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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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out the front door. when they turned from the checkout counter, that's when they say they saw a customer running from the back of the store and he had just robbed a female pharmacist at knifepoint. >> just finished checking out and i turned to walk out the front door and i seen a male with a mask on covering up his face. to about this far. >> reporter: runnemeade police sergeant dan murray was off duty monday night shopping inside this cvs, his night of errands, though, turned into a tackle caught on surveillance video. together with his 18-year-old son, brian, they foiled a would-be $11,000 pill heist at knifepoint. murray says the suspect was in for a fight and it could have been worse. >> it absolutely could have. he had a knife out. he was demanding the medication. she did what she was trained to do. >> good thing he was here and got him right on time. >> reporter: shoppers are thankful no one inside the busy 24-hour store was hurt. >> i was at the right place at the right time. it was the wrong place for him. >> reporter: the suspect according to police is
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27-year-old matthew donahue of gloucester township. he was tackled to the floor with that knife still in his sweatshirt pocket. murray is proud of his son and the other customer who risked their own safety to stop a crime. >> i was trying to do this, but the resident, my son jumping in, they did the right thing. that's what impressed me more than anything. >> i feel safe. they always look out for everybody. >> reporter: and we have obta obtained a copy of the police report as whelp that suspect, matthew donahue, is facing numerous charges including robbery, aggravated assault, as well as possession of those stolen pills. and other drug paraphernalia. he will have a date with the judge next week on christmas eve morning. live in runnemeade, cydney long, nbc 10 news. a sex scandal is all the talk in a bucks county school district. >> police say a sex video is being passed around a middle school. it shows children engaged in a very adult act. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live in bristol to explain this evening. lu ann? >> reporter: the school
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superintendent in bristol township says he learned about the sex video tuesday night. there had been a concert here at fdr middle school. apparently the seventh and eighth graders started passing around the video then someone showed it to a principal. >> i want to emphasize that the actions recorded in the video did not occur within our schools or on our property. >> reporter: but the bucks county district attorney told nbc 10 news police believe the cell phone video was taken in a bristol township home. the children in it may be 11 or 12 years old. the juvenile who took the video was a house guest who saw what appears to be a sex act on the vid joe. fdr's seventh and eighth graders started sharing the video. police confiscated evidence. >> i can say we do have phones at this time. that's all i can comment on. >> reporter: a new pennsylvania law makes it illegal for juveniles to share sexting, selfies or nude videos of others. they're more concerned about the children in the video and the
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youth who took it. there is a possibility it was a spoof or the sex act was simulated. police are investigating. a letter went home to parents. the community is stunned. >> it's crazy. they don't realize what they're doing. their minds are just -- they don't know. >> that's why sometimes you have to check your child's phone, too, sometimes. >> reporter: now, and police will not say if the children in the video or the child who took the video actually go to this middle school. live in bristol township, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, lu ann. will it close? or won't it? atlantic city's trump taj mahal casino facing an uncertain future tonight. the day began with high expectations and deal to save the bankrupt casino and 3,000 jobs. it was supposed to be announced at noon. well, this afternoon, we learned the agreement with billionaire investor and taj debt holder carl icahn fell apart. no one seems to know why. >> we don't understand. i thought that everyone had
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agreed on the different stance, it was written up by mr. icahn's attorneys and how it all blew up, i don't foe. >> what a roller coaster. however, icahn today also pledged up to $20 million to keep the taj mahal open through the company's bankruptcy process. a source tells nbc 10 the casino scheduled to close this weekend will now remain open for now. if the taj goes under, it would be the fifth casino to shut its doors this year. it all started with the atlanta club, trump plaza, show boat, then revel. a philadelphia mother pleaded guilty today to involuntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of her 11-year-old daughter. it was actually tiffany goldwire's 2-year-old son who picked up a loaded .357 revolver and shot his sister. goldwire was in the bathroom of their home. it was goldwire's boyfriend who brought the gun into the house and the children found it. goldwire has never identified
