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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 15, 2014 12:05am-12:36am EST

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our next game. we can't think anything long term. we don't worry about who does what, doesn't do anything. if we don't beat washington it is a moot point any way. all thing we control is playing washington. we can play washington and get to ten so. i don't know anything about that, so -- >> any thought to giving matt barkley a look? >> no. >> the first game. [ inaudible ] >> they may have tried to get the ball to him more. our guys did a great job. hi had 30 carries and we held him in check. we also know they had other weapons. tony played better than the last game. des played better. we understood that. that's what happens when you have weapons and everything you can't do one thing.
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we stopped them in one phase but not another phase. so -- >> the penalties to extend drives on defense, why does this keep happening? >> we have to look at the individual play and see what the call is. and see how it broke down in terms of what they did. a lot of times you see a flag. i can't see it. don't get a look at replay and what happened on that play. >> in the first half, he was flagged twice. what did you see there. >> was it at five yards or not. i can't tell you until i look at film. >> all right. you are listening to the head coach chip kelly talking about what happened tonight. we have josh huff here. kickoff return guy. obviously a tough night. start with the kickoff. you said she wind had something to do with it. >> most definitely. the wind had something to do with it. the typical protocol is to simply point it back to me and i come up and try to field the
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ball. when you point -- when he pointed it back to me i seen the ball comes down and once it passed his head it died. i tried to make a play on it but i got there too late. >> when is the last time you can remember a team kicking off and being able to recover their kick? >> i haven't seen it in a while. during my time playing football i haven't seen it. it is a freak of nature plays. only happens once in a lifetime, once ever blue moon. i can't do nothing about it now but move forward. >> this is not a situation that you or your teammates or coaches wanted to be in. relying on somebody else to help you guys out. you don't have control of your destiny. now you have to have help from the colts and other teams. everything is out there for somebody else. >> we're not worried about what everybody else has to do to help us out. if that is the case we'll do,
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we'll lose every game here on out. we have to come together and continue to fight and move forward. we all have a goal in mind. get to the playoffs first and move on from there. it was definitely tough but we have to get back to work. >> when you look back at that initial turnover and then seven points and a total of 17 off the three turnovers. you had a total of four. how much are turnovers hurting the team and holding you back from being one of the top teams in the nfc. >> anytime you turn a ball over as many times as we have this season it hinders you. that's growing pains. each week we work on ball security and not turning the ball over. things didn't go that way in the game. we have to don't keep our heads up and move forward. >> appreciate you coming by. >> anytime. >> that is josh huff. you are right eagles have their
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backs against the wall with two games left and don't have control of their destiny. >> you wonder how the game would have been different if they didn't give up seven points right away. it could have been a lot different. >> when you spot the opponent seven points before you even start the game that is a difficult position. we will have more at lincoln financial field. stay with us. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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>> hits mac lain down the sideline. maclin running free. at the one yard line.
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look behind me there are large crowds even after the game. win or lose, eagles fans are die-hard fans. they go to extreme lengths to show their love for the team. our goal was to find the a fan of the game and did exactly that. today's fan of the game is brought to you by mcdonald's, i'm lovin' it. >> eagles fans swarmed the parking lot outside of the linc. our goal to find the biggest fan when we bumped in to monty g. >> number one! >> his energy magnetic, his gear impressive why not treat him to a v.i.p. tour of the sunday night football bus. >> i'm overwhelmed. i'm on this bus and seeing things i never it that'd see. >> he wasn't alone. his 15-year-old nephew wassal in
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awe. >> one of the best uncles every. loves the team like nobody else does. >> i'm so touched. today is the best day of my life. ♪ i want to say thank you to channel 10 ♪ >> at one point it looked like we could come back and win but we didn't. so they are hoping the eagles can get it together. they are crossing their fingers and say they love their team. that's the latest, nbc 10 news >> thank you very much. back here at eagles, just outside of the eagles locker room is bradley fletcher, eagles quarterback with us. you were saying before we came on tv that things were different. how were they different? it obviously looked and felt different and it was different. >> we didn't make the plays that we did last go around. i know i didn't make the plays the last go around. i have to take response ability for that and get better than
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that for next week. that's all we can focus on right now. >> you guys were able to get a lot of pressure on romo in the first game in dallas. what do you think was different tonight? obviously you did a good job last time against bryant and obviously not tonight. >> they played well and made plays. we didn't make. i know i didn't make enough. that's the way it went. >> it is hard to make up 21 points. they jumped out to a 21 point lead and you guys made a game of it and took the lead at one point. but bryant had a monster game tonight. were there specific things they were doing that helped him to get open as he was? >> all i can say he just made plays. i know i make those plays. that's all it is. they made played today. >> there was some jawing between him and jenkins.
