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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  December 14, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now nbc 10 news today, an investigation is under way in a philadelphia maybe hood after a family says someone bombed their house and is ththis is th time this month they have been called to the block. a van crashed overnight. we'll show you the dam from the screen. a big day for the birds at lincoln financial field. the weather shouldn't be a problem for the match-up against the cowboys. but if you are watching the game from the stands tonight, an extra layer will definitely come in handy. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this sunday.
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brittany is tracking the forecast for us. and it's cold out sight ride now, but we will get more sunshine today, right? that's right. plenty of sunshine, but ps will be a few gris warmer, as well which is good news. you will notice temperatures slowly starting to warm into the 40s. we're still dealing with partly cloudy skies. we'll see the clouds clearing up. and it's 30 in the poconos, 36 in allentown, 37 this pottstown, 38 in philadelphia. 29 in millville and 37 in wildwood. today's forecast between 42 and 46 degrees. sun any bny but chilly. we'll slowly start to see the temperatures inching up. plus a chance of showers all coming up about the forecast. this morning we're following a developing story out of the germantown neighborhood in philadelphia. two suspicious fires on the same block in as many weeks. investigators are back there
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this morning. a family says that they had to be rescued after something flammable was thrown through their window. matt delucia is live on the scene on east culture street. >> reporter: the fire marshal's office is investigating. in fact they just left a few minutes ago. but let me get out of the way. this is what is left of that home there. just a little bit of damage inside that first floor. we've seen some people going into the property here to try to salvage what they can. this happened around 1:00 this morning and if the scene looks familiar that's because it is less than two weeks ago, the house next door was fire bombed and now there is another suspected fire bombing. here's what the scene looked like earlier this morning. five adults and a 3 month old in-pa infant were rescued from the home. injuries did not appear to be serious. homeowner tells us she heard a bang, smoke alarms went off.
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the family went to the roof and waited for firefighters to rescue them and residents tell us they want will this will to stop. >> i want to find out what is going on. they did investigations on it and they ain't giving us no answers. this is the second fire bomb. they threw a brick through my window a month ago and i'm tired of this and i want somebody to do something about this. if they don't stop it, i'm going to stop it for them. >> and back out live, you can see that house was the one that was fire bombed a couple weeks ago. it is right next door to this property on east culture street that had a suspicious fire earlier this morning. the fire chief on scene would only say at this point that this case is under investigation by the fire marshal's office. but in that last incident, i was out here for that, as well, the arson task force was looking into that case. we'll stay on top of this. matt tdelucia, nbc 10 news.
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two philadelphia police officers are in the hospital this morning. they were injured in a crash in the frankfurt section of the city. the officers were respond to a call when the patrol van collided with another car around 1:00 this morning. the officers were taken to temple university hospital. no word yet on their condition. it's unclear if the driver of the other car was hurt or was also taken to the hospital. the cause of the crash is under investigation. also new from your night, a septa train slammed into a car in montgomery county. this is from randy gyllenhaal our reporter. he saw accident as he was driving by. this happened on the train tracks near the river walk on washington street. it appeared the car was parked on the tracks. the train hit the car and dragged it about 100 feet. no one on the train was hurt. a house fire in delaware county is to blame for the death
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of a grand other. the fire could have also killed her five grandchildren had it not been for their father and a neighbor who sprang in to action to get the kids out. the family was sleeping when the fire started yesterday morning in lower chichester. the father and young kids were trapped in the basement. neighboring nick wells tells us he saw the fire trying to break the windows of the basement, so he grabbed a tricycle and started busting the windows out, too. he grabbed each child and pulled them to safety. >> father pulled them out. he was so burnt, i didn't know where to grab him. >> the father was rushed to the hospital with severe burns. his children are also recovering. investigators are now looking into what caused the fire. but they think it may have started on the back porch. the fire company is accepting donations to help the family. this weekend more than 1,000
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firefighters from all over the country came together to pay their respects to fallen philadelphia firefighter joyce craig. yesterday sky force 10 flew over the 3 mile procession where craig received a hero's send joef. her casket draped in an american flag and carried by engine 64. before craig was laid to recent, her friends, family and fellow firefighters reflected on her >> first time she got hurt on the job -- now this is the last time. i was mad at god that day. >> very emotional sendoff. craig was killed tuesday fighting a fire in west oak lane. at the end of yesterday's service, mayor nutter posthumously promoted craig to the rang of lieutenant. a $1.1 trillion spending bill is on its way to president
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obama for his signature. the senate voted 56-40 yesterday in favor of the bill formally averting a government shutdown. the bill end of funds most of the ghoechlt operations until september 25. but homeland security is only funded through february. that sets up a fight over obama's executive order on immigration. also included is a roll back of wall street reforms, changes to campaign financing and cuts for the environmental protection agency. the vote happened in the nick of time. the deadline was fast approaching. >> it is not the way to do business. it's an embears are ament to the congress and to the public. >> president obama is expected to sign the spending bill. a small earthquake hit new jersey early yesterday morning, but chances are you didn't notice it. the 1.9 magnitude quake hit about 17 miles southeast of trenton. a few people in monmouth and ocean county says they felt a little movement in their home, with you nothing major. there are no reports of any damage or injuries.