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the man. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> sure feels colder outside right now than it did yesterday. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen here with what we can expect tonight. sheena? >> renee and jim, we can expect cold temperatures again at or below freezing for the area. many, if not all of us, will be below freezing. temperatures in the 30s in philadelphia. 39 degrees. through the lehigh valley, mid 30s. 36, allentown. 33, pottstown. 35, reading already. closer to the shore, temperatures mid to upper 30s. the winds are still gusting, though, so it feels closer to freezing for much of the area. as we go through tonight, it will be a cold one. in some cases a little bit colder than it was last night. so as we go through the rest of your evening tonight, around 37 degrees. breezy and cold by 7:00 p.m. in the philadelphia area. 9:00 p.m., temperatures closer to the mid 30s. by 11:00 tonight, about the mid 30s around philadelphia. but areas north and west should already be either at or below freezing. coming up, i'll shoal yw you ho
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could it will be when you wake up in the morning and changes in the weekend forecast and rainy stretch ahead. police say a western pennsylvania man killed his parents and dismembered their bodies. police went to lamar and olivia gilbert's home for a welfare check tuesday night. officers find olivia's son frederick harris iii and arrested him on an unrelated charge. police then searched the home when they discovered the gilberts' remains stuffed in trash cans. >> makes me wonder what -- for this to go that far? >> now, inside the home, police also found receipts for four 45-gallon cans that had been purchased on monday and tuesday. investigators say the suspect is refusing to speak or even acknowledge police. today, opponents are vowing
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to fight the president's plan to restore diplomatic relations with cuba. supporters hope congress will take this change even further. >> only lawmakers can approve ending the u.s. trade embargo. as nbc's steve handelsman reports, businesses and cubans are imagining what that might mean. >> reporter: in cuba, poor and underdeveloped after 50 years of communism and u.s. sanctions, word of the breakthrough is raising hope. >> translator: it is great news for the end of the year. the country's economy is going to grow. >> reporter: the prospect of legal tourism to cuba has american companies excited. jobs will be created, said marriott. exciting possibilities, said carnival cruise. caterpillar welcomed the opportunities to export to cuba. but a former u.s. commerce secretary warns ceos not to put down money. cuba's leaders might not let big business in. >> the idea that they're going to turn over control to u.s. companies and they're going to open things up, i think -- i am
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very skeptical. >> reporter: u.s. companies cannot invest. u.s. tourists can't go until congress lifts the embargo. republican members in miami today said no way. >> obama's deal appeases the castro regime at the expense of the rights and freedoms of cubans. >> reporter: president obama can push the diplomatic thaw. he wants a u.s. embassy in havana and cuba off the list of nations supporting terrorism. cuba sent 1,500 doctors to the u.s. after hurricane katrina, and now it's fighting ebola in afri africa. >> the country, itself, is changed. the world is changed. >> reporter: but that is being hotly debated. washington definitely changes next year. republicans getting more votes and more power makes lifting the cuban economic embargo look less likely. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. new jersey state police hope the deal with cuba helps them catch one of the fbi's most
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wanted. joanne chesimard killed trooper westerner foerster in 1973. fidel castro granted her asylum in cuba. there's a $2 million reward leading to her capture. for people with relatives in cuba, this policy change pre presents a big challenge. this council member never met his cuban grandparents because of the travel restrictions. they have since died but he hopes to connect with other relatives who still live there. >> i would love to go there, i would love to finally visit the grave site of my grandparents. it opens up the door to meet family that i've never met. >> aaa and wilmington says it's already getting calls from people trying to book vacations to cuba. under the new policy, tourist travel is still not allowed. stay with nbc 10 for the latest developments on this story and the impact. "nbc nightly news" will have full coverage at 6:30. two homeowners won their battle against the city of philadelphia.
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prosecutors announced today they will no longer seize the owners' home. this decision comes several months after the two homeowners filed a lawsuit. nbc 10 spoke with one of them in august. they claim officials are illegally seizing property to help fund the city budget. they plan to keep moving forward with that lawsuit. new jersey getting a poor grade when it comes to people's health. the reason, the garden state's being called one of the least prepared places in the nation w when it comes to battling infectious diseases. still searching three weeks later. still no sign of missing college student shane montgomery. nbc 10 has new details about the investigation and how his family is coping. the whole nation saw this scene during sunday night football and the social networks might get hot again. where governor christie plans to be on game day.
