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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. know better sleep with sleep number. >> she's the most prominent woman yet to say bill cosby drugged her. the pay mouse new air kuzer and how she says she fought back. it's the nor'easter that just won't end. more snow that could impact your morning drive. >> good evening. check out the snowfalling tonight in reading, berks county. the nor'easter is still causing trouble. penn dot says it's ready for any slippery roads. 22 trucks will hitting the
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streets overnight. sheena parveen is hitting the streets. >> like you mentioned, if storm very slow to move out. it's continuing to bring us some light snow showers. this is all going to be leading to icy spots as you quake up tomorrow morning and hit the roads. we're already below freezing in pottstown. still wov freezing in philadelphia and alistening the i-95 corridor. so the main interstates should be fine. but overnight to want, those number wills continue to drop off. here's a look at the radar. we have a few snow showers areas and north and west. it does continue into south jersey. salem, cumberland counties, and new castle seeing some light snow.
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be very care 68 in these areas because the untreated roadways do have a chance of seeing some slick spots. just be careful when you're driving in the morning. by 8:00, below freezing. by noon tomorrow, we will be drier today. a little more sunshine. coming um, we'll talk more about the morning commute and more want what your weekend looks like. >> our overnight team is working to keep you moving in the morning as well. tune in at 4:00 a.m. for your first look at how the roads are shaping up. rjs caught in the act, police say they have a man in custody tonight who plaired on female college students. they're investigating five dimpblts assaults on or near drexel and penn's campuses all happening in the last few days. >> reporter: police tell us they
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were already out looking for this guy. the suspect is here behind me being processed. >> fortunately, these officers were in the area and able to prevent further this young maid e lady. >> detectives say that's when plain clothed officers who were patrolling the area found james bar ret assaulting a 38-year-old graduate student. >> she's walking, gets struck in the back of the head with a bicycle lock. he drags her approximately 50 yards down the street trying to take her items. >> the officers moved in and arrested 55-year-old bar ret. the victim was rushed to the hospital. >> she has a laceration to her head, but we don't know how far this could have gone.
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>> tonight, they are still trying to determine if he's also behind two assaults on drexel's campus. earlier to do, a man fitting the same description also attacked and groped two zrexel students before taking off. >> so, in all, there have been five attacks on five opportunities. but, again, they are still trying to determine if b e bar ret is behind all of these assaults or if there is a second predator still out there roaming the streets. it's a story we're continuing to follow. for now, live out southwest detectives. >> and, tonight, police have not linked those assaults to a sprat rape investigation of a drexel university student off campus pormt e apartment in spring garden yesterday morning we now know the suspected stletenned the woman with meat cleaver he grabbed. the attacker demanded cash and her cell phone before sexually assaulting her. now, to a developing story, the house trust parabled a trillion dollar government spending plan. the vote was narrow.
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tonight, both republicans and democrats came out against the spending bill. democrats worry it would loosen campaign finance rules and water down wall street regulations. dozens of republicans say the bill doesn't do enough to block president obama's executive action on immigration. democrats toad voiced anger over some of the bill's key koents. >> this is blackmail. you don't get a bill unless wall street gets it e its taxpayer coverage. >> but, again, the bill passed tonight. and tonight's vote clears the way for a final showdown on the bill in the senate now. philadelphia police release new surveillance video tonight.f they're hoping you can help track down a pair of thieves here. you see the hooded gunman early yesterday morningment they're robbing two men on their way to the airport. the thieves stole up to $7,2000 along with some chinese currency and an ipad.
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one of the victims was on his way to his mother's funeral in china. life in prison without property. that's the punishmented. gmtf first-degree murder in a nonjury trial that spared him a possible death sentence. the officer was walking to a bus stop after his shift in north philadelphia. joans' conviction carries a mandatory life sentence. >> new video tonight in maryland. police aroasted the carjacking suspect around 6:30 tonight in baltimore. the chase began just before 3:00 this afternoon in burling ton county, new jersey. police say the suspected carjacked a woman at a mental hemt facility on wood lane road.
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officers finally took out his tires using stop sticks in baltimore. they identified the suspected as 29-year-old trent tally of sin minson. new at 11 cloek, the expanding use of police body cameras. today, the philadelphia police department unvaild its body camera. nbc 10's george spencer is live tonight. temple officials will monitor how this new program works. >> jim, officials here told me they were working closely with philadelphia police, so it make sense for them to at least discuss the possibility of these body cameras for their own campus police force. now we know that other universities here in philadelphia are considering the same thing. >> whether walking the streets on patrol or responding to more serious crimes near campus, yumpblts of pennsylvania police
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may eventually wear one of these, a body camera similar to those now being tested by philly p.d. and tonight, students welcome the discussion. >> body cameras on police is going to get them accountable. >> i think i like the idea. i think it works more for the philadelphia police than it would the campus police. >> indeed, penn police point out much of their campus is already watched by overhead surveillance cameras. both confirm they'll be monitoring the city's tests to see whether these body cameras would be effective in their cam puss policing environments. >> but the bottom line is we're moving in this direction. >> commissioner ramsey acknowledged today the cameras are pricey, hundreds of dollars each, plus, millions for the video recording and storage equipmented.
