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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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but it's through parts of montgomery and bucks county that we're seeing more steady rainfall, also near milford, across 476. this is where we're seeing lighter but consistent -- i said rainfall, but i meant snowfall. and we're also seeing that through parts of the lehigh valley as well. we'll continue tracking this for the rest of the afternoon and evening. snow showers still staying in the forecast. and those temperatures are either near freezing in some cases below freezing and that will give us icy spots on the road wais. we'll have more details on that coming up. >> see you shooon, sheena. nbc 10 drove through the flurries along route 1, middletown new castle county. a coating covered a cemetery in montgomery county. south jersey finally saw some snow there. so let's talk about the temperatures which will be key as day turns to night. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that in the weather center. glenn? >> yeah, denise, we have a
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couple problems here. first of all, the snow has put all this moisture on the road, and now we have temperatures that are marginal and nightfall about to come. it's only 32 in allentown and in mt. holly. barely above freezing, even in philadelphia. 32 in millville. 33 in dover. so the temperature goes down a little bit after nightfall, and you can get icy spots as a result of that because of the snow that has fallen during the day. we expect the snow showers to continue, but the temperature not to drop a whole lot. it's not going to drop quickly tonight, but only a couple of degrees could lead to some problems on especially side roads, untreated surfaces. more on our forecast, and the changes coming up with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right. count on nbc 10 and first alert weather. glenn will be back with your weekend forecast for those heading out to do their holiday shopping maybe, and the all-important game-day forecast for the eagles/dallas showdown at the linc sunday night.
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that's minutes away. now to developing story. guilty of murdering a philadelphia police officer. this afternoon a jury convicted rafael jones of first-degree murder in the shooting death of officer moses walker jr. proce prosecutors say joaned gunned down officer walker in august 2012. officer walker was in street clothes and just finished working an overnight shift when he was killed during a robbery attempt. jones violated his parole and should have been in jail at the time of walker's murder. now to a cartoon controversy involving a bucks county newspaper. it shows some young black children lined up to see santa and asking them to keep them safe from police. this on the heels of growing racial tensions across the country. the cartoon has some local law enforcement outraged. nbc 10's deanna durante has been talking to the people behind the cartoon in the bucks county "courier times." >> deanna, tell us what the
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newspaper is saying after this backlash. >> reporter: well, it's saying had it known it would have offended anyone that the ed tor would have chosen a different cartoon, and that for every negative comment it received, they believe that there are positive comments out there saying that this is a discussion that needs to be had. in this country. >> i was outrage ed that a loca newspaper would put such a message in a paper. >> reporter: the cartoon could have appeared in any newspaper across the country, created by a nationally syndicated artist. the bucks county "courier times" says it shows this cartoon of african-american children asking santa to protect them from police. as a way to initiate a conversation on race relations between african-americans and police. >> they need to put a full page public apology to every law enforcement officer in america. not just bucks county, but, you know, our brothers and sisters in philadelphia, in chester, in delaware, montgomery county, and across this nation. >> reporter: i asked the "couri "courier" if an apology is in the works. >> we have invited the bucks
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county fraternal order of police to talk with us enmeet with our editorial board. they're part of our community. they're the ones we'd like to talk with about what their perceptions of the editorial are, and some of our process to explain why the editorial cartoon was selected and published. >> reporter: in a letter to the "courier" from the fraternal order of police in philadelphia, the president there is also asking for an apology. >> it's a disgrace. it's just a low blow. >> reporter: now, the "courier" is saying, again, it has invited area law enforcement officials to speak with them. some law enforcement officials i spoke to say that they're planning their own event. a protest of the newspaper to be coming in the next couple of weeks. they also tell me that they do want to see a full-page apology in the paper. according to the "courier times" in a written statement they say they do not know what was in the wind of the cartoonist who drew the picture, but we do. we spoke with him.