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there's a brand new way to get instant news updates on your iphone. watch video and read articles at the same time. if you already have our app, you just need to update it at the app store or download it now for free. we have some breaking news right now out of new york city. we're going to take a look at live pictures here from a building that's on fire in
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queens. building, we're told, burning out of control, but video obviously a little bit dark here. can't see flames. colleagues at wnbc in new york are telling us this is an apartment building on fire. to reports of anybody hurt, but the fire we're told still not under control. again, a fire at an apartment in queens, new york. stay with us for updates on this story. tensions were high in boston today. as the marathon bombing suspect appeared in court. this is the first time tsarnaev has been seen publicly since he was arraigned in july of 2013. a small group of people gathered outside the courthouse to support the bombing suspect. that led to a testy exchange with one of the survivors who attended today's hearing. mark lost a leg in the bombings. >> i'm glad that i've had all the help and support that i've had. along the way. and the fbi's doing a great job. the boston police, the first responders that day. if it wasn't for them, none of us would be around. >> at today's hearing, the defense pushed once again to have the trial moved out of
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boston. they're also asking for the start of the trial to be delayed. the judge made no rulings today. some items from protests in ferguson, missouri, are now part of an exhibit at the newseum in washington, d.c. the journalism-focused museum added a press pass, a poster that reads the police t-shirts worn by protesters and rubber pellets used by police to disperse crowds as part of the museum's exhibit on civil rights which goes on display tomorrow. a newseum employee traveled to ferguson to collect items shortly before a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer in the death of michael brown. new information tonight on the eric garner case in new york. garner died as you know in a police choke hold last august. well, nbc in new york reports that the judge has taken himself off the case. now, he was supposed to preside over a hearing tomorrow on whether grand jury documents can be released. the judge's wife works for the same hospital that sent emts to respond to calls to help garner.
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the hearing, as we've been told by wnbc, has been put off until january. 58% of black americans believe if eric garner were white, a grand jury indictment would have been handed down in the choke hold case according to a new monmouth university poll. the poll found three in ten americans believe the same thing. half said the victim's race would not have altered the outcome. 24% of whites and 27% of hispanics agreed. a warehouse fire in west africa destroyed crucial medicine to help fight the ebola virus according to an official in guinea. fire engulfed the building at an airport. supplies are pouring in. three west african countries most affected by ebola. everything from rubber gloves to ambulances has been shipped in to fight the disease that's sickened more than 18,000 people. when it comes to infectious diseases, new jersey is among the states least prepared. that is according to a new study. the study gives new jersey passing grades for public health funds, preparing for emergency
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threats and having toddlers vaccinated against hepatitis "b." the study says the state falls short when it comes to getting kids and adults vaccinated for the flu. new jersey's health department questioned the results of this study. losing luggage can be a real headache. now one woman's 20-year headache is finally over. maria delose lost her luggage at the las vegas airport more than 20 years ago. well, on tuesday, someone from the transportation security administration called her after they found a note with her old address inside her bag. she was shocked, as you can imagine, and also grateful because of some valuable art supplies in the bag. >> i'm absolutely thankful to the tsa for calling me today, giving me great faith back into the airline industry. >> a tsa spokesperson says it's unusual to find lost luggage or other items that predate the agency. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, cold and windy today. it's going to stay breezy through the rest of the evening hours and it will be colder tonight. cold, but we are dry. and we will be staying dry now as we go through most of your weekend. so the storm system we've been watching all week that was expected to move at least close this weekend is now looking farther south. your weekend mainly on the dry side. rainy next week. we have your christmas eve and christmas day forecast. i'll show you in just a minute. here's a live look up at blue mountain ski resort. skiers and snowboarders out there right now. temperatures definitely cold enough to support all the snow they have on the ground there. in mt. pocono, it's 30 degrees but with the wind right around 12 miles an hour sustained. feels more like 21 degrees. so it going to keep feeling colder through the overnight hours tonight. 33, pottstown. 36, allentown. 35 in reading.