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we encountered some skept schism. >> i watched them murder a man and they're not going to trial. so i hope that these cameras will work, but i don't know. >> it might give the illusion that there's more askounblety. but i do not believe that this quick fix will d much. >> for reporter, potential benefits out weigh any imperfections. >> i think there will be a great step forward. >> again, for now both pen and temple, they would say they wait and watch how the philadelphia body camera program unfolds. we did call doctor, rexel university tonight but did not get a response. we're live in forth philadelphia, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> camden on the comeback. a major player in the internet marketing field moves to the delaware river waterer front. nbc 10 in camden today as webamax cut the ribbon on itsds new headquartersment relow kating to camden.
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serving fortune 500 companies. this brings more than a hundred new jobs to the area. krooim is down and business is only the rise. >> the tail end of the snow moving out overnight. temperatures will drop. coming up, i'm watching where road might turn slick. wha you can expected for your morning rush. >> then, medical bills piling up for millions of americans. new tonight and why they're sitting unpaid and the confusion many have over where to send the 35i789. we'll be right back.
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a high profile new accuse i recall comes forward to say bill cosby drugged her. the allegations are playing out in vanity fair magazine.+5$ beverly johnson is the most famous person yet to come forward. she was the first african american on the woman of vogue, a supermodel in the '70s. now, she's joining more than two dozen women who have publicly
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accused bill cosby. >> it was mid '80s. she thought she was auditioning for a part on the cosby show. she claims cosby insisted she drink a cappuccino. he yanked her down the stairs, she says, and shoved her into a cab. all of these years later, johnson says even when she heard other women come forward, she still struggled with whether to tell her story. a voice in my head kept whispering black men have enough enmifs out there already. they certainly don't need someone like you. an african american with a familiar face and a famous name. she thought about trayvon martin, michael brown and eric garner. >> we're living in an a e era when those two young men are known as nugs.
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>> johnson writes, reached the conclusion that the current attack has ababsolutely nothing to do at all with bill cosby. he brought this on himgs. >> an attorney for krerks osby had no comment on these latest allegations. once again, bill cosby had e has not been charged with any cry. delaware state police say this 17-year-old killed his own father inside the family's home in harrington. aufrgss found the 41-year-old dead this thorning. they don't know the motive for the killing. but tonight, his son, seth, is charged with first-degree murder. a powerful statement on capital hill today. dozens of capital employees wacced out of their offices today. they gathered here on the house steps and raised their arms in
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the don't shoot gesture used to protest the death of michael brown in ferguson. the recent grand jury decisions also prochted hundreds to have their voices heard in south jersey tonight. the camden united justice took place in city hall. the goal to have all of camden's leaders, yoout and citizens call for justice as one. meshes americans are drowning in medical debt. a fwhu government report finds almost 4 p million people have unpaid medical bills. the report finds the process of medical billing is so confusing that many are unsure about how much money they actually owe. they're also uncertain about deadlines and which organizations should be paid. more than half of all debt on credit reports comes from unpaid medical expenses. the government announced it will require major credit agencies to give regular reports on how charge disputs are being handled. we have a correction to a story we told you about last night at this time. four cases of whooping cough are
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being treated at a montgomery county school district. but it's the upper perkiomen school district. a story of sharing from west chester tonight where santa claus had lots of helpers. the design remodel firm called pine street carpenters went to work assembling dozens of bikes they bought for deserving kids. it provided fearly 450 bikes for kids in the community. some good news at the pump, but not on wall street. for the first time in more than five years, the price of oil fell just below $60 a barl e barrel. oil prices dropped more than $40 a barrel thanks to a rise in oil production around the world and here in the u.s. that means cheaper gas at the pump. but the low cost of oil sent the price of energy stocks spiraling downward today. back to the weather, it is a weather mess in california. a power 68 storm is moving down the west coast.
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it's bringing strong gails and much needed rain and some snow. but it's koz e causing some big headaches. the storm has flooded freeways and toppled trees and kept thousands of people home from work and school. it caused cars on the golden gate bridge to swerve because of swaying. >> and locally, we're dealing with our own weather. we had the snow showers today and we could see some more linger as we go into the next few hour. just some light show e snow showers. but a lot are breaking up. ice sill spots will be expected tonight sfoo e in the morning commute. because of the snowy scene today and those temperatures already dropping below freezing in some locations. good news, though, drier weather is ahold. it starts with tomorrow and leads into the weekend. through the lehigh valley, temperatures below freezing.
