperatures only going up a couple degrees from where they are now. tonight, we're going to start to see a changeover to snow. we will get into the details on that with the seven-day in a few minutes.
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live team coverage continues with nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg. tell us what conditions are like where you are. >> reporter: actually, we have moved a little bit south to long beach township. normally the bay is at the end of the street. this is 82nd street. now you can see that the bay has come into the street. it has come up to houses. it has come up under cars. and we take a look over here. this is long beach boulevard, the main drag down long beach island. it's under water at this point, for blocks. long beach boulevard closed in this section of long beach township. high tide hasn't happened yet. we're still a half an hour away from high tide. you can see how bad the situation already is. the water still coming up. look at some of the video we sent in earlier today. so far, we have hit all three coastal counties we cover,
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ocean, cape may and atlantic. high tide earlier this morning on the ocean. even before that, we found gigantic waves crashing over the rocks and spilling into the street in longport. the ocean looking angry, churned up by the nor'easter and being pushed on the coastline by strong winds, gusting over 40 miles an hour. from there we headed south to cape may county and the wildwood. we were there when the flood sirens sounded in west wildwood to warn residents about the rising waters. some street resembled rivers at that point. i checked with ocean city's head of emergency management a short time ago. he told me so far the water is about seven inches higher than it was during yesterday morning's high tide when we saw minor tidal flooding. don't be surprised if the headaches last for a while. >> within the next two to three high tide cycles we will see flooding. rain is laying down, but we're
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expecting more today. >> reporter: that doesn't help the situation? >> it doesn't. obviously with the wind, but it gusts to 45. we have readings on that. be cautious, stay off the roadways unless you have to be out. >> reporter: i've been checking with our communities about road closures in those cities and towns because of the flooding. i can tell you the black course pike in the west atlantic city township of egg harbor township closed because of flooding. that's a very flood prone area and route 47, the causeway between middle township and wildwood also closed right now because of flooding. again, we're still about a half an hour away from high tide. we will have an update for you coming up at 11:30. keeping track of the situation here, talking with officials, an update at 11:30. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> get up to the minute information on this nor'easter by downloading the first alert
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weather app. watch our news catch. if you lose power, it's a download on the website at nbc 10 follows breaking news. philadelphia firefighters are mourning the loss of one of their own. the first philadelphia female firefighter to die in the line of duty. here is a live look at engine 73 where the firefighter was assigned. the 11-year veteran had been working at engine 64 for the past three years. nbc 10's christine maddela is live with more on this firefighter who made the ultimate sacrifice. we are hearing she's survived by two young children. >> reporter: that's right. the philadelphia fire department asked us not to release her name because they wanted to notify her next of kin, her family members. we are expecting to hear from the philadelphia fire dealt and have them release her name coming up within the next hour, around noon. out here at einstein medical center, we saw a lot of police and fire activity this morning
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as the procession with the firefighter's body left the hospital headed toward the medical examiner's office. take a look. along line of police cars and fire trucks escorted one medic unit from einstein medical center. fellow firefighters saluteds athe procession passed. so did police officers as they blocked traffic along the route. >> she was trying to extinguish the fire. >> reporter: the fire commissioner said the fire wasn't a big one but it was challenging because the fire was in the basement. >> whenever you have a basement fire, it's challenging because you are running into a chimney affect. because of those heat and heavy heat and smoke conditions. >>. >> reporter: that caused the fire chief to switch tactics. he called for the firefighters to get out. >> they were withdrawing from the basement, one of our members became trapped. >> reporter: investigators trying to figure out exactly how
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that happened. the commissioner told nbc 10 her fellow fire fight others tried to get her out. >> one of my goals and visions when i became the fire commissioner is that we would  never lose a member on my watch. so i've already failed in one of my goals. that was one of my goals. never to lose another member in the line of duty on my watch. >> reporter: emotional comments from the fire commissioner. we expect to hear from him at 12:00 where they have a scheduled news conference at city hall. nbc 10 will carry that live. watch it right here on nbc 10. in our next half hour, i'm learning more information about the firefighter's career. i will update you on that at 11:30. live at einstein medical center, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> christine made reference to the last firefighter was killed in april of 2013. he died when a roof collapsed
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beneath him while fighting a fire. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to gather new information about today's death after i philadelphia firefighter. now to the latest on the jersey jam bridge scandal. lawmakers will push for legislation to overall how the port authority of new york and new jersey are governed. a news conference is planned, aimed at pressuring the governors to sign the measure. they say it's under review. the new legislation is in response to the politically motivated traffic jam on the george washington bridge. a new report failed to connect governor christie to the lane closures but implicates his top aides. from our delaware bureau, two men are behind bars in connection with setting fired at three churches. the two men are facing arson and burglary charges. last week we showed you how this fire gutted a church. within hours, two more nearby
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churches were torched. no one was hurt in any of the fires. up next, a synagogue attack. what authorities say happened inside this place of worship that has many people on edge today. all eyes are on washington and the world as we are minutes away from the release of a report about the cia's post 9/11 interrogation techniques. we are dealing with a slow moving and stubborn nor'easter today and beyond today. heavy rain, gusty winds and some parts of our area in for snow. the timing of it all just ahead.