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he's going to tell you why he drew that particular cartoon coming up tonight at 6:00. for now, we're live in levittown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. one proposal that's been suggested to address the mistrust among police and the african-american community, body cameras for police officers. >> right now, some men and women in blue are experimenting with the technology in one philadelphia neighborhood. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live this afternoon in north philadelphia. >> lu ann, you got to see how this technology works. >> reporter: right. i'm at the 22nd police district, and this is one of six body camera brands that police officers are testing out here. in fact, there are 31 police volunteers running with these on the streets right now. this is one of the busiest districts in the city which is part of the reason why they're testing it here. commissioner ramsey says this is the future. this is what's going to happen in the department. how did people react when they see it on you? >> well, normally some people, they'd be like, you know, that's fine if you're recording, that's
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fine. others will be like, i don't want you recording. there's mixed emotions right now. >> i think it was a proactive move for the police department. being that citizens have the right to record anything we do, i believe that we have the right to do the same. >> whatever issues may come up as a result of having body-worn cameras, we'll find out pretty quickly here in a test environment like the 22nd district. >> reporter: last week, president obama announced $75 million in federal money will go toward helping police departments buy body cameras. it's a direct result of the events in ferguson, missouri. the state grand jury's decision not to indict a white officer for the shooting death of an unarmed black teen has unleashed protesters across the country. many expressing lack of trust in law enforcement. philadelphia commissioner charles ramsey is helping to lead the president's task force to take a new look at police policies and training. will body cameras help? the fraternal order of police
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isn't sure. >> you know, everybody wants to throw money and calm everything down. i understand that. the bottom line is, you know, they could be good to cut down on complaints on officers, but they could also be detrimental in the way that the officers are discipli disciplined. >> reporter: again, the commissioner says this is the future. there are a lot of questions about the cost. some of these cost as little as $300. still expensive. some are as much as $1,000. there are questions about the technology. there are questions about the legality. and what if you don't want to be recorded when a police officer comes up to you? i'm working on that story for 6:00. live at the 22nd district, north philadelphia, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 is following a new accusation this afternoon against legendary comedian bill cosby. >> this time it's a high-profile accuser coming forward. nbc 10's keith jones is in the digital operations center following the latest developments. >> and keith, this allegation has some similarities to other accusations made against cosby,
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right? >> reporter: that's right. the latest woman to come forward, beverly johnson, a supermodel who was a top model in the '70s and '80s, the first african-american woman to appear on the cover of "vogue." in an essay online for "vanity fair" she alleges cosby drugged her when she was auditioning for the "cosby show" in president 1980s. in the essay johnson writes, "i've had my fun and experimented with my fair share of mood enhancers. i knew by the second sip of the drink cosby had given me that i'd been drugged and drugged good." johnson managed to escape and took a taxi home. she was inspired to finally speak up by the other women who came forward with their allegations with bill cosby. cosby has yet to be charged with any crime and didn't respond to a request for comment by "vanity fair." keith jones, nbc 10 news.
