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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  December 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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i've got you covered. it is a cold start this morning. the temperatures in the 20s and 30s. we're running 10, 15 degrees colder than yesterday but completely dry this morning. it's this afternoon that shows rain moving into the area. that's your hour-by-hour future weather, which shows temperatures into the low 50s. right now, though, we are watching for some areas of fog. find a live picture for you. there's one. live at the nbc 10 studios. notice the flag is barely moving this morning. we're seeing some very light wind. the wind will stay light, but temperatures will be climbing. right now, we're looking at readings that are in the 20s and 30s. still falling. 31 degrees in trenton, northeast philadelphia. it's 35 in allentown while millville has dropped down to 29 degrees. so, yes, a cold start. clouds will be increasing as the day goes on, but so will the temperature. by lunchtime, raindrops moving into the area. 48 degrees at noontime today.
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we'll go through it hour -by-hor with future weather. jillian is standing by with your first alert traffic. jillian? >> two accidents out of montgomery county this morning. it's been fairly quiet, but an accident in hatfield, still out there clemens road and we also continue to follow an accident in white marsh. watch for lane restrictions at both of those scenes. this is 95 southbound side at girard avenue. you can see we're starting to get that normal volume building. as we do every morning around 6:00. 95 is slowing down. you can expect to see pockets of volume in the normal spots on 76. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. vai? the man suspected of killing six people in montgomery county is still on the run this morning. police are searching for bradley stone. here's what we know about him. or know about the situation. all schools in the upper periomen school district are closed today. the only survivor is a 17-year-old boy who remains at
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jefferson hospital this morning. we are working to find out his condition. now, investigators say stone was last spotted in bucks county, following an altercation of a man said to be walking his dog. the search for stone is focused heavily around doylestown bucks county. last night he held up a man at knife point and tried to take his car keys. jesse gary is live in doylestown with the latest. jesse, tell us what's happening. >> you know, vai, i have been working with the police and trying to get new information. the chief is supposed it be here within the hour and hopefully we'll be able to get updated information on him. the officers that were inside the doylestown police department have moved out on a call, not related to this search. at least not so far. we can't get any updated information from them other than the case is still under investigation and that the chief will be here within the hour. as you said, the upper perkiomen school district and all schools
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closed today that affects students and life works alternative school here in doylestown is closed, as well. bradley stone last seen last night, he tried to steal a man's car keys at knife point. but the victim pulled a gun. fired several rounds and a man matching stone's description ran into the nearby wounds. wanted for the slaying of six people yesterday, critically wounding a 17-year-old, also. hopefully we'll have comments from the chief for you coming up in the next 30 minutes or so. we'll check into that and get back to you. live in doylestown this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. we're learning more about the six people who were killed and the connection between them. members of four generations of the same family died in the killing spree. a grandmother, a mother, two daughters, a niece and a brother-in-law. nicole hill's mother joann and her mother, pat, lived in the same lansdale house where pat grew up and were killed inside that house yesterday morning. long-time friends recall joann's
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love of gardening and pat's love for the neighborhood. >> she grew up here, tell stories about how everything was. she was all about this neighborhood. >> nbc 10 was there last night as employees from the montgomery county's coroner office moved around the upstairs bedroom of this home in souderton where her sister, patricia, lived with her husband and two children. they were all shot. the 17-year-old son survived and is at a philadelphia hospital right now. our crews are working around the clock to bring you continuing coverage of the manhunt. stay with nbc 10 and for real-time updates. now, we want to update you on breaking news we're following out of pakistan where stolejuso continue to battle the taliban militants after a deadly school shooting. they killed 84 children at the school. it was a military-run school. dozens of students are wounded. a taliban spokesperson called it
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retaliation for attacks on their families and they wanted them to feel the same pain. we're monitoring the situation as it continues to unfold and update you throughout the morning. new from overnight locally, nearly a dozen people, including a firefighter were hurt in a two-alarm fire in temple, berks county. investigators say a heater caught fire around midnight in a first floor apartment and then spread to the second floor. 11 people were treated and released from local hospitals. the firefighter injured his ankle and is expected to be okay. an unexpected turn of events in the case of former philadelphia sportscaster. tolifson was supposed to be sentenced for selling fake sports themed trips to help various charities. he will represent himself at trial because he can't afford a lawyer. he pleaded guilty in september and prosecutors say he defrauded at least 200 people. and happening today,