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a look at the radar. the heaviest of the rain going into long island and into new england. we continue to see rain at times, very windy and eventually, a change to snow in parts of the area. more on that in a few minutes. we continue to track this nor'easter in our area. here is a live look outside at conditions along i-76 at the vine street expressway. visibility obviously not very good. nbc 10 continues to check the nor'easter's impact on our area. nbc 10's jesse gary is in montgomery county. show me how the conditions are this early morning hours.
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>> reporter: that off again and on again rain, that has started again. it's not a heavy, soaking rain. but it's enough rain that it's going to coach your windshield and smear it up. we are standing on montgomery avenue here. we are getting more rain and we have had a lot of rain. we are seeing more of that ponding on the roadways that we saw a lot of earlier this morning. starting to see that again. if you are driving out, you want to be careful and take it slow, because the roads are starting to get wet and slick again. additionally, because of the rainfall, some of the low lying areas, areas where you have streams that will start to flood again. it's not a downpour but it is raining again. and it's going to be enough to impede your vision. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> get up to the minute information on this nor'easter by downloading the first alert
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weather app. watch our newscast. you also want -- we want to let you know that nbc news will bring us a special report shortly. in fact, we will go to it right now. good morning. the report harsh tactics is being made public. >> dianne feinstein is speaking from the senate floor sharing the first details from a declassified portion of that committee's 6,000 page report. this includes claims that the cia misled congress about the techniques that were being used on detainees, things like water boarding and sleep deprivation. the report alleges it did not provide useful intelligencintel >> we have the general findings. let's bring in andrea mitchell,
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our chief foreign affairs corresponde correspondent. some of the headlines are damning. >> they are. i came from a briefing from feinstein's staff on the hill. they conclude that the enhanced interrogation techniques or torture were not effective, that the cia provided inaccurate information about the operation of the program to policy makers of the white house and the public and the hill. the cia's management was flaws. the cia will acknowledge that. the program was also the far more brutal than the cia represented to policy makers and to the american public. the big question that we were asking was what did george w. bush and when did he know it? while he approved the initial authorization for secret prisons back in september, right after 9/11, september 27th in 2001, that he did not know the details of these enhanced techniques or torture until 2006 after a cia
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inspector general questions the cia's two directors and they said they never briefed him. there's memos that they asked shouldn't the president know about this and was told he does not need to know. a lot of questions about what george bush knew and when did he know it. he has defended this program that doesn't mean that dick cheney or other people who had been told didn't tell him privately. but there's no paper trail indicating that george bush knew prior to 2006. matt and savannah. >> there's a lot of disagreement on the findings of the report. >> the president weighed in on it this morning, issuing a statement that said no nation is perfect but one of the strengths that makes america exceptional is our willingness to confront our part, face our imperfections, make changes and do better rather than another reason to refight old arguments he said i hope today's report can help us leave these techniques where they belong, in the past. let's turn to jim miklaszeski.
