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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  December 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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gloomy outside. not a great-looking morning. wet roadways and you can see down from our cape may camera and that's what you'll see all across the area. light rain and drizzle falling across the area and fog in place, some clouds. kind of just a dark morning. temperatures right now are mild, much warmer than this time yesterday. 49 right now in philadelphia. 43 in allentown and 41 in lancaster and in the 50s to the south and east. 52 in atlantic city and 52 in wildwood. we're tracking the light rain today mainly in the morning and still a chance for showers in the afternoon. tomorrow, though, that we're tracking the chance for heavy rain and issuing a first alert weather day. that is for christmas eve and we'll keep you updated on that. rain heavy at times and also the chance for a thunderstorm. but for today, grab the umbrella, 43 by 8:00. by 10:00, 45 and by noon 47 degrees. not a great way to start the day. hopefully not affecting the traffic, but it doesn't take much this time of day. so, let's check in with jillian and see how things are going. >> whenever we hit 6:00, that's
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when we can start to see some delays and you mix that with the rain and the wet roads and things can get busy today and right now things are off to a good start as far as the roads go in chester county. the route 30 bypass eastbound right near route 340. starting to see more volume on the roads and as you can see traffic is moving and not reporting any accidents there. construction for drivers in delaware. 95 northbound and route 96 off ramp and that is blocked as a result of that road work. so far no significant delays to report on mass transit and that includes new jersey transit and even patco and d.a.r.t. off to a good start and if you're heading to the philadelphia international airport. 95 in that area is clear and not reporting any delays there. chris? 88 million americans will do it and chances are you are among them. drive somewhere for christmas. holiday ground travel kicks off today and katy zachary is live in cherry hill. this rain could make the drive a little more challenging. >> it definitely could. i am talking to some drivers who
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said it has done just that. here in cherry hill, the rain is off and on and heavier at times and we are expecting stronger rain coming up in the next few hours and it's not helping drivers who are wanting to get an early start on their holiday drive. now, according to aaa, holiday travel this year is up significantly over last year. of those travelers, most will be on the roads. one thing fueling that is low gas prices. aaa says the holiday travel season begins today and lasts through sunday, january 4th. but this rain is not helping things. >> there's a lot of people travel. >> you've seen more cars on the road than you typically see? how is the rain affecting things? >> just making it a little slippery, that's all. not too bad. >> heavier spots when i left the house, but it's lighter over here. >> and we also checked in with the folks at philadelphia international airport and at amtrak to find out where doing ahead of the rain and storms expected later today and tomorrow. i'll have that for you coming up in the next half hour. for now reporting live in a
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rainy cherry hill, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> you mentioned the airport response there. travelers at philadelphia international were getting an early start on their holiday trips yesterday. the lines were relatively short, but with bad weather in the forecastering officials do expect the biggest issues to come on christmas eve. >> affecting high winds and that may cause a ground delay, which mean there's will be delays in arrivals and departures. >> 6% of people traveling this holiday will do so by air. that's up 1% from last year. an estimated 91% are hitting the roads. wherever you're going and however you're getting there, you want to take this with you. our new nbc 10 iphone app will help you prepare for your holiday and we're keeping track, of course, of traffic and weather and changes that could affect your plans. it is 6:03. philadelphia police are investigating an overnight shooting in the point breeze section of the city. police tell us a man was walking down 25th street with his cousin when they heard gunshots. the victim realized he was hit,
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ran two blocks to his house and called 911. he was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. no word on the suspect or a motive at this time. a man firing a stray bullet that killed a philadelphia teenager is set to be arraigned. 19-year-old darien person fired shots during a fight between a group of people back in september. one of the bullets hit 15-year-old raman. she was walking home from delaware valley charter school. a 19-year-old man was also hurt. person was charged with murder and other offenses. and happening today, remember this guy? convicted in a string of slashings, tire slashings in philadelphia. he's due in court to face new charges. david toledo is accused of vandalizing several cars on crescent street in mayfair just last month. a septa worker claims he saw toledo place a glue trap with nails attached to it near a car tire. he was arrested and currently on
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probation from the tire slashings that happened back in 2012. the former head master has been found guilty in dealing with child pornography. tower hill school in wilmington. police searched wheeler's home and office and found thousands of images of child pornography. now, no evidence that wheeler abused any students or other children. he faces up to 50 years in prison when he's sentenced in march. a delaware county man is facing child pornography charges. police say they found 26-year-old peter john franco iii with a videotape of a woman sexually abusing a child. when police served a warrant at franco's home, he was hiding on the roof. he's due in court in january. a police-involved shooting in north hampden county is now in the hands of the state attorney general's office. because of conflicts of interest. here's the story. up to the ag to determine whether deadly force was justified. back in october, richard sherman led police on a chase that ended with a crash in easton.