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this morning we have new video of a robbery at a rite aid in camden. police say he walked in around noon and threatened the clerk with a note. she handed over some cash and the man took off. if you recognize him, police would like to hear from you. today marks the second anniversary of the deadly sandy hook school shooting in newtown, connecticut. in our area, supporters of delaware county united for sensible gun policy will honest or the victims with a candlelight vigil at the office of congressman pat in springfield. the event begins at 4:00 this afternoon. gunman adam lanza killed 20 children and six educators in newtown. governor malloy has requested that flags in the state be lowered today from sunrise to sunset. there will be no public commemorations in newtown. city officials say that the day will be marked through personal reflection and remembrance. this weekend, thousands of
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people marched in cities across america, including here in philadelphia, to protest the death of unarmed african-american men at the hands of police. demonstrators gathered around city hall yesterday, some carried signs, others staged a "die-in". about 60 people got down on the ground to protest the deaths of michael brown and eric garner who were both killed by police officers. this all happened under the city's christmas tree. >> i can't breathe! >> more than 10,000 marched from downtown washington to the u.s. capitol building. civil rights groups organized the march called justice for all. they were joined by the families of michael brown and eric garner. >> and our sons, they may not be here in body, but they're here with us in each and every one of you. >> the protesters are calling for changes to state, local and national police policies. the cleanup is under way in
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california after days of wild weather. next the aftermath of the damaging storm system that brought heavy rains, mudslides and even a tornado. plus it's almost time to send off those christmas cards and packages. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest mailing day of the year. we'll have the deadlines that you need to keep in mind to make sure your gifts make it in time for the holiday.
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we may still be more than 12 hours out, but we're getting ready for the sunday my showdown between the eagles and cowboys. here is a live look at lincoln financial field. it will be packed with fans as the rivals battle for first place in the nfc east. nbc 10 is the only place to watch the game tonight. you can catch all the action right here starting at 7:00. and then keep it here for our live postgame show with reaction from players and fans.
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the foundation for what will be philadelphia's tallest skyscraper is now set. this is time lapse video and it shows yesterday's concrete pour at the site for comcast innovation and technology center at 18th and arch streets. crews poured 15 million pound of concrete into the ground yesterday setting the building's foundation. on lookers snapped photos of the site before the transformation begins. once construction is complete, the 59 story building will be even taller than the comcast center next door. it will house 4,000 employees including software engineers, technology experts and even all of us here. we're moving downtown. it will also be the new home of the four seasons hotel. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. cleanup is under way in one southern california town after a mud slide buried houses leaving almost a dozen of them unliva e unlivable. you crews had to use bulldozers
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to move dirt away from the houses. rain fell about an inch an hour over hillsides that were ravaged by a wildfire back in 2013 with few roofs to hold the soil in place, the rain caused part of the hillside to give way. this was all part of the same system that caused a tornado, rock slide and flooding if other parts of the state this week. fortunately, there are no reports of any major injuries. officials have reached a watered down deal at the united nations climate talks in peru. the main goal of the would week section in lima was to focus on how countries will contribute to a global climate pac expected to be adopted in paris next year. the holiday season is in full swing and if you still need to send out cards or order gift, i'm one of them, there is no time to procrastinate. tomorrow will mark the u.s. postal service's busiest mailing day of the year. more than 640 million cards, letters and packages are
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expected to be processed. december 20th is the can ted line to send greeting cards, packages and letters to ensure delivery in time for christmas. for those last minute shoppers, again, i include myself in this group, december 23rd is the deadline for sending packages using priority mail express. next some say these guys are giving santa a bad wrap. but organizers of santa con oig insist it's not all debauchery. and i'm tracking cold complain temperatures. i'll let you know what to expect. what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before.
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all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you.
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hundreds of is an take clauses got into the holiday spirit with the santacon pub crawl. 32 bars well cod the crocomed t.
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it's gotten a bad wrap when neighbors complained about the fighting and getting sick. despite bad behavior by some, organizers say the event has raised more than $60,000 for charity and they hope to get it sanctioned by the city. good morning. we have a chilly end to the weekend on tap. eagles forecast for you. we'll see temperatures dropping down into the third by the time you leave the game. showers return back in your "7-day forecast," but other than that, it's been very quiet and we'll stick with a quiet weather pattern as we head into most of next week. a live look outside right now, just a few clouds. we'll start to see them burning off as the sun continues to shine later on this morning heading into the afternoon. for philadelphia, 38 degrees. humidity at 68%. winds out of the north/northwest at 8 miles per hour. and we're at 39 degrees in reading, 38 in philadelphia. atlantic city at 33 to start off the morning. that's at the airport.
