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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  December 11, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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nbc10 breaking news. >> we're getting new information this morning about a car crash that turned into an attack in philadelphia's overbrook section. we'll show you what's happening on the scene right now. and this morning, police have a new clue in the search for missing college student shane montgomery and it points them towards the water. at 5:30, this is a live look outside. this is wayne, delaware county. you still see snow showers falling in the area. but the roads are wet. in some parts you may see icing conditions and school delays. penn ridge high school in bucks county on a two-hour delay. and exeter school district in berks county on a two of had hour delay. our website should have those updated for you. if we get any more alerts from
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school districts we'll be sure to pass those along to you. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news today." i'm christine maddela. >> and i'm chris cato. tracking the snow showers across the area earlier in paoli, chester county. you see lancaster after overnight. you see you may need the brush this morning. the roads are just wets. not accumulating. not there at least at this point. let's get to bill henley. bill, is snow still falling in parts of the area? >> yes, indeed it is, chris. that video from earlier today. live radar shows showers quickly moving through the area on winds that are blowing showers on and off through the area. temperatures below freezing areas north and west that are seeing that snowfall are going to see more accumulation than philadelphia or delaware and south jersey where the temperatures are still relatively warm, above freezing. those showers, just light
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scattered showers will lead to a dusting or a little more. pottstown, 29 degrees, currently 34 in philadelphia. and trending at 31 degrees. on and off snow showers. lots of clouds and a healthy breeze. once again, temperatures will be climbing in spite of this. 34 at 9:00. 38 degrees at lunchtime today. you're hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. right now, jillian mele has traffic. >> good morning to you. the highs are lookingñyu÷ reall good. this is 95 at cottman avenue. no accidents or delays to report. drive times are average. 14 minutes both ways between woodhaven and the 5 vine. right there no accidents there. welsh road is closed at waller drive. a crash there. you can take george road as your alternate. keep in mind, the bridge
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surfaces will be very slippery. whenever you get even the smallest amount of rain or snow out there. as a result, we have speed restrictions in most of the area bridges, 35 miles per hour. that includes the ben, the walt, the betsy, and the commodore barry. chris. and snow falling in the region, nbc10's metroplonique b is in the area. monique, still snowing there? >> reporter: we've been watching the snow comes go. you can see tire tracks for the first time this morning. heavy snow bursts came through. it lasts all of about five minutes. you can also see there's more of a coating now on this car. so that means, add definitely five or ten extra minute when you say come out of your house this morning if you're in the western suburbs. make sure you have an opportunity to clear the
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windshield, as well as the side windows. and here on the sidewalk, as you're walking out, you can see that some of that snow was definitely sticking, but it is moving with ease. so definitely a tricky morning for you if you're coming out of the western suburbs in philadelphia. right for now in conshohocken, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." we're following breaking news in the city's overbrook section. a violent car crash ended isn't assault. randy gyllenhaal has been on the scene. randy, i still see police behind you. walks through what's going on. >> police tell us it started as a traffic accident. ended with a violent assault with the driver, take a look at the front of these cars, totally smashed up. this black sedan, police say, slammed into a parked car here in the overbrook section of philadelphia. that caused a chain reaction. you can see this white car was pretty damaged as well. now, police are still on the scene here.
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you can see an accident investigation underway here. police tell us one of the neighbors who lives in one of these houses and owns one of these parked cars. attacked the driver who got into the crash. pistol-whipped the driver, sending the victim, a 58-year-old person, to the hospital. police did not tell us if they've made arrests. they did tell us an assault happened a pistol-whip against this driver of this car. live in the overbrook section of philadelphia. "nbc10 news." it's been two weeks exactly since the disappearance of 21-year-old shane montgomery. now investigators may have a break on the case. investigators say sources show shane walking near the manayunk canal. they will return to keep searching for the student.