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officers shot and killed sherman and his death was ruled a homicide. >> whatever decision is made, it must be made with an independent set of eyes not at all influenced by past or present relationships with police officers who serve in this community. >> the d.a. did consider convening a grand jury, but says he doesn't think it it's warranted. arson. that's what investigators are now calling a house fire in west philadelphia. reports of an explosion last wednesday sent police and firefighters to this home on west girard avenue around 2:30 in the morning. there was a large fire on the porch. two people were trapped on the roof. they were rescued and are doing okay. now, this is the man who police say started that fire. an arrest warrant has been issued for 43-year-old shawn king. he lives in the 5700 block of art street. if you know of his whereabouts, call police. happening later today, a community will come together to help a family in need. the family lost nearly everything in a house fire. a fire that authorities say was
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set by a neighbor with a grudge. nbc 10 jesse gary is live at the police department with more. >> tracy, we drove by the arson scene earlier this morning. the charred remains that were once there had been demolished and now just heavy earth moving equipment sits on that vacant lot. this was the scene earlier this month at the home of police detective ernie morris as flames ranged neighbor donna krupp set their home ablaze as misplace retribution for her son's arrest. there has been an outpouring of support and the police department is accepting donations through the department's facebook page. >> appreciates anyone stepping up. overwhelm the amount of people that we had come. people we didn't even know reaching out to us and the family and helping out. >> there's also a fund-raiser from 3:00 to 10:00 tonight at the texas road house restaurant. the restaurant will donate 10%
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of total sales tonight and also accepting donations. for more information on all of that, go to our website, live in limerick township, i'm jesse gary, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> you saw jesse with his umbrella and good idea to grab it as you head out this morning. you'll need it across the area. light rain and drizzle falling across the area and also some mild temperatures. a big difference than yesterday. this morning. now, weather headlines on your tuesday morning. light rain and fog. you'll see that as you step out this morning. more rain tomorrow and heavy at times on your xrismous eve and then christmas day, we'll dry it out, finally. but really kick up the winds near 40 miles per hour. this morning, though, clouds in place and light rain in place and see a live look outside. 49 right now in philadelphia. so, it's a mild start to the day. and there's a look at the fog down to 2 1/2 miles in philadelphia and the visibility is dropping down to three miles in wilmington. reduced visibility down to half
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a mile in mount pocono and that's a worst spot and take it easy as you head out this morning with the rain and also the fog in place. temperatures, again, i mentioned, mild. we're seeing temperatures near 50 degrees in many spots and in the 50s south and east of philadelphia. 41 in reading and 43 in allentown and 46 degrees right now in pottstown. we're seeing the light rain falling. you can see it on radar and also some drizzle, a gloomy start to the day and that rain is falling pretty much everywhere. we'll see this trend over the next several hours and still a threat for those showers in the afternoon. now, it's tomorrow that we're keeping our eye on the heavy rain and also the winds and your christmas eve forecast, a warm one, but a wet one. 62 degrees and heavy rain in place and because of the heavy rain and also the terrible timing we've issued a first alert weather day and this is for christmas eve which is tomorrow and we're expecting the potential of rain and over an inch in some spots and even up to an inch and a half and thunderstorms in delaware and southern new jersey and wind.
