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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 19, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00 a.m., last minute holiday shoppers are hitting local stores. unfortunately, so are holiday pickpockets. police are on the lookout for suspected thieves. good morning. it's a christmas shopper's nightmare. reaching for your wallet and finding it missing. monique braxton live at the police department. tell us what you found out. >> reporter: as super saturday approaches, cherry hill police want shoppers to know they are issuing a warning that pickpocketers are trolling in search of purses and wallets.
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look closely while we show you who one detective told us she wants off the street. investigators say on tuesday, this couple took a wallet at christmas tree shops. the victim learned more than $300 was edcharged. police say a woman's wallet was taken by these two. within hours, more than $14,000 was charged. police also want you to take a look at this guy. investigators believe he lifted a wallet at bahama breeze, then the went shopping at macy's and target. police also say a wegmans customer had more than $2,300 charged by this woman at best buy and walmart. no connection between the individuals? >> none that we can tell. >> reporter: in the next half hour, we are working to bring you words of caution from cherry hill police. they will have words for merchants as far as what merchants can do to curb this
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crime of violence. live outside cherry hill police department, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. if you are a last-minute online shopper, today is the last day to order gifts that wim make it to you in time for christmas with standard shipping. that's according to experts. if you do not want to pay more than a standard shipping fee, today is the day to place the ord orders. for a list of other shopping deadlines and our gift giving guide, log on to you can expect airports to be packed as we head into some of the busiest travel days of the year. airline travel experts say today is the busiest day for air travel because many schools get out for break. overall, aaa projects close to 100 million americans will travel more than 50 mile bs by r or car over the christmas holidays, up 4% from last year. they say an improved economy as well as lower gas prices are
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driving the increase. people will hit the road today. a live look at i-76 in spring garden in philadelphia. what kind of weather can travellers expect? first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> we will stay dry for our area as we head into the rest of the weekend. a look at today, pushing into saturday, sunday, cold and dry conditions expected. that's going to change as we head into next week. we expect rainfall monday that will linger into your christmas eve and also your christmas day forecast in my seven-day. 27 in the poconos, 36 in allentown, 40 in philadelphia, 39 in wilwilmington. it feels like we're in the 30s. we will drop into the 30s as we head into the afternoon. 38 and breezy by 1:00. 37 by 4:00 p.m. temperatures dropping down into the mid 30s if you head out to dinner tonight. bring your thicker jacket with
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you. breezy and cold. i will have your seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. police in chester county trying to figure out what led it a deadly accident early this morning. sky force 10 was over the scene. officers tell us they found the accident around 5:00 a.m. they haven't released information about the person who died in this crash. in new castle county, a driver accused of hitting and killing a cyclist. he was charged. a 27-year-old man died in the wreck. the man left the scene but then called police the next day. an update in the case against a former owner of a philadelphia day care. tiana edwards pleaded guilty to the death of a 7-year-old boy. it took police nine hours to find the boy's body in a backyard pool at her mother's
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house. that's where edwards dropped after 20 children for a swim and then left. she could be sentenced to 22 years in prison. she's serving five years for taking more than $1 million in improve payment from the day care. a paramedic makes a social media post and creates a firestorm. this morning the fire commissioner sounds off about this photo. he is unhappy with the racially charged photo you saw and at companying comment that seems to attack police. he says the medic violated the department's social media policy and they are investigating. the photo posted on instagram shows two black men pointing guns at a white officer and the message says, our real enemies need to stop pointing guns at each other and at the ones that legally killing innocents. >> we are a professional organization. i expect my members to act in a professional manner.