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the defense secretary put everyone on high alert fearing this becoming public. >> embassies and marines guarding them are at a heightened state of alert preparing for any kind of backlash. 2,000 marines, part of what are called fast teams in the middle east and the mediterranean to cover the areas in the persian gulf and africa should there be any backlash. i can tell you that u.s. military and dod officials say as of now, there appears to be no specific threat against u.s. embassies, military personnel or military installations anywhere in those regions or around the world at this point. however, in an abundance of caution, they decided to put all of these forces at higher alert. >> thank you. >> let's bring andrea back in. there are cia officials
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mentioned in the report. they disagree with the findings. a lot of republicans disagree as well. where do we go from here? >> we are going to have i a minority report from the republicans on the committee, most of the republicans on the committee. john mccain, who had been very angry about torture and fighting against it from his own experiences in vietnam is going to speak after feinstein speaks. i think we're going to have more investigations. republicans, as we say, and the former cia directors violently disagree, vigorous disagree with these conclusions and say the cia was doing what they were told to do. >> thanks so much. you can read the full report on more coverage on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> for others, there's more of "today" straight ahead. this has been an nbc news special report.
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today say first alert weather day. tomorrow as well. we have a varied type of weather out there because of the nor'easter. rain and wind across the area today. we have had serious coastal flooding. the next thing we looking at is a possible change to snow during
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the day tomorrow. you can see the flags blowing hard and the wind is howling out there. the temperature has gone up enough so that we no longer have the icing problem. it's 42 degrees in philadelphia. 18 mile an hour wind. feels like 34 degrees. the temperature well above freezing north and west, even the mow cpoconos it's above fre. temperatures will drop as we go through the night tonight. you can see the center of the storm not too far off of cape may. we're starting to see more of a northwest wind blowing offshore and that means the next low tide at the shore will not produce the type of flooding that we have seen this morning and we're seeing right now. general north wind, 20, 21 miles an hour sustained and some wind gusts now to 30 miles an hour. we have reports of wind gusts to 56 miles an hour, just about an
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hour and a half ago. it is a very, very windy day. at the shore, very windy with periods of rain. i-95, pretty similar, periods of rain, no, s rain, not necessarily as heavy. north and west may see changeover to snow. the poconos will see accumulation tonight. flood watch in effect for north and east of philadelphia. that's where the heaviest of the rain is. we're also getting a back side of the storm just in the western suburbs. eventually, as the colder air comes in, some of that could change over to snow. we're seeing a little bit of that up in some of the poconos right now. just in the last few minutes, a bit of a mix with some snow. you can see on the futurecast, periods of rain as we go throughout the day. but the changeover is generally coming after midnight tonight, except for the poconos, it will come sooner.
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this is one of the computer models. to give you an idea of what the potential is, predicting up to three inches of snow in the poconos by tomorrow morning and even some as we head down into the north and western areas by tomorrow evening. that is a possibility. here is another model. as we see again, north and west starting in the poconos and there may be bands of heavier snow in some of the western counties, berks county and parts of chester county and the lehigh valley as we go into tomorrow. periods of rain as we go through the afternoon. it's going to be windy, the temperatures not dropping, not yet. then overnight tonight, we start to see a changeover to snow in the poconos and some northern and western areas. snow and rain tomorrow, accumulations are quite possible
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north and west. thursday, it's still windy and cold with a chance of flurries. still cold and windy on friday. we don't even warm up that much over the weekend. but it does look dry for the eagles game sunday night. a nor'easter is heading our area today. parts of the jersey shore are dealing with coastal flooding. a live look now at cape may, new jersey. a look at prince william and his wife's day in the big apple as they continue their american tour.
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just about 11:30 this morning. following two breaking news stories. a philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty. authorities say she is the first female firefighter to die on the
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job in the city's history. then we expect to learn more at city hall in about 30 minutes. flooding concerns at the coast all because of a slow moving nor'easter bringing heavy rain and gusty winds with it. a live look at conditions in long beach township where you see the coastal flooding. rain throughout the day in some parts of our area. gusting winds, they make it feel worse out there. we take a live look at the aramark building at the flags flapping in center city philadelphia. the snow has turned to rain in the poconos. a live look at the french manor. people in that area will see the return the snow later on. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. what can you tell us? >> the shore certainly did get hit the hardest, at least so far with this particular storm. two to three inches of rain plus a wind gust of 56 miles an hour
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just an hour or so ago. now we are seeing a lull, which is a good thing, because they have had too many rain. we are seeing radar echos spinning around, an indication that the storm is pretty strong. we have lost most of the snow and ice in the poconos as the warmer air has come in over the last several hours. western suburbs getting more of a steady rain, and that will continue this afternoon. also, the flood watch for all the counties north and east of the philadelphia area, that includes burlington county, bucks and montgomery county, lehigh valley, central new jersey. the center of the storm offshore. we are starting to see an offshore wind which will eventually let the water go down at the shore. so the future high tides will not produce the type of flooding that we have seen this morning.