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39 right now in philadelphia. these numbers will keep dropping as we go overnight tonight. south jersey and delaware, temperatures here getting closer to the mid 30s. everyone still feeling that breeze. so it is making temperatures feel colder. feels like either at or below freezing across the entire area. many spots feeling like the 20s now. upper 20s because of the windchill in place. as we go through the overnight hours tonight, here's some of the low temperatures that will hit. 26 in allentown. even reading. 27 degrees for the morning low in quakertown. these numbers will hit right around sunrise tomorrow. 29 doylestown. norristown. 29, northeast philly. 30 degrees for the morning low in mt. holly. closer to the shore, temperatures should be right near freezing. 26 for vineland. 30 degrees for the morning low temperature in dover. around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, voorhees, westchester, temperatures around the upper 20s, 30 degrees for the morning low in philadelphia. the storm we were watching all week is looking farther south.
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as we go through future weather tonight, we do stay dry. more clouds start to move through. friday we stay dry. so a dry, cold end to your week again. now we go into saturday. notice how a lot of clouds stay to our south. the moisture to our south. that storm system will be staying to our south. then we two into sundgo into su. more clouds moving through. mostly dry through the weekend. good news if withdryou have a l holiday plans to run. mid 20s north and west. tomorrow, cold, breezy day kind of like today. not as windy, though. temperatures in just about the low 40s. now we go into the weekend. we do stay dry saturday and sunday. high temperatures in the low 40s. we start a rainy stretch as we go into next week. even as we go into christmas eve, we will have the rain in the forecast. so here's your christmas eve forecast for the area. as we go into christmas eve, rainy and mild. probably not the kind of weather you want. mid 50s. then we go into christmas day, and so far it's looking colder.
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42 degrees. colder. and windy. of course, we're going to update that as we get closer. how about the sounds of christmas now? you're about to meet the second place winner in the more f.m. christmas choir competition. >> this is the ninth through 12th grade division. members of the spring ford area high school choir aren't just classmates. well, they really consider themselves family. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ >> reporter: the spring ford area high school vocal ensembles "deck the halls" sound effortless, but harmonizing like this takes work and these tenth and 11th graders have been at it for years. >> not like when i was a freshman, it was like, i don't know what this is. it seems fun. now it's like everything i like to do. i live, breathe, sing, all the time. >> reporter: the hard work's paid off with a second place finish in more f.m.'s holiday choir competition. ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ >> it was awesome. we were so excited. everyone was jumping up and down when they announced it on the
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rad radio. we came in the school and were like, yeah! >> reporter: along with the announcement, $2,000 in prize money. >> with the money mercedes-benz has awarded us, we're going to take a trip to carnegie hall and do a performance there. >> reporter: the ensemble's performing as part of carnegie hall's prestigious heritage music festival. >> we're ex-freed freedotremely performance art program at spring ford. the students and teacher put a lot of time into they do. we're very proud of what they've been able to accomplish. >> reporter: for the choir director, it's a labor of love. >> academically, they do well. vocally, they do well. they're really fun people to be around. i always say that i love my job because it's really the kids who make it so awesome to come to work every day. >> reporter: and the feeling is shared. >> it's just something i can always have with me. it's just, like, a beautiful thing. music is so important. and i think more people need to realize it. >> we're a family, and, like, we work together and even though,
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like, some people have groups and they fall apart, i feel like especially choir and music in general, like, we will stay together forever. >> now, remember, you can watch all of the winning choir performances on our website, and tomorrow on "nbc 10 news at 4" and 5:00 p.m., we will introduce you to the first place winners in the more f.m. christmas choir competition. well, here's a bit of a sour note, going to court over cakes, cookies and cupcakes? you could you call it trial by dessert. the reason several supermarket chains are being sued in new jersey courts because of their baked goods section. and still a phil. jimmy rollins remains a member of the phillies more than a week after word surfaced of a trade.
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from our south jersey bureau tonight, fresh baked. it is a dispute that prompted consumers to sue three supermarket chains claiming their baked goods aren't made from scratch in the stores. lawsuits filed in camden claimed acme, wegmans and whole foods prepare baked goods elsewhere and reheat them in the stores. representatives from the companies say they haven't seen the lawsuits, won't comment specifically on litigation. spokeswomen from acme and
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wegmans say they're not decei deceiving customers. police in bucks county are continuing to investigate the death of a 16-year-old student. >> that's right. she was hit by a car. she was about to catch the bus to school. next, how police are recreating the crash and also looking at the scene of the accident using a brand new app. and three weeks later and there's still no sign of a missing philadelphia college student. nbc 10 has new information about the case. and how shane montgomery's family is holding up. people along the mainline are already worried about what could happen to their neighborhood. coming up at 6:00, the all new development plan that could leave 100-year-old homes demolished. (vo) nourished.
