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tv   Today  NBC  December 12, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EST

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what is the score going to be there, vai? >> 21-20. eagles less than a field goal. >> better than the temperatures. >> count on it. "today" show is next. >> have a good weekend. good morning. breaking news. that massive storm out west triggers a mudslide in california, leaving two dead and hundreds of thousands without power. high-profile accuser. super model beverly johnson adds her name to the long list of women who say bill cosby drugged them. >> i was totally helpless. i was on the verge of passing out. >> we'll talk to her this morning about that incident and why she's speaking out now. historic blunder, one of the most historic and famous sites defaced by green peace activists. the group now apologizing for
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what they're calling a careless stunt. and all dogs go to heaven. what pope francis said that has all tails wagging "today," friday, december 12th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. our tails are wagging because of this story out of st. peter's square where the pope had an encounter with a young boy who was heartbroken over the loss of his dog. >> he kind of reversed catholic dogma when he said, in fact, all god's creatures can go to heaven. this is dylan dreyer's dog, boscoe, in the orange room. >> very happy about this. >> survey says yes. real good one to start this morning. let's start with our top story out west, fierce storm
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leading to deaths and this mudslide that triggered evacuations in camarillo overnight. miguel almaguer has been tracking this story. good morning to you. >> reporter: very dicey and fluid situation outside los angeles. sbrok mudslide has hit this community. first responders are going door to door to check on local residents. now this storm is slamming not just this community, but this entire region. from san francisco to los angeles, pounding rain, devastating wind and severe flooding, one of the wettest, most destructive storms in recent memory. rising water led to evacuations. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> the wind and rain, ripping down power lines. in san francisco, a transformer explosion. a quarter million homes and businesses lost power. in san jose, a roof collapsed at a grocery store.
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one shopper left injured. this morning, fears in southern california that hills ravaged by wildfires are now ripe for mudslide mudslides. >> once the rain comes and the mud starts to flow, there's nothing residents can do. >> reporter: heavy snow was in the forecast for the sierras, up to three feet expected. some prepared for the worst but found off and on in the floods, this man kayaking home. winds so powerful, another surfed lake tahoe. but for many this morning, the threat is real and this monster storm is far from over. >> with rocks and mud still flowing in this community, there is good news. there doesn't appear to be any injury so far. certainly a preview of what is expected to come later today. savannah? >> miguel almaguer in camarillo, california. thank you very much.
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>> al? you have more on this. >> yes. the bad news is we're nowhere near done. we get what we call training effects coming in here. straemg out of the pacific, it will be a real mess, just continue to bring more showers and thunderstorms. flash flood warnings for much of los angeles and ventura counties. flash flood watches as well. this system pushes in, powerful frontal system. the good news, if there is any, there seems to be a 20% knockdown of the drought that's been going on. and when you look at these numbers, you can see why. we're talking rainfall again over the next 46 to 48 hours, we're talking about anywhere from two to four inches of rain, especially in some of the reservoir regions. and in the sierra, we could be looking at another four feet of snow. now the bad news is, this system is moving to the east and it is going to be affecting probably about 70% of the country as we go into the weekend.
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>> wow, a fierce one. al, thank you. >> thank you very much. in the wake of this week's damning torture report, the cia's director is now vowing that the agency is done using so-called enhanced interrogation techniques. nbc's andrea mitchell is in washington with more on that story. hi, andrea. >> hi, matt. good morning. john brennan acknowledged mistakes but also forcefully rebutted some of the key conclusions of that senate torture report and refused to do what president obama has done, called what happened torture. the secretive cia opened its doors to reporters and cameras for its first live press conference as john brennan tried to turn the page on that explosive senate torture report. >> my fervent hope is that we can put aside this debate and move forward to focus on issues that are relevant to our current national security challenges. >> reporter: calling the period after 9/11 a difficult time, brennan said cia did a lot of things right to keep the country safe. he admitted some of the tactics
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in the agency's interrogation program were abhorrent, were they ever to use such brutal tactics, what he calls etis, ever again. >> waterboarding, near drowning, slamming people against the wall. >> we are not contemplating at all getting back into that program using any of the etis. >> reporter: he rebutted the statement that these techniques did not lead to find terrorists like osama bin laden. >> it was useful and was used in the ultimate operation to go against bin laden. >> reporter: senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein offered a real-time rebuttal, tweeting in part, study shows it is knowable. cia had info before torture. #read the report. later feinstein issued a
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statement mostly praising brennan, saying he showed that cia leadership is prepared to prevent this from ever happening again, which is all important. but there's already been damage done. the cia director acknowledged what the president has also said, that foreign intelligence services and other allies are concerned about this report. some democrats have called for brennan to be fired but the president is defending him. while brennan seeks to return the agency to its clandestine roots. >> i think there's enough transparency over the last few days. i think it's over the top. >> it gave the adversaries a chance to accuse the u.s. of hipocrisy. china state-run media saying we advise them to reflect on and correct their own problems. matt? >> andrea mitchell, thank you
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very much. the fallout is growing this morning from that massive hack of sony. it has exposed embarrassing e-mails from hollywood executives and last night led to one very unusual premiere. joe friar is in los angeles for us. joe, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. the impact could be felt last night at the premiere for "the interview," the controversial comedy that could be the subject of this attack. the theater marquise talked about a huge premiere but no reporters, no interviews for a movie called "the interview." billy bush attended the screening. >> there were more security here tonight than there were fans. sony was trying to not celebrate, not make it a spectacle. >> reporter: the massive sony cyber attack has exposed social
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security numbers, salaries for execs, and an e-mail exchange between producer scott ruden and amy pascale, wondering what movies president obama might like, should i ask him if he liked django? rudin writes 12 years. pascal writes or the butler. >> i think the culture of hollywood will change by this. i think people are thinking twice of what they're putting in e-mails. >> reporter: both rudin and pascal issued apologies. i made a series of remarks that were meant only to be funny but in the cold light of day, they are thoughtless and insensitive. pascal says i'm so disappointed in myself that i would have had a lapse in my thinking. of all the things i thought
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would be said about me, this is the last one. federal investigators are still trying to identify the hackers who call themselves guardians of peace. >> whoever did this is definitely personal and they're seeing a victim. they've already beaten up sony and they're kicking again and again and again. and we don't know when that's going to stop. >> the interview will be released on christmas. this remains an unpredictable environment. no one knows what, if any, information will come out next. sony will address its employees athe a town hall meeting monday. savannah? >> joe friar in los angeles. thank you. >> this has corporations all across the country and probably all around the world rethinking their e-mail policies. individuals as well. >> people writing e-mails may be doing a little soul searching as well. definitely a wake-up call. lawmakers narrowly avoided shutting down the government. >> quite a night in washington, d.c. again. it's up to the senate to pass a huge $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government running.
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the measure passed the house thursday after a day of arm twisting. capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell with the very latest. good morning. >> good morning, tamron. the drama this time came from liberal democrats who nearly scuttled the deal with hours before the deadline. the president got on the phone, the chief of staff from the white house was here. by the narrowest of margins, the house did pass a government spending bill that keeps the federal agencies and departments running for a year. now, democrats had objected to a rollback of financial provisions that would help big wall street banks take some high-risk investment with his taxpayer ensured deposits. in the end, compromise, even ugly compromise, carried the night. and so this was passed. it's now up to the senate to follow through. the house also gave them a little wiggle room with extra deadline until saturday. tamron? >> kelly, thank you very much. also at capitol hill thursd
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thursday, a powerful without words. congressional staffers and members of congress walked out of their offices and stood on the capitol steps to protest the grand jury decisions in the michael brown and eric garner case. make sure all americans are treated equally before the law. >> tens of thousands of gallons of oil in bangladesh, threatening dolphin species and other aquatic life. it was carrying more than 92,000 gallons of furnace oil when it was hit by a cargo vessel. officials are now scrambling to try to minimize that damage. injured carolina panthers quarterback cam newton says returning to football is not something he is worried about right now. first appearance since an awful car crash tuesday that left him with broken bones in his back. >> was looking at the situation at hand. you know, i'm lucky to be standing in front of you guys right now.
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>> newton said the crash taught him sport sincere not everything because it can be gone in an instant. united airline passengers are finally on the ground in sydney, australia this morning. take a listen to this. this is after a nightmare marathon journey. the flight was en route from san francisco to sydney, but was diverted because there was debris on the runway in sydney. because the flight crew ran out of flying hours, they were stuck there for more than seven hours while they waited for another set of pilots. it gets better. really, it gets worse. they were allowed to stretch their legs on the tarmac. >> what? >> but could not go any further because customs and immigration facilities were not able to process them. in all, the trip took 20 hours. but for those who originally started out in new york, 30-hour journey. >> wow! >> i would have been calm. >> yeah, you would have. >> not cranky. >> you would have been flying the plane. get out of my way. >> remember those people who pushed the plane?
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i would have been doing that. >> exactly. 7:13 now. >> thank you, tamron. let's turn to al. >> really dangerous situation in southern california, multiple land slides in ventura county. all off-duty emergency management personnel have been brought on duty. because of the volatility of this system, there may be funnel clouds reported or even a weak tornado. this is a very dangerous situation, which we will continue to track for you. we'll get to your local forecast thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. dry start and breaks in the clouds with us and see the temperatures climb into the upper 30s to low 40s. still a bit of a breeze blowing. 15 miles per hour will make it feel chillier. warmer over the weekend, after a cold start 44 with partly sunny skies and lots of sunshine, sunday a high of 47 and then into the 50s for monday with bright sunshine. it's clouds returning on tuesday that will keep us at 50 degrees cooler wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. tragic fire on a cruise ship that killed three workers. no passengers were injured in the incident. that cruise is coming to an end this morning. wtvj's julia bagg in miami has the latest on this. julia, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. passengers have arrived here in miami. we have been speaking with them. they are clearly shaken.
7:16 am
some of them tell us they heard explosions before they saw smoke. >> it smelled like the bottom of a volcano, sulphur, from the fire. >> reporter: tense moments aboard the oceanic insig nichni after a fire killed three workers. >> the signal went. i went up on the deck and saw enormous amount of jet black smoke. >> reporter: it was docked at st. lucia when the fire began, extinguished but not before all 650 passengers were evacuated from the ship. oceania cruises said we are deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred this morning on insignia. we have extended our heartfelt condolences to the families involved and offer them our full support. it departed from san juan and
7:17 am
was scheduled to arrive in miami december 17th. they are now waiting for flights to return home. >> oceania people did everything they possibly could to make us as comfortable as possible. they were really quite outstanding. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is not yet known. the insignia underwent an multi-million dollar renovation earlier this year. matt? >> julia bagg from wtvj, thank you very much. dylan came in from the cold. >> yea! >> the pope is making news with what he said about all god's creatures. >> he is answering that age-old question, do all dogs go to heaven? he was consoling a little boy whose dog had just died and he said one day we will see our animals again in eternity of christ. paradise is open to all of god's
7:18 am
creatures. catholic theology says dogs have no souls and they can't go to heaven. my dog, bosco, seems to be -- or just because i have a treat. she really has no idea what's going on. but make sure you tell your dogs when you go home. jewels, pepper, and may love. and the happiest dog of all could be this one. and my dog is slowly running away. so i'm going to go. she's sniffing. she's judging the whole studio here. >> all right, dylan. >> come here, bosco. >> bosco's making a break for it! go, bosco, go! >> al has bacon in his pocket. >> that's right. i've got some mutton here for you! >> thank you. mark wahlberg is stopping by studio 1a to talk about his
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movie and a 26-year-old assault conviction. why supermodel beverly johnson says she was compelled to finally come forward and detail her encounter with the comedian. first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up on trending, would you like to have a dislike button on facebook? mark zuckerberg is weighing in on that this morning. plus ice bucket, selfies and so much more, pop denver international is one of the busiest airports
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our powerful spray gives you smooth, frizz-free curls that are ready for anything. frizz ease. only from john frieda. good morning, i'm vai sikhema. first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. not ideal, but better than the last couple of days, right? >> no rain, no snow. still have cloudy skies and see them in the pocono mountains. nothing falling from them. goes for the rest of the area, too. the radar is clear. it is chilly outside. 36 degrees and above freezing in philadelphia, but the wind is blowing. so, feels like 31 degrees. 27 the wind chill in allentown. clouds will be breaking for some sunshine as we head towards the noontime hour and then 40 this afternoon. and a final farewell will beginitant for joyce craig the first philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty. joyce craig fire company in lawn
7:27 am
crest engine 64 remains draped in black bunting this morning. an 11-year veteran of the philadelphia fire department and mother of two. she lost her life early tuesday morning while fighting a house fire in west oak lane. the first of two viewings is scheduled for tonight at 6:00 at bachelor brothers funeral home on north broad street and followed by another viewing tomorrow morning at 8:00. the funeral service for joyce craig scheduled to begin tomorrow morning at 10:00. ti'm vai sikahema another update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on we'll send you back to "ftoday" show. we'll see you in about half hour.