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we have some patchy areas of rain, but tease wiit's windy an. but not cold enough for snow yet. we do expect a changeover in parts of the area, more on the timing that was with the seven-day in a few minutes. live team coverage continues with ted greenberg who is in long beach township, ocean county. ted, what are the conditions the there? is there flooding from what you can see? >>. >> reporter: yeah, the conditions are changing. in fact, they have changed since we last talked with you at the top of the hour, half an hour ago. at that point, at 11:00, this part of the parking lot where i am standing of this restaurant was dry. there was not water under this car. you can see there certainly is. the water seems to be coming up. this is 82nd street in long beach township. that's the bay at the end of the street. as you can see, it's now in the street. it has overtaken the street. it has gotten higher on those cars across the street as well.
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take a look over here. you see joey's pizza across the street. it certainly looks like the water is getting into the door there. we will check it out when it's safe to get across the street and get a closer look. it looks like the water is rising enough and has come up enough to get inside that restaurant. this is long beach boulevard right where we are, 82nd and long beach boulevard. high tide is happening right now. that's where all this water is coming from. all of the water started coming up into the streets here hours ago, hours before high tide. a long stretch of long beach boulevard is closed to traffic. but we have seen several drivers going through the floodwaters anyway. that's all saltwater, very core row receive to vehicles. deep in some spots. earlier this morning we were in atlantic county. even before high tide there, we found gigantic waves crashing over rocks and spilling into the
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street. the ocean looking very angry, fuelled by very strong winds. we were also in west wildwood, in cape may county when the flood sirens sounded just after 9:00 this morning to warn residents about the rising water. the head of ocean city's emergency management tells me, so far the water is at least seven inches higher than during yesterday's high tide when we saw less serious flooding. all this water could have a tough time receding. >> when the wind holds it in, the tide never lets out. the water just stacks on top of itself. that's why the flooding holds it. hopefully in 24 hours we will be in better shape. >> reporter: speaking of the wind, it has been significant. a 56 mile per hour wind clocked on the northern end of long beach iesland where we are. lots of water and the wind as
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the chief was telling us continuing to keep the water in the back bay all along the jersey shore. because of that, the water is really having a tough time and will have a tough time receding. the storm drains can't keep up with the water because there's so much of it. the wind also fuelling the ocean. that will no doubt and has no doubt been causing beach erosion. when we can get to the beach, we are planning to look at that and tell you who we see starting at 4:00. live in long beach township, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted, get dry. get up to the minute information on the nor'easter by downloading the first alert weather app. watch our news catch if you happen to lose power. it's a freeload you can get at our website at nbc 10.kovm. breaking news this morning. philadelphia firefighters are mourning the loss of one of their own. the first philadelphia female
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firefighter to die in the line of duty. a live look now at engine 73 where that firefighter was assigned overnight. the 11-year veteran had been working at engine 64 for the past three years. nbc 10's christine maddela is live with more on the firefighter's years of service. this is a remarkable woman and a faithful public servant. >> we heard the fire commissioner say she was proud of what she did and took a great deal of pride in working with the fire department. while we are not still releasing her name until the next half hour when the fire department makes that publically known, we are learning more about her 11-year career with the philadelphia fire dealt. . >> this will be the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: the fire commissioner told nbc 10 the firefighter took pride in what she did. >> very, very, very good
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firefighter. >> reporter: the veteran firefighter was based out of engine 64 but was working with engine 73 this morning when she and her fellow firefighters worked to put out this basement fire. >> she was trying to extinguish the fire. she was doing her duty. >> reporter: that's when she got trapped in the basement. emergency crews took the 36-year-old to einstein medical center but doctors were not able to save her. >> thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the firefighter who has made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: investigators trying to figure out how exactly she got trapped in the basement while fighting that fire. in the next half hour, we are expecting to hear more from philadelphia mayor michael nutter as well as the fire commissioner. they have a scheduled news con fre conference scheduled.