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we'll talk about this and peek at your seven-day in just a few minutes. nine minutes past 6:00 right now and time traffic usually starts to build but traffic is whacky this week because some people are shopping and some people still have to work. >> let's see if people are hitting the roads this morning to maybe get ahead of some of the chaos. jillian mele is watching it all for us. jilli jillian? >> seeing volume on the roads but we do have an accident we just got word of on the pennsylvania turnpike. this is on the eastbound side. the delaware valley off ramp. we're hearing it is a pretty serious accident there and use caution in that area. heading to allentown we have an accident that just popped up on our system. leave yourself a few extra minutes if that is part of your commute. the rest of the majors around the lehigh valley, not too bad. no accidents to report on the northeast extension. if you're heading out on interstate 78. this is what it is looking like right at route 22. 22 is also clear of any
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accidents. 22 right near airport road and we're starting to see some volume building, but, of course, nothing out of the ordinary. as you can see here, all the roads across the area are wet. reduce your speed and watch out for limited visibility. if you're heading out on mass transit or the area bridges, everything is looking pretty good right now. tracy? 6:11. reaching out. what a reformed wise guy is doing to help those less fortunate this holiday season. john tollefson is accused of ripping off hundreds of people in charity theft. why he is breaking his silence to explain why he's breaking his guilty plea. (vo) nourished.
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6:14. a live look outside. this picture we usually show you from the aramark building. that tells you how foggy it is
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and rainy in most parts. we're tracking the rain today. lighter rain today. it gets heavy tomorrow. we'll get you the timing of all of it for your holiday travel, no matter where you're going with meteorologist michelle grossman. federal authorities say a delta airline employee in atlanta is suspected of helping smuggle guns on passenger jets. baggage handler eugene harvey is accused of helping former employee, mark henry, traffic the guns to new york. on december 10th, arrested after he helped get 20 fairearms through security. a 3-year-old boy is in stable condition after being grazed by a bullet. it happened yesterday in philadelphia. police say there was an argument and a guy was shot in the leg. but one of the bullets went into the home next door and hit the little boy. police are looking into whether the boy's father was the intended target. police have not charged anyone. 6:15. the man suspected of spray painting a 9/11 memorial in
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mercer county is now under arrest. daniil strukov was taken into custody. he caused $2,500 worth of damage. strukov is from connecticut but will be brought to new jersey to face charges. anglo lutz is now giving back to the community. lutz once served seven years in prison for gambling and racketeering and now owns the cafe in camden county. he served up a meal there last night for members of grace baptist church which recently had to close its food pantry. >> god's given me a second chance at life and they don't come that often. i'm paying it forward and paying it back. >> and a little blue grass and jazz holiday music there to go along with the meal. former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson is speaking of his case for the
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first time since he withdrew his guilty plea. tollefson stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in a charity scam. he entered a guilty plea and then changed his mind when he appeared in court last week. now he says he plans to prove his innocence in court. >> i believe i did not have any criminal intent and the new evidence is very, very important to the decision that i made one week ago today to withdraw my plea. >> he didn't say anything more about what that new evidence might be. time to get a check of the roads before you head out on your christmas eve eve travel. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has that. jillian? >> two accidents for drivers in the lehigh valley and accident in allentown and now we have one on 78 eastbound right past route 75. also have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound right at the delaware valley off ramp. watch out for delays starting to form on that portion of the pennsylvania turnpike. the rest of the turnpike is
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looking okay. 76 that line of yellow and seeing slow downs right near the conshohocken drive. between the blue route and the vine. the blue route still clear of any accidents and so is the vine street expressway. heading out to 422. the eastbound side near trooper. you can see a lot of people putting on their brake lights right now. we're starting to get that volume building on 422. still no delays or accidents is to report on the bridges. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. a good tuesday morning. we are waking up and walking off the door to some clouds and also looking at some showers and mild temperatures. a big difference from yesterday. so, let's take a look at visibilities across the area. that's a big story this morning. reduced visibility down to 2 1/2 miles in philadelphia and call ahead to the airports if you're heading out this morning. down to half mile in mount pocono and two miles in reading. so, the roadways are wet and showers falling across the area.