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welcome to "today" on this friday morning, december 12th, 2014. we've got a boisterous crowd out on our plaza. they have a lot to admire, including that beautiful tree. we'll go outside in a minute. intense storm in california has led to mud slide there is. number of homes in camarillo had to be placed under mandatory evacuation orders overnight. congress approved a $1.1 trillion extension moments before a government shutdown. $60 a barrel for the first time in five years, pushing gas
7:31 am
prices even lower. the national average for a gallon fell two cents overnight to $2.60. >> wow! >> here is a question for you. would you like to see a dislike button on facebook? >> no. >> okay. we're going to talk about that on trending. we want you to weigh in as well, of course, on our facebook page. tell us if you like that. >> getting a lot of attention. mark zuckerberg has now weighed in. we'll tell you what he said. >> exactly. let's start this half hour with the most high-profile accuser to date coming forward accusing bill cosby of drugging her. tamron has the latest on that. >> in an essay published monday, super model beverly johnson accused bill cosby of drugging her at his home in 2006. i spoke to johnson at her home in california last night. what she has to say about a devastating evening with the comedian almost 30 years ago. >> i was totally helpless. i was on the verge of passing
7:32 am
out. i knew that, you know, i was going to be unconscious. >> reporter: beverly johnson is a groundbreaking figure, rising to stardom as a super model in the 1970s. now she's joining more than two dozen with women who publicly accuse bill cosby of drugging and abusing them. >> i most certainly didn't think of my legacy as being the first african-american model to grace the cover of vogue and drugged by bill cosby. >> reporter: johnson says she thought she was auditioning for a part on "the cosby show" when she went to his new york city home in 1986. she said cosby insisted she drink a cappuccino. >> i immediately felt something from the first sip and it was almost like i didn't really believe it, so i took another sip. and it wasn't long after that that i knew i had been drugged. >> reporter: johnson says she felt the effects instantly. >> the room started to spin a
7:33 am
little. and i was getting very woozy. >> reporter: johnson said she thought that cosby expected her to submit to him but managed to fight back. >> i just started to swear and curse and had a -- i wanted him to know that i knew he had drugged me. and it was -- i don't know. i just went on survival mode. >> reporter: she says he yanked her down the stairs and shoved her into a cab. >> i woke up the next day, totally disoriented and then remembering exactly what happened, was devastated and disappointed. >> reporter: johnson said she struggled over the decision to tell her story. >> at the time, i felt that it would hurt my career, most certainly. he was a very powerful man. >> reporter: even keeping the secret from loved ones like her own daughter. i told her what would she tell
7:34 am
her daughter, my granddaughter, if she ever came to her and said, hey, mom, i've been drugged. what would you do? and she said, mom, you're doing the right thing. i said i love you. she said yes, you're doing the right thing. >> reporter: after decades of silence, johnson decided now was the time to speak out. >> i want to stand with these women that have come out. i want to have a platform for one out of every six women that are sexually assaulted. >> reporter: an attorney for bill cosby had no comment on these latest allegations. for johnson, she said sharing her story isn't about bringing down cosby. it's about empowering other victims of abuse. >> this is bigger than bill cosby. this is about, you know, women and violence on women. this is about women finding their voice. i feel that cosby took my power
7:35 am
that evening and that i took my power back. >> tamron, you spoke to her last night. it sounds like she really struggled with the decision. >> she did. >> to become public about it. >> so did her family, quite honestly. beverly johnson said her daughter and other family members cautioned her. they were worried that this would, in the end, hurt her legacy and hurt her career and she decided enough is enough. in her own words, she took back her power. >> it's a devastating story. really is. >> listen, i think she hits all of the notes in the questions that many people have, particularly in the african-american community where there are few tv legends of this caliber. and she says this comes at a time when we are discussing race in a very raw and open way. and this is not about race. this is not about a tv legend. this is not about bill cosby. it's about, what she says, are people taking advantage of the vulnerable and is joining forces to speak out. >> interesting conversation, tamron. thank you very much. taking a turn, police in philadelphia are hoping that new surveillance video will lead to
7:36 am
answers in the mysterious disappearance of a college student last seen more than two weeks ago. erica hill has been following that investigation. erica, good morning. >> good morning to you, savannah. shane montgomery's family has been holding out hope that many of the cameras where shane disappeared would offer an answer. this morning there is at least one new clue. this morning, investigators are searching this area with a renewed focus after a surveillance video from a nail salon emerged showing 21-year-old shane montgomery in the moments after he left kildare's irish public. he walked on to a foot path, it leads to one place, isolated parking lot that sits between the canal and the river. that same video does not show montgomery leaving the parking lot. >> this is the last place that we know he came. this is why we're starting here. we didn't find anything of shane's at all. no sweatshirt no, clothing, no
7:37 am
nothing. that's what we're still looking for. everybody is going back to the same areas, hoping something is going to pop up. >> reporter: police say the 21-year-old walked into the lot of his own and wasn't followed. shane's parents have not seen the video. but from the beginning they said his sudden disappearance didn't add up. >> there is no way he just walked away and left me and kevin and my family worried about him. >> reporter: investigators tell nbc news this video is the first lead to point them in a, quote, promising direction. >> it's very frustrating. my heart goes out to the family. i know we're doing everything we can to help find him. >> now in keeping with initial reports officials made it clear shane montgomery did not appear intoxicated on that new video. the reward for any information is now up to $65,000. anyone who has a tip is urged to call the philadelphia police or the fbi. and they're just reiterating, they have so few leads, anything, anything could be important. >> i feel so bad for that
7:38 am
family. >> yeah. and it's a true miystery. erica, thank you so much for that update. let's take a turn and get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: "today's" sunday night football weather is brought to you by nfl mobile. exclusively from verizon. >> we continue to follow this breaking weather information and story that's going on in southern california. we get these storm reports in. they've got mud and rock dirt flows in parts of southern california. we're talking about debris, vehicles trapped, people stuck inside. severe flooding, flash flood warnings in effect for much of los angeles and ventura counties this morning. we're watching the radar pushing this heavy rain onshore. as it does we also have the possibility of funnel clouds and also a weak tornado. wind gusts of over 45 miles per hour in and around los angeles, rainfall amounts are generally going to be about three to four inches. in some of the foothills, we could be looking upwards of 5 to
7:39 am
6 inches of rain. rainfall amounts, rainfall rates per hour, one to two inches. this could be catastrophic. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a dry start. we'll get some breaks in the clouds with us and see the temperatures climb to the upper 30s to low 40s. still a bit of a breeze blowing, 15 miles per hour will make it feel chillier. warmer over the weekend tomorrow after a cold start, 44 with partly sunny skies and lots of sunshine sunday and a high of 47 and then it's into the 50s for monday with bright sunshine and it's clouds returning on tuesday that will keep us at 50 degrees cooler wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> and this is one for the ages! that's right. oh, the cowboys taking on the eagle eagles. >> whoo, eagles. oorks cowboys. >> this is a battle between savannah and tamron. >> may the best bird win.
7:40 am
>> clear, cold, 41 degrees. what did you say. >> the best bird. >> they're eagles. >> but the cowboys aren't bird. >> i know! >> it's sunday night, football night in america. very confused. >> wait a minute. we have a wager. >> we do. >> if the cowboys win, savannah cooks for me, which i think i lose. >> ooh. >> if the eagles win, you cook for me. >> yes. >> she offered to change vale's diaper for the day. >> it's a delicate duty. >> i like you too much for that. >> the stunt by green peace activists that has now damaged one of the most famous historical sites in the world. on trending the concept of twins through the eyes of one very adorable and seemingly confused little boy. but first these messages. vo: the good more is capturing heey! the moment they open their gifts from verizon. awesome, woah!
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we're back now 7:44. damaged in a publicity stunt by greenpeace activists. keir simmons has more on that story. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. this has caused a huge row and apology from greenpeace. they didn't have much of a choice because what they did just wasn't very green. they survived for more than 1,000 years and are considered part of sacred ground. birds, animals even human figures, lines in the ground made by the people of peru. in just one night, the site was jeopardized for a publicity stunt by activists claiming to defend the environment. time for change, the future is
7:46 am
placed on sacred ground? furious, the minister called it a slap in the face. greenpeace is known for its controversial stunts. oil rigs and on land, scaling famous buildings, causing security fears, battling government to save the planet. this time, the group's message was that many years ago the civilization was ruined by flooding. >> a whole consult disappeared because of climate change. >> reporter: an omen for today, activists said, as leaders meet in pechlt ru. walking across the art of an ancient people has done more damage. calling the act careless and crass. saying sorry may not be enough for peru's authorities, threatening to press charges and not letting those activists
7:47 am
leave the country until all of this is resolved. matt? >> they may be look for a new chief strategist at greenpeace. >> yeah, not good. coming up, men or women, the gender that seems to be more sympathetic when it comes to their partner being sick. >> this is a great story. you have to stay tuned to this. and then dylan in the orange room. she needs your help on putting a room. she needs your help on putting a modern twist on by 1914 the dodge brothers and set out on their own.pany they believed in more, than the assembly line. they believed driving was a holy endeavor. a hundred years later the dodge brothers spirit lives on.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
your version of 12 days of christmas. >> i was going to do the geese a laying. >> sometimes i can read it. >> the wheels churning. >> exactly. >> dylan thank you. coming up, mark wahlberg live in studio ♪hark how the bells, swee silver bells, all seem♪ ♪to say, throw care away. ♪from everywhere, filling the air♪ chex party mix. easy fifteen-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave.
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good morning, i'm vai sikhema. let's get our first alert forecast with bill. >> improving conditions. we've already seen some change compared to yesterday. the snow has stopped. the snowmakers are now on in the pocono mountains. that's the view from camelback. the fe temperatures above freezing in philadelphia. 36 degrees in philadelphia while it is right at 37 for pottstown and temperatures climbing for today and clouds thinning out and breaks of sunshine and by lunchtime 38 degrees and up to 40 this afternoon. and, of course, you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest weather information. you can download the nbc 10 weather app. the free download at nbc10 out com. happening today, chaka
7:57 am
fattah will be in court arguing he does not need a lawyer. a source at says fattah wants it represent himself because he is most familiar with the allegations. his congressman father is in a federal corruption investigation. the congressman is married to renee chenault-fattah. happening this weekend, you call it the future of philadelphia. parent company comcast pill pull information for technology and center right across the comcast center will change the city skyline. also create thousands of new jobs and be the home of nbc 10 when it is completed in 2018. i'm vai sikhema. another update in about 25 minutes and, of course, you can always get the latest news and weather on back to the "today" show. we'll see you in about half an hour. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- >> i see you're half a million dollars up. >> i've been up $2.5 million. >> mark wahlberg stops by studio 1a to promote his new movie. and also, a crime. the answer may surprise you. from music to movies, memorable moments. we'll take you through "people" magazine's best of 2014 "today," friday, december 12th, 2014.
8:01 am
>> shout out to san diego and our families! >> shout out to north dakota from the "today" show. >> we're from montgomery, alabama, celebrating. >> been a fan of the "today" show since i was 10. >> first annual girls' weekend in new york. >> three generations from new orleans! whoo! we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 12th day of december, 2014. can we just stop for a second and say we have a huge crowd out on the plaza today? >> huge and happy. by the way, 13 days until christmas. d dylan dreyer has not done her christmas shopping. watch the show. next week, we will get you set for the holiday. everything from gifts under 50 bucks, how to avoid the holiday creep. that does that mean like the creep at the office party or
8:02 am
creeping pounds? >> creeping up on you. >> oh, okay. and michael buble. >> that will be fun. >> yes. >> we're gearing up for christmas. first, natalie's on assignment. tamron is inside with a check of the top stories of the morning. good morning. take it away. >> powerful storm has turned deadly with falling trees blamed for two deaths in oregon. fierce winds and rain are causing building damage, flooding and even evacuations. los angeles has activated its emergency operation center. power outages are widespread with a transformer explosion in san francisco, adding to the problem. cia director john brennan admitted thursday that some of the interrogation tactics used after 9/11 were abhorrent but refused to call them torture. he disagreed with a senate report that concluded the harsh tactics did not help find osama bin laden. >> it is our considered view that the detainees who were
8:03 am
subjected to enhance interrogation techniques provided information that was useful and was used in the ultimate operation to go against bin laden. >> brennan said the cia is now done using what he called enhanced interrogation techniques. the fallout over embarrassing hacked e-mails at sony pictures reached the red carpet thursday night. tv news cameras were not allowed on the carpet for the hollywood premiere of "the interview." personal information about stars and private e-mails were hacked. sony picture's chair amy pascal apologized for e-mails joking about what movies president obama might enjoy. all of those films with african-american stars. the former korean airlines executive who delayed a flight because she was unhappy with the
8:04 am
way she was served macadamia nut sincere apologizing today. heather cho says she regrets last week's incident. she was displeased being served macadamia nut s in a bag and no a plate. the plane was brought back to the gate so the chief could be removed. tapping into the holiday spirit, genesee brewery is celebrating christmas with a - 23-foot tall christmas tree with empty kegs. they hope to make it an annual tradition. let's get another check on the weather with al. >> and thank you so much, tamron. we've got all these folks. celebrating your 50th birthday today. wow, where are you guys from? >> i'm from dixon, tennessee. >> and i'm from dallas, texas.
