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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  December 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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cold start to your friday. live look at center city. expecting warm up this afternoon, but also tracking some wet weather this weekend. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm christine maddela. >> thank you for joining us. br brittney shipp, did you get everything you wanted for christmas? >> i did. i didn't have a long list. hopefully everyone at home did, as well. mild conditions and plenty of sunshine. live look at boat house row. our temperatures at 31 degrees in mount pocono and 34 in allentown and 38 in philadelphia and 33 in wilmington and 36 degrees in dover and close to 40 in wildwood. a cold start, temperatures down 15 degrees in philadelphia from this time yesterday. down 24 in millville and we're at 19 degrees colder in pottstown. as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will push into the 40s by 9:00 a.m. 54 degrees our daytime high and barely at 49 by noon and by 6:00
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p.m., 46 degrees and cool. so, nice day on tap for us with plenty of sunshine and calm conditions. i'll go over our chance of showers back in your forecast over the weekend coming up. first, we'll check in with katy zachary co zachary. >> following an accident new into our system in delaware county on route 1 northbound right where you merge with 476 and the right lane is blocked because of that. it doesn't seem to be slowing anything down or tying people up on their morning commute this morning or their commute to the mall if they're going to do some shopping post-christmas. right at belmont avenue and no issues to report on the whole stretch of 76. your drive times between the blue route and the vine are looking good. 12, 15 minutes in both directs. for new jersey drivers, if you're on the 42 freeway this morning looking good between 55 and walt whitman bridge. take you five minutes to go that stretch. finally, we are watching for a ship to pass through the burlington bristol bridge right around this time.
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i will let you know when the bridge arms are open and it takes about 15 minutes and traffic along 413 will be closed until the bridge comes down, again. christine? new from oevernight, three people made it out safely from a house fire. officials tell us the fire started on the second floor of the house at eighth and jefferson streets around 2:30 this morning. fire crews are still investigating the cause of the fire. funeral services will be held today for a chester county high school student who apparently died after getting the flu. andrew specht was a senior at downing town west high school and collapsed and died one week ago today. nbc 10 jesse gary is live in chester county. this is scary news for parents. >> that's right. the school district superintendent says grief counselors were on hand here earlier this week to help students process their emotions and the school's principal says 17-year-old andrew specht collapsed while he was working
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at a part-time job a week ago. he died from complications from influenza a commonly known as the flu bug. chester county health officials confirm the virus presence of t virus in his body. further testing is needing. the influenza infect through the nose, throat and lungs and cause mild to severe illness and in some cases lead to death. the best way to prevent the flu is with an annual flu vaccine and by washing your hands frequently, covering your nose and mouth if you happen to sneeze. coming up, 30 minutes we'll tell you more about him and some of his interests. we're live in downing town chester county, jesse gary, nbc 6:03 now. happening today in delaware, a balloon release ceremony will be held in wilmington to remember the victims of an unsolved murder ten years ago today.
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happened at the casual male big & tall store on this day in 2004. a robber shot and killed two employees. 18-year-old matthew macerato and 22-year-old jessica watson. a friend of macerato organized the balloon ceremony for tonight. he is hoping a decade world of guilt will lead someone to come forward with information. forced the evacuation of more than 200 students who were taking finals. the 21-year-old was charged with arson. prosecutors say he set the fire last saturday in the allison rode classroom at rutgers bush section. happening today, two state lawmakers from philadelphia will be in court to face corruption charges. representatives ron watters and vanessa brown are set for preliminary hearings on bribery and conspiracy charges. authorities say they were among five lawmakers caught in an undercover sting. philadelphia district attorney seth williams got a grand jury
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indictment after state attorney general kathleen kane said the case was racially targeted and could not be prosecuted. 6:05 now, it may not win many oscars but the movie "the interview" is being seen by a lot of americans who are determined to exercise free speech. hundreds of small theaters across the nation showed the comedy about an assassination plot. sony pictures initially pulled the film after hackers threatened the movie theaters showing it, but no security problems are reported at any of the theaters that premiered "the interview" yesterday. every showing sold out yesterday. they say they came out to make a statement against north korea who the u.s. blames for those threats. >> want to wish a merry christmas, you know, hackers or anything to feel like they can achieve their goals. >> penn cinema will show "the interview" again today.