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>> the paramedic who posted the picture later posted an apology on social media. the picture comes as anger continues to spread over the killings of unarmed african-american men by police. protests have been popping up all over the country, including here in philadelphia in response to the dejz aths of michael bro and eric garner. happening at this hour, a state senator in montgomery county will announce legislation concerning police officers and the use of deadly force. he says the legislation is aimed at addressing the vest combainv of deadly force. the judge who saw bradley stone in court says stone did not give any hint of violent behavior. stone murdered his ex-wife and five of her family members monday. montgomery county's veterans
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court treated him after a second dui offense. the judge issued a statement that reads in part -- the lone survivor of the attack is still recovering at jefferson university hospital. a go fund me account was set up. donors have given more than $21,000 so far. the latest update on the site says he is talking and able to take in some foods. a high school student in philadelphia charged with bringing a gun to school prompting a lockdown. we brought you the story wednesday morning. 18-year-old juan mahia faces several charges. he is accused of bringing an unloaded gun to school because he feared for his safety. another student saw the gun and told authorities.
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that trick erdggered a lockdown. they eventually found the gun in a trash can in the school. no one was hurt. a judge ordered an ocean county woman to surrender her pet bobcat after it escaped from her home three times this year. she pleaded guilty to allowing rocky to run at large. she will pay more than $1,000 in fines and restitution to the popcorn park zoo. rocky will stay at the zoo where he has been since his last escape in october. to atlantic city's casino crisis. the trump taj mahal will not close its doors this week. carl icahn says he will pledge $20 million to keep the taj open through the bankruptcy process. another deal fell apart yesterday. it has been slated to close
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tomorrow. the loser in the bid for eastern pennsylvania's last casino license is asking for a different hand of cards to be dealt. they are appealing the decision that gave the license to a baltimore-based company. they plan to build near the philadelphia sports complex. he wanted to build the casino at the old enquirer building. he appealed the decision to the state supreme court. australia, dealing with its second tragedy in just a week. this is a horrible story. a family, the victim of a stabbing rampage this morning. several children are dead. an update on the case coming up. dramatic surveillance video of a gun battle. we will tell you what happened next. cold and dry through the weekend. rain as we head into next week. your christmas day forecast coming up after the break.
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three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at an update into the investigation of a 5-year-old boy in new york who was the subject of an amber alert yesterday. a caretaker's report that he was abo abducted was false. the 19-year-old woman taking care of him told two officers -- told officers that two masked men had abducted him from a home near albany.
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they found the boy's body last night near the trailer. authorities say they are p intere interviewing a person of interest. the prime minister of australia is describing it as an unspeakable crime. a deadly stabbing attack on a family that left eight children dead. they found the bodies of eight children inside a home. all of the kids were siblings. they found the mother who was injured in the attack. she's in stable condition right now. the kids range in age from 18 months to 15 years old. authorities won't say how the children died or who may be responsible but they say there's no threat to the community there. mourners holding a candlelight vigil today in honor of the eight children. they left flowers, stuffed animals near the scene of the crime here. they gathered together to give that family their respects. spanish businessman under arrest after authorities say he rammed his car filled with gas
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cylinders into the headquarters of spain's ruling popular party. there wasn't an explosion. the crash triggered a major security alert in central madrid this morning. no one was hurt. police say the man is believed to be suffering financial problems. check out this new video of a gunman opening fire on a bar in london. this was taken in may but it was just released by the u.k. national crime agency. 25-year-old man shot at police officers who just happened to be nearby. he was caught a short time later when he ran out of ammo. the gunman was found guilty of possessing a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life. a fire that hit l.a. has been ruled arson. someone intentionally set the fire at an apartment complex that was under construction. it caused an estimated $30 million in damages. police are looking for two potential witnesses in the case. a man was thrown out of a
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courtroom after confronting the suspect accused of dozens of child sex crimes. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> this man says he felt betrayed by the suspect. the charity group welcomed him to their events while children may have had interactions with him. he says he spoke up in court to act as a voice for the alleged victims. >> i went there to say what i had to say to him, to let him know that he betrayed us. he is a monster. >> he faces 58 charges related to child pornography, sexual assault and incest. prosecutors say there's six known victims and believe it has been going on for at least two decades. a court in wisconsin ruled two girls, 12 and 13sh, are
