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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 23, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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0 savings card and catalog. and starting today, 98 million people will take part in the holiday tradition of traveling. we're checking the roads, rails and airports to let you know what to expect. dashing through the rain perhaps this morning. wet weather could throw a wrench in your travel plans for the christmas season. we will start to see some showers today. some of you already seeing them this morning. but the heavy stuff is yet to come. just in time for christmas eve. good morning, welcome, everyone to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. let's begin with michelle grossman in with her first alert forecast. still some showers out there, right? >> we'll see over the next couple of hours, we could see a
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shower all along today, but the best chance the morning and then tomorrow looking at the chance of some heavy rain. this tells the whole picture. looking at wet roadways and busy travel and out about this morning. going to see wet roadways and using the windshield wipers especially north of the city, green lighting up on radar. the light rain falling and, again, most of the light stuff and the heavy stuff that will fall tomorrow. temperatures much warmer than this time yesterday. we are close to 50 dexwrgrees i philadelphia. right now 40 in reading and 47 in philadelphia. 50 degrees right now in atlantic city and 52 in wildwood, that is way above what is normally our high for the day. for today by 8:00, 43. looking at the chance for showers. same story by 10:00, 45 and 47 degrees by noon. scattered showers throughout the day today and on the light stuff and tomorrow looking for the first alert weather and we'll issue that because tricky travel for many out there. a busy, busy day, last-minute
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shopping and people trying to get to where they need to and travel delays on the air and in the road. rain heavy at times and see up to an inch and a half in some spots and winds gusting at 20 miles per hour at times and even at 40 close to the shore. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. a couple days to get through here with some rain. in the meantime, let's check the roadways with our first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> this is a live look in center city philadelphia the vine street expressway out near 76. wet conditions out there. but for the most part, the roads are quiet. we are dealing with police activity on 76 westbound the ramp to get on the blue route. one lane blocked in that area and aside from that, dealing with some of the normal lo long-term construction zones and that remains closed and also drivers for bucks county, maple avenue is blocked off near old
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lincoln highway. chris? two minutes after 4:00, you know the drill, two days left until the big day, christmas. many of you will hit the roads, but as michelle just showed us, wet weather is part of your travel plans. let's begin with katy zachary checking out how things will look for commuters to wherever their christmas destination is. katy? >> the rain has stopped now, but it is expected, as michelle said, to start later this morning. it very well could hamper people's plans to get on the roads today. according to aaa, holiday travel is up significantly over last year. of those travelers, most will drive, 90 million will drive this holiday season and one thing fueling that is low gas prices. if you wonder how low on. national average, last year at this time, well over $3 a gallon. we checked in with the folks at international airport and amtrak
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to find out what they are doing differently in light of the rain that we are having today and tomorrow another busy travel day. now reporting live along 95 in center city, katy zachary. >> air travelers at philadelphia international airport were getting an early start. but with bad weather and perhaps a lot of rain in the forecast, the airport does expect the biggest issues to come on christmas eve. >> high winds and that may cause a ground delay which means there will be delays in arrivals and departures. >> now, 6% of people traveling will do so by air. an estimated 90% are hitting the roads. so, now is the time to get that new nbc 10 news app and weather app to take that with you wherever you go. you can get breaking news alerts and weather straight to your smartphone or tablet. go to to download
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those apps for free. this morning new video of the man who killed two new york city police officers over the weekend. this video shows ismaaiyl brinsley inside a brooklyn mall a few hours before the shootings. they try to piece together the pack that he took. the package you see in his hand here contains the gun he used in the crimes. authorities also revealed that brinsley was a bystander at police against new york city and he recorded some of the rally on a cell phone. he posted anti-police statements before ambushing the two police officers as they sat in their patrol car on saturday. now, new york city mayor bill de blasio called for people to put aside their protest until after the funeral for rafael ramos and wenjian liu.