8:05 am
>> are you twins? >> identical. >> look at that. good to see you. we think we have some triplets over there. we'll have to check them out in just a bit. big story today, southern california. heavy rain, winds over 50, 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts and they're worried about the burn areas from oxnard, santa palo. no vegetation because of all the wildfires. a real mess going on over there. and here are the triplets. you're 18 today? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> faith, grace and hope. >> what terrific names. that's wonderful. thanks for bringing faith, grace and hope to our show. we appreciate that. that's terrific. th good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a dry start.
8:06 am
we'll get some breaks in the clouds that are with us and see temperatures climb from the upper 30s sxo low 40s. warmer over the weekend. 44 with partly sunny skies. into the 50s for monday with bright sunshine. clouds returning on tuesday that will keep us at 50 degrees. cooler wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. >> up next on trending, seeing double. this toddler's baffling experience with twins. all right. and then mark wahlberg is here. he will open up about life, his new movie and the underbelly of hollywood. >> ooh. and the most unforgettable people, songs and movies and more from 2014. first these messages. so many gifts to buy at so many stores. too bad some cash back cards
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all right. it's 8:09. >> here is a question for the group. would you like to dislike? facebook's like button is one of its most popular features. so should the site now introduce a dislike button, allowing you to show your disapproval on certain posts and pictures. excuse me. at a town hall thursday, mark zuckerberg said facebook is considering the idea but is concerned dislike button will cause hurt feelings. have you seen the rest of the site? >> have you been on the internet yet, mark? >> he raises a good point. maybe we could open up ourselves of having a range of human emotions. >> it's weird when you like something. >> but dislike is kind of negative. maybe it will be sad or perplexed. >> i don't think we need to add more -- >> what did your parents used to
8:11 am
say? if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all? >> plus you have a comment section. >> if you don't have anything nice to say, go to the comment section. >> we asked people if they would like a dislike button. this one wasn't even close. 86% like the idea, voting yes. 14% say no. >> they dislike it. >> i think they want more options. here is a question that will spark a lot of debate around the breakfast table. which gender is more sympathetic when their partner has a cold? men or women? well, there is now scientific evidence to settle this once and for all. researchers say, wait for it, men are the more patient and sympathetic sex about a partner's sickness. >> of course. >> they put up with a partner for an average of 19 hours while women were able to deal for just 16 hours. >> i can't go an hour. >> unfortunately the average cold lasts about seven days. to only get through 19 hours.
8:12 am
>> i think this is so true. men are nice about it when the women have a sickness, but men -- i don't know. i'm always like, get over it. >> i think that's because we're bigger baby. >> that's what it is. you whine whereas women are more tolerant. >> i'm the most unsympathetic person when someone has a cold. >> really? >> you should see what happens when you break a leg with with her. how about this? how many times have you been out and about and you forget to bring your identification with you? iowa may have a new solution. the state is now developing an app to display drivers licenses on your smart phone. the app is the first of its kind. it would be free. but it could present several challenges, like making sure the idea is authentic and secure. also what happens if you get stopped by police and your phone is out of batteries? >> that's the new i forgot my i.d. >> the time has come. you have apple pay and other technology. why not have it on a phone? >> makes sense. >> as adults, of course, we're fascinated by twins. can you imagine what a baby
8:13 am
thinks of them? we now know, thanks to one very expressive toddler. take a look. this is one of the most popular videos on the huffington post. his name is landen. look at him. >> wouldn't you love if he was the e trade baby? >> one baby is all upset. the other one is fine. he's like, what is going on here? this goes on for several moments. >> nobody is attending to the crying baby. >> occasionally, he looks at whoever is taping like explain this. >> help me. >> should have gotten a heads up on this. >> that is what's trending today. >> i'm going to leave you guy. >> where are you going to go? >> i'm going to walk a little ways across the studio. >> how come? >> i'm going to have a conversation with mark wahlberg, who stars in the new movie "the gambler," playing a college professor, whose addiction sends his life spiraling, i'm going to get to him, out of control. take a look. >> do you know who does ride at the highest level? when most of us, and even i,
8:14 am
even i write barely adequately. do you know who it is? don't give me that look. no, no, no, no. it isn't the one who talks the most. you're an npr host tops. the literary person in here is miss phillips. she is better at write iing tha our u.s. amateur number two at a tennis, yet she chooses to hide or blend in the rest of you. >> my understanding is you agreed to do this movie just on the script alone. >> yes. >> you didn't even know who the director was yet. >> no. but bill monahan wrote the screen play. it's very rare you get to work with a talent like that. he has the best dialogue, best character. i was a huge fan of the original. james toback is a friend, jimmy kahn is a dear friend and
8:15 am
mentor. >> they could have said directing it, and you would have been toast. >> no, no. >> any trepidation about stepping in a role that someone did so successfully? >> no. he did such a great job of making it our own, i thought we could do something different. i was shooting transformers. i was in michigan. we were hooking up with various professors, sat in on many lectures at ucla, usc. really had to do my homework. i had six good months of preparation to be believable as a professor. >> this guy, his life is spiraling out of control. in the movie, gambling is the vehicle that helps him spiral out of control. >> yes. >> you get the sense that he would spiral out of control whether it was for gambling or not. >> gambling just happened to be the thing that he stumbled upon.
8:16 am
in the original for jimmy kahn's character, he only felt he was alive when the dice were rolling or that card to be flipped. it was the opposite for my character. his grandfather was the 17th richest man in california. >> he shuns all that? >> yeah. he wants to start at nothing, dealing with very dangerous people. he doesn't have much desire to live until he meets and is inspired by this student played by brie larson, has this talent and gift that he aspires to and that motivates him and inspires him to come out of this. >> john goodman was here not too long ago. he said the reason he wanted to make the movie was because of you working in it. i always marvel at his evolution, from his days on television sitcom to the kind of work he does in movies now. >> george kennedy came out of retirement to play my
8:17 am
grandfather, jessica lang. that attributes that to the writing. bill monahan writes these juicy characters that people want to blend. >> you've been in the news recently for a subject that has nothing to do with making movies. >> yes. >> you filed paperwork with the massachusetts parole board to get a pardon from felony convictions. it's well known you didn't grow up in a norman rockwell existence. >> no, not at all. >> outside boston. you were arrested and spent time in jail for violent assault. why do you want a pardon? there seems to be some discrepancy there. >> yeah. of course, everybody has an opinion, is entitled to it. whether i'm deserving of it or not. from the day i woke up in prison, realized the mistakes i made and the pain i caused people, i committed to turning my life around, which is not an easy thing to do. a i still had to go to prison. not being in the gang anymore left me alone. i was basically a follower
8:18 am
instead of a leader and i needed to change my ways. going back to the community, still living in that neighborhood and having to go to the train station every day and pass those guys was a tough thing to do. i was committed to turning my life around and committed to turning other kids' lives around and helping to avoid the mistakes i made. >> it's an evolution. you're a father also. >> this is 27 years in the works. if i'm not granted the pardon it will not change my commitment to working in the community. >> have you read the speculation, that you want to become a reservist in the los angeles police department. >> that i never applied for. >> you're looking for a liquor license for a restaurant and you can't get it with a felony on your record? >> yes. we have two restaurants. and there will be other reasons that because of my celebrity, my success, i'm waving that magic wand. it's never been about that. i've turned my life around and become a productive person in the community. >> image-conscious hollywood,
8:19 am
probably the last thing i pr person would want you to do, dig up the past. >> especially around the opening of a film. i've always been completely open about my past. we probably had this conversation many times. >> yeah. >> i've been talking about it for over 25 years since i've been in the public eye. not proud of what i've done. i'm committed to making sure i pay for my mistake and hopefully help kids avoid making those mistakes. >> we cover this had sony hack story in the news. you're one of the producers of entourage, a show that kind of exposed the underbelly of hollywood a little bit. sony hack story is doing the same thing in a different way. what's your take on what's going on here? >> it is pretty crazy what's going on. i don't really know all the details. it would be unfair for me to really comment. only what i've read in the paper. it's pretty crazy. >> strange world. nothing is secure. everything we think we can say on e-mails or in text messages gets out there sooner or later. >> i'm a pretty old-fashioned guy. i would prefer to talk to
8:20 am
somebody directly. >> what about the days of handwritten notes? if only we could get back to those. mark, good to see you. "the gambler" opens christmas day. let's head over to savannah. >> announcer: getting to the heart of christmas is brought to you by walmart. where you'll find low prices on this year's top gifts. all right. now to our special series, getting to the heart of christmas. for the sixth year in a row we are working with walmart. kerry sanders has the story. i'll get out my tissues. these are always so emotional. >> indeed. good morning. if christmas is about giving, then the woman we met in detroit is the poster child. she is not famous. she's not rich. but still she's giving everything she has to make sure, in her neighborhood, no kid goes hungry. america may be the land of plenty. but in detroit, in crumbling neighborhoods, we met families
8:21 am
surviving on charity. >> without this, kids go home. >> this is the face of hunger in america. but among the burned-out and boarded up homes, we found hope. and her name is auntie cher, a superhero, who saw hungry kids right in her neighborhood. >> there's a hunger crisis. families around here are struggling. >> reporter: what is this down here? >> her first steps to a solution? auntie cher funded her own neighborhood food bank. >> this is the aftermath of flooding. >> reporter: despite that city-wide flood the food bank survived. how much money do you think you spent out of your pocket this last year? >> i don't know. i don't even know. >> reporter: you don't keep track of that? >> i don't. >> reporter: then the food truck she spearheaded, free meals with the nonprofit organization, no kid hungry. >> you need more chers. she's extraordinary. >> reporter: tom nelson with no kid hungry. >> we're going to end child hunger in this country.
8:22 am
it is doable. >> reporter: auntie cher is a superhero. she grew up poor, one of 11 kids. today she single handedly is raising twin adopted boys. >> who can squeeze the tightest? >> reporter: what do you want for christmas? >> that every child has a meal for the holidays. >> reporter: this year -- ♪ jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ >> reporter: christmas wishes here are about to come true. on christmas, what do we do? we -- >> open presents. >> reporter: right. we rip open -- >> presents. >> reporter: where do we see something to rip open? the wrapped windows. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> reporter: just outside, a truck to help santa's delivery. let's take a look over here and see what the elves are going to bring in. >> a gift that brings mother andrea wilson to tears and, yes, even superheroes cry.
8:23 am
>> thank you so much. oh, my god. >> reporter: did anybody see an elf? >> yeah. >> reporter: where? >> right there. >> reporter: where, here? a whisper and then off to another surprise. for some of these kids, this is the first new bike they've ever rode. >> awesome. >> reporter: what's that? >> incredible. >> reporter: you didn't expect this? >> no. >> reporter: what do you think? >> awesome. >> it's awesome. >> reporter: it's your color? >> yes. >> reporter: all of this for and because of the unheralded woman they only know as auntie cher. [ chanting "auntie cher" ] >> there you go. >> reporter: and to keep her mission going -- >> walmart is donating $10,000 worth of groceries. >> oh, my god! >> $10,000 worth of groceries. >> merry christmas!
8:24 am
>> merry christmas, indeed. some very happy kids. >> she's amazing. what a great story. kerry, thank you so much. we'll send it over to matt. >> sav ana thanks. we'll have those holiday gift ideas for the people who help you out all year long. we're talking about babysitters, teachers and mailman. elizabeth mayhew has those and we have
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. time to get your forecast with bill henley. bill, there have been reports of possible sunshine today. >> later on, yeah. the adventure aquarium, as clouds sent out, the temperatures will climb. didn't get all that cold in philadelphia. we're holding at 36 degrees. with sunshine breaking through, the numbers will be climbing. right thou, feels like 29 degrees in wilmington and northeast philadelphia. expect a breezy day today. high temperatures near 40 this afternoon. >> of course you can count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest weather information.
8:27 am
you can download that nbc 10 weather app for free at a final farewell begins tonight for joyce kragg. joyce kragg's fire company in long crest, engine 64, is draped in black this morning. she is an 11 -year veteran of the philadelphia fire department and a mother of two. she lost her life monday while fighting a house fire. the first of two viewings is scheduled tonight at 6:00. that will be fold by another viewing tomorrow morning at 8:00 and then the funeral service is beginning tomorrow immediately following that last viewing at 10:00 a.m. we'll have another update four in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather at nbc now back to the "today" show. have a great friday. (vo) nourished.