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competent to stand trial. one of the accused had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. after treatment was deemed able to face trial. the girls are charged as adulted in the stabbing. that victim recovered. the trial of michael fell ps is scheduled to happen now. he faces dui and other charges. he was arrested in september. he was going 84 miles an hour before being pulled over. then he failed a blood alcohol test. this is his second drunk driving arrest. government officials are now calling the sony cyber attack a serious national security matter. they are looking into who may have helped north korea launch the attack. sony's decision to pull "the interview" has the entertainment industry reeling. >> reporter: top advisers to the president are now looking at how to respond to the hack that is
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sending shock waves beyond hollywood. >> we have seen that this is -- there has been destructive activity with malicious intent. we believe that activity merits an appropriate response from the united states. >> look at this. kim jong-un wants to do an interview. >> reporter: they pulled it from distribution after chains canceled screenings in response to a threat. officials down played the danger. a listers have ripped the studio for giving in to the hackers, arguing sony always knew the film would be controversial in north korea. >> we can't allow ourselves to be scared silent. >> reporter: clooney, the latest to speak out. what it says about us is a lot, he says. we have a responsibility to stand up against this. top sony executives are dealing with the fallout of the hack itself. the president of the studio met
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with al sharpton to talk about racially insensitive e-mails about the president, remarks for which she apologized. >> we expressed our concerns. the jury is out or where we go with amy. >> reporter: analysts say because of the hack, sony could lose an estimated $100 million as well as its ability to recruit top filmmakers. >> i have to think right now people are going to be leery of doing business there. everybody who worked there, their information has been leaked online. how are people to feel secure this problem has been addressed? happening this afternoon, president obama will hold his end of the year news conference. he will field questions from reporters at around 1:30. see it live on nbc 10. tonight, the president and the first family will head to hawaii for the holidays continuing a seven-year tradition for the family. the white house needs more
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police officers and secret service agents and a taller fence. the report suggests the fence needs to be raised four to five feet immediately and the entire barrier should be replaced. it was prompted by security breaches that saw people jump over the fence. one man made it inside to the east room. now new information about a group of students who ocean city high school who are getting a second chance to send a science experiment into space. it is set to happen, just not today. this afternoon was supposed to be the row launch of the experiment. but the launch has been pushed back until january 6. the rocket will carry the science experiment created by the students which will analyze the effects of e-coli. two astronauts about to
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begin the longest space mission. scott kelly and michael korianko. some of the risks include muscles wasting away in zero gravity as well as the development of cancer because of radiation exposurexposure. they are expected to launch at the end of march. good morning. as we head into the end of your workweek, we will stay cold and dry. more rain as we head into next week. i will have your christmas forecast for you. at least we dry out by christmas, but it's going to be a cold one. see all the clouds, cloudy skies throughout the majority of our area. 40 right in our, but it feels like 33. a cold friday on tap for us. winds are out of the northwest at 13 miles an hour.
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breezy for the rest of today. 38 in reading. 38 in atlantic city. as we push into the afternoon, we are going to stay in the low 40s, even high 30s. 38 in atlantic city. 38 in mount holly. 39 if you are in wilmington. only 27 degrees in mount pocono. our feels-like temperatures tell the story. it feels like 15 degrees in the m poconos. 30 in dover and 32 in wildwood. cold air from the northwest. we are seeing degreesy conditions in tcondition s in the poconos. our satellite radar shows clouds. high pressure in control. we don't have to worry about rainfall as we head into today and into the weekend. but if you are flying out, let's say tonight, one of the problem areas is right along the south here. houston into new orleans where we are seeing a system there that's going to continue to track to the east. as we head into the rest of today, we are going to stay dry,
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throughout the northeast. but by saturday, we will see this system moving closer to atlanta. also we are checking out another system closer to portland. if you head to the pacific northwest, you could see delays as we push into saturday and also even into sunday. that same system will push into montana and then we will see the showers start to move offshore near atlanta. the northeast, the entire northeast is dry throughout saturday and sunday. monday is a different story. that's when we will see showers moving back into our forecast. that will linger until tuesday and into wednesday. our average for this time of year, 44. 42 will be the high today, and look at what happens on saturday. we drop even more down to 40. our future temperatures shows' we head out to lunch, close to 40 degrees for philadelphia. 41 in trenton and low 40s in atlantic city. by the time you head home from work, dropping down into the mid 30s. it's going to be a cold night ahead for you. your christmas eve forecast
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shows we will see warmer conditions. winter starts on sunday. for christmas eve, 55 and rainy, mild conditions. as we head into christmas day, our temperatures drop back down into the low 40s. a cold front will drop us and we will see windy conditions. your seven-day forecast shows we stay dry through the weekend. winter is starting on sunday. temperatures warm up heading into next week. and then we will cool down for christmas day. doctors say pennsylvania is one of the states with widespread flu infections. we will tell you why experts say it could get worse before it gets better. that's coming up. looking to book last-minute holiday travel? we will show you some of the best ways to find late bargains on flights.