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new information on the violent sexual assault of a dre drexel university student. we learned from philadelphia police that the suspect threatened the victim with a meat cleaver in her spring garden apartment yesterday morning. he grabbed it from her kitchen then he broke into the victim's apartment before police say he raped the 21-year-old student. local police rounded up more than a half dozen people in new jersey on prostitution charges in the gloucester township section of camden county last week. an undercover officer posing as a customer ordered prostitutes from a website. the officer met the women at a hotel, eight arrests for made on charges of promoting or engage in prostitution. three include the women's drivers. police say the goal is to not target prostitutes but those promoting prostitution. the women taken into custody received counseling and help from social services. man charged with highing a
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camera in university of delaware restroom pleaded guilty. menziola-sota pleaded guilty. he was a graduate student at the time. he had 1,500 videos of women using bathroom when he was arrested. ten different restrooms around the university and newark had cameras headen in them by mendiola-soto. he'll be sentenced coming up in march. from the jersey shore bureau now, a three-hour standoff in atlantic city ended early this morning after a suspect barricaded himself inside a home and threatened police. unfolded along the 100 block of blaine avenue in atlantic city during a drug raid. police eventually arrested eight suspects and they're charged with various counts of drug trafficking, conspiracy, and money laundering. nbc 10's cydney long spoke to the agents involved along with neighbors. >> he made threatening statements that he may keep to himself and he's not going to go quietly. >> i know i was taking my girlfriend to work this morning
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and seen cop, like, in the alleyways, on their knees pointing the guns. i feel like us being citizens we should know what's going on in our neighborhood, you know what i'm saying? >> police say the arrests were part of a long-term narcotics and money laundering operation. a cheltenham school board brought back a former administrator to monitor its current superintendent. ex-superintendent william kiefer will keep tabs on natalie thomas' performance. thomas has battled with the teachers union and administrators. kiefer served as district superintendent from 2006 to 2010. nbc 10 asked how much kiefer is getting paid. we were told the issue is a personnel matter so it will not comment on kiefer's salary. from our south jersey bureau, a major player in the internet marketing field sle
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celebrates the grand opening of its new offices in camden dead. webmax made the move to the water front from mt. laurel. the move brings more than 100 new jobs to the area and camden mayor dana redd tells nbc 10 weathermax will play a key role in the city's future. >> they are going to help us to market camden. in fact, they're going to be creating a website with all of our economic opportunity projects that are slated to come to the city. and we're just so excited to have this 500 company based here in the city. it speaks volumes. we wish them great, great success. >> new jersey governor chris christie chose webimax as one of a dozen companies to get big tax breaks for making that move. we'll take you inside the company's new headquarters and what this means for camden coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5." new information on the fate of the trump taj ma haul and atlantic city. the owners of the soon to close casino say its main workers union backed off on the deal to keep the casino open and save 3,000 jobs.
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the ceo robert griffin gave a deadline to union president. griffin says the union has until 5:00 p.m. this monday to drop a court-ordered cost reduction package that cancels workers' health insurance and pension plans. mcdevett has not commented on the deadline. the taj is set to close a week from saturday. a majority of new jersey voters say no to a presidential bid for governor chris christie. a poll out just today from quinnipiac university finds many voters don't think christie should run. the favorite candidate for voters in the garden state is democrat hillary rodham clinton. a poll finds 53% of new jersey voters believe christie would not be a good president. that compares to 40% that think he would be a good president. 49% say america is not ready for a jersey guy like christie. the assistant director of the poll, maurice carroll says, "even jersey guys actually jersey girls don't think the nation will go for a jersey guy like governor christopher
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christie." according to the poll, if christie runs he'll get 39% of the vote. clinton will get 50%. first alert weather keeping an eye on wintry conditions. some snow fell today in university city, and nbc 10 on the drexel university campus. >> nbc 10's doug shimell traveled across the nbc 10 viewing area today in stormforce 10 searching for the highest storm totals. >> doug, you found people dealing with winter weather hassles in the lehigh valley. tell us what you found. >> reporter: kpanexactly. it's still snowing here. as we made our way in stormforce 10 into northern berks, road conditions deteriorated significa significantly. some places stormforce 10 could get through where others could not. the roads that aren't usually a problem in berks county suddenly were. >> i just lost control of it. i was doing fine. thankfully i slowed down enough that my car didn't get totally wrecked. >> reporter: in the brandywine school district and others, they
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closed early so the kids wouldn't get stuck at school. only the bus got stuck on the route home. more than 3 inches of snow got the plows out again in richmond township. >> it was a little messy. it was slippery. need to be careful. you can hardly do the speed limit. >> reporter: in fleetwood, they already cleared the sidewalk several times this week in a nor'easter that wouldn't end. >> it's kind of a we'll do december sort of thing. it's december and we hardly got any snow. >> reporter: and that is optimism. of course, with the temperatures dropping tonight, penndot and other local municipalities will be out putting down salt and brine to make sure what is still on the roads and wet doesn't turn to something invisible and slippery. live in berks county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, doesn't take a whole lot of snow to create some problems if the temperature is
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low enough. we saw some of that late last night and this morning. we may see more this evening. we've had bands of snow come through a good bit of the area today, even some places that haven't seen snow before in the last week or so. it's cold and windy throughout the area. that's not changing much. it's going to be a dry weekend. this is not going to be bothering us over the weekend. for the top of the comcast building, visibility not too great. we still have some snow in the area, but not the airport now. 34 degrees. winds southwest at 14. the windchill is 25. that's what it feels like on your exposed skin. now, that nor'easter still up in new england. and the circulation covers from the central atlantic into the central united states. we're getting more of the westerly flow now, and it is still windy enough to create that windchill. now, let's take a look at some of these temperatures.