8:28 am
rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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8:30 am
it is 8:30 now. pret day on a plaza made prettier by ashanti, delivering copies of her cd "a wonderful christmas with ashanti." we'll catch up with her in a minute. good to have you along on a friday. >> it certainly is. hollywood superstars, music maverick, viral videos all according to our friends at "people" magazine. stuff we love that we can make great gifts to say thank you to all the helpers in our life, that make our lives easier and a little bit better. >> very nice. live performance from new
8:31 am
broadway revival of the musical side show. that is going to be beautiful. but let's bring in someone we just love around here. ashanti, good morning to you. >> how are you? >> merry christmas. >> hi. >> wonderful christmas with ashanti. >> yes. >> that raises the question, what's christmas like with ashanti? >> it's amazing. family, friends, great food, giving and just grateful. >> you mentioned family. i believe your mom sent us a picture. >> uh-oh. >> all right? we want to show this picture up here. it's you -- >> oh! >> how old were you there? >> that's a lot of tinsel there, too. i think i was 4 or 5. >> what are your memories of christmas at that age? >> barbie dolls, toys, feeling grateful and family and fun. >> take the picture. >> right there right? >> your entire family -- jinx. buy me a coke. >> your entire family sings on this new album. >> yeah. >> what was that like, keeping it in the family?
8:32 am
>> it was a very long session. my mom, my dad, my sister and my cousin and we sing "white christmas." harmonies together. when you're not recording for a song it's way easier. but when you have to focus, we're like, dad, get the note right. you know what i mean? >> come on, we've got to get it right. >> it was really cool. lot of fun. first time i did that in my whole career. >> oh, put the picture up one more time at 4 years old. >> oh, my gosh! >> adorable. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> merry christmas. al, check of the weather? >> quickly show you what we've got going on for today, over the weekend. that mess in california now rolls into the four corners and parts of the plains. then on sunday, sunday, we've got more sunshine along the eastern seaboard. wet weather makes its way from the great lakes down into texas. showers, another storm system moving in to northern california. just what they do
8:33 am
>> good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a dry start. we'll get some breaks in the clouds and see the temperatures climb into the upper 30s. still a bit of a breeze by 15 miles per hour. it will make it feel warmer over the weekend after a cold start, 44, partly sunny skies. lots of sunshine sunday. a high of 47. then it's into the 50s for monday with bright sunshine. it's clouds returning on tuesday. that will keep us at 50 degrees. cooler wednesday and thursday. have a great day. gl and that's your latest weather. dylan? >> al, thanks. on thursday, savannah helped out hope for the holidays in harlem. we partnered with feeding america for million meals by christmas. for every dollar donated between now and christmas, ten meals will be given to people in need. nestle company and its employees have generously donated an entire truckload of food, plus an additional $15,000, bringing
8:34 am
our grand total to more than 400,000 meals. just a reminder, our city challenge, meterologists from the place that donates the most meals will come in and do the weather with al. top three cities, baltimore, maryland, detroit, michigan, and st. louis, missouri. what will you remember from 2014? >> "people" magazine are celebrating the best of 2014 in their year-end magazine. editorial director, jeff, great to have you. >> thank you. maleficent seems like it came out ages ago, made $750 million worldwide. she directed a movie "unbroken," which comes out christmas day.
8:35 am
>> she got married. >> very fine director sbchlt she managed to keep it a secret and she gave us the photo. woman of the year. >> fascinating people for a long time. not just this year. she directed "unbroken" this year. you don't label that your top movie of the year. shame on you. >> i should have. just for the wedding photos alone. however, she did a very nice job with it. "the theory of everything." it's playing across the country. it will be expanding. this is a movie about stephen hawking and his wife, jane. it is a beautiful, beautiful movie. >> eddie redmayne, i think, is a star already. i watch this had movie. this is going to take him to the next level. >> i think it's one of the greatest performances ever put on film. it is an extraordinary performance. felicity jones as his wife, also fantastic. lots of golden globe nominations, screen actor guild nominations. i prkt a ledict a lot of oscar nominations. top movie of the year. >> this is a hard one. i don't know how you pick.
8:36 am
top music. >> this is taylor swift. she dominated music like no -- she set record after record, even cranky old guys like me who used to dismiss her as this, you know, girl that sang about the guys she dated, she has evolved into a formidable, formidable artist. she was great this year. >> real cross-over year for her from country to pop to everything. >> she is a true woman of her age. 50 million twitter followers. she just dominates everything. >> let's go viral. we're not talking about the flu. we're talking about those moments everybody talks about. you went with ellen degenerous. >> this is the most retweeted photo of the year. twitter gives an award called its golden tweet. this is it. obviously, this is when she was at the oscars. she got everybody from kevin spacey, everybody, bradley cooper, brad pitt. she got everybody around her and did this selfie, retweeted like 3.3 million times.
8:37 am
it may be the most retweeted photo ever. >> you have chosen the top photo of the year which i heartily agree with. tell us about it. >> this was a little boy at a racial protest, holding up a sign that said "free hugs" and this cop from portland went over and saw the opportunity, gave him a hug. it was not a photo-op. it was caught on film. the media got some criticism for running this photo a lot. and the implication being we're trying to, you know, pretend like the problems are not there. i don't think that it means everything's okay. but it does mean that there's hope. and it means there's people on both sides of this issue that really want healing. >> by the way, when we have you here next thursday night on nbc, the first-ever "people" magazine award. >> very excited about it. broadcast live from l.a. we'll honor the best in music and movies and all that. >> always great to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> happy holidays.
8:38 am
you can catch "people" magazine awards live next thursday 9:00 pm eastern here on nbc. holiday gifts for some of the most important people in your life, like the babysitter. first this is "today" on nbc. hey! it's mister monopoly.
8:39 am
and the new monopoly millionaires' club lottery game. where you have 3 ways to become a millionaire. first, win the top prize of up to 25 million dollars when you match all the draw numbers. or win 1 million dollars when you match all the club numbers. or you could win up to one million dollars as a contestant on the exciting new tv game show in las vegas. play the monopoly millionaires' club game today. there could be more million dollar prizes than any lottery game in us history. the pennsylvania lottery. benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
8:40 am
all right. we're back at 8:40 with the stuff we love. holiday edition. gifts for your teacher, hairstylists, great gift idea force you from elizabeth mayhew. good morning. >> good morning. >> people love to give cash. is that not good to do? >> no, but sometimes people want to give more and some people don't want to give cash. you can do it in conjunction with or on their own. >> jeannine, our babysitter. what's something you get that you don't like very much or wish you would not get? >> i definitely think jewelry.
8:41 am
i don't wear that much and i get a lot of it. >> all right. something that you can give in conjunction with a gift card or on its own, no chewing allowed truffles. it's an over 75-year-old french recipe. you get them from no chewing allowed. the name is cute. babysitters are always giving rules of things you can't do. >> kids are always putting things in their mouths. >> a gift giving back to mom, phone charger. you should always be able to get in touch with him or her. this is from shutterfliechlt you c can put a picture of your kid on the top. fun way to give a gift card, pinball machines. put a gift card or money in the slot. you have to win it to get the money out. >> that's cute. >> it's all about the presentation. >> all about the presentation. >> jade is doing maria's hair.
8:42 am
what do you like to get for christmas from your clients? >> no more wine glasses, please. >> no more wine glasses. good to know. what do you suggest? >> i went to mark and graham where you can personalize all kinds of things. credit card case with her initials on it. they get a lot of money in tips. they have their little bags of money all over the place. her dogs are barking. flip-flops from jack rogers, $49. this is the jelly version. they're kind of cushy. >> sit well with you? good? >> i love that pouch. >> we have a winner. thank you, ladies. the teacher. you mentioned earlier, teachers generally can't accept cash, right? so -- >> this is cher. >> hi. >> we are not going to give her cash. what would you not like to get? what are you sick of? >> i love smells, perfume is no good for me. i'm hyper sensitive and break out in hives everywhere. i get a lot of perfume for some
8:43 am
reason. >> that's so personal, what smell somebody likes. >> number one, meals. you must get home, be exhausted by the end of the day. d cuisine, $50, $100, $200. you get a $100 gift card, 20% off. that's great. they go right to your home. delicious. and school supplies, always buying her own stuff. ikea has a whole new paper line right here, which is starting at 90 -- everything is 99 cents pretty much. and then staples has a very fashionable cynthia rowley collection. that is a good present, too. >> thank you, cher. winner for you? yeah. now we have our dog walker. very important job. what are some gift that is you get that you don't necessarily love? >> well, i got a gift card to a store in connecticut. i live in new york. >> that's not working. okay.
8:44 am
elizabeth, what do you suggest? >> something really fun is from william sonoma. they do these peppermint bark paws, playing a little on the dog theme. they know you're pounding the pavement like you said. c converse has an all-rubber boot and lastly from human creations, hand warmer and it charges your phone. >> very nice. >> stays warm for five hours. >> i could use that. >> you like that? >> absolutely. >> great ideas, elizabeth. thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up next, special surprise for an inspirational coach. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back now with our special series, "together we make football." >> a mom, a coach and an
8:47 am
inspiration. here is josh elliott. >> patriots on three. one, two, three. patriots! >> that was weak. that was weak. >> come on. >> i'm felicia garcia, i'm the head coach of the tiny patriots. >> in charlottesville, virginia, you'll find a team of patriots led not by bill belichick, but by a coach every bit as particular. >> no, no, straight lines. hustle back. run, run. why are we walking? >> they're ages 5, 6 and 7. you want to give them the basics and it's been working for us. they're amazing. >> all right. throw the ball. >> reporter: growing up in philadelphia, felicia studied the game on sundays, paying particular attention to one of the eagles fiercest tacklers. >> i'm coming. >> i like watch iing him.
8:48 am
we still watch his films, especially little george. he's my heavy hitter. >> >> reporter: being a single mother of five children, work twog jobs and coaching football might sound exhausting. but all of that is the easy part. >> i have multiple sclerosis. it's a disorder where your immune system attacks your brain and nerves in your brain. it is hard. but, i mean, you only live once. >> an inspiration to her family and her players, she is about to meet her inspiration. >> i see people eating. what didn't you all do? god is great. thank you for my food. amen. thanks. you can have one of my fries. >> oh, my god! >> how are you?
8:49 am
okay. you okay? >> oh, my goodness. >> take a breath first. i'm brian dawkins zblefs a safety, over 1100 tackles. >> yeah. >> nine-time pro bowler. >> nine-time pro bowler. i'm a coach now. you're a coach. i would like to thank you for sharing this story. see this silver ball that looks pretty cool here? there are only six of these balls and this one is yours. your team and your family get a chance to go to the super bowl. >> thank you! >> congratulations. >> i had to like do a double take to make sure, is this brian dawkins standing here? remember how i used to make you watch videos on how to tackle?
8:50 am
>> yeah. >> it was his videos. >> you weren't breathing for a second there. it made me nervous. >> i was so surprised. >> i'm serious, you were making me nervous for a second. >> that's a with wonderful reunion. these stories are all great. to watch more of them, head to together we make one lucky fan will be headed to the super bowl. don't forget, you can catch the dallas cowboys, tamron's team, take on the philadelphia eagles. >> vale's team. >> savannah's husband's team. >> i do love your loyalty to your man. that's very sweet. >> thank you. it's a family thing. coming up next, live performance from the stars of broadway's "side show." first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> back now at 8:52 with the broadway revival, "side show," the story of the hilton stories, conjoined twins searching for love and acceptance. before its run ends, the stars are here for a special performance. once again it's called "side show." ladies, take it away.
8:53 am
♪ close the door open for i'm scared daisy of what being alone but you're not ♪ ♪ you never have been if we stood on our tiptoes we could see over the fill the and once in a while we would see a girl slowly walking up the hill ♪ ♪ and we would sing what a sad situation to be outside on your own ♪ ♪ to go through the day with no playmate to go through life all alone ♪ ♪ i will never leave you i will never go away we were meant to share each
8:54 am
moment beside you is where i will stay ♪ ♪ ever more and always we'll be one though we're two for i will leave you ♪ ♪ when the day filled the shadows that stretch into the night i am filled with your sweet comfort like morning fills with light ♪ ♪ i will never leave you i will never go away we were meant to share each moment beside you is where i will stay ♪ ♪ evermore and always we'll be one though we are two
8:55 am
for i will never leave you ♪ ♪ no i will never leave you i will never leave you ♪ ♪ i will never go away we were meant to share each moment ♪ ♪ beside you is where i will stay ♪ ♪ that's where i will stay ♪ ever more and always ♪ evermore ♪ we'll be one though we're two ♪ ♪ one though we're two ♪ for i will never i will never i will never leave you ♪ >> absolutely beautiful. from "side show," emily pa
8:56 am
gechlt tt and good morning. 8:56. time for a check of the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. how is it looking out there? >> cloudy and just cloudy right now. temperatures are holding steady in the 30s. cape may has clouds, but the clouds are slowly thinning out. we will see sunshine up here this afternoon. won't completely clear up, but
8:57 am
enough sunshine to warm temperatures into the low 40s. right now, 36 degrees and holding for northeast philadelphia, philadelphia international and wilmington. it's 39 in wildwood. just above freezing for allentown and potstown. feels like it's near the freezing mark with the wind blowing. high temperature near 40 degrees. tonight, ocean county will hold a fund-raiser for a woman killed this week when a jet crashed into her home in maryland. marie grew up in township. she and her two sons died. when a plane crashed into her home setting her home on fire. gemmel's husband and 5-year-old daughter were not home at the time. lgs today, rowan university and glass world will break ground on its new school. it will allow the university to double enrollment for its
8:58 am
business college. tomorrow, comcast will start pouring the foundation for its innovation and technology center. the new tower in center city will create thousands of jobs and be the new home of nbc 10 when it's complete in 2018. we'll have another local update for you in about 25 minutes. i'm chris cato. now back to the "today" show. have a great friday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's friday morning, december 12th, 2014. that's a big, enthusiastic crowd out on our plaza. we're happy to see them here this morning. i'm willie geist along with al roker and tamron hall. natalie is on assignment. >> how are you feeling? >> much better, thank you. >> you need a day. >> i needed the one day, took the day off. lot of ricola. you should stock up on that. and i caught up on homeland. >> oh! >> got all the way up to speed on "homeland" which is something you don't have a lot of time to do.
