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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 12, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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starting with with this, police say they have captured the man responsible for a series of sex related attacks on college students and they say they caught him in the act. and the weather. when you step outside this morning, if you choose to do so, you'll get hit with another breezy, cold day across the area as we take a live look at the flags whipping in that breeze atop the aramark building. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato on this friday. thank goodness. we begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. bill, this wind is still part of this never ending nor'easter. >> same darn system we had for
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days and less wind this morning and colder this morning. we're seeing some icing in those areas that didn't dry up from the snowfall yesterday in new jersey and in areas north and west. right along the i-94 corridor. the temperatures are on the warm side and back to making snow, mother nature has stopped in the pocono mountains. that's the view from camelback this morning. we'll be watching the radar and report of snow just in the last hour in reading, but looking pretty clear on the radar. don't expect to see snow showers other than a flurry or two. still some clouds overhead. in philadelphia 35 degrees. nicely above freezing but right at the freezing mark for chester springs and 31 in doyles different town and icy spots there and interior new jersey, vineland, atlantic city at the airport at or below freezing in interior new jersey. and, yes, the wind is not
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strong, just enough to make it feel like it's in the 20s for most of the area. 25 in pottstown and trent on the windshield is 28 degrees. the forecast is calling for a breezy and chilly day today. a cold start, 31 degrees. by 9:00 the temperatures coming up a bit and then 36 degrees at lunchtime and climbing this afternoon. go through it hour by hour with /?p"no carrierringringconnect
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man in the logan neighborhood of philadelphia. it happened around 10:00 p.m. police tell us the man was on 11th street when someone shot him in the head and chest. no word on why the shooting happened and no arrests at this point. also new from overnight, a man is dead after crashing his car entoa wall in southwest philadelphia. this happened around 12:30 this morning on lindbergh avenue. for some reason the driver lost control of his car and flipped over no word on why. police in philadelphia say they caught a man in the act of assaulting a penn student and they believe he is responsible for sexual attacks on students. plain clothed officers were patrolling university city when they spotted james barrett near
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41 and and pine. walking alone or near the campuses of pine and drexel. they believe barrett is behind at least three of those attacks. >> we think he was strolling out here for females walking alone and then trying to rob them. >> investigators are also trying to determine if barrett assaulted two drexel students yesterday. now, police have not linked those assaults to the home invasion and rape of a drexel student on wednesday. a man broke into that student's off-campus apartment in spring garden and demanded money and a cell phone and sexually assaulted her. police have no suspects at this time. 4:04 now. tonight, friends, family and firefighters will be saying good-bye to joyce craig, the first female firefighter in philadelphia to die in philadelphia. the first of two viewings will be held tonight. she died while fighting a fire in west oak lane on tuesday. investigators are still trying to determine what went wrong
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inside that house. craig was an 11-year-old member of the department and leaves behind two children. her funeral is on saturday at that same location. governor tom corbett ordered flags to be flown at half staff in her honor. starting today he will be in court to not fight tax evasion. he wants to represent himself because he's most familiar with the allegations against him. his trial is set for march 9th. his father is the focal of a federal investigation. sentencing for a man who was involved in a shootout who killed an innocent teen in the shooting death of 17-year-old bernard scott. in april 2013, scott was hit by a stray bullet in overbrook. three other men were also
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charged in that murder. no jailtime, that's part of the deal for a former delaware teacher who pleaded guilty to raping a 13-year-old student. stephanie seaberry admitted she had sex with the boy in her apartment and exchanged inappropriate text messages. a judge sentenced her to 18 months probation requiring her to register as al/%5x sex offen and this man is facing new charges in a hit and run that killed a bicyclist in delaware. prosecutors charged gabriel with manslaughter and child endangerment. they say pardo had his kids in the car with him at the time of the crash. investigators say that crash killed philip bishop who was riding his bike home from work in september. in bucks;çgvu county, ben s police want to find these two men in the armed robbery of a coin star earlier this week. they robbed the owner of coin and collectors on tuesday. this is surveillance video of