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sentencing day for this california man. . he is accused of causing a disturbance on a usairways flight out of philadelphia. he admitted he was extremely drunk when he groped three women and the usairways employee in may. plane was on its way from philly to london when the incident happened and had to turn back around. coppack pleaded guilty to interfering with a flight crew and faces up to 20 years in prison. atlantic city casino crisis is growing. the deadline to save the trump taj mahal has officially passed. the mainegfoii casino workers' did not respond to a 5:00 p.m. deadline yesterday to drop its appeal to cut workers. health insurance and pension plan. the casino is now scheduled to close at 6:00 a.m. saturday. neither side would comment on the passing of the deadline or what it might mean for the casino's future, but we do know it will close and the 3,000 workers will be out of a job. this will be the fifth casino to shut its doors this year. it all start would the atlantic
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club and then trump plaza, showboat, revel and the taj mahal this weekend. more than 10,000 people without jobs. the philadelphia regional port authority will assess 200 vacant acres of land known as southport in south philadelphia. 16 companies have expressed interest. those include energy companies, marine terminal operators and auto processors with ideas for the maritime property south of the walt whitman bridge on the delaware river. dozens of vehicles owned by the state of new jersey are off the road after vandals struck in atlantic city. someone slashed more than 70 tires on three dozen sedans, minivans over the weekend. all but one are used by the new jersey division of child protection and permanency. kentucky and atlantic avenues. detectives began investigating yesterday, one day after state employee discovered the tires had been slashed. police say they have few leads.
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>> but at this point, so early on, we really don't have much else the question of why these specific cars be targeted. >> investigators are checking to see if nearby surveillance cameras recorded any images of the person or people who are responsible. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a cold start this morning. skies mostly clear overnight and the temperatures have really come down. we're looking at readings in the 20s and 30s to start with. but a warm up as clouds increase. that will lead to rain developing this afternoon. the first raindrops later this morning in some of the western suburbs. right now, just cold outside. allentown 35 degrees and 31 in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city and clear skies 30 degrees right now. see a little bit of fog. the temperatures have dropped so much and are still coming down. we have some very light fog in the philadelphia area. this is live view from the adventure aquarium looking across the delaware, no problems
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seeing across the delaware. so, just very light fog in philadelphia. also some light fog in the wilmington area. visibility has just dropped under a mile. you can see scattered high clouds. the clouds will be on the increase and that will lead to rain. but it will be dry for most of the morning. the rain is to our west and the steadier rain is well to our southwest. you can see some heavy downpours now in west virginia. that's on track for our area for this afternoon. but, first a warm up. by 11:00 this morning. 44 degrees in philadelphia. the clouds take over completely as rain moves in during the early afternoon hours. 52 degrees at 2:00. you can see rain for the western suburbs that will spread into the rest of the area during the afternoon. and into this evening. in ten minutes, the seven-day forecast. just about 6:10. at last check it looks like mass transit was running on time and you get your normal volume at about the 6:00 hour. >> let's see what's happening on the roads with jillian mele.
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>> bill was talking about the light fog in portions of the area. 100 is quiet, though. 202 is clear of any accidents and so is 422. so, for the most part, things are still pretty quiet to start the day, which is a little bit of good news for drivers out there. but, of course, we have the normal delays starting to build as vai was alluding to. 76 east and westbound and the normal pockets of volume and directions and no issues to report on the northbound side of 95. we have downed wires right at east berks street and this is chester county. if you are waking up there, watch out for that light fog. not reporting fog throughout portions of new jersey. little bit on 73 and that's something we'll keep you updated on which is something we're seeing right now in new jersey. we continue to follow breaking news of a killer on the loose and the search police continue to search for this man accused of going on a shooting spree that took the lives of
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four generations of one family. his ex-wife and her family. in three minutes we have details on his military history. and taking the stand. why the head of the ncaa could be forced to testify in a trial about penn state's handling of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement.
