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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 10, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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that soaker that we got yesterday morning. and it won't be as cold today either. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm christine maddela. looks like that nor'easter is really calming down. let's start with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> things are looking a lot better this morning. the temperatures, first of all, are in the 40s right now. even in the pocono mountains, warmer this morning, above freezing in some spots, but the wind is still with us, and that wind will be here all day long. and that's part of the nor'easter, which is still going to give us some showers later today, but not this morning. winds gusting to 37 right now in the pocono mountains. trenton and mt. holly. and at the shore, wildwood getting 18-mile-an-hour wind gusts. as far as the radar's concerned, nothing falling from the sky. the clouds are actually breaking. we'll see some sunshine this morning before clouds return with showers for this afternoon. 40 in allentown, trenton, wilmington is 42 degrees along with philadelphia at 42. so, a much milder start this
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morning. but we'll be watching the skies. they'll cloud up this afternoon. dry at 9:00, 40 degrees. the wind will be blowing and then some scattered showers, light stuff north and west. we'll see rain showers develop during the afternoon hours. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes, but right now, first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is looking at your tuesday morning. hey, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. let's start off in chester county, where things are very quiet. it's a tuesday, by the way. can't even keep track. 202 out near route 209, not much happening in the midst of this long-term construction zone. drive times about 12 to 13 minutes in both directions on route 202 between route 30 and 76. 76 is clear this morning. we had an accident out there earlier, but that is no problem anymore. the boulevard looking good. this is southbound as drivers make their way from fox street to 76. and in west conshohocken, this is a problem that's been with us since yesterday, a mudslide happened with all of that rain that we saw. balligomingo remains closed out near front street. you can take matsonford road as
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your alternate, christine. well, it's been 24 hours since we broke the news of a tragic milestone in the long history of the philadelphia fire department. the first death of a female firefighter in the department. this morning she's being hailed a hero. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in west oak lane. and monique, you're learning more about one of the city's bravest. >> reporter: that's true, christine. and right now, here outside this home where she passed away, you see that police car remains on guard, letting you know that investigations are far from over. one and two -- the safety apparatus she was wearing, the other into the cause of this fire. while you were sleeping, we've been gathering stories about the beloved firefighter who rushed into this house to save an elderly woman's life. fire commissioner derrick sawyer described 36-year-old joyce craig-lewis as a firefighter's firefighter. the mother of a teen and toddler was assigned to engine 64 in lawncrest but was working overtime when firefighters were called to west oak lane.
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commissioner sawyer also says she was one of three firefighters to enter the basement of this home. when firefighters were ordered out, they noticed she did not retreat. the 11-year veteran was found unconscious inside. the first female to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. we stopped by her home to speak to her family. >> she loved it. it was -- she's always volunteering. she volunteered for 9/11. she was always talking about her job and about work and teaching the kids. i actually have pictures of my children when she took them to her job and they got to, you know, fire the hose and do things like that and get on the ladder. and they loved it. >> craig-lewis was 1 of 150 women in the nation's first organized fire department. our camera captured people outside engine 64 last night, gathering for a prayer vigil. in the next half hour, we're going to take you inside the fire company. we're also working to bring you more comments from her colleagues. live for now in west oak lane,
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monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 as we learn new information about the fallen firefighter and the investigation into the fire that killed her. we're posting updates all morning long on our website. just head over to it's four minutes after 5:00 now. new information from overnight. a home invasion in delaware county. police tell us three men with guns and wearing masks entered this home on fern street in darby borough around 11:30 last night. no one was hurt, and at this point, police aren't even sure what was taken from the home. police are also looking for two men who pulled off a home invasion in south philadelphia, and they know what they took in this case. masked men armed with guns forced their way inside a home on mole street last night. investigators say the robbers hit a man in the head, trashed the home and got away with about $600 and jewelry. the victim was not seriously hurt. 5:04 a.m. the delaware county man accused of killing his case worker and shooting his psychiatrist pleaded not guilty. 49-year-old richard plotts is charged with murder and weapons offenses. he's charged in the july
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shooting death of 53-year-old theresa hunt at a wellness center on the campus of mercy-fitzgerald hospital. authorities say psychiatrist lee silverman was grazed by a bullet but returned fire with his own gun, and that wounded plotts. five minutes after 5:00. this morning the reward is up to $65,000 in the search for that missing college student, shane montgomery. it's now been 14 days since shane disappeared. the west chester university senior was last seen early thanksgiving morning at a bar in manayunk. happening today in bucks county, a videographer accused of ripping off customers is scheduled for a preliminary court hearing. police arrested michael dolbow on felony theft and other charges. he's from bensalem. detectives say couples paid him thousands of dollars to record videos of their weddings and he took the money but never delivered the videos. now to the casino crisis in atlantic city. we've learned the deal to sell revel casino and hotel to brookfield holdings is no