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that robbery. police say the suspects tied up the owner, an employee and a customer and then smashed the display cases taking more than $5,000 worth of antique silver dollars. the robbers did take off their hoods in front of the cameras which allowed police to identify them. from our jersey shore bureau now in ocean county. a fund-raiser will be held tonight for the family of this woman. she was killed when a jet crashed into her home this week. she and her two young sons died in that crash and all three people onboard the plane were killed. gemmell's husband and 5-year-old daughter were not at home at the time of the crash. the fund-raiser for tonight is set at 8:00 at the river rock restaurant and marina bar in brick township. the philadelphia police department has unveiled its body camera pilot program and now local police departments are also considering using those cameras. officials at the university of pennsylvania and temple
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university will monitor the city's test program to see whether these body cameras will be effective in their campus policing efforts. many local universities are monitored by networks overhead surveillance cameras, but students and residents tell us the addition of body cameras should be considered. >> if you put body cameras on police, it will get them accountable 99 out of 100 times when we have no idea what happened otherwise. >> i watched them murder a man and they're not even going to try. so i hope these cameras will work, but i don't know. >> now, the penn police force has 116 sworn officers and temple's force has more than now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> light snow dropping from clouds most of the day. yesterday has come to an end. now it's just the temperatures that are dropping. those areas that haven't dried up are freezing up this morning. north and west interior new jersey. icy spots on untreated surfaces.
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but we will see the wind blowing. today not as strong as yesterday and don't expect to see any more snow shower comes through and we should see breaks of sunshine today and a good deal of sunshine this weekend. and that will start the warming trend over the weekend. won't be a fast warmup, but we'll make steady progress with those numbers going higher. right now reading is reporting light snow, 32 degrees. so light not showing up on the radar. 35 degrees in philadelphia and cape may is 37 degrees right now. and a nice, snowy scene in the pocono mountains. some snowfall yesterday and cold enough that they'll be making it through the day today. temperatures will stay below freezing in the mountains. look how clear it is. this is the radar. there may be snow falling in berks county, but hard to see. still some clouds in the area and flurries at times and then watch for breaks in the area. few off to the north and west. clouds will break for sunshine today, limited sunshine but it is progress compared to
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yesterday when we saw mostly cloudy skies through the day. now, your hour-by-hour forecast. 10:00 this morning, up to 34 in philadelphia and upper 30s along the coastline while it's still freezing or below for areas north and west. but sunshine will do away with those icy spots and then as the temperatures climb and the ice will be disappearing commroetly by noontime, exception will be the pocono mountains where it's a good thing, staying cold for the ski resorts. look at the 40s in south jersey and delaware. by this afternoon, 40s in philadelphia and well above freezing for philadelphia and reading. the forecast today calling for a mainly dry day today other than a flurry to start with this morning. afternoon temperatures back close to where we were yesterday. though not as windy today. the wind will still be blowing out of the northwest to 15 miles an hour. and, yes, it will go warmer over the weekend. the extended future whether i'm back in ten minutes. >> warmer and a little sunshine. that sounds excellent. thank you, bill. hopefully good news on the roads
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this morning for all of you who are up at ten minutes after 4:00 thinking about driving where you're going.zachary has a look roads. >> it makes us feel good to think that, at least. the water main break for philadelphia germantown avenue between jefferson street and oxford street. all lanes are blocked because of the water main break and the activity to correct that. take fifth street around that. vine street expressway right at broad street looking free and clear of any issues or delays as is the situation with all of the majors right now, which is great. the pennsylvania, new jersey and also in delaware. taking a look at your drive times on philadelphia roadways and 476 and some of the typical trouble spots all free and clear of any issues right now. finally, for new jersey drivers, live look at route 42 right at creek road where you see the headlights are headed northbound in center city philadelphia and
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long-term construction work there and no issues to report. chris? another woman has come forward with accusations against comedian bill cosby. this time the claims come from a famous model. we'll tell you what she says cosby did to her when she went to his house to audition for a role on "cosby show." chris christie is making a bid for the white house, but the new jersey voters want to see him do that and do they think he has a shot at winning? we'll have have the results of a new poll. at the art museum you see there in the foreground. as we look out from one of our cameras in center city. 35 degrees in philadelphia and we will see sunshine today. bill just told us that is an improvement over the last few days. what's ahead for the weekend? we'll have a look at that coming up.