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we're learning more about the investigation of the fire that killed joyce craig, the first female in philadelphia to die in the line of duty. craig was the first to enter the home on west oak home on tuesday. nbc10 listened the fire radio recordings that indicated that craig did press her emergency button indicating that she was inside the home. craig was actually found on the first floor. he says more details will come out later in the investigation. there will be two viewings from the fallen firefighter, tomorrow night and saturday morning, both at bachelor brothers funeral home. and pennsylvania governor tom corbett ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in the area. drexel university is responding to complaints. some say the campus should have sent out a campuswide alert indicating she was rape. ed. she told police she didn't know
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her attacker. students we spoke to said the university never alerted them to the situation. >> i didn't hear about that at all last night. >> we reached out to drexel university. the school said it didn't send out an alert because campus police was not notified about the incident until hours after it happened. so far, no arrests in the case. happening today, we'll get a look at the new body cameras philadelphia police officers are testing out. nbc10 will get a look at body cameras like these this afternoon. about 30 officers are wearing the cameras this week in a pilot program. police say the technology is all part of its continued push for transparency and earning community trust. 5:37 now. if you take the schuylkill expressw expressway, you may want to add a little time to the commute. not necessarily because of the snow. the right lanes will be closed on the p.a. interchange and
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they're going to inspect the trees there on the cliff side. and thomas perez will join mayor michael nutter on the school district's computer science apprenticeship program. that program prepares students for high-tech groups. the grant will be distributed nationwide to allow younger workers learn while they earn. police in delaware county are searching for the gunman who shot a pizza delivery worker in chester. the 23-year-old is now paralyzed. she's in critical but stable condition. and doctors are treating four students in the perk low men township school district. and city council will discuss the future of the royal
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theater. the theater has been vacant for more than three years. now talking about turning the royal theater into rental apartments and retail stores. let's get you over to breaking news just coming in. we've established a live picture here. this is the scene of a house fire in lower merion township. firefighters there are on the scene of haverford road. we don't see any active smoke or flames coming out of the house. the fire call game in at 4:45. firefighters found heavy smoke, but again, they have it under control. no injuries reported at this point. we'll keep you posted. again, snow flurries are flying in some portions of the area. we'll tell you where you can still expect showers in bill's "first alert" forecast. and at least we're not dealing with anything like this. we'll show you where beach erosion is causing homes to literally fall into the ocean.
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wind is blowing, snow showers through the area. seeing a dusting and a few areas north and west could be more. to be slippery to start with. right now, 33 degrees at 5:39. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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5:42. look at this. rising tide and erosion destroyed two homes along the washington state shoreline. those homeowners had to clear out their homes on monday knowing it was only a matter of time before their homes fell into the pacific ocean. high winds and rain battered the coastline with more expected today. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. center city. clouds overhead. the wind is blowing. we've seen scattered snow showers move through the city. 34 degrees in the city. above freezing. northwest it's a bit colder. that's where we're seeing accumulation. and the snow has just tapered off in conshohocken. you can see a little bit of a coating on some of the colder surfaces which includes cars.
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conshohocken getting a break right now. but those showers are on the move. moving towards glenn side and philadelphia. the showers will continue to stream into the day during date, on and off, but just light showers. even though we'll get this wind, showers into the area at times during the day today, the temperatures will be climbing. so the accumulation is limited to colder areas this morning. north and west where it's below freezing. at 7:00, it's 31 for doylestown. pottstown, you'll see the scattered showers that are constantly blowing in. that will increase this afternoon along with the temperatures, 36 degrees at noon time. and then we'll be watching for not only some snowflakes, but also some raindrops. temperatures will warm into the upper 30s. rain drops could be mixing in in parts of delaware county. but that's at 5:00. you see the snow showers. occasional light scattered snow showers temperatures in upper 0
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30s to near 40 degrees. there is drier weather and warmer weather on the way. i've got the seven-day forecast in less than ten minutes. we'll tell you about this, bucks county school delay. >> in bucks county, penn ridge high school in a two-hour delay, exeter school district in berks county, a two hour-delay. >> eastbound side at trooper, no accidents, no delays. drive times for the average seven minutes both ways between oak and 202. that being said, we do have slippery conditions throughout. we've seen accidents all morning long. lower merion, an accident at lancaster avenue and city avenue. you can see expect to see restrictions out there. this is out there at lower moreland, welsh road atwaler drive, george road is a good alternate.
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this morning, heading into new jersey, 42 freeway, northbound, a little congestion starting to build as drivers approach the bridges. clear of any delays or accidents but keep in mind we still have the speed restrictions in most of the area bridges at 35 miles per hour. 5:45 a.m., this time of year, everybody is out shopping hitting the malls. but the secret service has an important warning if you plan to pay in cash. plus, bill cosby is responding through his lawyer. hear the newest lawsuit he's facing.
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5:48. it's another cold one out there. yes, we are seeing some snow flurries. flakes across the area. this is a live picture from wayne, delaware county. pete kane shooting that. kane in wayne. how do you like that? meteorologist bill henley is back in a homoment with a weeke warmup. this morning, there's a response from bill cosby's lawyer to a new lawsuit filed against the comedian. tamra green there on the right there. green claims that cosby drugged and assaulted her in the 1970s. the suit alleges that cosby publicly branded her as a liar
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when she came out with the story. that's why she filed the defamation substitute cosby lawyer released this statement. we are very confident that we will prevail in this proceeding. and we will pursue claims against the attorneys who filed this action." >> of course, we're following that story and others around the country and the world. nbc10's vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center. vai, you start us off in new york. >> we'll start there, christine. let's show you the video that we just got into the newsroom. here it is. six people are hurt but are expected to survive the accident happened last night authorities are investigating why the driver lost control of the car in the first place. detroit's mayor said although the city's bankruptcy is over. challenges do remain. he said we do see climb and reducing issues on the city that it faces moving forward. the mayor continued that that
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effort will continue for years to make the city livable for residents and those businesses. we continue to follow that story throughout the morning. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema, nbc10. the head of the cia will respond to the senate's report on the cia report. cia director john bernen is expected to dispute the report. saying that report of useful intelligence came from waterboarding and enhanced techniques. brennan acknowledged mistakes were made but he said information from detainees was vital to preventing future attacks. the secret service is warning retailers to be on alert for counterfeit money. crooks will bleach $5 bills to look like 100s or they'll print
5:51 am
fake money. >> when they hold the bill up, they just see there's a water mark there. they don't examine the portrait to make sure it's the same portrait. >> all the cash i've received was taken and deposited successfully at the bank in that no rejects so far. >> that's good news. at the village at center city, there aren't any reports of fake money being passed along. but police tell nbc10 someone made a purchase using make 100 bills at the louis vuitton store last month. now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> i don't think you can buy anything for $100 at louis vuitton. i went in there once. went right out. still had money in my pocket. like snow showers, we've got them this morning. just a dusting in the area. they're not on the move so they're not going to last long.
