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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  December 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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you among them, hitting the roads, rails and skies for christmas and that could mean a lot of delays out there. we'll break down the travel forecast that will no doubt be impacted by the weather forecast. right, the wet weather could put a damper on your weather plans. rain that won't be moving out before christmas. it's 4:30, good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato and umbrellas for christmas may be in order for a few people out there. michelle grossman with the first alert forecast out there this morning. >> you'll need those umbrellas today and definitely tomorrow. definitely impacting the next couple of days. let's look outdoors. cloudy skies and also light rain across the area and some fog kind of looks gloomy this morning. light rain falling on radar, especially north and west of philadelphia. so, this will be the trend over the next few hours. the threat of light rain and that will last all day long, but mainly in the water the city to the north and west. temperatures right now are mild, big difference than yesterday. 48 right now in philadelphia.
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40 in reading and 50 degrees in atlantic city and 52 in wildwood. so, for today, we're tracking the chance for some light rain. by 8:00, 43. by 10:00, 45 and by noon 47 degrees. and then tomorrow, that's the day that we are looking at. we're issuing a first alert weather day because we are expecting some nasty weather tomorrow in terms of showers and also thunderstorms. we'll track the timing for you and also give you all the details in just a few minutes. right now out to the roadways with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> hey, there. the roads are wet this morning and that's what you have to keep in mind, just slow down if you are waking up and heading out the door. live look in chester county, near chester brook boulevard. you can see the wet conditions out there. 202 is free of any accidents and especially in the midst of the construction zone. 202 is very quiet and route 100. an accident on 76 westbound right at the ramp to the blue route southbound and that accident has cleared and now you're good to go in that area.
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if you're heading out the door this morning and taking mass transit. so far no delays to start the morning on mass transit. things are looking pretty good there. if you need to head to philadelphia international, 95 in that area is also clear. tracy? aaa estimates that 98 million americans are traveling this holiday season and many travelers will hit the roads to reach their destinations. katy zachary is live along i-95 in old city. katy, the roads are wet right now and tell us more about the travel over the next 24, 48 hours. >> we should begin by saying they assign their travel season beginning today through sunday, january 24th. during that time they tell us more people are expected to drive this year to their destination than they did last year and the rails are expected to be busy, as well. amtrak crews tell us they are keeping a close eye on the weather, especially today and tomorrow. knowing it could be an issue, especially later this morning for rail riders, as well as
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tomorrow. as we heard, there are storms predicted for tomorrow, christmas eve. a spokesperson said they have crews on standby in case they need to send out tree trimmers to clear out the rail lines and also prepositioned equipment in case they need to send out a rescue engine. >> the stations will be busy and the trains will be packed. give yourself some extra time and know where you're going and make sure you're getting on the right train and you don't want to end up going on a train in the wrong direction. >> that would not be good. light rain has started to fall and, again, that's in center city, philadelphia. over the next half hour we'll check in with drivers and some people who hit the road very early this morning, presumably to get to their holiday destination and an update for you in the next half hour. reporting live along 95 in center city, katy zachary. >> katy mentioned, travelers getting an early start on their holiday trips. lines there yesterday were short but with bad weather in the forecast, they do expect some
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delays come christmas eve. now, before you leave on that holiday trip, be sure to take the first alert weather team with you. our free weather app gives you real-time radar and forecast. you can download that app free of charge to your smartphone or tablet. new video this morning shows ismaaiyl brinsley. police released this video as they tried to piece together the path he took. they say the package in his hand contained a gun. police also revealed that brinsley was a bystander at a new york city protest three weeks ago and he recorded some of the rally on a cell phone. brinsley posted anti-police sentiments on social media before he killed the officers as they sat in their patrol car. he then ran into a subway station and took his own life. new york city mayor bill de blasio was calling for the see to put aside protests until after the funeral for officers
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ramos and officer wenjian liu. but protest leaders say they will not honor that request. pairing up officers in light of the murders of those officers. the police chief says nothing changes. he tells nbc 10, he won't overreact, but he is telling his officers to be vigilant. he said community policing has transformed parts of the city and he doesn't want to mess that up. philadelphia police are investigating an overnight shooting in the point breeze neighborhood of the city. police tell us a man was walking down 25th street with his cousin when they heard gunshots. the man realized he had been shot, ran two blocks to his house and called 911. he's at the hospital now in stable condition. no word now on the suspect or a motive at this time. remember this guy happening today the philadelphia man convicted in a string of tire slashings and may fair tire slasher david toledo is due back in court to face a new set of charge s police say he vandalizd
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several cars. a septa workers say they saw him place a glue trap with nails in it and he was arrested and currently on probation stemming from the tire slashings in 2012. a philadelphia traffic court judge was cleared in a federal corruption case. >> now there is a new case against him. also a close call caught on camera. an atlantic county police officer came inches away from getting hurt or killed during a routine traffic stop. and north korean websites are up and running, again, after a massive outage. now, there's questions if the u.s. was behind the outage. all right, grab the umbrellas as you head out. light rain across the area and fog north and west. here is a live look outside. we are looking at the pocono mountains seeing a one-mile visibility there. we'll talk more about today's weather and then talk about heavy rain falling for your christmas eve. that's all straight ahead.