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14 minutes after 4:00. bill cosby has a new high-profile accuser. beverly johnson says cosby drugged her. now she's joining more than two dozen women who have publicly accused cosby of assaulting them. johnson claims cosby drugged her while she was auditioning for a part on "the cosby show" invdd mid-'80s. she said he gave her a cappuccino laced with something. she managed to escape. she was inspired to finally speak out by the other women who have come forward. in the essay johnson writes, "i watched in horror as my long-time friend and fellow
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model janice. i couldn't sit back and watch the other women be vilified and shamed for something i knew was true." cosby did not respond to requests for comment from "vanity fair." on wednesday, a woman who has accused cosby of raping her in the '70s filed a defamation suit against him. cosby publicly branded her a liar when his lawyer called her claims absolutely false. now cosby's lawyer responded by saying they are confident by prevailing in that procedure talking about the defamation suit. bill cosby has not been charged with any crime. former philadelphia does not plan to run for mayor next year. he tells nbc 10 he wants to make another run for city council, instead. this time as a democrat. risso served four terms until 2011. he switched parties last year leading some to believe a run for mayor was in the works. a new poll shows a majority
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of new jersey voters are saying no to a presidential run by their governor, chris christie. it found that most voters do not think christie should seek the republican nod. the favorite candidate in the poll is democrat hillary clinton. here are the numbers. the poll found 53% of new jersey voters believe chris christie would not be a good president. 40% said he would be a good president. and 49% of those polled said america is not ready for a jersey guy like christie. the assistant director of that poll said even jersey guys, actually jersey girls, don't think the nation will go for a jersey guy like governor christopher christie. called him christopher. if you're wondering, the poll found if christie does run for president and faces hillary clinton he would get 59% to clinton's 50%. the atlantic city casino crisis, now more than just three days away from new deadline to save the trump taj mahal. that deadline is now monday.
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the owners of the struggling ky#ry kept the casino open and saved 3,000 jobs. robert griffin says the union has until 5:00 p.m. monday to drop its appeal of a court-ordered cost cutting move that canceled workers' health insurance and pepgz plnsion pla. the taj is still set to close one week from tomorrow. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a snowy scene in the pocono mountains. doesn't that look great? and it's going to be cooperating weather wise for skiers hitting the slopes. we saw a few on the slopes yesterday as the snow was falling. this morning, the clouds still over center city, but it is dry. actually, clear view right across the delaware from the adventure affairium this morning. 35 in philadelphia. still nicely above freezing but the wind is blowing so it feels like 29 degrees right now and the wind is blowing the flags on
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the aramark building in center city. that wind will make its way down to the surface this morning and this afternoon. later this morning, you'll see winds ramping up. colder to the north and west. po potttown at 31 degrees and rocksborough a degree away from freezing and wind making it feel like it's in the 20s for most of the area. not a lot of wind compared to the last few days. a 12-mile-an-hour wind in the pocono mountains, but it's gusting to 20 miles an hour right now. those wind will be working towards the rest of the area during the day today. we will see a nice warm up this afternoon we'll be in the, in the low 40s, but we'll do better than that over the weekend. the hour-by-hour forecast shows temperatures coming down early tomorrow morning. we'll be down to 32 degrees and then after another cold start tomorrow, we'll see lots of sunshine to start with saturday morning and the temperatures will be climbing into the 40s. doesn't that look nicer? more comfortable. so, mostly cloudy day today and
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still a bit breezy with high temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees and it will feel like it's in the low to mid-30s this afternoon. the full seven-day forecast will take you through the weekend and into next week coming up in the next half hour. time for a check of the highways, nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachary is in to tell us about gobs of traffic out there. >> right. chris, if you look behind me, the camera we have along 76, we just missed it. we did see gobs. you put that in quotes, right? we saw more traffic on 76 than we were seeing on some of our other majors. 95 and the vine street expressway earlier this morning. there you go, there's some headlights. the entire expanse of it look great. no reports on philadelphia or the majors and you may encounter icy spots. be aware of that. in the kensington area of philadelphia, there is a water main break. between oxford street and jefferson street. take fifth street around that and a disabled vehicle up in
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horshem and up in the lehigh valley, icy spots. be prepared to see them up there. a live look at route 22 and 78 looks great up there, as well. chris? an economic coup for the city of camden. a major player in one internet field gets down to business there. how many jobs they're set to bring to camden. a mysterious creature washes up on the jersey shore. what is this? we'll give you another look and tell you about one theory of its origin.