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even some light rain, it is mild. 49 degrees across the area and some spots already into the 50s. 43 right now in allentown and 49 in philadelphia and 51 in mount holly. 53 in atlantic city and 48 degrees in dover. a mild start, but a wet start. grab the umbrella as you head out this morning. we're seeing the light showers as the light rain and drizzle falling on radar. and we're going to see this trend over the next several days. now, tomorrow, looking at the potential for some heavy rain and some winds also. terrible timing with christmas eve and all the travel plans everyone has. we have issued a first alert weather day and that's because we were expecting up to an inch and a half of rain in some spots. rain in delaware and southern new jersey along the coast and winds gusting over 25 miles per hour. but for this morning, you want to get the kiddies dressed to get to school. light rain and drizzle. you don't have to bundle them up this morning, that's the good news. 47 in the suburbs and 50 degrees by this afternoon. the seven-day forecast 50
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degrees as a high today. it will be a warm one. thursday, that's our big transition day. we bring back the sunshine after an early shower. 51 degrees and the wind really whips right near 40 miles per hour at times. into the weekend, still mild. temperatures into the 50s and much colder on monday and snow shower, 42. 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. new information this morning about the murder of two police officers killed in new york city. some people are refusing to honor a request made by the mayor of new york city in the aftermath of the killing. and close call caught on camera. this officer in atlantic county came just inches away from certain disaster. he tells us what he was thinking as the car sped towards him. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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it is 6:23 on your tuesday morning of this christmas week.
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this is is the camelback ski resort. it's 37 degrees in the poconos now, which is actually a warm up from what they saw yesterday. warmer across the area this morning. but we are seeing rain. you can see the showers moving across on nbc 10 first alert radar here. meteorologist michelle grossman is back in a moment to tell us about heavy rain that could impact your christmas eve travel plans. good morning, i'm jillian mele. the delaware valley off ramp, that ramp is actually completely blocked as a result of that accident. the highway itself is looking good and not too much volume on the turn pike just yet although right at that interchange that is where you can expect to see things continuing to build out there. we'll keep you updated on that accident. let's head outside to a live look at center city philadelphia and little bit foggy and rainy start and, michelle, will this stick with us? >> it will. for the next several hours, fog in place and gloomy start to the
6:25 am
day and you saw that in the live shot. the showers continuing throughout most of the morning and then a chance for showers later on this afternoon. but light rain and drizzle showing up on radar. we're seeing temperatures warmer than this time yesterday. much warmer, actually. a pretty mild start to the day and looking at temperatures right around 43 in philadelphia and mild start and now tracking the light rain today into tonight and then heavy rain for your wednesday. we'll have that for you in just a bit. could delay millions of americans traveling between now and christmas day. we'll check in to get an update on travelers who are getting an early start. including these people are getting an early start on i-95. we're back right after this.
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time to fill her up and hit the roads. checking the roads, rails and airports to let you know what to expect this holiday travel day. this may pose a bit of a problem for drivers. nbc 10 first alert radar showing you a lot of green. green, of course, the color of the grinch. a guy that loves to spoil christmas plans and heavier rain is headed our way for tomorrow. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. live team coverage from the roads to the air. let's check out when the heavy rain will hit with meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle? >> light stuff right now and heavy rain will hit on christmas eve and terrible timing for that. right now seeing light rain showers and also seeing some fog, some clouds. here is a live look outside. this picture tells the whole story. we're seeing reduced visibilities down across the area and down to a mile in some spots. light rain and drizzle falling on radar and we'll see that over the next several hours and a chance of a shower throughout the day. temperatures are mild this
6:30 am
morning. 49 in philadelphia and 43 in allentown and 41 degrees right now in lancaster and look down to the south and east and see some green on the map in terms of temperatures. it is milder. 52 right now in wildwood. light rain today but tomorrow we are tracking some heavy rain and that's why we issued a first alert weather day. stay tuned for that and details on the timing of that event. but for today, grab the umbrella as you head out. looking at temperatures mainly in the 40s and looking at the chance for some light rain and by noon, 47 degrees. all right, let's see if this this light rain showers or fog is affecting the travel. let's head to jillian. >> good morning to you and to you at home, as well. this is happening on the eastbound, the delaware valley off ramp is blocked as a result of that accident. leave yourself extra time, if that is part of your commute. this is what the roads are looking like. slow go out there. the roads are wet. that is the eastbound side of 76, just past route 202 in the king of prussia area. definitely getting a lot of that volume out there on the
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highways, including 9 5. heavy volume there. 23 minutes is your drive time from wood haven to the vine. with the exception of the westbound side a tap of the brakes as drivers head out to 76. no delays co s when it comes to transit. katy zachary talking to travelers in cherry hill this morning. katy? >> they don't like this rain, tracy. earlier this morning we were along i-95 where the roads were wet here in chilly hill along route 38. it has been off and on heavy at times the rain has been and this is not good for millions of drivers expected to get on the road today. overall travel is up this year, according to aaa. for those of you taking the train, amtrak is watching the weather and in case they need to send out tree trimmers to clear off the rail lines. they need to send out a rescue engine. >> some of the stations will be
6:32 am
busy and the trains will be packed. give yourself come textra time and know where you're going. you don't want to end up on a train going the wrong direction. >> airport travel is up this year, as well. according to aaa, a spokesperson tells us that they are expecting some high winds tomorrow, which could cause a ground delay and that would, of course, affect flights arriving and departing. reporting live in cherry hill, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. let's talk more about the flights. this is a live look at denver international airport in colorado where travelers there are also bracing for delays as mother nature is expected to throw a wrench into their holiday plans. lines were short at philly international yesterday, but with the wet weather in the forecast, workers expect the biggest issues to come tomorrow. and our new nbc 10 iphone app is helping you prepare for your holiday. keep track of the traffic and  weather and all the plthings th could affect your plans.