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officer liu's wife made a statement yesterday. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. >> the memorial at the scene of saturday's shootings in brooklyn continues to grow. the number of police officers killed with guns this year is 58% higher than it was last year. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says 49 officers have been killed with guns this year, compared to 31 last year. the number of officers killed in ambush attacks is triple. california has the highest number of officer deaths this year at 14. four were killed in pennsylvania and three in new jersey. we have new information this morning surrounding the controversial instagram photo posted by a worker in philadelphia. firefighters and paramedics were told to give the department social media policy "a second look." employees sent an e-mail saying
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that yesterday and striking them to review the guidelines. cochi the 1-part policy includes a ban using personal electronics to post on social media while on duty. 4:07 and new this morning, a 33-year-old philadelphia man is recovering this morning after being shot in the point breeze section of the city overnight. police tell us the man was walking down 25th street with his cousin when they heard gunshots. the man realized he was hit and ran two blocks is to his house and called 911. no word yet on a suspect or a motive. happening later today, a community event to help a family in need. this family lost their home and almost everything they had in it in a fire. a fire that authorities say was set by a neighbor with a grudge. jesse gary is live this morning for us inside limerick township outside the police department there. this is more than a police effort to help one of their own,
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right? >> that's exactly right. the entire township community as well as people from the outside all pulling their resources to try and help. earlier this month the morris family home on common drive went up in flames while they were vacationing. investigators say neighbor donna cr u ckrupp set the blaze. trying to make the best of this bad situation during the holidays. >> do know that they have found a new place to be at. they got a christmas tree and everything. the kids are getting a little more excited, again. trying to get to normal with some christmas tree and the gifts coming back. >> on buckwalter road. the restaurant will donate 10% of the total sales tonight. for more information on that you can go to our website, how did this all come about and why? i'll investigate that and let you know coming up in the next hour. we're live in limerick township.
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happening today, the man charged with firing the stray bullet that killed a philadelphia teenager as she was walking home from school is set to be arraigned. darien person fired shots during a fight during a fight in september. one of the bullets hit 15-year-old raman who was walking home from delaware valley charter school that day. a 19-year-old man was also injured. the person was also charged with murder and other offenses. hundreds of students in montgomery county gathered to remember a classmate murdered in a killing spree and they pray for her brother the only surviv survivor. classmates of nina flick packed the gym for a vigil and they remembered nina and prayed for her 17-year-old brother, anthony. >> he's still here and we're very thankful and that nina, even though she may be gone. we can still feel her.
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>> last monday bradley stone killed his wife and her sister. a good tuesday morning meteorologist michelle grossman. waking up and walking out the door to showers and low clouds and reduced visibility, take it slow on the roadways. also ponding on the roadways with the rain that fell last night and overnight. tracking the showers today, mainly falling this morning and then we have the threat all day long with the bigger threat with some rain and even some heavy rain comes on christmas eve and that's what we're tracking on wednesday and also the chance for a thunderstorm in spots and winds gusting over 40 miles per hour and then we're looking at christmas winds, as well. we can see winds gusting over 40, 405 miles per hour on christmas day. a live look outside. waking up to low clouds and waking up to fog across the area, especially north and west, we're seeing reduced visibilities. right now 47 in philadelphia.
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winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour and here's a look at the reduces visibilitied. not so bad south and east of philadelphia. once you go north and west, visibility down to two miles in reading and down to half mile in mount pocono. again, north and west, the biggest area we're seeing the patchy fog and that will continue through at least the early part of the afternoon. temperatures big difference from this time yesterday. 47 in philadelphia and 42 in allentown and it is 52 degrees in wildwood and 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. right now light rain showing up on radar. you can see that green, especially north and west. that will be the threat through at least the early part of the day. we'll track the showers and then see more light rain tonight. rain heavy at times and could see a thunderstorm in new jersey and also the coast of delaware and then thursday the wind comes and we're looking at some sunshine. we have a first alert weather day on christmas eve. busy, busy day. lots of people traveling and getting things done for the holidays. looking at the chance for rain,
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some heavy. again, the chance for thunderstorms along the coast and also some in new jersey and winds will be an issue, as well. we'll talk about that and look at your seven day coming up. let's get a check of the highways on this early, rainy tuesday morning. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is looking at the roads. jillian? >> so far dealing with one problem and this is an accident 76 westbound at the blue route southbound and on the ramp to get on the blue route in that area. one lane is blocked and police out there on the scene and not causing a backup. just something for you to be aware of. the rest of the blue route is clear and so is 76. keep in mind, the roads are wet. this is what 76 is looking like out near the interchange near 202 and king of prussia. we could see volume there later in the morning and keep you updated on all the delays as they form. chris? a kent county community has come up with a new way to crack down on crime, but not sitting well with everyone. find out who is being armed with tasers. and you may remember this
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former schuylkill county police chief and his videos that went viral. now, he's explaining why he made those videos. you got to hear this. former philadelphia sportscaster don haulson breaks his silence after withdrawing his guilty plea in connection to a charity scam.