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reading coming in at 31 degrees. 30 in potstown. 31 west cherer. this is going to be first area to see some icy spots. 34 now, philadelphia. and 33 in trenton. so along the i-95 corridor, we're a little above freezing. things should be fine, but these numbers will be dropping tonight. 34 degrees right now in dover. 33 in atlantic city where we have some snowfalling right now. here's a look at the satellite and radar. we have seen the snow showers move in later this evening and they're kind of winding down areas north and west. but because the nor'easter is so slow moving, i wouldn't be surprised if more developed. this extends into glu erksz cester county. through the lehigh valley, just
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some snow flurries left. we may be seeing a little bit more snow drying to trying to develop. but any snoep developed should be on the lighter side. this is why we're still dealing with the snow sho you will shoers. this is the same one that brought us flooding a couple days ago. essentially, there's nothing to push it out ft way. but, tomorrow, we will see some improvements. icy spots in the morning kmut kmuts:age then we go into saturday. actually looks good going into the weekend. and we'll see more sunshine to end the week epd. 30 for the low in philadelphia. they think, for form, cloud. a little more sunshine. breezy and cold. 38-41 degrees. but at least we're getting back
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into a drier pattern. and then, on saturday, highs will be in the low 40s. and then as we go into sunday, not as cold. temperatures topping out around 50 degrees. as we go closer to the eeg lt's game, by 8:30 at night, 42 degrees. it will get chilly by the fourth quarter. templetures in the mid 30s. but, again, at least it's staying dry. at least the fans in the stands will be staying dry. and then as we go into monday, tempbtures will be in the mid 50s. i think a very el comed mid 50s. >> a relief there. so be care 68 if there's ice out there in the morning. >> just be careful on untreated roadways and especially if you're leaving early. >> okay. to the ice we don't miepd. >> what a seg way. d flyers against the devils. meanwhile, the big game is just three days away. the biggest game of the season coming up. >> hey, guys, barbara waterers is here. plus we've got dewayne johnson.
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. live and in your living room, danny pommells with you once again. the flrks yers in a grueling home december. tonight, houf, one of those home dates with the devils in town. you see matt reed block a shot and get tripped at center ice. but no matter. gets back up and sets u7 a pretty goal. flyers jump on top 1-0. later in the first, back at it. a nice pass to reed camped out in front. forget about it. he scores, makes it -0. to the third period, devils cut the deaf sit.
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it's 2-1. puttings it on net. get it is rebound and cashes 3-1 flyers and they go onto win 4-1. to football now, the linc may be quiet. but three days from now, it will be rocking like grandma's favorite chair. preparation continue today at the complex. the eagles and cowboys rivalry has some added hostility considering the team that lose may not make the post-season. the venom of the fans is well documented but chip kelly does not view it the same way. >> i've never been a hate guy. i've got the it most respected for them. i hope that they're at their full strength. that's the baes part about it. that's when true competitors go against it. >> well, in big d, they're preparing as well. a win in philly would help ree erase that memory of the
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thanksgiving day drubing they put on them. >> i don't think our football team played as well as we are capable. i think guys will be ready to go. it's a good football team that we're playing against. ultimately, we have to play a lot better than we did in that game. i'm excited to see our guys step up to the challenge. >> cue the music. lincoln financial field, eagles cowboys, nbc 10 is your place for comprehensive coverage. be sure to watch our special live post game report. it's all sunday, where else but right here on nbc 10e. >> one final note to pass along. still not o i shall if, the team has not announced it. the phillies will get right-hand pitcher zach efflin in the deal. that's sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back.
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in new castle county tonight,reads made its way through middle town. they make their way from maine to arlington national cemetery. township officials shut down a few blocks, but we're told police and drivers handled the detours well. if not me, then who? that's the name w2mmdwifen to gala at the union league hosting the gathering. marine first lieutenant was from doilstown, when he was killed before leaving for iraq. he spoke the words if not me, then who, hence the name of tonight's gala. honoring people for their dedication to selfless service. >> you want to be careful out there in the morning. >> we've seen the wet roads. so untreated woeds put in some icy spots. now, a few lingering snow showers tonight.
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by tomorrow, they're just breezy and cold. around 40 degrees and into the weekend. looks pretty good. 50 on sunday. sounds warm. >> move that nor'easter out of here. that's nbc 10 news at 11. thanks for watching. good night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson barbara walters musical guest rick ross


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