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some other local theaters will, as well. meantime, sony is dealing with more possible cyberattacks. people have reported problems logging on to sony's play station and microsoft x-box gaming networks. yesterday engineers from both companies were trying to fix the trouble. a hacker group calling itself lizard squad took responsibility for the disruptions. following a 60-day deployment. the crew had been on patrols to the caribbean eastern sea. during their deployment they carried out search and rescue missions and confiscating nearly $1 million worth of cocaine. and thanks to some local families and the american red cross, coast guard recruits at the jersey shore are feeling more at home for the holidays. families hosted more than 300 recruits for christmas celebrations yesterday. the recruits are going through boot camp in cape may. we were there when joshua rodriguez, a recruit from florida found out some pretty exciting news.
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>> having a baby, dude. >> i'm so excited. >> it blew me away. what a christmas present. >> he's going it be a father. this is the 33rd year for the red cross recruits for families program. president obama took time out on christmas to speak to troops stationed in hawaii. the president and the first lady thanked the service men and women for their hard work and sacrifices. president obama also talked about u.s. combat troops coming home from afghanistan at the end of the year. the first family is vacationing in hawaii for the holidays. 6:07. today marks the start of kwanzaa. a week-long celebration of african heritage. the kwanzaa holiday dates back to the 1960s. each day of the seven-day celebration carries a core  those are united statesty, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. the holiday is capped off with a feast and gift giving. remembering neglected
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children and the poor. that was the christmas message pope francis delivered to tens of thousands of people in st. peter's square yesterday. the pontiff spoke about children who suffer violence, including the recent terrorist attack on a school in pakistan. pope francis also spoke out against the persecution of ancient chris xtian communitiesn iraq and syria. >> and in philadelphia, hundreds of christians marked christmas at the cathedral basilica in center city. worshippers gathered to celebrate mass several times during the day yesterday. the philadelphia archdiocese is also busy, of course, preparing for pope francis' visit here next september. attend the world meeting of families in philly and celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway. his visit will draw more than 1 million people to the city. so far they raised half of the $45 million needed to pay for the visit. well, philadelphia can now
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claim its own miracle birth on christmas day. septa police sergeant daniel caben and durel james were working when they got a call about a woman in labor. the two officers rushed down to market frankford train to help and before they knew it, the woman had given birth at the 15th street stop. nbc 10 spoke with those officers about the unexpected delivery. >> got to ask, were you nervous? >> inside i was just praying for the medics to come in and take over. >> the baby the the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. we did that and then the mother wanted to hold the baby. the father offered the shirt off of his back to warm the baby up. >> wow. >> the officers helped get mom and baby to the hospital, both are doing just fine. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a live look at boat house row as we head into the rest of the
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morning. we'll be slow to warm up. we're starting off on the cooler side of things. 38 degrees in philadelphia. our humidity is at 70%, wind speeds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. it feels like 30 degrees. a cold start on this friday and as we head into the afternoon, we'll push into the mid-50s. 31 degrees in the poconos and 27 in millville and 39 degrees right now in wildwood and high pressure to control to the south of us. very quiet throughout the eastern half of the country and it was a white christmas if you have loved ones in colorado or parts of denver, they're still seeing snow coming down, but everywhere else it's relatively quiet and as we head into the rest of today, we are going to see plenty of sunshine, sunny and mild conditions expected. less wind than what we saw yesterday. low to mid-50s, which is 10 to 12 degrees above average. our wind speeds out of the west. five to ten miles per hour. so, calmer than what we saw yesterday. i'll go over all the details and
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what you can expect heading into the weekend in my first alert seven-day forecast. 6:11 a.m. and the last time we checked in on the roads, things were starting to pick up just a bit. >> let's see what things are look out there right now with first alert traffic reporter katy zachary. >> they picked up a little bit, chris and christine. not enough to cause major delays throughout our area. on the burlington bristol bridge ship is passing through and traffic along route 13 is closed until the arms come back down. i'll let you know when that happens. a new accident in north philadelphia. this has happened at 16th street right near clearfield street. be aware. you're headed out in that area this morning. we're following an accident on delaware county on route 1 northbound right where you see the merge for 476. be aware of that. the right lane is blocked in that situation. right on girard avenue between girard and the vine street expressway on 95 south, a disabled tanker that was moved
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over to the shoulder and slowing things up and causing drivers to tap their brakes but that in the last few minutes have cleared. people come will together to remember one of two nypd officers killed in last week's deadly ambush in brooklyn. the airline that is making sure that they could fly to the service for free. a local family makes a major commitment to create a brighter holiday season for one veteran.