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it's critical. of course, it's way below freezing in the poconos, but allentown, quakertown, doylestown, 32. 33 in reading, pottstown, coatesville. doesn't take much to go below 32 when it's dark and the ground is moist, you got some ice. kennet square, wilmington even 33. swedesboro. washington township, in new jers jersey, 31. mt. holly is 32. lots of places are right on the edge already. 32 in wrightstown. the temperature is not going to plunge as the sun goes down, it's just going to go down slowly, but it doesn't have to go down very far, does it? even dover in delaware, 32 degrees. well, the wind is still a factor. it's blowing 14, 15 miles an hour. and that makes the windchills in the 20s. 22 degrees in millville is the way it feels right now. here are the two bands of snow. as sheena was showing you.
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the southern one is weakening. this one is kind of holding together, but at least it's not strengthening, and it's coming closer to philadelphia right now. and as you an see, much of montgomery and bucks county are being covered. this is generally light, but again, it doesn't take much moisture on the roads with those falling temperatures to create an issue. we'll keep our eye on that all the way through the newscast. the snow showers ending with some icy spots around. by morning, 30 in philadelphia. 25 north and west. during the day tomorrow, lot of clouds, but some sunshine. and we're not predicting snow. highs up near 40 degrees. we're not predicting snow over the weekend, either. up near 50 degrees on sunday. so it's good weather for the eagles game. then milder weather early next week before we start cooling down again. some local middle schoolers have bragging rights they can really sing about. >> the choir from indian valley middle school won second place in a kindergarten through eighth
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grade division of more sm christmas choir competition. ation take a listen to that winning sound. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style ♪ ♪ in the air there's a feeling of christmas ♪ ♪ children laughing people
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passing ♪ ♪ meeting smile after smile ♪ and on every street corner you'll hear ♪ ♪ you'll hear the silver bells ♪ silver bells ♪ it's christmastime in the city ♪ ♪ ring a ling ♪ ♪ hear them ring ♪ soon it will be christmas day ♪ >> and we're going to continue shining the light on indian valley middle school. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5," what that group plans to do with
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their prize money that will spread their sound across the region. all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5." i know the report exists. >> a philadelphia official accused of sexual misconduct. now the city won't release the investigation's report. the nbc 10 investigators are looking into why one lawyer thinks they're keeping it hush to protect the city. deldot says rush hour traffic today is going to be a mess. why a delaware town is closing off a major roadway despite the advice of potential problems. then the worst driveers across the country. which state in our area is ranking in the top five. coming up on nbc 10 news today at 4:00.