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doctors say pennsylvania is one of 14 states with widespread flu cases. experts say the flu season could get worse before it gets better. doctors say the vaccine appears to be less effective this year. they advise that getting the vaccine still can help prevent many cases as well as lessen the severity of the flu if you do get it. police say grinches are ruining the holiday for shoppers. more on some suspects thieves police are looking for and show what you can do to avoid becoming a victim. that's ahead in the next half hour. colorado's marijuana law facing a new challenge. we will show you who wants it struck down and why the case could end up in the u.s. supreme court.
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checking out our top stories right now. one person is dead after an early morning car crash in chester county. sky force 10 was over the scene. officers tell us they found the accident around 5:00 a.m. they have not released information about the person who died here. trump taj mahal will not close its doors tomorrow as scheduled. billionaire investor carl icahn says he will pledge $20 million to keep the taj open through the bankruptcy process. another deal to save the casino and the 3,000 jobs fell apart yesterday. a judge ordered an ocean county woman to surrender her pet bobcat this morning. she pleaded guilty to allowing rocky to run at large after it escaped from her home three times this year. rocky will now stay at the
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popcorn park zoo. cherry hill police have a warning for shoppers making their last-minute holiday purchases this weekend. pickpockets are hitting area stores. monique braxton is live at police headquarters. what's the latest? >> reporter: this warning comes from cherry hill police just in time for super saturday. they want everyone to know, pickpocketers are trolling for your purses as well as your wallets. >> some instances, it's two people working together. it's not always the same people. >> reporter: look while we show you who one detective wants off the street. investigators say on tuesday, this couple took a wallet, at christmas tree shops. the victim learned more than $300 was charged up the street. the day after thanksgiving, police say a woman u's wallet w taken. within hours, more than $14,000 was charged. police also want you to take a look at this guy.
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vest gainvestigators believe he a wallet and went shopping at macy's and at target. police also say a wegmans customer had more than $2,300 charged by this woman at best buy and walmart. no connection between the individuals? >> none that we can tell. >> reporter: most of the businesses are a short distance from each other. walking distance some of them. the sergeant says the suspects are trying to spend and grab gift cards because they know the spree is short lived. don't you think the stores should be asking for identification. ? one case, $14,000 in a short period of time was charged. >> we would like to see them asking for identification more. unfortunately, the way things are now with credit cards, a lot of stores aren't asking because they are not presenting the card to someone. they are swiping the card. >> reporter: cherry hill police say if you are carrying a purse,
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make sure you don't hang it on a chair unattended or place it in a cart and leave that unattended. if your purse has a flap, make s sure you lock it. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. airports will be crowded today as we head into some of the busiest travel days of the year. they say today is the busiest day for air travel because many schools are out for the break today. if you are planning to head out of town for the holidays but haven't bought a ticket, we want to help you find a good deal out there. we ran a few searches. here is what we found. if you are heading to chicago, the key will be to return next friday if you can. that will save you at least $50 or more. if you are heading to miami, you want to wait until this weekend to fly. it's $200 cheaper to fly out tomorrow or sunday than it is to buy a ticket that has you leaving today. worth waiting a day. if you are going across the country to l.a., flights are more than $700. it's a few dollars cheaper if
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you can wait until tomorrow. frontier airlines announced a one-day sale today with one-way fares as low as $30 to celebrate this weekend's launch of service from philly international. frontier is beginning nonstop flights to miami, orlando, tampa and cancun. it's a cool, cloudy, breezy morning across our area. a live look right now at center city. let's find out what's in store for the weekend. meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> good morning. more of the same. cold and dry as we head into the weekend. both on saturday and sunday. we won't see rainfall until we get into next week. i will have your christmas forecast in my seven-day. right now, it's a cold start. look at the temperatures. 39 in wildwood. 40 in philadelphia. 37 in pottstown. 36 in allentown. temperatures in the 20s for the poconos.