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rescued. protected. given new hope.
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during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. right now, police in bucks county are still looking for answers after yesterday's deadly crash involving a student on her way to school. >> she was struck while crossing the street to her school bus. >> nbc 10's doug shimell spent the day with accident investigators. doug, what did you learn? >> reporter: well, the chief complaint has been all along from parents how dark it is out here when kids are on their way to the bus stop. when you look out here, see or not see how bad the visibility is now, and this is rush hour.
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after the tragic bus stop accident that killed 16-year-old minete zeka, parents and teachers claim there have been many close calls with kids boarding buses in the dark at bensalem boulevard and bridgewater road. >> we're looking at the records for actual crashes at that intersection. i have no records of close calls. people don't -- nobody reports i was almost in an accident. these are unmeasurable numbers. >> reporter: minete's friends continue to add to a memorial where investigators say an 18-year-old tech student in an suv ignored or didn't see the stopped bus' lights and sign. >> we don't have cameras in the bus or videotape of this accident. there probably is no videotape i'm sure early in the morning nobody was taping anything. but we have nothing that actually shows the accident. >> reporter: police say a computer app is helping them illustrate where the school bus was as minete zeka was crossing bensalem boulevard as the sufficient was approaching from the opposite direction with a green light. parents feel the bus stop needs to be moved to a well lit
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intersection. neighbors say the street light directly over the accident scene didn't help much. >> this child it does not appear was doing anything wrong. she was crossing the street. assumed people would stop. good drivers stop and obey the rules. this guy for whatever reason did not. >> reporter: bensalem police and bucks county district's attorney office say they're still trying to determine if any charges, criminal charges are warranted against that 18-year-old suv driver. live in ben salem, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. in chester county, two women and a man accused in connection with a death of 3-year-old boy were in court today. supporters against child abuse were outside the courthouse today. jillian tait, her boyfriend, gary fellenbaum charged in the death of the 2-year-old. fellenbauh fellenbaum is accused of bashing the child's head into the wall. punched, beaten with a curtain rod, then hung upsidedown and
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beaten unconscious. registered sex offender and convicted rapist arrested again tuesday this time for stalking a 13-year-old allentown boy. 73-year-old clyde ruppel is accused of harassing and following the young child for the past two years. according to court records, ruppel followed the boy to school, watched him playing in the street, moved into a new apartment to be closer to the child's house. ruppel was arrested tuesday. neighbors in the area say he always seemed to bit off. >> i was in shock, you know? really not in shock because i feel like something is wrong with him, but still, you know, we got a lot of kids here. >> police say ruppel also had a marijuana grow operation inside his apartment. he was convicted of rape in 1996. from our south jersey bureau, a man under arrest for allegedly stealing from youth organizations where his own stepdaughter played sports. police say john lucia stole more than $10,000 from the runnemeade
5:34 pm
youth athletic association between august of this year and last week. lucia was elected to be the league's acting treasurer. instead, police say he put the much for youth sports activities into his own pocket. the league will fall short in funding their basketball season. they also serve hundreds of kids in elder sports year round. >> this money goes to fund their sports teams, their equipment, paying for uniforms. and now someone takes it for their own personal gain? it's -- it's actually sickening. >> lucia's e-mail address suggests he works for the irs. we did reach out to him. we haven't heard back yet. from our trenton bureau this evening, local cash for gold shops across new jersey are cited for violating consumer protection laws. state officials say they may be ripping off cash-strapped customers. eight stores in camden, five in trenton, and 29 in newark were among those cited. the 42 shops had more than 7,000
5:35 pm
violations between them for things like failing to use a state certified scale and not posting prices offered for precious metals. for a kpleecomplete list of the violators go to our website, an ocean county woman used an assault rifle to threaten a group of kids playing basketball. kids say they got into an argument with amanda ponzio yesterday afternoon out her schooner avenue home in barnegat. that's when ponzio went back inside her home and returned with a remington .597 rifle. witnesses say she was waving it in the air and threatened the kids. >> and the children did absolutely nothing wrong. they were just playing basketball like kids do. they don't stay in the house or -- they're good kids. >> ponzio is charged with making terroristic threats and endangering the welfare of a child. want to update you on breaking news out of new york city. we showed you a short time ago a
5:36 pm
five-alarm fire burning out of control in the borough of queens at 97th street and liberty avenue in queens. our colleagues at wnbc tv in new york tell us it's an apartment building that's burning. see firefighters on the roof with smoke coming out there. while there are no reports of injuries but we're told this story is not under control in queens, new york. less than an hour, two businesses will host a fund-raiser for the family of the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. joyce craig died battling a house fire in west oak lane earlier this month when she became trapped in the basement. she left behind two children, a teenager and a 16-month-old. punch line apparel and the gloss nightclub bar and grill will have a fish fry fund-raiser at 6:00 tonight at the club on west huning park avenue. proceeds will go toward for a memorial fund. easier for philadelphians to get to know their neighbors tonight.