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we all know that pollution along the beach is a problem, but a new study reveals just how much plastic is floating in the world's oceans. more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating on the ocean's surface. that's what a new report found in a scientific journal. the pieces of plastic amount to
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nearly 270,000 tons. that's enough to fill more than 38,500 garbage trucks. that's just the plastic floating on the surface. plastic that sunk to the ocean floor was not included in the study. scientists say studying the a. of plastic in the ocean will help them understand how the material is affecting fish, sea birds and the larger marine ecosystem. some of the worst drivers in the united states could be in the lane next to you as you travel down i-95. a new survey ranks delaware as number 5 in the nation when it comes to bad driving. pennsylvania drivers ranked 15th. and new jersey 40th. the rankings were compiled by delaware drivers are among the worst in the survey for drunk driving, speeding, and careless driving. the state declined from last year when it comes to failure to obey and drunk driving. first in the nation for careless driving. here's good news. the cost of commuting will stay the same if you use bridges
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operated by the delaware river port authority. the rpa approved an $89 million budget yesterday that holds the line on tolls on its four bridges. the authority says it will delay ra raising the $5 round trip toll for at least another couple years. a cartoon controversy involving a suburban newspaper. >> that's one of the top stories we're following this afternoon on "nbc 10 news at 4." the cartoon in the bucks county "courier times" shows a group of black children lined up to see santa asking him to keep them safe from police. it comes on the heels of racial tensions stemming from the killings of unarmed black men at the hands of white officers. some local police are outraged by the cartoon. the paper is planning to have their editorial board meeting with area officers. also -- >> reporter: why have you not seen the report? >> search for answers. a report is completed involving a woman who claims she was forced to engage in sexual activity with a local police
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supervisor in order to keep her job. today the next 10 investigators ask, where is that report? and what does it reveal? that stubborn nor'easter that's been bothering us for the entire week is still producing snow showers. i'll let you know how much longer before the snow moves out and the skies clear in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," the search for answers after a deadly crash. why pennsylvania state police are looking for more than one hit-and-run driver.
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right now at 4:30, easy going on the roads in middletown, delaware. drivers taking it easy making
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their way around snow falling across the region. take a look at this scene. looks like a winter wonderland in drexel hill, delaware county. a dusting of snow covered the christmas decorations there. drexel students bundled up and braved the snow as they made their way across the campus in university city today. let's find out how much snow is headed for us for this thursday. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the wintry weather in the first alert weather center. glenn? >> well, denise, we're finally seeing this area of snow shrinking. the storm, itself, the nor'easter, up over new england. the circulation takes it all the way around the great lakes, and right into our area. you can see this one band of snow, it covers much of bucks county and part of montgomery county. starting to leave the lehigh valley. mercer county also covered with it. the southern band which was the stronger one has now really weakened except for sussex county, delaware. southern delaware. some places getting their first
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snow out of this. the temperatures are borderline and with nightfall may drop below the freezing mark, so some untreated roads are going to get some icy spots even in parts of delaware and south jersey. more on the changes and when we're going to warm up with the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, glenn. with changing weather conditions, get important first alert updates on the go with our weather app for your smartphone or tablet. you can download it now free of charge by going to our website, a sex scandal that rocked the philadelphia police department. sexual misconduct allegations made against a high ranking police official. >> now a special investigators report is complete, but the city is not releasing it. nbc 10's harry hairston break the story in 2012. he's here with the latest development. harry? >> the two-year investigation just wrapped up a few weeks ago. now we are working to find out what the investigator says about the sexual misconduct claims made against the internal
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affairs inspector. >> i know the report exists. i have not seen the report or been provided it yet. >> reporter: attorney, brian, wants to get his hands on the report. he represents keisha johnson in a civil case against the city of philadelphia. johnson is a former philadelphia police officer accusing inspector gerald bates of forcing her to engage in sexual activity in order to keep her job. johnson worked as bates' personal assistant. >> she was unable to do anything about it, given the position of the person, her boss. >> reporter: the city hired an outside law firm two years ago to conduct an investigation into johnson's claims. the attorney recently completed the report. why have you not seen the report? >> the city and i are in a different belief as to whether that is discoverable or not. the city takes position of attorney/client privilege. i don't. >> reporter: he believes the report may contain information critical to his case. he's asked the judge to decide if he can see the findings. >> i want to see who may know