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radar shows clouds. we will see more sunshine, but it will take a while. it won't be until the afternoon. we will see a mix of sun and clouds. for people traveling, we are going to stay dry throughout the northeast for the weekend. some of the troubles are down south closer to texas. we don't have anything to worry about just yet. as we push into next week, we are going to see rainfall throughout monday, tuesday, even into wednesday and christmas eve. start today, 38 degrees by 1:00 p.m. and breezy. we are going to see temperatures at 4:00 p.m. at 37 and cold. 35 by 7:00 p.m. with the wind chee chill it will feel like the 30s. happening today, a former bucks county band director accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student is scheduled to be arranged. prosecutors say the charges stem from an incident back in 2012.
11:36 am
she was a band leader at a middle school at the time. she has been suspended from her job. an arrangement scheduled today in bucks county for a teen accused of trying to rape a girl at knife point in school. the boy is charged as an adult. investigators say he forced her into the boy's bathroom in october and then threatened a teacher who interrupted the attack. a would-be robber is due in court next week after his crime was foiled by an off-duty police officers and his teenage son. it happened inside a south jersey drugstore. a sergeant tackled the armed suspect moments after he held up the pharmacist at knife point. the officer's son and another customer jumped in to wrestle and subdue the guy. >> he held a knife to the
11:37 am
pharmacist and demanded she give him medication. i catch him as he's trying to flee out the front door. my son jumped in and helped me. >> amazing team work. the suspect had $11,000 worth of stolen painkillers on him. a philadelphia community came together to support a fallen firefighter's family. nbc 10 at this fund-raiser in honor of joyce craig. all proceeding will go to a memorial fund set up for her family. craig died earlier this month after getting trapped fighting a fire in west oak lane. she was an 11-year veteran of the department and leaves behind two young children. friends added to a memorial was a 16-year-old in bensalem last night. an suv hit and killed her as she crossed to board her school bus wednesday. police are checking the cell phone records of the 18-year-old driver and waiting for blood
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test results. they are using a computer app to recreate that accident. more thdie-ins expected. children are expected to take part in a die-in demonstration at the target on monument road in the winfield heights section of philadelphia tomorrow. students held this protest outside philadelphia school district headquarters. it took place just before a school board meeting yesterday. it was in response to the recent grand jury decisions in ferguson and new york city. two states have filed a case can the supreme court over colorado's legalization of marijuana for recreational use. nebraska and oklahoma say colorado's amendment 64 is unconstitutional. they are asking the supreme court to overturn it. they say marijuana from colorado
11:39 am
is freely flowing into their states, and that undermines efforts to enforce their anti marijuana laws. a former u.s. attorney says he is not surprised those states have filed a lawsuit. >> states didn't vote for marijuana. but now they are baring the effects. they are looking to colorado to put aside its law. >> colorado attorney general says the suit is without merit and he will vigorously defend the law in court. we have an update for you on the ebola outbreak in west africa. medics in sierra leone are receiving safety training ahead of the opening of a 100-bed ebola unit there. great britain built the hospital in eight weeks. it will have around 200 staff members once it is fully operational. the world health organization says ebola has killed nearly 7,000 people now. police officers in camden county are working this morning to make christmas a little
11:40 am
brighter for needy families. members of the camden hispanic police officers society spent the last few hours putting together family-size meals to be delivered. those meals include, turkey, green beans, stuffing and dessert. they have enough food to help out many families in camden. this just in to our newsroom. hate to tell you but jimmy rawlins officially a los angeles dodger. a few minutes ago they announced the trade. it leaked out last week. the phillies will get two miner league pitchers. the general manager will speak out about this deal this afternoon. you will hear from him on nbc 10 news coming up today at 5:00. where he saying good-bye today to a longtime member of the nbc 10 family. coming up, lu ann cahn will join us to say farewell and tell us about a new journey she's getting set to begin. just ahead.
