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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  December 30, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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yesterday. still falling and little bit of a breeze going so it feels like it's in the 20s while temperatures are in the low 30s and certainly cold enough and dry, too, in center city. a live view from the adventure aquarium where the temperatures have been falling this morning and are still coming down. we are watching the skies with clouds over delaware and south jersey. a few raindrops to the south. you can see them moving past cape may right now and maybe a snowflake mixing in. most of the area is completely dry and with temperatures above freezing in delaware and south jersey, shouldn't be an issue there. off to the north and west. breaks in the clouds and 20s right now. pottstown 36 degrees and 34 in philadelphia and colder by 7:00. by 9:00 33. and a little bit of a warm up with more sunshine breaking through the clouds at noontime today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten. the first alert traffic report jillian mele is standing by right now. good morning, jillian. >> route 309 is blocked off in
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richland township bucks county between tollgate road and station road. take old bethlehem pike as your alternate. 76 right now checking out your drive times and no accidents to report on the schuylkill expressway and drive times is about both ways between the blue route and the vine. the blue route is clear and so is the vine. no accidents to report on the majors. route 1 at the dover toll plaza. we continue to follow breaking news coming out of southeast asia now where search crews have found wreckage and some victims from that air asia flight that disappeared on sunday. new video of the scene and recovery crews being lowered into the water where those bodies were found. this all happened about six miles from where the airasia flight disappeared. at first the crews spotted life jackets and doors. now there are new reports that 40, 40 bodies have been pulled from the water on to a navy ship. more crews are headed to the
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location right now. it's still around 5:00 p.m. there where they're searching these waters and it will be dark soon. we'll keep you posted on the recovery efforts. meanwhile 90 minutes ago the airasia ceo said "my heart is fill would sadness. on behalf of airasia my condolences to all. words cannot express how sorry i am." another tweet he said whatever airasia can do we'll be doing. we'll follow the story and bring you new information as soon as it comes in. traffic is flowing right now on route 42 in camden county. this is something that jillian has been talking about and the roads started to reopen in the past hour after a shut down overnight for construction. crews are refurbishing an overpass and part of a $900 million project to alleviate congestion. while the work is being done on route 42 traffic detoured on to the ramp to 295. >> major traffic headache. stay away from this area if you
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can. imagine what that would be like if this was taking place during the day. thankfully the work is being done tonight and tomorrow night. >> later tonight, one lane of the northbound side will close at 8:00. two hours later, two lanes will beshut down and then at 11:00, all lanes will close until 8:00 a.m. wednesday. construction will begin on the southbound side of route 42. 5:03 now and new from overnight, a robber targeting hotel guests and employees may have struck again. several of the crimes as you see here were caught on surveillance video. philadelphia police say between december 20th and december 23rd a man with a gun robbed people at hotels in the city and he may have dwaungone back to that motel a third time late last night. jesse gary is live outside the quality inn with more of that video that police want everyone to look at. jesse? >> that's right, chris. they want you to look at the video and want you to know no one is hurt in the crimes so
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far. checked in with sources connected to the hotel. they tell me everybody is fine after the crime that happened here late last night. his mo from his most recent crime matches others. philadelphia police and detectives say in each case this is the same man. he jumps the counter and grabs an employee at gunpoint and forces him to open the register. the robber runs off with cash and cell phones. a week ago, though he opened fire several times when a witness walked in on a crime in progress and then chased after him. no one was hit by the gunfire. he makes his get away sometimes by running and other times and also putting a call back into township police and hopefully hear from them this morning, as well. jesse gary nbc 10 news. 5:04. happening right now a vigil for peace in camden. here's a live look at the cathedral. one hour of prayer devoted to each murder victim from camden
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this year. this is happening until 11:00 tonight and also run tomorrow. vigil will be 31 hours long. family members of each victim have been invited to attend. a man charged in a deadly shooting during a peace concert in philadelphia will be in court today. eric jamison is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing this morning. he is accused of killing outside the dell music center in fair mount park on august 13th. police believe the two men were fighting over a woman when jamison pulled out a gun and shot him. 5:05. happening today, a montgomery county mom accused of having sex in a park with a high school student is expected in court for a preliminary hearing they caught iris having sex in a park. she met the teen while volunteering for her daughter's cheerleading squad. an accused sexual predator who targeted sfunts eded students
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at penn and drexel. officers say they kaultcaught him assaulting a penn student on the street. they believe he is connected to four other attacks. a late-night crash in philadelphia's nicetown section. a 23-year-old woman died and three others were hurt. this was the scene near roberts avenues around 11:00 last night. police say a car hit a telephone pole breaking it in half. one of them is in critical condition this morning. we still don't know what caused the driver to crash. a high-speed police chase ended in a deadly crash in delaware county. it began yesterday afternoon when an officer began following a suspect's vehicle. police say they lost sight of the car. the driver eventually crash under to another car in the opposite lane on south chester spike. we're told the suspect died and the person in the other car is in critical condition. a witness described the chaotic moments leading up to the crash.