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were you there or know what happened? >> i don't know what happened with that. i think i was inside at that point. >> to be 9-3 coming home from dallas in control of the division and now you need help. you need the cowboys to lose or the lions to lose the last two games. talk about the attitude not knowing the playoff picture. >> at this point all we can do is control what we can control. that's all we can do. we have another game. that's all we can worry about and control. >> are you surprised over the last couple of weeks how it goes gone from being in control of the division and controlling your destiny? >> that's the nfl for you. you have to be on top of your game every game or get in situations like this. that's all we can do right now. >> what did coach tell you after the game is he encouraging you, get better. >> we have to put our best foot on the next two weeks.
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that's all we got. we are going to hit it hard and really all we can do. >> all right. we appreciate you joining us tonight. >> thank you very much for coming by. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> john clark and i will be here. much more "football night in philly" when we come back. stay with us.
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>> let's be real. you can't have a football game without a very good tailgate party. i have to tell you eagles fans did not disappoint today. many took it to a whole other
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level. >> tonight's "tailgate champion" is brought to you by bob's discount furniture. >> the meat was grilling. >> i took a 13-pound chuck roast and diced it up. >> reporter: the drinks were flowing. [ cheering ]e-a-g-l-e-s! >> this is why we are the best fans in the nfl. >> some took their love to another level. matthew and his friend pimped out their ride and tricked out their tree. >> the christmas tree, lights, ornaments with the picture s. >> as we come back here live, many were surprised by the
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team's loss and many left disappointed. it looks busy right now. it was crowded earlier. once the team lost, folks started to go home. again with their sad faces. meantime, let's check out what vai sikahema is doing. he is outside of the eagles locker room. >> thank you very much. we are back here at the eagles locker room with john clark and i bran brandon brgraham. this is hard to lose and one you needed for a playoff push. what are you feeling right now? >> i'm not worried. at the end of the day i'm mad we gave it away. we have washington next. we have to win. hopefully football god is on our side and people start losing. >> you guys controlled the line of scrimmage and owned their offensive line. did they change up anything? how were they able to protect
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romo tonight? >> when we looked at the film he was three steps instead of five steps. he took the d line out of the game for the most part and we knew they would be short of routes i. they did a good job at taking advantage of what we gave them. we gave them a fumble and turnovers. i take my hat off to them because they took advantage of every opportunity. >> i talked about the difference in rest. you came off a short week. they had a longer rest. did you see that making a difference in tonight's play? >> we came out with the same energy. we gave away some things we shouldn't have given away. we came back but didn't make the plays to make sure we stayed on top. it is tough. >> is it really disappointing after the huge win in dallas. you were 9- and controlled your destiny atop the decision. now it is out of your control. you can win the last two games but you need help. >> we need help but we have to focus on one game at a time.
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we can't slip on these last two to give yourselves a shot. at the end of the day we worked too hard not to get in the dance. >> what are you doing as part of the veterans group to encourage the younger guys? what are you saying after a night like this. >> get it out of your system. control what you can. work hard during the week and give us, give us life at the end of the day. we have to win these with last two. >> thank you very much. stay healthy. good luck the last two weeks. let's hear from mark sanchez, the quarterback, what he had to say. >> very disappointing. you know, i'm first guy to say i'm upset at myself and can't turn the ball over. we knew they were going to come with a lot of energy. we got behind from the jump. there's no excuse for missing over the middle and trying to force the ball late at the end. i can't do turnovers like that. i didn't play well enough to win. that's why we lost.
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>> did they play a lot differently? >> no. i think we just really let some opportunities slip. it's unfortunate. we just, you know, gave away some great opportunities. that's the bottom line. we had some things open and we missed. we got too far behind. not really. nothing that we hadn't prepared for. that stinks, but i think coach kelly said it the best. as upset as we are, you know, we can't have that oh, whoa is me attitude. no one is going to feel sorry for you. we have to bounce back. get the taste out of our mouth as soon as possible, as in tonight. and get in there and get in the
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film room, shake it off and move on. because i know we have so much talent on this team and it would be a real shame if we didn't maximize it. and get these next couple of wins. but it starts this next wooek week. >> you have to wonder who will be the quarterback next week. nick foles will have his clavicle again. mccoy was asked will he be cleared to play and he said hopefully. >> mark sanchez is right. he did not play well enough for the team to win sglont two interceptions you can't have those. we are coming back after this on "football night in philly."