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viewing services begin today for one of the two new york city police officers killed in an ambush in brooklyn last week. a wake will be heldgs$áp tonigh officer rafael ramos at the christ tabernacle church in
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queens. his funeral is scheduled for saturday. vice president joe biden is expected to attend. serves for his partner have not been finalized yet. jetblue is offering free flights to two officers from any department in america to fly free of charge to new york to pair they respects to ramos. the airline is also working to bring in lui's relatives from china for free, as well. a man overheard making a threat against officers. a person inside a bank heard another man on his cell phone talking about killing cops and having weapons inside his home. police arrested him. police say they found two guns, bulletproofs vests, brass knuckles and a holster at his home0z queens. in missouri, tensions are still high after another deadly police shooting of a teenager. a christmas protest outside a church in the town of berkeley ended peacefully. demonstrators were upset over
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the shooting death of an 18-year-old black man by a white police officer tuesday night. video appears to show the suspect pointing a gun at police. a different scenario, they say, than the michael brown shooting in ferguson. 6:17 now. former president george h.w. bush spent christmas night in a houston hospital still recovering from shortness of breath. the 41st president, who is 90, was admitted on tuesday. last night bush's office released this statement saying president bush had another terrific day and is in great spirits. he asks for his sincere wishes for a very merry christmas be extended to one and all. senator john mccain will travel to iraq. he is already overseas in afghanistan where he met with top officials in kabul just days before the withdrawal of troops. mccain says despite that withdrawal, the u.s. will still provide support. this christmas, one elderly veteran is happier and healthier thanks to a family who opened their doors and hearts to him.
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76-year-old navy veteran bentley is part of the v.a. medical foster home program. an alternative to expensive nursing home care for needy vets. former nurse pam davis and her husband were the first to sign up. bentley joined them just a few weeks ago. >> we all have something to offer. it's one hand helping another. we all have something to offer.j >> becoming a medical foster home care giver is a significant commitment and is similar to being a foster parent. caregivers in delaware are required to have a license. it is 6:18 on this friday after christmas. we know a lot of you will hit the stores, making some returns or exchanges. this morning things can be busy. >> some people are having to head back to work. let's check win katy zachary. >> we know what that is like, guys. >> absolutely. >> just a little bit. i'm sure a lot of people are sleeping in as evident by the quiet roadways. but as the morning goes on, i'm sure you're getting up and out
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the door and doing some shopping. good news for bucks county drivers the burlington bristol bridge was closed to traffic but the arms are now down and that is clear, as is the ben franklin bridge and the betsy ross bridge all looking great this morning. in north philadelphia, an accident right at 16th street. we're not hearing of delays or tie ups because of that. in delaware county, an accident still on route 1 northbound right where you merge with 476 to get on north or southbound. it is taking out the right-hand lane and then up in the lehigh valley looking great. 78 is good, as well. free and clear of any issues and then in new jersey, 295, the turn pike and the 42 freeway all looking good. an accident about an hour ago on the 42 freeway, but it was really quiet this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather and meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it's a cold start on this friday. temperatures mainly in the 30s and with the wind chill t feels
