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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  December 21, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> they were, quite simply, assassinated. >> two new york city police officers gunned down in cold blood. the new details we're learning about the gunman's plot, and what local police are doing in the aftermath of this shooting. talking about the weather now. it's going to be another cold morning out there. certainly cold enough for them to make snow up in the pocono mountains. this is a live look at camelback mountain resort. we will see a little bit of sun today, but rainy days are out there on the horizon. good morning. this is "nbc news today." i'm rosemary conners. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the conditions outside. i can handle the cold weather so long as we don't have that
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strong, biting wind. >> it is a freezing start to the morning in most locations, right at 32 degrees. especially at the philadelphia international airport. as we head into the rest of today, temperatures are going to stay below average in the 40s, so it is going to be a cold end to your weekend. wind speeds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. it's below freezing in mount holly at 30 degrees. only 28 in atlantic city. 27 in wildwood. 29 degrees in wilmington. 28 in coatesville. a chilly 24 degrees in mount pocono. cloudy and cold. i'm tracking rain on the way. i'll go over all the details in my seven-day forecast. new from overnight, an apartment fire in newcastle county, delaware, september two people to the hospital. the fire broke out around 2:15 at the harbor house apartments. crews had the fire under control
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within the last half-hour. we are working to find out the two victims' conditions and exactly how many people were evacuated from this apartment complex. investigators are looking for the cause of this fire. as soon as we get an update, we'll pass it along to you. also new, two different shootings at a north philadelphia bar leaves one man hurt and another man under arrest. a man and a woman got into an argument at the rock bottom bar. that's what police tell us. they say that the man came back with a gun and shot another man in the arm. the victim is in the hospital with a graze wound. the suspect is on the run. minutes after that happened, police arrived and a different man fired a shot. police say it was in their direction. officers arrested that person. again, we'll keep you posted on this story as well. one person was taken to the hospital after this accident that an nbc 10 photo journalist shot on her cell phone. she was passing by this crash. it happened just near 2:00 near
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the ridge avenue exit. it was a solemn display in brooklyn last night. members of the nypd saluted the bodies of the two police officers killed yesterday afternoon. the sad tradition happened as the bodies were taken from the hospital where doctors tried to save their lives. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were sitting in their marked vehicle when a man came up and shot them both in the head. police commissioner william bratton called it an assassination and said the officers were targeted solely because they were members of the nypd. police believe that the suspect, 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley, was motivated by hatred and anger toward police. authorities say he ran to a subway station after the shooting and shot and killed himself. police say before the shooting, the gunman posted online that he planned to shoot what he called "two pigs" in retaliation for the police choke hold death of eric garner in new york. >> our hearts are heavy.
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we lost two good men who devoted their lives to protecting all of us. >> police say just before coming to new york, brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend in baltimore. president obama says there's no justification for these murders. he's asking americans to reject violence and harmful words and to seek out prayer and sympathy for the victims' relatives. meanwhile, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is calling on his officers to be careful and alert following yesterday's deadly violence. the commissioner says he's concerned about the current environment for law enforcement. ramsey leads president obama's task force on 21st century policing, by the way. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at philadelphia police headquarters. what does the department have to say about this attack? >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey says he is very concerned right now, this coming after those two officers in new york were shot and ambushed while sitting in their patrol