11:41 am
we will miss her. i'm tracking cold and dry conditions as we head into the weekend. rainfall pushing into next week plus the christmas day forecast. that's coming up.
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a woman is suing the boston red sox after she fell down an elevator shaft at fenway park.
11:44 am
she says the closed elevator door opened when she brushed up against it last may. the accident left her with brain, spinal and facial injuries. she's suing the elevator company. your tax refund next year could be delayed. the head of the irs says cuts in taxpayer services will mean fewer agents will be handling returns. half the people who call for assistance won't be able to get through to an agent. congress cut the irs budget by $346 million for next year. google reportedly laying the groundwork to write its android software into your car. it would allow drivers to access streaming music, maps and other content without having to plug in your phone. google has never given a time frame on when it plans to put the software into cars. the company could roll out a new version in the next year or so.
11:45 am
the ride sharing company lift is coming to pennsylvania. it will not be operating here in the city of philadelphia. lift uses smart phone apps to dispatch drivers who use their own personal cars. they just approved the company's application to operate in the state. the parking authority regulates taxis in philadelphia and considers ride shaping companies unlicensed cabs. a new report showing more people are doing their banking with smart phones and on their tablets. they say mobile banking accounts were 35% of all transactions. customers are using mobile devices for basic services like checking balances as well as depositing checks. j.p. morgan has 40 million mobile users. it is it an under statement to say this is a bittersweet day for us. a longtime member of our nbc 10
11:46 am
family is about to embark on a new adventure. after nearly three decades, can you believe it -- you must have started when you were a teenager. >> i did. >> our colleague lu ann cahn leaving nbc 10. she has covered local, national, international stories. she was a founding member of the nbc 10 investigatoinvestigators. she also shared personal stories about her own fight with cancer. now, she's ready for the next step in her journey. she joins us to look back on her time at nbc 10. tell us about this new adventure. we were talking this morning. it was surreal talking about the fact that -- >> i can't believe this is it. i started when i was 18 years old. 27 years here. i cannot believe this day has come. >> you gave it away when you said channel 10. we both started when it was channel 10. >> it has been an incredible
11:47 am
journey. i have had the most fantastic career. but i'm going off on a new adventure. >> let's talk about that. we can spend an hour talking about what you have done, what you are going to do. this all started from a blog that led to a book which has led to your new adventure. walk us through it. >> in 2010, i was completely stuck. i started doing something new every single day starting with the polar bear plunge. >> dancing in the kitchen. doing the polar bear plunge. doing crazy things. life opened up again. people started following me, following my story. i was so fortunate that penguin came to me and said, write a book. it became a book, "i dare me." that put me on a new trajectory. i speak all over the country inspiring others to do new things, to take risks.
11:48 am
i now am going to do the same. i'm daring myself to take a huge big leap. first, a 30-day challenge. >> you are going to the northeast part of the country and -- >> 30 cities in 30 days. >> you want people to follow you? >> yes. starting new year's day with the polar bear plunge in atlantic city. if you want to jump in, come on. then we take off all over the country. yes, i will be blogging every day and putting video up every day. you can follow me on my facebook. then i'm going to temple university. >> what are you going to do at temple? >> i'm going to be the director of career services for all the communications students. >> something you always loved working with students and young people who are interested in coming into this. you have given i think viewers so many gifts. i think one of the greatest was when you shared your journey with breast cancer.