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even colder than that. a mild weekend heading into your saturday. temperatures pushing close to 60 degrees and feel like winter next week. a big drop in temperatures. a live look outside right now. clear skies for philadelphia. 38 degrees. wind speeds out of the west, 12 miles per hour. breezy conditions and it feels like it's actually at 30 degrees. 31 currently in mount pocono and actual temperature in allentown 35 degrees and 36 in mount holly and temperatures in millville at 27 and we're at 39 in stone harbor and 36 in dover. feels-like temperature for the rest of the area feeling only like 24 degrees and 28 in pottstown and 36 in dover and 35 degrees in wildwood. so, a big difference this morning versus yesterday morning. temperatures are about 20 degrees cooler. satellite radar shot shows high pressure is in control. quiet conditions for the eastern half of the nation, which is great, especially if you have to travel or if you have loved ones
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leaving. they won't run into any travel issues. futu futurecast shows plenty of sunshine today and then clouds move in overnight tomorrow night and by sunday at 8:00 a.m., a chance of showers, but most of the rain will be gone. these light rainfall showers will be out of here by 1:00 p.m. and as we push into sunday night and monday, we'll start to dry out, again. those clouds will stick with us and a cold front will drop our temperatures. so, it will be above average today heading into tomorrow and temperatures dropping back down, especially after saturday. average for this time of year, 42 degrees and our future temperatures shows as we head into the afternoon, we'll see conditions pushing close to the 50s and your late afternoon hours and then eventually push into 54 degrees and then take a look at saturday. 58, sunny and mild heading into sunday, mild with showers. and a big drop in temperatures as we welcome in the new year. it is 6:21 this friday morning. today is the anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters
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in modern day history. next, how people overseas are marking ten years since the devastating indian ocean tsunami. plus, another christmas in the books, but the shopping frenzy continues. what you need to know about those holiday returns. is there an elk in your bed?
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all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh. 6:25. today marks the tenth anniversary of one of the worst deadly natural disasters in history. a devastating tsunami killing more than 230,000 people. it affected 14 countries causing $10 billion in damage. today government officials will gather in thailand, sri lanka to mark the anniversary of that tew nomy. christmas day marks the
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commemoration of the famous day in american history and this time around the weather was much better than the first time. it was dry and fairly mild as reenactors portrayed washington and his troops crossing the delaware river in bucks county yesterday. the real george washington and his troops faced snow and freezing temperatures during their actual journey more than 200 years ago. the original crossing in 1776 brought 2,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 18 canons across the delaware river. good friday morning, i'm katy zachary. hope you had a nice holiday yesterday. here's a look at your traffic this morning. it has been quiet on many of our majors and throughout the region. following an accident on 16th street right at clearfield avenue and in delaware county, i was just told this accident on route 1 northbound right near i-476 has cleared.
6:27 am
i'll have more details of what is happening throughout our area in a minute. first, live look at cape may. looks like a pretty one, brittney. >> mild conditions wie'll push into the 50s. philadelphia 38 degrees and 28 in pottstown and with a slight wind chill, it feels closer to the low 30s. so, grab your jackets before you head out the door. but as we head into the weekend, tracking warmer weather and a chance of showers. i'll have all that coming up in just a bit. chris? a local high school is mourning a student after the teen came down with the flu. jesse is following those developments. jesse? >> that's right a very popular teen and i'll tell you more about andrew specht right after the break. i'm monique braxton. coming up, you'll hear from the first customers who return for the post-christmas shopping day.