5:37 pm
the city announcing their potential with a social network called the city is hoping people will use it to improve citywide and neighbor-to-neighbor communications. the wilmington blue rocks have a new ownership team tonight. the new owners have some changes in store for fans of the singing-a ball club. one of them is the son of the man who founded the blue rocks 25 years ago. clark minker wants to make the stadium a full walk-around concourse with a kids play area. the club is promising fun times and big improvements. >> we want to be the positive light that shines through a little bit of a dark time in wilmington, help bring it back to where it needs it be. >> the new owners also have teams in other cities and have built ferris wheels and zip lines in their ballparks. the new project should be finished by the start of the 2016 season. students from across the philadelphia region showed off their citizenship skill s today.
5:38 pm
rendell center for citizenship and civics hosted an essay contest for fourth and fifth graders. the topic, "should online voting be used to increase voter participation?" the winning team were from merion and stanton elementary schools. it has been three weeks now since anyone saw college student shane montgomery. >> vince? >> the search for the missing college student is taking a toll on the family, renee. i spoke with shane's uncle and the fbi today. next, i'll share where the search stands. eagles fans can't forget this scene from sunday night's game. why cowboy high fives might happen again soon. plus the governor talked about his relationship with philadelphia fans.
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i'm nbc 10's vince lattanzio with this digital exclusive. tonight marks three weeks since shane montgomery was last seen.
5:41 pm
despite searches on land, by air, in the water, the missing college student has not been found. surveillance video led investigators to the schuylkill river and manayunk canal. an fbi team from new york used sonar and underwater video technology to scan the water just yesterday, but an agent tells me that it hasn't turned up any new leads. shane's family is now asking for help from a non-profit diving organization to take another look at the water. his uncle told me today that the family is not holding up well, as christmas approaches. hear from shane's uncle and why the fbi may soon have to pull back from the case on the nbc 10 app for iphone right now. now, i first posted this story five hours ago on the nbc 10 app. if you want to get news as it's happening, make sure you have our brand new app. get instant news alerts and watch video and read articles at the same time. if you already have the app, all you need to do is update it in the app store or download it for free if you don't. now. all right. thank you, vince. well, pregnant women exposed to
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high levels of air pollution may actually double their risk of having a child with autism. those findings were detailed in a harvard university study. the risk is highest during the woman's third trimester of pregnancy. doctors hope the new study will help lead to preventative steps. he spent 15 seasons with the phillies and won the hearts of fans for his passion and hustle. more than a week after being traded, jimmy rollins is still a philly. for now. sheena? >> we're cold but also dry across the area until our next rainy step. when that will get here, and details on your christmas forecast. plus, all new on "nbc 10 news at 6," you could be seeing more cars with these pink mustac mustaches. the new ruling that makes them legal everywhere in pennsylvania, except philadelphia.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:45." off duty police officer and his son jump into action to stop a robbery. they subdue the man who robbed a pharmacist at knifepoint. this happened at a busy cvs in runnemeade on monday night. the suspect will face a judge next week. bucks county authorities investigating a sex video making the rounds on cell phones throughout franklin roosevelt high school. the children on the video are between 11 and 12. police confiscated several students' cell phones to determine where the video came from and whether it's actually a spoof. investigators still trying to piece together this deadly school bus accident in bucks
5:46 pm