11:49 am
talk to me about that. >> i was terrified. it was 1991, before all the pink ribbons, before all the marches. i was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. i felt a lump. a doctor said -- >> we are looking at the video of one of your early documentaries. >> i walked around with this breast cancer for six months. i had a negative mammogram. when i was diagnosed, i felt like i had to tell women what i knew about breast cancer. i still say it today. if you feel a lump, you must pursue it until you figure out what it is. i told my story publically at a time when a lot of people were not doing it. >> yet it made such an impact. people listened to you. they followed you. you walked people through this. it just was such a gift. >> you know what? i didn't know if i would survive. that's why i told that story. because i did not want to go down quietly. the other thing that happened, my family came to philadelphia, my husband and i -- >> a photo journalist there.
11:50 am
alexa, she was 4 or 5. >> we came here with nothing but the job and the city embraced us. philadelphia became home. and it is home. i'm not going anywhere. i'm going to be right here. >> you have a new chapter going. where he not saying good-bye. you know how they are wrapping us up. you know this business. this is a new chapter. no cut for lu ann cahn. just thank you for everything you have done. it has been just a joy and a privilege to work with you and to follow everything that you have done. >> a privilege to work with you as well. thank you so much. >> all right. we will follow you. good luck. we are going to miss you. as far as our weather is concerned, cold and dry conditions expected for us as we head into the rest of today and to the weekend. rainy conditions expected heading into next week.
11:51 am
your christmas day forecast. a live look at cape may, mostly cloudy skies. we should see sun for philadelphia as we head into the afternoon. right now, mostly cloudy, 40 degrees at the airport. our wind speed is out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. it feels colder than that 40 degree mark. 38 in reading. temperatures in atlantic city at 38. a little below our average of 44 for this time of year. our current throughout the area, 39 in wilmington, 27 in mount pocono. temperatures in dover at 38 degrees. our feels-like temperatures, when you combine the wind and the chilly conditions, 31 northeast philly. feels like 33 in mount holly. feeling only like 29 in atlantic city. it's going to be a cold day on tap for us. cloudy, mostly cloudy conditions throughout our region. we aren't seeing trouble spots if you plan on flying out today with the exception of houston
11:52 am
stretching into new orleans. that will track to the east as we head into your saturday. again, the northeast stays dry throughout the entire weekend. if you are flying to the pacific northwest, we are dealing with a system, a weather disturbance that will push into the west and parts of montana and idaho as we head into sunday. everywhere else, especially the northeast, should stay quiet and dry. it's going to be cold. we will see temperatures dropping a few degrees saturday. our average for this time of year, 44 degrees. 42 as we push into today. then low 40s on saturday. some locations won't make it to 40, like our suburbs to the north and west. on christmas eve, after winter starts on sunday, by christmas eve our temperatures will warm up heading into the mid 50s. we are going to see rainfall, strong winds as we head into christmas eve. as we push into the next day, christmas day, we will see temperatures at 42. we will drop. a cold front will drop
11:53 am
temperatures in time for the big holiday. your seven-day forecast shows a quiet weekend. winter starting at 6:0 sunday. we will see rainfall starting monday night lasting until tuesday. tuesday evening. mild conditions, the possibility of 60. we drop down on christmas day to 49 degrees.
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coming up at 3:00, the final day of christmas giveaways on "ellen." then it's nbc 10 at 4:00. laying out the plans for new year's eve. how philly and camden are trying to rival times square. it's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. hard to believe we are talking about new year's eve. you want to talk about the forecast? >> we have a lot of changing weather as we head into the next week or so. we will stay cold and dry throughout the rest of weekend. if you look, winter officially starts sunday, 44. then we warm up and we could see temperatures at 60 by christmas eve. but we drop down christmas day. it will feel like christmas. >> we will take it a week at a time. thanks. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
11:57 am
we will see you back here today at 4:00. get out there and do some holiday shopping. see you at 4:00.
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>> paul: come on, sonny. you know that i have to keep an image out there. >> sonny: i get that. but when does the image stop and the real you take over? >> theresa: you looking for me? >> will: thought you were going to have to work late. >> sonny: i do have to work late. i just forgot the keys to the new space.


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