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what that i don't know. so, identify people that they may have found that i didn't know about and be able to talk to them. in order to present the case. >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey declined to comment on the report citing the ongoing court case. >> i just wanted to start a new life. >> reporter: after filing her lawsuit, johnson quit the force and moved to atlanta. she was recently in town for a deposition. her attorney says he would have liked to see the report before his client answered the city's questions. >> i think that investigation report is probably more harmful to the city than helpful, but i could be wrong. >> he says he expects the judge to rule on whether he can have a copy of the report by the end of this month. attempts to reach gerald bates were unsuccessful. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. skyforce 10 over a massive fire at a vacant house in philadelphia's kensington section this morning. take a look at these massive
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flames pouring from the roof of the home. fortunately, no one was hurt. tonight, firefighters are still looking for the cause of that fire. philadelphia police looking for an armed thief who used other people for lookouts when he pulled off his crime. suspect broke into the window at the woodlawn deli in east germantown last thursday morning. see the thief knocking over store shelves there to get inside. suspect stole a ruger .9 millimeter handgun and $1,200 in cash. police say a driver was pistol whipped after causing a change reaction crash in overbrook this morning. the driver lost control on north 58th street and slammed into a parked car which hit another parked car. police say the owner of one of the cars came out of his home and attacked the driver. the droiver was taken to the hospital. u.s. labor secretary thomas perez announced a $100 million grant competition in philadelphia this morning. the money is earmarked for apprenticeship programs that prepare high school graduates
4:36 pm
for high-tech jobs. the labor secretary spoke to students and teaches at the school district's computer apprenticeship program. >> the path you're on is a pathway to the middle class. because you are learning skills that are going to be in demand for the rest of your lives so you're going to write your own ticket. you're our leaders. you are getting things done. >> the grant will be used to promote the expansion of apprenti apprenti apprentice ship programs. philadelphia city council trying to change the paid sick leave policy. congressman bill greenlee introduced an ordinance and that would require businesses with ten or more employees to offer earned paid sick days to those employees. city council will consider the ordinan krer ordinance at a local meeting next year. nbc 10 with efforts to save a historic theater in our area. first, here's what we're working on for you right now for
4:37 pm
"nbc 10 news at 5." >> new at 5:00, life in camden, new jersey, getting better for residents looking for jobs. the business boom happening and which major companies are opening shop. yes means yes. the proposal philadelphia councilman wants on all college campuses to protect victims of sexual assault. 983 packages of heroin busted on a delaware street. how a traffic stop led to this score for police. count on "nbc 10 news at 5."
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some of santa's helpers were on hand to help parents pick out the perfect gifts for their children today. volunteers at the salvation army led parents around the clothing and distribution tables and parents were able to pick out a stocking for their child. part of drexel university looks more like santa's workshop today. students, faculty and staff bagging up toys here. nearly 5,000 toys in all. drexel will hand the toys off to santa, of course, and santa will then distribute them to 70 local organizations. in the end, all the toys you see here will go to kids in west and north philadelphia. there is new life for philadelphia's historic royal theater. city council today approved a plan to have the theater turned into rental apartments and retail stores. the theater has been vacant for more than four decades and hosted musical legends like bessie smith. people we spoke with are pleased something will finally be done with the theater. >> i'm hearing that there's
4:41 pm
going to be apartments and some commercial on the bottom floor which is great for the area. >> we like the idea that the building is going to be redeveloped. we're not opposed to that. we're not opposed to that. we are concerned about the height of the building. >> it's not yet known when the work will begin at the theater. the holidays will not hit a road block in one local town. >> one community is going forward with its plans despite concerns from the state. >> but it's a good thing. it's a good cause. it's a good thing. so i think people should just be patient, take their time and come through town and realize, hey, it's the holidays. >> but some say it could cause main street mayhem. nbc 10 takes you to the center of the dispute and if the gridlock is happening as come are fearing. as you can see there, snow has been falling across much of the area today. all part of that nor'easter that's been bugging us all week. i'll let you know when the snow is finally going to move out in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast.