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following breaking news at 6:15 this tuesday morning. and perkiomen school district is closed this morning because of the search for suspected killer bradley stone. penn ridge will be opened as scheduled, however, operate on a modified lockdown. students will remain indoors. only individuals who are known will be allowed inside. this is a live look right now at
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that doylestown bucks county from our camera. this is the last place that suspected killer bradley stone was spotted. someone fitting stone's description held a man at knifepoint last night and that man had a gun and fired at the robber who ran away. stone has a military background. here's his bio. he was an iraqi war veteran and joined the marines in 2002. the district attorney said he sometimes walks with a cane. he received several medals, but not the purple heart, which he would have received if he was wounded in iraq. stone received an honorable discharge in 2011. happening today, nascar driver curt busch is scheduled to appear at a kent county family court. the hearing is related to a protection order that his girlfriend filed. she claimed last month busch smashed her head against her bedroom wall following a race back in september. colleges in new jersey could soon be fined if they don't properly investigate sexual
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assault allegations. yesterday the state assembly approved a bill that would fine schools up to $50,000 if they don't comply. the bill also requires colleges to publicly communicate their policies and procedures on reporting sexual assaults at the beginning of every school year. the bill now goes to the state senate. and the head of the ncaa penn state's former president and the former director of the fbi are among those who could take the stand in the trial connected to the way the penn state sex abuse case was handled. pennsylvania state treasurer rob mccort and state senator brought a lawsuit which alleges the ncaa did not have the authority to impose the sanctions against penn state. the sanctions came about over penn state's handling over the jerry sandusky abuse scandal. president obama traveled to mark the end of combat operations in afghanistan. nbc 10 as air force one arrived there yesterday. the president stepped off the plane and received a rousing
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reception from thousands of military men and women. the president says every american who afghanistan should be proud of their accomplishments, taking out osama bin laden and winding down the 13-year responsibly. >> there's no other military in the world who is as good as you. as ready as you, as capable of you, able to go as far, able to go as fast as you do and perform your basic missions. nobody. >> president also expresses gratitude to those who recently aided in the fight against ebola and the terror group isis. we knew this could happen, we didn't know the timing and now we do. philadelphia hotel is closing. they will renovate the high-end hotel in june. when the building reopens in the fall, it will be called something new. as for the four seasons, it will move to the new comcast tower under construction in center city. the new skyscraper is scheduled to open in 2018. drivers are getting an early gift for the holidays, according
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to aaa. the average price is $2.55 right now. that's down 5 cents from over the weekend and 12 cents since last week. in our area, the average price of gas is $2.78 in the philadelphia region and $2.65 in delaware and in south jersey, down to $2.46 per gallon of unleaded. not bad. 6:18. let's check the roads as you're getting ready to head out the door. >> here's jillian mele with all the details. jill? >> right at belmont avenue. this is where we're starting to see some congestion out there in both directions, but really nothing out of the ordinary and your drive times on 76 not looking too bad just yet. seeing a little bit of yellow on our maps and 12 to 14 minutes both way between the blue route and the vine and that will clear as the morning goes on. the platt bridge eastbound a disabled truck at 26th street. as far as the bridges go, not too bad, but keep in mind coney
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palmyra bridge anticipating the bridge open for a ship to go through. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are getting ready to move into the area. as you're moving out the door, plan to bundle up. it is colder outside. completely dry at cape may. as you can see, free of fog. we're seeing light fog develop in the area. just some very light fog over center city. that's the clear view otherwise right across the delaware. clearly colder this morning. ten degrees colder in philadelphia. right now 33 degrees. the wind is also, wind chill is not an issue. look at the fog warming in the pocono mountains and view at camelback. just a short time ago, about an hour ago, it was clear. light fog as temperatures are running colder and wilmington 12 degrees colder this morning. one of the spots seeing thicker fog. pottstown has three quarter mile visibility and holding at three miles, though, in mount pocono