9:01 am
>> kids were at school. >> for folk whose don't know what we're talking about. was it wednesday? >> wednesday, yeah. >> you came in. >> willie, aka contagion. that's his nickname. >> don't attack me. i was ill. >> the debate was do you come in sick or stay home? >> if you have the option of a sick day, do you use it? >> right. i usually hesitate to use it. but i woke up yesterday in the middle of the night and felt so bad, there was no upside to coming in. today i'm much better. >> we talked about a study out that said men are more sympathetic when a woman is sick versus a woman being sympathetic to a guy. 19 hours of comfort for men and women gave 16 hours and they were done. >> what was christina -- >> yeah, what was christina like? >> she thought it was odd i was around. she was like, this is kind of -- >> my time? >> to tell you the truth, she had a good friend of ours that was having a jewelry show in our apartment. >> while you were supposed to be at work? >> long, long scheduled. here i m i had to be lock add way in the bedroom.
9:02 am
>> you were quarantined? >> parade of people going through our apartment, all for a good cause, beautiful jewelry and friend bus it wasn't super peaceful. >> you weren't just lounging around, roaming around in your bath robe? >> no, no, i was quarantined in my bedroom. new york apartments aren't that big. >> no, they aren't. >> you messed up their flow. they probably had a real good girls' time prepared and there you were. >> they had no idea i was there. >> boom. >> literally sick and shut in. >> christina put a key in the door, locked it. >> exactly. >> broke the lock off and called it a day. >> it worked for zbeverybody. >> glad you're back. >> thank you. essay published in "vanity fair," beverly johnson, great model said bill cosby drugged her at his home in 1986 when she believed she was auditioning for his tv show. tamron spoke with beverly johnson on the phone from her
9:03 am
home in california last night. let's listen to a little bit of that. >> i was totally helpless. i was on the verge of passing out. i knew that, you know, i was going to be unconscious. i immediately felt something the first -- from the first sip. and it was almost like i didn't really believe it, so i took another sip. and it wasn't long after that that i knew i had been drugged. the room started to spin a little. and i was getting very woozy. i just started to swear and curse and had a tira -- i wanted him to know that i knew he had drugged me. and it was -- i don't know. i just went on survival mode. >> for people who don't know, beverly johnson, groundbreaking supermodel. >> first black woman to grace the page of front cover of "vogue" magazine, entrepreneur, hugely successful businesswoman. by all accounts considered one
9:04 am
of the most successful african-americans in the united states. and she came forward after she spoke with her family, her daughter. her daughter now is a mother. and she went to her daughter and said i want to share this story. interestingly, she wanted to mention it in a memoir, she told me, but her writer said this will never get -- you won't be able to tell this story. finally, after seeing nearly 26 women now say or allege that they were drugged or assaulted, she told her daughter. and her daughter's first reaction was, this will ruin you. you can't do this. he is a tv icon. he is an icon for african-americans. her daughter was worried about what this meant, that people would hate her. she said to her daughter, but if someone had done this to you or my grandchild, i would want them to be exposed. >> what was it she said about this being bigger than bill cosby? >> she said this is not about her having a vendetta against bill cosby, that this really is helping people who are victims
9:05 am
and joining forces to take back the power. and now she's decided this will be her platform to give a voice to victims of violence, may be it sexually assault, domestic violence, men or women. she wants to be that voice. she was very thoughtful. she was incredibly detailed. she had gone to bill cosby's home, according to her, four times. two times with her daughter. they invited the family to brunch. and this fourth time was an audition for the cosby show, she says. and she was set to play a pregnant woman. and he offered her this coffee and she told me, i didn't want the coffee but i wanted to be polite. it's bill cosby. you're in someone's home. oblige. she sipped the coffee, instantly knew something was wrong, sipped it again and by that point, she said the room was swirling. she described it as being in slow motion. i asked her what was bill cosby doing this entire time? she claimed, she says he just looked at her, said nothing. once he realized, according to her, that she was fighting back, he pulled her down the stairs
9:06 am
and basically shoved her in a cab. she also -- i asked were there other people in the home? she said there was a staffer when she arrived. she was unclear if there was someone there. she has taken a stand, written this story and this blog on vanity fair, in "vanity fair." it's gotten a lot of attention. i think because of her success level and because of her position, people see her as credible as opposed to -- and this is unfair, but many of the other women were unknown. some of them are seen as fledgling actresses who didn't make it, and there's judgment of the victim, shaming, if you would like to call it that. this is a woman with tremendous stature. bill cosby's representatives have not made comments about these allegations. >> that's one of the things she said, though. she watched all these stories come out and heard these women be discredited and cut down and picked apart, the way you described and she said if i come forward, maybe more people will
9:07 am
listen, more people will believe and give credence to their stories and not just mine. >> we'll see what happens, if bill cosby will respond to her allegations. i asked her, did you ever see him again? she was in the airport, thought about confronting him and calmed herself down. one other note, she was in her 30s. she was beverly johnson much she was famous when this happened. or allegedly happened and i said to her, but you were beverly johnson, power, money, influence. her quote was, but i was no bill cosby. >> wow! that's a powerful interview. your piece ran earlier this morning. you can check it out on on a much happier note here, i'm on the record as saying there should be a 24-hour channel with soldier homecomings and just watch it on a loop. >> oh, yeah, that would be amazing. >> anaheim ducks nhl game, on the jumbo tron, allegedly, to skype with his wife, patricia, their 1-year-old son, robert and baby travis, who the sergeant hadn't met yet. it was supposed to be a skype up
9:08 am
on the big board and the family was at the game and they were going to talk to him. here is what happened next. >> how is the feed coming, guys? oh, there he is. okay, patricia. take it away. >> hello? hey, babe. >> hi, baby. >> babe? babe? hello? can you hear me? >> hi. yes, we can hear you. >> i'm sorry. >> oh! >> we apologize. it looks like we're having trouble with the feed. we won't be able to message him right now. you know what? we had a feeling this might -- we might have technical difficulties and so we want to tell you that the sergeant is home early for the holidays! >> oh, that is so special.
9:09 am
you don't get tired of watching that. >> no. and you see on the right baby travis getting ready to meet his father for the very first time right in that moment. >> i love the detail. oh, look at that. look at that. >> that's the first kiss. oh, my god, that's beautiful. >> beautiful moment. good job by the anaheim duck. >> detailed it with the technical difficulties. i love the reaction from the audience. oh, no! >> it feels cruel at first. but then the payoff. >> al, what's going on outside? >> talking about southern california all morning. we have video in that gives you the idea of what's going on. high-water rescues. people trapped in their homes with mud. it is just brutal there. people taking alternate forms of transportation. now, this is san francisco. this has moved into southern california. let's go to the maps and show you what we've got going on. heavy rain has been pushing in. camarillo springs, they've been
9:10 am
having all sorts of rescues, floods, mudslides. you're looking at a high-angle shot there. lot of rain on the roads. and, in fact, we've got some flood reports to tell you right now, flash flooding in moor park. water on the road. we've got debris flow. it is a mess there. it will continue for at least the next 12 hours. we've got flash flood warnings for much of ventura and los angeles counties. we'll continue to watch this. more heavy rain will continue to fall today, about two to three inches of rain before it's all over. if there is any good news, there is some snow that will be falling. in the sierra, they could see another one to two feet, maybe even three feet. that's good news for the snow pack as far as skiers are concerned and the water levels later on this year. that's w good morning. a dry start.
9:11 am
we'll get a break in the clouds that are with us. and see the temperatures climb from the low 30s to the upper 40s. a bit of a breeze, 15 miles per hour. making it feel chillier. tomorrow, after a cold start, 44 with partly sunny skies and lots of sunshine. 47. then it's into the 50s for monday with bright sunshine. clouds returning on tuesday that will keep us at 50 degrees. cooler wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. i said we should have a welcome home channel. our producer reminded me there is a welcome home blog. our producer reminded me there is a wso many gifts to buy at so many stores. too bad some cash back cards only let you earn bonus cash back at a few places. then those categories change every few months. sometimes it's drug stores, then it's hardware stores. nothing says "happy holidays" like a shovel. fortunately there's the quicksilver card
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hollywood is all about big premieres. something happened last night that never happened before. >> here with your ticket to hollywood, editor at large, billboard magazine. thanks so much for being here. it seems every a-list star is tied up in this in some way. >> not every single one. let's see what happens as more and more e-mails come out. right? >> yeah. >> right now, focused on an e-mail exchange between scott rudin and amy pascal at sony. >> yeah. you know why? this is embarrassing, because amy pascal and angelina jolie, mentioned in that exchange several times are face to face at the hollywood reporters women in entertainment power 100 breakfast just this wednesday. and this doesn't look like a comfortable happy embrace. >> we should say that amy did not say disparaging things.
9:16 am
>> no. >> scott rudin allegedly called angelina jolie a spoiled brat, among other things, because of the director she wants to direct cleopatra and rubin wants him for another movie. it's a director worth fighting over but there's probably a better way to do it than calling someone powerful and important a spoiled brat. >> he actually apologized yesterday and said i made a series of remarks meant only to be funny but in the cold light of day they are, in fact, thoughtless and insensitive. >> he is talking about a different set of remarks. >> different set of remarks, an exchange between he and amy pascal where they were making comments about movies that were african-american themed. >> saying that these are movies maybe we should tell obama -- maybe obama is interested in because he was going to be at a fund-raiser in hollywood.
9:17 am
a lot of embarrassing stuff coming out. the perception that people in hollywood are not nice, that's not the shocking part. i think we knew that already and yet the personal details, this is very embarrassing. and watch it get worse. >> oh, good. >> fantastic. >> it kind of led to a very awkward premiere last night in hollywood. >> that's right. so the hacking seems to be -- we believe it's rooted around "the interview," james franco movie. these two guys bumble into a chance to assassinate the leader of north korea. the cia recruits them. james franco and -- this should have been a star-studded premiere. we should be seeing all sorts of introduce on the red carpet. that's what we expect out of a premiere. and nothing. lot of police around, police presence, controlled situation. no broadcast journalists inside. it was a very low-key premiere. this is sort of a throwback to
9:18 am
the '30s or something. we're going to find out about this movie on a news reel in a couple of week. >> they had still photography and that was it. no paparazzi. >> these are truly bizarre. driving in a beauty mask. >> caught multitasking. got to get out there, run errands and get to work but she's got to maintain her healthy skin which we've learned from her in the past she maintain thrust a vegan diet regimen. this mask may be helping. i think she's protesting the lack of golden globe nominations for the walking dead. >> she looks -- is she asleep at the wheel? >> that could be a driving hazard. we know not to text and drive. maybe we shouldn't mask and drive. >> heidi klum as well? >> she did share. she wasn't driving. just at home, beautifying. she did share on instagram her own beauty mask. she make it is look good. >> tamron says she does it all
9:19 am
the time. >> i walk my dog with my mask on. yes, i do. multitasking. >> you can't go outside anymore. you have to look like this 24 hours a day. >> the paparazzi is not following me so i'm okay. >> the latest movie from pixar, which i am so excited about. >> this is an amazing trailer. this came out, i believe, almost 6 million views on youtube already. this has just come out. the premise is we're inside the heads of a family. >> and it's the emotions. >> exactly. there's a control center. >> take a look. >> what was that? i thought you said we were going to act casual. >> riley, is everything okay? >> she just rolled her eyes at us. >> all right. make a show of force. i don't want to have to put the foot down. >> no, not the foot. >> riley, i do not like this new attitude. >> i'll show you attitude, old man. >> no, no, no, no. breathe. >> what is your problem? just leave me alone. >> okay, i need to see that. >> it all makes sense. >> louis black is the voice of
9:20 am
anger inside the little girl's head. he's fantastic. this short clip -- we need a new word, pixorable for how adorable this movie is. from the director of "up" and "monsters inc." it looks like it will be fantastic. we'll have to wait until next summer to see it. >> worth the wait. >> yep. >> it is worth it. joe, thank you very much. >> thank you. up next, would you want your doctor rocking out to some tunes during your surgery? doctor rocking out to some tunes during your surgery? why it may actually help in the [ shutter clicks ] hi there! [ laughs ] -i'm flo! -i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous. we're going to manage your entire repair process from paperwork to pickup, okay, little tiny baby? your car is ready, and your repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own it. the progressive service center -- a real place, where we really manage your claim from start to finish. really. ♪ easy as easy can be bye!