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6:32. happening today. an arraignment for a man charged with murdering a member of a synagogue. jonathan williams broke into the home of ronald fishman and stabbed him to death. fishm fishman, the men lived a few blocks away from each other. williams was once a house guest and the murder stemmed from an argument. new from overnight, protest leaders say they won't honor new york mayor bill de blasio's request to hold off on demonstrating against police killings until the two officers are laid to rest. they're not honoring that. officer ramos and officer wenjian liu were killed in an ambush inside their patrol car this afternoon. new video of the gunman who killed the officers. it shows ismaaiyl brinsley in a brooklyn mall a few hours before the shooting. they try to piece together the path he took and they say the
6:34 am
package in his hand contains a gun. they say that brinsley was a bystander against police violence three weeks ago and he recorded some of the rally on a cell phone. he posted anti-police statements on social media before ambushing those two officers he then ran into a subway station and took his own life. the widow of officer liu made a tearful statement. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. >> the memorial at the scene of the shootings continues to grow and we've learned that the funeral for officer ramos will happen on saturday. we're still waiting on details about a final tribute to officer lui. philadelphia police are changing routines and pairing up officers in light of the murders in new york. in camden, though, the police chief says nothing there changes. chief scott thompson tells nbc 10 he will not overreact, but he is telling officers to be
6:35 am
vigilant. he said community policing has transformed parts of that city and he doesn't want to mess that up. the number of officer fatalities this year is 20% higher than last year across the country. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says 49 officers were killed with guns this year. the number of officers killed in ambash attacks is triple the annual average. four were killed in pennsylvania and three in new jersey. we have new information this morning surrounding this controversial instagram photo posted to the social media service. firefighters and paramedices have been told to give the department's social media policy a second look. employees who were sent an e-mail yesterday instructing them to review those guidelines. copies were printed and posted inside city firehouses. the 13-part policy includes a ban on using personal electronics to post on social media while on duty. the mother of missing westchester university student shane montgomery says just
6:36 am
because his car keys were found doesn't mean she'll stop searching for him. montgomery vanished thanksgiving morning after leaving a bar. he was last seen walking towards the schuylkill river. a volunteer recover team found montgomery's keys in the river on sunday. divers searched the water just below boat house row yesterday but didn't turn up any new clues. shane's mother said she won't stop until she brings her home her son. >> there's no resolution just because i found a set of keys. i miss him terribly. i miss him terribly. i text him every day. to ask him to help me find him. >> you can hear more of what karen has to say about the nearly month-long search for her son coming up on "today" show. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right, we're seeing some showers falling across the area.
6:37 am
also some fog reducing visibilities. quite a bit in many, many spots across the area. it is a mild start, though. temperatures in the 40s and also the 50s. weather headlines on your tuesday morning. light rain and fog across the area. we're going to see that trend, at least for the next few hours. now, light rain today, heavier rain comes on christmas eve along with some wind and then even windier on christmas day while we dry it out and bring back some sunshine. taking a look outdoors. you can see that fog right there. wet roadways as that rain fell last night into this morning. 49 right now in philadelphia. wind out of the northeast at nine miles per hour and visibility is down to 2 1/2 miles in philadelphia, down to 3 miles in wilmington and to the north and west, we're looking at reduced visibility down to half mile in mount pocono and two-mile visibility in reading. you will see the clouds and the fog and going to need the windshield wipers as the light rain is falling. temperatures to the north and west mainly in the 40s. 41 in reading and lancaster and 49 in philadelphia. keep in mind the average high for this time of year is 43.