6:20 am
and four-mile visibility not an issue for northeast philadelphia, but look at the dense fog now for millville. wilmington is just under a mile and dense fog also in the georgetown area. so, bit of fog to start with and we're tracking rain for this afternoon. the temperatures will climb before any rain moves in. so, the fog disappears. but look at what will cause umbrellas to go up this afternoon. rain is steady in western pennsylvania and into west virginia. that's going to keep us rainy this afternoon. and into this evening. this morning the clouds increase and so does the temperature. only going to be raining heading our way during the day today. tomorrow the rain is done. the temperatures back into the low 50s. but the wind also picks up and it shifts bringing in colder air for thursday and friday. brisk with sunshine and a high in the low 40s both days after morning temperatures in the 0s. clouds, they're back this weekend. and it will lead to some wet weather. a mix of rain and snow is possible on sunday and into
6:21 am
monday. the showers will end monday and looks like mainly rain for philadelphia and there could be some snow mixing in, especially in the morning hours and temperatures will be colder. this afternoon, temperatures will be in the 40s and then turns colder next week. >> all right, bill, thanks. as you track the rain coming in this afternoon, you can track it right to your neighborhood and get first alert weather updates to your smartphone or tablet. download it free right now at hunting for a killer. this morning police in bucks county and montgomery county are searching for the man suspected of killing six family members. we'll continue to follow this breaking news as it unfolds. next half hour, we have details on the custody battle between brad stone and his ex-wife. and then this video caused quite a stir during the eagles/cowboys game. but this new jersey cowboys fan is staying loyal. we will hear from the governor himself.
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it is 6:25. we continue to follow this breaking news. the manhunt is under way in bucks county and montgomery county. searching for this man bradley stone considered armed and dangerous. now, as a result of, the penn ridge school district is open, but on a modified lock down. which basically means students will go to school, but they'll be kept inside. now, a live picture in doylestown. this is the police station but doyl doylestown is the last place he was spotted. held a man at knifepoint and demanded his car keys and the man had a gun and fired at that suspect who ran away. new jersey governor chris christie is no stranger to criticism. and even the president is giving him some heat over his love for the hated dallas cowboys.
6:26 am
christie spent yesterday afternoon with president obama where the president saluted troops returning from afghanistan. but christie said the two talked about sunday night's matchup between the cowboys and the eagles at the linc. christie was spotted there high fiving and celebrating in the owner's box. cowboy owner jerry jones, which led to a firestorm on social media. >> i'm an enthusiastic dallas cowboys fan and i never made a secret of it from the time i entered public life and i was there rooting for my favorite team in it nfl last night and some people reacted badly to it. and i understand. they're passionate about the eagles, too. >> governor christie said he will never go on to change his sports team loyalties. good morning, i'm jillian
6:27 am
mele. check out this line of traffic. the line of red we have on the maps right now. 95 southbound from cottman down to girard. a slow go right now. wood haven to the vine is about 23 minutes. coming up in a few minutes, a live look at the vine street expressw expressway. a live look at center city philadelphia where thankfully, bill, things are dry so far this morning. >> that will change this afternoon. right now watching the skies and the temperatures, too. colder this morning. trenton and wilmington both below freezing and it's in the 20s in mount holly and millville. i'm jesse gary live outside the doylestown police department where the search will resume later today for bradley stone. accused of killing his ex-wife and members of her family. this is impacting school districts around this region. we'll talk about that right after the break. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton live outside the police station. we've come here to seek information about a police
6:28 am
involved shooting. we'll tell you what we know after the break.