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9:24 am
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9:26 am
he's naughty. get the top 100 gifts at unbeatable prices. like the hp stream laptop with intel inside. walmart. s . good morning. it's 9:26. time to check your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill, is it warming up any out there? >> no, it really isn't. part of the problem, the clouds are hanging in there. they will be thinning out. the other problem is the wind. that's a northwesterly wind. that's keeping things right in the middle 30s. 36 degrees in philadelphia while it's holding at 39 in wildwood and allentown is 34. factor in the whipped, feels like it's in the 20s and 30s. it will be a chilly day. we'll see some sunshine this afternoon. near 40 later today. and a somber day in
9:27 am
philadelphia. today family, friends and firefighters will begin paying respects to joyce craig, the firefighter who died in the line of duty tuesday while fighting a house fire. the first of two viewings is scheduled for this evening. another viewing tomorrow morning at 8:00 and the funeral service is scheduled to begin there at 10:00 a.m. now to the casino crisis in atlantic city, the new deadline to save the trump taj mahal, is monday. the workers backed out of a deal that would have kept the casino opened and saved 5,000 jobs. they have until monday to agree to a cost-cutting deal. the taj is still set to close one week from tomorrow. another local update for you in about 25 minutes. i'm chris cato. now we go back to the "today" show. have a great friday.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's december 12th, 2014. i'm willie along with al and tamron. you will want to take a few pointers from this man. >> john levich holds the guinness world record for the largest gingerbread village. this year, he has literally outdone himself. >> that's right. let's find out. the master mind behind gingerbread lane, 480-square-foot village on display at the new york hall of science. it took one year to build all 1,003 homes from 36 pounds of icing, 700 pounds of candy and john joins us right now.
9:31 am
that is unbelievable. >> wow, john. >> pretty interesting hobby, to say the least. >> how did it become your hobby? >> it's a real massicistic hobby. >> you did rockefeller center here. >> i don't know that you would want to, but you could eat it. >> are you going to show us how to -- >> yeah. how to make your own. how to make it stand the test of time, as it were. one of the best keys to make a good gingerbread house, make sure the pieces line up. you're set from there. second key, lots and lots of gooey icing. >> do you bake your own cookies? >> i do bake my own cookies and make my own icing. >> royal icing? >> royal icing. >> let's bring in guinness world
9:32 am
records official joanna hessley. >> hi. >> pleasure to meet you. >> pleasure to meet you. i am proud to announce that you have -- we've updated your record for the largest gingerbread village on 1,003 buildings. congratulations. >> thank you. >> why 1,003? >> some of the european villages didn't have the record and kept calling me out, as it were. i figured i would hit four figures to silence my critics overseas. >> little gingerbread trash talk. >> absolutely. >> what am i doing wrong here? >> not using enough pressure with your hands. >> more, more, more! >> john, thank you. joanna, thank you. congratulations, john. we want to see your gingerbread pictures. post them on our
9:33 am
good morning. temperatures are in the 30s climbing to up to 40. warmer over the weekend tomorrow. after a cold start. partly sunny skies and lots of sunshine sunday. high of 47. then it's into the 50s for monday with bright sunshine. it's clouds returning on tuesday that will keep us at 50 degrees. cooler wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. in a few hours from now a lot of you will be hitting the malls. >> why not spread that happiness and help those who benefit a great cause. it's a great way to give both ways. >> great items. we'll do our big reveal here first. >> first up. >> this is so great. this is tom with target.
9:34 am
one for one, but they also have these other amazing items. on the tag of each item it will tell you what they're donating. a hat donates a blanket. some meals. you know what you're giving along with what you're actually getting as a gift. >> cool. >> it's fun to see all these different things from them. available at target. >> next up? >> okay. >> kohl's. >> give you this box. what i love about this, not only are these items from kohl's so affordable, everything is $5, but 100% of the proceeds go to children's network. >> 100%? >> 100%. great classic stuffed toy or book. never go out of style and 100% going to amazing causes. they've raised over $250 million so far doing this every year. >> fantastic. >> more kid friendly and earth friendly. >> and this also is 100% of the proceeds of this, as well, go to pbs and whole foods partnered on
9:35 am
organic toys. all these great classic toys. i love the stuffed animals, too. >> cute. >> pick them up at whole foods or online at pbs. 100% of the money goes to children's programming. >> that's phenomenal. >> big reveal. >> ta-da. >> your boxes are really big. >> this is from the children's art project from m.d. anderson for childhood cancer. 100% of the proceeds go to m.d. anderson to help with research for childhood cancer. the kids in the hospital actually created this art. i love their stationary, cards. napkins. >> perfect stationary for us, peacock network. >> very cute, right? >> this is great. mouse pad. and, of course, 100% going to a great cause. >> great stocking stuffers. >> this is a brand called uv. these are back to school supplies.
9:36 am
any sort of art supplies. highlighters. every time you buy one, one item is donated to a kid in need of back-to-school supplies, partnering with the starlight foundation. everything is under $10. how cute are these? >> great creativity, too. >> spark a little creativity. >> the big reveal, next up? >> jimmy fallon wearing some of these. >> big fan of nick graham. you get the shirt, the tie. it's $99. what's amazing about this, every time you buy one, one is donated to career gear, helping men re-enter the workforce, get wardrobe ready for the interview. >> a two-fer here. >> big reveal. >> last, but not least -- >> oh, wow! >> ta-da. first up, people don't know this but the number one most requested from homeless shelters in the u.s. is socks. every time you buy a pair, they
9:37 am
donate a pair to a homeless shelter. $9. great price point. awesome stocking stuffer. this is interesting. one-face watches. depending on the color you choose, they make a specific donation whether it's for alzheimer's research, disaster relief, the watches are $40. really well priced. pick your color and they donate to the cause. >> phenomenal. >> thank you, jen. >> thank you so much. meantime, sofia vergara will be dishing on her boyfriend's arm injury. what she reveals may surprise you. tamron has the details coming up in the pop fix. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up.
9:38 am
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better eggs. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself. tylenol ® pm relieves pain and helps you fall fast asleep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol® hi, how are you? my cups are not blinged out. i've been asking for this. >> i need our cups blinged. >> i need my bling. baby daughter wyatt, kutcher and
9:42 am
partner mila kunis welcomed their baby girl. >> when you first get them you're all excited and you're ready to do all these things and have all these dreams and then you realize it's like getting a new cell phone where all the features don't work yet. it's like a phone that doesn't like have -- it won't take pictures. why is my new phone not take pictures? and it won't make calls but it looks really cute. >> when i said it wants i was reprimanded because i didn't know the gender of the baby. >> the pink onesie gave it away. >> it's an odd analogy. i'm going to go on record, ashton, your baby is a smart phone? >> he did play steve jobs, still in the techie world. they've not hired any help to care for their little one and called this the greatest opportunity of his life. his interview with ellen airs
9:43 am
today. >> by the way, the battery doesn't run down on the baby. >> that's true. >> keeps going. >> always on a full charge, ashton. >> sofia vergara revealed what happened to joe manganiello's arm, "magic mike xxl" star wearing a brace on his arm. sofia revealed to conan it was a stripping injury. no, not stripping tile or stripping the wood floors. she says he had a problem with his arm because he was doing some crazy stripper routine and the girl that he was with, doing the stripping for, did something wrong and things went wrong. so he got hurt. it's a dangerous thing, a stripper. >> her boyfriend's a stripper? >> no, he plays a stripper in "magic mike." you don't know this? >> wasn't that four years ago? >> "magic mike xl" has not hit theaters yet. >> shooting a new movie. >> that's an important caveat to the story. >> i said that. >> you didn't say as part of a
9:44 am
movie. >> i think you saw all that manliness and didn't hear what i was saying. >> that's a lot of man. handsome man. >> see, preparing for magic mike, the sequel. >> roll it up. roll it up. bottom line is, all that man, manliness -- >> that man manliness? >> have you been injured for any of the moves you break out for your spouses? >> professional stripping not for my spouse. >> dressing up as a cop. you know. >> glad i don't. >> we go out as the village people. >> abbott and costello. >> what was that move? >> i don't know. kim kardashian's royal rear, sister kate and brother-in-law will toured new york city, pippa was busy tweeting. after her posterio exploded all
9:45 am
over the internet. >> that must be messy. >> i must say mine, though it has enjoyed fleeting fame, is not comparable. she added kim's aim apparently was to break the internet but i'm not sure she's going the right way about it. >> pippa inadvertently broke the internet. she was just going to a wedding. kim's trying to break the internet. >> i don't think kim's complaining. that's what she wanted to do. that's your pop fix. oh, and tailgating, after this. >> speaking of which -- oh, and tailgating, after this. >> speaking of which -- >> how you're going to survive ianother harsh winter,d or stay dry from torrential rain showers, or savor the last warm rays of sun... step inside the jeep® grand cherokee... and wonder no more. this is the jeep® grand cherokee. the most awarded suv ever. well-qualified lessees can lease
9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
more ways to spread christmas joy. fill the truck for kids in your town. donate a toy or coat today at your local walmart. >> announcer: "today" throws a tailgate is brought to you by walmart where you'll find the best prices on your top gifts. >> okay, everybody. it is time to do the wave. >> well, that's how we do it. hopefully your team has had a good year. we started off the wave but our plaza fans, they brought it. >> they nailed it. >> that's how you party. >> the real game is out in the
9:50 am
parking lot before the kickoff. tech columnist, jennifer, good to see you. >> so nice to be here. of course, we have to start off with the tailgater gloves. it's a fleece glove that is a normal glove most of the time. but then you just flip that over, put your drink right in there gl that's ma there. >> that's amazing. >> love it. what else? >> this is the rally. cooler when you need it cold and a heater when you need it warm. keeps your warm beverages warm on top. pop it open. it has your chilichili. nice and warm. plug volt plugs into the car to keep it warm. >> i'm going to say these are two amazing christmas gifts. forget tailgating. >> just getting started. this is the crock pot heater warmer, plugs into an ac outlet there or you can get an adapter to plug into your car charger. keeps your stuff warm. >> this is genius.
9:51 am
earphones/ear muff combo. >> the fact that they go around the back of your head, you can wear a hat over it, hood over it. keeps you warm and you don't miss a single second of the game. >> love it. >> this is my favorite thing. >> what is it? >> the butt warmer. >> put your hand right on that. >> ahh. >> pop it into the microwave a few minutes and it stays warm for hours. it's not only padded but that gel is nice and hot. >> you can zap it at home, bring it to the game and it's still warm? >> for about three hours it stays warm. >> johnny football, hey. >> i'm starting this weekend. >> modeling several things from this table right here. this is a fleece-heated blanket, big enough for two people. also plugs right in to the car and the cord is long enough you can sit outside of your car. >> nice. >> these are hand warmers that
9:52 am
you charge up. >> oh, really? >> you charge them overnight, plug them in overnight to your lap top or to a wall outlet. feel how warm these are. >> we need these. >> ooh. ooh. >> stays warm seven to ten hours. >> seven to ten hours? >> much better than the little crunchy things. >> oh, much. >> this is a scarf from ham hammacher schlemmer. >> how about the pants al is wearing? >> these are the tailgater pants. looks like a pair of athletic pants. it has a bottle opener, key chain. >> and the most fascinating thing. i think it needs a belt. other than that, this is perfect. >> basically a sleeping bag that you wear. >> yes, please. >> good for 45 degrees. >> looks like gumby. >> jennifer, thank you so much. great ideas. we'll be back. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
erica hill is here with a preview of what's coming up on "weekend today." happy friday. >> happy friday. glad you're back with us. >> thank you. >> my e-mail inbox seems to be inundated with nothing but holiday deal offers. if you still have shopping to do -- guilty -- we have high-tech help to help you cut through that clutter, find the biggest discounts, tons of coupons and great apps for your smart phone which can make the whole process, hopefully, not only a little less expensive but slightly more enjoyable. >> phenomenal. >> if you haven't done it yet? we have like a week and a half. >> it's a lifetime. >> haven't even considered it yet. >> such a male response. >> oh. >> tamron, you're with me, aren't you? >> i must be
9:56 am
good morning. i'm chris cato. time to get your forecast. bill, any sunshine out there yet? >> it's starting to break through in some spots. lake wallace, winds blowing the ways. that is giving a cold morning, even a colder feel this morning in the mountains. it's 24 degrees, plus 37 in
9:57 am
philadelphia. that's up a degree in the last hour. feels like 12 in the pocono mountains. the wind is a bit stronger in philadelphia, so it feels like 30 degrees. so we're watching for sunshine. it will take some time, but it will be breaking through this afternoon. and just into the nbc 10 news, an assistant to movie director m. knight shamalan now faces possible prison time for racking up $15,000 in unauthorized charges on a company credit card. thema cody pleaded guilty to that crime. she made nearly 200 purchases on the card. she could get up to seven years in prison at her sentencing in february. tonight in ocean county, the community will hold a fund-raiser for this woman killed when a jet crashed into her home. marie gemmel and her two young sons died on monday when a educate crashed into her home. gemmel's husband and 5-year-old daughter were not at home at the
9:58 am
time. the fund-raiser will be held tonight at the river rock bar. i'm chris cato. have a great friday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. it is try day friday, december 12. not good news for hoda. only 13 shopping days left until christmas. >> oh, my gosh. i'm going to plan on doing it this weekend. >> that will be good. >> i can't. >> why? >> i'm going to a very important place right away after this. i'm going to a wedding. >> you are. >> i am. jason kennedy from e channel and his beautiful bride lauren scrubs are getting married in dallas. cassidy and i are going -- >> you're going to -- >> you're going to go see.