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the torture report, the name of a 6,000 page document that the senate intelligence committee has just released. the report is about how the u.s. questioned terror suspects after 9/11. a live look from capitol hill where lawmakers, including senator diane feinstein are speaking on the floor of the -- about the report. the senate intelligence committee accuses the cia of inflicting pain and suffering of prisoners, tactics that went beyond legal limits. the report represents the executive summary and conclusions from the 6,700 page full investigation released a few minutes ago. there's fear terrorists may retaliate in the wake of the release, especially embassies in the middle east and that u.s. lives abroad could be in danger. president obama says he hopes the report helps leave torture techniques in the past. investigators say a man with
11:39 am
a knife stalked a brooklyn synagogue hours before stabbing an readily student in the head. police shot and killed the suspect when he refused to drop the night. he stormed into the headquarters of an international jewish organization this morning attacking a student studying in the synagogue. the victim is in stable condition. investigators are trying to figure out the motive. the ntsb is at the scene of a deadly plane crash that killed six people, including a mother from ocean county. we first brought you this news at 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning. nbc 10's tom costello reports. >> reporter: it was a sudden violent explosion in a suburban cul-de-sac. a small jet plane spiraling to the ground and slamming into three homes se s setting off an inferno of exploding jet fuel. inside a bathroom, 36-year-old
11:40 am
marie gemmell was trying to shield her two children. the fire was so intense, they were unable to reach them. >> we have confirmed the loss of the three family members of the gemmell family. >> reporter: the father was at work and the 5-year-old in preschool. neighbors were left stunned. >> look out and to see a ball of flame right across the street from your house. it was terrifying. >> reporter: the plane was attempting to land at an airport. all three on the plane died, including the pilot, the ceo of a healthcare company, who had crashed another plane at the same airport four years ago. just before yesterday's crash, other pilots had reported an unusual number of birds in area, then watched as the plane suddenly went down. >> we have a crash at the end of the runway. call emergency services. >> reporter: the ntsb is reviewing the flight data recorders as a community wakes
11:41 am
up in shock and sadness. >> that was tom costello reporting. we have new information on that massive fire in los angeles that we first brought you yesterday morning. investigators believe it was intentionally set. flames destroyed a seven story apartment complex under construction. it caused $10 million worth of damage. no one was hurt. a judge in south africa is expected to decide whether to allow prosecutors to ln the judge responded she needed more time to think about it and the hearing would resume tomorrow. in october, pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. sfeen c ste >> i wanted the truth. but it seems that some of the puzzle is missing.
11:42 am
two people know what happened. one of them was my daughter. she's not here anymore. >> pistorius could be released from prison and go under house arrest after just ten months. if an appeal is granted and he is con vivicted of murder, he wd face a minimum of 15 years in prison. the royal couple paid their respects to the victims of 9/11. they learned how the cite, which includes a recently opened 1 world trade center, has been redeveloped and the plans for its future. nearly 3,000 people died in the attack attacks on september 11, 2001. concerns at the coast because of a nor'easter. a look at flooding this morning in west wildwood.
11:43 am
the shore is getting hit the hardest. >> a number of streets in wildwood are flooded. we will see how much more rain we will get and what areas will change to snow with the first alert forecast coming up.
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11:45 am
another look at radar. you can see the heaviest rain in our area is in the northern and western suburbs.
11:46 am
some of those places will see a changeover to snow as we go through the night tonight and especially into tomorrow. the heaviest of the storm right now is headed toward new england. more on the changes in a few minutes. >> as glenn said, this storm is bearing down on the coastal areas. here is the latest. >> reporter: here in long branch, new jersey, we are in the midst of a nasty nor'easter. the wind has been brutal. the height of the storm not even expected until mid morning and lasting until midafternoon when gusts could be as high as 55 miles per hour. we have a lot of rain. the biggest concern here along the coast is that ocean right there. it's very rough, because this is a coastal storm. this area here in long branch
11:47 am
has been hit hard by sandy. they are still trying to rebuild parts of the boardwalk here. any waves and rough surf and the pounding winds will cause more problems, especially with beach erosion and the possibility of some of the flooding. we are looking at inches of rain here. flooding on the roads, even inland will be an issue. never drive through flooded streets. it's hard to judge how deep the water is. this is going to be an issue today in the mid-atlantic moving into the northeast and parts of new england and in the highest elevations overnight will switch over to snow. we could see in upstate new york one to two feet of snow on the back side of the snow. honda plans to expand what it calls a recall of cars equipped with takata airbags worldwide. it brings the recall to 13 million vehicles. the airbags, which could explode in a crash, have been linked to several deaths.