6:38 am
we're well above that already. 51 right now in millville and 53 in atlantic city and 52 in wildwood. light rain and drizzle showing up on radar here. you can see kind of patchy at this point and patchy over the next few hours, but don't be surprised if you do see that light rain falling. future weather as we go throughout time here. we are tracking the light rain today and also plenty of clouds in place. it's tonight where we see the light rain continuing and then tomorrow morning we'll see heavier stuff. so by 10:00, if you do have to work tomorrow, your commute probably dealing with some heavier rain or at least pockets of heavier rain. that will be on and off throughout the day wednesday into early on thursday morning. time stamp tuesday, wednesday you see yellow indicating heavier stuff. that will extend into the early part of christmas day before we finally dry it out. first alert weather day and brittney shipp will back tomorrow morning getting you through this system. we are tracking a few things with this system and the low from the great lakes bringing us rain, heavy at times and could see a thunderstorm in delaware,
6:39 am
parts of southern new jersey and winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. rain mainly in the morning, milder. we'll peek at your seven-day in just a few minutes. michelle making it tough on santa claus tomorrow night. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching the roads. jillian? >> an accident for drivers in delaware to be awaur wear of. right near 495 and rogers road. tough to see, but right in this area approaching the accident scene, we are getting a line of and also on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound the delaware valley eastbound still blocked as a result of an accident there. that has been with us for about 45 minutes. you can expect to see some delays there. speaking of delays, check it out. right near cottman avenue at a crawl and right near girard avenue and that normal volume is heavier this morning as a result of that rain that we are seeing out there. the 42 freeway not too bad. we are starting to get a little
6:40 am
bit of volume near creek road and walt wittman bridge is looking decent and no significant problems to report on mass transit. chris? you have to see this close call for a police officer that cau was caught on camera. >> just heard a loud explosion and i turn around and see the vehicle. >> we'll tell you what happened to cause this car to come flying at the officer. and what the man behind the wheel said to nbc 10. and having extra security patrolling the streets seems like a good idea, right? one part of a policing plan that have some people in a local city asking questions.
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just about 6:44. wet roads and rain across most of our area with the windshield
6:44 am
wipers on. that's what you need if you're heading out on the roads. we'll check the roads with jillian mele and get your forecast as the rain will intensify over the next 24 hours with michelle grossman, coming up. a police officer in atlantic county came within inches of seriously being hurt and that close call was caught on camera. a suspected drunk driver nearly ran down officer erik caricarte. he barely had a second to jump out of the way when the car smashed into his cruiser. new jersey enacted a law that required all municipal police cars to have cameras. the camera that captured this was just installed three days previously. >> i just heard a loud explosion and i turned and i turn around and see the vehicle. >> picture is worth 1,000 words and same thing with the video. with things going on in the nation shed light on some of the dangers that police officers face. >> police arrest ed him.