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it is 4:38.
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from our jersey shore bureau a close call for police officers who came within inches by being hit by a suspected drunk driver and this was caught on camera. this is the most amazing video of the day. watch this, erik carricarte was barely missed hitting him. it's a law that police cameras have cameras and the camera was installed three days earlier. >> i heard a loud explosion and i turn around and see the vehicle. >> picture is worth 1,000 words. same thing as a video. with things going on around the nation and shed light on some of the dangers that police officers face. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter the 21-year-old driver arrested pictured here said he's sorry for what happened and he was very intoxicated at the time and had no clue what was going on. 4:39 now.
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new charges for a philadelphia traffic court judge that was acquitted in a federal corruption case. accusing judge michael sullivan of ticket fixing. he has been suspended since he was indicted in 2013. several colleagues are headed to prison because of this probe that led to the dismantling of the city's traffic program. sullivan denies being part of any ticket fixing scheme and he says he wants to get back to work and received back pay for the time he's missed. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and a good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. light rain falling across the area and also some fog, especially north and west thof city. weather headlines on your tuesday, off to a soggy start and soggy over the next 48 hours. we're tracking showers this morning and we're going to track them pretty much all day long. better chance of the morning, but still a threat during the afternoon. heavy rain, maybe a thunderstorm and even high winds on wednesday. christmas day, that's where
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we're looking to clear out, winds gusting near 40 miles per hour on christmas. right now looking at clouds across the area and wet roadways because of the rain that fell overnight and continues to fall this morning. it is mild, though, 48 degrees. big difference from this time yesterday. 20 degrees warmer. here's a look at those visibilities. reduced to the north and west and down to a quarter mile in mount pocono and 2 miles in reading and lancaster and down to three miles in allentown. be careful as you head out this morning and the low clouds and the fog with us all day long. 42 in allentown and 48 in philadelphia and 49 in millville and 52 degrees in wildwood. that is way ahead where we are supposed to be for the day. you see the poconos and the lehigh valley and parts of bucks and montgomery county and that threat will continue as we head towards the early part of tuesday and then even in the afternoon we'll see a threat for showers. but it's tonight into wednesday where we're seeing that heavy rain, steadier rain come into
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the forecast. everyone has the potential to see some heavy rain on wednesday. even some thunderstorms. so that will be christmas eve. thursday we're going to dry out and then bring some wind into the forecast. a pretty windy christmas day. so, because of what we are expecting tomorrow, a first alert weather day and because we're tracking the chance for rain and heavy at times in some spots and tracking a chance for a thunderstorm and that's weird in delaware and parts of southern new jersey along the coast and winds gusting over 25 miles per hour and even closer to 40 along the coast. we'll talk more about this and also look at your seven-day in just a few minutes. you'll need the windshield wipers as you hit the road this morning. there is some rain out there. >> let's find out what else you have to contend with. jillian mele is watching the roads. >> we are not reporting any accidents out there. the majors are clear of any big problems including in the lehigh valley. this is route 22 at airport road and no issues to deal with there. if you're waking up and heading out on 95, drive time is very average. especially wood haven to the vine, take you 12 minutes right
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now and average speed is 67 miles per hour. no delays to report on 95. of course, that will likely change as we get into the later hours this morning and i'll keep you updated there. for drivers in new jersey, between 168 and route 42. tracy? lethal injections will be carried out in oklahoma despite a botched execution earlier this year. >> what is being done now to guard against another mishap. slowly getting better. this meteorologist in texas is recounting the moment he was shot outside his tv station. rude riders. septa launched an etiquette campaign to crack down on the bad behavior, but are people actually changing their ways. we'll let you know.