10:01 am
>> love from nbc and the "today" show. >> i'm so happy for them. beautiful couple. >> the story too, lauren scruggs was horribly hurt when she ran into a -- she walked into a propeller -- >> i remember the story. >> she was doing an interview with natalie and jason was watching it. and he goes, that's the kind of woman i want to marry. and he's marrying her tonight in dallas, texas. >> exciting. >> i'm sorry. what are you doing? anything? >> no, online, clickity clack this morning. you get overwhelmed so you don't do anything, you're paralyzed. i'm going to start this weekend. great show today. we have an elegant lady who knows how to show off had her funny side, jane seymour. >> she's here. >> sure is. and get ready to stomp your feet. bobbie is all abuzz over boots that get you through the wet weather. >> if you're looking to celebrate christmas in a way you've never done before, we'll celebrate areas that can get you
10:02 am
into the christmas spirit and give you travel ideas. >> it is the national ugly christmas sweater day. we have some of our favorite -- >> our staff has shown up wearing what -- why aren't we showing their faces? no, no, no. we have -- don't try to hide behind your sweaters. >> i'm ashamed to say the one with the santa on his bosom is my leading man in our musical. >> crazy. >> i think that's officially the ugliest one i've ever seen. >> there is a lot of hideousness going on there. some of you decided -- decided to post your ugly sweaters on our facebook page. this is michelle, her christmas outfit, complete with the -- >> are those pajama bottoms? perfect. kelly sent this picture of her brother and her husband in their ugly christmas sweaters. pretty ugly. >> that one has lights on it, nice. >> carol phelps weber sent us
10:03 am
this photo of her whole family. pajama bottoms seem to be a thing. >> speaking of ugly sweaters, kind of a funny parody on youtube made by a woman named katie wilson. supposed to be what happens when you show up at a holiday party thinking you're supposed to be in your ugly sweater and everybody else is dressed classy. take a look. >> did the invitation say anything about a dress code? >> you had the invitation. >> hm-mm. i think we should go. ♪ wait a minute while you stop and stare ♪ ♪ wait a minute >> bang, bang. i told you, the best song ever. >> it is a dirty song. i tried to tell you.
10:04 am
>> well, you might be right. you might be right. >> so is anaconda. >> my anaconda don't want none unless you got -- >> yes. >> to all our jewish friends out there, there are ugly sweaters for you too. >> hanukkah, only fair. this is america. >> not so ugly. >> they're from gilt fiend. >> okay. you can, if you don't want to own an ugly sweater but rent one, rent the runway provides them. is that where these came from? >> yes. no. yes. >> mine is a vest, which is -- yours has bells on it. okay. yours, yes, no -- the buttons are bells. isn't that clever? that looks like it has been worn. >> yes. they say they dry clean it before they send it off. >> what is dry cleaning really? there is no water to clean off stains and stuff. i always wonder about the dry cleaning, don't you? what are they doing in there? >> not until now.
10:05 am
>> hey, we're not going to put one drop of water on your clothes. >> what are they doing in there? >> i don't know, hoda. frankly, i don't care. rent the >> $18 to rent a sweater. >> i don't think these are new. >> i love this story. a sheep found wandering around omaha in a christmas sweater. someone saw this and they were like what up with the sheep. >> a wild party. >> the humane society picked him up, trying to locate the owner. because of facebook and twitter and all kinds of things, we're happy to report a woman named margaret vasquez came forward, claimed it was her sheep, it was her pet, gauge, goes everything with her on the leash, sleeps on her sofa, in her home, and she dressed him up because she thinks he looks cute. he got out the back door apparently. i said, wait a minute, gauge lives at home? gauge gets up in the bed.
10:06 am
>> i wonder if you're allowed to -- i guess you can have a sheep is a pet. all right then. let's move on. you have seen your fair share of santa posing with babies and kids and stuff. so take a look at this photo. the hartford mall in bel air, maryland. baby scarlet was asleep when she was visiting santa for first time. santa said, i'll take a nappy too and you can sleep on me. jennifer's mom said he made my christmas. i hope there are many, many years ahead. that is a beautiful -- >> sweet. >> if you want to be in a good mood, this story will put you there. >> i do, hoda. >> police officers in michigan were pulling drivers over for minor infractions but had a plan in mind. they pull over a driver and they would ask the driver what they wanted for christmas or what their kids wanted for christmas. and then they started scribbling out a ticket. so instead of getting the ticket, look at the surprise
10:07 am
they got. >> got all your christmas shopping done. >> no. i haven't even started. lego friends, i don't know if you heard of those. >> yeah, my daughter loves lego friends. they're great. >> what? >> lego friends. >> okay. >> got them. >> go, go, go. >> something like this? >> oh, my gosh. did y she just put that on her list. >> and x box one. that's what your kids want? >> yes. >> that's the go to present for your kids. >> but i told them they're not going to have it. >> go, go, go. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh. the kids are going to love this. >> something your little boy might like. >> this just turned my bad day into a good one. >> okay. >> thank you, jerry. you're always there. the message at the end of the video states while we don't encourage minor traffic
10:08 am
violations it important for police departments to take the time to show their citizens how much they care. i'm glad we're doing this for all the great police men that we have in the world. >> how beautiful was that. >> we hear about the bad ones, but 99% of them are awesome and we salute you and thank you. you know what it is time for? >> i can't wait. >> my friday day funny. >> a motorist was driving along a dirt road and got bogged down in a pit of mud. he tried to get himself out of the mud, but he was stuck. so he flagged down a farmer passing by on his tractor. excuse me, said the man. can you help me get out of this hole, sure, said the farmer, for 20 bucks. the man agreed because it was better than waiting for a tow truck and the farmer pulled him out of the mud pit. he said thanks for hippin ihelp at those prices you should pull people out of the mud pit day and night. can't, said the farmer. at night, i got to haul the
10:09 am
water to the hole. >> it is johnson's baby of the week announcements. >> we celebrate new moms and the adorable new additions to their families. first baby is savannah fay moseley born in greenville, south carolina, on november 18th. the little girl's dad is a specialist in the army with the 82nd airborne division. and family is about to leave for germany where they'll be stationed for three years. mom and dad offer these words of wisdom, treasure all the small moments. >> absolutely. next up is vera marilyn ho born on october 28th, in santa rosa, california. she weighed 6 pounds, 16 ounces and her mom laura says her daughter was born with a full head of hair. >> our next baby of the week is brandon jameel jones born in jacksonville, florida, on halloween. his parents say their new son is a quiet baby and they offer this advice, when the baby arrives, don't be afraid to try new things and see what works for you and your child. >> yep, they're all different. every one of them.
10:10 am
our final johnson's baby is xavier taylor smith, born in slidell, louisiana, on november 25th. her parents say she's a very calm baby who loves to try and sit up and just look at the world around her. god bless her. >> congrats to all of our babies. if you would like to submit one of your babies to our johnson's baby of the week contest, go to >> and press the connect button. time for okay or not okay. is it okay or not okay to dress up for a sporting event? here's what we had to say about it. >> personally, hoda woman, i like to be spanx free during athletic events. it is hard to yell for your team when you can't breathe. that's just me. >> i say no, it is not okay. when you're court side, you dress for comfort, decked out in your team jersey. if you're on the catwalk, i say have at it. >> really? >> whatever that meant. >> guess what? >> what? >> as if you can't get enough, reminder you can listen to us on sirius xm channel 108.
10:11 am
>> that's where we are. >> why you would want to, we can't figure it out. >> they're bored. she wants to know how to draw from experience. >> we catch up with the lovely jane seymour right after this. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
designer. to me, she's a dame. >> one of the most beautiful people in the world. her name is jane seymour. hi, jane. >> we're talking about you. there are so many things we know you do. i was surprised by one of these things that you are a producer on glen campbell's documentary called "i'll be me". that was so moving. >> it is an amazing film. i recommend anyone going to see it, realizing that they'll probably get as many laughs as any comedy that is out there. it is incredibly poignant. it is it was an amazing privilege. he asked my husband to make this movie and what we realized and we first thought about alzheimer's that's a down subject, but he has the most amazing sense of humor. he calls alzheimer's part timers. he does remember things, he said i don't have any use for that. a lot of stuff i want to forget. we celebrate his life, his
10:16 am
family performing on stage with him. he did 150 shows and his family was with him and, you know, some were better than others. he was extraordinary. the last thing to go was his music -- his ability musically. you see him, his wife, the angel of all time, dealing with care giving. it has so much -- he got nominated for a grammy this year. >> fantastic. >> the song is so amazing. >> you have a new pbs series. >> called "feel grand". >> i'm interviewing major doctors about what we need to do and what is possible healthwise after the age of 50. i did 13 episodes in four days. >> that's -- >> that was really fun. >> people are hungry with that kind of info after 50. >> they have the best doctors. it was really amazing. >> everything. >> diabetes, heart disease, nutrition, mental state,
10:17 am
alzheimer's. >> and all your beautiful jewelry and everything. >> thank you. >> we're going to play a game. >> funny or die thing? what the heck was this? this was so funny. >> so i'm a dinosaur. i didn't know anything about funny or die but i knew will ferrell. they said you have to do this. i went to 15 great writers and they pitched me their ideas and i pitched them my ideas. dr. quinn turned the towns people into addicts. you think about it. she had morphine, whiskey, a leather strap and boiling water and the doctor showed up. look at them. i got the whole cast to show up. we got this guy from breaking bad, skinny pete and i got the breaking bad -- >> look at the hair. >> not really. he's got a really bad wig on. >> he went immortal two days ago and is now like 120,000 hits. >> now can we play?
10:18 am
>> we'll play a little game. >> yes. >> we're going to play, not pictionary, it is patientary. we're going to guess what you're painting and it has to have the word grand in it. >> okay. >> ready, go. >> v. >> grand. >> what is that? >> grand -- >> something about toys. no. what is that? what is it? what is it? >> what is that? >> it is very grand. >> it is a rainbow. >> no, it is getting too much -- >> grand mess right now. >> oh, mountain. >> the grand canyon! >> yes! >> needed a few peaks. >> all right. >> next, time for a quick one.
10:19 am
>> we don't -- >> oh, god. >> no, we don't. >> so sad. >> that grand canyon was awesome. >> she really is a fine artist and grand -- looks like popeye. grand music. grand -- >> piano. >> grand piano! >> yes, baby grand. >> excellent. all right. >> that was good. >> holiday gift ideas you're going to want to stock up on. >> and these boots were made for walking. bobbie is all abuzz over boot wear after this.
10:20 am
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can you make the cut? at famous footwear we're not just selling the hottest shoes of the holiday season. we're selling "here comes your future daughter-in-law" confidence this year give exclusive carlos santana boots. only from famous footwear. victory is yours. it is time for "bobbie's buzz." with the colder weather on the way, it will be no time before we're walking around in a winter wonderland. >> here with winder boot solutions to keep you warm and get you through the rain, snow and slush is bobbie thomas. >> hi, darling. >> these are some of my favorite things for what i love, boots.