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a special holiday delivery for animal lovers in need. delaware county spca handed out stockings in prospect park. the stockings are for pet food clients at the pantry. the delco spca provides 400 pet meals a month to families of cat and dog owners in need. closer to the sunday night showdown between the birds and the cowboys. >> oh, yeah, sole possession of first place in the division. comcast sportsnet's danny pommells live with a look ahead. >> a rivalry with deep roots, danny. >> no doubt about it. we're three days away from the ee eagles and cowboys. sunday night football. where else but here on nbc 10? the eagles preparing for dallas
4:46 pm
for the second time in three weeks. the first was a birds beat-down thanksgiving day in dallas. the cowboys had short rest that week. they have ten days to prepare for this one. facing a team for lthe second time, chip kelly says don't overthink it. >> i don't think it's a challenge. they have the same amount to prepare for us, we have the same amount of weeks, two weeks since the last time we played them. you can paralyze yourself by trying to overanalyze it. we think that we know that they think this so we think that this will and -- >> all right. so chip kelly not overthinking things it sounds like. eagles fans hoping for a second helping of a thanksgiving day beat-down. we'll have much more coverage on "nbc 10 news at 5" "nbc 10 news at 5" and 6:00. >> nbc 10 is your place for comprehensive eagles/cowboys coverage. kickoff at 8:20. after the game, watch our special live postgame report with player interviews and reaction. it's all sunday night right here on nbc 10.
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now your nbc 10 first)w ale weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> can't wait for that game and won't wait for the nor'easter to get out of here. it will be out of here by the weekend. we've had some bands of snow come through the area today. a lot of places have seen at least some flakes. it's cold and windy everywhere. but it's also going to be a dry weekend. finally. the flag is finally not blowing as hard as they have for days now. it's still 14 mile an hour wind, but at least there's no gust. 34 degrees at philadelphia international. we're 6 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday and that's the problem for tonight. we've got near freezing temperatures already. 32 in allentown. 31 in glassboro, new jersey. 32 in mt. holly. temperatures go bel lolow freez. roads, especially untreated surfaces. damp. then you get some icy spots. 32 in millville and dover, too.
4:48 pm
so this is affecting all three states during the night tonight. last night, it was just southeastern pennsylvania. mostly northern suburbs. the windchill, the way it feels on your exposed skin, yeah pretty cold. into the mid 20s. the bands of snow are shrinking. even this northern one which was taking over is getting smaller and smaller. that is certainly a trend and it's getting lighter in bucks county. so things are improving there. and the snow area in southern delaware continues to shrink as well. and we don't expect additional ones to be coming through most of the area, there's one that could be getting into parts of te delaware this evening. sheena will keep on eye on that. tomorrow morning, it's dry and there may be sunshine. remember what that looks like? by sunday night, of course, it's not in december, so it's going to be cold. seasonably cold.
4:49 pm
42 at 8:30. the kickoff. and 36 in the fourth quarter. so it is going to be cold. not especially windy. it is going to be dry. so, not a bad night for football. snow showers are ending, but some icy spots are going to remain. so you want to keep an eye on that, and listen to the traffic reports and hear about any kind of accidents and avoid those streets. 30 degrees in philadelphia. 25 north and west. that's by morning. it's not going to drop real fast. slowly going down tonight. clouds and a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. it's going do be breezy. 10 to 20 miles an hour. at least we're not gusting to 30 like we were today. temperatures near 40 degrees. still pretty cold on saturday, but a little more sunshine. and a lot more sunshine on sunday. up near 50. and if we don't hit 50 sunday, we ought to hit it on monday. and then we get a little bit cooler as we head toward the
4:50 pm
middle of next week again. a celebration of city pride. philadelphia honors the nation's first city flag at city council today. the ceremony included a rare look at the authentic document about the flag's historical significance. partners for civic pride challenged every council member to take the message of brotherly love back to their districts. >> we put an extra large desk flag on your desk today to show that city seal that is a part of this important flag. yeah. wave it back there. woo-hoo! >> 2015 marks the 120th anniversary of the official city flag. a street showdown today in one local community. >> the state tells one town to keep its main road open and the town decides on a different route. >> reporter: deldot says rush hour traffic today is going to be a mess. why a delaware town is closing off a major roadway despite the advice of potential problems.