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the story from washington. >> reporter: internet which is always sketchy in north korea was down for more than nine hours on monday. was it the u.s. making good on a promise to deal with whoever hacked sony pictures? the state department won't say. >> as we implement our responses, some will be seen, some may not be seen. >> reporter: the u.s. believes north korea was behind the sony attack, north korea denies it, but say they are targeting the white house and pentagon. the u.s. says there's no credible information about that. meantime, one washington lawmaker is inviting sony to
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screen its postponed movie "the interview" at the u.s. capital. >> we're not going to be deprived of seeing what's either a good or a bad movie just because of threats of north korea. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador samantha power cited the sony attack in a long list of human rights abuses. >> silence will not make the abuses. >> reporter: she's urging the united nations to refer north korea to the international criminal court. and new this morning, china is responding saying any reports suggesting they were involved in the sony attack are irresponsible. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. it is 4:47. in oklahoma, a federal judge ruled in favor of the state's plans to execute four death row inmates early next year using a new protocol. a group of 21 inmates sued the state after last april's execution of clayton locket. it took almost an hour to kill
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him using a new lethal injection protocol. attorneys for the inmate argued to stop the next execution saying the use amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. oklahoma officials say they plan to use five times the amount of the sedative. a gunman who shot a meteorologist in the parking lot of an nbc affiliate last week. for the first time since the shooting patrick crawford talked about the incident from the hospital. he's getting better, but his recovery has been painful. crawford also added that he didn't have any interaction with the gunman who shot him despite earlier reports. a delta employee is accused of helping a passenger smuggle guns on a plane. eugene harvey worked as a baggage handler in atlanta. he's accused of helping mark henry traffic guns to new york. on december 10th police arrested henry after they say he got 18 guns through security with harvey's help. delta says it's cooperating with the investigation.
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a walgreen's store that closed down during last month's unrest in ferguson, missouri, is back open. vandals and looters hit this store hard. nearly three dozen employees transferred to other stores. customers and workers say the new beginning show how other businesses in ferguson can make a comeback. 4:49. the latest numbers on the affordable care act will be released later today. update the numbers on enrollment. half a million people selected plans on the government's website during the first week. an organization that represents the poor is suing to stop part of governor corbett's plan to overhaul medicaid program. this suit comes just over a week to change benefits for more than a million adults will take effect. community legal services of philadelphia says it fears that some people enrolled could lose necessary services. the korbut administration will
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work to avoid disruption. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> in case you haven't peeked out yet, a gloomy start. light rain falling across the area, low clouds, some fog, some drizzle. we're going to see that continuing throughout most of tuesday and then it's wednesday we're looking at the potential for some heavy rain. as we look towards your tuesday, looking at fog this morning and reduced visibilities, especially north and west and down to a mile in some spots and down to half mile in the poconos and down to two miles in reading and also lancaster. to the north and west of philadelphia, that's where we're seeing reduced visibilities and doing okay to the south and east. taking a look outdoors. waking up to some clouds and wet roadway physical you travel this morning. it is mild, though. that is the biggest difference from yesterday. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia. and temperatures across the region, well, we are warm everywhere. 45 in potttown and 48 in mount holly and to the south and east.
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51 in atlantic city and off to amounts that we'll end it mild, as well. 13 degrees above what is typical for this time of year. light rain is falling on radar and especially north and west, not heavy stuff, but still a nuisance and doesn't take much to slow us down in the morning. christmas eve, though, that is a day we are watching and issuing a first alert weather day. going to be on air tonight and brittany on the air tomorrow. looking for the potential of rain, heavy at times tomorrow and also storms in delaware and southern new jersey and winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. today 48 to 52 and rain a threat in the morning and still a threat for showers in the afternoon. will be milder. 62 on wednesday and there is that heavy rain and bring sunshine back and 51. lots of sunshine on friday, that looks to be a nice day, 53. by the weekend, looking for a chance of rain on sunday, just 50. nine minutes before 5:00, let's get a check of the roads as you're getting ready to head out on this tuesday morning. >> see if the rain is causing
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any problems for drivers out there. jillian mele is watching everything happening. >> good morning. i have to tell you the majors around the philadelphia area are very clear right now. 76, 95, the blue route out in the suburbs that's looking pretty good. for drivers around that area, you are in luck because we're not reporting any accidents there. heading into delaware right now, getting a check of your drive times between 295 and 495. you can see it's roughly ten minutes in both directions and average speeds in the mid-60s right now. so, no issues to deal with there. also same situation for drivers in new jersey, 73 at 295. all is clear there. chris? well, as the busy holiday travel season kicks into high gear, we did the math for you to find out how much money you're saving on the roads thanks to the lower gas prices we have now. here's what we found. if you're driving to new york city from the philadelphia area, it will cost you $7 less than it did last year. how about this, if you're heading to d.c., $10 less. if driving west to pittsburgh, you'll save $20 round trip. not bad for one trip there
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compared to what we were paying one year ago. it's been three months since septa launched a campaign taking aim at rude behavior. it appears riders are getting the message. septa says the agency has received fewer complaints about things like bad language and people taking up two seats. new york city is also planning to launch its own campaign next month. speaking of septa, santa's septa elves have a busy morning ahead. they will load up a decorated septa bus to deliver holiday gifts to children in need. yesterday workers sorted and packaged the holiday gifts as part of the agency's yule toy drive. for 34 years, workers have filled bright red barrels with thousands of toys for kids across the region. a delaware day care worker left two kids in her car while she went shopping. it was what happened after that that has her facing serious charges. and this memorial to honor the men and women who died on 9/11 was vandalized last month, but now police say they have the person responsible. and these local kids thought
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they were getting a free winter coat, but the owner of this store had something bigger in mind to make their holidays a little brighter.