county. a 16-year-old girl minette zeka died yesterday trying to catch the bus. they're looking at the driver's car to see if there were mechanical problems. carl icahn is pledging $20 million to keep atlantic city's taj mahal's casino open through bankruptcy proceedings. the deal was supposed to it be announced at noon today but it fell apart. if and when it will close remains up in the air now. i'm nbc 10's brittney shipp with the first alert traffic news that's going to impact drivers in delaware starting tomorrow morning. if you take a closer look, here's why. deldot will close the ramp from northbound i-95 north of newark for upgrades. that's the main route to get to the university of delaware and also into downtown newark. the detour means drivers must
5:47 pm
travel a few miles further and get off at another exit. expect delays. that starts tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. watch nbc 10 news starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow for more details. i'm brittney shipp for nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a cold, windy day today. as we go into tonight, we're still going to stay cold. temperatures in the 20s. we're going to be cold, but at least we're going to be dry. this is good news for the weekend, too. the storm we've been watching looks farther south now. your weekend will be mainly dry as well. still cold. then we have rain coming as we go into next week. it does look rainy. so far for christmas eve at least. i'll show you that in just a second. right now through the lehigh valley, temperatures mid 30s. upper 30s in philadelphia all the way to trenton. 37 degrees. same thing, mt. holly and atlantic city. 36, glassboro. 36 degrees in millville. these numbers will be dropping down as we you there tonight.
5:48 pm
the winds are still gusting. temperatures feel at or below freezing. feels like temperature in allentown is 32. reading and pottstown, feels like the mid 20s. much of south jersey and delaware feels like the upper 20s. it's certainly going to be a cold night tonight especially as you wake up tomorrow morning. low temperatures as you wake up around sunrise. 26 for the morning low in allentown. 27 quakertown. 23 mt. pocono. 26 in reading. trenton coming in in the upper 20s tomorrow. upper 20s for doylestown. 30 degrees for mt. holly as we go into tomorrow morning. another cold start for your day. closer to the shore, morning lows will be just at freezing or maybe a degree or two colder. 26 possibly for vineland and around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, waking up tomorrow morning, temperatures in westchester, cleft hester, wilmington, upper 20s. locally, clouds starting to make their way into the area. we have dry. snow to our west and southwest. this should be staying out of the area. as we go into the weekend, the weather pattern looks drier, too. future weather showing us
5:49 pm
staying dry and cold. overnight tonight. friday looks dry and cold as well. but as we go into the weekend, and maybe a little more in the way of cloud cover. does stay cold. that storm system that you see staying to our south now. originally earlier in the week it looked like it would be moving through. now the models have updated. should be stayi ining farther s. expect mostly dry conditions. a cold weekend for you. cold and breezy through the rest of the evening. overnight temperatures, mid 20s north and west. 30 degrees for the morning low in philadelphia. tomorrow, tvemperatures in the low 40s. cold, breezy day. not as gusty as today. temperatures low 40s. winter starts this weekend though it's felt like winter anyway. next week, chance of showers, monday, tuesday. we wednesday, christmas eve, your christmas eve forecast doesn't look too bad temperature wise. mid 50s. it will be mild. the rain will be here as we go into christmas eve.
5:50 pm
does look rainy. christmas day, there could be enough left overmoistuover moise us a few flurries or snow showers. we'll update you on that closer to christmas day. so far the rest of christmas day looks dry. more details coming up. if new jersey governor chris christie decides to run for president, he might have some trouble getting support from his own state. a new rutgers eagleton poll shows only 44% of registered voters have a favorable view of christie. 49% think new jersey is on the wrong track. governor ranks low on his handling of the top issues includiing taxes, the economy ad jobs. christie's choice of sports teams hasn't helped him either. this video of him sitting with cowboys owner jerry jones against the eagles led to an on slaugt of criticism. christie isn't backing down. this morning he called the 94 wip radio show to let listeners know he would be at the cowboys game again this sunday.