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4:23. this is better than the last sea shell you found. the remains of what could be a mysterious creature washed up on
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a toms river beach this week. take a look here. the toms river patch sent us(t&& these photos taken by a woman nearby. the animal looks like something from the dinosaur age with rows of sharp teeth. most of its skin is gone as you usually find on skeletal remains. one theory comes from a rutgers professor who says it simply could be a bottlenose dolphin. well from our south jersey bureau, a major player in the internet marketing field celebrated the opening of new offices. made the move from mount laurel. that move brings more than 100 new jobs to the area. weathermax will play a key role in the city's future and new jersey governor chris christie chose it as one of a dozen companies to get some big tax breaks to make that move to camden. happening today in philadelphia, it is the application deadline for students who plan to tansfer
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schools or start high school next fall. the deadline applies to students who want to attend schools outside their neighborhood. some of the options include magnet schools such as carver high school for engineering and science, parkway west high school, amy northwest academy and fitler. a traffic alert for you this morning, if you're driving through philadelphia today, the right lane of eastbound schuylkill expressway between the vine street expressway and south street will be closed from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. because penndot is doing bridge inspections along that stretch. if you're driving in that area, give yourself extraw.t also today, rowan university in glassboro will break ground on a new school. the building will also serve as a hub for both rowan students and the business community. steve sweeney will be there for the ground breaking ceremony
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this morning. happening this weekend, cementing the future. that's exactly what our parent company comcast will be doing tomorrow morning when it starts pouring concrete. the concrete foundation for its new innovation and technology center. that's the new tower coming up at 18th and arch going up from the current comcast center that will change the philadelphia skyline and also create thousands of new jobs and be the new home of nbc 10 when it's complete in 2018. we're looking forward to moving in. a live look at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia right now at 4:26. all is calm now, but, oh, don't you worry. things will be heating up on sunday night when the cowboys come to town for that all-important battle for first place in the nfc east. remember, nbc 10 is your home for full coverage of the eagles/cowboys showdown. football night in america starts at 7:00 and kickoff at 8:20 and then after the game, be sure to watch our special post-game report with reaction from coach
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kelly and all of the players right here sunday night on nbc 10. your first alert weather. >> chilly start this morning and a bit breezy, too. those winds above ground level are coming down to ground level today. it is going to be dry. clouds overhead not producing any snow for a change. could run into ice spots. 35 degrees here at e&qú>fjtvsjn. katy zachary is watching traffic. >> icy spots, but no accidents to report because of them so far. a live look at the ben franklin bridge and things are moving smoothly over the betsy and the walt, as well. a water main break in philadelphia. i'll have the details coming up. your phone bill may be a little higher soon, all thanks to congress. we'll tell you what is behind the increase.
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and the community prepares to pay tribute to this fallen hero. we'll show you how friends and loved ones will mourn philadelphia's first woman firefighter to die in the line of duty. it's a breezy and cold end to our workweek, but changes are on the way for the weekend. good morning, happy friday. you're watching nbc 10 news today. i'm christine maddela. >> i'm chris cato. it is friday. >> we made it. >> almost there. many of you are just getting started but it is going to be a good day. bill henley has your first alert forecast. still seeing the strong winds left over from this nor'easter that just won't go away. >> as the day goes on they'll come down to the surface.


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