11:48 am
ten honda models are part of the u.s. recall. the crucial market for the automaker, including accord, civic and accura. the president got laughs last night. this was the president's third appearance. stephen colbert is marking his final two weeks before taking over for david letterman. the president took over the alter ego. >> health in a hand basket. nation as you know i stephen colbert have never cared for our president. the guy is so arrogant. i bet he talks about himself in the third person. >> the president poked fun at the original
11:49 am
website. he said he thinks that's where disney got the idea for requested froze efrozen. >> we have a first alert weather day today. you are seeing results at the shore. two to three inches of rain, plus the onshore winds with the slow moving nor'easter. produced significant flooding. you well see more pictures of that as the day wears on. rain and wind across the area today. a change to snow in parts of the area during the day tomorrow. the flags are blowing hard. the wind is coming out of the north. the temperature has been rising. as we said yesterday, we are going to change over completely to rain and not a change to snow during the day today. 42 degrees, the wind out of the north at 17. gusting to 28 miles an hour right now. you can see it's already up to
11:50 am
41 in reading and mount holly and northeast philly, 39 in allentown. we're nowhere near a changeover to snow, at least not yet. we are in the low 40s toward the south. the center of the nor'easter is right off the coast of cape may. we are starting to see more of the north to northwest wind. if we get enough hours of that, that will calm the ocean down. by tomorrow morning, high tide, it's not going to be as high as this morning. here are the wind arrows, north wind. these are sustained at 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's a pretty windy day. it's raining, at least in parts of the area. that will continue off and on. i-95, windy all day. the change to snow coming later tonight. tonight in the poe kconos as we.
11:51 am
tomorrow morning, accumulations in the poconos from the snow. the flood watch in the areas north and east of philadelphia, it was canceled in areas from philadelphia southward. as we got into dry air here near the center of the storm, which happens with the winter nor'easters. you can see how solid the rain is to the west. we are setting up bands here. you see in northeast, southwest. eventually as the colder air comes in, we could see a couple of bands of snow during the day tomorrow, which makes the forecast very tricky. a little bit of light rain in delaware and in the poconos, we have seen the snow change over to rain as the warmer air has come in. so futurecast showing more areas of rain as we go through the afternoon. it's going to be damp. it's going to be windy. it's going to be chilly. but we're not expecting the snow changeover until tonight. in the poconos, obviously it's the first place to change over. this computer model just in showing as we go through the
11:52 am
night tonight and into tomorrow morning, we're gradually getting a changeover into the northern and western suburbs. this may be exaggerate ad a bit happening too fast. the general idea of a changeover from rain to snow coming down from the north is certainly possible. here is the latest computer model. this is just in minutes ago. we will see -- by 8:00 a.m. we're not having the snow accumulation yet. but during the morning hours tomorrow and into the afternoon, this one gives some snow into philadelphia. others give heavier snow to berks county and chester county. it gives you an idea that we have some potential. we're not talking about the major snowstorm, because most of this has been rain, as we have been expecting all along. periods of rain today, windy, highs in the low to mid 40s. but no snow.
11:53 am
later tonight it starts changing. tomorrow, mix of snow and rain depending on where you are. could accumulate in some areas north and west. and another windy cold day thursday with flurries possible. the cold weather lasts into friday and even saturday. doesn't even warm up a lot by sunday. at least it's dry for the eagles game. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new plus day four of the 12 days of giveaways. this afternoon, paying his own way. tom wolf picking up the tab for something other elected leaders don't typically have to. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with a look at our day. >> the nor'easter will affect our weather for the rest of the week. we will do hourly updates during the afternoon. it's going to be windy and wet and then an eventual changeover to snow in area. that will be the main focus of what we will be watching for this afternoon's news and up toward 11:00 tonight. >> stay dry and stay warm. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> victor: oh, sonny. to what do i owe the pleasure? >> sonny: i need money. >> victor: for the new club? >> sonny: it's gonna cost another $200,000 to comply with the city code. i didn't foresee it, but now... i'm in a jam. >> victor: well, i feel for you, sonny. i really do. but i'm not going to be the one to bail you out. >> theresa: okay, baby. let's see your fast ball.


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