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4:15. a 3-year-old boy is in stable condition after being grazed by a bullet in his home. some type of altercation broke out and a man was shot in the leg. one of the bullets went into the home next door and hit the boy. police are looking into whether the boy's father was the intended target of the shooting. at this point, police have not charged anyone. well, divers were back out
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searching the schuylkill river yesterday one day after finding the keys of missing college student shane montgomery. divers searched the schuylkill river yesterday just below boat house row but didn't turn up any new clues. a volunteer team found his keys in the water on sunday. there is a $65,000 reward for information in the case. a police involved shooting in north hampton county is in the hands because of conflict of interest. they have to determine if deadly force was justified. in october richard sherman led police on a chase that ended in easton. officers shot and killed sherman. his death was ruled a homicide. >> whatever decision is made, it must be made with an independent set of eyes and not at all influenced by past or present relationships with police officers who serve in this community. >> now, the d.a. did consider
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convening a grand jury, but he says he doesn't think that is warranted in this case. a former schuylkill county police chief who gained national attention over his anti-government pro-gun rant says he it was all an act. mark kessler was the police chief and he was let go after videos like these surfaced on the internet. he used the videos to secretly feed information to the fbi on people who he viewed as threats. the fbi has declined to comment. 4:17 now. the pennsylvania state trooper who was wounded in september's deadly ambush in pike county is getting to spend the holidays at home. alex douglas left a rehab center to spend christmas with his family near scranton. this photo on facebook shows him standing on crutches next to a christmas tree. frein shot douglas in september and also shot and killed corporal brian dixon. police captured frein seven
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weeks after that shooting. don tollefson is talking about his case for the first time. he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars by promising the money would go to charity. a promise he did not fulfill. he entered a guilty plea and then he went to court last week and changed his mind. now he says he plans to prove his innocence. >> i believe i did not have any criminal intent and the new evidence is very, very important to the decision i made one week ago today to withdraw my plea. >> tollefosn did not elaborate on what that new evidence is. 18 minutes after 4:00, the former head master of a new castle prep school has been found guilty of dealing child pornography. christopher wheeler was the former head master at tower hill school in wilmington. police say they searched his home and office and found images of child pornography and no
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evidence that wheeler abused other children. he faces up to 50 years in prison when he's sentenced in march. turning citizens into crime fighters and arming them with tasers to zap the problems away. that is part of the controversial plan on the table in dover. there's a proposal there to hire a team of cadets to help enforce the law in dover's up and coming downtown area. some people are concerned, though, arming those cadets with tasers may not be a good idea, but police insist anyone who's hired will be screened and well trained. >> we can deal with some of those nuisance crimes that could be a deterant from somebody wanting to come downtown to go shopping. the cadets are definitely beneficial. >> if the plan passes and takes effect, the cadets would work like trained security officers and enforce minor laws like loitering. city council plans to take up the measure next month. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> all right. we are waking up to some fog across the area, some showers falling, but very mild compared to this time yesterday. the whole different day than what we woke up to yesterday morning. taking a look at visibility, not too bad to the south and east of philadelphia. to the north and west we're seeing the concern. reduced visibility down to half mile in mount pocono and those are the spots you want to take it a little slower this morning and you can see that fog continuing over the next several hours. otherwise, waking up to some clouds and waking up to some rain across the area. 47 right now in philadelphia as opposed to the 20s we woke up to yesterday. right now seeing temperatures in the 40s to the north and west. 42 in allentown and 49 in ben salem and mild down to the south and east. along the coast, temperatures along 50 degrees in atlantic city and 46 in dover. a mild start and looking at a wet start and that is the pattern over the next 48 hours. taking a look at the 28-hour
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difference in terms of temperatures. 23 degrees warmer in willemten than this time yesterday and 28 degrees warmer and you'll feel that difference when you head out this morning. light rain falling across the area, especially north and west of philadelphia. take it a little slower this morning. you'll have to use those windshield wipers. it is tomorrow, though, we have the concern. we have a first alert weather day where we're expecting some nasty weather, not great timing in terms of christmas eve. so, rain some heavy on wednesday. we're looking for the chance for some thunderstorms especially in the warm part of the storm that comes later in the afternoon. that would be along the coast in delaware and also parts of southern new jersey and winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour and maybe close to 40 along the beaches. today rain mainly in the morning and then seeing the threat for showers in the afternoon. milder, 48 to 52. quick look at your seven-day forecast. looking at 50 today and wednesday heavy rain, 62. 51 on thursday and then look at friday looking very nice. temperatures in the low 50s and lots of sunshine. >> thanks, michelle.