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>> they must have been going 100 miles an hour. and they went by me so fast i didn't know what was going on. >> police have not released the suspect's identity nor why they started chasing him. 5:07 and the power is back on this morning now for more than 1,000 peco customers in northeast philadelphia after a manhole explosion knocked out electricity last night. from sky force 10 you can see the smoke there rising from the center of the screen. this happened at wood haven road around 8:00 last night. peco blames an underground equipment failure. walter palmer charter school is now officially closed for good. school officials say they were forced to close because they owe the school district of philadelphia millions of dollars and that includes $1.5 million that the district wanted paid back immediately. >> and the bottom line is that that $1.5 million judgment that's what took us over the edge. >> this goes beyond the $1.5 million that clearly shows a financial situation.
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a mismanagement of finances. >> walter palmer was insinuting they could work out a payment arrangement. working with 600 students to help them find new schools. heads up if you live near the salem hope generating station. the station will test its sirens around 2:00 this afternoon. tests will last for about three minutes minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> heading out the door to walk the dog or just head out to enjoy the cold wetll mother nature is helping out. down ten degrees compared to yesterday. the cold stay as we ring in the new year, but by the weekend, the temperatures will be coming up. and rain will be coming down. looks like later on saturday and into sunday. right now just the temperatures that are falling. 26 in doylestown. just 1 degree above freezing in philadelphia while cape may has some clouds and 36 degrees. yesterday we saw a rain to start
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with in cape may, a sprinkle is possible in parts of delaware and south jersey but these clouds are not as impressive as yesterday. cold with the wind feels like in the 20s and a line of very light showers. most of these raindrops are not even reaching the ground in southern delaware and a few snowflakes are above ground as well. we'll be watching the radar screen and looks like it will stay dry. clouds and sunshine will take temperatures only into the upper 20s into the pocono mountains today. 35 the high temperature for allentown and quakertown. clouds to start with and more sunshine this afternoon. doylestown 37 degrees and 38 for northeast philadelphia and mount holly and right along the coast, the readings will be topping out at 40 degrees. but there is some colderer weather ahead. got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. nine minutes after 5:00 now. couple in thes happening out there that you want to be aware of before you hit the road this
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morning. >>an mele has the details. bucks county richland township and route 309 is blocked off in both directions between toll gate road and station road. an accident with a downed pole and been out there for an hour 1:15. you can take old bethlehem pike and that is a good option to get around it. outside a live look at the blue route, no accident, no delays to report there. for drivers in chester county this morning, the majors are looking really good. free of any delays or accidents and same situation on the route 30 bypass and southbound from 76 to 29. we'll take you about seven minutes. tracy e? no new gas tax. one new lawmaker gives up his plan to pass it on to drivers. this morning a new suggestion to cover the bill. new sign jeb bush is considering a run for the white house. but who would republicans pick if it comes down to bush versus new jersey governor chris christie? we have the early numbers. ur car truck or suv?