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and right now on nbc 10 news today, new flu$r)s after this local teenager collapsed and died after coming down with the virus. a warning we should all heed in a live report. this morning, the rush is on to return those unwanted christmas gifts. what you need to know to make your trip back to the stores stress free. and you will do so if you're doing that under much nicer weather today. we're off to a colder start as we take a live look at the comcast center in center city, philadelphia. but it's going to be a nice friday. we'll warm up and some sunshine in store, but we do have rain moving into the weekend picture, as well. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato. >> i'm christine maddela, happy friday. >> good morning. a mild day today, but a cold start to the morning with temperatures feeling like
6:32 am
they're below freezing. there's a live look. you can see the sun is slowly starting to come up and clear skies and crystal clear out there and a closer look at our comcast center as we push into the rest of today. 38 degrees our humidity is at 70% and wind speeds at 12 miles per hour and temperatures closer to 30 degrees and that's a big drop from the temperatures we were experiencing yesterday which were in the 50s. 28 in pottstown and 31 in the poconos currently. conditions are going to be nice and quiet throughout the day and into tomorrow, but i am tracking shower heading into sunday and i'll go over the timing of everything and my full seven-day forecast and first check in with katy zachary. good morning. >> good morning, good friday morning to you, at home. we are seeing a little bit more volume on 95 right now through center city philadelphia. here's a look at 95 near the bets ry ross bridge. there's not so much volume where it's tying anything up.
6:33 am
in north philadelphia, we are following an accident at 16th street and not getting any reports that it is delaying things out there and, again, on the majors and on some of the smaller roadways, we're not seeing that much traffic. on the 42 freeway northbound, your drive time between 55 and walt whitman bridge is about five minutes and your area bridges look great. i've been checking in with mass transit and everything is running on or close to schedule and check your schedule because most are running on an abbreviated one. funeral services will be held today after a high school opportunity who died after getting the flu. andrew specht was a senior and died one week ago. nbc 10 jesse gary is live for us in downing town and, jesse, you have been learning more about andrew. >> that's right, chris. the principal here at west high school says andrew specht loves sports, especially baseball. he was taking communication and
6:34 am
graphic arts classes. the 17-year-old collapsed a week ago while working at his part-time job. his family said he died from complications of the flu bug. chester health officials confirm the presence of the virus in his body but no official cause of death has been determined yet. the influenza virus infects the nose, throat and lungs and cause mild to severe illnesses and sometimes even death. coming up in the next few minutes we'll talk more about the funeral arrangements for andrew specht that will happen later today. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. happening today, philadelphia state representatives ron waters and vanessa lowery brown are set for preliminary hearings on bribery and conspiracy charges. they were among five lawmakers caught in an undercover sting. district attorney seth williams got a grand jury indictment after kathleen kane said the case was racially targeted and could not be prosecuted.
6:35 am
from our delaware bureau now a balloon release will be held to remember the victims of an unsolved double murder that happened ten years ago today. happened at the casual male big & tall a robber shot can killed two young employees, matthew macerato and jessica watson. they are hoping a decade of guilt will lead someone to come forward with information. a show of christmas spirit for a surviving family of an ocean county mother when a plane crashed into her maryland home. her friend collected $15,000 in gift cards and the friend also received 600 gifts from people around the country. that's not all, a website raised $480,000 for the family. gemmell grew up in brick township and her two sons were also killed in the crash. 6:35. on this morning after christmas, philadelphia can proclaim its own miraculous birth of sorts. two septa police officers got a
6:36 am
call about a woman in labor in center city. the officers rushed there and helped the woman deliver a healthy baby boy, even removing its umbelical cord from around its neck. they spoke with those officers about the delivery. >> got to ask. were you nervous? >> inside i was just praying for the medices to come in and take over. >> the baby the the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. if the baby is breathing, get the cord away from his neck. we did that and the mother wanted to hold the baby. the father offered the shirt off of his back to warm the baby up. >> all in a day's work for those officers, right? the officers helped get mom and baby to the hospital and both are doing fine. well, what a rush buying christmas presents before the holiday, rushing in on black friday and then returning some nbc 10 monique braxton is live at macy's on the boulevard. moniq monique, you told us last hour about returning usingconfirmati.
6:37 am
what about the items we purchased online. >> a lot easier than it has been in the past years. we've seen a lot of customers showing up here at macy's has been open for more than a half hour and most people tell us they're just coming to shop. our cameras captured folks arriving as early as 5:30 this morning. we caught more than a dozen people heading inside. our cameras also saw employees arriving as early as 5:00. we did speak with some customers whom we saw eating breakfast in their car. they tell us that is fuel to energize this early morning shopping trip. >> well, we came out, actually, for the luggage because we travel a lot. and, so, we just recently came off of a trip and our luggage was destroyed. >> your wife made you come this morning. >> yeah, she made me come. no, i just -- >> he enjoys it. >> no, a few things i was looking for, too. >> like what?