6:45 am
he was driving drunk and also had marijuana in the car. the pennsylvania state trooper who was wounded in september's deadly ambush is home for the holidays. trooper alex douglas left a rehab center to spend christmas with his family near scranton. authorities say eric frein shot douglas and corporal dixon outside the police barracks on september 12th. police captured frein seven weeks after the shooting. from our jersey shore bureau, authorities are investigating several boat burglaries in cape may county. officials say multiple break-ins in the cape may harbor area over the last several weeks. emergency flares and other other items were stolen. if you have any information, call new jersey state police. turning citizens into crime fighters. and giving them tasers just in case. that that's the controversial plan in
6:46 am
dover. hire a team of cadets to enforce the law in the up and coming downtown area. some people are concerned about one part of the plan the cadets armed with tasers but police insist anyone who's hired will be well screened and well trained. >> we can deal with some of these nuisance crimes and the problem that present themselves that would be a deterant from somebody wanting to come downtown to go shopping. this is one of the situations where the cadets will be beneficial. >> if the plan is approved, it would work like a trained security officer and enforce minor laws like public drinking, panhandling and loitering. north korean websites are back online this morning after a nine-hour internet outage. many are wondering if the outage is an attack from the u.s. in response to the sony picture attack. the white house declined to say whether the u.s. government was responsible for the outage. north korea is equipped with broadbound internet, but only a small number of north koreans actually have access to the
6:47 am
internet. new jersey governor chris christie has been brushing up on his foreign policy skills. another sign the governor could run for president in 2016. over the past few months, governor christie spent hours on the phone with foreign policy experts. we're told the conversations focus mainly on ukraine, russia and the terrorist group isis. the calls include question and answer sessions to test governor christie's foreign policy knowledge. authorities in texerous still looking for the gunman who shot a meteorologist in the parking lot of an nbc tv station last week. for the first time since that shooting patrick crawford spoke to the media from the hospital. he says he's getting better, but his recovery has been painful. he also added that he did not have any interaction with the gunman who shot him. despite earlier reports saying he did. in australia, mourners gathered in sydney to remember one of the victims of last week's deadly siege. the manager of the lendt chocolate cafe was one of two people killed during the 16-hour
6:48 am
standoff. johnson's partner of 14 years and his family and friends helped carry. he is praised for taking the gun away from the hostage taker. his voice stood out and the music world is mourning the loss of singer joe cocker. ♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ >> the british blues and rock singer died yesterday after battling lung cancer. he had several hit songs like "you are so beautiful" and "up where we belong." cocker's career spanned more than 50 years. he was 70 years old. time to head to new york for a look at what's ahead on "today" show. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and tamron hall. >> good morning, chris and tracy. >> straight ahead on a tuesday morning. tensions remain high here in new york after the murders of those two new york city police officers. the mayor calling for calm as investigators work to track down the alleged killer's movements
6:49 am
before the shooting. we'll have live details. also ahead that christmas eve storm is getting closer. major delays expected for air travelers from the east to the northwest. then drones. one of the must-have gifts this holiday season. why they come with a warning. jenna bush hager heads to nashville for a look at what christmas is like inside country singer martina mcbride's home. chris and tracy, what a treat that is. love her. both of them. >> going to be fun. see you later, guys. >> okay. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. a good tuesday morning. in case you haven't looked out or stepped out your door, looking at some rain falling. grab the umbrella as you head out this morning and also some fog across the area. mild also compared to this time yesterday. let's look at the fogfirst because we're seeing reduced visibility down 2 1/2 miles and
6:50 am
down to a mile and three quarters in lancaster. you get the idea, we're looking at patchy fog across the area and that will extend to the early part of your afternoon. right now we're looking at clouds and also wet roadways with that light rain falling and it's scattered at this point. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia and winds out of the east, northeast at 9 miles per hour. 42 in allentown and 48 in westchester and 48 in philadelphia. to the south and east, already into the 50s. 53 in atlantic city and 51 in mount holly and mild today, not as mild as it will be tomorrow. right around 63 as a high. so, looking at the 24-hour temperature change. it is 30 degrees warmer than this time yesterday in atlantic city and 20 degrees warmer in pottstown and you'll feel that as you head out this morning. light rain and drizzle falling across the area. this trend will continue and be prepared for that. then christmas eve, that's where we're expecting the heavy rain and some winds. 62 the high for your day and now because of the heavy rain also the winds and really the
6:51 am
terrible timing of this storm, we are looking at a first alert weather day. we are looking at the potential for an inch and a half of rain. and looking at the potential for some thunderstorms in parts of delaware, also along the coast in southern new jersey. and we are looking at the potential for winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. so, keep that in mind as you make your christmas eve plans. for today, rain mainly in the morning, but still the chance for showers throughout the afternoon. milder, 48 to 52. your high right around the low 50s today. then by tomorrow, 62 is a high. heavy rain and also some wind in place. even windier on thursday. we'll dry it out after some early rain on christmas day. 51 degrees. friday looks great, nice. 53 degrees. by saturday, milder, 55. a chance for some rain on sunday and then by monday, much colder. that's going to be a little shock to the system. a high of 42. nine minutes before 7:00 right now and the last time we checked, jillian was saying things have changed pretty quickly on the roads. >> that time of morning where we see accidents pop up. let's check in with jillian.