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longer. a source close to the negotiations told nbc 10 revel did everything it could to close that deal. the casino wants to set up a court hearing to accept a bid by a florida developer who is still interested in the now-closed hotel. jobless figures show the casino crisis cost the area thousands of jobs this year. the u.s. bureau of labor statistics said the atlantic city region lost nearly 10,000 jobs in 2014. most of those layoffs involved the closings of four casinos. a fifth casino, the trump taj mahal, is scheduled to close later this month, putting 3,000 more people out of work. well, new jersey could go small with its next generation of casinos. tomorrow, state lawmakers will debate a bill that would let developers build new boutique-style casino-hotels. part of the measure would allow casinos to be placed in existing buildings. the idea is to draw developers to the city with a real chance at turning a profit. happening today, parents and students will try to convince
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delaware officials why two charter schools in wilmington should stay open. the education department's charter school accountability committee recommended not to renew the charters of reach academy and gateway lab schools at the end of this academic year, due to what they call poor performance. a hearing to get the public's opinion will be held at 6:00 p.m. tonight at the state office building in wilmington. and today in harrisburg, nine judges will hear arguments in the legal dispute between the school reform commission and the philadelphia federation of teachers over the union contracts with the district. in october, the src suddenly canceled the contract and imposed health care costs on teachers. a judge temporarily stopped that move. the two sides have been negotiating for more than a year now. 5:07 a.m. a road in montgomery county shut down by a mudslide is still closed this morning. heavy rain yesterday created that mudslide in west conshohocken. police closed off the balligomingo road between portland road and route 23. jillian mele has been watching this as well. the road, again, is still closed
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this morning. the same spot saw heavy flooding over the summer. a new steel retaining wall in ocean county was put to its first real test. the wall runs 3 1/2 miles along the ocean front in brick and mantoloki mantoloking. it's not even fully complete yet. engineers say the wall held up well under yesterday's pounding. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> dry this morning but still windy outside. the good news is it's nice and mild. in spite of gusty winds, the temperatures are above freezing, in the 40s for most of the area. showers return this afternoon. first rain showers, then as temperatures go colder into tonight, we'll see some scattered snow showers, especially north and west for both the afternoon and the overnight showers. 40 right now in allentown. northeast philadelphia seeing the clouds break and 42 degrees. drop to 38 degrees in atlantic city at the airport. and look at the pocono mountains. that's a pretty dry view this
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morning. we've got snow on the ground, but not much in the way of snow accumulation yesterday. better chance of that happening later today. right now it is dry across the tri-state area, but we are watching some snow in new york state. the same nor'easter that was here yesterday is still giving us the winds. this snow is going to ride in on those winds, and those showers will start off as rain showers for areas north and west this afternoon. but this morning, you can see our hour-by-hour forecast keeping things dry. 9:00, clouds are to the north with some scattered, light snow showers in the pocono mountains. then by noontime, we could see some light showers, rain showers in philadelphia into the northern and western suburbs. it's this afternoon that we'll see showers return to the area. 4:00 this afternoon, rain even in delaware and south jersey, but just some light showers. and those snow showers are falling on temperatures that are still above freezing this afternoon. so, i'm not expecting any afternoon accumulation. for today, gusty winds, yeah. showers this morning, not
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happening. it's this afternoon that we'll see some wet weather move back into the area. high temperatures right where they are right now, in the low 40s. but there is some warmer weather on the way. a look at the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten minutes. ten minutes after 5:00 this morning. the roads have been looking pretty clear so far. >> yeah, let's see if we can continue the streak. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has confirmed that today is wednesday. >> it is wednesday. >> and she's checking the roads for us, too. >> took us about five minutes to figure that one out. good morning on a wednesday. this is a live look in center city, philadelphia. 76 right near the vine street expressway. and this right here is the off-ramp to get to 30th street station. you can see 76 is clear in both directions. drive times about 14 minutes both ways between the blue route and the vine, so you're good to go there. the vine street expressway is also pretty quiet. this right here would be the vine eastbound as drivers make their way on to 95. 95's still free of any accidents or delays. and if your travels take you out on mass transit, including all of the septa regional rail
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lines, everything is on or close to schedule. penn state's president is taking some heat, and it's all over this picture taken at a protest over the shooting death of ferguson teen michael brown. what the school's president had to say about the hands-up gesture he made. and we're learning more about the men accused of setting fires at three delaware churches and the key piece of evidence that led police to them.