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4:21. let's see if there is anything to slow drivers out there this morning. jillian mele will bring us up to speed. >> the roads are wet out there. no accidents, no delays to report, but you can see it is a bit of a messy commute. leave yourself extra time there. still an accident 76 westbound right to the ramp of the blue route southbound. it is on the shoulder and taking out one lane on that area. still have police out there on the scene. for drivers in the lehigh valley, no accidents and no delays to report there. chris? it could be just enough to keep the trump taj mahal open. the new plan that is in place to keep workers on the job. we'll tell you about that. the wave of casino closures that slammed atlantic city this year has put a damper on the holidays for many. but, now, some families have a reason to celebrate. we'll show you why. procrastinators, this one's for you. me included. if you haven't gotten the christmas packages in the mail, don't worry, still time left,
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but not much. we'll bring you up to speed.
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at 4:25. now to the atlantic city casino crisis. trump entertainment resort said investor carl icahn's $20 million pledge will give them time to restructure. the deal would have to be approved by a bankruptcy court and the hearing is set for january 9th. the casino crisis has put thousands of people out of work, as many as 10,000 estimated. the impact is hitting families hard during this time of year. yesterday some family at texas avenue school went home with christmas gifts with many of them hadn't counted on getting
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this year. some of their parents recently lost their job at casinos that are closed. most of those families would have no presents if it wasn't for the generosity of others. >> the trauma that the kids face from the families, the pressures that they're under is tremendous. >> nine organizations, a religious school and six people all pitched in to help make christmas a little brighter for those families in need there. happening today, it is the last day, the final day for christmas shipments. today is the last chance to drop off those packages to u.p.s., fedex and the u.s. postal service for express or overnight delivery. after today, you'll have to deliver it yourself and probably get it there late. both u.p.s. and fedex have hired more workers this year to handle the last-minute rush. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're seeing some showers this morning and light rain falling across the area and wet roadways in cape may. probably slowing down your
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commute this morning. so, we'll talk more about that and also tracking a pretty nasty day for your christmas eve. rain heavy at times and even a thunderstorm in spots. details, coming up. good morning, i'm jillian mele. if you're heading out the door on 76, drive time pretty average between the blue route and the vine. coming up in a few minutes, i'll take you to chester county. a few months now since septa took aim at rude riders. we'll let you know if the campaign is working.
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millions of people, perhaps
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you among them, hitting the roads, rails and skies for christmas and that could mean a lot of delays out there. we'll break down the travel forecast that will no doubt be impacted by the weather forecast. right, the wet weather could put a damper on your weather plans. rain that won't be moving out before christmas. it's 4:30, good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato and umbrellas for christmas may be in order for a few people out there. michelle grossman with the first alert forecast out there this morning. >> you'll need those umbrellas today and definitely tomorrow. definitely impacting the next couple of days. let's look outdoors. cloudy skies and also light rain across the area and some fog kind of looks gloomy this morning. light rain falling on radar, especially north and west of philadelphia. so, this will be the trend over the next few hours. the threat of light rain and that will last all day long, but mainly in the water the city to the north and west. temperatures right now are mild, big difference than yesterday.


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