6:38 am
>> like something for my grandkid. >> and last check, the atkins were still inside. now, if you purchased an item on, you may bring the item to the store. you had not always been able to do that in the past. or if you purchased something inside, you could bring that item back with a gift receipt or an invoice. for a full refund. macy's is calling that the happy returns gift card. in the next hour, we'll grab a customer who said, i'll talk to you, sure, who is bringing an item back and then much more on the best way to return items and what the national retail returns this year. live for now at macy's on the boulevard, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. retailers estimate holiday return fraud will cost them billions. according to a survey by the national retail federation, the retail industry will lose more than $10 billion to return fraud this year. overall, retailers estimate 5.5%
6:39 am
of holiday returns, well, they're bogus. if santa claus brought you a gift card that you're not too thrilled with, you might be able to exchange it. walmart is testing a program that allows shoppers to swap gift cards for more than 200 other businesses for one of its own gift cards. but it might not be an even exchange. you might want to check. in some cases a walmart gift card will be worth just 70% of the original card, depending on the brand. shoppers will be out in force today searching for the post-christmas bargains. analysts say that after christmas sales this year are expected to break records. many stores have already debuted their sales, which is as much as 60% to 7 o% off some items. and if you've got one of those new smartphones or tablets for christmas, here's an idea you can load it up with our two nbc 10 apps. the nbc 10 news app and first alert weather app. available on the a website right
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now and plus they're free. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> a cold start as we head into the rest of your friday morning. temperatures at 31 degrees in the poconos and 34 in allentown and 38 in philadelphia. 30s in wilmington and 27 degrees in millville and 36 in dover. big difference from what we saw yesterday with the rainfall and the mild conditions. now, our feels-like temperature is closer to 30 degrees with our light wind speeds feeling like 28 in pottstown and 27 in millville. if you're an early riser and heading out, you need to bundle up. a big diffference from what we saw yesterday morning. satellite radar shot shows clear skies and plenty of sunshine heading into the afternoon and temperatures will push into the tos and average for this time of year. 42 degrees as we head into today. 54 by tomorrow. take a look at those temperatures. 58 degrees. that is well above average for us, but we're not going to stay there. we have cooler weather on the way, big-time cool down as we
6:41 am
head into next week. really going to feel like winter. go over all the details on that and my seven-day forecast coming up in about ten minutes. 20 minutes until 7:00 now. time to get a check of the roads if you're heading out this morning to hit any of the stores like amonique was showing us or maybe you have to go back to work. >> this is the time of day when normally things start to stack up. let's see if that's the case with katy zachary. >> we all know the pennsylvania turnpike typically stacked at this time, but it is not right pu. look at your drive times between route 1 and the valley forge exit. now is the time to get out. if you need to get back to work, unfortunately, or if you're going to go shopping, live look at 309 right near paper mill road. if you're headed up to the lehigh valley. 72 and 28 look great, as well. we're following an accident at 16th street and clearfield street. not hearing any reports of tie ups. just at a local intersection.
6:42 am
route 202 your drive time between route 30 and 76 about 10, 11 minutes in both directs. chris? next, following the cash. a highway littered with $2 million from an armored truck and now police are looking for the people who took it upon themselves to help clean it up. plus, there's a town in maryland named chevy chase, but no place in new jersey named clark griswold despite what you see on this sign.
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6:45. what a beautiful view of the center city skyline. take a look at the temperatures. 37 degrees at 6:45. this time yesterday, we were in the 50s much cooler today, but it is also much drier but our first alert meteorologists are also tracking some rain.