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taking no chances. some schools are closed today as police search for an armed and dangerous man suspected killer bradley stone. he was cited in doylestown and that encounter could have been deadly. >> the other story ewe're following is overseas. 126 now dead. most of them are students. hundreds more are being held hostage in pakistan after a taliban attack. and we have new information this morning. three people shot in delaware county. one person dead. and the shooting involved two police officers. and we're waking to much colder conditions this morning. we'll see a warm up a little bit later and in the final part of our day, we'll get some rain and
6:32 am
keep you up to date with all the weather changes in our first forecast. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> cold start this morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. mostly clear skies overnight, but we're seeing some areas of light fog in the area and the thickest fog is in south jersey for millville down to a quarter mile there. that's a view from cape may, however. you can see thin clouds over the ocean and clouds will be on the increase and so will the temperatures. right now, if you're heading out the door, have to bundle up. 32 degrees in northeast philadelphia. below freezing right now in trenton. mount holly is at 29 degrees and it's 31 in reading. clouds on the increase along with the temperature. dry at 9:00. limited sunshine. filter through the clouds and 37 degrees. but 47 by lunchtime and the rain starts moving in. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes.
6:33 am
right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you. a pretty average morning on the roads so far. dealing with a slight problem on the platt bridge. we have the right lane blocked due to a disabled truck in that area, but the other lanes are getting by with no problems and in whitemarsh an accident butler pike at ridge pike and that's been with us for a while. vine street expressway slowing down a little bit on the westbound side as drivers head out to 76 and typical volume that we're used to seeing. talking about the bridges right now. the tacony-palmyra bridge is open for a ship to pass through. that is open for the next few minutes, keep that in mind. ben franklin slow on the eastbound side. same situation on the walt whitman and right now mass transit is on or close to schedule. tracy? the man suspected of killing six people in montgomery county is still on the run this morning.
6:34 am
police are searching for bradley stone. here's what you need to know because of the search, all schools in the upper perkiomen school district are closed today. the only surviving victim of the shooting spree a 17-year-old boy remains at jefferson hospital this morning and we're working to find out his condition. investigators say stone was spotted in doylestown last night following an altercation with a man walking his dog. what happened, jesse? >> he tried to take the man's car keys at knifepoint and that man was arm would a gun. fired several shots and that chased the man away. the man who resembled stone seen running into the woods and that's the last they've seen of him. i just checked in with the police and i was told during the overnight hours they responded to two suspicious person reports in the area. now, officers say was not founded, no stone sightings, but they did respond to two calls
6:35 am
for suspicious persons. additionally, the police chief we had been waiting for all morning was said to be here within the hour, hopefully before 7:00. hope to have an update with the chief for you before the end of our broadcast. as tracy was saying, this search is impacting school districts as new information for you at this hour. the pennridge school district is operating with a modified lockdown. that means students are going to be kept inside the school and that only people who are known will be allowed inside the school. upper perkiomen school district will be closed completely. affect students in lower berks and upper montgomery counties and the school here in doylestown. closed completely. bradley stone was last seen last night as he tried to steal a man's car keys. the victim pulled a gun, as i said, and fired several rounds and the person resembling stone was last seen running off into
6:36 am
the woods. hope to have an update with the chief for you in about 25 minutes or so. live in doylestown, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. we're learning more about the six people killed and the connection between all of them. members of four generations of the same family died in the shooting spree. a grandmother, a mother, two daughters, a niece and a brother-in-law. brad stone suspected rampage began more than 24 hours ago. here's a timeline. first, authorities say he went to a home in souderton around 3:30 yesterday morning. that is where he allegedly killed his ex-wife sister along with her husband and 14-year-old daughter and left their 17-year-old son badly wounded. he is at a local hospital right now. about an hour later, police say he showed up in lansdale and killed his ex-wife's mother and grandmother, patricia hill. he then went to harleysville where she hot and killed his ex-wife, nicole. neighbors believe a child
6:37 am
custody dispute could be behind the killing spree. the two recently went to court over their children. their divorce started in 2009. we're told it was contentious and bitter. neighbors who knew nicole say over the years they often heard loud arguments and fighting and when the couple's two daughters were picked up by stone they say a few times law enforcement would have to get involved. >> sometimes the police would have to come a. they didn't get along. you know how it goes when they start arguing with one another. i don't want you to have her, i don't want you to see her. >> now, we don't know what happened at last week's custody hearing. nbc 10 called the judge in the case, but he would not comment. our crews will work around the clock to bring you continual coverage and stay with nbc 10 and as detectives continue the hunt for the asuspect. three people shot in delaware county.