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5:13. happening today a mother killed by police in mayfair plans to rally at the sight of her son's death. they stopped 26-year-old brandon brown for driving without headlights. officers say he reached for a loaded gun when they shot him. the officers involved are on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. new york mayor bill de blasio will meet face-to-face with the city's of the police
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unions. a riff between the mayor and the nypd recently. many officers blamed de blasio for contributing to the anti-death sentiment and the two officers who were murdered in brooklyn. today's meeting comes just days after the funeral of one of the slain officers. thousands of officers turned their backs on him and yesterday de blasio received another icy reception. >> congratulations. >> some people booed the mayor as he spoke at a police graduation ceremony yesterday. police union leaders, again, are accusing de blasio of fostering an anti-police atmosphere. >> a very difficult time in this city this country and this department. but we will work forward towards it. we always do. >> officer ramos was laid to rest this past weekend. he and his.
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meantime a charity raising money for the families of those slain officers say it is about one-third to its goal. the foundation wants to raise enough money to pay off the mortgages for the families of officer s officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos. former president george h.w. bush is close to going home. he has been in the hospital for a week. the 41st president is now breathing fine. that is why he was taken to the hospital initially. bush and former first lady bush released a statement thanking everyone for their good wishes and prayers. for george bush's son, jeb, another sign for a presidential run. yesterday the florida governor announced he will resign his seat on a timber company in florida. he confirmed to step down from the board of a health company and leave his advisory role with a bank. bush is reviewing all of his
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business and civic engagements as he considers a white house bid. if he goes forward with that decision a new poll finds that jeb bush and chris christie are the frontrunners for the 2016 presidential nomination. bush leads the way, the former florida governor with 23% of republican support. 13% said they prefer new jersey governor christie if the presidential election took place now. neither christie nor bush have made an announcement about a white house run. this session of congress will avoid an embarrassing distinction. according to the pew research center not the least productive in history, but pretty close. in the last month, this congress passed 111 laws which is more than a third of their total output. nbc 10 spoke with democratic senator carper. >> they want us to work across the aisle and get things done and they want us to continue to strengthen the economic recovery. >> this congress passed just 13 more laws than the least
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productive in history. a congress that served from 2011 to 2012. a new batch of lawmakers will take office in january. and at 5:17 good news taxpayers. you can start filing your 2014 returns on january 20th. the irs said the filing season will not be delayed by a last-minute tax law passed by congress. the law extends more than 50 tax breaks. the irs said in previous years late laws had delayed tax filing season, not this year. well christmas is over but drivers are still getting a gift that gas stations across the country. according to aaa gas prices have gone down another three to four cents. the price of gas has dropped nearly 50% since june. experts say right now the supply is simply outweighing demand. drivers in philadelphia are still paying the most in this region $2.63 a gallon. in delaware the average is $2.46 and in south jersey a gallon of gas is under $2.30 a gallon. speaking of gas prices thrx chairman of the house
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transportation committee says he will not push for a gas tax to pay for america's aging highways. won't ask for drivers to pay fees based on the number of miles they drive. neither measure would pass congress. instead, the money may come from collecting off shore corporate taxes. 5:18. road construction can't often be a source of delays at this time of the morning. >> let's see what's happening with jillian mele. >> still following a serious accident out of bucks county. richland route 309 still blocked off in both directions. you can take old bethlehem pike as your alternate. that is the bigger problem of the morning. live look right at midspan. both directions clear as can be and no accidents and no delays. if you're heading out over other bridges, betsy ross and everything is clear right now. also to note if you're taking mass transit, everything is on
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or close to schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> watching clouds move through the area and we're watching the temperatures come down there. you can see some of the clouds and this is the view looking towards center city. little bit of a breeze at the station, but much seeing light wind. philadelphia international a 10 mile an hour breeze and makes it feel like it's in the 20s, very low 30s and not much wind in the pocono mountains. this is a view from camelback. the lift ticket sign has been blowing a little bit around but not much. 26 degrees in doylestown and the 20s for pottstown and above freezing in wilmington it is just below freezing now in camden. haddenfield is at 31 degrees ss these temperatures coming down a little bit more but with clouds overhead it's not much colder over the next couple hours. see the clouds are just part of the system that is mainly to our south. that is where wet weather is
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this morning. it is dry in philadelphia but we're watching for a few sprinkles in delaware and south jersey this morning. most areas will stay dry today. and, like yesterday, after starting off with clouds we'll get some sunshine breaking through this afternoon, but it won't be the 40s that we enjoy yesterday. colder morning tomorrow, 26 in the morning and 36 degrees in the afternoon and gets even colder as we head into the new year. thursday, new year's day, 38 in afternoon. sunshine and a bit milder friday. temperatures keep climbing and good thing because wet weather is on the way for later saturday and sunday. all right, bill, 5:20 now. the associated press named mo' de davis female athlete of the year. the 13-year-old taney dragons pitcher became the first girl and became an innocent celebrity appearing on the cover of "sports illustrated" and beat out serena williams for the
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honor from ap. have unpaid parking tickets? coming up in our next half hour we'll show you the e-mail you need to watch out for. plus a new year means a pay raise for some people. the experts at cnbc break down the wage and explain what it means for people in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware.