10:23 am
first up, lifts. these have been around for a long time. they have come around a long way. say hello to longer legs and lift kits. i'm obsessed with these because they have them for men and women, some men will want these. but you have a hidden heel in your boot. slip it in and you'll see the graphic. >> must be good for your calves? >> it does give you a workout. >> gives you another inch of height. >> a little bit of cushion. if you want to avoid the sock marks you get, these are amazing. chic offers these great socks, ashley will show you, they're bandless boot socks that roll up and down so you don't have to have an elastic at the top, but they're great, compression, the way they're designed. they're so comfortable. >> i like those. i always get the line. >> i know you do. >> that's not nice. >> she does. >> these are amazing. minks offer offers these ice grippers that will slip on any flat or boot. if you check it out, you'll see
10:24 am
them in different colors. fantastic. pop one in your purse, boot rescue, these pads will help you from the salt that stains your suede and everything else. and when you're traveling, believe it or not, these are boot dryers, feet dryers. when you're traveling and one pair of boots and they get wet in the snow, these will help dry your boots so you don't -- >> you won't stink. >> and great for the mud room. it is like a heater that evaporates the moisture. >> they're so great. >> okay. >> everything is online. >> bobbie, we love you. >> so happy for you. don't crumble under pressure. >> holiday cookies and wow your friends and neighbors and make you the coolest mom at school. >> and should you buy the stock? >> holiday gifts that make sense. wellllll... ♪ ♪ earlyfit ♪ latefit ♪ risefit ♪ fallfit ♪ ballfit ♪ wallfit ♪ pingfit ♪ pongfit
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emmet's construct-o-mech from the lego movie. hey, check out the lego mini-figure i just made action anthony! what's his super power? being breathtakingly handsome. she doesn't know what pretty is... 'i know.' anncr: save $25 when you open a walmart credit card account and spend $75 today. then get another $10 when you make another $75 purchase. walmart good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get our forecast from bill henley. it has been a long week. >> we are at the finish of the nor'easter that first brought us rain and wind and then snow
10:27 am
yesterday. we are still dealing with wind and clouds this morning. a cloudy and windy view of boathouse row. the winds are picking up a little bit right now. ten miles an hour in philadelphia. not a strong wind, but just enough to make temperatures that are in the now upper 30s feel like they are right around freezing in philadelphia. 37, slowly warming up today. we are watching clouds. eventually, breaks of sunshine, but it will take time for the sun to come through. happening today, fattah arguing he does not need a lawyer. he wants to represent himself because he is most familiar with the allegations against him. his father say congressman. he is married to our news anchor. family, friends and firefighters will begin paying their final respects to joyce craig, the philadelphia
10:28 am
firefighter who died in the line of duty tuesday while fighting a house fire. the first of the two viewings is scheduled for this each at bachelor brothers funeral home in north philadelphia. another viewing tomorrow morning at 8:00. the service for craig is scheduled to begin there at 10:00. a full hour of news coming up in about 30 minutes. get the information at i'm vai sikahema. now back to "today."
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this friday ready to play a fun game. >> we'll find out if it is better to spend your money at the store if you would have been better off investing your cash in the company itself. so as the holiday gift or for yourself. >> yeah. >> what she said. >> here to put us to the test is sharon epperson. hello, sharon. >> hello, ladies. >> before we give into the game, a quick financial question. do you think it is a better idea, you get a better return for owning a house or investing money in the stock market? if you had to choose? >> if you look over the long-term, we just had a study that came out by a nobel prize winning economist, he looked from the turn of the century to today what would have done better, stocks or owning a home. you would have been much better owning stock.
10:31 am
so over the long-term, the valuation that you get in a stock, the dividends that you might get, getting part of the profits just for holding on to it for a long time, all of that adds up it . it is a great investment. a home is a great investment if you need somewhere to live. >> may i ask you another question. what is andrew doing here? >> andrew is -- he's here for the game. we're putting a twist on the game this time. a twist on the game this time. we played it before. stock versus stuff. if you think the stock price -- a lot of companies we'll talk about, seven of them. if you think the stock price has gone up, you say stock, hit your bell. if you think the stock price has gone down, you say stuff and we're looking over the last 12 months. >> again, what is andrew doing here? >> he's going to referee and let us know who is -- >> hoda cheats. >> let's get started. we're going to start with gift baskets. harry and david gift baskets. >> who was it, andrew?
10:32 am
>> the stock. >> harry and david owned by 1-800-flowers and that company has done pretty well over the last 12 months. the stock is up 51%. >> i love harry and david's. >> kmart, looking at what we're -- christmas decorations. >> hoda. >> kmart is clearly the stuff. >> well, kmart owned by sears holding company, that had a lot of problems, and that stock is down about 15% in the last 12 months. let's move on. a lot of people love to give -- >> say hoda was right. >> hoda was right. >> 1-1. amc entertainment, one of the biggest movie chain companies in the country is amc. movie gift card. what do you think? >> i'm going to say, i hope they're doing well, stock. >> the stock is up 29%. >> 29%? >> there is talk maybe there will be other companies that they might acquire down the road. a lot of people like this stock.
10:33 am
2-1. stockings from pottery barn. what do you think, stock or stuff? >> hoda. >> stuff. >> stuff. well, pottery barn is owned by williams and sonoma. that company those stores have done pretty well and that stock is up 24% in the last 12 months. >> what is the score? >> 2-1. >> no, 3-1. >> you didn't get the point. >> you lost it. >> you have to get the right answer to get point. >> back off, barbie. michael kors. >> it started off gangbusters. we're getting in trouble this past year. i would say stuff. >> you are absolutely right. problems with the u.s. store. people think asia will be great, but that stock is down 8% in the last 12 months. >> what is the score now?
10:34 am
>> 3-1. >> time for one more. >> this is for the game. >> okay. we have one more, just one more. we'll do two quick. this one, justice. >> i don't know what that is. >> that is tween retailer. owned by -- >> definitely stuff. >> you're right. that is stuff. here is the last one. >> deal breaker. >> build a bear workshop. >> stuff. >> stuff? >> okay, you are absolutely wrong. it is the biggest winner. >> shutly wrong. >> that stock is up over 100%. it is the biggest winner. >> kathie lee won. >> what am i getting? >> you get the bear. >> you get the bear. >> no, no. give it to the girls. okay. >> give me the bear. >> let's ask andrew. >> we don't know why he's here. >> we take you to the best holiday destinations. and whether you enjoy baking, how to make a perfect holiday
10:35 am
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10:39 am
it is time to head into "today's" holiday kitchen for some of the prettiest cookies perfect for your northweext par school delivery. >> here is jenna helwig, nice to see you. >> you have a nice array of young children that will help us. >> fabulous cookies.
10:40 am
>> starting with your daughter, right? >> this is my daughter rosa. >> hi, rosa. >> we're making peanut butter reindeer cookies, glute n free, only three ingredients. >> they look so cute. look at this. >> they're beautiful. >> i think they're the most adorable thing. >> they are so cute. >> karen would have come up with something like that. >> she's amazing. >> put the pretzels in as antlers. >> and olivia is helping too. >> once they come out of the oven, you add eyes and little red noses. >> adorable. >> so easy. >> those are beautiful. >> all right. what are julia and emma doing? >> we have some cute dreidels for hanukkah. marshmallows with pretzels, roll it in rosting a frosting and r the candy. >> you're doing a great job. >> little hugs on the end. >> you know what is great? it is a melted snowman. i love it. alex and wes are working on
10:41 am
this. tell us about these. >> these are great. you can use refrigerated cookie dough. don't even have to bake the cookies yourself. we put the frosting into a bag like this and squeeze it on. and spread. you want to put the marshmallow on for me. or spread. that's great. then add marshmallows. >> maybe not. >> that's all right. >> how do you make the little scarf? >> the little scarf is fruit leather, like a fruit rollup. >> you wrap it around? >> you wrap it around. and the eyes and the knows. >> we have little mini chocolate chips. >> very, very cute. >> how clever are they? at the end, we have natalia and isabelle and they're making snowballs. >> there is no baking involved. we have fudge covered oreos that you take a little bit of candy melt or frosting and brush on. and then you can either color with edible markers like that --
10:42 am
>> there are edible markers. >> you can do everything these days. >> when i was born in 1852, we didn't have any of this stuff. >> then what can you add to decorate? >> some sugar, anything edible on there. >> what do they look like? is this a finished one. >> take one of these. >> very cute. >> and you can just put this on there. take a little candy melt or frosting. >> like glue. >> edible glue. >> we have to give a little taste test. we want to do real taste test to see how we're doing, okay. these are peanut butter. gluten free. hold on. oh, my gosh. fantastic. you are excellent chefs. >> is that a dreidel? let me get in there. >> let me try one of these. >> too sweet for me. >> hoda will eat anything. >> you kids are doing a great
10:43 am
job. thank you so much. all the recipes and more at want to go to a city where they know how to celebrate christmas? we have some holiday destinations. we'll be right back.
10:44 am
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more ways to spread christmas joy. fill the truck for kids in your town. donate a toy or coat today at your local walmart.
10:47 am
10:48 am
if you're in the mood to pack your bags, don't call your wife that, and head somewhere special to get into the holiday spirit, we have your ticket. >> we call them ho h o holiday destinations. >> here to help us is janine atore. >> you say a charming old city in canada. >> quebec city. this is a 400-year-old walled
10:49 am
city, french speaking. you step inside the walls of the old city, you feel like you're in this european -- >> you feel like you're in paris. >> it is beautiful. there is all these charming neighborhoods with twinkling lights, choirs singing, outdoor ice skating rink, german christmas market. and you can take guided tours that are christmas food tour, christmas traditions tour throughout the city. a beautiful way to see the holidays. >> do we expect snow? >> it is always snowy there. great ski resorts outside of the city, so all around fantastic getaway. >> next up, philly, philadelphia. >> for the big city christmas, we know new york and chicago are fabulous. but philly is right up there with the iconic traditions and a lot of new festivities as well. they have their river rink winter fest, macy's light show, a long running tradition in the city center. they have their own german inspired christmas market there. and they top it off on new year's eve, a fantastic
10:50 am
fireworks celebration over the water front. and on new year's day, mummers day parade, which is really a must see. >> asheville, north carolina is a hot spot. >> the appalachians, so beautiful. >> beautiful. >> asheville, a charming little town. i'll start with the biltmore estate. it opened in 1895. you'll see over 60 huge decorated trees, hundreds of poinsettias, garland everywhere. they have their candlelight christmas evening where you can take the tours of the estate and all candle lit music, fireplaces, it is gorgeous. and then there is an actual gingerbread competition, at another historic resort, the omni grove park in. there is over 150 creations you can browse. and then they have a rock climbing santa you can see a few times while he does his descent. it is an artist community.
10:51 am
there is unique shopping here. that bohemian spirit mixed with the appalachians. it is gorgeous. >> kansas city, missouri, beautiful place. >> a little more rated, it has a lot going on. they have their historic spanish style country club plaza which is beautiful. it has over 15 blocks of 120 different stores. what is magical is that it is all outlined in 80 miles of christmas lights. it is beautiful to see. there is the restored union station which has its holiday train village and polar express museum for parties. the city market transforms into whoville. there is a cindy lou who look-alike contest. lots going on in this town. >> warm weather? a little warmth, scottsdale, arizona. >> it might surprise you how many traditions are here. trains are big for kids during holidays. they have their own version of the polar express, you see santa through the desert, the nighttime, very magical.
10:52 am
also the zoo lights have their own spectacular light celebration there. and the fair monte princess where they have the big christmas, a four story musical tree, they have a desert ice skating rink outside, magical snowfall, carousel, train ride for kids. >> you make everything sound wonderful. >> you do. >> thank you. >> love you, honey. we'll be right back with more of "today" on nbc. what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger.
10:53 am
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10:55 am
there is one week left in the 21st annual toy drive. we have been able to ship $15 million in toys and gifts across the country. >> ken gillmartin is the founder and director of music together llc, a childhood music and movement program. he's here with a very generation donation. >> i'm so excited to be here, our third year. >> excited to have you here. >> a holiday tradition. >> what are you donating?
10:56 am
>> over 12,000 of our song book and cd sets for families. and 500 of these wonderful sing along storybooks that it is a song i wrote about peace and children and sung all over the world. and so pleased with the response to this. >> when kids get together with music and a beautiful song like this, you must see such incredible results? >> it is very -- it is moving. it is exhilarating to see parents and children and your other caregivers bonding through music. >> it is the common denominator, universal language of the world. >> how it has caught on is phenomenal. >> it is exciting. >> well, we thank you for your generosity. >> we'll add you to our -- >> we have a beautiful little basket -- >> wagon going here. thank you so much. >> you can go doudonate in pers the plaza here or go to for all the details. next week, barry manilow. and bernadette peters, our guys tell all panel.
10:57 am
>> everyone has a story. have a great weekend. we'll see you monday. >> bye-bye, everybody. thanks.
10:58 am
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right now at 11:00, cloudy with a cold breeze out there. but at least we're looking at dry weather. here is a live look at philadelphia's boathouse row. expect to see sun later on as we look live outside at camelback mountain resort in the poconos where it's cold enough they are making snow. bill henley is here with the forecast. we are looking ahead to the warmer weekend. >> it will be a slow warm-up. temperatures are climbing, ever so slowly. held back by the wind and the clouds. they have been thinning out. we are seeing some brightening of the clouds. that will lead to some


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