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car in broad daylight. philadelphia police say they continuously reiterate officer safety any time an officer is killed in the line of duty anywhere in the country. police here are calling this a horrible act of terror, adding that intentionally murdering officers is not the way to solve anything. in a statement to nbc 10, a department spokesperson said the following. all of us in this country must really take a look at ourselves and our actions and get this right, because the loss of human lives sure ll lly isn't the ans. commissioner ramsey is leading president obama's task force on 21st century policing. live at philadelphia police headquarters, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the new jersey state police says, our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters of the nypd. you can read more about the officers killed and local response from departments in our area. it's all on our website, you can download the new nbc 10
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app for the iphone to get any breaking news alerts. powerful and peaceful. that's how police and demonstrators are describing a die-in protest. dozens took up positions in the food court and two other locations. protesters chanted, then fell to the ground to protest the police killings of the unarmed men in new york. we heard mixed reaction to the protest that took place on the busiest shopping day of the year. >> i really appreciated the help that we had from the police that came to make sure everything ran smoothly. >> we're not doing any business because of it. they can have their opinions, that's fine. but when it affects us, we're here trying to make a living. >> the protesters marched throughout the mall and parking lot for about 90 minutes yesterday. a similar protest took place at the christiania mall in delaware. demonstrators were standing
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right outside the mall. their message, black lives matter. and then earlier yesterday, it was adults and children who staged a die-in protest at one of philadelphia's busiest intersections. nbc 10 was there at city avenue and monument road in winfield heights where the kids carried handmade signs calling for justice. in minneapolis yesterday, a police brutality protest also blocked business at the nation's largest shopping mall, the mall of america. an estimated 3,000 demonstrators chanted and held signs. police arrested more than two dozen people here on trespassing charges. nobody was hurt. today, members of a montgomery county community will once again come together to remember the victims of the mass killing spree earlier this week. nicole hill is one of those victims. her ex-husband, an iraq war veteran bradley stone, killed her and five members of her family. he also injured hill's nephew,
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who is in the hospital. tonight there will be a vigil at the first baptist church. the rampage started on monday morning. police say the shootings started in three different locations in montgomery county. it then touched off a manhunt. they found stone's body about a half a mile from his house. he had cut wounds on his body, but police have not officially or exactly said how he died. we have some new information this morning on a fire at a farmer's market in north jersey last month. the times of trenton is reporting that investigators have wrapped up their work, but store owners are still waiting to learn the official cause of the fire. flames destroyed a building at the columbus farmers market in springfield, union county on november 18th. venders say they can't move ahead with insurance claims until they know exactly what sparked the blaze.
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today, there will be plenty of holiday cheer in south philadelphia. here is a live look at the wells fargo center, where thousands of philadelphia families in need will take part of the sixth annual operation brotherly love. families will enjoy carnival games, food, music, dancing, gifts, and brand-new winter coats. it's all thanks to a number of volunteers committed to giving as many children as possible a holiday filled with love, joy, and warmth. >> three, two, one. >> the infamous charlie brown christmas tree is lit up for the holidays. the community held a rededication ceremony. the 50-foot spruce has been at the center of controversy since last month when some people complained it was ugly and scrawny. since then, many have rallied around the symbol of christmas.
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this parade in center city, philadelphia, marked the fifth night of hanukkah yesterday. hundred of cars traveled to independence mall. then organizers lit up a giant menorah. tonight, jewish families will light the sixth candle on the menorah. talking sports now. the eagles will need a christmas miracle to make the playoffs after losing yesterday's game at washington. here's the play that did it in for the birds. mark sanchez throwing an interception with less than two minutes to play. from there, washington kicked the winning field goal. there's that field goal. eagles lost 27-24. dropped to 9-6 on the season. if the dallas cowboys win today, they clinch the nfc east and the birds are out of playoff contention. north korea is making new demands in the aftermath of the sony cyber attack. what the country wants and who the united states is turning to for help. plus, we're learning more about the malaysia airlines
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flight that went down in ukraine over the summer. investigators have uncovered new evidence.