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5:23 now. a major pick up truck recall
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from chrysler to tell you about. 67,0002006 and '07 pickups could have trouble starting or move suddenly because of an ignition problem. chrysler says at least one death has been connected to this problem. if you're affected by the recall chrysler will replace your ignition switch for free. well it's year-end clearance time at dealerships across the country. i feel like i should have fancy graphics popping around me right now. the week between christmas and new year's day is expected to be the busiest of the year. edmonds predicts new car sales will be 78% higher than the average week in december. and leasing is expecting to hit an all-time high as well. consumer advocates urge caution before you buy and always read the fine print. yesterday another record day on wall street and today we'll get new numbers that could impact the market today. landon o'dowdy is here with that and this morning's cnbc business report. good morning. >> tracy, good morning to you.
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stocks could be under pressure today at the opening bell. futures are lower. markets may be feeling a pinch from oil prices which down again today trading at 5.5-year low. the dow snapping its seven-day winning streak ending flat on monday but the s&p 500 index hit another record high. home prices and consumer confidence. the nasdaq closing unchanged at 48.06. the minimum wage goes up in 21 states on new year's day lifting 2.4 million workers. another 2 million people will benefit from automatic cost of living adjustments and no change in pennsylvania. a minimal cost of living increase in new jersey and delaware residents will see ethe change until june. by early next year 29 states with 69% of the u.s. work force will have minimum wages above the $7.25 an hour. tracy, back to you. >> landon, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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>> got temperatures dropping this morning into the 20s and 30s and a little bit of a breeze blowing. you can see it in center city. that's a live view from the loew's hotel. right now 33 degrees at nbc 10. jillian mele is watching traffic. good morning, jill. >> vine street expressway. a live look at the vine right near 95. 95 is also clear and dealing with two problems out of bucks county. details coming up next. a lot of you may have family in town this time of year. we have a warning for hotel guests in this area. >> someone is robbing people at hotels and motels and as jesse gary found out, it happened at least eight times in the past ten days. jesse? >> and the most recent was just a few hours ago and now they're trying to find out if it was connected to the others. it happened here at this quality inn. i'll show you the surveillance video police want you to see coming up after the break. plus this is a really bizarre story. the search continues for this dog that went missing after a
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burglary in bucks county.
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busy holiday week for hotels. cold and cloudy as we take a live look outside this morning and it will get colder as we get into the new yeerar. good morning, wellium to 12 news today. >> let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. we should let people know the temperature bug that appears in the bottom of the screen it is taking hiatus this morning. >> 33 here at nbc 10 and this is one of the warmer spots north and west. the temperatures are in the 20s this morning. we dohave clouds overhead but, as you can see, by this live view from center city nothing falling from the clouds in the city, but we're watching for some raindrops and even possible snowflake in portions of central and southern delaware. much of that not even reaching the ground. it is drier than yesterday. and temperatures are above freezing across delaware and south jersey. so if anything does fall there's going to be a bit damp. 33 degrees right now in philadelphia, but 26 degrees right now in pottst


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