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and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy! at 5:13, new this morning, a pennsylvania state lawmaker is
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standing behind his call for penn state university's president to apologize for making the hands-up gesture at a campus protest. university president eric barron was photographed last week. you see him here in this photo when he joined students at a die-in protest outside of the school's old main administration building. the hands-up gesture, of course, has become a symbol of protests across the country over the killing of black teen michael brown at the hands of a white police officer in missouri. republican state representative jerry knowles says the gesture is disrespectful to law enforcement and has called on barron to apologize, but the president, barron, says he supports law enforcement but he also supports the students, saying "i'm not making a political statement. i'm making a statement about civility." the national transportation safety board says there is no evidence of engine trouble or a bird strike in monday's deadly plane crash in maryland. the private jet was trying to land at montgomery county air park when it crashed into a home. three passengers on board the
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plane were killed, along with marie gemmell and her two young sons. they were inside the house at the time of the crash. gemmell is from ocean county. at 5:15, this is from our delaware bureau. we're learning more now about the two men who were charged with setting several churches on fire in kent county. alex harrington and joseph skochelak are behind bars this morning. investigators say the pair set fire to healing hands christian church and two others in felton last week. court documents show that one of the men admitted to setting the fires. investigators say it had nothing to do with religion. one pastor tells us that these guys wanted to steal money or whatever they could find inside those churches. >> they were looking for money, and i guess our church was on their way, and you know, this was a good place to start. >> well, the churches are trying to rebuild now and the suspects are facing arson and burglary charges. soon, drivers in new jersey will no longer have to worry about the watchful eye of those flashing red light cameras. red light cameras at
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intersections across new jersey are about to go dark. that's because they were part of a pilot program that's now running out. supporters say the cameras reduce accidents and keep people safe, but critics say they're just used to make money. >> now looking at the camera, it's raining out. the camera's not working. if you go into the e-mails between the township and the police department, there's not wipers on it. if it's raining out, they're not working. if it's cold and the front freezes, they're not working. >> it's up to each town to deactivate the cameras on their own by next tuesday. after the cameras are unplugged, the new jersey department of transportation will review the data and submit a final report to the state legislature. hopefully, you're seeing nothing but green lights out there as you make your way around this morning. >> that's right. here's jillian mele. >> good morning. let's start off with a live look at 95 out near broad street, south philadelphia. it's very quiet out there in both directions, as you can see. 95's actually clear the entire length of the way, so 95 near cottman is quiet. if you have an early-morning
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flight, 95 near the airport is also in the clear right now. heading into new jersey, a live look at the 42 freeway at creek road. that's the northbound side as drivers pass creek road and head out to the bridges. that's typically where we see a little delay later in the morning. no delays just yet. i'll keep you updated as the delays start to form. elsewhere on 42, northbound just past route 55, we are dealing with a disabled vehicle. it's on the shoulder, so it's not blocking anything, but that's pretty much the extent of our problems for drivers in new jersey. no accidents on the majors there. same situation in delaware. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is dry this morning and milder temperatures for most of the area in the 40s, but still have some gusty winds. this is the view from center city from the loews hotel. winds have been gusting to 25 miles an hour in delaware. they're steady at 16 miles an hour in philadelphia where it's 42 degrees right now. still some, well, a little bit of dampness on beach avenue, but nothing falling from the sky. the rain has stopped at the
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shore. and for the rest of the area, you can see clouds to the east. breaks in the clouds in the philadelphia area. we'll see some sunshine this morning, but we'll be watching to the north as clouds return with some snow for the pocono mountains and a chance of some rain showers this afternoon for areas north and west. the future hour-by-hour weather showing 41 degrees at 10:00 this morning. and here come the clouds, back in by noontime. might see a little activity on the radar screen, but most areas will be dry at lunchtime. as we go into the afternoon, a chance that we'll see some snow showers, but look at the temperatures. 36 degrees in pottstown, 34 in doylestown. allentown above freezing. might be some spotty snow showers at 6:00 this evening, but if there's any accumulation, it's going to be limited to those grassy surfaces. and the futurecast showing the accumulation just light. by 4:00 this afternoon, 1 inch of snow in the mountains. okay. where's my vodka?
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40s this afternoon. i'll have to wait until later, i know. afternoon showers, yes. and then the seven-day forecast. christine, you take it from here! >> all right, seven-day forecast. it looks like wednesday, today 42 degrees. our low of 41. thursday 39 degrees. it's going to be a little bit cooler, 30 degrees at night and cold on friday. it looks like we will have a chance of snow showers on thursday. friday's going to be cold. saturday also cold with a low of 31. >> aren't you sick of the cold by then? how about sunshine? sunday, sunshine. it will be warmer on sunday. eagles game will be dry. then sunny skies for monday and tuesday with highs in the 50s. >> bill henley, such a glass half full guy. and now his glass is half full. well, we are preparing for the arrival of pope francis for the world meeting of families next year, and now we've learned all the schools in the philadelphia archdiocese will close during the pontiff's visit. catholic leaders will close all schools from september 23rd through the 25th.