6:38 am
the shooting involved two off-duty police officers happened just before 10:00 last night in a home on glenfield avenue in glenolden. monique braxton is live. moniq monique, what can you tell us? >> tracy, we spent the last hour listening to emergency calls made to the delaware county operation center and then we came here to the police station seeking answers. it is a very small borough station, as you can see. here's the video. our camera captured that scene of the triple shootings on glenfield just before 10:00 last night. at the scene, we learned two officers from two different districts are involved. one may be from the colwyn police department. one is being treated and we also learned two women were shot. one has died. the other suffered nonlife threatening injuries. here's the 911 call obtained by
6:39 am
our newsdesk. >> three victims. one's outside. one's inside. two inside, one outside. >> three victims altogether. i'll get you plenty of ems. >> we also made calls to delaware county spokesperson for the district attorney's office. that call has not been returned. we've also tried to reach out to the police chief here in colwyn as well as the manager. their numbers are unlisted. we're going to continue to monitor this case. any developments we get, you'll know it. live for now from colwyn moni e moniqmonique braxton, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> temperatures are dropping. it's a colder morning and as the numbers come down, a bit of fog is forming in the area. you'll have to bundle up if you're heading out the door. during the day, the temperatures increase and so do the clouds. that will lead to rain, mainly
6:40 am
this afternoon. some of the western suburbs will see the first raindrops this morning. 32 in mount pocono and cloudy skies for trenton and, look, in dover, 36 degrees there. see the clouds over center city. that's the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. very light winds overnight and no wind has allowed fog to form this morning. you can see the cloudiness in the pocono mountains. nothing falling from the clouds, but during the day today, rain even in the mountains. some areas of dense fog, really not an issue for most areas north and west. good visibility in northeast philadelphia. but there's the dense fog. millville the visibility is down to a quarter mile right now. mile and a quarter in wilmington and half a mile visibility in dover and thick fog in southern delaware this morning. so, some spots of fog and widespread rain. that's on target for this afternoon. look at the rain to the west, western pennsylvania and steady rainfall in west virginia. that will be here this afternoon and into this evening, as well. your hour-by-hour forecast
6:41 am
showing mainly dry this morning. clouds will be increasing and at noontime, the latest information just updated shows the light rain showers in the lehigh valley and into lancaster county. but as the afternoon goes on, here comes the rain moving into the area. 4:00 rain in delaware, south jersey and areas north and west. and the rain continues into the evening hours. in fact, going to be getting a little heavier during the evening hours. some dry weather ahead and also a chance of some snow. got the seven-day tforecast whe i come back in less than ten minutes. as you're headed out the door, be very careful and mindful of traffic conditions and, of course, visibility may be low in some places. >> we can give you a heads up about all of it with jillian mele. >> a combination of things along the route 30 bypass and the fog that you can clearly see in this camera and then starting to see the normal slowdown on the eastbound side. live look at right at 322. that volume is starting to build and a lot of the area this morning. we ehave an accident westbound
6:42 am
side of street road right near easton road and also downed wires in port richmond, gulf streak at berks street and the blue route and 95. here's what it's looking like. 76 slow and the blue route still looking pretty good, although we are starting to see some congestion right near baltimore pike and 95 southbound is jammed right now from cottman down to girard. vai? breaking news this morning an attack shakes a school in pakistan. more than 100 people, mostly children are dead. killed in a suspected taliban attack. we'll get an update coming up in about three minutes. 16 hours. that's how long a deadly hostage situation lasted in australia. this morning, we have new details about the gunman who is being called by the prime minister a deeply disturbed individual. (vo) nourished.