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4:56. happening today an arraignment for a man. jonathan williams broke into the home of ronald fishman and stabbed him to death. he belonged to the synagogue. the man lived a few blocks away from each other and police say the murder stems from an argument. from our delaware bureau, a day care worker is facing charges after she left two kids in a car while she went shopping and the car was towed with the kids still inside. authorities say tonya robinson left the girls in her car while she went to the shopping center on friday. the tow truck driver told the officers he didn't know the girls were inside the car. he's not facing any charges. the two girls are okay.
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police in mercer county have arrested a suspeblct accused of vandalizing a 9/11 memorial. he was taken into custody in georgia. he spray painted graffiti on the memorial causing $2,500 worth of damage. he's from connecticut, but will be brought back to new jersey to face charges. the devon horse show board of directors insist the show will stay in devon following a change of leadership. a new chairperson ousting the previous president. hundreds of fans go to the devon horse show in chester county every year. some are worried what the leadership shakeup will mean for the long-time main line attraction. from our south jersey bureau now a surprise prechristmas shopping spree for hundreds of kids. you have to love this story. thanks to the people in camden county.
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350 kids were told they were there to get a free winter coat. the store owner decided to let the kids have anything they wanted to make sure they have a happy holiday. >> we have a whole warehouse full of clothes but we love to give back because people shop with us all the time and we want to show them how much we care about the community. this is what we live for. >> those lucky kids were all from the creative academy in camd camden. christmas came a little early for hundreds of other children in camden. the new price right gave away free toys to 500 customers. former eagles star jeremiah trotter was there to play the role of santa's little helper. maybe santa's big little helper. >> those are cute little pictures there. you're watching nbc 10 news at 5:00 a cl5:00 a.m. starts ri. heading out for the holidays, the busy christmas travel season kicks off today.
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you can count on nbc 10 to help you get where you're going. it will be a messy journey for many of you. first alert radar showing some showers move across the area this morning and heavier rain in store for christmas eve. rudolph will need his windshield wipers tomorrow night. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> we'i'm tracy davidson. michelle? >> bad, bad timing. we're going to see scattered showers today, not too bad today but tomorrow we're expecting the heavy rain. such a busy day tomorrow. we're going to time all that out for you. tomorrow gloomy skies and gray skies from our adventure aquarium camera. looking at light rain and drizzle falling across the area, especially north and west of the city. that trend will continue over the next few hours. count on that as you get out. 48 in philadelphia and 42 in allentown and 41 in lancaster and 51 in atlantic city and 52
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in wildwood. a mild start to the day. a soggy start to the day. for today, we are planning on umbrella-type day. we're looking at a chance for showers, especially in the morning. 8:00 a.m., 43. and by noon 47 degrees. but it's tomorrow we're really looking at for that nasty weather to come in. such bad timing. first alert weather day we're issuing one tomorrow and time out the rain for you and also let you know all the details you need to know. but in the meantime, let's get you up to date with all the traffic woes out there. first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has the latest. hopefully not too many woes. >> the roads are wet and that's what you have to deal with. not reporting any accidents on the majors which is really good news as you're heading out the door. same situation on the blue route and also 95. this is a live look at 95 right at the vine street expressway, right at the split there. you can see the roads are wet, but that's pretty much the extent of the problem so far. we haven't had any serious accidents so far and as you can see, no delays to


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