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they say that will allow teachers and families to take part in the world meeting of families. more than a million people from around the world are expected to visit philadelphia for that event. >> you do news, too, apparently. very nice. well, if you're hopping on a plane in the next few weeks for the holidays, you'll be joining about 45 million other people. we'll let you know which days are best to catch a flight and which are worst. and two major companies are planning to move their headquarters to camden. you'll find out which neighboring city lost out on these economic moves.
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5:22, and we have some new information now on a story that we brought you last week about some major businesses relocating to camden. we've learned that new jersey economic officials have approved $118 million in tax breaks for subaru to move its u.s. headquarters to camden. officials also okayed $40 million in tax incentives for cooper health system to move its business office to camden. both subaru and cooper had considered moving to philadelphia. and subaru and cooper round out the ten approved projects by that economic development council. here's a look at some of the others on the list. philadelphia 76ers are moving their facilities to camden, their practice facilities. lockheed martin, holtec international and two housing companies among those getting tax breaks in camden. well, you've probably heard of take your son or daughter to work day, but how about a chance to bring a phillies player to work? this is from our partners at the philadelphia business journal. the philadelphia phillies are auctioning off the experience to
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help raise money for the mlb charity longevity. a phillies player would visit your business or office for a pep rally and he would bring lunch for you and up to 30 of your closest co-workers. but you'll have to get your bid in soon. the auction ends at 11:00 tomorrow night. >> phillies player and lunch. pretty good deal. well, there are expected to be more people flying over this christmas holiday than last year. landon dowdy is here with this morning's "cnbc business news." good morning, landon. >> good morning, christine. the friendly skies are going to be crowded this holiday season. airlines for america, the industry's trade group, projects 47 million people will fly between december 17th and january 4th, up 2% from last year. airlines are adding more seats by using larger planes, which are expected to be 80% to 90% full. the busiest travel day? friday, december 19th. the lightest could be christmas eve and day and new year's eve and day. christine, back to you. >> all right, landon dowdy from cnbc headquarters. thanks for joining us.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a windy start this morning. gusty winds will be with us through the day. we'll be watching the pocono mountains for developing snow. we've seen a few snowflakes this morning, but later today we'll see some light accumulations. jillian mele is watching traffic in the first alert traffic center. good morning, jillian. >> good morning wednesday morning to you, bill. traveling 76, this is what it's looking like right now as far as speeds go. speeds in the mid-50s the entire length, pretty much. this is eastbound between the conshohocken curve and city avenue. no accidents and no delays. coming up, i'll take you to a live look at 422. 5:25 this morning. people all over the country are saluting the first philadelphia female firefighter to die in the line of duty. >> nbc 10's monique braxton is following that story for us this morning. monique? >> reporter: in the next couple of minutes, we're going to talk about the investigation, update you on that, and we'll also talk about the legacy of the fallen firefighter. after the break.
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family and friends as well as strangers all over the country are honoring one of philadelphia's bravest, who died in a house fire, as we're learning more about joyce craig-lewis. and it's a windy morning as we see in this live look of center city. the flags blowing atop the aramark building, but much drier
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out there after the nor'easter moved through yesterday, and warmer, too, at 42 degrees in philadelphia. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm christine maddela. let's see how that nor'easter is fizzling out. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> well, it's not giving us any wet weather, but it's still giving us wind. and this nor'easter, though it won't be as bad as yesterday, is still going to be with us, even into tonight and tomorrow. right now dry. that's a dry view from center city. but a windy morning, especially to the north. look at the pocono mountains, getting wind gusts of 37 miles an hour right now. wind gusts extending even to the shore. but other than that, it is dry this morning. the clouds are breaking. we'll actually see some sunshine this morning before showers return this afternoon. 42 right now in philadelphia, 40 in trenton and 42 degrees in wilmington. even the lehigh valley and reading at 40 degrees this morning. but stand by for a gusty wind. the wind will keep our temperatures in the low 40s
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during the day. the chance of showers will start to move back into the area as we head into the afternoon hours. heading out the door right now, jillian mele is watching the traffic on this weekday morning. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. to you at home as well. a live look at 422, where things are quiet in both directions. that's the eastbound side right near oaks. you can see, though, no delays to report and no accidents on 422. west conshohocken, yesterday, with all of that rain that we saw, a mudslide happened out here on balligomingo road, and that remains closed near front street, route 23. so, take matsonford road around it. heading into new jersey, 295 northbound at route 653, we have a disabled tractor-trailer, so watch out for a lane restriction there, but it's not causing any delays. so, 295, that's the only problem we're dealing with. new jersey turnpike is clear of any accidents. and so far so good on the majors for drivers in delaware. chris? it is a tragic milestone that is still being mourned and still being in


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