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now an update on the breaking news we're following for you at 6:46. we can tell you that more than 100 school kids were killed in a taliban attack in pakistan. is the worst attack the country has seen in more than a year. nbc 10 chris cato joins us live from our digital operation center with an update on the aftermath of this apparent massacre. chris, what can you tell us? >> vivid images out of pakistan. really detailing what these school children went through. first of all the headline is now that 126 people were killed in this taliban attack. most of those, more than 100 of those, school children. inside this school. this is a military operated school. many of the children who go to this school are the sons and daughters of military members in pakistan's army. now, this is new video. we're showing you this for the first time. showing the aftermath of the attack here. you can see the students in the green uniforms there.
6:47 am
the ones not harmed. at least not physically harmed. ten taliban gunmen, they were disguised in security uniforms went into the school this morning and started shooting. witnesses say they were shooting children one by one and also set off a suicide bomb, which killed many of the children and a taliban spokesman actually tells media there that the taliban is taking responsibility for the attacks. this is in revenge, they say, for pakistany military operations and the taliban said they want the children, the military families, to feel the same pain that they are suffering because of the pakistani army going after the taliban in the tribal regions of that country. again, 126 killed. most of those children. several children being held hostage and pakistani army has responded. four taliban militants have been killed in this ongoing fight here. and 500 students go to this school.
6:48 am
to see. reporting that the taliban actually set one of the teachers on fire in front of the classroom and made the children see that. so, just a horrible situation evolving in pakistan there. we'll continue to monitor these reports and let you know of any significant developments coming out of pakistan this morning. live in our digital operation center, chris cato. >> thanks. we continue to follow our breaking news locally for that manhunt under way. here is video as we continue to follow that hunt for a killer. of bradley stone. and we can tell you that he was cited overnight. police say someone fitting stone's description held a man at knife point last night and demanded his car keys. the man had a gun and fired at the suspect who ran away. now, stone posted a message on facebook early yesterday and it's not clear if it was posted before, after or maybe at some point during the deadly shooting
6:49 am
spree. he posted a man who doesn't fight for his kids is a sorrowful man. a sorrowful man is a lonely man. god bless my children, my wife, my family and friends. police say after killing his ex-wife, stone did take his two young daughters from her apartment. but then left them with one of his neighbors and they are safe. after more than 16 hours, a hostage situation in sydney, australia, came to a violent end. two hostages and a gunman were all killed. today australian prime minister tony laid flowers at a makeshift memorial outside the lindt chocolate cafe. suspects were held at gunpoint. hours after the standoff, five hostages were able to escape. police stormed the building when they heard the gunfire. >> believe at that time if they didn't enter, there would have been many more lives lost. >> it's not clear if the two captains were caught in the
6:50 am
crossfire or whether just killed by monis. authorities say he was a radical shaikh with a criminal background and currently out on bail facing accessory to murder charges on the killing of his ex-wife. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are moving into the area and temperatures have been coming down and we have some areas of fog. you can see the clouds over center city. this is a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. a little gentle breeze. very light wind. wind chill really not a factor. just plain cold outside. 33 degrees at philadelphia. getting ready efor a little bit of sunshine at the shore. we'll see filtered sunshine to start with, but as the day goes on, more and more cloud cover and then eventually rain. and by then, the fog will be gone. just light fog in pottstown and not an issue for the pocono mountains. three-mile visibility in pocono and blue bell, excellent visibility. it's south jersey that is seeing the fog spread.
6:51 am
dense fog for millville and atlantic city at the airport. delays at the airport. as a result, dover is reporting half a mile visibility and a bit thicker in southern delaware. clouds will be increasing as the day goes on. and so will the temperatures. so, when these brighter clouds arrive, that's just going to be rain moving into the area. the timing is good. so this one will just require an umbrella no shovels needed today. but that may change over the weekend. clouds increase today. showers this afternoon. we'll continue into the evening hours. just rain with temperatures in the 50s today. we'll be in the 50s again tomorrow and put the umbrella away. 53 after a morning low of 34. then the wind shifts and gets brin brisk for thursday and friday. low 40s in the afternoon and clouds return on saturday and looks like sunday will have a mix of rain and snow. that will continue into monday. mainly rain for philadelphia. but there is going to be a snow component to this, especially north and west. we'll be clearing out monday afternoon.