6:46 am
a couple had to run for cover. police say a 22-year-old man was picking up his girlfriend when someone started shooting. the man tried to roll under his car to protect himself, but he was still hit three times. his girlfriend was not hurt. the victim is at temple university hospital. no word on his condition and so far police have not made an arrest. police are discrediting a death hoax involving rapper beanie segel. there have been rumors spreading online, i saw a few of them pop up on facebook yesterday that the philadelphia native has died. but police tell nbc 10, that is not true and he is still in the hospital. segil was shot and police have not arrested anyone in the case. the florida developer who is trying to buy the closed rebel casino in atlantic city says she wants a discount. attorneys said in a court filing this week the property should be sold for $87 million, not the $95.4 million bid that strabb
6:47 am
put in at an auction. backed out of the deal when it couldn't resolve a dispute. longer laster street lights are coming to parts of camden county this spring. 84 new l.e.d. lights will be installed along several roads. the goal is to boost safety. officials say brighter bulbs mean less crime and vandalism. they also expect to save on lighting costs since the l.e.d. lights use less electricity and won't be replaced as often. replace egg harbor road, and other roads that intersect the white horse pike. the project should be wrapped up by march. property owners in a chester county community will have to pay some higher taxes in the new year. north coventry township supervisors voted to raise property taxes. this means the average homeowner will pay $35 more this year and this is the second year in a row that the township increased taxes.
6:48 am
due in loss to tax revenue from the coventry law. presented a preliminary budget that has $1.4 million in cuts. according to daily local news, a majority of those cuts are in reducing staff but administrators still need to make about $285,000 in cuts before passing the budget next week to avoid a large tax increase next year. authorities in hong kong are hoping surveillance video will help them track down the people who grabbed cash that spilled out of an armored truck. a security van spilled nearly $2 million on to a busy highway after a door came loose. authorities quickly coordened off the scene and they tried to find the cash. like there in the bushes. but much of it was already gone. so far at least 13 people have come forward to return close to $500,000. 6:48. national lampoon christmas vacation is a classic, but a fan of that movie may have let his holiday spirit run away with him on the garden state parkway yesterday. take a look at this instagram of
6:49 am
an exit sign on the parkway. someone changed the sign from clark and west field to clark griswold one mile ahead. christmas. turn pike officials removed the taped on griswold sign and probably glad the guy didn't string it up with a lot of christmas lights. >> hook up the rv to it. >> exactly. >> i loved the movie, but that was going too far. let's go to new york now for a rook at what's coming up on "today" show. >> we say good morning to carson daly and tamron hall. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> coming up straight ahead on "today." new problems for sony and microsoft. a potential cyberattack causing lingering problems for two video game systems. overnight developments on the situation. the surprising thing that michael sam is saying about other players in the nfl. we'll hear from him.
6:50 am
taking the hassle out of your holiday returns. what you need to know before hitting the mall today. more on that remarkable christmas delavery of the baby on a philly subway. everybody is talking about that. 69 update on the baby and mom when we see you here on "today." >> that was philadelphia's own christmas miracle. pretty cool. >> subway train becomes maternity ward and some officers came in and did a great job. we look forward to hearing more about the mom and what the baby's name is now. that's the big question. >> we'll tune in and see you in a few minutes. >> great story, thanks, guys. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of your friday morning, expect cold conditions. it's a cold start for us. a lot colder than yesterday and then mild conditions expeced for the start of your weekend. cooler next week. it will feel like winter with temperatures dropping down to
6:51 am
the 30s for your daytime highs. a look outside right now, the sun is coming up and crystal clear and barely a cloud in the sky and 38 degrees and humidity at 12% and the!v feels-like temperature at the airport, 31 degrees. 31 for the poconos and 33 degrees in glasbor and 27 in millville and temperatures in dover at 36 degrees and only at 38 in stone harbor. our feels-like temperature with the wind chill, we have a slight wind chill this morning and feeling like 31 in trenton and 39 in northeast philly and our 24-hour temperature change map shows we're down 18 in northeast philly and 15 in philadelphia and 19 in wilmington and 24 degrees in millville. so, it's a very cold start to the morning. our satellite radar shot shows we will show high pleasure in control and quiet conditions expected for the eastern half of the nation, which is great if you have loved ones that are
6:52 am
traveling out today. changes on the way especially as we head to saturday night with more clouds moving in and then a chance of showers sunday late morning and clearing up as we head into the ñafternoon. maybe another round by the evening, as well. again possibly on monday. for today sun a eand mild any a. well above our average, which is 42 degrees for this time of year. our seven-day forecast shows we go even warmer tomorrow on our saturday. it is a beautiful start to the weekend and showers move in on and off on sunday and lingering into monday and then by tuesday we drop down into the 30s for our daytime high and going it be a cold new year's eve. 6:52 a.m. looks like so far on this friday morning a break from some of those normal delays and traffic problems on the road. >> let's see inanything has popped up in the last few minutes with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachary. >> this is when i like my job, i can tell you, chris and christine. nothing has popped up.