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football night in philly continues in a moment. i'm jacqueline london and i'm jim rosenfield. we are following breaking news out of australia. sydney is on lockdown as a hostage drama plays out. why there are concerns that terrorism is the motive. an outbreak in the nhl. motts makes a comeback among players. a new star is fighting the disease and flyers is saying how they are protecting players. the week starts dry. rain is close behind. i'm tracking the next chance of rain and the next chance of snow. details coming up. >> let's go back to vai sikahema with the latest. >> christie has lost the 20116 election due to being a cowboys fan. you can add new jersey and delaware to that.
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>> and councilman kenny tweeted out something like don't do this in philly across the bridge from jersey. you don't do that. he had a few choice words for him. it is a tough night with chris christie high fiving him in the box. >> it has been a tough night here. >> thank you for joining us for "football night in philly." >> all right, buddy. good seeing you again, man. >> you too. >> the best.
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nbc 10 breaking news. a hostage situation in sydney, australia. this video aired live on sydney television. at least one gunman has taken several people hostage at a cafe in the city. good evening. >> the black flag with arabic
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writing could be seen in the window of the cafe. sydney is on lockdown. buildings nearby have been evacuated and dozens of police are in the area. witnesses say they saw a man carrying a bag that could have had a gun in it. he fwhent to the lindt chocolate cafe in the business district. australia is backing the u.s.-led coalition between isis militants in iraq. we are following developments as the situation continues to play out. watch starting at 4:00 a.m. for for the latest on this story, as well as news, weather and traffic. chris christie's choice of seating at the eagles game is causing a stir on social media. the governor seen high fiving the cowboys owner when the cowboys scored. we have a live report from south philadelphia. >> how are fans reacting. >> they are not just lost at the
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game but because of the actions of new jersey governor chris christie. look at the video. chris dooe tee was seen sitting with the owner of the cowboys owner jerry jones. he was seen giving him high fives every time the cowboys scored. that upset a lot of people, including philadelphia council person jimmy kenny. he was seen sending three tweets over social media about christie. to paraphrase n the first one he called him a creep. in the second he poked fun at his weight and said he was awful and the third he told him to go home and take the state helicopter. of course a lot of fans not very happy about this because a lot of eagles fans live in new jersey. of course this is blowing up on social media. this evening, we tried to contact christie and kenny, but we are waiting to hear back. for now, that's the latest. >> thank you.
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also right now on nbc 10 news, a new case of the mumps in the nhl. a spreading concern for hockey player an the people around them. add a pittsburgh penguin star to the list of those who came down with the mumps. >> the players on the new jersey devils, new york rangers, ducks, and minnesota wild have the mumps. they all played the flyers recently or are set to again soon. randy gyllenhaal is live in south philadelphia. >> the flyers are addressing the problem. >> the team is trying to get ahead of this. so far no players on the flyers have come down with this virus but it is quickly spreading across the league, bemplging some star players and keeping team doctors on their toes. the typically cold, sterile ice
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rinks of the nhl. crosby exhibiting the telltale symptoms with a swollen, chipmunk like face. he tested positive. >> it is a concern the way it is around the league. >> the concern is the virus could hit players in philly. the highly contagious disease is spread through close contact like locker rooms so the team is taking precautions. >> clean buildings and wash your hands vaccines and everything else we can do. we have done everything to protect the players and staff. >> mumps was thought to be eradicated with vaccines but often people forget the booster shots or don't believe science an often times doctors believe it the immunity can wear off. >> they blooift holds until late teenager girl and then wanes.
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no way to predict who will lose their immunity or not. >> so far, nobody on the flyers is showing symptoms but the virus has already spread to teams like the devils and the rangers. >> it's a concern obviously for the guys getting it. lose your guys three weeks some of them. >> usually we see this kind of thing pop up in college campuses and dormitories. it is unusual to see it in a professional sports league. live outside of the wells fargo center, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. cold night for football fans at the link. a live look outside. the stadium has cleared out. meteorologist sheena is tracking the weather for the start of the workweek. cold for tomorrow morning. in the 40s with cloud cover. mis


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