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like jalapeƱos or spinach - all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh. this is "nbc 10 news." at 5:43, let's take a live look over center city. all is dark at this hour. but eventually, we will see a little bit of sun today. we are going to have a lot of clouds, similar to yesterday. temperatures are going to struggle to get out of the 30s. meteorologist brittney shipp will have the details coming up in the forecast. north korea is proposing a joint investigation with the u.s. into the hacking attack against sony pictures and its warning of serious consequences if the united states does not comply. u.s. officials blame north korea for the hacking, which north korea denies. the attack caused sony to cancel the christmas day release of "the interview," a comedy about
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a plot to assassinate kim jong un. analysts say the proposal is merely a ploy as the country knows the u.s. would never accept its offer for a joint investigation. the u.s. is now asking china for help as it weighs potential responses to the cyber attack. more demands of the u.s., cuba's president is demanding that the u.s. respect his nation's communist rule as the two countries work toward normalizing relations. raul castro delivered the message during a speech at his national assembly yesterday. castro said he was proud of cuba's resistance to the u.s. economic embargo that began in 1960. he did praise president obama for resetting u.s. policy on cuba. the two countries swapped prisoners following months of secret talks. u.s. officials will visit havana next month to start more talks on normalization. there is more evidence of the shootdown. the plane crashed in july,
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killed all 298 people onboard, most of them dutch. the chief prosecutor from the netherlands says a likely cause of the tragedy is a ground-to-air missile. he told families his agency found more evidence and information than what's been reported in the media. >> it consists of things like wiretaps, a lot of photos, eyewitnesss. of course, forensic material. there's a lot of material which is in the criminal case now. >> the flight from amsterdam to malaysia ended over eastern ukraine, where government forces were fighting pro-russian rebels. let's head now to australia, where police have charged a mother with murder in the deaths of her seven children and her niece. on friday, officers found the woman with stab wounds inside of her house. there, investigators also found the bodies of the eight kids. the victims are between 2 and 14 years old. the woman is still in the hospital. right now, investigators are
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trying to figure out exactly what happened inside that house. an urgent holiday plea, as donations are drastically down this year. why the salvation army is having a hard time getting people to give a little for christmas. winner officially starts this evening. we are beginning to see cold and dry conditions to end your weekend. i'm tracking changes on the way as we get closer to the holiday. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of your weekend, we are going to see a cold and dry end to the weekend. expect temperatures starting off below freezing. we'll say hello to winter and a wet christmas eve is on the way, so we are going to turn to more of a rainy stretch as we push into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. here's a live look outside right now. 32 degrees. just at freezing for
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philadelphia. our humidity is at 56%. wind speeds at 6 miles per hour. we are going to see temperatures starting off a bit colder. only 30 degrees in reading. 28 degrees in atlantic city. just at freezing for philadelphia. throughout most of the area, our temperatures are below freezing. only 24 degrees in the poconos. 31 currently in allentown. 28 in quakertown. we're at 25 degrees in washington township. 29 in wilmington. 30 degrees here in trenton. 30 in wrightstown. and a closer look shows we are seeing just a few clouds. we'll see a mix of partly sunny skies today. and we are seeing a few little snow flurries here developing just to the north of allentown. but everywhere else throughout the northeast, we are staying dry. it will not be until we head into tomorrow evening that we start to see light rainfall moving in. we'll see another chance as we
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head into tuesday and wednesday. that's when we'll see the heaviest rainfall and windy conditions. although our temperatures are going to start to rise as we head into next week. so our average for this time of year is 43 degrees. today 42. just a little bit below that average. and then warmer air starts to make its way in, so we are beginning to head into the 40s. the mid 40s, as we push into your monday. we'll continue to see temperatures climbing until we get close to 60 degrees by christmas eve. but we are going to see temperatures dropping substantially between christmas eve and christmas day. for christmas eve, rainy, windy temperatures. a mild christmas eve for us. it will feel more like christmas as we head to christmas day. colder and still windy. we will start to see our conditions drying up, though. but our seven-day forecast shows 42 degrees today, winter officially starting at 6:03 p.m. we'll see another chance of showers on tuesday. heavy rain and wind expected on