6:53 am
a live look at the vine street expressway right at broad street and typically a few minutes before 7:00 it would be jammed right now. but it's not. we're looking at good drive times on 76 and we'll get to that in a minute. following an accident in north philadelphia and conflicting reports that it has cleared. we're making some additional calls and be aware of it. the potential activity out there if you're going near 16th street and clearfield street. again y was saying your drive times looking great between the vine and the blue route, about 11, 12 minutes on average. if you're headed to the airport, fortunately, when we last saw you, not last saw you, but just before christmas, there were so many delays and i can happily report nothing is delayed at philadelphia airport right now. chris? >> a good morning to fly. thanks, katy. this morning following new flu fears after a local teenager's sudden death. jesse gary is live in downing town. jesse? >> that's right. more about the funeral arrangements for andrew specht
6:54 am
as well as what the cdc is saying about the presence of the flu bug in our area. we'll have that coming up. monique braxton live at macy's on the boulevard. coming up after the break, we'll talk to a customer who is returning an item today. she tells us why. don't go away.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
i'm jesse gary live in downing town chester county. funeral services for a downing will be held at 11:30 a.m. 17-year-old andrew specht collapsed while working at his part-time job a week ago.
6:58 am
his family said he died from complications from the flu bug. further tests are needed to confirm the cause of death. the cdc reporting 11 fatal flu cases so far this season with high flu activity around the delaware valley. live in downing town, chester county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton. the stores have been open for about an hour. warning customers returning gifts to bring i.d. with you because they may be asked for it as retailers try to prevent fraud. shoppers began arriving here about 5:30 this morning. we did see a few bringing bags back. we spoke with one customer a few moments ago about the gift she is returning. you're returning a pair of boots. >> just for a different size. but nothing i don't love. so, looking forward. i all to come down here because this was the store they had them at. >> so, you searched around for the right size and you found it is at this macy's?
6:59 am
>> yes, i did. if you purchased an item on you may bring theite toom the storo go to the store's website to print out an invoice. the national retail federation is predicting that retailers will lose more than $3 billion due to returned fraud. live for now at macy's on the boulevard, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and good friday morning, i'm katy zachary with a look at your traffic. volume is picking up just a little bit on 95. live look at 95 near cottman avenue. about 16 minute to take you to go between wood haven and the vine. temperatures at 54 today. warming into the weekend. 58. plenty of sunshine for us today, but a chance of showers moves in on sunday. >> what a nice saturday, though. let's look forward to that. >> absolutely. enjoy this weekend with your families. "today" show is next and be
7:00 am
back up here for local updates in just a few minutes. >> always get the latest news and werlth ather on our website >> have a great day. good morning. christmas crash. hackers target sony once again. and this time microsoft. could it be connected to that massive cyber attack on sony pictures as "the interview" finally hits theaters to a sold-out crowd? > shoppers taking back an estimated $20 billion in unwanted gifts. what you can do to make your exchanges hassle free. michael sam, first openly gay man drafted into the nfl speaks out. and reveals he has talked to other gay players currently play nth league. officer, hey, somebody's having a baby. >> christmas bundle


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