4:51 pm
all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5", it looks like green peace, but it really spells controversy. why this display forced the activist global leader to apologize.
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4:54 pm
today a delaware detour dispute. >> one town thumbs its nose at the state by shutting down main street despite a warning not to. it could lead to rush hour gridlock. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live in middletown where main street is shut down right now. >> tim, is traffic jamming up? >> reporter: not so bad at this point. i think a lot of people heeded the warnings. this is it. middletown keeps growing and growing in population. broad and main here, this is the
4:55 pm
main drag through town. as we pan over to the left, i can tell you, traffic normally gets slow here. tonight it's absolutely closed off. wreathers from across america can leave a wreath for fallen soldiers on their annual trip. only one good way to get east and west of middletown, right down main street. >> i've seen the traffic literally stopped, bumper to bumper. >> reporter: the town asked deldot to close a few blocks during the holidays at rush hour to let wreaths across america to lay a wreath at the memorial, deldot said no. the town more or less said we're doing it anyway. >> it doesn't mean much of anything to me that time of the day is usually a traffic jam anyway. >> reporter: businesses like middletown hardware don't mind the road shutdown. the town is putting up lights making it into quite an event which is good for this cake shop. >> town is on laockdown tonight. for us, it's great.
4:56 pm
people will be stuck here, have to come in and get out the cold. >> reporter: if you're a worker at the huge amazon distribution center here, you're getting detoured. remember, it's to honor fallen war heroes. >> it's a good thing, a good cause. it's a good thing. so i think people should be patient, take their time, come through town and realize, hey, it's the holidays. >> reporter: i'm not sitting in traffic trying to get around a detour, but this is really something to see here. the road is going to re-open about 7:00. a town spokesperson said they did their best to manage the traffic with police officers. there are many, many of them here. a certain town higher up told me this is a great event. everybody was on board. he sort of told me not so many words that whether deldot wanted this to happen or not, it was going to happen if middletown had anything to do with it. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tim, thanks. "nbc 10 news at 5" is next. here are denise nakano and keith jones. next all new on "nbc 10 news at 5," the search for answers following a deadly crash. >> why pennsylvania state police are looking for several drivers after a man was hit and killed
4:57 pm
on a busy interstate. and we're still tracking snow showers through the area and could even still see the threat for some icy roadways later tonight. we'll continue tracking this and show you all the details going into your weekend. that's coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 5."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, tracking snow showers. the flakes were flying here in south jersey as drivers hit the
5:00 pm
roads. as temperatures drop tonight, the risk rises for some slick spots and it's all part of the same nor'easter that brought rain earlier in the week and snow this morning. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the snow. sheena that. >> that's right. so we still do have some snow showers around, but the area, the band that we've been watching all day which did eventually move into parts of delaware and south jersey, as you can see, that's breaking up now through parts of bucks county, where we see snowfall now. we'll start and zoom in in south sussex county in delaware. closer to the beaches, some very light rain, but there you see a lot of this coming to an end. and even along the shore for a very short period of time, we had some snowfall reaching the shore. not really accumulating, though, and this has quickly moved out. now we move into parts of bucks county. this is one area where we are still seeing snowfall kind of on the lighter side here. so this is what it looks like across bucks county. light snowfall. it is moving toward the i-95 corridor. the trenton area. there you see a little more moderate. trying to me


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