6:52 am
>> a number of accidents that i continue to follow out there including this accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. just keep that in mind if you are heading out. no other problems to report on the pennsylvania turnpike. 42 freeway northbound between 168 and lower landing road. an accident taking out the right lane and delays at that scene, as well. for drivers in delaware, route 13 southbound right near 495 and rogers road. we're dealing with an accident in that location. live look in chester county. route 30 bypass eastbound side right near route 340 and drivers crawling along out there and traffic is moving and pretty slow. heavy volume on roads like 76 and 95 and 422 heavy eastbound from trooper down to west 23. if you're taking mass transit, so far, not reporting any delays. 6:52. this is the fire that is making it tough this christmas for a muontgomery county police officr and his family. they lost everything and now they have to rebuild. but there is a bright spot for
6:53 am
them this holiday season. we'll tell you who is providing that and how you and help.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
i'm jesse gary live in limrick township. since earlier this month a police officer had his home arsened and burned to the ground. they marvel at the amount of outpouring from the community. neighbor donna krupp set the home ablaze as she wanted retribution for her son's arrest. tonight, there is a fund-raiser at the texas road house barbecue restaurant. for more information on the fund-raiser, go to our website, live in limrick township, i'm jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
6:57 am
and i'm katy zachary live in cherry hill where the roads this morning are a factor for the millions of people starting their holiday travel today. according to aaa, the holiday travel season begins today and lasts through january 4th. about 9 omillion people are expected to drive during that time. that's up from last year because of low gas prices. at the airport, they are expecting rain today and tomorrow coupled with high winds. we talked with an airport spokesperson. she tells us it could cause a ground delay which would, unfortunately, delay arrivals and departures at philadelphia international airport. that's the latest live in cherry hill. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. as you get ready to make that drive or flight, our new nbc 10 iphone app is helping you prepare for your holiday. keeping track of the weather. just about two minutes before 7:00 and slow going on a
6:58 am
lot of the highways out there including 76. you can see the volume eastbound as drivers head into center city. drive times between the blue route and the vine. the vine is had heavy westbound heading out to 76 and 95 southbound from wood haven to the vine. that will take you about 26 minutes now on the southbound side and northbound side between those two points, you can see pretty average. 14 minutes is what we're seeing. for drivers in delaware, still have an accident. the southbound side of route 13 out near 495 and rogers road. also this is causing a pretty heavy delay. the line of red on the northbound side of 42 between lower landing road and 168. leave yourself extra time if you're headed in that direction. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. a soggy start to the day. you can see the wet roadways from our cape may camera. we're seeing that everywhere across the area. we have some fog, we have some clouds and mild air, too. let's head north through the city, too, where we're seeing
6:59 am
rain falling, as well. some drizzle, some mist and that's what everyone is seeing across the area. north of the poconos, such a pretty shot. not seeing snow falling and some rain and drizzle and reduced visibility down to a half mile there. light rain today and tomorrow is the big one. first alert weather day and b t brittney will be with you tomorrow to get you through the forecast. some changes going on. today 50 dexwrees, milder. clouds also the chance for showers throughout the day. wednesday, heavy rain and breezy conditions and if not windy. winds gusting over 25 miles per hour. high of 62. so, about 20 degrees warmer than where we are supposed to be. thursday dry it out after early rain. 51 degrees and very windy. winds gusting near 40 miles per hour. lots of sunshine. santa's reindeer will need rain boots on wednesday. >> little windshield wipers on their eyeballs. we'll be back for local
7:00 am
updates. >> news and weather on our website, thanks for watching. have a great day. monster storm set to snarl holiday travel for millions on the roads and in the skies. ampts from the midwest and northeast preparing for major delays on christmas eve. dylan is here to tell you what to expect. call for calm. new york city's mayor asking for a few days of eased tensions so the city can properly mourn two officers gunned down in cold blood. the chaotic moments after the shooting as police around the country are told to be on high alert for copy cats. retaliation? north korea's internet shut down for hours. it's apparently back online this morning. but a lot of questions being asked. was the u.s. government behind that outage as a


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