5:51 pm
christie also posted this comment on his twitter page. "eagles fans are passionate, wild fans and they want to get angry with me, that's okay." a week after being traded to the dodgers, jimmy rollins is still technically a philly. the phils agreed to trade rollins to l.a. according to comcast sportsnet, padres and dodgers are working to iron out their part of the deal. neither team has made an afounsmeafoun announcement but rollins not talking. the trade to send jimmy to los angeles still in place. in the meantime, the phillies and j-roll are in a holding pattern. well, winning the right to use the men's room. >> hardly seems like a victory, but for one student from ocean county who's been fighting for two years, it means quite a bit. ♪ i picture myself right there >> some of the biggest names in music heading to our area. all new at 6:00, why delaware is now an a-list destination.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a transgender high school student in new jersey says he's won a victory that he hopes others will benefit from. >> that victory, the right to use the boy's bathroom at his school. nbc's brian thompson has our story from ocean county. >> reporter: 16-year-old transgender rubin smyers began
5:55 pm
his campaign on his laptop, to help shorten the walks down the long hallways of his skpool cho get to the bathroom. >> it's isolating to be removed from the rest of the student body and put somewhere by yourself. >> reporter: for two years at the ocean county vocational high school for the performer arts, rubin, now a junior, identified himself as a boy, not the girl, ruby, he'd grown up as. he accepted his long walks down the hallways to a unisex bathroom until earlier this year. started a campaign aimed at getting high school friends to show support to the school board, support he felt was unanimous. >> they eventually convinced me to just use the boy's bathroom because as far as they're concerned i'm a boy and that's what makes sense. >> reporter: now his campaign has made headlines. his mom and garden state equality joining us at the kitchen table arguing that state law already lets transgenders use whatever facility their
5:56 pm
identity matches. if it didn't -- >> i can assure you, we'd be working on making it law. >> reporter: ocean county formally voted to change policy. superintendent tell me once he knows an identity is real there will be no restriction on matching them with the appropriate sex, bath, or locker room. says garden state equality -- >> school, this actually is your obligation, use trans kids use whatever facilities they identify with. >> reporter: here with rubin, it's a policy change with which school systems are still trying to adapt. brian thompson, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6," a woman walks into a local convenience store and makes an unexpected threat. >> she claim ed to have a bomb strapped to her chest. what happened next and why police want you to see this video. and i'm tracking if it will be a white christmas or just a wet christmas. i'll tell you if the weather will cooperate for the holidays
5:57 pm
in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. plus, a convicted rapist accused of stalking a young boy, even moving into the apartment next door. the disturbing messages the man is accused of leaving. next on "nbc 10 news at 6." no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. right now at 6:00, a woman walks into a montgomery county
5:59 pm
convenience store and says she has a bomb. what she did next that had everyone taking her very seriously. elation, then frustration. as an agreement to save atlantic city's trump taj mahal casino suddenly falls apart. >> everything was in place and seems to have blown up today. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg with why the casino could still stay open. but first, at 6:00, the sex offender next door. tonight, a convicted rapist is charged with stalking a 13-year-old boy and going to elaborate lengths to get close to him. police say the man followed the boy for years, even moving next door to him. >> and investigators say that man left gifts, professing his love. nbc 10 lehigh valley bureau reporter randy gyllenhaal is live in allentown tonight. randy, family members found something disturbing on their car? >> reporter: yeah, police say this convicted rapist would leave love notes, rose petals right on the windshield of the
6:00 pm
family's car and had been obsessed with this young 13-year-old child for the past two years. the small apartment where 73-year-old clyde ruppel lives has now been emptied, workers cleaning it out after he was arrested yesterday. ruppel, a convicted rapist is also accused of stalking a 13-year-old boy. two years police say he followed the child, even moving into a downtown apartment to be right next door to the boy's home. >> we got kids here. a lot of kids here. >> reporter: neighbors here say ruppel always seemed a bit off. >> i was in shock. you know. >> really not in is shock because i felt like something was wrong with him. still, a lot of kids here. >> reporter: court records indicate ruppel had been following him to school, watching him play outside for months. according to detectives, the boy's father was petrified for his son's safety. at one point, the suspect left love notes and rose petals stuck to the family's car windshie


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