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37 in wildwood. 36 in quakertown. coatesville at 36. and mt. pocono just below freezing. satellite shows we're seeing a few clouds moving in mainly from the northwest. as we head in it to the rest of the morning, concern for the poconos, possibility of patchy freezing drizzle. but apart from that, it will be a quiet day. plenty of sunshine. things will continue to clear out as we head into the rest of the sunday. so mostly sunny skies and temperatures staying a few degrees before average for today. maybe one or two degrees above the average of 45 glees as we head into your monday, you'll notice temperatures do an uptick just a few degrees monday, tuesday, heading into wednesday. eventually we'll push back into the 50s. but your wake up temperature as you head out the door this morning, 31 degrees here in trenton, 34 in toms river. in atlantic city, 35 by 6:00 a.m.. as we head into the rest of the afternoon, temperatures
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generally range in the mid-40s. low 40s in allentown, temperatures in the poconos will stay on the cold side today. if you plan on heading out to the eagles game, make sure you bring your eagles gear because temperatures will be at 40 degrees by 8:20 and then in the fourth quarter, 38 degrees. so cold, cold conditions as you leave the game. "7-day forecast" shows we warm to 50 on wednesday. and as we head into the rest of your workweek, temperatures drop back down into the low 40s. we're also tracking a chance of showers on tuesday. it is a sunday night showdown that will leave the winner at the top of the nfc east. a preview of the birds and boys is next in sports. plus we'll have section six highlights from on and off the court where front row fans got in on the action and not really by choice.
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let's take a live look at lincoln financial field where at this hour, it's still dark out, but i would say by early afternoon, you'll start to see some fans out there tailgating in the parking lot. the weather really shouldn't be too bad if tonigfor tonight's s. it will be cold, but no rain, no snow to worry about. if you are headed to the game, just bundle up. john clark now has a preview of the game in your sunday sports. i'm john clark. today is the day the eagles/cowboys rematch tonight. birds have won nine of the last ten games against dallas in december. here are the boys arriving into philly last night. jerry jones signing autographs for the fraud cowboy fans living in our area. it is on! >> winning the division, especially being a home game, we realize this team is really who we're competing against when you talk about the division. so i think everybody is fired
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up. >> we got to do it again. we got to get focused. we know we're playing a different team and we got to be prepared for a whole different team, a team who is ready to get revenge. >> and it is all right here on nbc 10 tonight. and afterwards, catch our live postgame show from outside the eagles locker room. hey, sixers were on their way to the first win at home this season against the team with the second best record in the nba, the grizzlies. will smith in the house. third quarter, michael carter williams driving and he'll throw it down. mcw the triple double. but sia three point lead at the buzzer. oh, my goodness,s to overtime. sixers lose a heart breaker in overtime 120-115. >> a cruel loss. that is a very cruel loss. >> that is a cruel loss. flyers have won two straight for
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the first time in five weeks. yesterday against carolina, just under a minute in, doing the dirty work. giving the flyers the early lead here. later in the period, check out the laser from simmons. he got five goals in his last five games. 2-0 flyers. and then the finish. and scott lawton getting miss first nhl goal. flyers win 5-1. scott says he kind of blacked out after getting his first goal and his parents were there to see it. >> it's really special. i mean, they taught me everything and my daughter's been huge this my hockey career. so definitely nice to have them here tonight. >> to see the smile on his face, i think he turned beat red. >> isn't very happen that you get your first.
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i'm still waiting for mine. >> good stuff. villanova and casey kiehle represent renewing their rivalry. they're also friends, but a big loss for nova. john robertson out with a con du concussion. the backup, 53 yard touchdown. villanova is down three under a minute to go. and he misses from 51 yards out to tie it. that's the first time nova has lost a playoff game at home this 17 years. st. joe's prep taking on pine richland for the quad a state title. is this t this is the run of the night. 58 yards. then check out the trick play. he pitch it is baes it back to and throws it to swifts. an unreal trick play.
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st. joe's prep repeat as state champions. and congrats to the northwest raiders from west oak lane. they win the pop warner super bowl in florida. young four tonguchdowns 26-6. and la salle beat drexel and mariota won the heisman trophy. we'll see you after sunday night tonight. have a good one. i guess you get what you pay for when you're sitting in the front row. you're right in on the action. check this out from last night's sixers game wells fargo center. a pass goes wide and into the stands. one unlucky fan gets doused with her beer. doesn't look too happy about it. mon'ne davis is paying it information. she's motivating girls to take
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charge of their health and independence. she spoke in northern liberties. she joined other young women to talk about health will, positive body image and self-esteem seem. the event is part of a weekend of promoting women's empowerment. the time is 5:58. a philadelphia family says somebody fire bombed their house and is this not tis this the no first time it's happened in their neighborhood. and i'm tracking another cold day for us. we'll see plenty of sunshine, so that will improve. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of your workweek, as well.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, two philadelphia police officers involved in a crash are in the hospital this morning. we'll show you the wreckage from the scene. a family in philadelphia says somebody fire bombed their house overnight and it is not the first time that their neighborhood has been targeted. in a live report, we'll update you on what investigators have to say about the case. a cold start to our sunday. and a little bit breezy out there. here is a live look in center city where the sun will warm us up a little bit later today, a few degrees higher than we were yesterday. good morning.


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