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a breeze is with us on and off throughout the day. we'll see on and off snow showers, the temperatures will be climbing, especially this weekend when we finally get sunshine. sunless skies today. clouds over reading. light snow in philadelphia. 34 degrees in cape may. a few flurries just to the north but right now it is drew. this is a live look from center city. it doesn't look like anything in falling from this viewpoint. but we are tracking snow showers heading into north philadelphia and heading into south jersey. and this is how it's been for most of the morning. ed steadier snow it off to the north and west but the wind's blowing lighter showers throughout the area and this is what's happening for most of the morning and the rest of the afternoon. and you can see it's pretty dry. a dusting and temperatures are colder. that's a possibility at 7:00 this morning. but as the day goes on, temperatures will be climbing by 11:00 noon time. we'll be in the middle to upper
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30s. north and west, allentown and reading will be warmer. so that snow will start to disappear. then this afternoon, when we see scattered snow showers continue. we may see a few rain drops mixing in the mt. holly area. just a few scattered snow showers at times. the winds not as strong yesterday. just enough to keep the storms moving through the area. the live drview shows this. the clouds will be shinning out and we'll get sunshine for the weekend. the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> hopefully with some sunshine. >> that's right. 5:53 this morning. snow is really not sticking to surfaces on the ground that's still pretty warm. >> yeah, things have been pretty good so far this morning. let's check in with nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning, we've seen accidents on the side streets,
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secondary roads but we have not had a single accident on the highways so this is good news. this is the blue route on route 1. quiet both ways between 95 and 76. and we have an accident at valley forge road, and still dealing with walsh road atwaler drive. and heading to lower merion and lancaster avenue and city avenue, there's an accident there. finally this morning, we have seen icy spots out there. it was the chance of a lifetime for students in this area. they got to talk one-on-one about their science project about a man who knows a thing or two about science or technology. and often forgettable christmas surprise. how santa claus brought two girls one thing they wanted more than anything else. that story next.
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girls, been good this year? >> dad! >> a wcww, i love that, a big
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surprise for his girls. captain richardson just returned from north krsouth korea. and the 5-year-old and 8-year-old. to see what's happening in your community, we start in montgomery county where there's a job fair. a local grocery store holding that fair. aldi is looking for manager positions, salaries start at $52,000. the job fair runs from 2:00 to on trooper road. also on montgomery county crews will break ground on the newest section of king of prussia trail. it will start near the 422 bridge. the project is expected to be complete next year. the entire trail will be 15 1/2 miles long. and now to new castle county
5:59 am
delaware where some students had an opportunity to talk with a young entrepreneur bill gates. how about that? >> the student's teacher registered her to participate in the class through a nonprofit group. registering that class also aloud them to win a live chat with an expert. >> they've been doing research about him. getting hyped up about it. they're also very excited. and to be able to speak to one of the most influential people. >> she said she wasgcq motivateo get her students more engaged in computer science because they wanted them to learn 21st century job skills that can be useful. guys, they had no idea that the expert they were aflying have a chat with in the contest was none other than bill gates. kind of a surprise when they logged on and saw him answering their questions. >> pretty cool. what a good expert that was.
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>> and the heroine was the teacher. >> that's right. >> you're watching "nbc10 news." >> nbc10 breaking news. that breaking news, a car crash leads to a pistol whipping. we're live in the philadelphia section of overbrook. and many of us are waking up with a dusting of snow on our cars earlier this morning. this was shot earlier in paoli. and a live look outside in the county to see a few flurries there. that's happening right now. and taking a live look at the nbc10 "first alert" radar, it looks like we could get on and offsnow showers all morning long. good morning, you're watching "nbc 10 news today." i'm christine maddela. >> and i'm vai sikahema. the snow isn't a real problem, but i heard bill say it's a nuisance


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