6:52 am
nine minutes before 7:00 right now. if you're getting ready to head out the door. let's get you updated on the roads. >> jillian, fill us in. >> foggy conditions and a lot of our cameras this morning especially out in chester county. i'll show you that in just a second. east bradford southbound right at circle drive, keep that in mind and check out that fog. this is a live look at route 202 and we're definitely dealing with limited visibility in portions of the area. just slow down and take your time. leave yourself extra time. that's always a good idea. normal volume out there and the drive time is not indicating a delay. southbound we have some construction at creek road. northbound we have that normal volume and walt whitman bridge is looking pretty good. no issues to deal with there. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. vai? we continue to follow breaking news this morning. the search continues for this man, his name is bradley stone. he is accused of killing his ex-wife and five of her family members. nbc 10 jesse gary is live in
6:53 am
doylesville where he was last spotted. jesse? >> try to steal a man's car keys late last night but that man armed with a gun, i'll finish that part of the story and tell you what's going on inside the police department, right after the break. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton just outside the police station. we've come here seeking information about a triple shooting that may have involved a police officer. we'll tell you what we know after the break.
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6:56 am
i'm jesse gary live outside the doylestown police department where it is shift change. officers tell me they will be here to brief them on the
6:57 am
resumption of the search for bradley stone. this search. the penn ridge school district is working with a modified lockdown, which means that the students will be kept inside and only known people will be allowed inside the building. the school district closed today, no classes and also the life works alternative school here in doylestown closed altogether. this is all because of the search for bradley stone who is wanted for killing six people yesterday and wounding a 17-year-old, as well. we'll have an update on the story throughout the day on air and online. live in doylestown, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. monique braxton live outside the police station where we are awaiting the arrival of the police chief regarding details about a triple shooting over in glenolden. also making several calls to the emergency operation center where
6:58 am
we have a recording of a call made to them just before 10:00 last night. check out this video. our camera captured that scene of that shooting. at the scene, we did learn two officers from two different districts are involved. one of them may be from glenolden and one at the scene. unconfirmed information tells us an officer is being shot and treated. a recording of the 911 call that i mentioned says when police arrived one victim was outside, two victims were inside this house. we also learned two women were shot. one has died. the other suffered nonlife threatening injuries. we have been making calls all night to the spokesperson for delaware counties district attorney, as well as to the police chief and the bureau manager. those calls have not been returned. as soon as we get an update, you'll know it. live for now outside the colwyn police department, moneique
6:59 am
braxton, nbc 10 news. we have an accident in levittown to tell you about. we also have an accident involving an overturned vehicle in ben salem. normal volume out there on 76. that's the westbound delay and eastbound gets a break here and it's heavy near the curve and montgomery drive. 95 southbound is very slow moving right now. in fact, your drive time from wood haven to the vine will take you 31 minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds are moving in to the area. if you're heading out the door, going to see some sunshine to begin with, especially at the shore. a live view of cape may. the temperatures are running colder this morning. we're seeing 20s and 30s. 27 in atlantic city at the airport where there is dense fog. millville also seeing some thick fog and it's 35 now in philadelphia. we will see the numbers climb into the 50s this afternoon. but take your umbrella with you, rain is on the way. >> got it. >> there you go, good advice.
7:00 am
thank you, bill. "today" show is next. >> always get real-time updates at thanks for wauching. good morning. breaking news. massacre in pakistan. at least 126 people dead, most of them children in class after taliban gunmen storm a school. the situation still unfolding this morning. manhunt. the search is on for the iraq war veteran accused of killing six family members in pennsylvania. was he involved in an attempted robbery overnight? we'll be live with the latest. heroes, powerful tribute in australia for two victims killed during that hostage situation. one of them shot trying to wrestle the gun away from his captor. and morally


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