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wednesday for christmas eve. our temperatures drop right back down on christmas day. 48 degrees. we stay in the 40s for the end of next week. >> now to news from our delaware bureau. a judge says stockholders of discount retailer family dollar can vote on a proposal to acquire rival dollar tree. shareholders are set to vote on the $8.5 billion acquisition on tuesday of this week. some wanted to postpone the vote until the board reviewed a different deal with dollar general. that company also has a bid for family dollar. speaking of your dollars, the salvation army is issuing an urgent plea for donations just days before christmas. that familiar sound. the red kettle campaign is only at 50% of its overall goal. one reason is because there's one fewer week between thanksgiving and christmas this year. the organization is concerned about the rising level of need
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in our area, and there are just a few days of fundraising left to help local families. you know who else wants your business on this final weekend before christmas, retailers, of course. yesterday, shoppers were out in force on what's known as super saturday. we stopped by the plymouth mall to check out the crowds. experts say sale numbers for super saturday are expected to surpass black friday for the first time in a decade, and the sales continue today. some stores will be example nonstop, 24 hours until christmas eve. if you still have some shopping to do and need some last-minute ideas, we can help you out. just download the new nbc 10 app for iphone to check out our holiday gift guide. it's all on our website, wall street is also keeping an eye on holiday sales. cnbc's tyler matheson gives us a preview of what's ahead this week in business news. >> christmas day is nearly here, and not only will santa claus be coming to your town, he's also
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coming to wall street. over the next few days, look for last-minute shoppers to cram the nation's malls, especially on what's now being called super saturday, spending some big money, boosting retailers' bottom lines, or so they hope. some of the biggest chain stores will be keeping their doors open day and night. ups, fedex, u.s. postal service will work around the clock to get a record setting number of packages. why department i go into the cardboard box business, folks? an updated look at economic growth during the fall quarter. fresh read on home prices in november thanks in part to lower prices at the pump and a strong jobs market, a read on consumer sentiment, and that may well hit its highest level in years. hollywood is going to keep a close eye on the box office to see which movies people are seeing after threats from haerks prompted sony to shelve "the interview." it was scheduled to hit the silver screen on christmas day. i'm tyler matheson. get all your business news on
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this is nbc 10 news. >> at 5:56, here is a live look at boat house row. all looks pretty calm out there this morning. it's because we're not really dealing with any strong winds, as meteorologist brittney shipp tells us. some light winds today, some clouds out there. we are expecting a little bit of sunshine, but don't get your hopes up because we've got some rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. three teachers in north carolina decided that their students deserved a nice christmas, so they raised thousands of dollars to make it happen. >> four, three, two, one.
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>> the fourth grade teachers called it project christmas. they quietly raised $100 for each of their students for the holiday surprise. of course, it was anything but quiet once those kids ripped into those bags. many of the children come from families that are struggling financially, and for some, it was a first to receive a bag full of gifts for the holidays. >> free shopping trip. every time at the register. it was all worth it. >> i think that's why they call teachers saints. according to the teachers, money for the project came pouring in from secret santas from all over, even overseas. philadelphia men and women in blue are on high alert after a gunman murdered two officers in new york city. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at police headquarters. matt? >> reporter: rosemary, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is responding to that shooting in new york, as is philadelphia mayor michael nutter. i'll have that coming up.
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and it's going to be a cold and dry end to your weekend, but i am tracking wet conditions. i'll also let you know what to expect for christmas eve and christmas day, coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. >> two unsuspecting officers and a gunman on a murder mission. what the shooter posted on social media before he assassinated the new york city police officers. another cold morning out there as we take a live look at the center city skyline. some advice, make sure you have your winter coats, gloves, your hats today. although we will soon be trading in those jackets for umbrellas. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary conners. it's 6:00. before we talk about the rain, let's talk about the weekend weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. this is the official start to winter, right? >> that's right. as we head into the rest of this evening, winter officially starts. temperatures barely making it into the 40s, and we're starting off below freezing for most of the area. so if you're heading out soon, make sure you grab your jac,


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